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Customer was ordering everything wrong‼️💀

  • Published on Feb 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • #jerseymikes #pov #asmrcooking
    Hi everyone and welcome back to ED & AJ channel. We create POV videos at Jersey Mike's and share some of our personal stories from our experiences!
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Comments • 2 517

  • Legion Creed
    Legion Creed 3 months ago +98787

    I thought he was trying get a free meal but he was just doing it the wrong way.

    • Ilias G1
      Ilias G1 3 months ago +1041


    • mh gg
      mh gg 2 months ago +1255

      He probobly was tho and jused played along too not get him mad
      (Dont reply there 100 people who alrady have please stop)

    • Amazonian Custodian
      Amazonian Custodian 2 months ago +93

      Wrong way in purpose?

    • Sayin Benoit
      Sayin Benoit 2 months ago +316

      He brought the sandwich back so can't blame him

    • nerd Main
      nerd Main 2 months ago +59

      or so he wants you to think, he a true scam artist

  • GeneralSchrimpf
    GeneralSchrimpf Month ago +1575

    This is how a customer should be, they know they fucked up, apologized, got their food right in the end.
    But the employee's sincerity and helpfulness was also how an employee should be.
    Nice reacts to nice.

    • Jm Mateo 933
      Jm Mateo 933 24 days ago +3

      100th like

    • Borree
      Borree 19 days ago +5

      Not always true. I work retail and you can be as helpful and patient with some people and they will still act like a spoiled piece of shit

    • AJ R
      AJ R 12 days ago

      They didn't mess up, the person entered the wrong way, wow, plus they helped him out both times

    • Blue Bird Productions
      Blue Bird Productions 11 days ago

      "that's how a customer should be" bro customer owes you nothing, shut up

    • Andry Bederover
      Andry Bederover 10 days ago

      @Jm Mateo 933 4th like

  • Pajama Man
    Pajama Man Month ago +629

    First moment in history a customer apologizes n takes accountability 😂

    • i
      i Month ago +2

      shut up i do this everytime but i can see from the worker that they expect me to get angry everytime something like this happens and then i feel like im being accused before ive even done anything and then i get angry. then it makes them think that I was just angry for the reason they were expecting me to be

    • Syvern
      Syvern 27 days ago +14

      ​@i It was supposed to be a funny comment. Keep your life story out of it.

    • Bib B
      Bib B 27 days ago +3

      ​@Syvern Extremely uncalled for, this is what comments are for

    • Xavier Lugo
      Xavier Lugo 25 days ago +3

      ​@i your telling someone to
      shut up and are complaining in the comment section on a joke. hard for me to believe you can keep your composure in these situations

    • Jjb 8383
      Jjb 8383 23 days ago

      @i you should probably see someone about that my dude

  • Hot Farts
    Hot Farts 2 months ago +12288

    Man, I'm glad you were professional about it. Glad the customer was apologetic and learned from it too.

    • Mike yo
      Mike yo 2 months ago +7

      He’s not a professional. He’s making tik tok videos like a child for attention

    • DaVile
      DaVile 2 months ago +3

      Mindless robot sandwich maker. Why would anybody order an expensive meat sandwich and then ask for no meat??? THINK!! If something sounds off, it is off!!!! Ask and confirm things that don't make sense.

    • XXavv
      XXavv 2 months ago +34

      ​@Mike yo For just telling a story that could attract eyes, he's being a child about it?

    • Morty
      Morty 2 months ago +8

      ​@toolbaggers the option is there, for them to select those specific options. These "mindless sandwhich makers" aren't paid enough to have to worry about other peoples' food. They got an order. They followed it. Onto the next order.

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez 2 months ago +85

    As a jersey mike’s employee, this does happen quite a bit. The worse part is when they’re nasty about it, even tho it’s their fault 😂

    • COLE
      COLE Day ago

      Its the apps fault

  • killsammi
    killsammi Month ago +44

    I genuinely respect the fact you didn't insist on him wanting a free meal, you asked him yet again to come in and figure it out. Very honest individual, other employees should strive to have this kind of understanding!

