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The Making of "Your Turn to Roll" | The Legend of Vox Machina

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • The Legend of Vox Machina is available now on Prime Video! Watch: amzn.to/3o4nBS5
    Listen to The Legend of Vox Machina's official soundtrack here: lnk.to/voxmachina
    Go behind-the-scenes for the making and recording of the new Critical Role and The Legend of Vox Machina theme song, "Your Turn To Roll", feat. Laura Bailey, Ashley Johnson, Sam Riegel, Travis Willingham, and Jason Charles Miller! Special thanks to Outloud Audio in Burbank, CA for the use of their amazingly comfortable state-of-the-art facility.
    Our Kickstarter campaign for our animated SERIES, The Legend of Vox Machina, is still live!
    If we hit our final stretch goal together, we’ll be able to make TEN EPISODES of professional-level animation with our friends at Titmouse (Big Mouth, Venture Bros., Metalocalypse).
    For more about our rewards, timeline, creative team, stretch goals, and to join our campaign, please visit our Kickstarter page: kck.st/2TsFKuD
    A very special thanks to our animation partner, Titmouse.
    Learn more about Titmouse: titmouse.net/
    Follow Titmouse on Twitter: TitmouseInc
    Animation Produced by
    Titmouse, inc.
    Directed by
    Sung Jin Ahn
    Produced by
    Ben Kalina
    Executive Producers
    Travis Willingham
    Sam Riegel
    Chris Prynoski
    Shannon Prynoski
    Character Designer
    Joanna Park
    Background Design & Layout
    Arthur Loftis
    Kirk Shinmoto
    Anthony Wu
    Richard Chang
    Sung Jin Ahn
    Amanda Sitareh Bautista
    Grace Mi
    Deanna Trudeau
    FX Animation
    Naoki Araiza Tokumasu
    Digital Animation Cleanup
    Symbiosys Technologies
    Steve Kellener
    Song Title: Your Turn To Roll (Critical Role Theme)
    Written by Sam Riegel and Jason Charles Miller
    Lyrics by Sam Riegel
    Produced by Jason Charles Miller
    Vocals: Laura Bailey, Ashley Johnson, Sam Riegel, Travis Willingham
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Comments • 1 834

  • Jasmine RuffPuff
    Jasmine RuffPuff 4 years ago +20602

    Laura felt embarrassed singing in front of Travis? I think she might have a crush on him, guys.

    • Eric Pfeifer
      Eric Pfeifer 16 days ago


    • Ty26 _44
      Ty26 _44 2 months ago

      They are married right? I don't watch them regularly, so I'm not 100%

    • iitsTre_
      iitsTre_ 3 months ago

      They'd be pretty cute together tbh.

    • Hellering Inc
      Hellering Inc 4 months ago

      @Villain Voice someone told Foster lmao

    • Discocub
      Discocub 5 months ago

      Don’t we all? 😅

  • Abi E
    Abi E 2 years ago +3092

    How unreal Laura was feeding Ronin while singing this and Ashley came to record late at night after working on TLOU2 all day that’s. They’re so cool

  • Dudae
    Dudae 2 years ago +2369

    Sam saying " after she [Ashley] had been doing a videogame job all day" is quite possibly the understatement of the year

    • Kyoza
      Kyoza 2 years ago +4

      @Taj 👀

    • Taj
      Taj 2 years ago +93

      *side eyes TLOU2*

  • Itai Sprachman
    Itai Sprachman 4 years ago +2753

    Sam Rigel is a real life, modern representation of the bard class

    • Takashi Ross
      Takashi Ross 18 days ago +1

      You sure Bards aren’t the fictional version of Sam Rigel?

    • Seraph Silverstar
      Seraph Silverstar Month ago +1

      Big bard energy

    • Emy C
      Emy C 3 months ago +3

      Absolutely hahaha

    • צמח ישראל מרום
      צמח ישראל מרום 4 months ago +9

      that. is. true. After watching his scanlan I really can't imagine other bards playing out xdd

    • Abigail W
      Abigail W 5 months ago +20

      Theres a reason he played scanlan

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams Year ago +841

    Me in 2020, playing The Last of Us Part II: “Laura Bailey is such a badass.”
    Me in 2021, late to the party and discovering Critical Role and learning that Laura breastfed her baby while recording a song: “Laura Bailey is THE badass.”

