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Someone left my tesla stranded in the mountains..

  • Published on Jan 20, 2023 veröffentlicht

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  • iicrazyali
    iicrazyali Month ago +12600

    U should charge him 498 for an improper return, he already did a down payment of 2 dollars

  • Don Dark
    Don Dark 20 days ago +2117

    That man isn't gonna pay you cuz he's lost in those mountains bro

  • grandkalbi
    grandkalbi 18 days ago +553

    might just be me but I wouldve called the cops first right after finding it because burned out tires and abandoned in the mountains seems like something to be VERY concerned about.

    • Spike82
      Spike82 3 days ago

      @Broly Universe 7 exactly, eventually another car would go down there and see u

    • Broly Universe 7
      Broly Universe 7 4 days ago +3

      @Dr. Sans! btw, heading head first into the mountains, when there is a road to follow, is just suicide lmaoo

    • Broly Universe 7
      Broly Universe 7 4 days ago

      @Dr. Sans! the owner probably turned the car on straight away to check if it starts.. sooooo i dont think it broke down

    • Dr. Sans!
      Dr. Sans! 6 days ago +19

      @𝙳𝚒𝚜𝚊𝚜𝚝𝚛𝚘𝚞𝚜He could have damaged the car beyond driving condition and is now lost roaming those mountains

    • 𝙳𝚒𝚜𝚊𝚜𝚝𝚛𝚘𝚞𝚜
      𝙳𝚒𝚜𝚊𝚜𝚝𝚛𝚘𝚞𝚜 6 days ago +1

      Can you explain why? Is it because they were criminals or doing something bad?

  • Danny Di Buono
    Danny Di Buono 2 months ago +27502

    This is why you don't rent your Tesla.

  • Brendensmith Music
    Brendensmith Music 28 days ago +105

    Damn. Looks like someone ran that homie off the road after high speed chase then grabbed him. Left his car there off in the desert

  • Michelle D
    Michelle D 21 day ago +114

    When he didn’t bring it back, you should have reported it stolen.

    • Musty Sock
      Musty Sock Hour ago

      It’s not stolen if the car is rented even after the return date unfortunately

    • FuryOG
      FuryOG Day ago

      it’s fake lmao isn’t that obvious 🤣

    • Long Pipe Gang
      Long Pipe Gang 2 days ago

      Then you have a salvage title on your vehcile

    • angryhairpeice
      angryhairpeice 5 days ago +1

      Then you have to pay the impound fee.

  • oops
    oops Month ago +11222

    Ohio's most respectful customer

    • Kazuru
      Kazuru 6 days ago

      @J b so lets say youre from the future? Like 2050 or smth ?

    • Sameer Family
      Sameer Family 6 days ago


    • The Void Ascensionist
      The Void Ascensionist 8 days ago

      @Jordann the running joke is still running, imagine shaming people for a joke, you act like it matters but it doesn't, if it isn't funny then don't laugh at it, but shaming people for such a small joke is just another level of sad.

    • Jordann
      Jordann 8 days ago

      Ohio jokes In 2023? grow up

  • Kim Jong Moon
    Kim Jong Moon 17 days ago +118

    FIRST MISTAKE: Rented it to someone from Ohio 😂

    • angryhairpeice
      angryhairpeice 5 days ago

      The first mistake was buying a Trashla.

    • Kim Jong Moon
      Kim Jong Moon 5 days ago +2

      These 2 guys must be from Ohio 🤣🤣🤣

    • Kenny McCornick
      Kenny McCornick 8 days ago +1

      Wow, so funny. Everybodys laughing for s joke thats been annoying for over 6 months and especially 2023.

    • POOP
      POOP 8 days ago +1

      First mistake more like Worst mistake

    • flint
      flint 9 days ago +1

      imagine making a ohio joke in march 2023

  • Knight Glint
    Knight Glint 22 days ago +13

    Here's your internet brownie points for a staged video that 99% of people can figure out is staged.

  • Marty McFly
    Marty McFly Month ago +1992

    He left the $2 hoping someone would smash the window to get it

    • Martin
      Martin Month ago

      makes sense yeah

    • Aaron Williams
      Aaron Williams Month ago

      @Julian Abrego so he wouldn’t report it stolen? He’s just be paying for a window on top of that.

