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i tried to get someone to average 100 ppg in nba 2k21

  • Published on May 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Nathaniel Cody
    Nathaniel Cody Year ago +2371

    I’ve been watching Kenny for 4 years and he never disappoints
    Edit: eeeeee

    • paper
      paper Year ago +54

      Joined Clip-Share 11 months ago?

    • Mutarnue
      Mutarnue Year ago +76

      @paper maybe he had an different Clip-Share account and watched him on there

    • Phil Puppich
      Phil Puppich Year ago +29

      @paper caught in 4K

    • Nathaniel Cody
      Nathaniel Cody Year ago +49

      Ye I made this account a while after I started watching him I used to watch signed out sry to make it seem fake but yeah that’s the truth

    • Nathaniel Cody
      Nathaniel Cody Year ago +8

      Pgc Sweat ikr I didn’t make my Gmail in 2017

  • Boss2119 •
    Boss2119 • Year ago +543

    “He’s only averaging 70 😒”
    Sounds like something Wilt would say

    • rook_xs
      rook_xs Year ago +25

      Fr, his teammates said in interviews he never really tried going all out in scoring that often, bro could’ve averaged 80

    • Contato
      Contato Year ago +15

      @rook_xs when did they say that? All his teammates and coaches who've come out said that he only cared about stats lol

    • Contato
      Contato Year ago +7

      Broken Glass nope, his coach benched wilt in the finals out of spite, everyone around him regarded him as an asshole, and he only cared about stats.

    • Charles Gill
      Charles Gill Year ago +12

      @Contato His Coach cost them the ring in 69 you don’t bench your best player in a game 7 with 3-4 minutes left. That’s why they lost.

    • Kesslar Leek
      Kesslar Leek Year ago +4

      @Contato where’s your proof

  • Simon John Rabago
    Simon John Rabago Year ago +93

    20:20 I don't know if someone already pointed this out. Kenny, I think the reason why this game wasn't as fun as you thought is because the settings where you adjusted the possessions, shots, and shot distribution to 100 only applied to simulated games. Since the game you watched was a "played game", those settings were set to default 50 and that is why the pace was not as fast and the Wheelers were touching the ball a lot more than they should.

  • Brian
    Brian Year ago +38

    We have to give Kenny props here imagine how long this took.

  • Aaron Mac
    Aaron Mac Year ago +5

    That’s dope man, you deserve it. Thanks for all the hard work you put into your videos.

  • Fabian V
    Fabian V Year ago +2

    I would have liked to see the all time scoring list after two seasons

  • jake.s1mpson
    jake.s1mpson Year ago +1276

    Kenny: “Every team has their guy”
    Orlando Magic: **Their bucket getter is a 76 overall Cole Anthony** 😂

    • Jookie
      Jookie Year ago +50

      That’s Orlando for ya

    • NOTHIM
      NOTHIM Year ago +34

      Only in Orlando

    • Hatch McNabb
      Hatch McNabb Year ago +36

      Fr cole Anthony built diffrent tho

    • Gavin Olsen
      Gavin Olsen Year ago +1

      @NOTHIM and houston

    • Mouse time
      Mouse time Year ago +15

      @Gavin Olsen houston doesn't have cole anthony (this is a joke)

  • Lacroyyy
    Lacroyyy Year ago +3

    The fact that some players couldn't beat Wilts 100 points in the first season shows how dominant he really was

  • Zavery Boyd
    Zavery Boyd Year ago +3

    Congrats Kenny, you’d deserve everything you receive. Life changing Clip-Sharer 🥺❤️

  • Joel Matthew
    Joel Matthew Year ago +2

    I don't even play or care about 2k, but have been subscribed for a few years and watch the videos just because Kenny seems like such a good dude and I love seeing good people getting paid on their own terms, he's killing it far beyond this. Young fella is on a meteoric rise. Love to see it, dude took his 2k asset and flipped it into something that continues to grow in the world of real basketball and will put food on his family's table for many years. Much respect KB

  • Hey Justin
    Hey Justin Year ago +4

    Been watching keeny for a while and he never disappoints

  • M Kek
    M Kek Year ago +2

    Sometimes we don’t realise how much Kenny does to give us a top video
    We appreciate it Kenny. Thank you

  • Gage Olsen
    Gage Olsen Year ago +469

    Kenny: “I’m going to stop reading the numbers you guys can see them”. Proceeds to keep reading them

    • Jake Korde
      Jake Korde Year ago +7

      also just left out brad's season high :sadge:

    • Flying Blind
      Flying Blind 10 months ago +2

      Great for blind guys like me though 👍

    • Dwade
      Dwade 6 months ago

      @Flying Blind bro read the comment

    • Flying Blind
      Flying Blind 6 months ago

      @Dwade yeah, I did, what are you talking about?