    • LazurusWolf666
      LazurusWolf666 10 months ago +40

      I got another one.
      When she and Ashley were filming the end fight scene for the game Laura held her breath during the drowning scene for so long her lips turned blue. Now that’s commitment.

  • Bodybuilding.com
    Bodybuilding.com 4 years ago +2798

    Nein out of Nein

    • Hoid
      Hoid 29 days ago +1

      ​@Rafael Jesus Francisco Ramirez Arellano They were brainstorming and Liam pitched Mighty Nein as a joke on his Zemnian (German) heritage. It means basically The Big Nope, and they all loved that there were only 7 of them so it would confuse people, which is an appropriate response for the level of chaos in this group.

    • Aries
      Aries Month ago +2

      @Rafael Jesus Francisco Ramirez Arellano because they roll many, many, many nines in the second campaign. So they decided to make it a part of their groups name.

    • Rafael Jesus Francisco Ramirez Arellano
      Rafael Jesus Francisco Ramirez Arellano Month ago

      @DasKame Mighty Nein is the name of their second campaign. I'm just starting so I don't know why they are called like that. Any experts??

    • DasKame
      DasKame 2 months ago

      I dont get that "nein" Gag, is that a Fantay-Speak Joke?

    • Beacuzz
      Beacuzz Year ago +5

      Loving the "translation"

  • James Walker
    James Walker 4 years ago +8892

    Sam Regel is a freaking creative genius...

    • Johner MacTavish
      Johner MacTavish Year ago +2

      He appears the goofy fool but him and Travis carry that group HARD. I mean mat is of course a massive influence it the shows popularity and everyone contributes both those two are the real life DMs.

    • Frek
      Frek Year ago

      @Daniel Carneiro yes everything can be trained. But some learn faster then others and some have a way higher starting point then others. We are not born equal a psychology student should know that.

    • Magabes
      Magabes Year ago +1

      @Daniel Carneiro As a music composer, I think skills can be trained and creativity can be improved by those skills but only to a certain extent. Imagination and spontaneity are part of a person's personality, and I believe they heavily construct the built-in aspect of creativity. In Sam's case, those traits of his personality are probably why he even pursued a voice acting career and has hobbies in the creative field such as music.

    • Zyra
      Zyra 2 years ago

      Especially with his DnDBeyond ads

    • Joe Ligma
      Joe Ligma 2 years ago

      5.000th like
      No, i am not sorry for that comment

  • katie ☠
    katie ☠ Year ago +386

    Sam has an Emmy
    When the tv show comes out, he could win a grammy for the theme song.
    Then we just need a Critical Role movie and then a version of the movie on Broadway.
    Boom. Sam Riegel: EGOT

    • Vanessa Walsh
      Vanessa Walsh 6 months ago +7

      Samuel Oscar Riegel... Nice.

    • Some Guy
      Some Guy 8 months ago +14

      His middle name is Oscar if it helps :D

  • Sara P
    Sara P Year ago +371

    Travis hyping up Laura and Laura being all shy infront of Travis is THE CUTEST 😵🥰

  • Quinn Schad
    Quinn Schad 4 years ago +1003

    Travis went from jock to lumberjack dad

    • Dragoninthewest
      Dragoninthewest Month ago +6

      @Xiatter Lumberjacks are basically barbarians.

    • Xiatter
      Xiatter Year ago +6


    • Victoria N.
      Victoria N. 2 years ago +1


    • Daniel Castillo
      Daniel Castillo 3 years ago +46

      I like to think it kind of works like a Pokémon evolution
      Like your Jock can either go "Lumberjack" dad or "Beer belly" dad

    • deffdefying
      deffdefying 3 years ago +109

      let's meet in the middle and say he's a lumber-jock dad

  • AphexTwinkie
    AphexTwinkie Year ago +584

    I sometimes forget how actually talented the whole cast is (Sam especially). Like yeah they're voice actors by trade but I mean c'mon...Ashley and Laura nailed this song and those harmonies and Sam helped compose the whole thing from scratch and it sounds like something you'd hear in a big budget film. Hats off to all of em

  • Battum
    Battum 4 years ago +749

    I really dig how the "Critical!" sounds in the "roll! Critical! Roll! Critical!" part. The fact that "Critical" has 3 syllables (and strong consonants) makes for a cool percussive gallop efect.