    • Jay Lugo
      Jay Lugo Month ago


    • Aiden P
      Aiden P Month ago +1

      in Ohio someone would smash it for 2 bucks

    • Fredo
      Fredo Month ago

      @Dakota Hyer true I forgot bout that

  • Everlastingpika 14
    Everlastingpika 14 28 days ago +8

    Is the guy okay??

  • Rajay Don
    Rajay Don 3 days ago +3

    I think that guy has bigger problems than paying you back

  • rescue08jr gaming
    rescue08jr gaming Month ago +1300

    “Trash everywhere”
    Literally the cleanest car I’ve ever seen in my life outside of a car dealership

    • justin sprouse
      justin sprouse Month ago

      @RockerTV did I say it was trash everywhere? He said that’s the cleanest car he’s ever seen outside of a dealership, meaning every car he’s gotten into was dirty and trashy, therefore I said that’s sad. Didn’t think that was hard to comprehend

    • RockerTV
      RockerTV Month ago +2

      @justin sprouse how so? 2 bottles and a couple snacks isnt "trash everywhere" by any stretch ever lol. thats less than a day out worth of trash lol.

    • justin sprouse
      justin sprouse Month ago

      That’s pretty sad, not on your part but those in your life

    • Apple trae
      Apple trae Month ago

      Teslas stay clean tho because of the owner he don’t want to trash his expensive car and what if it’s just a little dirt they where supposed to return it how they got the car not to leave it in the desert or have scratched rims and burns like whaaa they should be charged hella

  • CryoRational
    CryoRational 26 days ago +6

    How staged do you want this?

  • Dale Greenly
    Dale Greenly 24 days ago +176

    "Hey, how do I 'trash' this telsa for fake internet points?"
    "I don't know. Here's a bottle of mtn dew, a water bottle, and an unopened bag of chips."
    "Needs something else."
    "Here's two bucks?"

    • SPARXX
      SPARXX 23 hours ago +1

      Notice how the water bottles are spread out and all empty to make it seem trashy.. but it’s actually too scattered and thought of.. lol this vid is def fake.. Nobody trashed his Tesla

    • SPARXX
      SPARXX Day ago


    • Phil Accio
      Phil Accio 7 days ago


    • Mr.Fizzac
      Mr.Fizzac 17 days ago

      😂 accurate

  • Good Dogg
    Good Dogg Month ago +3314

    The moment he said, "To a customer from Ohio..." 💀

    • shzaran
      shzaran 22 days ago

      @Mystic - PUBG Mobile  Its funny for him not you. People are different lol

    • DaBigMonkey
      DaBigMonkey 28 days ago +1

      Nothing wrong with ohio

    • Hunter Wegworth
      Hunter Wegworth 29 days ago


    • onlytronix
      onlytronix Month ago

      The ohio jokes flowing in my mind

  • Ethan Satcher
    Ethan Satcher 2 days ago

    Damn bro I just treated my rental so well the business tipped me and I’m from Ohio

  • 9Deuce_GoStang
    9Deuce_GoStang 6 days ago +4

    He couldn't find a gas station huh? ⛽

  • kc8767
    kc8767 2 months ago +5832

    $498 for improper return. He prepaid $2

    • sam strothers
      sam strothers Month ago

      Well it WAS a $500 return.

    • ParzivalGTC
      ParzivalGTC Month ago

      ​@Knifeman 20 but it wasn't stolen or damaged besides the wheels

    • ParzivalGTC
      ParzivalGTC Month ago

      ​@Fin3Rain and? It's a tesla

    • Apple trae
      Apple trae Month ago

      Nope not even close to what he will have to pay he only going to have to pay 500 for not dropping it off at the right spot plus the damage and leaving the car a mess

  • lesley mugochi
    lesley mugochi 18 days ago +7

    Hope the customer is alright

  • Tad Yoshi
    Tad Yoshi 4 days ago

    Did you check the cameras to see why it was left in the desert?