  • trose432
    trose432 3 months ago +29616

    Awesome for you to help instead of getting frustrated. Shows the type of person you are!

    • ED & AJ
      ED & AJ  2 months ago +729

      Thanks. We try 😁

    • ItsStealz
      ItsStealz 2 months ago +65

      @ED & AJ it can be hard. You are appreciated!

    • Nightwings898
      Nightwings898 2 months ago +32

      I mean it helps when its the customer losing money and the worker loses nothing. No personal harm

    • Big Daddy
      Big Daddy 2 months ago +9

      This makes sense because I literally did the same thing but I'm pretty sure Hardee's actually messed up, I selected extra bacon no cheese, they put cheese and no bacon.

    • trose432
      trose432 2 months ago +1

      @Big Daddy have a guy I work with can't eat cheese. Man I always feel bad when they screw his order up anywhere. I always go get it replaced lol.

  • SweetVanilla_Beans
    SweetVanilla_Beans Month ago +1

    At least he seemed respectful and didn't try to complain that the app was set up in an odd way or something! Props to you for being a respectful employee and showing him how to order properly.

  • Austin Davis
    Austin Davis Month ago +11

    The customer seemed reasonable, some people lose their shit with stuff like this and start treating the employees like garbage.

  • Manuel
    Manuel 2 months ago +6937

    Bro was just stoned out of his fricking mind and just wanted a sandwich 😂

    • Abezie
      Abezie 2 months ago +12

      nah if he was hed be grubbing and not calling and complaining

    • Hiram Rosa Jr
      Hiram Rosa Jr 2 months ago +1

      The apps suks

    • Christopher Lomely
      Christopher Lomely 2 months ago

      i was gonna comment smthg but this was better😒

    • Cameron J
      Cameron J Month ago +5

      Nah it was an app like doordash or something. Sometimes they are confusing

  • Final Boss
    Final Boss Month ago +2

    You Handled it like a real pro man. Love it ❤

  • Pook
    Pook Month ago +3

    That's some excellent customer service. Like above and beyond over the top good. Got the guy the sandwiches he actually wanted AND helped him figure out what was wrong and how to fix it for the future? Seriously, well done!

  • Chad Latham
    Chad Latham 2 months ago +18049

    See.....that dude was willing to admit his mistake.....wasn't trying to get free food. Just mental error. And actually apologized genuinely

    • seen
      seen 2 months ago +318

      good job captain obvious. thank you for breaking down the entire video. i can tell you are a useful person in our society

    • Rogrock
      Rogrock 2 months ago +944

      ​@seen 💀bro has no chill

    • Smogon
      Smogon 2 months ago +519

      ​@seen nah man why you gotta be like that

    • Juan Figueroa
      Juan Figueroa 2 months ago +353

      @seen bro woke up and chose violence 😂😂😂

  • Zeb Williams
    Zeb Williams 23 days ago

    Some people are just genuinely good people

  • Renee Grace
    Renee Grace Month ago

    Most people wouldn’t be that patient or kind ❤️❤️ you’re a sweet soul

  • CraZyKiddd
    CraZyKiddd 2 months ago +1210

    Dude wasn't tryna finesse anyone for free sandwiches, he was just stoned lmao

    • Avacado?? Mango? Banana???
      Avacado?? Mango? Banana??? Month ago +22

      Not even stoned just a genuine idiot. Happens sometimes. Doesn’t make him a bad dude either

    • Wambario
      Wambario Month ago +22

      @Avacado?? Mango? Banana???we all can lack some common sense every now and then

    • Pillsbury dope boy
      Pillsbury dope boy 26 days ago +5

      @Avacado?? Mango? Banana??? not everyone knows how to use the Starbucks app bro 😂

    • lilflossin14
      lilflossin14 24 days ago

      Right haha i cant count the amout of times i end up just ordering a cheese pizza instead of pepperoni lol

    • chlo
      chlo 24 days ago

      mood fr😂

  • Mona Swearingen
    Mona Swearingen Month ago

    That was very nice of you. That's how customer service should be. Kudos!

