MOST ICONIC KPOP SONGS (that everyone should know)

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Comments • 80

  • JustPeachy
    JustPeachy 8 months ago +31993

    I like how this whole video is just Flowtaee being the biggest fanboy LMAO

    • Arturo Gaona
      Arturo Gaona 5 days ago

      So like did they not put Big Bang?💀

    • ichiko sei
      ichiko sei 11 days ago


    • Solmarie솔마리
      Solmarie솔마리 28 days ago

      Let’s die! ! Those boys are Got7.

      ATEEZandANIME 2 months ago

      what about EXO, any EXO-Ls' here?

    • Noah Vissers
      Noah Vissers 2 months ago

      JustPeachy my once heart broke when he skipped knock knock tho. It’s def in my top three a sides and idk why yall hatin so much

  • Maryjean Domingo
    Maryjean Domingo 9 hours ago

    Appreciate Astro before its too late

  • I’m fine.
    I’m fine. 9 hours ago

    Even though I got into kpop in 2016 and some of these songs I recognized but didn’t know the name.

  • Arielis Rivera
    Arielis Rivera 9 hours ago

    Funny fact: Kill this love encouraged me to break up with my ex. I was already thinking about ending it. I heard kill this love and I was like, well darn I gotta kill this love. So I did lol

  • Juniper Zander
    Juniper Zander 10 hours ago

    My conclusion is that 2015 and 2017 we're the two best years for the kpop industry 😁

  • Kalista Greenarch
    Kalista Greenarch 11 hours ago

    Okay but the first kpop song I ever listened to was Miss Right by Teen Top🤧

  • Aracnea Strovs
    Aracnea Strovs 11 hours ago

    I cant believe I know every single song of this video exept oppaya

  • L.U Ren
    L.U Ren 11 hours ago

    Love scenario is still the best 👍👍. This brought me into kpop world.Thanks to Ikon especially B.I ❣❣❣

  • hoi baboy
    hoi baboy 11 hours ago

    Tbh when i was a kid i didn't know kpop yet and i listened to almost all of this songs and i didn't know what they were saying but i was still singing with them lol omg *memories*

  • jjjanimefan
    jjjanimefan 13 hours ago

    when you started with Into The New World that's when I decided I trusted you

  • Chimkie Yuki
    Chimkie Yuki 13 hours ago

    I am so nostalgic ksksksk

  • Nicol Zurita
    Nicol Zurita 13 hours ago

    *eunwoo most handsome kpop idol
    Kim seokjin has entered the chat

  • Lil 7lee
    Lil 7lee 17 hours ago

    i waited for rainisim to come i knew you wouldn't dissapoint me :)

  • Min_Yoongi’s _Wife
    Min_Yoongi’s _Wife 17 hours ago

    Yes please

  • _Haechanus _
    _Haechanus _ 17 hours ago


  • Help me get 9000 Subs without Videos

    Where is *MINA (미나) - Answer The Phone* ? I'm sure that this one should be on the top of all of these not only because it's great but also it put the KPOP on the map without you noticing it. 😂😅

  • Laysha Gutierrez
    Laysha Gutierrez 18 hours ago

    I don’t how I ended up here but I was trying to distance myself a bit from kpop but thanks to you I’m back to being obsessed. And honestly, thank you

  • 평범한한사람
    평범한한사람 18 hours ago


  • Laysha Gutierrez
    Laysha Gutierrez 19 hours ago

    Okay but I personally think knock knock is just as iconic as every other twice song I constantly sing it

  • yves grandma
    yves grandma 19 hours ago

    0:45 pride ❤️🏳️‍🌈

  • viuva negra
    viuva negra 19 hours ago

    when I heard the GEE song the part where one of them says listen boy I just remembered it suga 😂😂😂
    Ps:sorry for my english is that i am portuguese😂

  • xNeurotic here
    xNeurotic here 19 hours ago

    KDA, And Shaun hits hard

  • Lovely Mae Gudis
    Lovely Mae Gudis 19 hours ago

    2:10 skusta Clee-wag ka nang magalit

  • TSRXJ 21
    TSRXJ 21 20 hours ago

    Where's Ukiss , BAP , Teen top , B1a4 ?? 😭😭😭

  • Dasha Britova
    Dasha Britova 20 hours ago

    what about okey dokey

  • Lulu Joy
    Lulu Joy 20 hours ago

    Everyone : The first K-pop song I listened to was [insert song].
    Me : Well, *Kill this Love* played on TV '-'

  • Alfarizalvin
    Alfarizalvin 20 hours ago

    How about RV - Russian Roulette MV??? They are killing each other

  • soobin's schneeballen
    soobin's schneeballen 20 hours ago

    "I Got A Boy Era" made the colourful leggings and pants so trendy to all of the k-pop fans back then lol😂

  • Kayla Nguyen
    Kayla Nguyen Day ago

    I feel old too I’m only 12 and I knew so far 9/10 of the songs you played

  • chingylingy
    chingylingy Day ago

    also does anyone remember when SHINee was on that show where they raised someone else’s kid or was that just me?????

