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Watch This Before You Make Your First Game!

  • Published on Feb 5, 2023 veröffentlicht

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  • Thomas Brush
    Thomas Brush  Year ago +16

    Check out Skillshare! skl.sh/thomasbrush2

    • Will Martin
      Will Martin 6 months ago +1

      @Eric Young VFX adapt and overcome!

    • Eric Young VFX
      Eric Young VFX 9 months ago

      You're not joking, I went manic after starting a game the other day. I know I have bipolar but, damn.... This shit is a trip.

  • Joe Jeremiah
    Joe Jeremiah 3 years ago +70

    Love it Thomas. I’m in this exact position right now so I’m buckling up.

  • Coriander Games
    Coriander Games 3 years ago +160

    I've been having all of this when I started indie game development, I released my first game on January and let me just tell you that it was not fun making it happen, but when people played it, reviewed it and enjoyed it, it just feels so good you know?, that's why I promised my self not to ever quit game development, it's so precious!

    • cham per
      cham per Year ago +2

      What game is it?
      Would like to try it out :)

    • Krspy
      Krspy 2 years ago +3

      yeah is it on steam?

    • Kansei Dorifto
      Kansei Dorifto 2 years ago +5

      You have a link to your game?

  • Guilherme Mauricio Dantas
    Guilherme Mauricio Dantas 3 years ago +685

    "you're gonna feel the love coming back from your project in the form ...
    of money." lol

    • Alpharius Fuze
      Alpharius Fuze 2 years ago


    • Steve F
      Steve F 3 years ago

      HAHAHAHHAH thanks for share this. roflol

    • Cizz
      Cizz 3 years ago

      damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..... that was good

    • oximas
      oximas 3 years ago +6

      i knew this was gonna be the first comment lol

  • Pholla12
    Pholla12 3 years ago +282

    I love how real Thomas is!

    • CreatieveSteve619
      CreatieveSteve619 3 years ago +6

      so do i which is why i subscribed when his channel got recommended to me. :)

  • Dave
    Dave 3 years ago +20

    Thanks Thomas, I really needed to hear this. I thought a few of the things you mentioned we're exclusive to my situation, so I'm very relieved to hear that I'm not alone in experiencing them. Throughout college I've had the problem of constantly starting new projects and have recently overcome that. I have now been working "full-time" on my 3D platformer game for a few months now and I believe in my ability to make it a great game! Thanks so much for this video it really helped me! :)

  • Alfredo
    Alfredo 3 years ago +19

    This is SPOT ON. I've made simple games in Flash back in High School to some fanfare, but am working on a ginormous Action RPG right now as my first Unity project. For years I keep getting "Is it done yet? What's taking so long? You're tired? Just take a few days off working on it!" It can be hard growing up loving game development with nobody who can relate being in your circle. My game is taking forever but it's a passion project that I love to death, and will continue to love whether or not it winds up making money or getting good reviews. Awesome vid man, so happy I found your channel :)

    • Santosh Kr
      Santosh Kr 2 years ago

      YESSS!!! Absolutely!!! That is really true! I can relate.. Keep going, brother!!

  • Casey Welch
    Casey Welch 3 years ago +43

    Great video as always, Thomas. I love how you have developed your own game style!

  • Randy Shineldecker Jr
    Randy Shineldecker Jr 3 years ago +30

    Great job yet again Thomas! Expressing exactly how myself & so many others feel about being creative, keep it up!

  • menrod baquiran
    menrod baquiran 3 years ago +150

    An additional to this is loneliness. Specially if you're a solo game dev.

    • Sébastien Morin
      Sébastien Morin 2 years ago +1

      What I found out about how to medigate this loneliness is to go in discord servers, forums, and talk to other devs, post you stuff, and get feedback on eveything. This will help a lot with the loneliness part, to have a lively server that is constantly having a conversation about game dev in the background, where you can go to and find people who are struggling to or achieving stuff.