    • Davies Ugo
      Davies Ugo 6 months ago

      And keeps getting them wrong😂😂

  • verbatim
    verbatim Year ago +1

    it’d be cool to get kenny to do like a record setting challenge for each category like averaging a certain amount of rpg/apg etc

  • Kynan Averay
    Kynan Averay Year ago +136

    Asking Kenny to do “The Sorry Kenny Challenge”
    -Fantasy Draft
    -Give yourself the last pick
    -No players over 90 overall
    -Only 3 team trades
    -Triangle offence
    -Win a championship

    • Idontplay3v3
      Idontplay3v3 Year ago +2


    • Parzival
      Parzival Year ago

      That will not be entertaining to watch

    • Josh Delaney
      Josh Delaney Year ago +2

      No this would be just as painful to watch as it would be to make

    • Parzival
      Parzival Year ago

      Josh Delaney kenny would need 37 hours to even put a team together

    • Aiden S
      Aiden S Year ago

      Bro we need this

  • Liquid_Larry
    Liquid_Larry 6 months ago +2

    So cool to see Kenny get some customs. Well deserved and a pillar of light in the community

    • VitalityDiBs
      VitalityDiBs Month ago

      Kenny a goat but I need to say troydan not being in outstanding ballers royalty and only being the the normal outstanding ballers is the biggest snub oat

  • Mxth3w
    Mxth3w Year ago +2

    Thank you Kenny now I hope you realize you could most likely be a famous reporter at this point but you still do Clip-Share you are a real goat 🐐. Thank you and go chase the bag. 👍💯🔥

  • Levi Darrow
    Levi Darrow Year ago +1

    seeing KAT win made my day 😂

  • CowboysCentralz
    CowboysCentralz Year ago +666

    The second chance challenge:
    Put Anthony Bennet back in the NBA and get him to be a HOF player

    • OJ
      OJ Year ago +13

      Lol I remember doing this in nba 2k15, he wasn’t a hall of famer but he averaged 21 and 10 over 3 seasons

    • Jayus
      Jayus Year ago +10

      @OJ For me he got in top 3 in scoring of all time. He also won 2 championships with the cavs, with back to back mvps in 2019 to 2020. He also got finals mvp once and 18 time allstar.

    • OJ
      OJ Year ago +4

      @Jayus damn mini lebron🤨, I was playing mygm back then and he always wanted out

    • Jayus
      Jayus Year ago +3

      @OJ Exactly him and Dante exum and randle were something else in that game.

    • Buzz Brick
      Buzz Brick Year ago +3

      @Jayus I tried that In 2k20 but two seasons in this auto generated guy was already a hofer so I just did 20 seasons with the auto guy who won 11 rings and 7 mvps and dpoy

  • Colin 32
    Colin 32 Year ago +2

    I was so excited when KAT carried the Timberwolves to a chip. And yes I screenshot it.

    • shoe lace
      shoe lace Year ago

      also had the most attempted 3s on both seasons (which is not far from reality)

  • reformed
    reformed Year ago


  • Gibson Foster
    Gibson Foster Year ago +1

    Been watching my man for forever he continues to make bangers

  • J W
    J W Year ago +1

    Accept every trade that you get offered
    Also can we appreciate how much work he put into this

  • xxxMajestic
    xxxMajestic Year ago

    Kenny is the only guy I consistently watch anymore, ALWAYS BANGERS

  • margine
    margine Year ago +223

    8:57 I think the reason why sexton and ja didn’t get selected because there might be a cap in how many guards can be in an all star game

    • Capital Raj
      Capital Raj Year ago +11

      makes sense

    • Isaak Franklin
      Isaak Franklin Year ago +12

      I thought I was the only one who thought the same lol

    • Kaeden Olivas
      Kaeden Olivas Year ago +6

      This was my exact thought. I hope Kenny sees this so he can understand why Wheeler made it and then he can even put big men and guards if he makes another vid like this

  • Sotiris Balaskas
    Sotiris Balaskas Year ago

    "they had better role players"
    Kenny is straight up comedy 🤣

  • Josh Westerman
    Josh Westerman Year ago

    Huge timberwolves fan so excited to see KAT when the championship in this video with the twolves. Also Kenny you do a great job with your videos!!!!!!!!!