  • surnu
    surnu 2 months ago +1996

    Charge another 1500$ because he's an Ohio resident

    • Faisal Malik
      Faisal Malik Day ago


    • Brian Aust
      Brian Aust Month ago +1

      I’m lost. What do you want anyone to say? 🤷🏽‍♂️🤔

    • Apple trae
      Apple trae Month ago

      That’s prolly cost for one rim bro ruined all the rims plus the tires he finna have a fat bill

    • Long liveesau
      Long liveesau Month ago

      Agreed tax him an extra $1500 on top of that $1500

    • surnu
      surnu Month ago

      @makemeajmod sorry, as an european, we put the euro sign behind the amount.

  • Demon Boy
    Demon Boy 28 days ago


  • Tactalist
    Tactalist 25 days ago +2

    Bro was just taking a piss down the hill

  • The Naveh
    The Naveh 2 months ago +10612

    this is why you dont rent your tesla to someone from ohio💀

    • alex robushi
      alex robushi 29 days ago

      @Lorenzo Botellou just found out what’s wrong 😂😂😂

    • Phantomface Final
      Phantomface Final Month ago

      Man, Ohio is the spot! It’s just whoever wants to visit, just make sure you mind your business or need a witness

    • Matt Davis
      Matt Davis Month ago

      ​@Lorenzo Botello the name Ohio is whats wrong with that.

    • CH K
      CH K Month ago

      ​@Lorenzo Botello ever dated a person from oh ....I have and there is def something in the water ( before dreadful Palestine trauma )
      May Palestine be blessed and saved!

    • Kaden Jdh
      Kaden Jdh Month ago

      Only in ohio

  • Spacedragonridley
    Spacedragonridley 25 days ago +17

    I'll take bullshit that never happened for 500 alex

  • Kerin Malskaitis
    Kerin Malskaitis 14 days ago

    This seems like the perfect time for a phrase. Any idea what it is?

  • Gaming subway
    Gaming subway 2 months ago +3323

    Bro really expects to get his car back from an average Ohio citizen

  • The REAL Armydoc 💗 Paranormal

    That's what happens when u take a e car on long road trip. I recommend Gas car next time

  • Rochelle Hughie
    Rochelle Hughie 6 days ago

    You should charge him.glad you received your Tesla back.

  • Alan Leung
    Alan Leung 2 months ago +1128

    That guy definitely rented your car on a stolen credit card.

    • Unique User
      Unique User Month ago

      The owner of the stolen credit card is going to obviously dispute the charge, and he will lose if he didn't properly ID. So he will lose whatever deposit there was also.
      Only the credit card owner should be the one driving the car if he was a decent businessman. So it might not be stolen.

    • Walter White
      Walter White Month ago +4

      Most rental places require a photocopy of your driver's license and proof of insurance... unless he faked all that too

    • Anti Form Tako
      Anti Form Tako Month ago +2

      If he does the same paper work as a U-Haul, there shouldn't be a problem since he can call his insurance company, and if he didn't he is dumb.

    • Ikorus
      Ikorus Month ago +3

      Guy really hit him with the "defiantly cause I steal credit cards all the time"

    • Ikorus
      Ikorus Month ago

      ​@iLiterallyJustSaidDont you wouldn't have to do that if like say. You had your own money.

  • Bullet_Kin
    Bullet_Kin Day ago

    i swear to god if i see anything saying “ohio’s most normal customer” or “only in ohio” i’m blowing my scalp onto the ceiling ❤

  • Vik
    Vik 23 days ago +2

    A Tesla gets what a Tesla deserves….

  • Waterisbest
    Waterisbest Month ago +921

    shit would be hilarious if dude was exploring the mountains and you left him stranded

    • Lilly pop
      Lilly pop Month ago +2

      This is the first thing that came to my mind

    • Waterisbest
      Waterisbest Month ago +7

      @kyro jag I honestly did not think about that, I mean me personally I wouldn’t just leave cash laying in viable sight,

    • Chantal van de Zandschulp
      Chantal van de Zandschulp Month ago +15

      When hé Saïd Ohio. I knew enough

    • kyro jag
      kyro jag Month ago +61

      Like he said .. behind his return date ... so what if he's dead in the mountains he's still charging him 20k

  • Benjamin Volesky
    Benjamin Volesky 28 days ago +6

    Keep us updated. You're doing the right thing and I hope you get your money.

