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Ale, Kaka or Neymar: Who was the best player in their prime? | ESPN FC Extra Time

  • Published on May 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • On Monday's edition of ESPN FC Extra Time, the crew discuss:
    0:00 Intro
    0:21 What countries does Ale support in the World Cup?
    3:01 Which ESPN FC member would Dan want to party with?
    4:25 Did Frank's move to Qatar affect the way he played?
    5:08 After the legends game, do any of the guys think they can still play?
    8:31 Ale, Kaka or Neymar: Who was the best player in their prime?
    9:56 How much do Robbo, Ale and Frank spend on haircuts?
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Comments • 814

  • LFC 1225
    LFC 1225 Year ago +320

    Kaka in his prime actually won the Ballon D’or with Messi and CR7, and was the best player on a Champions League winning side.

    • Shahab Uddin
      Shahab Uddin Year ago +100

      Ronaldo was 22 and Messi was a teenager when that happened. Neymar in his prime literally broke the transfer market with his 222m euro transfer fee.

    • pandit Mami
      pandit Mami Year ago +4

      Mic drop!

    • turnupthesun81
      turnupthesun81 Year ago +58

      @Shahab Uddin Because PSG was crazy enough to pay that amount of money.

    • Aiden Frost
      Aiden Frost Year ago +38

      That's because Messi and Ronaldo were still young padawans.

    • Economic Erudite
      Economic Erudite Year ago +11

      "With Messi and CR7" not really. Cristiano was very young and Messi was a teenager. Messi broke through properly in 2008, which was after Kaka won in 2007 (Messi's first seasons 2005, 2006 and 2007 were very injury prone and he didn't play much, being a teenager - he even missed the 2006 CL final - it was only 2008 he got his injury issues sorted and became regular). I doubt Kaka would have won it had his prime been somewhere between 2008 and 2019.

  • Vincenzo Vieri
    Vincenzo Vieri Year ago +183

    Kaka was unstoppable fun to watch in his prime and at Milan. His injuries were catching up with him and sadly was never the same at Madrid but he never threw himself always took players on. Great control of the ball. I’d chose kaka over neymar anyday. Plus u can count on him to be there or not get hurt 30% of the game

  • Rory Smith
    Rory Smith Year ago +213

    Kaka was terrifying and unplayable when at AcMilan. I remember his performance at old Trafford in tcl.

    • Shikaka
      Shikaka Year ago +13

      I’m still trying to forget lol

    • Babyface Half Nelson
      Babyface Half Nelson Year ago +7

      @Shikaka same 😂😭

    • Dheepak
      Dheepak Year ago +3

      table, chairs and ladders?

    • Arap Simba
      Arap Simba 10 months ago +1

      Evra & Heinze bumped heads. That performance was ridiculously out of this world

  • Stop, Drop & Roll
    Stop, Drop & Roll Year ago +189

    Kaka was my favourite player when I was a kid! He was so special! Injuries ruined his final years as a player.

    • Economic Erudite
      Economic Erudite Year ago +14

      His assist for Crespo in the 2005 final was something else

    • Ifeanyi
      Ifeanyi Year ago +2

      Mourinho itialian style training

    • Prasad Deshpande
      Prasad Deshpande Year ago +5

      Should have stayed at AC Milan...

    • B C
      B C Year ago +8

      A lot of people are using emotions to saying that prime kaka was better than prime Neymar. They were both beast in their primes but Neymar is better than kaka, judging by balon dor doesn't make sense. Kaka won the Balon dor when Ronaldo was 22 and Messi a teenager. Kaka won't have won Balon dor in prime Ronaldo and Messi.

    • sreenjoy Chatterjee
      sreenjoy Chatterjee Year ago +6

      @B C yes, neymar carried the a broken Brazilian team in his shoulder compared to 2002 wc winning team, kaka may have won the wc 2002 but he did nothing he just warmed up the bench

  • Eleazar Navarijo
    Eleazar Navarijo Year ago +80

    It’s Kaka for me everyday. His pace and shooting just class. He destroyed Man Utd. He won it all at the highest level. In his prime he was an unstoppable CF nutmegs for days.

    • Ishaan Mattoo
      Ishaan Mattoo Year ago +1

      So did Neymar ??