    • Gabrielle
      Gabrielle 2 years ago

      I feel you man

    • YourZombieMop
      YourZombieMop 2 years ago +1

      @Kansei Dorifto
      Will you be my guru?

    • Kansei Dorifto
      Kansei Dorifto 2 years ago +20

      In all honesty fam, if you learn to be happy with who you are, and you learn to be stoic, then like me you can be able to not worry about loneliness. Not to mention, we have the internet, people will always be around us:)

  • Ferruccio Benito
    Ferruccio Benito 3 years ago +38

    I recently managed to play pinstripe, beautiful artwork you did there. Can't wait for once upon a coma. Keep up the good work.

  • Nicolas Pardo Sanchez
    Nicolas Pardo Sanchez 3 years ago +23

    I'm not a game developer, but I love how your advices not only help me in my daily issues, they also make me want to create a game

  • M
    M 3 years ago +3

    It's pretty cool how I used to feel completely lost making music, and now that I'm comfortable enough to just enter a state of flow with that, it's like therapy when overwhelmed by game development. I'm thinking of making the theme of my game about learning to turn a tough struggle into an interesting learning experience, with extrinsic rewards but a focus on making it intrinsically satisfying. Seems like I may learn a thing or two in order to strengthen this exact theme simply by making a game at all, they're also emotions very easy to directly tap into through playing games, such a cool medium.

  • Beat Ninja
    Beat Ninja Year ago +2

    This is a good message for all creators, and from time to time it's important that you hear someone talking about these things to know you're not alone. Great video! 🙌

  • DonGheritch
    DonGheritch 3 years ago +29

    last point is so damn relateble, and worst part is that when I was told I was being lazy or unorganised, I believed them and it screwed me pretty bad

  • Dynajay
    Dynajay 3 years ago +2

    I'm past the wanting to quit phase. I'm at the "Too far to quit now" part. Also being a software developer as my day job really helps. I use the same exact development methodologies to work on my game. So many times I wanted to just ice my game but I've already invested so much. I WILL say you will encounter the doldrums every now and then where you just don't want to work on your game for days, sometimes weeks at a time.

  • Pixel Mystique Games
    Pixel Mystique Games 3 years ago +2

    I have profesional experience in the games industry and yet when I started my own game studio, I experienced all the issues you mentioned in this video. I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with these issues especially the imposter syndrom. Maybe by talking about it with other indie devs who are also struggling might help. Wonder if there's an "indie dev support group"...who knows maybe I should just start one. Thank you for making this video, maybe one day we can collaborate together :)

  • Diddly Music
    Diddly Music 7 months ago +2

    The imposter syndrome hit me hard I relate so well, I was originally going to college for music but took a turn towards game development as that is what I’m passionate about and wanted to do from a child, I have my interview in A few days and I feel this exactly the way you describe it, feel like when o get to college people will find out I’m not good enough or I can’t learn it just made me realise I’m not alone In this, thank you

  • Indie Progress
    Indie Progress 3 years ago +6

    The games I remember from my childhood (and will always remember) are the ones that brought out the greatest emotion. Harvest Moon, D2 (finding an item you've been grinding months for) and Fable where your decision change your character all resonate with me to this day.

  • Neil
    Neil 3 years ago +22

    The friends/family not understanding thing is so relieving to hear it’s not just my friends/family. Thanks for making this video!!

  • Daniel Alejandro Tapia
    Daniel Alejandro Tapia 3 years ago +39

    I was surprised to see this in my YT feed since I'm not a software/game developer. but I'm blown away by the great advice and very happy that I clicked.

    • Nicholas Jiunchetti
      Nicholas Jiunchetti 2 years ago +4

      if even google identified you as an software/game developer, what are you waiting for?