  • Topher Darnell
    Topher Darnell Year ago +2

    How do you always come up with these ideas! This video became one of my favorites! Keep it up 🌟

  • Derek Ebert
    Derek Ebert Year ago

    We love to see Kenny thrive

  • Antonio Thompson
    Antonio Thompson Year ago +1

    I love how Kenny pushes the limits if 2k and makes it seem so much more than it is.

  • Seth Plays Wrestling
    Seth Plays Wrestling Year ago +523

    The reason why most of those guards didn’t make it to the all star game on the 1st season was because they were guards. They probably had to put the non in cuz there weren’t enough frontcourt players. That is probably why.
    Edit: Thanks for al the likes!

    • Owen Fullerman
      Owen Fullerman Year ago +4

      Yeah that’s what I was thinking

    • Ronay
      Ronay Year ago +20

      prolly went over kenny’s head, he’ll prolly mention it next video

    • Seth Plays Wrestling
      Seth Plays Wrestling Year ago +3

      @Ronay yeah probably

    • Mathias Spitzer
      Mathias Spitzer Year ago

      that’s exactly why actually, was just gonna comment this

    • Silverback 2007
      Silverback 2007 Year ago

      Nah its cuz Stevie Wheeler is the GOAT 🐐

    NBA_ALLSTAR_967 Year ago

    Kenny, all of your videos are entertaining but this might've been one of your absolute best ones in recent memory

  • Ansgar 1
    Ansgar 1 Year ago

    Video idea: Form a champion chip team out of an entite roster of 2nd rounders. First, you‘d trade for enough picks and form the talents after the draft over several seasons.
    Love your vids Kenny, keep the greate work up✌️

  • Anthony Tolley
    Anthony Tolley Year ago

    Now you have to do the simulation sliders with everyone in the league and see how many points teams score with a team of 5 really good players

  • Skyler Jensen
    Skyler Jensen Year ago

    Bro this was so entertaining. Keep the bangers going.

  • J_Da_Realist
    J_Da_Realist Year ago +78

    can we take a moment to appreciate Kenny coming up with new ideas for a mode that developers for it don’t care for thank you Kenny

    • Zachary
      Zachary Year ago +3

      Narrow did this first

  • pac
    pac Year ago +1

    Ya'll ever had that one person that you started watching such a long time ago that you actually cant believe how far they've made it but ur so happy for them? That's kenny right there

  • ItsDairyQueen
    ItsDairyQueen Year ago +1

    we love the videos kenny keep the great work up ❤️

  • Miggy Sebial
    Miggy Sebial Year ago

    Maybe it'll be better if all the star players are at point guard so that they'll be the primary ball handler hence they'll hold the ball more? Awesome vid as always btw!

  • Smoke_WANTEDD
    Smoke_WANTEDD Year ago

    Them position averages killed me 😂😂

  • Bash Bros blitzball
    Bash Bros blitzball 9 months ago

    “Hes only averaging 72 points a game” got me cracking up

  • Bernard King
    Bernard King Year ago +209

    Simulate until someone wins the MVP, DPOY and a FMVP in the same season.

    • ButterXO
      ButterXO Year ago +80

      Bro Giannis does that like every other season in sim

    • Bernard King
      Bernard King Year ago

      @ButterXO I play MyNBA every day and I know this ain’t true

    • ButterXO
      ButterXO Year ago +17

      @Bernard King Ok I was exaggerating not every other time but Ive seen happen multiple times its not that rare

    • Nolski
      Nolski Year ago +10

      @Bernard King giannis does that almost every season in my nba

    • Christopher Gooding
      Christopher Gooding Year ago

      Hakeem did that irl so it seems weird to match a real life record and not exceed it

  • Prince Askew
    Prince Askew Year ago

    One of the best kot4q videos I've ever seen💯keep it up man

  • Biswaroop
    Biswaroop Year ago

    Kenny deserves all the custom merch. Mans grind has been unreal!

