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THE NIGHT SHIFT (OVERTIME): our strange vegas threeway

  • Published on Mar 7, 2020 veröffentlicht
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    the overtime vlogs continue: we accompany lana for another show in vegas, eat grimaldi's pizza with bruce buffer, and make one big bet that could win us 10's of thousand$.
    so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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  • bretesque
    bretesque Year ago +144

    Ok well I've basically netflix binged your vlog. You come across as a good dude so I am not mad at it. Happy for your success Mike!

    • Dr Global
      Dr Global 6 months ago

      Are you the rotten tomatoes of Clip-Share

    • Samantha G
      Samantha G 10 months ago +1

      @gorka elguea aww that’s sweet I love mike

    • gorka elguea
      gorka elguea 11 months ago +1

      He’s legit a good dude. Knew him when we were younger and he was a good guy then

  • BklynBuild718
    BklynBuild718 2 years ago +2624

    Mike sounds like he’s been yelling on a construction site for 15 years

    • Hi Bye
      Hi Bye Year ago


    • Brandon Bricks
      Brandon Bricks 2 years ago

      @Frankelin Munoz me too😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂

    • Brandon Bricks
      Brandon Bricks 2 years ago


    • Frankelin Munoz
      Frankelin Munoz 2 years ago

      Why do I keep laughing 🤣🤣🤣

    • DistxntNeo
      DistxntNeo 2 years ago


  • Jules
    Jules 2 years ago +1568

    I don't think any man in history has told their girlfriend that they are going to crush it at the strip club.

    • xMidgeWON
      xMidgeWON Year ago +1

      i dated a stripper. its called being supportive

    • Lukas
      Lukas Year ago +3

      I would think that that happens quite a bit, your just not in those kind of circles. Think for once

  • Jack Dud
    Jack Dud 2 years ago +520

    When mike asked Logan if he was depressed and Logan instantly responded with “yeah”, I honestly felt bad for once

    • AkMickey
      AkMickey 2 years ago

      Cookie 69 where did you get that information smart one😂😂

    • Marwa
      Marwa 2 years ago +1

      Wth they are just joking and if really Logan fu**ed up Lana and mike was okeey with it then it's their business sooo yaa... and plus no one really knows 😊

    • Aryan Shrivastava
      Aryan Shrivastava 2 years ago

      Felt that too bud

    • Jack Dud
      Jack Dud 2 years ago +1

      Maruf Ahmed A very vocal and open person like Logan would, people deal with things very differently and it depends on who they are as a person. you can’t necessarily apply that statement to all people

  • Kyle Turner
    Kyle Turner 2 years ago +212

    I am so happy Mike is winning at life.
    I hope everyone who reads this has an amazing week and stay strong.

    • sipsimies15
      sipsimies15 2 years ago

      Dont understand how he can just chill when his gf is naked on the fucking stage

    • Kyle Turner
      Kyle Turner 2 years ago

      @Quebo Nafide but his happy so there's that

    • Alexis dabs 😴 🦄
      Alexis dabs 😴 🦄 2 years ago

      Thank you, have a good year and better day❤❤‼‼

  • Adrian Yepes
    Adrian Yepes Year ago +14

    I feel like i only watch mike videos as long as Lana is In them 😂😂😂

  • NathOnTwitch
    NathOnTwitch 2 years ago +1

    Love all your videos mike, really bringing a new version of yourself and it’s amazing to see ❤️ keep up the hard work bro 🤙🏼

  • Hunter Hendo
    Hunter Hendo 2 years ago +23

    If crazy how far mike has come. He has had a rough life and he is truly and inspiration. Keep grinding dawg

  • That Guy
    That Guy 2 years ago +2

    I'm really happy that you and Lanna are doing good! Keep it real 💯☝🏻🤙🏻

  • Jeremiah Griffin
    Jeremiah Griffin 2 years ago +181

    I love Lana's personality shes so sweet and funny and so much different in her normal life than um.... u know

    • IDunno
      IDunno 2 years ago

      Jeremiah Griffin it’s called acting

    • brittany stevens
      brittany stevens 2 years ago

      @Brandon Wilkinson shut up. Wanting a text back doesn't make her needy. If she wasn't like that you'd say she was cold.

