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Driving 1000 Miles in 3 Cars: Gas vs Electric!


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  • Moskito159
    Moskito159 Year ago +4522

    The graphics with the comparison of the 3 cars including the current level of battery are 10/10

    • Mari Murstig
      Mari Murstig 26 days ago

      @Tron Jockey that’s too long

    • Travis
      Travis 2 months ago

      Really is

    • Jason B.
      Jason B. 2 months ago

      Agreed - that was a great addition.

    • Thomas Øverby
      Thomas Øverby 4 months ago

      100% i watch allot of road trip breakdowns but this was legit the best i seen 👊👊

    • medicine school
      medicine school 4 months ago

      in your dream 🐶

  • Chris O'Reilly
    Chris O'Reilly Year ago +317

    I would love to see this done again as a part 2 with them having the knowledge that the maps don't work well, especially since the issues on the first leg with the mache e really messed up the 2nd leg, would also love to see the extended range/dual motor models

    • Un Usuario
      Un Usuario 2 months ago

      I feel like to this point knowing that only Electrify America chargers are decent, there's no difference between a Tesla and a another EV that uses EA chargers.
      We seldom go out road tripping. We're usually city dwellers, and this video showed the important hack for non-Tesla EVs to take into account.
      It's good to have options.

    • fishpole
      fishpole 4 months ago

      @Axis oh really? I didn't know that. You learn something new everyday I guess

    • Axis
      Axis 4 months ago

      @fishpole long range model s has the longest range at 405 miles, plaid isn’t the longest range

    • fishpole
      fishpole 4 months ago

      tesla already has the most range in the plaid

  • Liam O'Byrne
    Liam O'Byrne 10 months ago +184

    I’d love to see a similar comparison out West where the charging infrastructure isn’t as built up and the terrain is more challenging. Maybe Spokane to Yellowstone National Park or Denver to Salt Lake City. I know plenty of people that only road-trip for vacations and a lot of these could be in the west where there are more natural vacation destinations. Idk if y’all would have the time and budget to do this, but it’d be fun to see!

    • joskemom
      joskemom 3 months ago

      Watched the tv show "Extreme RVs" last night. No way in hell is anyone going to have a battery-operated RV travelling across the country. Bands on the concert trail would have a hell of a journey mapping out all the EV stations and not knowing if they are broken or in use by a line of cars.

    • Clinton Wood
      Clinton Wood 5 months ago +4

      Search Clip-Share for a roadtrip challenge between Tesla, Porsche, Kia and Ford between Denver and Las Vegas. The non-Tesla’s used Electrify America only and did run into some non-working chargers, but there was typically at least one that worked. Porsche came first, followed by the Tesla 3, Kia EV6, Tesla X and then Ford Mach-E. There was a difference of 1.5 hours between the fastest and slowest for the 750 mile road trip. Very good video. I have a Mach-E and will put more planning in before I take a long road trip and not trust just the Ford app.

    • Austin
      Austin 6 months ago +4

      Can't even do the comparison in the South. Tesla is literally the only charging network available.

    • Paulius Vindzigelskis
      Paulius Vindzigelskis 7 months ago +3

      i did road trip with SR+ Tesla 3 2 years ago. Dallas -> Denver -> Yellowstone -> Salt Lake City -> Dallas. Only 1 stretch of leg was difficult, had to slow down to 55mph . with LR even that won't be a problem. This happened in late Fall, so it was snowing in Yellowstone

    • Steven
      Steven 7 months ago +1

      The Adirondacks are about as built up as Americas national parks.

  • bear89103
    bear89103 Year ago +106

    I appreciate everything about this video. Thank you. It definitely was as fair as possible, it was informative and had a great warm presentation. And it provided pertinent real world information.

  • Jason DeLeon
    Jason DeLeon Year ago +63

    We did a 4000+ mile, round trip/ road trip over the summer from Florida to Colorado in a Tesla Model Y. I was skeptical going into it, especially since it was our first raod trip, and not really planned (last minute due to issue with flights). Anyway, their network of superchargers definitely gives me the confidence. BTW, there's no way I would ever roll into a charging station with a few miles. My goal was to always roll in a charging station with at least a SoC of 15-20% in case there was an issue. (Never had an issue, except for 1 stall that was down at a charging site). So we were probably not as efficient, but frequent brief stops was fine for us since we were traveling with two kids.

    • Jason DeLeon
      Jason DeLeon 5 months ago +5

      No not really. Our drive there was a last minute decision due to our flight getting cancelled (when covid was peaking). We already had a scheduled road trip in a 11-person passenger van to Yellowstone so we didn't really get a chance to take it iup in the mountains. It was mainly just getting to the Boulder area. @Carlos L Moreno Photography

    • Carlos L Moreno Photography
      Carlos L Moreno Photography 5 months ago +5

      I’m planning on using a Tesla in Colorado, how did it do in the mountains? Did you take it dirt roads?

  • TechSpaceCowboy
    TechSpaceCowboy Year ago +1528

    SERIOUS serious props to whomever did your graphics for this one.

    • JTGphotos
      JTGphotos Year ago

      great graphics poor comparison execution and preparation

    • Elzid
      Elzid Year ago +6

      @vanhakaveri for you it may be basic but thats the beauty. everyone appreciates the attention put into making those graphics, because it just brings pleasure and satisfaction.

    • vanhakaveri
      vanhakaveri Year ago +1

      @Ilya T Thats a basic 2d keyframe animation...

    • Akuma3000GT
      Akuma3000GT Year ago +1

      100% agreed. Fantastic work all around guys! This is definitely work to be proud of!

    • Ilya T
      Ilya T Year ago +13

      Noticed that too. Soo smooth. And the sync between the route progress and the charge reserve... Oh my.

  • Kamran Rasul
    Kamran Rasul 6 months ago +46

    Very interesting and educating. I was contemplating electric vs gas for my next car but then there are hybrid and diesel options -- it would be cool to add those to the mix.

    • Barrett DeCutler
      Barrett DeCutler 3 months ago +2

      I agree. I would love to see something like this with conventional and plug-in hybrids and maybe some other types of EVs, such as a tiny econobox and a larger SUV or truck.

    • Jonathan Johansson
      Jonathan Johansson 4 months ago +1

      @Lane Blount I own an Hybrid Volvo XC40, and it would 100% have the same outcome as the Audi. Since when the battery is dead, it just uses the normal engine. The downside possible is that the hybrid might have needed to stop for gas one additional time since the tank normally is not as big, but otherwise it would not be different.

    • Lane Blount
      Lane Blount 5 months ago +6

      That would be interesting. I daily drive a diesel truck and you’d be surprised at the amount of stations that don’t have diesel in some areas. Sometimes I have to settle for a truck stop where it’s a lot more expensive

  • Mytagforhalo
    Mytagforhalo 10 months ago +7

    I can honestly say, that if someone likes to travel, and intends to use their EV for it, they absolutely should download a route planning app. They should then set up a route like they would if they were going to leave tomorrow. Tell it to give you a 20% buffer if you want to be on the safe side. Then swap between your shortlist vehicles to see the difference they make.
    Tesla's biggest advantage over even upcomming fast charging EV's is their network. from Michigan to Georgia winds up being a 15 hour trip in a tesla, 16 hours in an ev6 (presuming the EA chargers are functioning). 18 hours in a polestar 2, and somewhere around 23 hours in a bolt EUV. The bolt has a pretty decent range, but it's 55kw charger really slows it down.

  • James Hinds
    James Hinds 7 months ago +5

    Great vid. This was clearly a lot of effort and time to put together, but it winds up showing the real world difference between gas and EVs. By all rights, road-tripping is rare and most people only do it once or twice a year (if that). I also think that in the time since this video has come out, it's become obvious gas prices are going to go up again.
    Really, this just goes to show (to me) that most EVs are designed fundamentally wrong. The goal should not be to remove gasoline from the picture completely, but to remove it from commutes. I think a supercapacitor plug in hybrid is probably the "ideal" car, as the real objective should be to allow your average person's commute (~50 miles) to be 100% electric and around 50 MPG equivalent when running an internal gas generator, with about a 5 gallon tank. The real world difference between such a car and a pure electric is inconsequential in terms of gas usage, but the utility is much higher.