  • SouKoala
    SouKoala 3 years ago +6

    Sou desenvolvedor brasileiro e os teus vídeos e trabalhos me motivam a continuar. Obrigado

    • Aecio Brito
      Aecio Brito 3 years ago +3

      Não desista de modo algum. Se em algum momento deixar de ser interessante financeiramente, continua como hobby ou um simples desafio pessoal. Uma hora o retorno vem.

  • Abdulmajid Sanusi
    Abdulmajid Sanusi 3 years ago +122

    Trying to release my first game 4 weeks from now. Wish me luck guys

    • Red Eagle
      Red Eagle 2 years ago

      I am just starting it for 3 dais. Luck!

    • Paul Joneseyboy
      Paul Joneseyboy 2 years ago

      Good luck!

    • Mikita Zhur
      Mikita Zhur 2 years ago

      @Abdulmajid Sanusi hope you find your new path. Wish you all the best and thanks for sharing :)

    • DISLEX
      DISLEX 2 years ago

      @Abdulmajid Sanusi, tell us more. Tell us everything. Maybe others can learn from what you have been through.

    • Abdulmajid Sanusi
      Abdulmajid Sanusi 2 years ago +7

      To answer y'all i failed no further details needed and I'm no longer in pursuit of my game making dream, thanks for reminding me of my failure every two months

  • Danny
    Danny 3 years ago +6

    Amazing video! I just started game development and I am doing all of it on my own. So this video is very inspirational and motivating to me. Thank you!

  • 1mikhaelone
    1mikhaelone 3 years ago +339

    today i had an interview in a local game making company, gonna hear from them on monday, wish me luck!

    • Fight Against Boredom
      Fight Against Boredom 5 months ago

      3 years later and didn't see your answer in the comments, hope it went well!

    • Ac Bac
      Ac Bac Year ago

      Yo... probably got the job and is way to busy to answer. What a harsh industry.

    • Filmecke
      Filmecke Year ago +1

      We’ll wait for your return

    • Trammy101
      Trammy101 Year ago

      He died

    • Mihail Stroe
      Mihail Stroe Year ago +1

      @cham per lmao

  • MeowJolene
    MeowJolene 3 years ago +2

    Great video! I stumbled across your channel a couple weeks ago and because of your videos I finally started learning all that I can about Unity and C#. You have a very inspirational channel and share so much knowledge about the industry it's invaluable. Thanks so much can't wait for the next video! :)

  • Chosen Games
    Chosen Games 3 years ago +4

    Fantastic video. I felt all of these in my life before I started my Clip-Share channel, and though some of those still enters my brain it has really helped me get through the struggle. Also that intro was hilarious.

    VESSEL Month ago

    dude you are so awesome. God bless you bro

  • K3Dvrk
    K3Dvrk 3 years ago +3

    Thank you a lot, I was feeling extremely down today. I'm a Chilean senior Digital Animation Student but I'm gonna spend my life doing videogames. I often feel like a fake, like a failure. All my skills, Animation, 3D modeling, etc feel like they are not good enough. I'm doing a videogame demo as my Tittle Project, and even while I'm doing good atm, I often feel like I'm not gonna finish it on time, or that is not going to be good enough. While on college all my darknesses flourished, I fell on a hideous depression, Anxiety x100, I developed some rage state when I'm too stressed. I've never had dissociated or wanted to die that much in my life. I fear the future like never before. But then I see small indie developers making great success with their games and that gives me hope, a little glimpse of light which tells me to keep going, to don't quit and love myself and the games I'm going to make. You gave me hope today again so thank you. Someone has to make good games isn't it? I can not kill myself until I do it.
    Sorry for unloading everything here but it gave me confidence venting my fears. Thanks ♥

  • Bruh Coins
    Bruh Coins 2 years ago +2

    Got to say, I’ve watched plenty of you videos but this is the one that made me subscribe. Really enjoy your outlook on the mental side of things and overall insight on game dev.