  • Andrew Gabriel
    Andrew Gabriel Year ago

    *Still so proud of 1Million, much deserved.*

  • George Patzold
    George Patzold Year ago +4

    Draft a 18year old rookie and try tow-in him a championship every single year until he retires. Love your videos Kenny haven’t missed one for a long time keep up the impressive work❤️

  • Kenyon Kelly
    Kenyon Kelly Year ago

    Yeah, those 3 point attempted per game numbers are absolutely the result of overflow. Reasonably there's no way any player attempts 25.3 per, let alone more. Some games, like the old college football games, overflow could cause certain stats like rushing yards to go from a really high number to a negative number

  • Steven Gkogkas
    Steven Gkogkas Year ago +353

    Kenny it’s time for the
    The MVP challenge
    - fantasy draft
    - Try to have 3 out of the 5 players on the MVP award race during the reagular season on your team for 3 years. The video will be 5 seasons long.
    - These players must not have won an MVP award during their professional career
    - All three of these players must change every year. (1st year, 3 players... 2nd year 3 different players etc)
    - Try to three peat
    - Good luck!

  • Ordinary Ocean
    Ordinary Ocean Year ago

    Giannis attempting 32 threes and only making 9 is the most realistic part of this vid

  • Brooks Holen
    Brooks Holen Year ago +1

    The reason that Stevie Wheeler made the Allstar game is because you need the right amount of guards, forwards, and centers. All the people that didn’t make it were guards and the one that made it is a forward

  • 1229CO
    1229CO Year ago

    Every video he’s so positive and enthusiastic

  • BryGoesMoo
    BryGoesMoo Year ago +1

    Lmfaoooo Stevie making the all star game over some of those players is funny af

  • Wildlife explore
    Wildlife explore Year ago

    You know it’s a good day when you wake up to a kot4q video

  • Jason Farrell
    Jason Farrell Year ago +27

    this mans got 1 of 1 official jordan 1s, that is truly amazing, well deserved for the goat 🐐

  • Michael Patras
    Michael Patras Year ago +4

    Kenny: “I’m gonna stop reading all the numbers”
    Also Kenny: Proceeds to read every number

  • Michael Carrig
    Michael Carrig Year ago

    Bro, as always so happy for your come up.

  • Matt Williams
    Matt Williams Year ago

    You deserve them 1s my guy! Certified bucket getter!

  • CheeseBurgerWithCheese

    Truly a king. Long live king Kenny!!

  • Christian Micco
    Christian Micco Year ago

    Those kicks are actually so sick, happy for you brotha

  • jom
    jom Year ago +290

    Stevie Wheeler: the worst NBA player ever to make an all-star game

    • Graffiti Redd
      Graffiti Redd Year ago +22

      You misspelled Ben Simmons 😂

    • FuyDestroyer
      FuyDestroyer 4 months ago +5

      @Graffiti Redd he is good. Shooting isn't everything

    • Braydz Bice
      Braydz Bice 4 months ago +8

      i don’t know if anyone has commented this yet. but is the reason all the stars didn’t make the all star game was because the position limits in the all star game?

    • jr
      jr 3 months ago +1

      @FuyDestroyer it’s very important for a PG in this era. ben simmons is one of the worst PGs in the league

    • FuyDestroyer
      FuyDestroyer 3 months ago +2

      @jr I disagree,

  • Timothy Quirk
    Timothy Quirk Year ago

    I think we had a Stevie in the all-star game because of the Backcourt and Frontcourt requirements. Especially since it seemed all the snubs were guards.

  • Caleb Grim
    Caleb Grim Year ago

    W Kenny he’s really come a long way. He’s got this channel, called game, through the wire, his baseball channel, and his blog channel. Not to mention that he’s interviewed several nba players and has a brand deal with At & t

  • Clutch Buckets
    Clutch Buckets Year ago +1

    It's amazing how kenny took a bad game(2k) to make the most entertaining videos on youtube

  • Eric Poole
    Eric Poole Year ago

    So glad I found your channel.. you are the man and you from the crib so much love and respect my guy..

  • Michalis A
    Michalis A Year ago

    Kenny gets the love he deserves and you got to love it

  • David Atunlute
    David Atunlute Year ago +222

    Kenny: "These are the people that left comments on the last video"
    Me: 👀 *crickets*

  • Abhinav VS
    Abhinav VS Year ago +1

    We know the video is gonna be lit , with a title and thumbnail like this one. 💪🏻💪🏻

  • Ryan Bybee
    Ryan Bybee Year ago

    Finally us Timberwolves fans have something to celebrate😭😭

  • Deuce_804
    Deuce_804 Year ago

    1 week you should do this with every position. (Monday every teams PG, Tuesday every teams SG, etc.)

  • discord mod
    discord mod Year ago

    As a timberwolves fan, this is the best video I've ever seen.