    • testfire3000
      testfire3000 Year ago +5

      Well said! The sound is so quick and attention grabbing.

  • Deborah Cobb
    Deborah Cobb 4 years ago +6902

    THIS IS SO GOOD. Also can we talk about Laura laying down these amazing vocals WHILE NURSING RONIN?! What a freaking badass woman.

    • Beatriz Zacharias
      Beatriz Zacharias Year ago +1

      @Justin having just one hour to record a good theme song when you aren’t a singer alone is notoriously difficult, let alone breastfeed that is notoriously painful and let’s the mother bleeding more often than not. But sure, not difficult at all…

    • Deborah Cobb
      Deborah Cobb Year ago +1

      @Justin do you speak from experience?

    • Justin
      Justin Year ago

      Neither of those things are difficult.

    • Em Wells
      Em Wells 2 years ago

      Was literally just about to comment the same thing!

    • Charlie
      Charlie 2 years ago +3

      Laura is just treasure

  • Natasha Hutt
    Natasha Hutt Year ago +188

    it's ... weirdly like actually really sweet and kinda cool that she was feeding her son while creating music for something she loves, ya know?

  • Larry Berry
    Larry Berry 3 years ago +182

    It's Amazing to remember that this all started as a one shot Birthday game, and it has become an indrustry.

  • Panhardt
    Panhardt 3 years ago +8843

    "Sam Riegel: Composer" I think you mean "Sam Riegel: Actual Bard"

    • Ariella K
      Ariella K Year ago

      Hahahaha, YES!

    • Dan Moss
      Dan Moss Year ago


    • LazyBunnyLyn
      LazyBunnyLyn 2 years ago

      Phew good thing there arent dragons here

    • Elusive Gamergirl
      Elusive Gamergirl 2 years ago +3

      His powers as Scanlan have transferred to his actual self. It’s amazing and I love it

  • madz
    madz 3 years ago +167

    Laura is embarrassed in front of her husband but not in front of her friend, I need friends that make me feel like that

  • Arwo
    Arwo 4 years ago +275

    As someone who studies early child development and education...
    I have to hole heartedly thank Laura for holding Ronan during that singing session
    That has a pedagogical value you can’t even imagine

  • MrWaffles
    MrWaffles 4 years ago +5418

    That feather boa is an old voice actor trick to reduce ambient echo in the booth ;) I love this!

    • Sarah Phillips
      Sarah Phillips 5 days ago

      That is actually pretty cool!'😋
      ...And I think Ashley looks pretty in that boa! 😁

    • Nathan Strauch
      Nathan Strauch 9 months ago

      wait really? i thought ashley just wanted to look snazzy lol

    • Ashley LaRicci
      Ashley LaRicci 10 months ago

      Genuinely thought it was just for extra flair lol

    • Yik Long Tay
      Yik Long Tay Year ago

      She just wanted the excuse to wear one

    • DeZ Thriving
      DeZ Thriving Year ago

      I was wondering why she had that 🤣😂🤣

  • snowrider901
    snowrider901 6 months ago +30

    i can’t believe “Your Turn to Roll” was Ronin’s first lullaby Laura sang to him lol

  • CrazyLoveOwl
    CrazyLoveOwl Year ago +91

    Ellie and Abby singing together is wonderful

  • queen wolf mononoke
    queen wolf mononoke 4 years ago +125

    I had a feeling that Ashley was the one singing the theme song but I had no idea that Laura was in this singing as well oh my God I can't wait for this series I LOVE IT

    • Jon Engqvist
      Jon Engqvist 3 years ago +10

      The first part is Laura and the second verse are with Ashley with some combined lyrics with Laura. :)

  • Allie Browning
    Allie Browning 2 years ago +51


  • Rwyot
    Rwyot 2 years ago +344

    18yrl Ronan watching himself breastfeeding whilst a fire mixtape is being made 👁👄👁

  • Geoffrey Peterson
    Geoffrey Peterson 4 years ago +5769

    So it all started because Travis took a daring leap and asked for something out of Sam's brain. Fortune favors the bold!