  • J_C
    J_C 3 years ago

    Thank you so much Thomas for this video. In the past I've felt almost all of these you mentioned, and it is nice to see that it is not just me. There are others who struggle or have struggled with these. This will make it easier to cope with the problems.

  • Hemang Bhogayata
    Hemang Bhogayata 3 years ago +7

    About to start work on my first indie title and Thomas drops this! Helped a lot! Keep making good content!

  • George Wulfers
    George Wulfers 3 years ago

    Awesome video man. This kind of helped a bit since I am going through some of those things you mentioned for a while now. It is good to see that I am not the only one and that there are others who feel the same way. Keep up the great work and take some time for yourself if you need it. I know it is very easy to burn out in this industry. Take care.

  • A B
    A B 10 months ago

    I’ve finally decided to delve into making my game that I’ve been “gently concepting” for the last 3 years. I recently discovered Hollow Knight years after it’s release, and felt incredibly disheartened as the art style and theme was quite similar to what I wanted to make, without ever having seen hollow knight. I realised that it was a blessing in disguise though, as now I get to look at what makes my concept unique and really push those limits, and get out of my comfort zone. It’s caused me to think about my game a whole lot differently, to research what I’ve loved so much in other games (Windwaker being one of my top faves, so thanks for including it in your video). I have also dealt with a lot of my own past trauma and mental health issues, rediscovered my real self, and I have a mental health toolbox to ensure I can continue healing along the way and stay passionate and fulfilled.
    Most of the concept elements are now just falling into place.
    Now to start learning Unity and build my dream! ✨
    And I hope someone who reads this, might one day wind up playing a game about Nym, a one-of-a-kind little bug discovering their purpose 💚

  • Marcos Pereira
    Marcos Pereira Year ago

    Thank you for being so open about your experiences, and for reinforcing the importance of getting through a project the whole way. You reenergized me to make progress on my open world zombie apocalypse base building game!!! And yes yes I know these games tend to fail and whatnot but I'm not like the others 😂

  • Arrovs spēlē
    Arrovs spēlē 3 years ago +4

    Las topic was on point. People really do not understand how much work there is and we always underestimate it too.

  • Avis Daniels
    Avis Daniels Year ago

    Thank you for this video! I've tried to figure out how to turn what I have on paper into a game, and even started it a few times now, only to keep putting it on the back-burner. This video helped explain why I was feeling the way I did, why I kept putting "roadblocks" in my own way, and helped re-inspire me to get back to working on it. So again, thank you for this!

  • chr code
    chr code 3 years ago +1

    Thanks for advice this has helped me a lot because right now I’m making a game and it’s been hard from my friends saying when is it going to be finished? And I say soon but it’s not and I feel like I pressure myself I love making games and what you’ve said really helped me in everything that you’ve said

  • Shon Macklin
    Shon Macklin 9 months ago +1

    Started my game dev journey two months ago. I have been watching your videos for a few weeks and enjoy your content. I only watched casually without commitment but luckily; you keep popping up in my suggested playlist. But the January 1st scene where you burst into comedy tears had me laughing out loud . Thank You Thomas , I needed that. SUBSCRIBED

  • David Alejandro Reyes Milian

    Really encouraging, thanks. I find myself in few of your scenarios. It's like most of it we already know, but we don't actively apply it, guess repetition and motivation like this video play a very important role in the indie games development context. Thanks

  • Ryan Manley
    Ryan Manley 3 years ago

    Hey Thomas, I really love your videos and your games! I still have Coma on my wishlist! I’ve been making some small games recently, and I’m starting on my first big project that I’ll be selling for money, and I was wondering what I need to do to prepare for that. Is there some legality stuff I need to go through, is there some lesser known stuff? What tips would you have for someone in the position? Thank you ! :)

  • Gerrit den Hertog
    Gerrit den Hertog 2 years ago

    Nice, exactly the motivation boost I needed to wipe the dust off of my game development dream. .. Thanks mate!