    • Eleazar Navarijo
      Eleazar Navarijo Year ago

      @Ishaan Mattoo I do agree that Neymar has won some accolades to represent his undeniable skill. But, if we are comparing both which we are. Kaka has more honors and higher value titles. World cup, Champions League and Player of the Year etc. If Neymar stayed at Barca maybe would of carried Messi's mantle for Barca but, I'm not sure because of his character. Kaka is a gentleman of the sport on and off the field.

    • Ishaan Mattoo
      Ishaan Mattoo Year ago

      @Eleazar Navarijo Kaka has never performed in the World Cup like Neymar has. Just because Brazil won it doesn't mean he should be credited with it

  • Za Daddy
    Za Daddy Year ago +15

    Kaka till this day is my ultimate favorite player. He was class on and off the field . He’s performance in the Instabul final was mind blowing.

  • Dr. Diaz
    Dr. Diaz Year ago +110

    Kaka's prime was untouchable.

  • Jared Saya
    Jared Saya Year ago +109

    I LOVE the ESPNFC crew. They are so funny. Ale is hilarious. I love the banter. Thanks for making my night every night!

    • Faycal Rebbah
      Faycal Rebbah Year ago +12

      they say that they re just clowns and dont know football
      maan for me these are the best out there ... when its too serious it becomes boring

    • Russel L
      Russel L Year ago +4

      @Faycal Rebbah that's why the show is popular. It's like inside the nba. The sport isn't the most important thing in the show lol. Football sometimes even gets in the way of the fun.

    • Sgt.Barnes78
      Sgt.Barnes78 Year ago +4

      totally agree, found this show youtube 5 months ago, and I cant stop watching

    • Darien Ricketts
      Darien Ricketts Year ago +1

      @Sgt.Barnes78 same

  • Lionel NJ
    Lionel NJ Year ago +28

    As a Barca fan I can honestly say Neymar at one point was performing at the same level as Messi if not better. It’s sad watching him now because I truly believe he would still be that great had he stayed in Barca.

    • David Febreeze
      David Febreeze Year ago +5

      Are you mad? What have you been watching?😂 he had a hot stretch of a couple of weeks where he was up there but that doesn’t mean he was at messis level ... those were mostly rather meaningless league games if I remember correctly

    • Lionel NJ
      Lionel NJ Year ago +2

      @David Febreeze In my opinion he was up there. 2014-2016 Neymar was incredible.

    • SABER XD
      SABER XD Year ago +4

      Kaka still better 🤌

    • His Chransen
      His Chransen Year ago +1

      🏊 Divemar

    • Andres Cruz
      Andres Cruz 10 months ago +1

      Neymar never performed better than messi's peak in his career.
      Yes, in 2015 neymar played some months better than messi. But that was neymar's peak.
      If you compare messi's peak with neymar's peak is not even close. Neymar didnt even reach the peak of kaka or even seedorf or pirlo .
      Are you 12?

  • NeverBackDown
    NeverBackDown Year ago +85

    Have to say Kaka, he was a MONSTER at AC Milan, in a time where there were Ronaldinhos, Zidanes, Pirlos, Beckhams, Figos, Ronaldos(original), Robens, Carlos, Cafu, Seadof, MALDINI... THE LIST GOES ON, GET REAL PEOPLE

    • whitewolf128
      whitewolf128 Year ago +4

      thing is these neymar fans didn't watch kaka back then they were too young

    • nsm
      nsm Year ago +1

      I remember in the mid 2000s Brazil team..r9 r10 etc but the guy who looked the best in field and threatening was always kaka

    • Frederick Chilton
      Frederick Chilton Year ago +3

      ​@OP TBF, there's really good players about now too, in the vein of those you mention, they're just not retired yet so they're not at that cult / legend / nostalgic aura status yet. Modric, Casemiro, Mbappe (very young), Rakitic, Neymar, Griezman, Benzema, Ozil, KDB. @nsm completely agree. Even in the 2010 WC, after his RM move, everything ran through him. I wish Dunga called R10 for that world cup and I think Brazil could've made that final. Dunga's decision made sence tho as R10 was a bit unmotivated by then haha; he had won everything there was to win

    • nsm
      nsm Year ago

      @Frederick Chilton tbh r10 in the year of 2010 was motivated because of the upcoming wc..he rediscovered atleast 75 percent of his form with milan and carried them. Dunga was an idiot because apart from kaka..they didn't have anyone to atleast call from the bench..they had guys like elano and Diego but they were never going to be able to win...I mean he chose to take Fred to the wc and leave r10 while I watched r10 working serie a teams and even giving a alex ferguson utd big problems.