  • Faryab Anjum
    Faryab Anjum 2 years ago +9

    I don’t understand how people can hate on him. He’s so genuine and real, i guess people can’t handle it 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Nicholas Turchiano
    Nicholas Turchiano 2 years ago

    Much respect to your grind Mike 🤙🏼

  • Brandon Rose
    Brandon Rose 2 years ago

    Mike keep grinding bro great content and keep securing the bag.

  • Daniel Groenewald
    Daniel Groenewald 2 years ago

    Your vlogs is fire mike🙏😁🙌👌💯keep doing it bro

  • Absorber
    Absorber 2 years ago +302

    I’m such a big fan of Logan Paul now dude.. I used to hate him. holy crap lol

    • B
      B Year ago

      Why? He's boring and has no personality

    • Jamie Bell
      Jamie Bell Year ago +2


  • Anjuli Mack
    Anjuli Mack Year ago

    Lana seems so chill and down to earth haha love your vlogs!

  • Travel Bug
    Travel Bug 2 years ago +6

    I love how Danni fits so well into the household.

  • Zenon Quintero
    Zenon Quintero 2 years ago

    Hey mike love what your doing💕💕💕

  • Lilian Hamper
    Lilian Hamper 2 years ago

    Hi!! I love watching mike!!! Best channel to happen to Clip-Share

  • Mikey Bametzrieder
    Mikey Bametzrieder 2 years ago +172

    This mans changing the game though. It doesn’t matter how much Clip-Share is paying you. We know you deserve everything.

  • Josh L
    Josh L 2 years ago

    Love the merch, keep up the good work

  • Vlogs of an Idle
    Vlogs of an Idle 2 years ago

    I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves on the vlog 💯

  • Adam
    Adam 2 years ago

    Love the content Mike❤️

    DLACZEGO NIE? 2 years ago +1

    I've been watching Logan's vlogs and Impaulsive for a year almost, now it's time to binge watch Mike! :D

  • Can'tDecideMyUsername
    Can'tDecideMyUsername 2 years ago +702

    Mike's content: lana and bad jokes
    The best combination ever.

    • Keep6ix
      Keep6ix 2 years ago

      Lol hes actually funny at times he has a distinct humor

    • Antisnot
      Antisnot 2 years ago

      He dates lana Rhodes

    • Enter BD
      Enter BD 2 years ago

      THE.BOOGIE. MAN. make me your friend

  • Nicholas Maressa
    Nicholas Maressa 2 years ago +7

    What's up Mike!!! Love the vlogs, would really love to win the shirt, Hook me up!!! Keep the vlogs going and I'm happy for you and lana

  • Dowlo Lad
    Dowlo Lad 2 years ago

    Fun to watch love the night shift

  • Paul Larkin
    Paul Larkin 2 years ago

    Love your videos and hope it works out with u and Lana

  • Frank Oppizzi
    Frank Oppizzi 2 years ago

    Bro your Vlog is badass, it's so original and funny, I wish I had friends like you.. mine are a bunch of douchebags who can't take a joke

  • thekgbros
    thekgbros 2 years ago +143

    Part of the reason why I love these vlogs is because he incorporates literally everyone in the Maverick house. It’s nice to see chef Katy and Dani getting some screen time. Logan’s vlogs are like super fun and entertaining but some times it’s just nice to see what a normal day in their life looks like. Makes me feel like closer to them in a way (ik it’s kinda sad)

    • brian_souzaaa
      brian_souzaaa 2 years ago +1

      thekgbros same i like mikes vlogs more lol

  • Meraki
    Meraki 2 years ago +826

    Idk why, but I feel like this Lana girl would be a good actress.

  • Fitness Motivation
    Fitness Motivation  2 years ago +1

    I really admire your channel, you guys did it so well. I listened and watched your video. I have connected the full channel. ring the bell. Thank you.

  • Joey
    Joey 2 years ago

    Great content bro keep it up

  • regle Jose
    regle Jose 2 years ago

    i love you mike i watch it everyday from Phillipines GOOD VIBES AND LOVE

  • YaboiiiTyrone
    YaboiiiTyrone 2 years ago +63

    So good to see mike as happy as he his, knowing how he talked about his past and how bad it was

    • KingK
      KingK 2 years ago

      PaulG931 drug

    • PaulG931
      PaulG931 2 years ago

      I heard a part of the podcast ... Why does he say it was bad? What did he do?