  • Leo Zackular
    Leo Zackular 3 years ago

    This was super inspiring and hit on many levels both the actual skills you need to learn and emotional value and the fact that were all people, thanks brother!

  • Strumyk Tomira
    Strumyk Tomira Year ago

    Thank You, Thomas, for Your time and advise. I'm (i think) on the very start of this journey. I'm preparing to making my first game. I was watching many films about making games, tutorials and i'm learning now the basics of game making.

  • Walt
    Walt 2 years ago

    Really liked this. Thank you so much for this inspiring content man, its great for those with related dreams.

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      Evangelista wander garcia peña 2 years ago

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  • FGC_74
    FGC_74 2 years ago +2

    All I've ever wanted in life was to Create something. I have always been a jack of all trades master of none but the more I get into game dev I feel like this is the best place for me. I love this

    • Evangelista wander garcia peña
      Evangelista wander garcia peña 2 years ago

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  • EchoEye
    EchoEye 2 years ago +2

    I'm usually fascinated at the idea of creating games, but one thing that keeps hitting me every time I think about game development is that I'm not good at art. Art/Design is like the hardest thing I know. The attention to detail, color combinations, shape morphing, everything. Bottom line is, I love game design, character arts, environments, game plots. I'm usually excited by them and as much as I love them, trying to learn these basic skills for game design is like trying to triangle into a square hole.
    I really don't know how else to be a part of the gaming industry without feeling like I'm forcing things while learning stuff.

  • Corey Brown
    Corey Brown 2 years ago

    This video is still straight 🔥! Love it Thomas, keep it going man. You're inspiring a lot of people

  • Jeff Cummings
    Jeff Cummings 2 years ago

    Amazing video... thank you for sharing dude. I really appreciate everything you said, like... I feel like I feel these things, but not able to bring ANY of it into words.

  • Byrneyman85
    Byrneyman85 2 years ago

    Another brilliant video, raw honest advise and guidance. I needed this advise so much. I talk myself out starting this journey and learning and creating through fear of failure and wasting my time, but your videos show that its natural and successful devs felt this way.

  • The Sad Traveler
    The Sad Traveler 3 years ago

    I'm really glad I found your channel. My roommate and I recently decided to develop a video game together. We both have a list of skillsets we have been wanting to build up, and building a video game will help us build pretty much all of them. But we are both completely white belt when it comes to this stuff. We are going to have to learn, from scratch, programming, art design, game mechanics, game story development, etc. etc. etc. That's why I'm glad I found your channel and others like it, they are helping us find answers to questions that we have been asking. Thank you Thomas :)

  • Invetor
    Invetor 3 years ago

    I feel point 1 and 3 are very applicable to me.
    Thanks for the advice!

  • __ Personal Account__
    __ Personal Account__ 3 years ago

    4 out of 5 of these things hit home. I have been feeling these things with my attempts at game development. I want to try. Thank you.

  • Toby Bradner
    Toby Bradner 3 years ago +7

    This is amazing life advice, thank you Thomas

  • Nathen Cahill
    Nathen Cahill 2 years ago

    I truly am happy to been given this video by unity I've been wanting to be a game developer and I found this video answered so many future questions I would have had keep up the great work!

  • C Gillis
    C Gillis 5 months ago

    Im in the process of creating my first game, and honestly Ive felt none of this so far. In truth I am starting off very simple, and I think I have pretty good control over these aspects of my mind. I've watched similar videos telling me tips like this, as well of plenty of other videos by Thomas as guides. So thank you for reaching out to all budding developers :)

  • Denis Baudinot
    Denis Baudinot 3 years ago

    These videos are obviously a professional product, but still I feel that Thomas is honest and real. I can relate very well and sometimes one needs a bit of reassurance!

  • Genesis Fox
    Genesis Fox Year ago

    These are honestly very good tips and things to know for pretty much any type of creative process, game design, writing, art, music, etc. Thank you. I really needed this.