  • chingylingy
    chingylingy Day ago

    if you didnt dance to ring ding dong and hit your knee on your bed when you were 11-12 dont talk to me

  • Mark-ingdom
    Mark-ingdom Day ago +1

    I don't know if your gonna believe or not but I sang all the songs

  • Mark-ingdom
    Mark-ingdom Day ago +1

    I miss the ot9 of Girl's Generation.
    They we're 9 and then became 8 after that they became 5 and now they are called snsd 'oh gg.😭😭😭

    30:03 they ate not girls generation anymore they are now snsd oh gg

  • Kim Seok jin
    Kim Seok jin Day ago

    I feel like staning all huhuhuhuhuhu

  • Kim Seok jin
    Kim Seok jin Day ago

    I'm just 8 years old the time they release almost every song here but I know some

  • sparkly chae
    sparkly chae Day ago

    H.O.T and seo taiji & boys will forever be iconic for k-pop

  • Nyla Issax
    Nyla Issax Day ago


  • Aleeya Roslan
    Aleeya Roslan Day ago

    Its sad when X1 have their debut but after just disband go to their own way...😪

  • Asher Dee Wood
    Asher Dee Wood Day ago

    As someone who got into k-pop in 2008, (and who has no idea about 3rd gen groups) this comment section is a mess.
    Bts who?????
    I only know SHINee, sorry.

  • Aleeya Roslan
    Aleeya Roslan Day ago

    Lion heart a song when dubsmah was a thing😂

  • renagadeing
    renagadeing Day ago

    when you said "x1 will be the future of kpop" i sobbed cause of the whole vote thing:(((

  • renagadeing
    renagadeing Day ago

    ok but we all know for a fact, ddu ddu ddu ddu is a big legend cause bp finally had a comeback after so long aNd when it was released, it was like a BOMB dropped on earth.

  • renagadeing
    renagadeing Day ago

    ok admit it, 2017 was the year for best kpop songs(for bts, twice, nct generation)
    like bro, energetic, bling bling, red flavor, don't wanna cry, dna, cherry bomb, heart shaker, signal, as if it's your last, likey, spring day?!
    ok but 2018 was pretty iconic too sO BEST YEAR FOR 2017&2019

  • Kenny Isles
    Kenny Isles Day ago

    I miss them so much 💜

  • MrZahsome
    MrZahsome Day ago

    No mention of wedding dress? The one song that inspired practically an entire generation to dress up like Taeyang, danced like Taeyang and played Piano to learn Taeyang's songs? Lol

  • Citra Jung
    Citra Jung Day ago

    Idol 1st-2nd generation paved the way
    3rd generation make the way more beautiful

  • Abid Abidshameel

    You tell any thing but BTS, BIG BANG are the best

  • Siti Liza
    Siti Liza Day ago

    When love scenario started
    Me; oh its my era😂😂

  • Justine Grimaud
    Justine Grimaud 2 days ago

    Lot of iconic groups or songs were not mentionned : Lee Hyori, Fin.k.L, Baby V.o.x, S.E.S, Bada, JYP as a solist, BoA is only at the end but "I'll eat you up", "U" by Super Junior, Se7en, "Rising Sun" by TVXQ, H.O.T, Shinhwa ... They are true legendsand they really paved the way for the others.

  • Raquel D
    Raquel D 2 days ago

    Btw when is the comeback for Vixx O.o

  • Someone
    Someone 2 days ago

    2019 was the best year for debuts and grand returns LMFAO

  • CJ Verzosa
    CJ Verzosa 2 days ago

    X1 the future of K-pop, I'm literally not crying

  • Khelena Sukham
    Khelena Sukham 2 days ago

    SHINee's 'Replay' will always hold a special place in my heart,and that's for sure.💖

  • i am uyu
    i am uyu 2 days ago


  • Joshi
    Joshi 2 days ago

    Where psy?