  • Marcus roberts
    Marcus roberts 2 years ago

    Mike your so inspirational to people thanks a lot

  • Will Roberts
    Will Roberts 2 years ago

    Love watching your videos man

  • Alec R
    Alec R 2 years ago +494

    Lana is lucky she has the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen

    • Ozymandias
      Ozymandias Year ago

      @Laura Vittadini no she hasn’t, her eyes have always been blue bro blue eyes aren’t that rare stop being silly

    • Laura Vittadini
      Laura Vittadini Year ago +1

      She has stated in multiple interviews that they are colored contact lenses.....

    • Ozymandias
      Ozymandias Year ago +1

      @Ronald Dave natural

    • Shawn
      Shawn Year ago +1

      Haan fire not really “low key” when it’s a public comment on a Clip-Share video

  • Babyface_Jimmy94
    Babyface_Jimmy94 2 years ago

    I absolutely love the night shift

  • 50K subs with no videos challenge

    Mike: “I’m your biggest fan”
    Evan: no not my best, my mum is!
    For some reason that hit me different

  • That Killifish Guy
    That Killifish Guy 2 years ago

    Dope video keep up the great content

  • Heydynnn
    Heydynnn 2 years ago +7

    It’s scary how I’ve been to the Vegas strip and seeing I was on the same sidewalk as Logan Paul is crazy

  • Poppy
    Poppy Year ago

    Heart breaking to watch mike and lanas old videos

  • Joseph Best
    Joseph Best 2 years ago +4

    “Who eats toast with a fork”? Hahah love the content man keep doing you and make the whole your bitch much love and respect too you and your craft .

  • Victor Canchola
    Victor Canchola 2 years ago +252

    I love how your vlogs humanizes Lana...she seems like a cool ass person..id rather see this side of her*

    • LuckyGee
      LuckyGee 2 years ago

      JakieForSkin 21 🤣🤣

    • JakieForSkin Il
      JakieForSkin Il 2 years ago

      @LuckyGee it's not on Clip-Share the other side I have seen

    • Charlie Douglas
      Charlie Douglas 2 years ago +1

      I wouldnt

    • LuckyGee
      LuckyGee 2 years ago +2

      Victor CaliVic what’s the other side of her you seen? 🤣

  • done
    done 2 years ago +1

    Love the vids man, love impaulsive ive watched all episodes atleast 3 times. i struggle heavy with anxiety and i am prescribed strong benzo medication every day for it at only 19 years old. your rants/talks on mental health and addiction have helped me through so much. and i dont understand why people say you talk to much, i enjoy when u talk about addiction and mental health ive been through it as well and got out of it thankfully. took me 3 years but finally clean. but still extremely suffer from anxiety every day. love the vids man. dont listen to anyone else, keep talking about the stuff on your mind and keep grinding. Keep it up, id love to win the merch it would make my day!

  • Double-M Beatbox
    Double-M Beatbox 2 years ago

    let me tell you something ... i watch your videos alot and impulsive and logan's videos .......the thing is the intro of your videos is the sickst one dude

  • Spooky Ghost
    Spooky Ghost 2 years ago

    I LOVE LANA SO MUCH 😂 She is so sweet and funny

  • Zach Miller
    Zach Miller 2 years ago

    Ayyye the night shift is fire. And Mike and Lana are ADORABLE together!

  • AboutAnything
    AboutAnything 2 years ago +465

    This relationship is like bad grades, don't ask questions and accept it.

    • Olga Dotson
      Olga Dotson 2 years ago

      @idk idk Not really if she stops

    • Kieša
      Kieša 2 years ago

      idk idk honestly yeah, but still Mike cheated on her aswell lmao

    • Dani_YT
      Dani_YT 2 years ago

      And like the religion also

    • Sassolino
      Sassolino 2 years ago +2

      Jacob Delan. Just immagine her kids as soon as they hit puberty they are going to see their mommy on the internet and are going to be quite shocked

  • gi gi
    gi gi 2 years ago

    Liked, subscribed, clocked in; I feel like Lana could possibly be really good for you, and I'm not talking about any clout! Really like the direction you're going in.