  • Wallace Myers
    Wallace Myers Year ago +37

    Nice video! Curious what the time difference would have been with a vehicle with a gas vehicle with 300-350 mile range

    • AB CD
      AB CD 2 months ago

      dont worry

  • JerryRigEverything
    JerryRigEverything Year ago +16367

    I think you should have let the EVs charge to max at the hotel. Since that's one of the perks of an EV. Most hotels have at least one destination charger that'll work with either plug.

    • TheBetaMalesPodcast
      TheBetaMalesPodcast 3 months ago

      but the gas car could have also kept extra gas in a can

    • medicine school
      medicine school 4 months ago

      ford was never trustworthy 🐷

    • Poetic Child
      Poetic Child 4 months ago

      It's a road trip and you can't always fill up to the max... But you can with gasoline if you got the money

    • ORIOLESFan02
      ORIOLESFan02 4 months ago

      Even though I see your point Zack, I also see Marques’ point too. Since you can’t technically refill a gas car at night, the team decided to do it this way since the gas car in that instance is the Lowest Common Denominator and they wanted to be fair. I don’t blame the MKBHD team, but I also don’t blame you either since both sides are valid.

    • Sarah Iftikhar
      Sarah Iftikhar 5 months ago

      How was your hummer ev making

  • Daniel S
    Daniel S Year ago +20

    Surprised how expensive charging is! Wouldn't a hybrid that gets 40+mpg be more efficient? Even as gas prices rise, its probably about the same cost and you don't have to worry about charging and such.

    • big runts
      big runts 3 months ago +2

      Hybrid doesnt save gas on highway, only in city driving it is worth it.

    • Sonic the Anonymous Hedgehog
      Sonic the Anonymous Hedgehog 5 months ago +3

      Only if you frequently road trip. If you mainly drive for daily commutes and short trips to/from home, you'll charge at home which is way cheaper. Plus, with DC fast chargers you pay extra for the speed, while (even public) Level 2 AC chargers are cheaper (or even free).

  • B GF
    B GF 11 months ago +34

    After reviewing this I’m definitely sticking with gasoline. I want to relax when I’m driving long distance. Not knowing if the charges stations will work will give me anxiety and add to your trip. The cost differential of $20 over a two day trip just isn’t worth it.

    • joskemom
      joskemom 3 months ago

      @MrEddyedr After what I posted about man-made global warming/climate change scam, why do you think I care about a Tesla?

    • MrEddyedr
      MrEddyedr 3 months ago

      @joskemom Teslas also tell you if the superchargers are being used, so that way you aren’t surprised by arriving and waiting for someone to leave.

    • MrEddyedr
      MrEddyedr 3 months ago

      @Kloakk and exactly, it’s gonna be adopted especially with superchargers popping up everywhere.

    • MrEddyedr
      MrEddyedr 3 months ago +1

      @joskemom it will be a selling point for hotels if anything. Again, being able to top up your car at night is a huge benefit unlike me thinking I can get gas in the morning when i most likely will sleep in and not have time.

    • joskemom
      joskemom 3 months ago

      @Kloakk One more assumption you are making. You say when everyone is driving an electric car. Since the Biden is attacking the free market system(capitolism) by the govt picking which industry to destroy and which industry to prop up and finance, out choices as free Americans appear to be a thing of the past. The Biden admin is introducing a version of governance that other non-capitalist use, which is government controlling businesses for the 'common good of the people". If the govt can pass laws that require hotels to provide EV stations, then we have a problem. As a general contractor my plans have to include an EV station for residential. Bottom line, the idea that we are going to have battery operated cities and battery operated cars and the elimination of all fossil fuels is beyond reality. As we see now, the country is going through one of the worse economic crisis based on this fake scientific scam that we control the weather.

  • Heroes Reforged
    Heroes Reforged 10 months ago +6

    This was really cool to watch AFTER seeing the actual road trip videos back-to-back. My next car is going to be a Subaru Crosstrek, but I have a feeling what comes next will more than likely be and EV.

  • Terrece Harris
    Terrece Harris 7 months ago +6

    Great video, I am definitely late in respoinding, but my next purchase is actually a gas powered motorcyle, with a 5.5 or larger tank. I plan to use as my daily driver as well as my solo trip vehicle. I DO want step in the the realm of EV, but quite a few variables to consider as you pointed out in this video. Thanks.

  • Imack Studios
    Imack Studios Year ago +7572

    I love how Marques is so versatile with his content, this video is a banger 🔥

    • KeiTubeTV
      KeiTubeTV Year ago

      Real talk 🗣️📱🚗💪

    • Mosoixx
      Mosoixx Year ago

      Banger ahhh machaaa

    • Steven Call
      Steven Call Year ago

      Would’ve actually been way cooler if it was Grand Tour style instead of just listening to Marques while looking at a map. Pretty disappointing

    • Onyi Oyigah
      Onyi Oyigah Year ago

      @G Its not a competition

    • Aditya Verma
      Aditya Verma Year ago

      Charging Tesla = 10 kilo coal burnt(for electricity)= 75 solar panel on roof= scam😂

  • Noah Sandoval
    Noah Sandoval 5 months ago +4

    Next time. I would love to see an EV, Gas, and Hybrid vehicle all go toe to toe.

  • Jack
    Jack 11 months ago +2

    Probably others have pointed that out as well but you could have cut down at least 20 mins off the Tesla run by always staying on low SOC so basically just do more stops but charge for a lower amount of time. Did a similar trip 3 months ago on my M3 for 1500km and tested both charging types , basically charging less and going to full vs charging max to 60-70%, I cut down 1 hour when charging more often due to the higher charging curve at low SOC. And as a frame of reference I only used Supercharges as well even though including other supercharging types would cut down on the time even more. But the first leg up to Placid is exactly as you were supposed to do it, reach the dest with like 5% -10% no more.

  • Vatha9
    Vatha9 4 months ago +3

    I'm starting to appreciate the moments I have while charging. I get to explore a bit more with the given charge estimation period. After all, I am on a road trip and sight seeing is part of it

  • Stephen Rittenhouse
    Stephen Rittenhouse 6 months ago +2

    Great explanation of what to expect. I was thinking the EV's were going to be at a greater savings vs gas. So I was really surprised it was only around 20.00. Gas for me on my next car.

    • Tyler Anderson
      Tyler Anderson 6 months ago +1

      Well gas last year in NY (when the video came out) Was like $3.20 a gallon vs now it’s like $4.70ish. The good thing about electric is it’s probably right now going to be a lot cheeper. But yeah I wish it was more hahaha

  • Caleb Meyer
    Caleb Meyer Year ago +324

    It would be really cool to do this annually and compare the progression of each type of ev!

    • TheNewGeneration 2016
      TheNewGeneration 2016 Year ago

      They should add hybrid and diesel too

    • Caleb Meyer
      Caleb Meyer Year ago +1

      @Joe3D I mean why don’t we just break out the scientific method at this point.

    • Prasanga Perera
      Prasanga Perera Year ago +2

      They should add a hybrid car

    • Joe3D
      Joe3D Year ago

      @Caleb Meyer you have to count everything. Plus they didn't account for initial car cost and insurances, maintenances, etc.

    • Caleb Meyer
      Caleb Meyer Year ago +2

      @Joe3D well electrification brings about better torque, improved acceleration, and generalized improvements to driving experience, but I was just referring to the range and such.

  • Jesse Lowe
    Jesse Lowe 4 months ago +1

    Great video, always been curious on this and i actually am surprised how close it it, im very pro EV and even i figured the difference would be at least a couple/few hours at this distance.
    But my guy, did you call the bed in the Ford Lightning a trunk? lol
    Edit: although pretty much all of the difference between the Ford and Tesla will be negated later this year/next year when Tesla opens their charging infrastructure to others. That"ll be a huge turning point in EV adoption too.

    • Barrett DeCutler
      Barrett DeCutler 3 months ago

      He called the front cargo area a trunk, not the bed.

  • Asif Ali Rahman
    Asif Ali Rahman 7 months ago +3

    Marques, I have always been a frequent viewer of your channel and many other channels. I must say that in my opinion with time your videos have become THE most informative videos on Clip-Share. About my next purchase? I just purchased a gas engine car. I think EV technology is still under development and I am not ready to make the transition yet.