    • Atwood The Hunter
      Atwood The Hunter Year ago +1

      Rolled two nat 20s on a advantage roll basically

    • Daniel Castillo
      Daniel Castillo 2 years ago +1

      Love the way you put it
      As if asking Sam to show what he thinks of is as dangerous as taking a leap of faith off of a cliff

    • Barnabus The Hobgoblin
      Barnabus The Hobgoblin 2 years ago +2

      He who dares, wins.
      I believe that's the words of the British SAS.

    • KosViik
      KosViik 2 years ago +13

      Travis: "Hmm, maybe Sam has some ideas? I could ask him I guess..."
      Matt Mercer jumps up from behind the couch as both Travis and Laura recoil from surprise and the baby laughs at them.
      "Roll for persuation!!!"

    • Anita Shenk
      Anita Shenk 2 years ago

      @Crow kieleiiioeo3i

  • jeffrey gray
    jeffrey gray 2 years ago +25

    You know almost every show I watch I skip the intro... I never skip Your Turn to Roll. Never fails to get me pumped for the episode.

  • Endless Spheres
    Endless Spheres 4 years ago +134

    "A video game job."
    Wonder what job that was, Elli-I mean Ashley.
    P.S. If the writers of the Blindspot can like, make your character take a vacation or something, that'd be great.

  • Meredith Decker
    Meredith Decker 4 years ago +1734

    "Ashley has been working a video game job all day"
    Me: THE LAST OF US?!,

    • Annie
      Annie Year ago +2

      @mothafraker when the song was made? Where did you get that from? They've known each other for many years by the time this was made.

    • Rylan Storm
      Rylan Storm Year ago +3

      She's known them for years! This song wasn'tnt made that long ago.

    • mothafraker
      mothafraker 2 years ago

      She hadn't met any of them them yet. She met them through Brian, whom she met because he was Troy Baker's(Joel) roommate.

    • Cameron McEwen
      Cameron McEwen 2 years ago +11

      She was working on _The Last of Us Part II._

    • PJ VC
      PJ VC 3 years ago +13

      and it actually was revealed to be the last of us xD

  • justintime leave
    justintime leave 2 years ago +10

    It is amazing how much talent is packed into one group, role playing, singing, acting, producing, writing, voice acting.

  • Troyous
    Troyous 4 years ago +761

    Scanlan's lightning crotch powered all of that equipment

    • William Mlenar
      William Mlenar 2 years ago +1

      @Werewolftapus C1

    • Werewolftapus
      Werewolftapus 2 years ago +2

      Was that something that happened in the campaign

    • mdiem
      mdiem 4 years ago +9

      And it still does to this day.

  • Magi V
    Magi V 4 years ago +1272

    Travis cheering on Laura is everything and all of them are just so precious I could cry.

    • Brandon Brown
      Brandon Brown 3 years ago +1

      GZilla311 vampire*

    • GZilla311
      GZilla311 3 years ago +4

      Except Taliesin. He should never stop being an amazing... whatever he is, but we know it's not a human being.

  • Jesse Vancooney
    Jesse Vancooney 2 years ago +17

    I love how D&D's best gnome bard is a bard irl too, coming up with even the theme for the campaign

  • Dukegroundflyer
    Dukegroundflyer 2 years ago +20

    Sam has so many talents man, always impressed with what he creates.

  • Jason Greenwood
    Jason Greenwood 4 years ago +424

    Oh snap! That footage of the S.H.I.T.S. is Ashley's perspective of the moment they got the flying carpet!

    • Statedrum
      Statedrum 2 years ago +14

      @Paul Guy and to think, all this came about because a group of friends decided to do a one shot for liam’s birthday.

    • Paul Guy
      Paul Guy 2 years ago +2

      There's at least one other video one of them made from their old home game. You can see how they've been great friends for ages.

    • Peter Cordes
      Peter Cordes 2 years ago +9

      Ashley posted that footage on her youtube channel in 2014, before Critical Role was even a thing. clip-share.net/video/0rsks5PWfG8/video.html (I of course didn't see it until recently, so I recognized those exact shots in this video from having seen them earlier this month.)