  • Octavia Carrero-falkner

    More jobs need customer service people like him. great job💙💙💙.

  • LazyShady
    LazyShady 2 months ago +3562

    A customer admits they're wrong.
    The business being kind about it.
    Now that's gonna be a loyal customer

    • Sad Doggo On A Bus
      Sad Doggo On A Bus 2 months ago +21

      Rare af nowadays

    • Jackiedude
      Jackiedude 2 months ago +13

      Nah, he gone. Too embarrassed to come back. At least I would be.

    • Jerm
      Jerm 2 months ago +6

      @Jackiedude Yeah cause your you but he is HIM. You a little scared boy aren't you?

    • FlammingEye
      FlammingEye 2 months ago +5

      ​@Jerm most people will be too embarrassed bruh. Sadly, confidence is probably at an all-time low nowadays and it's not the people's fault (mostly not anyways).

  • Wongo Bongo
    Wongo Bongo Month ago +1

    That's great

  • Simon Harris
    Simon Harris Month ago

    That's how you deal with customers. Well done.

  • LiveToThrive
    LiveToThrive 3 months ago +4370

    And now you built a relationship lol and maybe a customer for life

    • ED & AJ
      ED & AJ  2 months ago +162


    • Joep De Wild
      Joep De Wild 2 months ago +3

      @Shady Bolos its not.

      YOUNESS TIBOKKA 2 months ago

      That guy’s kids would eat at this place if it’s gonna still be open for sure !

    • Alex K
      Alex K 2 months ago +2

      ​@Shady Bolos I'm not clicking on a link from a bloke named Shady

  • 10k subs from no videos

    That customer didn’t know how to use the app but at least he apologized

  • Allison Hennessy
    Allison Hennessy Month ago

    So helpful. Great example of being helpful and chill instead of assuming the worst or getting irritated. Love it. ❤

  • Veronica amaya
    Veronica amaya 2 months ago +638

    When I was working at Taco Bell there was a man who did this everyday, come in greet his pals and order the number one combo supreme, then complain about the tomatoes, after about a month of him doing this my manager was finally like “sir whenever you come in you always order the supreme, which comes with tomatoes, we can give you the regular tacos with sour cream instead if you want” and the man agreed to it, but he continued to do the same thing for a couple days so eventually one day one of the man’s pals came up to the counter and apologized to us and explained the man had dementia 😭

    • anonim
      anonim Month ago +45

      Why didn't the pals just say "Hey does that have tomatoes? Oh ok, hey man it's got tomatoes, do you wanna order it without the tomatoes?" while he was ordering? If they knew he had dementia and we42 watching him make the same mistake every day.

    • squishie
      squishie Month ago +19

      ​@anonim well the commenter implies the friends were there waiting for him, it could be that he was just ordering his food after everybody else, on his own. if the friends actually weren't helping him that would be so rude like especially if they knew he didn't want tomatoes 😭 but i hope it was just like they didn't know he was ordering it

    • Kenya
      Kenya Month ago +5

      Aww that's so sad.

    • Cosmic Harmony
      Cosmic Harmony 28 days ago

      This is why i always tell people “there’s always a story behind everyone, don’t assume…Talk”

  • Caleb
    Caleb 2 days ago +1

    Really glad that worked out well. God bless you.

  • FatChanceTheCouchDog

    I love this, wholesome ending and everybody was happy.