  • Wes Lambert
    Wes Lambert 7 months ago +72

    From having owned 4 EVs over the last 12 years (basically since modern production EVs have existed). I would say that my next 5 cars will be electric. But It's been a hell of a uphill battle to get even to where we are now and, imo we are still in the early years.
    There are two MAJOR factors that MUST change for wide-spread adoption (not just enthusiasts and the wealthy)
    (1) EV Charging must be as ubiquitous as Gasoline stations; people need to be able to find (functional) stations, even in remote, rural locations
    (2) EV Charging must be at least as fast as 150 kW; people need to be able to fill up in a reasonable time, less than 30 mins for at least 80% charge.
    Although batteries are still quite costly, I think that BMW had a good idea by including a battery that as at least 20% larger than necessary, allowing for the middle 80% to be the primary fill space, and that all charging could be DC Fast Charge.
    Great video. Thanks for doing this comparative research

    • Ryder Ostby
      Ryder Ostby 7 months ago

      Gas prices rn might help

    • Wes Lambert
      Wes Lambert 7 months ago +1

      @Tony M. heh 😅 there's a story for everything. But because I don't want to write another novel in the comments, let's just say that life circumstances dont always allow me to keep stuff. 🤷‍♂️

    • Tony M.
      Tony M. 7 months ago

      May I ask, why you have gone through so many Ev's in such a short period of time?

    • Charles kavoukjian
      Charles kavoukjian 7 months ago +4

      The problem is the amount of power needed to charge these cars. If you had one station only for charging no gas but same layout. 10-20 charging stations. If ten cars showed up to charge all at once. Or if a few got there early. The first cars to plug in would get charged normally, once the rest plug in the amount of power output to the chargers would decrease and or fluctuate between cars. So not all would get and equal chwrge. The load could not manage equal power output to all. So some maybe full charge in 45-1:30 or whatever. The last person would be there for hours. Plus all EV chargers use energy created by fossil fuel which makes me laugh. But biggest problem will be energy storage. Plus fast charging and all this raising the amps and all that into the cars battery will degrade it much faster than a steady flow charge for an hour or whatever. I was just at a IEEE green tech conference. The other problem is we literally can’t make the energy/power needed to charge every vehicle in America if they all became electric tomorrow. Tbh I feel the same people now yelling at oil companies and fossil fuels will be yelled at in 40 years due to batteries and their contents not decomposing and filling pits with hazardous waste. Lotta battery acid will go into the ocean and soil. That 30 minutes is a good goal but long term is very harmful to the battery packs. Or the 200 miles in 15 minutes for elons new packs is good but long term it will shorten the life of the battery.

  • Morbo the Turtle
    Morbo the Turtle 10 months ago

    The biggest shocks for me were just how little of a difference there was between the mach e and tesla (on the second day when the out of order chargers were taken out). I expected the tesla to perform much better. I was also surprised at how expensive the EVs were to charge. Sure they were cheaper than the Audi, but that is comparing a super aerodynamic sedan to a bulky crossover. I thought the tesla would have been 1/3rd the cost. I thought it would have performed better than my car, but mine would have only been $50 (2007 prius). Obviously charging at home is the way you save money in the long run, but this little of a difference is not going to convince anyone to get an EV

  • TheCrust
    TheCrust Year ago +1211

    In a perfect world, I'd love for my next car to be electric. They're just not at a price point yet that I could reasonably afford.

    • tharindu perera
      tharindu perera 4 months ago

      @Fahad Hussain tata own the jaguar and land Rover doesn't mean that tata build these vehicles.. they just own the shares that's all. TATA is one of the worst vehicle build to date. I trust indian Suzuki at any day over tata and the Mahindra. They have worst quality of everything..

    • Colin Genge
      Colin Genge 5 months ago

      EV cheaper after 5 years. 99% of charging will be at home; just use dryer plug to get full charge over night. I plug in once per week, twice max. Total time 10 seconds per week vs gas station. Safety of EVs which are 10 times less likely to roll over is worth more than all other considerations. Watch Telsa Cam videos and see SUV rolling over after a tap vs none of Teslas every rolling over.

    • George Spalding
      George Spalding 7 months ago

      @Fahad Hussain Tatas are Toy cars, here in America we drive real cars. Indian cars aren't sold in the US anyway.

    • Brien831
      Brien831 7 months ago +1

      @Tom From North Carolina 4-5 Years? Depending on the gas car purchased and your driving habits you are looking at 10-15 years, lol. If the longevity of your battery sucks, you might need to replace it, wich is more expensive than low end engine swaps. Also you actually need to own a house or your apartment needs a loading station, so if your living in a flat, an EV, as of know, will most likely never be worth it. You describe the absolute best case scenario, where you basically need to be rich to afford a 15k+ car in the first place AND own a high voltage outlet.

    • Darryl Forbes
      Darryl Forbes Year ago

      @nabhan1999 I agree that for now road trips may be a problem in many areas. But unless you’re making a road trip, you’ll charge at home . Charging at home is cheaper and more convenient than a gas station. I live in Tallahassee, Florida. Most of my Road trips are within a 300 mile radius and close to interstates. Even my occasional 400+ mile trips are within close proximity to major highways. So it wouldn’t be a problem for me. But I’d be much more leery if I traveled through long stretches of sparsely populated areas on back roads.

  • Boo Ya
    Boo Ya 3 months ago

    The huge problem is that EV range will decrease over time with use, as with any lithium powered device. Also, many people are hauling/towing while on road trips and EVs suffer severe range decreases under these conditions and put a larger load on the battery, further degrading the battery.

  • Studpum
    Studpum 5 months ago +1

    The prices are kinda skewed. With a gas vehicle, a person will typically full tank when they stop for gas, as for the electric cars they didn’t always fully charge sometimes leaving them with little range left when getting to your destination. The fact is that the prices are probably slight less to slightly more in if they fully charged every time they stopped, let alone the time increase to the road trip when fully charging. The $20 difference would be less if they fully charged. Currently there isn’t much of a point to road trip in an EV because you lose all benefits you gain from normal daily driving and instead gain a lot of cons during a road trip

  • hoofhearted4
    hoofhearted4 2 months ago

    this was interesting and he hit the nail on the head in the beginning. guessed the order, but not the time (honestly didnt really guess a time, but that was better than id have expected) would be curious if there would be a greater difference between a car with better fuel mileage and add in a hybrid.

  • Marinka Adrian
    Marinka Adrian Year ago +2

    I’m not a tech person and english isn’t my native language, but I really love the way you explain things, like even your gestures and face expressions are so fun to watch. I found your channel just recently and now I want to learn how to drive, play need for speed in 8k and find myself a Mac (the dog, obviously😌)

  • Rich Rebuilds
    Rich Rebuilds Year ago +1132

    Great video! Good one to show to people that are always questioning road tripping Gas VS EV.

  • Dominic Ingegneri
    Dominic Ingegneri 11 months ago +1

    An informative video, as always. How about using your vast skills to create a narrative abut the future if gas vehicles keep emissions on an upward slope? I live near an airport and busy highway and all I can envision is the constant plume of carbon filling the atmosphere. OPEC pumps out the fuels, we pump the exhausts into the air -The ballon keeps filling up…

  • Uilliam Unknown
    Uilliam Unknown 3 months ago

    Would love to see this updated with a hybrid car!

  • El Turner
    El Turner 8 months ago +1

    I would've liked to see a hybrid added into this experiment. Also, thank you for adding the cost of gas and charging. I live in a cold climate and to run out of gas or electricity can cause you your life in remote areas. I like the idea of electric cars, but I feel the infrastructure hasn't matured and for that reason, I would go with a hybrid of some sort.

  • Rumor
    Rumor 7 months ago +6

    This video really put things into perspective for someone looking to get an EV. Personally I will be looking into Hybrid vehicles a lot more after this video.

    • KingCrazyHunter
      KingCrazyHunter 5 months ago

      Take into account the maintenance of a hybrid and the availability to self service that vehicle

  • Yair Green
    Yair Green Year ago +351

    The animation at the beginning showing the map and the cars in colors is INSANE
    Edit: thanks marques!