  • Stacy-Ann Scarlett
    Stacy-Ann Scarlett Year ago +3

    Kaka was so graceful and makes the game look so easy and he was tougher than Neymar mentally

  • laxman90210
    laxman90210 Year ago +58

    Can’t believe Frank and Ale picked Neymar over Kaka. People have short memories. Kaka was unplayable at times in his prime.

    • Samir Ashur
      Samir Ashur Year ago +8

      thats why we watch the espn crew to laugh not to get any decent football punditry lol

    • SaMi Zayn
      SaMi Zayn Year ago +21

      Neymar is better than Kaka. Stop with the Nostalgia bs.

    • benjamin brönnimann
      benjamin brönnimann Year ago +14

      Neymar was also unplayable in his prime. Sorry but Neymars 14/15 and 15/16 seasons were better than any of Kaka's seasons. I'm not saying it's clear but people seem to forget how Neymar dominated the football world in his prime, if it wasn't for Messi or Ronaldo people would talk very very differently about Neymar and he'd have at least 2 Ballon d'ors, probably more. Compared to Neymar Kaka was lucky that his prime didn't overlap with Messi's & Ronaldo's prime

    • whitewolf128
      whitewolf128 Year ago

      @Samir Ashur hahaha this guys r clueless

    • ElNino29
      ElNino29 Year ago

      Kaka was a midfielder and Neymar is a winger. Not a fair comparison IMO

  • MarkRoc25
    MarkRoc25 Year ago +44

    Kaka all day. ‘05 to ‘07 Kaka was on another level. The best player in a stacked UCL winning Milan team.

    • Gaz B
      Gaz B Year ago +1

      That AC Milan team was my favorite team ever, pure magic.

    • Dazza
      Dazza Year ago +1

      That Milan team in 2005 is the best team ever on paper

    • Dazza
      Dazza Year ago

      @Gaz B 🤣🤣

  • wale abdul hamid
    wale abdul hamid Year ago +3

    Perhaps people have a short memory......Kaka was something absolutely magical to watch

  • Barcelona Guru
    Barcelona Guru Year ago +56

    I love how Robbo doesn't support the team he has caps for. Legend!

    • Adam forbes
      Adam forbes Year ago +1

      Where is he from?

    • Barcelona Guru
      Barcelona Guru Year ago

      @Adam forbes England.

    • Robert Laskarzewski
      Robert Laskarzewski Year ago +6

      As an American I understand what he means, I almost want the USMNT to fail just so I get to keep complaining about how bad we are. England is like the Manchester United of world football, a team that in every right should be winning matches but can never show when they need to.

    • Marco Valsecchi
      Marco Valsecchi Year ago


  • Nigelo Titus
    Nigelo Titus Year ago +95

    Kaka is a special player, Neymar is a special player too. I will choose Kaka over Neymar when it matters most.

    • TM
      TM Year ago +2

      Yeah I like Neymar but he wasn’t as good as kaka in his prime

    • John Ong
      John Ong Year ago

      Special but also made the game look so simple. Thats what made him so extraordinary as well! Yes Kaka has the edge over Neymar.

    • its mani OG
      its mani OG Year ago +1

      Yea kaka always even thought I'm a neymar fan now kaka was my # 1 always

    • Irfan Set
      Irfan Set Year ago +1

      Yep, and Kaka won ballon d'Or too

    • its mani OG
      its mani OG Year ago +1

      @Irfan Set tea that's right he was my favorite player then after he retired I started supporting neymar but neymar just disappointing at times

  • King Tshilobo
    King Tshilobo Year ago +96

    Kaka definitely. 2007 Kaka is one of the best players I’ve ever seen. Neymar is his prime hasn’t reached that level

    • Anderson Caipe
      Anderson Caipe Year ago +3

      lol that’s hilarious

    • Salman Haider
      Salman Haider Year ago +9

      And when did ya start watchin? 2017?