    • Larry Berry
      Larry Berry 2 years ago +20

      If you've seen the full video Liam recorded of the flying carpet scene, it can help to place the scene from Ashley's perspective.

    • Madi R
      Madi R 2 years ago +35

      @Stefano If you look at the beginning of the clip, Sam mouths "flying carpet" and the swooshie motions Matt's making (and the players excitement) definitely seem to back it up

  • bananafish58
    bananafish58 2 years ago +10

    Being a Dad and maybe a night-owl, Sam seems to create a lot of amazing content late into the night! Gods Bless him, he brings such joy AND inspiration to others. And shout out to Travis, who inspired his friend Sam to use his prodigious lyric-creating gift. That's what friends are for.

  • RioDancesOnTheSand
    RioDancesOnTheSand 4 years ago +182

    Me: ...Is Ashley wearing a feather boa??
    Also Me: Of course she's wearing a feather boa, why *wouldn't* she be wearing a feather boa.

    • Arne Rademacker
      Arne Rademacker 4 years ago +26

      She's wearing it because Sam's booth echoes a little. The boa reduces the effect. Apparently.

  • Brian Dormady
    Brian Dormady 4 years ago +3298

    the Mighty Nein version part of 'roll the dice' always seems to break me a little bit because of Molly's cloak. I always get a little twinge inside.

    • Baba Yaga
      Baba Yaga 3 months ago

      I cry literally every time I watch that intro lol

    • June Zhang
      June Zhang 7 months ago

      The lyrics just too fitting for that scene, in a sad and beautiful way.

    • Dennis T
      Dennis T Year ago

      @Animental Didn't Vax come back every time he died? He came back as the Raven Queens servant or whatever

    • VeryConfused
      VeryConfused Year ago

      long may he reign.

    • Elena Tallian
      Elena Tallian Year ago


  • Chris Lauderdale
    Chris Lauderdale 3 years ago +64

    Laura: "For some reason I get real uncomfortable if like, Travis is there..."

  • Dreki-níu
    Dreki-níu Year ago +14

    I've been listening to Colm Mcguinness's music for ages, had no idea he did the violin for this!!!❤❤❤

  • Karen
    Karen 4 years ago +26

    Sam is a genius, Ashley and Laura are in the zone, #travisbouncelikebaby, and it’s soo cute how Laura gets nervous when Travis is there!! I’m so proud of them!!

  • bschwartzberg
    bschwartzberg 17 days ago +1

    no one is going to talk about Ashley wearing a boa despite how tired she was? I want the video roll of both Ashley and Laura singing

  • Thor Christensen
    Thor Christensen Year ago +10

    2:59 Two points:
    First - wouldn't you be *more* comfortable singing in front of your spouse?
    Second - how the hell is this woman 40??? She looks amazing.

  • Kate Marks
    Kate Marks 4 years ago +1604

    One of my favorite things about Critical Role is how much everyone involved believes in each other and builds each other up. I love these nerds so, so much. ❤️

    • EonStormcrow
      EonStormcrow 3 years ago

      I want to like your comment so much but it's set at 666 and I don't want to change it.

    • Tom Salvitti
      Tom Salvitti 4 years ago +9

      Well half of the CR cast members are married to another cast member or they were friends for years before the show even started. So correct they literally do love each other.

    • WiseSageBum
      WiseSageBum 4 years ago +14

      Before they were cast members, they were best friends

    • Larry Berry
      Larry Berry 4 years ago +19

      I've been saying that that is the thing that really makes Critical Role great. They are all extremely talented and creative and now they've got good money behind them for a pretty elaborate set up, etc. But I think if you put that much talent together with a lot of money it still wouldn't be that great if it wasn't REAL friends who care about each other playing a game they love.

    • Major Zipf
      Major Zipf 4 years ago +44

      I believe that is the true secret of their success. We are all so starved for positive human connections in this world of rampant corruption. Their intentional emphasis on loving and honoring each other is exactly why I tune in every chance I get. The incredible story telling is just a massive bonus.

  • TheGoondas87
    TheGoondas87 3 years ago +1

    Ash trying her best not to over act while singing at the start is adorable.