  • Darwin Albeno
    Darwin Albeno 2 years ago +1

    Killing it with the videos

  • Chris Klattig
    Chris Klattig 2 years ago

    Digging the vlogs 🔥

  • Lynn Sandy
    Lynn Sandy 2 years ago

    Love you two ♥️♥️

  • Douglass Smith
    Douglass Smith 2 years ago +32

    Loved you since the beginning when you’d appear in Logan’s vlogs in the very beginning so sooo happy to see your success. Your inspirational more than you even know. And I’m 41 and am an original ride or die fan. Can’t wait for your book and to be a part of your only further success in the future. Love ya mike!!!

  • Alexandre NOTEBAERT
    Alexandre NOTEBAERT 2 years ago

    Legit great energy throughout all the last videos though !

  • Craig Bailey
    Craig Bailey 2 years ago

    Living the dream mike 👊🏻🇬🇧

  • Zirjohn Panimdim
    Zirjohn Panimdim Year ago

    Amara is awesome Mike, don't lose her. Shes the best thing you got bro. 👌❤

  • Afablemage 13
    Afablemage 13 2 years ago

    Love the vlogs

  • Eli Azar
    Eli Azar 2 years ago +108

    Me: trying to look at Lana dancing
    also me: Realizing I can go on the hub

  • Amna Tariq
    Amna Tariq 2 years ago

    Love you Mike and Lana ❤❤❤

  • Gina Belanger
    Gina Belanger 2 years ago

    Another great vlog! You might hit 2M subs before Impaulsive at this point 😂😂😂😂... that’s mine and my hubby’s favourite podcast(the number one podcast in the world). got him hooked now.. entering giveaway for my husband of 15yrs and baby daddy of two amazing sons..

  • Omar Ramirez
    Omar Ramirez 2 years ago +1

    Lana is just Everything ❤️

  • maddiemarlenemakeup
    maddiemarlenemakeup 2 years ago +639

    ok honestly though it’s kind of adorable how Mike just got Lana as his birthday present and now they’re in love?! Like I love it

    • My Big Year
      My Big Year Year ago

      @maddiemarlenemakeup because she is an actress

    • Jay Argh
      Jay Argh 2 years ago

      “In love” lol ok these people are porn stars

    • Danny Nguyen
      Danny Nguyen 2 years ago

      Nathan Nyari dammm who broke ur heart bro

    • Alex Dunhill
      Alex Dunhill 2 years ago


    WIWA APEX 2 years ago

    love the vlogs man

  • Take_It_Easy It_Is_Hard

    I like how mike is influencing her to do this

  • Jesus Bobadilla
    Jesus Bobadilla 2 years ago

    That’s trippy to be born on literary 9-6 only. I only watch this cause Lana’s in it and she’s high key really fucking funny

    MANNY X PEREZ 2 years ago

    Ive been Working The Night shift at my Work roughly 3-4 months now lol it used to be for fun Now its a lifestyle lol It be awesome if you shot ya boy some merch!!

  • Isaac Wayne
    Isaac Wayne 2 years ago

    merch is fire. keep up the good work.

  • Satoshi Aoki
    Satoshi Aoki Year ago

    Outrageous... Love it!!

  • Dennis Lovato
    Dennis Lovato 2 years ago

    That’s shirts all me !!! Been fucking with you since before the night shift but definitely been on the CLOCK since day 1!!! Almost 3months clean been struggling for the past 10 yrs. Get at Mike💪🏼🤘🤟🔥🔥💯💪🏼🤘❤️

  • AJ The Savage
    AJ The Savage 2 years ago

    What's up you and lan are the best couple keep on rocking big Mike

  • Jeremiah Tatum
    Jeremiah Tatum 2 years ago

    Love u Mike praying for u

  • Hunter Wolthers
    Hunter Wolthers 2 years ago +3

    mike I’ve been watching you for so long have a good life with Lana

  • Ariel Paulissen
    Ariel Paulissen 2 years ago

    Lana and mike are my forever relationship goals

  • K1NG Aid3n
    K1NG Aid3n 2 years ago +22

    1:06 Lanas little laugh was so cute

  • JSLEEZY_27
    JSLEEZY_27 2 years ago +791

    Still can’t over the fact that this man is dating his “dream” girl. Thanks to his best friend

    • DTC Kamissoprano
      DTC Kamissoprano Year ago +2

      Im sorry to anounce it to you but they broke up😩

    • Cynthia
      Cynthia Year ago

      @Indrajeet Patil lol she makes 500k from onlyfans.. shes rich

    • Will Reese
      Will Reese 2 years ago +2

      @Indrajeet Patil Lmao Lana is already wayyy richer than Mike and LP COMBINED. She makes 400k a week off only fans alone. Second she has had G eazy, a Famous soccer player worth ~50mil, and other celebrities hit her up. If she cared about money or clout she could do way better than even Logan let alone Mike whose only known as Logan's friend.