  • Joahjr
    Joahjr Year ago

    I tried doin this last week on current gen but my game kept crashing I love how u did this Kenny da GOAT

  • Camera House Studio
    Camera House Studio Year ago +88

    Day 4 of zero to hero challenge: Make a team that goes 0-82, then the next season keep 5 of those players from the last season, give them minutes and win the championship.

  • JayOne
    JayOne Year ago

    "To get someone to not just beat 100 points in a single game but average 100 points in a single game"
    That's a Kenny classic.

  • Daniel Macintyre
    Daniel Macintyre Year ago

    Dope package from att. Well deserved king 👑

  • Erik Steinman
    Erik Steinman Year ago +2

    Everyone: "PPG - Points per game"
    Kenny: "PPG - Points in a game"

  • King Drew XI
    King Drew XI Year ago +1

    I love how these experiments often expose the goofy mechanics that are in my league! Like how did a dude averaging 2.2 make all star ! And I swear there are 1000 goofy things like that in the game haha

  • Taco_ Blake
    Taco_ Blake Year ago +18

    This really be how Wilt was feeling early on.

  • The GOAT 🐐
    The GOAT 🐐 Year ago +26

    Already knowing it's going to be a banger

  • klutchkeelay
    klutchkeelay Year ago +1

    As a timberwolves fan, I am so happy

  • Preston
    Preston Year ago +1

    You should do this but top bucket getters of all time not team specific! That would be dope

  • Bobby Zuniga
    Bobby Zuniga Year ago

    Kenny rocking the Lonzo bull shirt brings a smile to my face

  • Jay
    Jay 29 days ago +1

    what you should do is make all the non bucket getters have max passing and rebounding with a 0 shot tendency so the bucket getters could get the ball more

  • SHAW1k
    SHAW1k Year ago

    I was cracking up the whole video 😂😂great content

  • David 000
    David 000 Year ago +14

    Video Idea: Make everyone average NBA height (6’6”)

  • Tam Vu
    Tam Vu Year ago

    Best Attribute challenge!
    Make a team with 99 Reb (50 everything else)
    And A team with 99 passing and see which team is better.
    Do it with multiple Attributes or the ones that you think would be interesting!

  • Franklin Stone
    Franklin Stone Year ago +3

    I rebuild vicariously through Kenny

  • Posterizer2k
    Posterizer2k Year ago

    So glad Kenny finally did the “if an NBA player was in the WNBA” video 🔥😤

  • James Sanford
    James Sanford Year ago

    Love the Lonzo Bull shirt
    Edit: the Stevie Wheeler who made the All Star game was considered as a front court guy and probably made the all star game because there weren't enough front court bucket getters in the West

  • Clipped
    Clipped Year ago +2

    He should try the most points of all time challenge with these settings, so he can get it before the stat resets.

  • CC BOI
    CC BOI Year ago +3

    this is basically that 1v1 thing that some people wanted in the all-star break lol. Great vid!

  • Corrupted_killmeek

    “I’m gonna stop reading the numbers y’all know I’m gonna mess up” as he continues to read the career high numbers

  • Liam Reynolds
    Liam Reynolds Year ago

    I think the reason why some of the players didn't make the all star game is because there's too many guards and there's a certain amount of guards and a certain amount of forwards

  • Gunner Tripp
    Gunner Tripp Year ago

    Ok that AT&T thing was absolutely awesome, Kenny deserves it

  • Mathan Madan
    Mathan Madan Year ago

    You can also change a players isolation tendency to affect their ppg

  • mack lavish
    mack lavish Year ago

    "The grizzlies need to fill their roster, guess what here's a Stevie Wheeler for you." Had me crying idk why

  • Dxey
    Dxey Year ago +4

    Nutella and Kenny’s videos are so fire together 🔥

  • Echo 1 Samir
    Echo 1 Samir Year ago

    I read this title and just thought “that’s impossible” then I remembered Kenny specializes in the impossible

  • Gavin Olsen
    Gavin Olsen Year ago +1

    I was so looking forward to see what bradley beal averaged and then he didnt show it 😂😭

  • Skanderbeg
    Skanderbeg Year ago

    "he only averaging 70!" had me dead

  • ThugzKing
    ThugzKing Year ago

    You should do a video (if you haven’t already) where each team has a full roster of their best player (5 Lebrons on the Lakers, 5 Kawhis on the Clippers etc) and see which team is the best