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Mario: The Infamous History of Level 5-2

  • Published on Sep 15, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Summoning Salt
    Summoning Salt  16 days ago +1584

    Thanks to the following people for help with research! Be sure to check out their channels:
    Kosmic: www.twitch.tv/kosmic
    Niftski: www.twitch.tv/niftski
    Bismuth: www.youtube.com/@Bismuth9/featured
    Andrewg: www.twitch.tv/andrewg
    darbian: www.twitch.tv/darbian
    Eden_GT: www.youtube.com/@Eden_GT/featured
    GTAce99: www.twitch.tv/gtace99

    BRKsEDU 16 days ago +4985

    Between this and the recent Wave Race 64 discoveries I wonder how many records and techniques that we never realized were / are being used abroad without us knowing.

  • Sir Potato Bottom
    Sir Potato Bottom 15 days ago +434

    The whole "Devil's Spell" thing is a good example of how a lot of things aren’t known to Western players because of the language barrier with Japanese communities. Now there is some more collaboration but in general, it still happens quite often.

    • Expendable Indigo
      Expendable Indigo 14 days ago +36

      Reminds me of the Nero family from Final Fantasy IX that was hidden in a Japanese guidebook for 13 years.

    • Joe Christo
      Joe Christo 13 days ago +7


    • BRG Rain
      BRG Rain 11 days ago +3

      This happens with multiple games

    • Michael Sumner
      Michael Sumner 5 days ago +5

      yep same happened with Super Mario Kart, they had known of Long Boosting and a few other strats from about 1 year after release (1993), the rest of us found out basically when Mario Kart Super Circuit was released for GBA and we started back tracking the strats from that to SMK.
      - Not exactly what happened but I was not involved in the community properly till 2017, story is well credible from Sami and KVD etc

  • RandomGameCritic
    RandomGameCritic 13 days ago +36

    14:33 Imagine spending tens of thousands of hours practicing every movement and mastering every skip to become one of the greatest Super Mario Bros players of all time only for some random dude on Discord to say "Bro, why are you using the slower method?"

  • BinkusUnderScore
    BinkusUnderScore 16 days ago +1609

    Summoning Salt the type of guy to make 1 framerule of timesave seem like the culmination of everything humans have achieved throughout our millions of years of history

    • RickTheWeeb
      RickTheWeeb 14 days ago +90

      and you think that isn't the case

    • Doge
      Doge 13 days ago +34

      Dude did you even see how insane that is to hit? The practice and patience, mental resilience to literally imitate a machine at whatever frames per second SMB2 runs at? I'm so glad to be able to share this planet with such absolute beasts as niftski and all the other giants he stood on to get to where he is (Andrew G, Darbian, kosmic). NOTHING BUT MAD FUCKING RESPECT

    • TheBfutgreg
      TheBfutgreg 13 days ago +9

      @Doge How impressive it is isn't the same as height of accomplishment... if joking sorry and if not pick up a history book

    • dubla321
      dubla321 13 days ago +3

      Millions? More like 6000

  • Ryan Walker
    Ryan Walker 16 days ago +612

    Niftski's excitement is why i love watching these videos. These guys work for years on these runs and yo see a guy nail it is just impressive. Good work Salt. You have yet to disappoint us with a video.

    • Comment
      Comment  14 days ago +3

      It is impressive but at the end of the day it's just sad.

    • Online
      Online 14 days ago +16

      @Comment-sw5rz You must be fun at parties

    • Ryan Walker
      Ryan Walker 14 days ago +2

      @Online 😂

    • SSing13
      SSing13 14 days ago

      190 bpm, baby!!!! Mans is a monster and I'm here for it!

    • UrbanDK
      UrbanDK 13 days ago

      watching his hands is like looking at a robot playing the piano

  • Harrery
    Harrery 15 days ago +116

    How you can make an incredible video about a 30 second level in a game that 99% of people haven’t played and it still be amazing is incredible in itself, congrats.