    • Yair Green
      Yair Green Year ago +8

      @HisFatness Right... Still sucks I lost the ❤️

    • HisFatness
      HisFatness Year ago +18

      @Yair Green never knew about that feature. that's a really good thing too, because if it wasn't a thing, a lot of people can edit it to say something vulgar and make the channel owner look bad because he hearted it.

    • Yair Green
      Yair Green Year ago +12

      @Qasid Kashif just noticed... Didn't know that's how it goes :(

    • Qasid Kashif
      Qasid Kashif Year ago +13

      you just got rid of the heart by editing your comment

  • Anthony Formichella
    Anthony Formichella 4 months ago

    Nice work, great video. I'm waiting on a Tesla Cybertruck and everything I'm tracking tells me by 2024 the experience will be better than a gas guzzler in general and maybe even on par for long trips. Starting every day 100% will be enough for me almost every day of the year.

  • Shrikant Chaudhary
    Shrikant Chaudhary 10 months ago +1

    Just saw this video. Great idea and very interesting results. TO keep things more even, I would like like to see a Model Y Long Range instead of Model S Plaid in the comparison. My next car will be a Model Y Long Range. I dont take too many long trips, especially during these times, but my expereicne with the Tesla Supercharger network has been very good with my 2019 Model 3 Dual Motor

  • bmmomin
    bmmomin Year ago +1

    Your videos are great and to the point! You have asked a very important question and I would take this as an opportunity to answer with a reason that I think is important for all of us to know. My next purchase will be a Plug-in-Hybrid. The reason: It has enough electric range for more than 80% of the consumer commute as they travel less than 40 miles per day. In other words these cars will consume at least 80% less gasoline. And when it has to be driven longer (about 20% of the time), the gasoline engine will kick in without any fear of being stranded eliminating the range anxiety. The other benefit of plug in hybrid is that for the same amount of battery as pure electric car, 5 times more plug in hybrid cars can be manufactured. I think if car companies instead take this practical approach, we will see a greater acceleration towards the sustainability.

  • Keilan Snider
    Keilan Snider Year ago +2

    You totally should do another test in a year to see what has changed! (Next car will be gas, not confident enough about the charging infrastructure)

    TVCH LORD Year ago +909

    having multiple charging standards is insane and slows down the adoption of EV's

    • Modestas
      Modestas Year ago

      @Timon Bubnič sorry for that i misstook norway for netherlands. But I wrote than in previous comment. But my point wat that this so called 'green' power is not that green towards land creatures and land.

    • Modestas
      Modestas Year ago

      @Timon Bubnič First of all I'm not talking about a specific place its procentage in the whole world. And even talking about Norway's hidro dams they are not clean as you may think. They ussualy destroy rivers ecosystem and sitting water produces carbon dioxide and methane. Also while making electricity a lot of energy converts to heat and thats the whole purpose of these alternatives to not create heat.

    • Timon Bubnič
      Timon Bubnič Year ago

      @Modestas ok sure netherlands has a really bad geo position for wind power plants, hydro is non existent because there is no mountains, and the people apparently dont like nuclear, but the european union as a whole produces more energy from renewable sources than it does from fossil fuels, in fact fossil fuels only account for 34% of electricity production, 38% is renewables and the rest nuclear, thats counting in all the countries with bad land for renewables aswell, as i previously stated, norway has 100% renewable energy, even though its rich with oil

    • Timon Bubnič
      Timon Bubnič Year ago

      @Modestas yes in underdeveloped countries, idk what country you are talking about but in most countries in europe fossil fuels represent a small percentage of electricity production, norway is literally 100% on hydroplants and power plants using sea waves, just as an example

    • Modestas
      Modestas Year ago

      @Timon Bubnič 60
      60% of all electricity is made by using fossil fuel and currently there is no better way.

  • HaffTonne
    HaffTonne 5 months ago

    Just purchased my next car, and it's gas. Reason being is because I live in relatively-rural Canada where charging stations are few and far between, plus I still have concerns about the longevity and repair costs of electric/hybrid. I'd like to be able to explore and drive without range anxiety or planning trips around charging stations (there's already stretches of road I take where you can drive an hour without seeing a gas station).

  • VX
    VX 8 months ago +1

    Thank you very much for the comparison video, very informative and I learned so much. So I would buy an electric car next, preferably a Tesla, because they are more reliable with their network and give value for money not just in the car but with the service as well, justifying the price for the model S. I still think the Porsche Taycan is a good EV too but, I'm not sure about the reliability of their network in the UK. I, therefore, think a little research needs to be done on my part, but I am so glad you made this video, thanks again!! :)

  • Gabriel Laroche
    Gabriel Laroche 8 months ago +1

    This was pretty insightful. Personally, for my next (and first) car I will either go for some kind of electrified car, either HEV, PHEV or BEV. I do have to take into account range, since I do like road trips and will do multiple 300+ km road trips per year

  • Francesco Ponticelli
    Francesco Ponticelli 10 months ago +5

    Loved this test!! I have ordered a Tesla MYLR which will be my first EV. Actually I’m not surprised by the result: if you go electric, unfortunately you can only rely on Tesla if you want to have a “worry free” transition because of the supercharger and its network, as you showed in the video

    • Don Quixote
      Don Quixote 7 months ago

      @Max Flight My my my!

    • Max Flight
      Max Flight 8 months ago +2

      Francesco … I’ve had my MY a week ! Love it .
      The seats aren’t great if you are tall and sentry mode flattens your battery fast ! But overall … it’s a bloody great car and better than the BMW X5 it replaced

  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering Explained Year ago +1371

    Thank you for doing this! It's so difficult to recommend a non-Tesla EV when none of the non-Tesla EVs don't take the user experience of charging seriously. Really hope EA & all the manufacturers up their game if they're looking for anyone to buy these cars (especially in the US, where occasional long trips are fairly normal).

    • Poxh Preka
      Poxh Preka 7 months ago

      I really think the Supercharger Network has to be considered when choosing an EV. As a feature not an afterthought

    • Supreme Ruler of the World
      Supreme Ruler of the World 7 months ago

      @Hubert Kam if you want something fast you buy a tesla plaid, its litteraly faster than any bike.

    • Hubert Kam
      Hubert Kam 7 months ago

      @Supreme Ruler of the World still would rather a miata that a electric car if you want something fast buy a motorbike

    • Arjun
      Arjun 8 months ago

      @Reclusive Eagle that is not true

    • Dragos Pahontu
      Dragos Pahontu 10 months ago +1

      @Mohammad Yaqoob yes, but EVs are cheaper so who cares.

  • Philip Ohmes
    Philip Ohmes 7 months ago +1

    What this story tells me is how much more we need to do to build out the infrastructures in our country for the electrical grids. Then also how over time the gasoline stations also got built out over time and supplanted earlier versions of electric, LP or steam operated motor vehicles. Now we have to rebuild systems and find the money to pay for it. Hopefully wishing a decade from now things will work better. For now I will rely on public transportation systems, which to their credit have built the infrastructures to travel from place to place. Where that is not possible, I will just rent a car.

  • Ser3ch
    Ser3ch 6 months ago

    Watching this now as a upstate New Yorker, The experience you guys had with the ford day 1 is pretty much what I’ve heard. Surprisingly being from just outside ithaca I was surprised there wasn’t a huge issue for the ford there, but it’s not hard to route out a charger with some quick google reviews before you launch. I’m gonna have to go with a gas car still tho since the inventory and pricing at the start is so huge just to save a few bucks at the pump from time to time

  • expomm
    expomm 5 months ago

    This is exactly the question I asked myself, thanks for addressing this! It would be great if you do this again but in winter!

  • Adam Rose
    Adam Rose 11 months ago +1

    Really thinking of getting an electric. My concern with anything but Tesla is what was shown here. I am hoping the cyber truck has some of the features of acting as a battery backup for you home like the lightning promises. What has been the experience on regular maintenance on electric?

  • mackan072
    mackan072 Year ago +199

    I'd *much* rather have a car underestimate how far it can go, than overestimating.

    • mackan072
      mackan072 Year ago +1

      If I'm 55 miles away, and the car display a 70 mile range left, then yes it does. It might make someone skip the last charging station that they could possibly reach.