  • Winniler Berzerkir
    Winniler Berzerkir 3 years ago

    I'm also developing a game and i feel just like you said exspecially during the first year of developing. Now it goes better and better. Thanks thomas!

  • Hey it's Eulalia
    Hey it's Eulalia Year ago

    Thank you a lot for those advises. I'm just started to learn about making game as an individual and it's kinda like a big wave to me. Your video really encourages me.

  • CoffeeSmooth22
    CoffeeSmooth22 4 months ago

    Thanks Thomas this is really good advice now I know I don't feel alone. You know that empty feeling that you get when you don't even get support from no one... we are all alone, but you can still count on yourself : )

  • 1993musicjunkie
    1993musicjunkie 3 years ago

    Thanks for the advice I was feeling a bit down but now I’m confident that I can do anything

  • Josh loves Food!
    Josh loves Food! Year ago

    I love Thomas Brush videos, so entertaining, yet great advice

  • Jose Silva- Rodriguez
    Jose Silva- Rodriguez 3 years ago

    Hey Thomas I been programming for a while. There is things I love about the Unreal vs the Unity engines. But, from my perspective I've seen more ways to use Unity in a more "lower end" structure. Where I can create objects and extend from then to create other objects ect. Do you know of any people to follow that perhaps have a flight class to really Unreal or Unity? I've been developing most in Java and C#. I do python for shell scripting. I don't think Flutter will encompass the gaming world any time soon... (Sorry if this sounds a little everywhere)

  • chance armbruster
    chance armbruster 2 years ago

    I just want to say... stay confident in your game the art style is incredible!

  • Fill a Soul
    Fill a Soul 3 years ago

    This was a STELLAR video. Very very real and helpful. I'm still learning skills needed to make games, and a lot of these are already applying to me. I've been through all sorts of doubt, fear, hopelessness, anxiety, and confusion in regards to anything I do. I've come a very long way, both mentally and in my skillset, but I've yet to really produce anything or really be able to call myself a developer.
    Thank you SO MUCH for saying that it is OK to feel incompetent, or anxious, or tired, or like you want a break. I've had to learn that. We like to think that it's this magic relationship where you always feel passionate about your project, but emotions ebb and flow. It doesn't mean you're NOT passionate, you might just need to reframe things mentally.
    Anyway, this was very much appreciated, these lessons apply to many areas of life too. I'm gonna remember this. Much love!

  • pvsh.lvck.
    pvsh.lvck. Year ago

    honestly thomas - you're a really good guy, thanks for this

  • Mice on Venus
    Mice on Venus 3 years ago

    This video really resonated with me. You're a really wise man, Thomas. I almost felt like this video was from future me trying to give past (current) me advice, in a timeline in which I was successful in the videogame industry lmao.

  • Physiker2001
    Physiker2001 3 years ago +8

    I just solved a big problem in my game while looking this video, thank you!

  • Caleb Wright
    Caleb Wright 3 years ago

    Thank you for this video. I’ve been trying to ignore a couple of those feelings but I needed this. I’m at that point of loathing certain features lol

  • Zanzikhan
    Zanzikhan 2 years ago

    A lot of your advice I adopt in regular life already. :p good video. I have definitely felt like a fraud at times(literally worried about Unity revoking my projects if my project titles hinted even the slightest that I was a noob). I am very confident in my abilities and I know I can easily pickup whatever I decide (took two weeks to learn 3D modelling which would take most an undoubtedly larger amount of time). Even with my ability to learn and do anything I put my mind to, there is always a starting point and always that fear that one is “posing”.

  • Yogurt Banana
    Yogurt Banana 2 years ago

    Thank you. These have SO MANY applications! I wish there was stuff like this taught in schools

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  • Ro Shin
    Ro Shin 3 years ago

    Thanks Thomas. Been sick for a few days and was starting to have nightmares about the work I needed to get done on our project. Perspective is great!