  • Carlos Carrizo
    Carlos Carrizo 16 days ago +4702

    Two videos in less than a month is an unbalievable gift we will gladly appreciate

  • Wyatt
    Wyatt 14 days ago +81

    I feel like the production really stepped up a level in this video. There was a lot more comedic edge. If this is a sign of the direction of the channel, I’m on board. Great work as always

    • 4QIcehole
      4QIcehole 13 days ago +9

      Jon Bois has always been a big, obvious influence on Summoning Salt but I really do think this was the first time he (or anybody really) managed to *perfectly* replicate that intangible paradox of myth and humanity that Bois so effortlessly injects into his stuff. This story is ultimately just a silly little thing that some dudes did in a videogame but tracing every step and highlighting all of the human faces behind it and making it sound as important as the moon landing while never losing sight of the fact that this is still just some fun silly thing that fans of a game put a lot of work into really elevates it.
      In short, it's Pretty Good

  • Philipp Martin
    Philipp Martin 15 days ago +103

    Crazy how close we have become to TAS levels of runs. Great video. Very entertaining as usual.

  • Clifton Church for POTUS
    Clifton Church for POTUS 16 days ago +112

    A concept: TAS2MIDI, a tool that converts the button presses to MIDI drum sounds as an artistic aural understanding of what's happening during the run. You can compare the sounds of a true TAS against the world records over time to see the complexity in timing needed as progress was made.

    • Doggo
      Doggo 13 days ago +4

      Make it a reality!

    • The Apollo Dump
      The Apollo Dump 13 days ago

      Make this.

    • B Money
      B Money 13 days ago +1

      That would be awesome to hear. There is definitely overlap between performing rhythmically complex music and performing precise inputs in a game. Over time speedrunners develop an internal clock, and end up “feeling” the timing of inputs similar to how a musician would feel an odd time sig. I wonder if we’ll ever see people running games to a metronome.

    • Clifton Church for POTUS
      Clifton Church for POTUS 13 days ago +7

      ​@B MoneyObviously, having made this suggestion, I'm a little musically inclined. I'm come to believe that a human being tends to feel their natural rhythm in the range of 100-150, with energetic dance music feeling best in the 120-180 bpm range. If we want to translate that down to beats per second, we're looking at 2-3 beats per second. And musically, that would be for a quarter note, with music commonly breaking that down into two eighth notes, and at a more complex layer, four sixteenth notes. Only the most articulate of artistic endeavors would consider using a thirty second note or further, and only then for a deeper reason than a performance would ever present.
      So, that was a long winded way of saying that humans feel good processing things musically around 2-3 beats per second, and those beats can be broken down into 2 or 4 times by most people as dense bits of data our mind is processing. If you multiply all these options together, you get 4, 6, 8, and 12 "frames" of data for the everyman, and maybe some extension for people with good rhythm. So now lets think about what video games are asking of us.
      Most video game engines are processing input from the user/player/speedrunner anywhere from 30 to 60 times a second most commonly, with some going further, but sticking to the norm is best here.
      This means that based on the range of "frames" per second and the range of frames per second we get from video games, can we find some reasonable comparisons to make?
      While our numbers are a bit conservative for the everyman, we can still see that at the highest frame processing rate theorized still has 2.5 frames of video data happen for the lowest input rate of most games. That's why it's a learned skill. If you're not musically inclined, you may miss a lot of detail from a performed piece. Likewise, if you're not practiced with video game inputs, you may miss a lot a jumps in a Mario game. So let's think about this the other way around. What does it take to keep up with a video game if defined by beats per minute or music?
      EDIT: All the math after here is bad, I'm wrong by a factor of 10. Should be 3600 times a minute.
      If you're playing a 60 inputs per second game, you're requesting data to be processed and acted on 360 times a minute. I just so happen to have a way to break that into something I can have you listen to.
      For my own amusement I've been working on taking the song Chattermax from the album Bluey: Dance Mode! and turning it into a "Max 300" styled step chart, calling my chart "Chatter(Max 360)", as nods to both the proper title Joff Bush gave to the track, as well as the lineage of the song charts that inspired the work. But that title I gave should have brought up a flag.
      The "Max" series of songs are titled From the original Max 300, a 300 bpm song, set up the be the end boss for anyone wild enough to play of song on the hardest difficulty, and get a full combo, but on top of that, have less then like 16% of the steps be below the Perfect rating. The song regularly had you hit runs of eighth notes at a blazing 300 bpm, but there's a secret behind that.
      Conceptually, 300 bpm can also be done at 150 bpm, but instead of eighth notes being the smallest note, it would be a sixteenth note. Compare that with what we said the everyman could commonly process. The everyman simply needs to learn to process one more division of beat further to be capable of processing something like Max 300. That's still a lot to ask, but now you have context.
      But now, Chatter(Max 360). Yes, it plays on the screen at 360 bpm, but I was only able to set it there because Chattermax was written as a 180 bpm song and I doubled it for the game. And again, with eighth notes being the deepest it goes. BTW, if you listen to the song the rhythm of the words "Chattermax" is on the eighth notes. Chat-ter-max, one-and-two. If you can process the individual beats at that speed ad nauseum, you can be a speedrunner.
      Okay, where did I go? Anyway, yes, a metronome at 180 bpm with you processing each input as a sixteenth note is what Niftski is doing speedruns of SMB1, and he should use a tool like my silly idea for practice.
      Now to copy paste this out, and start recording a really badly presented video essay.