    • Reclusive Eagle
      Reclusive Eagle Year ago +2

      Does it matter than the distance between Tesla stations is like on average 50 miles, all of them work and all maintain 150kwh minimum?

    • Hsiang
      Hsiang Year ago +1

      @Remy Peacock Normally yes, but this is a car and most people won't sell their car just because the fuel economy was overestimated

    • Remy Peacock
      Remy Peacock Year ago +1

      @Hsiang but customer experience and satisfaction

    • Hsiang
      Hsiang Year ago +1

      but..but marketing...

  • The Compliment King!
    The Compliment King! 5 months ago

    Good work. Very informative. Thank you.

  • Fan Bu
    Fan Bu 2 months ago

    As a data scientist I’m learning sooo much from your visualization techniques!! Amazing presentation.

  • Suco
    Suco 4 months ago

    Thank you for making this video. I have been debating on trading in my model y for another ev, but I think after doing my research and knowing about how horrible non-tesla chargers are, I might just get a model s haha thank you! great video and very detailed!

    • TechFan101
      TechFan101 3 months ago

      My model s is great I'd recommend. But I was also considering a Y. Why are you thinking about trading that one in?

  • Haxi Plays
    Haxi Plays 7 months ago

    Worth noting on the prices. Those are super charging prices, which are WAY higher than if just charging at home.
    Also a lot of people say charging more frequently, but never over 80% is faster, with how many Tesla chargers there are isn't not hard. Would like to see a comparison there.

  • soccerjonesy
    soccerjonesy Year ago +322

    Should've thrown in a hybrid as well. The hybrid 7 series or 5 series can do upwards of nearly 1000 miles on a single fuel up. A dude posted a video of taking his 7 series over 900 miles on a single tank which is insane. Certain there are other hybrids out there that can do the same, if not better. Would be entertaining to see how those would fair in this competition.

    • terpx
      terpx Year ago

      A plug-in hybryd!

    • Dark
      Dark Year ago

      True they should have

    • Denis Dÿck
      Denis Dÿck Year ago

      @earthzero7 EVs have the maintenance advantage until the battery goes bye bye cause then the whole car goes bye bye. Yes, dealers will miss on maintenance revenue compared to ICE, but at the end it will cost the consumer more as the car's value goes to nil pretty quick.
      Factoring all in, lower maintenance but same to likely higher "fuel" cost plus horrendous depreciation and as it stands right now buying an EVs is close to being a financial suicide. Of course some are okay with blowing through money to have the new shinny thing, but not everyone is.

    • earthzero7
      earthzero7 Year ago

      @trth1 One big thing to keep in mind is that neither hybrids nor ICE cars have the advantage of the extremely low cost of long term maintenance that most EV owners will likely enjoy one of the biggest reasons that dealerships, and some manufacturers, are so reluctant to sell electric cars even though customers are willing to pay for them is that the majority of the repair and maintenance economy of ICE cars that they've depended on for so many years will be significantly diminished.

    • trth1
      trth1 Year ago +1

      I always thought hybrids made more sense than fully electric.

  • Jimmy Winskowski
    Jimmy Winskowski 10 months ago

    This video is HUGE for me. Been looking at the Mach-e and F150 Lightning, but road trips are a must for me. This is a great breakdown of what it looks like irl.

  • Anonymous Freak
    Anonymous Freak 9 months ago

    I'm glad you just set waypoints, and didn't enforce the same *route* for all vehicles - until EV charging stations are truly as ubiquitous as gas stations, and all EVs can charge at all stations, Teslas and non-Teslas may have to take different routes.

  • Mikey Carmine
    Mikey Carmine 4 months ago

    This was a really interesting experiment, even if I did watch it one year later after it happened. My next car will probably be a hybrid, since I don't live in the US and we just don have that kind of infrastructure. Anyways, great video and greetings from an undisclosed third world country. 👋🏽

  • Greg Christopher
    Greg Christopher Year ago +38

    It’s truly amazing how speed makes such a difference in this video. Electric vehicle batteries start to DRAIN above 70mph

    • Jeff Ascencio
      Jeff Ascencio 4 months ago

      @levitate, if on the highway, just about always.

    • Ken
      Ken 5 months ago

      Air resistance increases a lot at higher speeds

    • Chris Martin
      Chris Martin 6 months ago

      Me personally when I take my kia hybrid to Vegas from CA average speed was 90 mph and top speed was 120 mph. 3hr total time for a 280 miles. With ac blowing. Took a third of my tank. No stopping.

    • Christoph Kurzka
      Christoph Kurzka 7 months ago

      @Noob WANT3D and the average speed limit on the autobahn is 80mph.

    • Christoph Kurzka
      Christoph Kurzka 7 months ago +1

      @Noob WANT3D literally my whole city and the ones around me have no speed limit. I doubt that you’ve driven every single autobahn part to know that.

  • Riokaii
    Riokaii Year ago +424

    Something to note: If allowed to refuel/ recharge to 100% overnight, the gap would be even closer between the gas and the tesla.

    • vrjersey
      vrjersey Year ago

      @C K yup. If you have sentry mode on and you are next to a high traffic area or it’s windy and there is something waving and keeps setting off sentry mode you could loose 1-3 miles an hour. So if they didn’t leave say 12 hrs later it could have gone down by 12-36 miles. Or if climate control turns on to keep a certain temp.that could also account for lower range.

    • C K
      C K Year ago

      @vrjersey Yeah, I guess overnight drain is noticable? I never had an EV just PHEV and that didn't drain the hybrid battery at all even if left a month .

    • Smile ツ
      Smile ツ Year ago +1

      @P A 😂 well ig we will need another test to prove it, based on what I saw even if you change the distance a road trip is still better with a ICE car and EV are only a possibility when travelling between large cities.

    • Kyle Reele
      Kyle Reele Year ago

      @Magne Vikjord not fair? that is part of the benefit. When I road trip I plan for hotels with chargers. Helps me and helps the hotel get my business. Win/win

    • Marek Mikš
      Marek Mikš Year ago +1

      @Rawrrr exactly, most people wouldn't even use a supercharger 99% of the time because they are just going to work and back home 😂

  • Einfach Fredhaft Gaming

    Bought a Kia Niro about a good year ago and it's been a gorgeous experience so far. Went on a 1400km roadtrip without a problem and the battery didn't even degrade by 2% so far according to my last check in ~12000km's

  • Adam W
    Adam W 9 months ago

    Nice experiment, but short sighted on the realities of electric driving vs gas driving. It's apples and oranges in so many ways and really is a paradigm shift in the way we drive and fill up vehicles.
    Allow me to explain. We purchased a 2021 Kona EV in April 2021 and basically learned this stuff since owning. There are two types of car drivers: Those who are road tripping and those who are not. Road trip: You drive until the tank is empty, then find a place to fill up. All gas drivers are essentially road trippers because you alway drive until the tank is empty, then find a place to fill the tank and never fill up at home unless you live at the oil refinery. With the EV you're only on a road trip when you're... well, on a road trip. The rest of the time your not road tripping and top up at home. Therefore, majority of EV driving is done on a single tank, and charging is done at home, so you RARELY need to fill up when out on the road. We've put about 30,000km (18750mi) on the car and maybe have plugged in on the road about a dozen times - and some of those I didn't really have to. Sometimes at a grocery store there's a charger and it's free, so I'm like "why not". You also don't have to "fill up" when you're on the road. You only put in the amount of electricity to finish up what you're doing and get you back home where you do the real charging. With an EV, you're always starting out the day on a full tank. You're also paying the cheaper rate from home charging. Lastly, yes it takes longer to charge the EV battery than a gas fill up... but you're only "waiting" for the EV to charge when you're on the road. The rest of the time, the majority of the time, you always have a full tank. Lets say I've had the equivalent of of a full charge 65 times so far, and only had 6 times where I plugged in on the road and from empty waited the 45min, that's 4.5hrs. The home charging doesn't count as waiting because I'm sleeping when it's happening. Gas fill up at 5 minutes per fill the entire 65 times is about 5.5hrs in total, plus the time having to find a station, waiting your turn to fill up. I'll say this though: I had to buy a squeegee for my house because the windows get dirty on the EV and you're never at a gas station to clean them! Anyhoo, We still have a gas car, but drive the EV all the time. It's only cost us about $500 in electric costs so far. The gas savings is making half the car payment.