  • Steven Ton
    Steven Ton 18 days ago +1

    Should enable a speed limit on rentals

  • Cozzy
    Cozzy Month ago +1042

    After 3 days crawling through the desert after being chased from his vehicle by would-be car theives fighting hunger and dehydration- the customer returned to find tyre tracks leading away from where his hire car once stood. His family never heard from him, but they got a few bills.

    • branch society
      branch society 10 days ago

      the person that rented it or the person making the video? im confused

    • Joe Crimmins
      Joe Crimmins 19 days ago +12

      He eagerly looked forward to using his last 2 dollars he left in the car to buy a soda

  • Depth brewed rollers.

    Is this common or somewhat common on the Turo platform?
    I’m trying to decide if to rent my car or not. Btw, I never rented my car before.

  • Edward Johnson
    Edward Johnson 19 days ago

    Mate very reasonable to do what you have suggested.

  • Musfick
    Musfick 2 months ago +438

    Never let an ohio guy touch ur stuff

    • Musfick
      Musfick Month ago +1

      @markus then leave rickroll in 2000 😭😭😭😭

    • markus
      markus  Month ago +3

      bro leave the ohio memes in 2022 😭😭

    • Musfick
      Musfick Month ago +2

      @Ukn0wnEnergies lesson #1 never trust an ohioan

    • Ukn0wnEnergies
      Ukn0wnEnergies Month ago +3

      only an ohioian won’t return your car

    • Ukn0wnEnergies
      Ukn0wnEnergies Month ago +5

      Only in ohio

  • Richard Mills
    Richard Mills 6 days ago

    Sue him simply. Thats so disrespectful

  • Hi! I’m Dr. Dewormer!!

    Hope you got him.

  • Evan Raymond
    Evan Raymond Month ago +2186

    The internet has permanently damaged me cause whenever ever I hear Ohio, I instantly think of those "Only in Ohio" memes 💀

    • Mario Mario
      Mario Mario Month ago

      @Maynzo? man I've had friends (and still do) that are like you, like if you don't find it funny then whatever it's not like it's hurting you, there's a difference between cringe and not funny.
      I know you would open this further
      Only in ohio

    • Maynzo?
      Maynzo? Month ago

      @Mario Mario cringe asf bro

    • Mario Mario
      Mario Mario Month ago

      ​@Maynzo? nah only in Ohio man

    • Revelmore
      Revelmore Month ago

      @Maynzo? Actin like this is a contest or something? Grow up.

  • dukem600
    dukem600 25 days ago +2

    Good luck getting that money is what i think

  • itsmeab YT
    itsmeab YT 17 days ago +4

    What if the car died while he was up in the mountains?

  • FrankyMtz
    FrankyMtz Month ago +580

    This was the most traditional and polite way to return a car in Ohio.

    • clown slayer
      clown slayer Month ago

      @Goku someone always brings race into things

    • Reydi 1130
      Reydi 1130 Month ago

      ​@Anthony Martin no no that's depok's return policy here in indo...

    • clown slayer
      clown slayer Month ago +1

      You would get your car back in Ohio just not in one piece it’ll still run tho just would need fixed

    • FrankyMtz
      FrankyMtz Month ago +6

      @Anthony Martin close, close... That's a Florida man's return.

  • Muhammad Baihaki
    Muhammad Baihaki 23 days ago +1

    He Burnout that Tesla out boy 😂

  • Chronic Puffs
    Chronic Puffs 17 days ago +3

    It’s a Tesla… The battery probably ran out! Either way the customer should’ve reported it!

