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Funniest VR Moments of 2022

  • Published on Nov 23, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • @joshdub
    @joshdub   +522

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  • @Pudding464

    Mully spitting heat in that intro like a seatbelt buckle in a hot car always takes me by surprise. The boys never fail to make an impression.

  • @eaeaeeaeae8238

    the best moments of joshdub each year will forever be his best videos

  • @captain_betzo4457

    I learned 50% of my Spanish from Eddie’s ramblings

  • @Shane_1300

    This is my 1st time hearing mully sing cz I haven't heard the whole song yet... his singing at the beginning of this video hit hard, good job mully

  • @alexisguardado3686

    Bro I swear y’all gotta make more bonework videos

  • @enderdefendr3125

    They should make "the boys being sexually confused" compolation

  • @jacobkotulak101

    josh you should really turn

  • @therealsirdj5934

    Man, Eddie just running around yelling in Spanish is just the best

  • @rinnarae315

    Your videos are so funny I can’t stop laughing whenever I hear a funny thing

  • @user-zu9cl8kc5p

    Josh, at the end of your channel, I want you to put the best moments of all time in one video

  • @The_New_Number2

    Bonus's lemonade stand plan was hilarious

  • @damoplayzzz7022

    The way green ran out was just funny af-

  • @Cookiewho

    Thank you form sponsoring one of my favorite games thank you so much!

  • @DeathMetalLoli

    i love being fully aware of what Eddie says and the captions say 'angry Mexican noises' like... it makes it that much funnier

  • @KaizenYouTube

    Josh slapped tf out somebody then swinged his ass off the roof

  • @TomiCaca

    ahh yes,we love s good video from josh😀

  • @Doctor_red

    Bonus gets me ever time bro😂

  • @taloola-mayblencowe2963

    😂😂😂Made my day