  • BOOX
    BOOX Year ago +1

    I love how this can also work with comics as well.

  • William Coleman
    William Coleman 2 years ago

    I bought pinstripe on my switch a couple weeks ago and i loved it. Ive been trying to get into making games. but i honestly feel like im overwhelmed. Im glad i randomly stumbled upon your video and I hope to learn a bit from you.

  • Meme Potater
    Meme Potater Year ago

    I keep taking my family for granted. But I do love the fact that they support me regardless on what I'm doing. Thanks to them I don't feel anxious while working. Thanks to them I feel like Im making quick progress (even doe I know I'm not lmao) and I feel like I'm making a good game. Of course I let them know my struggles and mishaps
    But they support me regardless making me feel better. And for that I am forever grateful.

  • Mridul Arora
    Mridul Arora 3 years ago

    He really understands what I am going through and thank you for being such an inspiration.

  • Laserbean 00001
    Laserbean 00001 2 years ago +8

    I just want to say that I've lived my entire life thinking "adults are smarter than me" or "I can't do that cause i haven't learned it yet" Maybe I could have achieved way more if I didn't have that mindset....

    • Evangelista wander garcia peña
      Evangelista wander garcia peña 2 years ago

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  • Dagarath
    Dagarath 3 years ago +4

    Game Dev finally pushed my debilitating depression to the forefront, and I was able to get help. I am still working on my game, but a year in I don't have any actual gameplay, yet I am satisfied.

  • Masdox
    Masdox 3 years ago

    Thomas, I wanted to thank you. I keep scrapping my game. Problem is I dont have a GDD. I currently stop worry about animations, level design, UI, scripting until I get it done. This video helped me feel like I'm not alone. Thank you for providing us this. Your right get a routine going.

    • Masdox
      Masdox 3 years ago

      Hey I notice you use a drawing tablet, what is it? I'm looking buy a good one with a screen, do you have any recommendations?

  • Silv3r_Aura _3 gaming
    Silv3r_Aura _3 gaming 2 years ago

    Thank you for your discussion on how mental illnesses can pop up, and that they don't make you any less of a person. This happens for a lot of entrepreneurs regardless of which industry they are in. 🤗

    • Evangelista wander garcia peña
      Evangelista wander garcia peña 2 years ago

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  • System Developer
    System Developer Year ago

    The great thing about this video is that it can be applied to different branches, for example I am writing a story which I hope will turn into a book and I am relating to the things you have said wayyy to well. (saw this video since I want to try to make games too on my free time)
    I am glad watching and listening to you, helps me to see what might come next and how to try to prepare myself.

  • joemrp05
    joemrp05 Year ago

    Great video, I'm brand new to game development and looking to get into it as a side gig/ hobby. I dont expect to make a living off it but I didn't realize going in just how much time it will require. Would love some feedback on the money side for small time developers, is it worth all the time to learn and create?

  • Cyberlingbot 3D
    Cyberlingbot 3D 3 years ago +31

    Making a game all by yourself is such a huge task. There's so many elements to a game. Not sure how one person could do it, if you could you'd be a literal genius. 300 IQ would be adequate.

    • The Major Explorer Group
      The Major Explorer Group 2 years ago +1

      @Smithy Also, Game Dev Unlocked, creator of the beautiful game The First Tree, was working alone and didn't even know how to code! He used a plugin and was still able to make this game great within 18 months

    • Smithy
      Smithy 2 years ago +6

      Strawberry that doesn’t mean much when you have solo devs like Toby fox who made my all time favorite game... undertale

  • D. Leonardo Vasquez Trimboli

    I need to be honest on this. I don't watch your videos on Upload, nor has I seen them all but, every time I feel I code myself into a corner and start to feel as a failure and a fraude, is ay those points that I come to your videos and find myself feeling less alone and get the motivation to keep going.
    Even more, I saw this specific video a few days ago, but I commenting it now (after watching an older one) 'cause I wanted to increase the chances of you, reading it.