  • Vilkas Gaming
    Vilkas Gaming 2 months ago +4598

    bro really made that mistake and i thought he was scamming 💀💀💀

    • TheRealBurrito31
      TheRealBurrito31 2 months ago +81

      Sucks that’s our first thought These days

    • Vilkas Gaming
      Vilkas Gaming 2 months ago +35

      well that's happening a lot theese days so we think of it as the most common reason

    • ghettoicecream
      ghettoicecream 2 months ago +20

      @TheRealBurrito31 right like we've been conditioned to think about how evil humans are we forget that there are great people out there n mistakes really do happen that are out of others control

    • Aditya 999
      Aditya 999 2 months ago +5

      Lmao what is he gonna do with a bread with lettuce and tomatoes 😂😂

    • Anouyz
      Anouyz 2 months ago +4

      I mean if that guys genius scam is to get a piece of bread with vegetables on it I don't wanna hear his genius business plans lol

  • Zei33
    Zei33 28 days ago +3

    I used to work the photo lab at Kmart. We had this one lady that used the kiosks. She would always select no crop on every photo which would leave a white border. I told her how to do it correctly and served customers. I saw her doing it again so I figured she had a few she wanted it on. Turned out she completely ignored my advice and did it again. I told her “I saw you doing it, this is not our fault,” and she went irate and called my manager lol

  • AKME-2,4,6-тринитротолуол

    Respect to the both of you for being honest and letting the market straighten things out.

  • gamemasternintendoo
    gamemasternintendoo 2 months ago +818

    That guy deserves a raise!!! Not only did he apologize for a possible mistake on his part and corrected it, but when it happened again he took the time to help the guy figure out what the problem was!!! That’s the type of person that you want working for you.😊

    • Dominic Rogers
      Dominic Rogers 2 months ago

      Wow , you're right. But I didn't ask you to go comment unfortunately

    • Interfenestration
      Interfenestration 2 months ago

      If I was the worker I would've started from the beginning by looking at the receipt. I would've detected the problem right away, not just believe anyone that starts making claims

    • WahoosYeetMan
      WahoosYeetMan 2 months ago +2

      @Dominic Rogers bro what

    • GhettoLeprechaun
      GhettoLeprechaun 2 months ago +1

      He's the owner

    • Dominic Rogers
      Dominic Rogers 2 months ago

      @WahoosYeetMan you heard me.

  • Racktoar
    Racktoar Month ago +1

    Dude makes mistake, accepts it and is willing to learn from it. Rare individual.

  • RangerJaxMax May
    RangerJaxMax May Month ago

    Nice sandwich man with integrity & patience.

  • Gen. Buck Turgidson
    Gen. Buck Turgidson 2 months ago +305

    Tbh, when I worked in the service industry, I never cared if people were trying to game the system so long as they're not an ass about it. It's up to the manager to decide whether to refuse service and so long as I'm acting within policy, I got nothing to worry about or get frustrated over.

    • Juice
      Juice 2 months ago +11

      The issue is that the most effective way to game the system is to be an asshole because people making minimum wage don't want to deal with some jagoff making a fool out of himself to score extra fries and such.

    • DaVile
      DaVile 2 months ago

      Mindless robot sandwich maker. Why would anybody order an expensive meat sandwich and then ask for no meat??? THINK!! If something sounds off, it is off!!!! Ask and confirm things that don't make sense.

    • Gen. Buck Turgidson
      Gen. Buck Turgidson 2 months ago

      @DaVile one thing you do not do is make assumptions. If you are unable to verify, make it as ordered then correct it afterward. If you you make an assumption and are wrong, now you are the reason the order is going to take longer. If they ordered via an app and haven't arrived, you just gotta make it. It's their responsibility to order correctly and the employees responsibility to work with them as best they can while being considerate and patient.