  • Eric Cavalcanti
    Eric Cavalcanti 6 months ago +2

    I do a trip from TX to MD and then back every now and then. Each leg of the trip is about 1600 miles. I drove my Mustang GT in the past and stopped very few times.
    Our next trip we are planning to go with a truck, F150 maybe. That one can get a good 500+ miles out of a single tank. Most likely we will stop in between, but I still think gas cars have a much better advantage over EVs.

  • M M
    M M 7 months ago

    Major factor for the success of the Tesla on this test was arriving with one mile range remaining in Lake Placid. Something that in real life, with family aboard, would never be planned and an earlier diversion would have been required. Long story short: gas car wins by far.

  • zollotech
    zollotech Year ago +654

    Great comparison. Hopefully one day the chargers and standards are the same so it makes this much easier.

    • LogicBugs
      LogicBugs Year ago +1

      @Lucas P Gas will go. We don't have an infinite supply of it as prices go up consumers will swap to electric simple

    • Lucas P
      Lucas P Year ago

      @LifeofEntropy How naive! Manufacturers says that just for PR. In the real world, there’s simply no way to stop ICE.

    • LifeofEntropy
      LifeofEntropy Year ago +1

      @Lucas P I doubt that. Pretty much every major car manufacturer has promised to stop manufacturing ICE vehicles by 2035 and Europe wants to be all electric by 2040. ICE vehicles probably wont be a thing outside poor nations and enthusiast rallies by 2060.

    • Sterling Archer
      Sterling Archer Year ago

      This is the only thing holding me back from buying an electric vehicle. I travel quite frequently to visit family and friends and make long drives to my office. I'm staying on gas until I can charge an electric car as quickly as I can fill up my truck. Sure there's the whole "you can charge while you shop at the mall argument" but I've been to the mall several times and have looked at the long line of Tesla drivers waiting for a free charger. They all look pissed and bored. Same goes for the people charging their cars, half the time they're just sitting in their car waiting for it to finish charging and they look equally bored.

    • R FN
      R FN Year ago +1

      @Lucas P Not really. We have had our Tesla Y since Feb of this year. We have gone on one trip out of town with it. The rest of the time we plug it in at our house. So we never have to go to fill up over 90% of the time. On the one trip we took of about 1,500 miles it was very easy to use Tesla Superchargers.

  • James Kirk
    James Kirk Year ago +2

    You've hit the nail on the head.
    I've watched many of these EV road trips, and there are two consistent problems with non-Tesla EV's:
    1. Charging Navigation information provided by the Infotainment system
    2. Reliability of the Charging Network
    If Tesla never set the "Gold Standard" that they did here, I don't EV adoption would be picking up the way they did. Tesla basically had to prove that it is possible to make a reliable network to allow an EV to travel basically anywhere that a gas car can.
    Yes, Tesla aggressively rates their range. Basically, it's 65MPH flat road at 72F with no HVAC, Weather, etc. That being said, you can beat the range if you drive 25 to 60MPH in normal conditions.
    But at this time, I would not buy a non-Tesla EV with the expectation of easy road trips. I'd even go so far to say the Tesla is a better road trip car than a gas car. The infotainment system plans the route, including refueling (supercharging), and nearly all of them have nearby human comforts as well. Many gas stations are pretty sketchy, but Tesla Super Chargers rarely are. Destination Charging is another story as far as being potentially sketchy, but that's fine.
    Now that Hertz is picking up Tesla, more people will get to experience a proper EV roadtrip.
    From a Model 3 owner, who has road tripped it.

    • Drew Johnson
      Drew Johnson Year ago

      Biggest thing at this point is probably in adoption is cost of EVs, especially Tesla. I think sub-30k is going to be the target for mass adoption.

    MKSTAMP 4 months ago

    Right now electric has too much to prove, so I think I’ll stick with paying 15 bucks more for gas to save 2 hours per road trip I take. I definitely think that’s worth it, especially considering I may only take 1 road trip per year. But even if I decided to take day 6 road trips per year, for the gas car that’s $225 per year more vs 6 extra hours of driving per year. I think once these companies master EV we will see more and more of them on the road, but for me it’s too early to convert. I personally would rather spend the $15 than be on the road for 2 more hours but I guess everyone has different priorities in that area. Great video, thanks and keep up the good work.
    Also, thinking about if I didn’t see this video and didn’t have the knowledge regarding charging stations being highly risky and subjective as it relates to their functionality, I think choosing the gas car is still a more safe bet and comforting experience for the majority of drivers as of now. There is a lot of work to be done, however I appreciate those who are willing to try the new innovative products of the future so that I don’t have to. Thank you again for the informative video.

  • Mr Danomac
    Mr Danomac Year ago +71

    Well, I found this very interesting and informative. I had no idea that roadtripping would only be $20-30 cheaper in an electric car. When I'm traveling in my car, I like to _get there_ and don't take a lot of breaks.
    OK, to answer your question at the end of the video:
    I plan to buy a new vehicle in 4-5 years. As electric cars where I am are 2-3x more expensive than a gas car, I'm most likely sticking with ICE, and if they're scarce by then I likely won't buy a new vehicle. There are a few reasons:
    -Price of the new vehicle
    -Cost of retrofitting my home for charging an electric at home
    -The fact that I generally don't drive that much. My newest vehicle is 12 years old and has 65k miles
    -I road trip to the boonies - I looked to see if there was a place to charge my car nearby and there isn't one for 40+ miles
    -I absolutely hate the idea of wasting a few more hours of my road trip waiting for the car to charge.

    • Colin Genge
      Colin Genge 5 months ago

      after four years of driving a Tesla model S and then a Tesla model three I’ve never spent more than 25 minutes at a charging station. There’s no reason to do so because charging up to 80% is more than adequate for most trips and is much better to make two stops for 40 minutes total then one stop for two hours to go to 100%. It’s at 100% figure that falls people into thinking that they need to do that and they don’t.

    • Mr Danomac
      Mr Danomac 7 months ago

      @Erik LeTendre That's if you can afford a car payment (or buying a car in general.)
      I spend less than $300 a month on fuel currently. I have four vehicles paid off (no monthly payments.)
      A new Model 3 is $70k where I am or about $800/month.
      I'd have to spend at least another $500-$600 a month in gas to consider getting one.

    • Erik LeTendre
      Erik LeTendre 7 months ago

      Since your original comment prices have soared in Cali my c-250 benz could probs get 450 miles but cost 110 bucks to fill. Every time I charge the tesla it is 20-25. I'll take two charges for the price at that, the time, etc. gas is not viable anymore

    • Mr Danomac
      Mr Danomac 8 months ago

      @Xiu Xiu Because they're too expensive and ones cheaper to buy used need an expensive battery.
      I get cars for $1k-$2k, fix them for another $1k or so, then drive them for years.
      Hybrids are needlessly complex, and because I never have a car payment for hundreds of dollars a month, I'd have to spend like $800 in gas a month to make it "cheaper" to get a full electric - as you can't find ones with decent range for cheap either.

    • Xiu Xiu
      Xiu Xiu 8 months ago

      Why not consider a hybrid?

  • Anuj Pandya
    Anuj Pandya 5 months ago +2

    So, I’ve been in the market lately for purchasing a new car. I’ve looked at a lot of the options that are out there that fit my budget. Personally, i think my mind is leaning a lot more towards the “hybrid gas cars”. The range that they are offering are a lot better than the normal gas cars and since I do a couple road trips a year, I am really convinced that getting a hybrid card would save money and would be more convenient to the experience as well. As for the features, the road assistance features on the recent hybrid cars seems to have come a long way too. I’d really love to see how a hybrid card would have performed in comparison to these cars as well.

  • Alex 
    Alex  Year ago +474

    I want to see this with used cars in the future, to determine how well batteries last compared to gas tanks lol

    • anekinoo7
      anekinoo7 Year ago

      @Shiftheads since you’re bring up hybrids. Prius is a good example for longevity of battery info since they been around for about 15yrs. Warranty is 10 yrs. Average lifespans for Prius batteries are 12-15yrs. $5000 replacement cost sounds fun. On top of the gas engine maintenance.