  • kenny berg
    kenny berg 3 years ago

    Hey Thomas I know your super busy with once upon a coma but can I ask as an aspiring 2d game dev can we expect a series where you take us from start to finish.

  • ChronoFlation
    ChronoFlation 2 years ago

    I just wanna make a 2D platformer game where you can alter the physics of the world around you into 3 or maybe 4 variants. I think that's a decent scope of main gameplay features for a first game, and I can toy with combat mechanics later if I want, but those would definitely be secondary. For now, Mario with physics manipulation instead of a fire flower. Luckily I'm not too worried about being an imposter since my first job showed me that all of management and senior developers were imposters too lol

  • Fanartje
    Fanartje 2 years ago

    You know what i think you are fucking awesome and i love that you want to share all of this. Cant imagine telling everyone that im dealing with anxiety and fear of the things i create. Mad respect to you sir, may we all create bootyfull games

  • Mohamed Shuaau
    Mohamed Shuaau 3 years ago

    Thank you! I really needed this
    I’m an imposter
    People are not gonna like my game
    I’m lazy sometimes
    I feel hopeless
    I run out of Ideas or don’t have any at all
    I have OCD
    And so much more
    But I’m still dragging my ass everyday closer to a completion. Thank you ❤️

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    Thank you so much for this video. I just discovered your channel and I finded this video when I need it. I hope my game development won't long a couple of years :D

    • Evangelista wander garcia peña
      Evangelista wander garcia peña 2 years ago

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  • DigDougArt
    DigDougArt 3 years ago

    Honest and to the point, thanks for sharing!

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    Falesam 3 years ago +2

    Hey dude! Thanks for this, I really really appreciated. All the success!

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    Best Tube 3 years ago

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    Thank you so much, you’re the best ❤️❤️

  • Obsidian Contraption

    Super inspirational talk man, and Coma looks excellent!

  • Robert J. Morris
    Robert J. Morris 3 years ago +1

    I am fighting tooth and nail to get a novel finished whilst working in very hardcore construction at the age of 45. safe to say that my music and journalism and photography careers never panned out. over the decades but I have always had the gift of knowing programming like since 6 years of age. I've acquired over 8 different programming languages and any language really is easy to learn for me. I have recently discovered godot, and I would like to adapt my novel concept into an adventure game. Not turning the novel into a video game but the concept itself. (because the novel idea actually is intended to launch a series of novels.) I know. Finish one before you finish the other... But I can't do that. I am working on both, er, all three and I am suffering for all of it, and barely scraping by with my carpentry job. I guess my question is, "If I want to create an adventure game with a sort of RPG component and sweeping storyline, how do I begin to create the fundamental game mechanics (aside from character movements and visuals)? Is there a certain way to construct that concept in a scalable fashion as the game is developed? I believe I can do this during the writing process of the novel I am currently writing.. Yes time is sparse, lol.
    I hope you could answer this directly or indirectly through a video.
    Robert J. Morris

  • Coding Adventure
    Coding Adventure 3 years ago

    Hey, its Manish from India, Your videos are helping me a-lot, i was keep planning and planning and planning , it was like fooling myself at daily basic and i literally hated it but now i am working on a game from like 6 months.
    You were f****ing right game developers are like playing god, you are the one who created and you are the only reason why these have some properties of doing something. I hope you read it.
    Love uh brah!!!!💟

  • JepMaster
    JepMaster 2 years ago

    Great advice. I do notice a lot of indie game devs going through some type of mental issues. Glad you mentioned it here.

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    Tarnia Book Year ago

    I´m writer who, in my free time, is starting to make a game I would like to play, for the fun of making it, and I´m surprised with how similar these experiences related to game making are to the experiences I already had with my writing.

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    Levent AKSOY 3 years ago

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