    • B Money
      B Money 13 days ago

      @Clifton Church for POTUS I understand the logic, but don’t know how to program the software. If you do end up creating a piece of music where each input of the SM1 TAS run = a note in the arrangement, you have to upload it!!
      It doesn’t even need to be made using a program that translates the controller inputs into midi. It could theoretically be made by painstakingly writing all of the audio / midi entirely in the timeline of your DAW, where 0:00 in-game is of course 0:00 in the track. Would be even better if multiple instruments were used to make it musical, rather than just a sort of timing-map-that-uses-audio.
      Reaper will let you use a gamepad as a midi controller. If someone were to have both the emulator and reaper running simultaneously, they could both play and record the midi at the same time. Would love to hear that

  • Alex Terrell
    Alex Terrell 15 days ago +31

    I just have no idea about any of this but gosh, you really do make some art with these videos. The way that you build up the story and explain all the pieces in parts without it being boring and then that final run at the end just hits home. I’ve got goosebumps.

  • blueyandicy
    blueyandicy 15 days ago +25

    This is easily one of your best videos. The way you play on channel tropes to the Bismuth reference makes it feel like one of your normal professional videos with your own personality spin on it, and I adore it.

    • Doge
      Doge 13 days ago

      Bismuth was throwing shade, I just started watching his vids recently you can't disrespect salt like that man, not cool. Salt is an absolute legend, and extremely humble.

  • Online
    Online 16 days ago +4567

    I really like how he realized that a lot of his viewers know whats a framerule is and was just, "Let's have a little bit of fun."

    • Tinil0
      Tinil0 16 days ago +511

      Going in I was like "If I hear about a motherfucking bus one more time I swear to god..." but he made it entertaining so it works.

    • TheBfutgreg
      TheBfutgreg 16 days ago +168

      "Let's have a little bit of waiting at a bus stop"

    • Guillermo J Perea
      Guillermo J Perea 16 days ago +89

      Notice this however: it's a bit of breaking the 4th wall, or self awareness, but every time creators that didn't do it started doing it, it was because they started to get bored and was the beginning of a decline in quality. So I'm hoping this will stay as a small joke, but it raises a small red flag for me.

    • Halfpipesaur
      Halfpipesaur 16 days ago +25

      It's not like the bus analogy is all over the comments anytime Summoning Salt mentions it

  • Lokipower
    Lokipower 10 days ago +1

    These documentaries are so damn good. I'm glad the iconic music makes it in even if not in the intro :D

  • zack anderson
    zack anderson 15 days ago +6

    I just wanted to say I watch every one of your videos that comes out. I don't speed run personally, but the videos you make are always so intresting and keep me engaged the entire video. Thank you for the many years of great videos, you deserve everything you have worked so hard for!

  • Adam X
    Adam X 13 days ago +1

    This video has such a finality to it, with the runner literally achieving TAS level perfection. Barring a new discovery, the WR on this level will never change.