  • VoiceOfSofia
    VoiceOfSofia 4 years ago +32

    OMG I can't believe how much money they've managed to raise and I'm just soooo happy that they can create this. They all seemed so excited about this project and thinking back to what the campaign was just a few years ago makes me so proud of them for coming this far and proud of being part of such a wonderful community.
    I will always be a critter. I love you all cast and crew of Critial Role!
    Also, I think I've found my new favorite song.

  • Osanne
    Osanne 4 years ago +6

    This is probably the most serious, professional Critical Role video I have ever seen. I'm baffled.

  • Elusive Gamergirl
    Elusive Gamergirl 2 years ago +3

    I love that they all have a part in the theme. It makes it that much more special and makes me love it all the more

  • Wilkins C.
    Wilkins C. 4 years ago +136

    There’s a problem with this video. It isn’t 6 hours long.

  • RealUnimportant
    RealUnimportant 4 years ago +2692

    "Take a chance, roll the dice!" always gets me. ALWAYS.

  • littlefurnace
    littlefurnace Year ago +9

    Sam's original vocal made me realize how similar the melody is to Dead and Lovely by Tom Waites, although obviously very different styles.

  • Delray Brewer
    Delray Brewer 3 years ago +2

    Seeing Ashley and Laura singing.... oh... my.... god.

  • firexheartedxmage
    firexheartedxmage 4 years ago

    I know that they are all grown adults but watching these people succeed and thrive makes me so happy and proud!!!

  • DigiTool
    DigiTool 2 years ago +1

    I like that Ashley provides the vocals since she is always so busy, she still remains part of the adventure

  • iamallamaninja
    iamallamaninja 4 years ago +5

    I LOVE Ashley and Laura’s voices so so so much!!!!! Like they’re so badass and I love them so much 💖💖💖

    • Cameron McEwen
      Cameron McEwen 2 years ago

      If you’re interested, I could tell you the story I came up with over the weekend. It takes place in _World of Warcraft,_ during the events of _Shadowlands,_ and involves Laura’s character, Jaina Proudmoore.

  • upsetti
    upsetti 4 years ago +7353

    Its cute how shes embarrassed in front of Travis

    • Werewolftapus
      Werewolftapus 2 years ago

      TexTheBest (Insert child name here) Footbread rocker gina (insert last name here)

    • Cameron McEwen
      Cameron McEwen 2 years ago

      crispymartyr They’re married, genius!

    • Arctrog
      Arctrog 3 years ago

      @TheDrexxus is he a hacker for a super-crime organization?

    • Jonah Firth
      Jonah Firth 3 years ago +1

      Gabby Escobar when you get married you don’t have to change your last name I know lots of adults who are married that have legally different last names

    • Charlie Extra
      Charlie Extra 3 years ago

      ​@SonsOfLorgar there are countries that lets you choose either lastname but it has to be the same for all children (meaning all of your children must have the same surname). As for making up it, I guess you could in some countries. The point I was trying to make (but i guess failed to mention) was I don't think it archaic to take your or your spouse's name because your children would still need family/surnames and it would even be more non-inclusive if one of the parents has a different surname (in some countries, the wife legally has retains her surname but I don't know which surnames the children has to follow). I mean imagine, Parents John Smith and Jane Doe and the children Tom Smith, Dick Smith and Harry Smith. It's like your trying to exclude the mother from Smith family.

  • Nerovir
    Nerovir 2 years ago +1

    I mean, can you not love Travis more for initiating this?

  • Sands
    Sands 2 years ago

    This was really cool to see how the theme song was born and evolved into what it was to become.

  • Devilham
    Devilham 4 years ago +7

    Are you serious?!! They filmed the recording session. That's amazing!!

  • Randi Cramer
    Randi Cramer Year ago

    Why are Travis and Laura so freaking adorable together? Ugh

  • Daecoth
    Daecoth 11 months ago +3

    Awesome! Love Jason's vocals in Final Fantasy 14. This is just a epic!!!

  • Sforce 1
    Sforce 1 4 years ago +3178

    Ashley & Laura are in their zone

    • MrPineappleCc
      MrPineappleCc 3 years ago

      The auto zone

    • Ceecilex
      Ceecilex 4 years ago +6

      With her and Brian getting married I'm guessing she'll probably want to move back to LA.