    • Julker Taou
      Julker Taou Year ago +9

      kaka was one season wonder boy! Except that 2007 AC Milan's champions League trophy winning season, Kaka didn’t achieve much in his career. No wonder, whenever people talk about Kaka, they automatically bring his Balon D'Or achievement of 2007. That's it, nothing else! 🤷🏼‍♂️
      Neymar is clearly the bigger player then overrated kaka

    • Virtual Limit
      Virtual Limit Year ago +3

      @Julker Taou Is that why Neymar has 0 Ballon d'ors and haven't even reached it's final stage once ?

    • Mr luca
      Mr luca Year ago +5

      What has Kaka got over Neymar in his peak? Absolutely nothing

  • Another one
    Another one Year ago +69

    Kaka won a ballon d’or and also he led Milan to champion’s league victory… I remember that semi finale game against Man U oh man it was magic… to me it’s not even close I’ll take Kaka Over Neymar anyday of the week

    • Economic Erudite
      Economic Erudite Year ago +7

      The Ballon D'Or thing isn't really saying much tbh. Kaka was fortunate that his prime was (narrowly) before the Messi-Ronaldo era. I don't think he would have won had his prime been a bit later. Neymar, meanwhile, had to compete with both Messi and Ronaldo in their prime. He came third in the 2015/16 Balon D'Or ceremony (which is pretty astonishing).

    • Drusuz
      Drusuz Year ago +9

      @Economic Erudite Ballon d'Or was well deserved, he was terrific in the UCLs. People forget the beast that was AC Milan a few decades ago tore apart other leagues, not Kaka fault he was older. I'd say kaka is clear, neymar had a chance but he's bad influence overall in the dressing room.
      Kaka got pushed out by injuries and mourinho in the end, it took another talented feat by the likes of ozil to replace him.

    • Robert Ruddock
      Robert Ruddock Year ago +2

      @Economic Erudite Neymar is a bottler when it really matters and you can't rely on him. He flatters to deceive!!

    • Economic Erudite
      Economic Erudite Year ago +5

      @Robert Ruddock I don't want to sound like I'm defending Neymar too much because Kaka was one of my favourite players, but Neymar was not a bottler in his prime. Prime Neymar in big games: Multiple El Clasico's where he scored including a 4-0 at the Bernabeu without Messi, Bayern Munich in the UCL semi-final in 2015, Juventus in the UCL final in 2015, Arsenal in the UCL R16 2016, PSG in the UCL R16 2017. These were all huge games where he performed well. Recency bias since Neymar joined PSG is a thing. Prime Neymar at Barcelona was anything but a bottler.

    • Economic Erudite
      Economic Erudite Year ago +4

      Happen Messi is the greatest player of all time and has monopolised the Ballon D'Or. Kaka never had to compete with anyone like that.

  • Namit Kumar
    Namit Kumar Year ago +10

    Kaka made football look ridiculously easy...I still cant forget his goal vs manutd where he headed ball away from two defenders and slotted in !!

  • RedSoulful
    RedSoulful Year ago +6

    People who say Neymar, clearly never saw Kaka on his prime. I remember when Deco (one of the best #10 of the 00´s) opted to play with Portugal because he knew he wouldn't have a chance to be a starter with Brazil. He was simply unstoppable.
    We won Ballon D'Or, Champions League, multiple league titles in Spain/Italy and even a World Cup (even though he barely played in WC 2002). Can't compare him with Neymar.

  • Rupak Misra
    Rupak Misra Year ago +10

    Every extra time episode hits different if Ale is there. 😂😂

  • Marian Chicago
    Marian Chicago Year ago +9

    Different positions, different styles, different systems and different work ethic’s on the field, while Neymar fits modern winger to a T, it would be hard to pass on prime Kaka

      TROY BURTON Year ago

      Kmt u just saying because u love neymar but he have nothing on kaka he's a Brazilian flap

  • sg h
    sg h Year ago +6

    Man Kaka's runs though...literally fly past half the team from the half way line and score or beautiful assist....

  • Syed Amanat
    Syed Amanat Year ago +11

    Completely with Robo. Neymar was never the best player but the best showman.