  • Nosive
    Nosive 2 months ago +914

    never give someone in ohio your car 💀

    • ꧁Despair Karma꧂
      ꧁Despair Karma꧂ 13 days ago

      ​@Lorenzo Botello dude the guy got ran off the road and the clues lead to that
      He got snatched dude
      He gone

    • Don Dakota
      Don Dakota Month ago

      Sounds like someone drove it till it wouldn't go and called an Uber. Could also be medical emergency

      MADDABBER 2 months ago +1

      Damage to a tesla ain't cheap homeboy gonna be paying you for the next 5 years lmao

    • Lorenz Albrecht
      Lorenz Albrecht 2 months ago +1

      @Lorenzo Botello i mean you cant stop these guys before they left Or pay Boba fett for hunting them. But you can limit the same Situations and your financial loss, 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻you will make it 💪🏻💪🏻

  • Miqueila Tromp
    Miqueila Tromp 21 day ago +11

    I hope you rent with deposit!! That way when there's damanged you can take it of the deposit,plus they wil definitely return the car to get back their deposit!! So good luck!

  • Jonathan Cauley
    Jonathan Cauley 23 days ago

    Got this man some likes love gosh!!!

  • Shane Anderson
    Shane Anderson Month ago +480

    Ran out of charge and he pulled over. Tried to hitchhike to retrieve a petrol powered generator to charge it. But was kidnapped by the person picking them up . Hasn't been seen since

    • jason martin
      jason martin Month ago +1

      I started going down that rabbit hole but once I saw that the hire company didn’t care to address the elephant in the room I saw no benefit for me going down there, And instead came straight to the comment section to look for you. My guy 😂😂😂

    • acryonym pasta
      acryonym pasta Month ago

      Ya wow I hitchhiked from Denver Colorado to Oregon once and from Denver Colorado to California seven-times hitchhiking

    • Matthew Paris
      Matthew Paris Month ago

      You sir seem like you know from experience

    • Karen Harris
      Karen Harris Month ago

      Well done Mr Holmes case solved

    • PittDog99
      PittDog99 Month ago +5

      This is the comment I came looking for 😂

  • S Y A
    S Y A 17 days ago +2

    I hope the customer is okay.

  • DARK VOID 02
    DARK VOID 02 27 days ago

    $500 ya no DOUBLE IT 👍

  • Ali Gamer
    Ali Gamer 2 months ago +482

    Customer from ohio that's all I needed to hear💀💀

  • Always Lovin' Life
    Always Lovin' Life 25 days ago +1

    I'd also charge him for the time that it took you to drive to get to your car plus any food or beverages you stopped to get before you come to your car.

  • WholeLottaRacing
    WholeLottaRacing 2 days ago

    Charge 1500 for the rim & tire damage

  • David Petty
    David Petty Month ago +122

    I love that no one is concerned about this persons safety... like middle of the desert and full of their stuff and cash... yeah

    • deadlydam
      deadlydam 16 days ago +3

      All the comments are just like the dude got kidnapped
      Ran from some kidnappers returned to the car and found it gone
      Or just straight up got murdered

  • Yurimary
    Yurimary 26 days ago

    He was scared to face you… funny 😅

  • Jacob Jude
    Jacob Jude 18 days ago

    I think if you rent something you return it in the same condition you got it in if not better.

  • YoSwifty
    YoSwifty Month ago +1865

    Honestly, this is probably the most respectful and decent Ohio citizen
    I will like to thank you all for showing love and everyone that is mad about the Ohio joke stay mad and I hope you find your dad and always remember where you came from Ohio 🙏🙏😇

    • bruh
      bruh 20 days ago

      @themediocregamer ?

    • bruh
      bruh Month ago

      Kids:ooh I wanna make memes about Ohio
      Me:are you sure about that?
      Kids:bruh let's get outta here Ohio has the MOST RESPECTFUL AND NORMAL CITEZENS FULL OF S#IT

    • bruh
      bruh Month ago

      @themediocregamer bruh your not scary where's your devil form????

    • bruh
      bruh Month ago

      Hope you find your friend+dad+mom

  • Edgar Russel Gomes
    Edgar Russel Gomes 2 days ago +1

    Think you should charge him more

  • Jackie F
    Jackie F 26 days ago

    Guess u might need some help from shadow realm legals to hold him responsible for all the charges

  • Nimbo14
    Nimbo14 Month ago +849

    There is something about this that makes me think he put it out there himself.