    • Sherlock_ Holmes
      Sherlock_ Holmes 4 years ago +8

      @JCGver and after that: Buy out Vax's contract with the raven queen

    • Meemcus Meemcus
      Meemcus Meemcus 4 years ago

      @JCGver yaaay

    • Ron Pollard
      Ron Pollard 4 years ago +16

      I love Ashley and Laura getting into their groove. Dice toss ftw.

  • cssruth
    cssruth 4 years ago

    That is so bad ass that she nursed while singing! I'm a mom if three, and that is just so empowering to me! ♥️♥️♥️

  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor 4 years ago +1

    Honestly I didn’t even know it was them. I thought they hired professional singers. Damn! That’s some good singing and the fact that the cast came together to make it makes it all the more better!

  • Sane Malk
    Sane Malk 4 years ago

    I honestly had no idea that Laura, Ashley and Travis provided the vocals for this song. Wow! So much talent!

  • MrJBleedge
    MrJBleedge Year ago +1

    All of this makes me so happy I really hope they'll be able to create more theme songs in the future

  • Zindureth
    Zindureth 4 years ago

    I found it funny how Travis was bouncing while singing his part, and no joke when I play it at home, I also subconsciously bounce along to the laughter of my family.

  • Jonathan Rea
    Jonathan Rea 4 years ago +2229

    So Sam has a booth in is house, and he still recorded it on his phone haha

    • Folkwhore
      Folkwhore Year ago +2

      meet Taylor Swift

    • Vegar Ystenes Valstad
      Vegar Ystenes Valstad 2 years ago +3

      It's not improbable that he was in his other booth

    • R. S.
      R. S. 2 years ago +10

      @CampaignerSC quite true. its why I always carry a notebook everywhere, in case I can't use why laptop fro reasons.

    • CampaignerSC
      CampaignerSC 3 years ago +46

      If you don't record an idea right away it could be gone forever.

    • Hidden
      Hidden 4 years ago +112

      They DID say it was late at night just after they got the kids to bed, he probably can't go and start running around the house to record himself dropping hot bars in a little recording booth while his kids are just trying to sleep.
      He also probably wasn't thinking it was actually going anywhere like this, or he'd probably done it more proper.

  • Cr0wmatic
    Cr0wmatic 2 years ago +1

    2 years later and I still get chills listening to this!

  • Paul Crawford
    Paul Crawford 4 years ago

    They deserve every success watching these guys can totally change a crappy day lol.

  • Ashley Cook
    Ashley Cook 4 years ago +24

    Laura is such a SUPER MOM! Feed that baby while you play that song!!! 💖😍🌸✨

  • Jonathan Ouimet
    Jonathan Ouimet 2 years ago +1

    seeing Ashley sing gave me goosebumps a second time after already getting some while listening to the song the first time

  • Christopher Colasurdo

    Pretty bummed this ended up not actually being the theme.

  • Sascha Rönne
    Sascha Rönne 4 years ago +7320

    "That will be cut"
    Narrator: It was not, in fact, cut.

    • Caleb Reid
      Caleb Reid 2 years ago +2


    • Bleepdupdupbloop
      Bleepdupdupbloop 3 years ago +11

      In my head it sounded like Ron Howard in arrested development

    • John Rankin
      John Rankin 3 years ago +3

      @Andrew Duncan I don't want these

    • Asian Wanderer
      Asian Wanderer 3 years ago +23

      Huh.... why did the narrator’s voice sound like Morgan Freeman’s voice as I read that... lol

    • Andrew Duncan
      Andrew Duncan 4 years ago +6

      @Nick Buschiazzo COME ON!

  • Brouljak
    Brouljak 3 years ago +2

    Dont stop with a song please...The Might Nein needs an animated show with all of you as the voice actors

  • Mikko Rintasaari
    Mikko Rintasaari 3 years ago

    Does Ashley sing in a band? If not she totally should. Both her and Laura really killed it in this.

  • Ray
    Ray 28 days ago

    Os últimos gatilhos com o creme e a espuma na mão + controle remoto + aquele acessório que parecia um brinquedo com glitter rosa dentro. SIMPLESMENTE APAIXONADA POR ESSES TRIGGERS

  • C T
    C T 3 years ago +2

    Literally got chills in the first 20 seconds. I am so excited for this.