    • Kasper starup
      Kasper starup 2 years ago +2

      Will Reese e

    • Shane Binder
      Shane Binder 2 years ago +4

      Logan really put him on 😂

  • Clayton Kozak ( Student )

    You def got the best intro and girlfriend. Also keep the funny vids up and consistent love ur channel.

  • Lorraine RL
    Lorraine RL 2 years ago

    just yesssss, love your vlogs

  • Traphouse Mob
    Traphouse Mob 2 years ago

    I would love a hoodie!!!

  • Jordan Grayson
    Jordan Grayson 2 years ago +17

    Not everyone has David’s luck

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany 2 years ago +29

    Part of me misses the night shift and part of me doesn’t, but also these vlogs are QUALITY so keep doing what makes you happy Mike

  • Svrn Wlf
    Svrn Wlf 2 years ago

    I love these Vlogs

  • s holsey
    s holsey 2 years ago

    Hey big Mike I wanna win the give away!!!! Love you and Lana

  • Juan5172
    Juan5172 2 years ago

    killing the vlogs lowkey

  • Krystal R
    Krystal R 2 years ago

    You're very entertaining lol😂

  • TheDeadlyPlantEater
    TheDeadlyPlantEater 2 years ago +24

    For real dude, you need a better schedule! Do you really think we can go a whole week with no content in between? When that notification shows up you know I can't resist! Love your vlogs keep up the good work

  • k z
    k z 2 years ago

    Thank u Logan for loosing to ksi because now your vlogs and mike's are 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Patrick Beckett
    Patrick Beckett 2 years ago

    Should’ve brought David, he always wins

  • Jackson Trumpy
    Jackson Trumpy 2 years ago +2

    Lana is a dope ass girl who all the guys call a bro cause she seems so fun to be around lol

  • rajat.202
    rajat.202 7 months ago

    Now I can see lana everyday without any fear 🤪🤪🤪

  • Hamza Khan
    Hamza Khan 2 years ago +27

    These vlogs are just getting more and more interesting.....Good job Mike

    • OTTO
      OTTO 2 years ago

      Dead ass!!! Both of them make a good couple

  • Gavin
    Gavin 2 years ago

    Mike got the confidence of a lion to be dating lana and seeing all the opinions about them in the comments. Either way the man has a dime and I bet hes enjoying the hell out of life. Good content, I fuck with the merch and I can't wait for the book. You're a goddamn boss mike.

  • Pain x Tz
    Pain x Tz 2 years ago +2

    I really thought that Lana was going to say she was stuck in a alternate universe we’re she’s dating you. And I was going to die of laughter.

  • Daniel Melwani
    Daniel Melwani 2 years ago +6

    Fun fact : Mike edit's his vlogs on iMovie

  • Melissa Sipinski
    Melissa Sipinski 2 years ago +3

    I'll legitimately tell you why I need to win that clocked in hoodie.
    Here it goes.....
    🎶here I am again the most soft spoken man in the land. I never yelled at no one.🎶

  • • RACHEL •
    • RACHEL • 2 years ago +293

    When Logan said yes he’s depressed that hurt my heart. Just know that you can literally have anything and everything you want but happiness comes from within.

    • Yo man h
      Yo man h 2 years ago

      I think it was a joke love

    • Real Online Income Partners
      Real Online Income Partners 2 years ago +1


    • Real Online Income Partners
      Real Online Income Partners 2 years ago +1


    • Jersey Pagan
      Jersey Pagan 2 years ago +1

      Deep Down inside I know the thought of OF Kong and Maverick being gone is killing him. Rip I know there beautiful souls are proud of him. Looking down on you Dad..

    • • RACHEL •
      • RACHEL • 2 years ago

      KM yeah obviously

  • Fierce Dj Neo's Gaming & Reviews

    I would love to have one

  • Livin' Like Larry
    Livin' Like Larry 2 years ago

    Logan with Mike, Dwarfmamba & Lana and everybody are friend goals !

  • Mason Medeiros
    Mason Medeiros Year ago

    Who else loves the subtitles for David