    • anekinoo7
      anekinoo7 Year ago +1

      @Shiftheads saying there’s no degradation of battery over long periods of time is BS. It means you know nothing about batteries. Maybe you’re just misinformed. 😂

    • Shiftheads
      Shiftheads Year ago

      @anekinoo7 your argument was that in 15 years it wouldn't even have half the range. My argument was there's tons of batteries out there with a lot of miles and no degradation. Plug in Hybrids and battery-only vehicles use the same batteries. A plug-in hybrid runs in battery only mode there is no difference other than the fact that it can charge or Propel itself with a gas motor too. The reason that GM cancels The Volt because it costs more to build than they could actually sell them for. But we were talking about batteries not car sales.

    • anekinoo7
      anekinoo7 Year ago

      @Shiftheadsit’s suppose to be comparison of gas vs electric cars. Not hybrids. You know the volts been discontinued since 2019 right? They had really poor sales. But the whole conversation about batteries with electric cars vs gas cars. Hybrids is a whole different topic and isn’t part of the original video. The only all electric car I can think of that been around for 10yrs is the leaf. So it’s not the worse example. Best example for the EV market. Only telsa can do good in the EV market. Rest will fail.

    • Shiftheads
      Shiftheads Year ago

      @anekinoo7 look at most people's use of the chevy volt. Mostly ev miles. Our Pacifica hybrid has 48k miles and 28k is ev only. The leaf is the worse example of ev. They used an air cooled battery with poor battery management which made degradation happen especially hot climates. That and first Gen prius definitely had their issues but you could get battery replacements from junkyard or rebuilders way cheaper than your price. I'm a petrolhead but I also can't stand misinformation

  • AMonitorDarkly
    AMonitorDarkly 7 months ago

    This perfectly summarizes why EVs, while undoubtedly the future, aren’t there yet.
    You can currently throw a rock in any direction and have it land near a gas station.
    With charging stations you have to find one that’s compatible with your vehicle, see if you can even make it there and hope that it’s working when you get there. Then if all of that magically works out, you have to sit there for an hour or two.
    Additionally, the cost of charging needs to drop substantially. The cost difference in the road trip was only about $20 less than gas. That’s simply not worth the trade off of the extra time and extra road blocks.

  • Yunus Noah Oberst
    Yunus Noah Oberst 7 months ago

    very interesting! Wouldn’t have thought that the crucial difference is actually information rather than infrastructure or range

  • Jonathan Gibson
    Jonathan Gibson Year ago

    Very well done Marques. There is a very good reason why you have many followers and viewers and that is, that you make real world comparisons! In answer to your question, gas or EV, my answer is neither at the moment. Too much change and development is happening right now and my gas car will last many more miles yet! Would love it if you did a real life comparison on EV vs hydrogen cars or trucks!! Much of the world is moving towards EV, except Japan!!! The science on electric charging / batteries and hydrogen propulsion is changing so rapidly! Would be great if you could get to mit and Tokyo and get the big picture! The future of the world depends on the public being properly informed! How miserable would it be if ev’s turn out to actually make carbon emissions and environmental safety worse!!! Thanks again Marques. Hope someone gets to this post out of the thousands made on this one video alone!!!

  • Carl
    Carl 7 months ago +1

    I feel like you could realistically stay at a place that charges your battery over night and also use shorter charges to save a lot of time. With good planning I reckon you could get real close to the gas car time with an EV.
    Imo, EVs also make a lot more sense in Europe where the gas isn't so unreasonably cheap.

    • Erik LeTendre
      Erik LeTendre 7 months ago

      Yes and road trips are generally not so direct like this; there's days in between where you head somewhere to do something (ex., hike) and more and more places are installing EV chargers. With my Tesla I look forward to completing a long road trip with it. Gas in US is despicably high now as well

  • EV Roadtrips Ireland
    EV Roadtrips Ireland Year ago +83

    Loved the trip visualisation! Super cool! One thing I always try to do is charge up at my destination, that's is one of the USPs of having an EV - charge anywhere! Pretty sure if you had charged up overnight every time you stopped, the gap between the Audi and the EVs would have been even smaller.

  • MrJordanwain
    MrJordanwain 9 months ago

    I have my eye on the BMW X5 45e as it’s a sort of best of both. The idea being I can charge over night and use the battery for short trips and start longer trips with battery and charge where convenient when on food stops and overnight then use the engine during the rest of the trip. Increasing the electric range of PHEVs would help a lot. I think the governments are skipping a step by banning all ICE PHEV or not. The added bonus of the 45e is it still has a 3.0l 6cyl engine.

  • Pete McLallen
    Pete McLallen 10 months ago

    Good job. Well done. Very informative. 😊

  • Trav
    Trav Year ago +3

    I understand it isn’t one of the Silicon Valley startup Evs but I’d really love an Autofocus on the Mach-e. It’s the EV I’m most likely to get as far as all of my personal needs/concessions I’m willing to make but as a fairly techy guy myself, Marques’ is an opinion I value more than most in that space.

  • Sparsh Dadhich
    Sparsh Dadhich 7 months ago +1

    I would most likely buy an EV Tesla because firstly, it has autopilot so at times if you have an urgent call you can pick it up(I shouldn't be doing that but some calls you just have to take) and with just a 1 and a 1/2 hour difference thought seems a lot will decrease over the course of next few years. Along with that, it is the future of the world we just have to go along with the flow and accept these techs. And the wide network will be increasing as time passes so superchargers will widely available.

  • Dan Haddix
    Dan Haddix Year ago +194

    I recently did a 750 mile trip (each way) in a Performance Model 3. On the way there I did like you and just trusted the nav. On the way back I stopped at basically every supercharger, which was every 150-200 miles, along the way. I found that stopping more frequently for shorter periods of time was actually better. Being able to stretch every couple of hours was nice and each stop only took about 10-15 minutes. The whole trip only took about and hour longer than the Google maps estimate.

    • Matt
      Matt Year ago

      It's closer to 1/2 price and feels 1/2 price too. The UI is great though. I don't think 20-80 in 15 mins is accurate though. The Taycan will go about 300 at 70 mph just 240 was conservative at 90 mph.

    • Jean-Luc Schieferstein
      Jean-Luc Schieferstein Year ago

      @Matt you aren't wrong that they Taycan, can, and should go 240 miles no problem. It has additional 10kwh battery.
      The Model S3 Performance, of course, only costs 1/4 of the Taycan though.
      Also, to be clear, older Model S/X has slightly slower charging tech, but any Tesla made the same year as the Taycan can do 20% to 80% in roughly 15 min.

    • Matt
      Matt Year ago

      @Hec G hope you’re joking, lots of roads up that high on long straight stretches. I was just pointing out worst case scenario for efficiency.

    • Hec G
      Hec G Year ago

      @Matt At 85 mph you have to add speed tickets to your EV costs 🤣🤣🤣

    • Matt
      Matt Year ago +2

      @Adam false, 80% in taycan real world is 390 and model d is close or less(at 85mph). Ignore epa ratings because they aren’t accurate for hwy speeds.

  • DoxYDox DeLamanca
    DoxYDox DeLamanca Year ago +2

    I learn a few things, too, from this video. Gas engines are dead, but not yet. Electrification is the future, but not the present. A more reliable infrastructure for electric car has a bit to go. Thanks!

  • Esteban D
    Esteban D Year ago +1

    Lithium batteries charge the fastest for the first half and charge more slowly when getting closer to filled. So the EV cars technically shouldn’t have tried to fill up completely because that last half of charge takes a higher amount of time. Fill to 50 or 60% then repeat.

  • Jordan Karim
    Jordan Karim 10 months ago

    We did a similar trip in 2021 summer. The gaps between Syracuse and Buffalo heading east made it almost impossible to travel by EV. Eastbound had (July) half the EV charger DC availability on the turnpike that the westbound route did. I see why you avoided it!! Also - if you don't put in the supercharger as your destination, it will not pre-condition the battery and use up necessary range. Put it nearby!

  • Aw Le
    Aw Le 6 months ago +1

    For me, if i have enough budget i will always choose electric car..i think we should consider the amount of carbon emission the gas car would produce which contributes climate change

  • Prathamesh Jadhav
    Prathamesh Jadhav Year ago +26

    This was really interesting. Can you please repeat such a road trip on a cold/snow day during winter when the time comes? That would provide even greater insight.