  • Mitch
    Mitch Month ago

    That was so nice that you were so patient with him

  • Ian Seymour
    Ian Seymour 28 days ago

    Honestly that’s a good customer. The dude wasn’t a total ducking dick even after the perception of having his food messed up twice. I’ve dealt with people who are the worst after one mess up

  • twingo
    twingo 2 months ago +294

    When I worked at jersey Mike's this is what it was all about. Making the customers feel welcome and trying to fix the issue. No harassment, no heckling, just doing and trying to build the customers up. Great work man

    • ED & AJ
      ED & AJ  2 months ago +20

      Thank you. That’s what life’s all about 😁

    • Judith Murphy Nelson
      Judith Murphy Nelson 2 months ago +2

      Just saying the one in Norco CA has super customer service and I wrote corporate about it - good food and smart efficient friendly staff

    • Randall Digby
      Randall Digby 2 months ago +1

      My store is really well rated online in So Cal, we have so many regulars that come in and talk to us on a first name basis. They order the same things and we get started on their food immediately and they ALWAYS tip the store and the person who makes their sandwich whenever it's a hot sub lol. Those $5 make my day lol.

    • DaVile
      DaVile 2 months ago

      Mindless robot sandwich maker. Why would anybody order an expensive meat sandwich and then ask for no meat??? THINK!! If something sounds off, it is off!!!! Ask and confirm things that don't make sense.

    • twingo
      twingo 2 months ago

      @DaVile you'd be surprised. Guy used to come in and order 3 giants with just cheese, they were for his kids. Didn't make sense to me but made them happy

  • Leonard Joseph
    Leonard Joseph 23 days ago

    You are a true good business owner.. good things happen to good people remember that 🙏

  • Building stuff
    Building stuff 22 days ago

    I could have been that customer. Thanks for being nice and friendly about it.

  • dennis heenan
    dennis heenan 2 months ago +398

    What a G, able to admit to his mistakes and move forward without blaming others.

  • John Dayao
    John Dayao Month ago +1

    Great job! That's how you handle things maturly and professionally🎉

  • Alloneword
    Alloneword 4 days ago

    THIS is customer service 👌

  • Bigg K-rusty
    Bigg K-rusty 2 months ago +8

    Both interactions were cool and both parties seemed pretty chill about the whole thing. Nice.

  • Alex Morgan
    Alex Morgan 24 days ago

    Jersey Mike's customer service is unmatched. Never had a bad experience, never had a bad sandwich. Love you guys!

  • Blueshiba
    Blueshiba Month ago

    Totally something I'd do. Nice of you to be so sweet ❤

  • Randall Greene
    Randall Greene 2 months ago +136

    Jersey mikes is the best sub shop. That being said, I can’t afford to eat there but once a month

    • ED & AJ
      ED & AJ  2 months ago +32

      I know. Everything is getting so expensive nowadays. Hopefully it hits the spot when you do have it.

    • R. Rodriguez
      R. Rodriguez 2 months ago +3

      Jersey Mike's blows but at least they aren't as bad as Jimmy John's.

    • Randall Greene
      Randall Greene 2 months ago +2

      @R. Rodriguez I’ll eat subway before Jimmy John’s

    • August Schmirler
      August Schmirler 2 months ago

      Cousins man you don't even have to be inbred to get hooked

    • Daniel Sarabia
      Daniel Sarabia 2 months ago +1

      Idk, Publix be making quality subs, especially with Bors Head meat

  • Professional witness

    I love you energy about not cusing him out as a difficult customer. Realising their was an issue. Way to show you are a top guy

  • David Marvy
    David Marvy 2 months ago

    U should always need to call and talk to a human if you're asking for something special.

  • Stephen Richards
    Stephen Richards 2 months ago +6

    I love when people mess up and accept that it was their mistake without resistance. Too many people believe they cannot be wrong, and even when they’re proven to be wrong, “double-down” and refuse to believe that it was their wrongdoing. Idk why it’s so hard for people sometimes, but it’s great for people like me who will genuinely apologise and accept their mistakes because when you do the other person is usually really nice and grateful for your understanding/realisation, which I feel wouldn’t be as valued if it was more common.