    • Ebrima Jallow
      Ebrima Jallow 10 months ago

      Prime Neymar was as effective as Kaka and to top it off, he was incredibly entertaining. More entertaining than Kaka was, even though at some point Kaka was my favorite before Messi took the over the world. Over the recent years, Neymar's effectiveness has dropped and he has become more of a showman/unnecessary showboating.

  • mindsai7
    mindsai7 Year ago +3

    Not even close, Kaka. Kaka did not waste time or energy on silly Fifa Street style footwork tricks, he just got his defender to put his weight on one foot, then glided past on that side. Followed it with a perfect shot. The amazing passing tops it all off.

  • dcaved
    dcaved Year ago +2

    Frank's laughter is just infectious 😂😂

  • 10whatabeast
    10whatabeast Year ago +11

    Obviously Kaka, He won the Best player Award “Ballon D’or”

  • Matty Ice
    Matty Ice Year ago +73

    Kaka was the best player in the world for 2-3 years

    • Antares
      Antares Year ago +12

      I remember when Ancelotti used to say that for him Kaka was the best in the world at a time Ronaldinho was still king. He knew kaka's true potential.

    • Economic Erudite
      Economic Erudite Year ago +13

      Neymar was probably the best player in the world not named Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi between 2015 and 2017 seasons. Given the heights of Cristiano and Messi, that's basically being the best player in the world.

    • Dr. Diaz
      Dr. Diaz Year ago +1

      @Antares Ancelotti always say that about his players, and he admit that he is bias.. he recently said benza is the best in the world.

    • Antares
      Antares Year ago +4

      @Dr. Diaz well, he is not wrong. Benzema, Salah and lewwandoski are the best in the world right now. I might even include Mbappe into the list too

    • Dr. Diaz
      Dr. Diaz Year ago +1

      @Antares salah? Lol this is between Lewandowski, Messi, Benzema and mbappe.

  • stephen boud
    stephen boud Year ago +9

    I actually searched Ale the footballer before watching just to know how good he was then I realised haha

  • Marko - WhiteBoard Finance

    Mid 2000s Kaka = legend

  • Attafuah Yeboah
    Attafuah Yeboah 10 months ago +2

    Completely different players Kaka has discipline. For me he is more like an exceptional European player like the Roberto Baggios, Del Pieros etc Neymar is a true Brazilian, the skills, the creativity etc but also the erratic behaviour

  • hannibalking86
    hannibalking86 Year ago +3

    Vlahovic has 22 goals in domestic league and champions league, Haaland 19, Ronaldo has 18 and most of them decisive goals, yes in decline but still one of the best in the world

  • Jonathan Pontel
    Jonathan Pontel Year ago +15

    Kaka won ballon d or, was best player, won everything from championships league to world cup. Neymar? Cmon man

  • YoogiNation
    YoogiNation Year ago +3

    I never get the sense Neymar could lead a team to any major trophy. He benefited playing with Messi and Suarez cuz he didn’t have to be the guy. When he had to be the guy, he proved to fold. Kaka was the man among so many strong characters in Milan.

  • TachoSJ
    TachoSJ Year ago +3

    The very best of Kaka was far superior to the best of Neymar. That man was unplayable.

  • Bobby
    Bobby Year ago +2

    Kaka had that touch of class!

    RHONNIE NKALUBO Year ago +8

    Show Kaka some respect.

  • Dhaanush L
    Dhaanush L Year ago +46

    Neymar scored more International Goals than R9 and will score more International Goals than Pele but he is not compared to R9 or Pele is because he hasn't won World Cup like those 2 Players.

    • Steeve Cantave
      Steeve Cantave Year ago +16

      He hasn’t been compared to them because he’s not better. Pele is miles better, and Ronaldo is much better. And they performed when it mattered the most.

    • septimoo
      septimoo Year ago +9

      @Steeve Cantave pele played in santos his whole life and is only known for his world cups

    • Antony Swift
      Antony Swift Year ago +15

      Neymar isn't even close to these 2 legends R9 in his prime no better striker in history explosive clinical injuries killed him neymar isn't close to romario never mind pele or R9

    • sreenjoy Chatterjee
      sreenjoy Chatterjee Year ago +7

      @Antony Swift neymar have better ucl stats than r9, he will also have more career goals than r9 , pele will always be Brazils greatest but if neymar won world Cup with Brazil he will be ahed of r9, kaka, ronaldinho because he already have stats to difend him

    • Robert Ruddock
      Robert Ruddock Year ago +10

      @sreenjoy Chatterjee You must be one of the very few who thinks Neymar is even in the same galaxy as R9. The only thing he does better are free kicks but in every other department R9 destroys him as a footballer!!