    • Korivire
      Korivire 26 days ago

      It's so fake for sure

    • GinjaNinja12
      GinjaNinja12 26 days ago

      @Sex 214L umm, there was another person in the car with him. Did you even check or are you just bad at observations?

    • BR49
      BR49 26 days ago

      Tesla probably ram out of juice. The driver called a buddy to pick him up. Probably felt it was easier to just leave the car there

    • jfnovae
      jfnovae 27 days ago

      Most likely these days.

    • Jude
      Jude 29 days ago

      ​@Jose Pacheco facts.

  • Kwing Fu
    Kwing Fu 24 days ago

    good luck recovering the charges

  • BlackBurn1217
    BlackBurn1217 2 days ago

    You would have to take him to civil court and prove the damage wasnt done prior/ prove he done the damage. Unless documented and signed in an agreement. Which im sure you know but it would take much of your time.

  • The Custom Channel
    The Custom Channel Month ago +1013

    Just hope the contract he signed says hes fully responsible for the car

    • Donald Trummp
      Donald Trummp 29 days ago +3

      I'm sure he using that app Turo so I'm sure he'll be fine since I think if the customer can't pay I'm sure they are obligated to pay & retrieve the money from said customer
      BUT..Turo should be taking phone numbers for accounts & allowing renters an option to review customers

    • The Custom Channel
      The Custom Channel Month ago +3

      @Hugh Janus 😆

    • Hugh Janus
      Hugh Janus Month ago +64

      It did, I was the contract.

  • Fez Ramos
    Fez Ramos 12 days ago

    I think good luck trying to get that 500 bucks.😅

  • Monkeylover1324 Monkey

    Never never sell it to a person from Ohio

  • Gavin S
    Gavin S Month ago +629

    Honestly surprised someone from Ohio even cared enough to treat it that well

    • Ohioboy
      Ohioboy Month ago

      You ever been to ohio?

    • Red light
      Red light Month ago

      ​@Marcus Collins Ohio needs attention rn that train messed up the ecosystem and peoples health p bad

    • Gavin S
      Gavin S Month ago +1

      @Marcus Collins you're from Ohio, aren't you

    • Marcus Collins
      Marcus Collins Month ago

      The ohio jokes is getting old

  • Meribel M Goldwin
    Meribel M Goldwin 19 days ago

    Also, take a look at all the scratches

  • dustyaa49
    dustyaa49 29 days ago +1

    gotta up your fee for improper return

  • ByMax Crap
    ByMax Crap 2 months ago +815

    Lesson learned: Dont let ohio people use your things.

    • Cynthia Rogers
      Cynthia Rogers Month ago

      @kamigozen SERIOUSLY! I was like, I know I’ve heard this story before but I’ve never seen this video! 😂. I rarely watch stuff like this even which makes it even weirder…😮😂😂😂

    • kamigozen
      kamigozen Month ago +1

      @That V8 Life dude i see you everywhere

    • That V8 Life
      That V8 Life 2 months ago

      @Baller Simpson edgy bro

    • mw_1227
      mw_1227 2 months ago

      Only in ohio

    • l8Os
      l8Os 2 months ago

      What do you mean? He’s literally gonna make 400% more than he would if he just rented to a normal person

  • CaptainTroll
    CaptainTroll 20 hours ago

    Damn homeboy probably tried to steal it but it died on him😂😂😂

  • ryan frye
    ryan frye 28 days ago

    I agree with ur pricing

  • griq
    griq Month ago +260

    If he still doesn’t respond I think it’s safe to say he been buried somewhere close by

  • MadDragon
    MadDragon 11 days ago

    Run it bro

  • Dan Paulin
    Dan Paulin 22 days ago

    Good luck getting that money back from your invoice lol

  • P…Y….E
    P…Y….E Month ago +48

    I think if he just abandoned your car without a call or anything you might want to let the authorities know incase , he got lost out their somewhere. Or something else happened to him.

  • budz2355
    budz2355 25 days ago +1

    Good luck getting your money

  • istillbetalkin
    istillbetalkin 26 days ago

    Did u check to see if the guy was hurt/missing? It’s the desert.

  • CoTalk
    CoTalk Month ago +403

    I think this is exactly why I'm not in the rental business.