  • triplea657aaa
    triplea657aaa 4 years ago +1

    I'm going to build a shrine to Sam Riegel in my home. And Matt... And everyone else.... God, they're all so amazing...

  • Yakob Smirnoff
    Yakob Smirnoff 4 years ago +522

    Travis's enthusiasm is intoxicating haha

  • ThisIsMego
    ThisIsMego Year ago

    It's crazy to see the beginnings of the show now that the first episodes have actually aired

  • TheHitman5c
    TheHitman5c 4 years ago

    They killed it on this song. I Originally didn't care for it but after hearing it a few times I started to love it.

  • GhostNezo
    GhostNezo 2 years ago

    It's crazy to see them so close to each other without masks

  • GKFC
    GKFC 4 years ago +13

    They used the footage of the gang finding the magic carpet during the home games. Nice, such a clutch moment.

  • TheCthultist
    TheCthultist 3 years ago

    Just incredible. Such a fantastic little song; just wish there were more of it.

  • Joshua Sutton
    Joshua Sutton 4 years ago +524

    Sam Riegel is a gift

    • Joshua Sutton
      Joshua Sutton 4 years ago

      @Major Zipf More of a service

    • Major Zipf
      Major Zipf 4 years ago

      Critical Role is a gift

    • Richard Henderson
      Richard Henderson 4 years ago +2

      This needs to be a meme with that pic of Sean bean in lord of the rings. When they are discussing what to do with the ring lol

  • Rhiannon Elton
    Rhiannon Elton 4 years ago

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  • TVW Chain
    TVW Chain 4 years ago

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  • Rick Horvath
    Rick Horvath 4 years ago +2

    I've watched/listened to the intro so many times yet I still get goosebumps everytime that last line is sung "it's your turn ... to roll"

  • Oaken Shadow
    Oaken Shadow Year ago +1

    The fact that the cast actually the singers makes it so much better.

  • Metal HeartsRejik
    Metal HeartsRejik Year ago +1

    Finding out that James Charles Miller worked on this too, along with the vocals of FFXIV Shadowbringers just brings me so much joy

  • Herz
    Herz 4 years ago +317

    2:50 is the cutest thing. Lol Travis jamming and bouncing is the best

    • Peter Rojahn
      Peter Rojahn 2 years ago +11

      I love how nerdy all of them are. They are just children that have professional careers making funny voices and rolling dice.

  • culthosmythos
    culthosmythos 4 years ago

    An insane thought has just occured to me, like a wayward nat 20 of the mind- just imagine if the cast were ever able to arrange to perform this song on stage, with live music and vocals, in front of an audience of critters.

  • Brianna Dawn
    Brianna Dawn 4 years ago

    Laura getting nervous in front of Travis is literally the cutest thing I have ever heard.

  • balijosu
    balijosu 4 months ago +5

    Somebody needs to make a compilation of the times Sam says "that will be cut" and it wasn't cut.

  • Shadophaxx
    Shadophaxx 4 years ago

    i love it how the group's Bard was the one who wrote their theme song, very fitting

  • Dormaze
    Dormaze 3 years ago

    Ashley is adorable, at the start while she was singing she was about to lean away from the mic and remembered not to

  • Ubhay Dhaliwal
    Ubhay Dhaliwal 4 years ago +335

    Shoutout to Sam and the rest for being so creative

  • Xarfram
    Xarfram 2 years ago

    You know I could never tell if it was Laura or Ashley doing vocals, turns out it was both

  • Muchgum
    Muchgum 4 years ago +4

    You all made a freaking awesome piece of music, no even more than that an Epic theme for an Epic group of players!

  • SourceOfBeing
    SourceOfBeing 4 years ago +26

    I honestly didn't realise Ashley sang in this. I thought it was all Laura (excluding the Critical Critical Role Role in the intro of the intro).

    • Larry Berry
      Larry Berry 4 years ago +4

      Really? I recognized Ashley's voice right away. Took me a little longer to figure out Laura. Ashley's done quit a bit of singing. Look it up on youtube if you haven't heard it already.