  • Kurt Chester
    Kurt Chester Year ago +3

    Even Cr7 was starstrucked by Kaka, who are we, Kaka was as elegant as they come.
    Neymar the most fun player to watch in highlights and many a times the whole game.

  • Ahead of Ahead
    Ahead of Ahead Year ago +2

    Kaka in Milan is what made me like football

  • Starßoi💫
    Starßoi💫 Year ago +5

    I mean Kaka was absolutely great and Neymar hasn’t quite lived up to the hype but it’s Ale we are talking about here, come on

  • Paul Anders
    Paul Anders Year ago

    I will say this. Some of ales takes really rubbed me the wrong way. But this past year the whole board is pretty great. More positivity, more banter, great vibes. Real classic television. Great chemistry between the lot 😂

  • Antony Swift
    Antony Swift Year ago +5

    There completely different players but Kaka had much more of an impact in his career than neymar an that's not even a debate neymar for all his ability has massively under achieved

  • dsford
    dsford Year ago +1

    Thanks for the laughs boys. Great show as always.

  • Bob Sagit
    Bob Sagit Year ago +1

    Love the funny banter its honestly humbling just love it :p keep that part up from you guys always !

  • Adewale Smile
    Adewale Smile Year ago +3

    Kaka for me all day, I love Neymar but Kaka made me fall in love with football man was efficient

  • JustKami TM
    JustKami TM Year ago +2

    kaka all day every day, just too good
    childhood hero along with dinho

  • Damola Ajiboye
    Damola Ajiboye Year ago +30

    Kaka definitely. He almost single handedly led AC Milan to the 2007 champions league title. As opposed to Neymar who has yet to do anything remotely close to that.

    • Economic Erudite
      Economic Erudite Year ago +4

      It's a difficult one because that AC Milan team was phenomenal. Remember that Neymar pretty much single-handedly led the comeback against PSG in 2017. 4-0 on aggregate with no away goals, PSG score an away goal. 5-3 on aggregate to PSG with the away advantage and only 7 minutes remaining. Neymar scores a brace and provides an assist to make it 6-5 to Barcelona within the final 7 minutes. That's got to compete with Kaka if we're talking about them both in their prime.

    • Dr. Diaz
      Dr. Diaz Year ago +5

      @Economic Erudite you're drunk. That Ac Milan team was full of old glories and old players.. kaka was 90% of the reason why they won it.

    • Economic Erudite
      Economic Erudite Year ago +4

      @Dr. Diaz That squad had Dida, Maldini, Cafu, Nesta, Pirlo, Seedorf, Ronaldo. Kaka was the best for them, but they were hardly a bad team.

    • Dr. Diaz
      Dr. Diaz Year ago +3

      @Economic Erudite it was an old squad. You were a child and don't remember much.

    • Economic Erudite
      Economic Erudite Year ago +3

      @Dr. Diaz I remember it perfectly well. Yes, the squad was old but they were still world class. You don't win Champion's Leagues unless the whole squad is good. Just doesn't happen.

  • Leon
    Leon Year ago +10

    The bald question was gold considering what just happened at the Oscars

  • Only For You
    Only For You Year ago +2

    Milan Kaka was untouchable

  • Disaster Artist
    Disaster Artist Year ago +1

    clearly Ale was the best
    A true Legend of the Game

  • Seers of timez
    Seers of timez Year ago

    3:41 Frank's iconic laughter 😂🤣

  • david
    david Year ago +13

    Kaka without a doubt , Neymar never lived up to his expectations

  • Government means mindcontrol

    KAKA!!! He was a match winner

  • Mahendra
    Mahendra Year ago +3

    Most of the Brazilian players have one thing in common. They are at the top for 2-3 seasons, then they make stupid decisions. They stop caring about the game like the used to. We all know how good players Brazilians are, but most of them can't stay fit even before entering their 30s. Most of them hardly make it to 32. In case of Neymar, I think he never entered his prime. He could have been a lot better player then he was between 2014 and 2017, but he went to PSG and ruined his career.