  • Philip Casey A Calloway
    Philip Casey A Calloway 16 days ago +31

    Still love to see runner reactions to a sick run. Reminds me of being a kid again and finally beating a boss you’ve been grinding.

  • Paranoid Android
    Paranoid Android 16 days ago +42

    Summoning Salt usually takes a while to release new videos, but in return, his new videos are always masterpieces. It's odd to see him release a new video less than a month after his previous one, but I'm not complaining.

    • WhiskyPapa
      WhiskyPapa 14 days ago +4

      It’s also weird to see him release such a quick video and it’s not about the recent SMB1 WR, but I assume he will get to it. It certainly deserves a video, because now, we have reached a point where RTA and TAS is dead even until the very last level, which is frankly insane.

    • Wally Lane
      Wally Lane 13 days ago +1

      And its quality!

    • Inspector Void
      Inspector Void 12 days ago +1

      It’s lacks the usual intro music 😢

  • Aukora
    Aukora 16 days ago +2291

    As Kosmic once said "It came about the same way new tricks usually do in these games: one day we just decided we're gonna do what the TAS does"

    • Roberto Villagran
      Roberto Villagran 16 days ago +133

      That’s such a fire line, what a legend

    • Jim
      Jim 16 days ago +75

      When I first discovered speed running I didn't understand what TAS was, I thought it was people pulling that stuff off in real time. I guess now they actually are.

    • Danneo
      Danneo 16 days ago +8

      ​@Jimwhat is TAS?

    • Satwik Tripathi
      Satwik Tripathi 16 days ago +46

      ​@Danneoit's a program playing a game as fast as it could, employing various game breaking strategies. Full form is Tool Assisted Speedrun.

    • Aren
      Aren 16 days ago +43

      ​@DanneoA TAS run allows things like using save states and using a program to automatically press buttons in order to get a frame perfect run. They're meant to show the theoretical best speedrun. Often they become a blueprint for world record players as seen here.

  • Sanjuro Johnson
    Sanjuro Johnson 14 days ago +1

    On the one hand, I must be aware that on the scale of real world priorities, speed running video games rates below 0. But I can't help but admire the sheer dedication, focus and determination these guys put into it and that guy's excitement when he nailed it was really satisfying.

  • dtracers
    dtracers 15 days ago +5

    I appreciate the less seriousness and more fun you had in this video.
    I do think that your longer videos having a more serious (and typically extremely emotionally engrossing) touch are better for those videos.
    But for this video where it is less about the fight between people I think that this more humour filled style plays really well!!
    Keep on going the going! :)

  • Pariah Carey
    Pariah Carey 15 days ago +3

    I’ve played a LOT of SMB1 in my Younger Days, but I’ve never really been into speedrunning. And yet, you really have a knack for presenting these stories in a manner that is fascinating and compelling, even though it wouldn’t typically be my kind of thing. 👍

    • Top Tier Gear
      Top Tier Gear 12 days ago

      same here. It would be fun to try speedrunning one day but it would take so much hard work and dedication for sure

  • deadlyspawn
    deadlyspawn 15 days ago +4

    Congrats on an earlier release than usual; lots of work and time go in to these videos so, sincere appreciation for the effort of you and your team.

    • Top Tier Gear
      Top Tier Gear 12 days ago

      I agree the production quality it great

  • Jake Steampson
    Jake Steampson 15 days ago +39

    4:24 The sudden change from the usual synthwave to Hall Of the Mountain King just feels surreal

    • Nicolas Beaulieu
      Nicolas Beaulieu 7 days ago +1

      Yeah, that’s a little bummer for me 😅

    • Harry Potter
      Harry Potter 5 days ago +3

      Given “Hall of the Mountain King” evokes PEAK Gremlin energy, I wholeheartedly approve of its usage here where speedrunners cracked this game over their knee like a plywood board.

  • tommy karrick
    tommy karrick 16 days ago +768

    I can’t believe this story has the three greatest speedrunners of the game in the world encountering a mysterious man named Eden who bestows upon them the Ancient Scrolls, revealing the forbidden Devil’s Spell technique.

    • Always_LaggginTTV
      Always_LaggginTTV 14 days ago +105

      Speedrunning has some wild lore

    • Eden GT
      Eden GT 14 days ago +104

      Knowledge isn't buried, it's just overlooked.