  • Kapitan Kapital
    Kapitan Kapital 28 days ago

    Good lesson to always be courteous and professional, because you may not know all the facts

  • Esperanza Chavez
    Esperanza Chavez Month ago

    Sometimes I miss working at JM but I truly hate customer service. I love the routine of JM and what they stand for truly

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez 2 months ago +23

    Bro one time I kicked a customer out because he didn’t finish his sandwich and instead of throwing it out in the garbage like a normal person, he decides to throw the rest of his food on our floor making a complete mess. Reminder, it’s been a long day, I’ve been shift leading and I just mopped those floors, I was not dealing with bs like that.

    • Witewolf Music
      Witewolf Music 8 days ago

      The older you get your realize so many adults are still children.

  • LiterateLimpy
    LiterateLimpy 2 months ago +4

    Aww that was nice of you to help him ❤

  • BetterYourLife
    BetterYourLife 2 months ago

    You were super nice about it! That was a cute story.

  • SJR5234
    SJR5234 Month ago +1

    Jersey Mike is laterally my favorite place to order sandwiches!!! The BEST!!!!

  • Hunter Roberts
    Hunter Roberts 2 months ago +15

    People order like this every day at the sub place I work at! We literally get sandwich orders that say no meat no lettuce no tomato no onion no nothing. Which really means they want everything they just don’t know how to order.

  • Valerie Maier
    Valerie Maier Month ago

    That's why person to person interactions have proven to be better in all aspects

  • Michael Jegier
    Michael Jegier Month ago

    That's Awesome customer service... Need more of this...

  • Mr. Sharp
    Mr. Sharp 2 months ago +12

    Finna head to jersey Mike's right now. Thanks for the idea 💡

  • AJ R
    AJ R 12 days ago

    Awesome way of handling the situation, it shows how much they care

  • Sigma Republic
    Sigma Republic Month ago +2

    Almost most people would jump into conclusions at the second time! Lesson learned, don’t judge people quickly and so forth..!

  • Joshua Dixon
    Joshua Dixon 2 months ago +31

    Bet you have a loyal costumer instead of an angry one

  • Ruben Urdanivia
    Ruben Urdanivia 19 days ago

    Patience is hard to obtain.😅 Thanks for taking the time and helping the customer.

    SCRATCHING FOR CASH 2 months ago +2

    This is what happens when you smoke before ordering online.

  • Juju B
    Juju B 2 months ago +23

    Aww… that was an honest (user error) mistake. I’m glad you took the time to teach him

  • mick3y
    mick3y 19 days ago

    Always great when people can sort their problems out in a civilized way, hats off to you for helping him out

  • Essie
    Essie 2 months ago

    I had a customer like that through DoorDash and for the life of me he couldn’t get what I was saying…glad y’all figured it out 😂😂💀

  • Swjdna Nsjdjs
    Swjdna Nsjdjs 2 months ago +27

    I would've assumed he was trying to get a free meal, amazing what being mature and handling a situation gets you

  • The Mystical Fox
    The Mystical Fox 2 months ago +2

    I appreciate that both people in the story were chill about everything.

  • james jones
    james jones 2 months ago +1

    Now that's customer service not only did they fix it twice but they helped the customer navigate the app

  • Ly Sokheng
    Ly Sokheng 2 months ago +4

    Yeah i get him😂 Sometime ordering from apps are confusing

  • Wesley Lalleman
    Wesley Lalleman 2 months ago

    Great customer service. Good job

  • reginaldino enchillada

    Yeah that's excellent service. Great job.

  • Blaze
    Blaze 2 months ago +9

    Let's appreciate him for not being rude to him and instead helping him.