  • GM
    GM Year ago +10

    Neymar gets overlooked quite often because of the hate towards him, he also didn't have the luxury of playing in an all star Brazilian team

    • Tharcisse
      Tharcisse Year ago +1

      He may not have had the attacking resources of old Brazilian sides, but he's DEFINITELY had better defensive and midfield resources than Kaká had. Neymar has had Alisson, Ederson, Dani Alves, Thiago Silva, Maquinhos, Miranda, David Luiz, Dante, Marcelo, Felipe Luis, Fabinho, Fernandinho, Casemiro, Coutinho, Willian... all he really had to do was bear the attacking weight like other great players have and let the rest of the team defend. Similar to what Argentina do with Messi, Portugal did with Ronaldo or France do with Mbappé. However, Neymar never had the ability to carry a team the way other greats can. If you build a defensive system and let Neymar be the protagonist/leader/genius in attack, you won't win any tournaments.

  • Sir_Phillip_
    Sir_Phillip_ Year ago

    kaka was insane but ppl seem to forget how great neymar was. Literally showed flashes of being the best in the world just sad to see how much he let himself go that it makes people forget

  • The Bibliophile
    The Bibliophile Year ago +2

    Kaka was Ballon D'Or winner and certainly was x2 of Neymar's worth and ability.

  • RollsReus
    RollsReus Year ago

    10:09 they had me dead when the cameraman immediately cut to robbo with that question

  • Daniel T
    Daniel T Year ago +3

    for a second I thought someone was comparing Ale, Neymar and Kaka LOL

  • tharani dharan
    tharani dharan Year ago +3

    I believe Kaka and Neymar play in different positions. If we are talking about impact Kaka is the best out of the two.

  • Matt Lyons
    Matt Lyons 10 months ago

    Frank lebouf, is simply hilarious. Makes these videos great

  • Jorge Acevedo
    Jorge Acevedo Year ago +8

    100 % with Robo about the Neymar and Kaka comparison

  • chumpter
    chumpter Year ago +2

    Kaka easily
    Would be crazy if Neymar kept up his potential

  • Liam Monninger
    Liam Monninger Year ago +19

    Based on that list, Ale.

  • Sreejith Mullappilly

    I just like the way Frank laughs. It is unintentionally funny.

  • madlion
    madlion Year ago +2

    I think all neymar stands out for is immaculate talent who made the worst transfer in football history that killed his spirit

  • EdReb773
    EdReb773 Year ago +3

    Kaka by a long shot. Neymar is good but kaka was unstoppable in his prime.

  • Dhavy00
    Dhavy00 Year ago

    KAKA, do gazelle do brasil, was a master, its no way these other two guys with all the respect be on the same podium

  • HRT - Gaming
    HRT - Gaming Year ago +4

    Kaka, without question.

  • Carl Bannerman-Quist

    Ale's "Mummy" quote is the best thing ever lmaooo

  • Donavan Simms
    Donavan Simms Year ago +1

    Kaka was a true champion footballer

  • NabilMMSTC07
    NabilMMSTC07 Year ago +6

    AC Milan kaka was a beast...

  • S G
    S G Year ago +5

    The last World Cup's (2018 & 2014) were Neymar's best chance to shine. I remember when they said he would be the next Pele or Ronaldo but he never hit top form. Kaka actually reached stardom in 2005 Confederation's Cup and his early days at Milan capturing Ballon D'Or. Sorry Neymar but Kaka is the clear winner.

    • Babyface Half Nelson
      Babyface Half Nelson Year ago +2

      2014 World Cup i'd say was unfair for Neymar after that injury against Columbia so I wouldn't be too harsh on him for that but yeah gotta go with Kaka

    • Brandon N
      Brandon N Year ago

      And Kaka only played 1 game that world cup win. He didn't do anything to contribute to Brazil. No goals, no assists, no starts. Doesn't count. Brazil was going to win the world cup if Neymar didn't get injured. And he was doing it single handedly.

  • Mechayq
    Mechayq Year ago +2

    Kaka was amazing that AC Milan side was Galactico

  • Ryan Hayes
    Ryan Hayes Year ago

    The last question was genuinely a violation 😂😂😂😂

  • Thulo Nteke
    Thulo Nteke Year ago

    Neymar 14/15 and 15/16 seasons were too clutch.