    • Rodrigo Vázquez
      Rodrigo Vázquez 14 days ago +3

      hahaha fr

    • GoodRebelMusic
      GoodRebelMusic 14 days ago +64

      "Why yall runnin so slow?"

    • nlsoy
      nlsoy 14 days ago +14

      Dude if you're THE @Eden GT then you're a legend! How did you even find it?

  • Pixxel Wizzard
    Pixxel Wizzard 16 days ago +4

    Imagine a SMB video having me on the edge of my seat, but it did! Thank you for such a great video, and congrats to all the brilliant players who figured this stuff out.

  • Scio Tabula
    Scio Tabula 14 days ago

    Great video and a great story! It's amazing the fun, challenge and interesting discoveries still being made these older games provide.

  • DarkKin
    DarkKin 15 days ago

    That's awesome! Massive Gratz to everyone involved in making this happen and especially Niftski! All you guys are awesome and so entertaining to watch what you do best. And no one does these videos better than you do them SummoningSalt.

  • whitewolf048
    whitewolf048 3 days ago

    I absolutely love summoning salt videos like this that deep dive into the mechanics of a game and how strategies evolve around the risks and rewards. I love following the journeys of the players, but videos like this just grip me so much

  • Bobby Miller
    Bobby Miller 14 days ago +5

    I love your videos! Before, I never would have dreamed this level could have such a nuanced history.

    • Top Tier Gear
      Top Tier Gear 12 days ago +1

      It is crazy. it makes you wonder the amount of depth that goes into other games and levels we havent even though about

  • Hyper M.
    Hyper M. 16 days ago +1045

    “Sometimes magic is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect.” - Raymond Teller

    • Graham Walker
      Graham Walker 16 days ago +53

      This is just speedrunning defined. The recent Hades full heat run they said has a 0.0069% chance of completion so is impossible. When I saw that I just thought given enough people and enough time it will get done. A week later it was haha

    • Conrad
      Conrad 16 days ago +3

      What a quote.

    • Victor
      Victor 16 days ago +18

      also autism

    • Conrad
      Conrad 16 days ago +2


    • ZooMalfunction
      ZooMalfunction 16 days ago +10

      It's how the Allies cracked the Enigma code in WW2.
      The Germans knew it was breakable in theory. They just reasoned that the sheer time and effort it'd take would make it implausible anyone would.

  • Quokkat
    Quokkat 13 days ago

    He reached perfection. Absolute legend

  • Lucy Rose
    Lucy Rose 16 days ago

    every time you upload something, i'm way more invested than i should, i'm not very familiar with most of the speedruns you present but you still manage to keep me interested and i trully thank you for making such awesome content

  • NoSucc
    NoSucc 16 days ago

    Love the idea of specific level improvements in speedeuns! Hope to see more of this in the future!

  • Cody Mckinley
    Cody Mckinley 15 days ago +1

    The joy I experience seeing a new Summoning Salt upload can't compare to much.

  • Aix McDuck
    Aix McDuck 13 days ago +1

    Hall of the mountain King being choice as always 😆
    *edit* Having now finished this, I so enjoy the fact that these videos are so expertly crafted that I feel all the emotions and the sense of exhilaration.

  • MiseryLovesYou
    MiseryLovesYou 16 days ago +1165

    I like this more casual, humorous approach in the video. Don't get me wrong, a full-on 1 1/2hr SS production is always great. But the relaxed, light hearted feeling of this video was just as good and fun to watch. Thanks for making this, SS!

    • HansMaximum
      HansMaximum 15 days ago +24

      It's like an appetizer before the entree. I'm happy with the appy, but I sure love an entree.

    • Spamton g Spamton™
      Spamton g Spamton™ 15 days ago +2

      * AMAZING!!!

    • MintiesPoopin
      MintiesPoopin 15 days ago +13

      I second this. I love this more casual type of video while still having the topic being interesting and having recurring characters. I also love how there’s a little bit more energy than the standard long form videos. I think whenever he does short videos like this he should have this type of energy and have the longer videos like usual for the hardcore viewers.