    • CoTalk
      CoTalk Month ago

      @rico s I want a Rivian, but I'm waiting on the price to drop. Not paying 90+ thousand dollars for an EV.

    • soupwho
      soupwho Month ago

      ​@Jordan why would you say that lmao

    • Jordan
      Jordan Month ago

      He in the cartel

    • rico s
      rico s Month ago +2

      Do u even have cars that u can rent out like tesla’s?💀

  • Coby Valenzuela
    Coby Valenzuela 28 days ago

    He canceled that credit card brudda

  • donald studer
    donald studer 10 hours ago +1

    That's what you get when you rent out your stuff

  • RanmanZ9000
    RanmanZ9000 Month ago +717

    This is why you don't let others use your stuff.

    • Nate Gold
      Nate Gold Month ago

      He didnt “let someone use it” he runs a business and with that comes risk like any business and I’m sure he has ways to cover his ass like having a card on file an he has their personal info if litigation is needed

    • Neil Hague
      Neil Hague Month ago

      Mainly this man was from Ohio

    • Soup Man
      Soup Man Month ago +6

      He rents the car out makes money. someone breaks car he makes even more money. Thats a W

    • TheBuzzPlug
      TheBuzzPlug Month ago +9

      He obviously has the money to afford this kind of investment. And he’ll get to fix the car and make a profit off of it. Seems good to me

  • Schnauzer Gaming
    Schnauzer Gaming 23 hours ago

    At least, bro left his lunch money

  • Bronzson Lawson
    Bronzson Lawson 18 days ago +2

    Idk why people who rent cars think they can just charge people a fortune and expect them to pay it he left the car he's not going to pay you

  • Dale Tidwell
    Dale Tidwell Month ago +100

    CHARGES HIM:12k for scratches an 30k for new tires

  • Barry Scott
    Barry Scott 26 days ago

    That man is dead out in those mountains

  • Derek Hames
    Derek Hames 22 days ago

    Bruh oiho💀

  • Ruben sterckx
    Ruben sterckx Month ago +578

    My man gone into Ohio demon mode in the desert

  • J -Racing
    J -Racing 20 days ago

    You should charge him for the rims too

    ANDREA MEGLINO 2 days ago

    Double his charges.... for leaving u hanging...😮😅

  • JaegerOlfa
    JaegerOlfa Month ago +582

    You did the right thing. Can’t let people walk on you. Let the law get him

    • Trap Ghosty
      Trap Ghosty Month ago

      @Rescuearmor not even for hurt feelings that's also to cover his tires that were damaged tesla tires aren't exactly cheap and 500 dollars is not a ridiculous price point

    • Rescuearmor
      Rescuearmor Month ago

      @Marc o so that means he pays 500 for what exactly? Seriously

    • Rescuearmor
      Rescuearmor Month ago +1

      Yeah and charge 500 cause his fucking feelings were hurt. Seriously dude

    • Easyy
      Easyy Month ago

      @Angel Sandoval Civil is a type of law lmao

  • Brendan Chatt
    Brendan Chatt 19 days ago +1

    Did you report someone as potentially lost to authorities?

  • teknoboy
    teknoboy 14 days ago +1

    The battery died, how was he supposed to return it? He's probably still walking around looking for a big enough battery pack to get it out of the desert.

  • Jayden Salmeron
    Jayden Salmeron Month ago +218

    Never let a guy from Ohio get your Tesla bro

  • Christopher Likings
    Christopher Likings 4 days ago

    Real talk

  • Sigpig
    Sigpig 4 days ago

    I think that's an expensive rental and that he could've saved himself a lot of money had he done what was right.

  • CBonPC
    CBonPC Month ago +172

    “I’m going to invoice him” bruh you’re optimistic

    • Jeff Little
      Jeff Little Month ago +1

      If you rent through an established rental platform you already have access to the credit card (by proxy).

    • Fried Fish
      Fried Fish Month ago

      ​@yunglocc bro is In the mountains

    • Dom
      Dom Month ago

      Wtf is he supposed to do lol

    • yunglocc
      yunglocc Month ago +4

      He has to at lease show he attempted to work it out before just taking him to court for the money