  • Armando M
    Armando M Year ago

    3:42 franks laugh 😂😂

  • A. Al ani
    A. Al ani Year ago +2

    if it wasn't for injuries Kaka would've competed for few more years with Messi and Ronald for Ballon D'or maybe till through 2013-14.

  • Mariam Ali
    Mariam Ali Year ago

    Kaka is a legend

    EPL BANTER Year ago +4

    Kaka hands down has won more with less

  • T Mohammed Ameen
    T Mohammed Ameen Year ago

    Ale was the best player in his Prime🥵🥵🥵

  • iPhone99G
    iPhone99G Year ago +1

    Frank is our man!!! 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

  • 66kaisersoza
    66kaisersoza Year ago +2

    Neymar has more natural talent than Kaka. Even Kaka himself said he wasn't naturally gifted, but he trained himself incredibly hard

    • Babyface Half Nelson
      Babyface Half Nelson Year ago +3

      Kaka was being humble saying he wasn't naturally gifted

    • whitewolf128
      whitewolf128 Year ago

      kaka is better than ney and even ney admitted that kaka is a better player than him

  • Zay Gunna Music
    Zay Gunna Music Year ago +1

    Definitely Kaka 💯

  • Juan Andrade
    Juan Andrade Year ago

    Now this was a great episode

  • Sebastian Torres
    Sebastian Torres Year ago +4

    overall career easily Neymar. but best year vs best year I'd give the edge to Kaka. He was simply the best player in the world while Neymar's best year he was the third best player in the world. He was competing vs Messi and CR7 which Kaka had the luck of not being in the same era as. Tough one and very close.

    • Babyface Half Nelson
      Babyface Half Nelson Year ago

      Kaka beat out Cr7 and Messi for Balon D'or although those 2 were still crazy young and not only that he was a still a standout on what I would say was a golden era of football. So no overall career is not easily Neymar but I'm guessing youre young and didnt grow up watching Kaka

    • whitewolf128
      whitewolf128 Year ago +1

      kaka won balon d'Or against both of those players. the way i see it it's other way around people like messi are fortunate that they didn't have to play against legendary defenders like maldini nesta baresi etc etc

    • Sebastian Torres
      Sebastian Torres Year ago

      @whitewolf128 yea when they were both in their late teens hahaha.

  • Paul Is
    Paul Is Year ago

    Kaka was amazing

    LEOVI$H Year ago

    Neymar top scorer of Brazil.......in CL too as a Brazilian

  • Arsene
    Arsene Year ago +8

    These guys are delusional. Prime kaka was a monster. Scored 3 goals against Manchester united

  • Jonny S
    Jonny S Year ago +29

    How are we even comparing kaka with Neymar.. not even on the same level. Kaka is legend

    • GodplaysDice
      GodplaysDice Year ago +13

      Kaka has 2 good seasons. Neymar is better.

    • ChauncyCharm
      ChauncyCharm Year ago

      Kaka is same level as Neymar.

    • Klead Fusha
      Klead Fusha Year ago +5

      @GodplaysDice well, first of all the question is asking who was best in their prime. And that's without any shadow of doubt Kaka. Second, Kaka still had a better career despite not having Messi and Ronaldo's longevity.

    • Cory Simpson
      Cory Simpson Year ago

      Neymar been just as good as him if not better

    • Mr facts
      Mr facts Year ago

      Kaka is a gq model that's it 😜😜😜legend my foot

  • niwde ^-^
    niwde ^-^ Year ago +4

    Thats a tough one two different styles of play.

  • Humberto Tremaria

    Kaka!!!! Not doubt about it..

  • Moeketsi Mogotsi
    Moeketsi Mogotsi Year ago

    Can't believe Robbo doesn't even favour England. 😂🤣

  • Jamaican Youth
    Jamaican Youth Year ago

    Despite Neymars shortcoming he has surpassed them both

  • Joacenel PL
    Joacenel PL Year ago +1

    No doubt Kaka

  • Jajel22
    Jajel22 Year ago

    Kaka literally won Ballon d’Or lol

  • Alorkaka
    Alorkaka Year ago +10

    this is insulting. Kaka is a legend, among the greats to ever play. neymar is very good but nowhere close