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Kemper Profiler - Recording guitars with Tim Pierce #2 - And win!

  • Published on Mar 15, 2018 veröffentlicht
  • Visit the Kemper Online Store: shop.kempermusic.com/
    We are extremely honored that Tim Pierce took some time and showed us how he arranges and layers guitars in the studio and how and why he takes tonal decisions to suit the song.
    By clicking this link you can win one of 5 one-year memberships of Tim's masterclasses:

Comments • 41

  • Anthony marocco
    Anthony marocco 3 years ago +9

    Outstanding!! 2 Weeks With The Kemper-40 Years Of Playing Gigs In Detroit-Dig The Kemper 100%-I Agree With Ryan, "When Can We Expect A Rig Pack From Tim"

  • NO TALK Guitar Amp Plug-ins Reviews

    Had all Fractal stuff for years and after giving a try on Kemper I spend way more time playing an every body prefers the Kemper.
    Profiling tech is way better than modeling which can cause ear fatigue with aliasing and simply not natural.
    Axefx is something wich need perpetual dialing and updates to approach pleasure at play. It came day 1 with Kemper....!

  • Stauffi
    Stauffi 3 years ago +3

    This video is one of the reason why I got a Kemper. I'm having it since 9 month now and still love it! Thanks for the video…..

  • Nazmo King
    Nazmo King 4 years ago +1

    Glad you do theses videos Tim - kind of like a “day in the life” of a guitar pro! Gives the rest of us a look at what you do and how you go about it. And the sounds are always great.

  • Ed&gail Moss
    Ed&gail Moss 3 years ago +2

    Thanks Tim for the great review..amazing you can cover all of those sounds with an amp like this..gotta love modern technology..👍

    DJ ASTERIKK 3 years ago +3

    Kemper is an amazing tool and I definitely want a profile pack from Tim PLEEEEEEEEEZ😬👍👍👍

  • Jono Rezzillo
    Jono Rezzillo 2 years ago +2

    Awesome sounds Tim ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Ryan Whitten
    Ryan Whitten 4 years ago +10

    Sounds great! When can we expect a rig pack from Tim? :)

    • Sid Simo
      Sid Simo 2 years ago

      +1 on Tim Pierce rig Pack.......Make sure it's Extensive.

    • PilferMusic
      PilferMusic 4 years ago +1

      Yes Tom... lets get a pack sir!

  • Christian Noir
    Christian Noir 4 years ago

    I'm not quite sure about the rock and heavy metal part, but your other tones sound pretty awesome!

  • Ken Turpin
    Ken Turpin 4 years ago +3

    Sounds amazing! Tim is a brilliant player with an impeccable ear for tone. If he’s using it, it’s legit!

    • Worlds Worst Musician
      Worlds Worst Musician 4 years ago +1

      Ken Turpin that tone is so ear cuttingly bright to me. Sounds terrible!

  • weedywet
    weedywet 4 years ago +4

    it's interesting... I'm still going back and forth on the idea of mic preamps. On the one hand, my Kemper sounds great going through a high quality mic preamp. But on the other hand, I already made my profiles my mic'ing my amps and running those mics through those high quality pres... so the sound of the preamp and mic is already built into the profile.

    • •allstopblue •
      •allstopblue • 4 years ago

      weedywet I also struggle with this same debate. Lol same with pedals. Sometimes a profile is made using an overdrive pedal. Yet occasionally I use a different OD pedal in front of that profile. I wonder should I technically be doing these things or not? Double pre amps? Double OD’s? Etc etc. I guess if it sounds good it is good though.

  • Michal Mikolaj Maslowski
    Michal Mikolaj Maslowski 4 years ago +1

    Brilliant, thank you!

  • Mrcustom
    Mrcustom 4 years ago +2

    I tryed out a kemper for a few years ago.. and it doesnt had the chrunch and bottom that i looked for... but now with the new update and Profil amp... wow ! Its got everything I want in amp. FX sounds amazing.

  • Worlds Worst Musician
    Worlds Worst Musician 4 years ago

    I wonder if Line6 uses one of these things to make the sounds for Helix 😂

  • Jimm Panik
    Jimm Panik 2 years ago

    why don't you use the internal effects or the performances mode where you can alter the settings per song? Seems like it sort of defeats the purpose.

  • John Free
    John Free 2 years ago

    Well that answers the question if it takes pedals well

  • jonathan vdb
    jonathan vdb 3 years ago

    That sound.wauw.

  • PilferMusic
    PilferMusic 4 years ago

    is that a Cali76 Standard compressor?

  • B B
    B B 3 years ago +2

    one year later i am watching this. thanks

  • Martin Olding
    Martin Olding 4 years ago

    Word!! :-)

  • MusicMan
    MusicMan 4 years ago +1

    Shut up and take my money!

  • Đurica  .N
    Đurica .N 4 years ago

    great confusion for an nothing

  • sinquestsound
    sinquestsound 4 years ago +4

    What is Amazing? Still sounds like Kemper. Nothing new. You can use words like marshall 1976 Vintage, tube saturated spot on, better than amp, cant hear a diff... But true is simple Still sounds like Kemper. You can like the tone or not.. matter of taste but still sounds like kemper Amp. Ahh and we need more reverb and fx to mask "real" Tone!

    • cornstar
      cornstar 3 years ago +6

      99% of people don't hear the difference. Only tube snobs

    • Marie K
      Marie K 4 years ago

      My x3. Into a peavey 60/60 & 4/12 sterio does not sound bad....

    • Marie K
      Marie K 4 years ago

      If you just need one amp, buy the one amp...but it's amazing how far modeling has come. All the boutique amps and effects you have access to for so much less. Bonamassa can afford to hundreds of thousands in gear... for the resr of us there's a kemper or axe fx.

    • John Greenwood
      John Greenwood 4 years ago +1

      Look he chose the sounds he wanted for the mix and I think he chose well. ‘It still sounds like a Kemper” hmmm. In a recent Anderson’s video where Chappers was blindfolded he gave it the best marks for sound over some serious head challenges. He said afterwards that he uses a Kemper and always thought it got 95% of the way and had to admit that he may have been psychologically biased.

    • jamesha175
      jamesha175 4 years ago

      Dimitris Martinis POD xt? pshaw! i still use a red bean pod thru an atomic 18w tube amp.
      crank it and it wails.