  • TahoeNox
    TahoeNox Month ago +1

    Make him the 2nd sandwich again, fix how he's ordering. Shake hands, customer for life. Good work

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike 2 months ago

    That’s good customer service

  • Christian
    Christian 2 months ago +4

    “Still no pickles” type beat

  • Darius Scovill
    Darius Scovill 21 day ago

    This worker went above and beyond

  • Ivan Yunda
    Ivan Yunda 2 months ago +1

    Love the chilled attitude

  • davidkov67
    davidkov67 2 months ago +5

    Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity

  • Srikanth Battina
    Srikanth Battina Month ago

    I would have lost my patience immediately when he called the 2nd time. Glad i learned something from this video. Thanks!

  • Wyatt Smith
    Wyatt Smith 23 days ago

    I’m glad you helped him figure it out

  • David Hoffman
    David Hoffman 2 months ago +4

    Some food ordering applications are so poorly coded that the tiniest bump selects an item you don't desire.

  • SublimingMule63
    SublimingMule63 24 days ago

    Glad he didn't just assume it was your fault and gave you the second chance, to fix it both times

  • Shelly Gaudet
    Shelly Gaudet Month ago

    That’s customer service ! Excellent way to handle that situation. Problem solving, customer service and making your place of business look good! If you’re not the boss, you should be (or at the least given a promotion and a raise) !

  • N
    N 3 months ago +4

    Yay a new video! 🎉

  • ninjadude1021
    ninjadude1021 Month ago +1

    As a restaurant manager, this happens all the time with online ordering.

  • malayia the prankster
    malayia the prankster 13 days ago

    Dude was just finessing y'all for free sandwich😂

  • Mittens
    Mittens 2 months ago +52

    So nice of you to mentor that young disabled man

    • R M
      R M 2 months ago

      That's not funny I'm disabled

    • potato_milki
      potato_milki 2 months ago +4

      ​@R M bait

    • Mittens
      Mittens 2 months ago +1

      @potato_milki bate

    • The Chicken
      The Chicken 2 months ago

      ​@R M Failed Bait

    • Benjamin Hawkins
      Benjamin Hawkins 2 months ago

      ​@R M 😢 so am I. Get over it or run for office bait.

    39FORTYWATER 16 days ago

    Honesty. I can appreciate that.

  • Steven Aubin
    Steven Aubin 23 days ago

    That's customer service!

  • Ezraen
    Ezraen 2 months ago +8

    Holy shit, he actually apologized too? That's a good dude.

    • ED & AJ
      ED & AJ  2 months ago +2

      Rare breed I tell you

  • CloudNey
    CloudNey Month ago +1

    Good old awesome customer service

  • Kayla F
    Kayla F 2 months ago

    I'm sure the person will be a long time customer now 💙

  • Beckman Childs
    Beckman Childs 2 months ago

    Great job man. Going above and beyond even tho it's his fault lol. KUDOS

  • Yvonne McLaren
    Yvonne McLaren Month ago

    What a great attitude ❤❤❤❤ wish you every success, I thought he might have had dementia like my dad who rolled up to his fav takeout thinking he had a tab cos he would forget his money all the time and he had plenty, so my sister set up a tab and the owners had never sent him away hungry ever, good people in Tauranga NZ 😊

  • Charla Porter
    Charla Porter Month ago

    Love hearing that you both behaved calm and sane....and things worked out so nicely.

  • JoCaTen
    JoCaTen 2 months ago

    And that's why I decided to just head to the store myself and order in person.
    Saves time, makes the deliverymen's lives a bit easier and has me pay as much as the whole thing costs because some stores set a certain total amount before you can order (e.g your order is 4.45$ but you can't order because they've set max 5$ so you have to put something else so the total goes to 5 or more)

  • Hussam R
    Hussam R Month ago

    I had that exact same issue.
    some apps forget to add the correct remark above the check list

  • Ya Ya
    Ya Ya Month ago +1

    Love the energy & how thoughtful you are instead of angry & judging 🙏🏽 keep going & I’m so glad there’s finally a Jersey Mike’s in nyc I’ve heard great things 😌