    • Gerry McFaul
      Gerry McFaul Year ago +2

      And charging the EV's at the motel to full battery.

  • Andrew Harper
    Andrew Harper Year ago

    Excellent content, thank you, sir.

  • Traude Walton
    Traude Walton 10 months ago

    Thanks for the fabulous range comparison review. I'm definitely on board with Electric...Ford Lightning/ Silverado EV

  • Stephen Furcron
    Stephen Furcron 6 months ago

    For about $800, Ford has a backup charger that you can keep in the vehicle. That would be a good investment, just to be safe. I'm going EV with my next vehicle. It'll just take some extra planning for road trips. I think the experience would be different in an area that has more people.

  • Jake R
    Jake R 10 months ago

    For my next truck, it would be super dope to go with the Rivian or the new F150 Lightning. But I'll likely end up getting a Tacoma. I currently drive a 1998 Toyota T100 SR5 in excellent condition that, with the right tires, I can just barely get to 400 miles on a tank if I'm doing some very careful driving. Some other reasons are that the Tacoma is cheaper (I don't really want to finance a vehicle that cost upwards of $60,000 at the moment, and I can get a really great Tacoma with fairly low mileage for less than $40,000.) And I do quite a bit of long distance road tripping. Being able to just pull into a gas station and be ready to go another 400 or so miles (depending on how much lead is in my foot) in less than ten minutes is really nice. Especially if I am more interested in getting to my destination, which more often than not is to spend time with family that lives quite a long way away.
    Another reason is the fact that I've always been a bit of a DIY maintenance type of person. I know I can replace belts, brake pads, rotors, alternators, radiators, etc. in even a newer model Tacoma or like vehicle. And diagnosis of problems is also much easier (for me) with an internal combustion engine. I can listen for problems, and problems that I can't necessarily hear, I know that I can plug my OBD 2 scanner into the port and have all the error codes on the screen in front of me telling me where I need to be looking to get up and running again. I have very little knowledge and much less qualification in the maintenance and repair of electric vehicles. Unless the screen in an EV told me what an issue was, I have very little faith that I would be able to diagnose a drive problem, especially if I'm on the side of the road or in a parking lot.
    But it would be SO COOL to get the Rivian or the Lightning. They look amazing, the technology is awe inspiring, and there are some really incredible amenities that are becoming available for the EV market such as the F150 Lightning's ability to be used as household power in the case of a blackout. If I made somewhere upwards of $40,000 more a year than I currently do, then I would be much more willing to take the leap into the EV market. But until that happens, or until the price starts to creep into the more affordable range for an electric truck (I'm most definitely a truck person and don't see myself buying any other type of daily vehicle anytime soon) then I'll just have to appreciate them from afar. Or maybe take one on a test drive every now and then to just experience what they are capable of.

  • Axel DAVAL
    Axel DAVAL Year ago +206

    Some perspective for European viewers in terms of prices:
    1 Liter of gasoline in western Europe is around 1.5€, while it is 0.8€ in the USA. That means it is over 50% more expensive to use gas in Europe than the USA. So total gas cost for the road trip would equate to 109€ for the whole roadtrip.

    • Moon
      Moon Year ago

      1.25 here? Where the fuck do you live?

    • Whispie
      Whispie Year ago

      1,70 in Finland

    • Daniel Valerio
      Daniel Valerio Year ago

      @Ashley Henderson so the weight is the reason? Still I feel the point was showing what the best of electric cars had to offer but then they didn't do the same for gas. I had to search up what you meant by drag coefficient still a bit lost but I assume the sedan gas car would've been far too good because of the weight mostly right? I guess I can understand why they did what they did then.

    • Ashley Henderson
      Ashley Henderson Year ago +1

      @Daniel Valerio probs find the SUV and the electric cars weighted the same anyway. The difference would have been the drag coefficient

    • Tych333
      Tych333 Year ago +1

      Home charging would also be about 7 or 8x cheaper.

  • Oldmansland1
    Oldmansland1 10 months ago

    Excellent video Marques. This is really informative.

  • Chris Andre Fagerthun
    Chris Andre Fagerthun 7 months ago

    It's important to note, that alot of the times the Tesla was overcharged for the distance it needed to run for the next stop. If you would Charge to a state where make it to the next stop you needed to make, like at the finish line, he arrived with well over half, so that time spent charging should be deducted :)

  • The Anti Corporatist
    The Anti Corporatist 8 months ago +7

    I saved enough driving an EV, that, had we had to, we could have rented cars for the rare road trip we took with what we saved. But, yeah, if I had a Tesla, I'd want to be able to take it on road trips.

  • Morgan not Freeman
    Morgan not Freeman Month ago

    the mach e represents exactly why i will never use an EV for long road trips or practically any spontenous trip. The tesla was way too risky to reach the super charger with 1 mile left so its not something anyone should replicate, like what would happen if the super chargers were full or out of order which happens all the time? Plus with an petrol car you can garuntee if theres a petrol station its always going to available. Then the guys in the petrol car basically enjoyed their trip thays why they stopped so many times, the tesla was so regimented it would take away the carefree fun out of road tripping.

  • Nikhil
    Nikhil 5 months ago +6

    You should do a 1 year later comparison for this one soon! Would be interesting to see what has changed in a year.

  • Kafui Alomenu
    Kafui Alomenu 10 months ago +18

    Pretty excellent and closely-scientific experiment Marques, this is one of the best youtube videos ever. Personally, I have decided my next car most likely to be bought in Dec 2023 will be a Plug-in Hybrid. I think it is the most practical for both in town use as well as roadtrip worthy in this particular era. 2030+ might be a much practical era for full electric cars for such a purpose.

    • Raccoonius
      Raccoonius 7 months ago

      I would have bought a plug in hybrid till you realize there is no point. EV is the roughly same price, you pay less tax on it, less on fuel. You basically waste so much fuel just on weight alone since you carry a battery and an engine in the car. Add to that you have so many moving parts that maintaince is more expensive than a normal petrol car. I did a road trip just last week, 500km. Cost me around 12 euros. If you do a super long road trip, just add some more time for stops or just rent a gas car. Unless you do daily road trips, might as well get an EV and rent a gas car for the other times. You'll save more money.

  • W G
    W G 5 months ago

    I’m big on road trips. I think the infrastructure needs to catch up to the idea of electric cars on the road. I imagine charging times and infrastructure will improve over the next 10-15 years. I’ll stick with ICE until then.

  • Henry Hill
    Henry Hill 7 months ago

    These vids are great! They convince me I would NEVER buy an EV to drive road trips. Broken chargers, trickle chargers... Takes me 3 minutes to completely fill my ICE to get to ANY where I want to go.
    EV's... What a waste of my valuable time.

  • José Eduardo R Azevedo

    I thought the "fuel" cost would benefit electric cars more than it did. Based on this experience - and the time "lost" - I'd still buy a gas car if I did a lot of road trips. To city living, electric rules

    • Arun Shankar
      Arun Shankar Year ago

      @Jose A Also , in the US , the GAS price is cheap. In India the same trip would cost $150 with Gasoline.

    • Meio Cheng
      Meio Cheng Year ago

      Yeah, didn't make much sense to me. According to ABRP, which uses real-world data, a Mach-E would cost $114 in electricity, and the Plaid w/21" would cost $77. My "3" would do it for $64. Just spitballing the Audi, but if you say a new Q5 gets 25mpg at highway speed, then 1100 miles would take 44 premium gallons. At $3.50/g or more, that would be $154. So, the Tesla would be half the fuel cost of the Audi.

    • José Eduardo R Azevedo
      José Eduardo R Azevedo Year ago

      @alvin rivera exactly!

    • M Roth
      M Roth Year ago +1

      The cost of electricity at home is half what you pay out and about. Being you will get most of your electricity from home the savings will be double shown.

    • BizzMRK
      BizzMRK Year ago

      @alvin rivera not really more inconvenient if you have to drive to the gas station to fill up imo. That said if there are only slow 11kWh or even 50kWh chargers in your area then I totally agree with you. They take too long unless they are right at your apartment and you can charge overnight.