  • Ai Elani
    Ai Elani 2 days ago

    I recomended "Shoot" -Mino ft Haha . Its swag 😂

  • Samitha Raj
    Samitha Raj 2 days ago

    Whenever I watch this video I always get goosebumps

  • Diane Vuong
    Diane Vuong 2 days ago

    my first kpop song ever was shinee ring ding dong. rip jonghuyn

  • Nightbringer bringeroflight

    Hey dont forget flower road

  • CB Manlangit
    CB Manlangit 2 days ago

    2ne1 is the only one LEGEND girl group we called it QUEEN OF KPOP
    Bigbang is the only one LEGEND boy group we called it KING OF KPOP

  • CB Manlangit
    CB Manlangit 2 days ago

    Hey Where's 2ne1 Fire You Should put it too because 2ne1 fire is the most iconic song forever

  • Lauren Henley
    Lauren Henley 2 days ago

    Before this I knew:
    Sorry sorry
    gee gee
    fantastic baby
    Love Scenario
    Mr Mr
    I Got a Boy
    Lion Heart
    I need U
    Like Ooh Aah
    Trouble Maker
    Bubble Pop*
    Rum Pum Pum*
    ELECTRIC SHOCK (my unofficial first kpop song)
    Comeback Home
    Bang Bang Bang*
    Strawberry Flavour
    Really Really
    As if it's your last
    Chained Up
    AJUUUUUU NICE (my first kpop song)
    Gangnam Style
    Heart Shaker
    What Is Love
    Cheer Up
    Eyes Nose Lips
    Ddu du ddu du
    Kill this love
    Hello Bitches
    UP & DOWN
    Dalla Dalla
    Boy With Luv
    Roller Coaster
    Pick Me
    Bad Boy
    Roll Deep
    I (taeyeon)

    also knew others like all the other red velvet ones and really really but for some reason didn't want to include in the main list

    •HEY STOB IT• 2 days ago

    I know song, I don’t know song name

  • Gigi Lee
    Gigi Lee 2 days ago

    I know every single one of these songs

  • I'm not sure Why
    I'm not sure Why 2 days ago

    How you gonna do T-ara and After school dirty. Miss A too. Their an icon. And how can you forget "Wow Thing." Come on man. I mean other than that. Pretty good video.

  • milly
    milly 2 days ago

    this is just a series of me freaking out about jems that i have forgotten.

  • kooksnul 8803
    kooksnul 8803 2 days ago

    everyone please tell me who's william -,

  • kooksnul 8803
    kooksnul 8803 2 days ago

    u forgot about hello from shinee😐

  • Islam Ahmad
    Islam Ahmad 2 days ago

    My first kpop song: A song calling for you by ss501 😍

  • TJ Moore
    TJ Moore 2 days ago

    2NE1 pretty much brought the western hip hop style into Kpop (somewhat along with Girls Generation, Big Bang and etc),They also are the first and ONLY girl group to win album of the year, artist of the year in and best MV of the year award in the same night. Not to mention in that same night Park Bom also won best digital single award. They also won Most Fashionable Girl Group of All Time, previously held by Spice Girls. Back in 2012 The New York Times said their concert at the Prudential center in Newark was the best concert in 2012, beating out even huge American artists like Beyoncé. Think about that for a second, the fact that 2NE1 was so big and their BlackJack fanbase so massive that they were so relevant in the western and eastern world pretty much before youtube and social media was a huge thing.

  • G. Love 64
    G. Love 64 2 days ago

    This list is PERFECT!! I have everyone of these songs !!

  • G. Love 64
    G. Love 64 2 days ago

    Ring ding dong biatches !

  • Taemy 3017
    Taemy 3017 2 days ago

    Where's that 'yolo yolo'? :(

  • anto antonia
    anto antonia 2 days ago +2

    The most viewed video in 24 hours was by BTS ... with Boy with lov .... :)) so you were WRONG at 23:42

  • Yudi S Permana
    Yudi S Permana 2 days ago

    I know all the song

  • Thomas Lalruatkima
    Thomas Lalruatkima 2 days ago


  • mad sone
    mad sone 2 days ago

    BLESS YOU OMG the commentary is sending meeeee😭

  • Kristina Folvarčná

    I'm not one to write comments....but your video was so wholesome! All the songs you included brought back so many happy memories of mine. I've been a fan for around 8 years now and kpop is the best thing which could happen to me! I'm not kidding, each of these songs has a memory to some party, new friend and so on. And as a Cassiopeia I'm glad I heard TVXQ!
    Keep fighting everyone and keep listening to kpop!

  • RonicVll
    RonicVll 2 days ago

    Me at 20:00 - 😮...🤗