    • yungthicks
      yungthicks 15 days ago +13

      I would probably refrain from calling him "SS"

  • Mears Lab
    Mears Lab 14 days ago

    That was a FANTASTIC episode, LOVE it!

  • Rubidium dioxide
    Rubidium dioxide 16 days ago +2

    The bismuth VS salt rivalry is something I never thought I'd see on Clip-Share, but I'm glad I did.

  • Bryan McCormick
    Bryan McCormick 15 days ago +1

    truly amazing gameplay, proven dedication by all... all i care about is that wall jump tho, i don't care if it saves no time, the way you introduced us to it was so cool to see, well done

  • Ajjers
    Ajjers 14 days ago +2

    This topic selection is a great change of pace for your channel.
    It was also very well executed.

  • alonectorch
    alonectorch 16 days ago +10

    i love how you're saving 'we're finally landing' for the end again. i love when it's only at the end

  • TheLawman23
    TheLawman23 16 days ago +965

    Salt was SUPER self-aware in this episode and I AM HERE FOR IT

    • memespace
      memespace 16 days ago +86

      The use of In the Hall of the Mountain King was pretty funny, to me.

    • Caesar
      Caesar 16 days ago +11

      you think he's not self-aware in other episodes?

    • Bunti B
      Bunti B 16 days ago +5

      loved the little forshadowing part - it just took him 10+ years :D

    • Duży Pokój
      Duży Pokój 15 days ago

      what do you le' mean?

    • Name cannot be blank
      Name cannot be blank 15 days ago +1

      @Caesar no.

  • Landolph
    Landolph 15 days ago +1

    Absolutely love every Summoning Salt video. They're comfort food for the soul.

  • TheDuckofLaw
    TheDuckofLaw 15 days ago

    I love this series - thanks for making these. I didn't have the Lost Levels, but NES Mario games were all sorts of fun.

  • Ricardo Praça
    Ricardo Praça 15 days ago

    One of your best videos! Congrats to all of the involved on this amazing journey!

  • josh dyal
    josh dyal 14 days ago

    This guy doesn’t miss. Great videos!

  • Cody Darveau
    Cody Darveau 15 days ago +1

    Hello, SummoningSalt! First of all, thank you. I'm sure you hear this a lot by now, but your content is a relaxing escape into the games of my past. I have a question for you: How would a typical nobody get into speedrunning? I don't intend on trying to top any charts or climb to a ranking where I'm featured in one of your videos, but I enjoy the concept of jumping into the frey to add to the chaos and see where I match up. Would you consider making a video that briefly teaches people like me how to take a step further into your world? You know the old thing teachers used to say: If one kid raises their hand, there are a bunch of others that are just as curious but didn't themselves ask, so I'm asking for not just myself, but all the others as well that might join me. Rock on!

  • Cow Man!
    Cow Man! 16 days ago +538

    Several years ago, we got the history of 4-2. Now, we get 5-2. This is truly an outstanding journey we’ve been on!

    • Ilect
      Ilect 16 days ago +17

      Thar vidros out of date. Niftski just set the WR with the first ever tas tie to 8-4 and the final framerule was lightning 4-2

    • EatingYoshi
      EatingYoshi 16 days ago +90

      @Ilect Ofc its out of date, most of the videos on this channel are probably out of date, its just the nature of speedrunning

    • the jacket
      the jacket 15 days ago +1

      ​@EatingYoshiyou are right. illeyezcobra is a good youtuberrr.,..,

  • vidar lystad johansen
    vidar lystad johansen 15 days ago

    Love these videos! Great runners and great video editing and commentary

  • haley minkus
    haley minkus 15 days ago

    You rock SS!! Every video you make is leveled up from the last one. This is such a fun and easy watch! Thank you!!

  • Alex Aguilar
    Alex Aguilar 14 days ago +2

    From 420 Blazit's strats to Niftsky's pop off. I will admit... I cried a little. Thanks for summoning the salt in my eyes.

  • Kenyon Davis
    Kenyon Davis 15 days ago

    thank you for always having the chillest vids. It's like Christmas when I see your name in my feed. Your vids are definitely one of the reasons I love speedrunning so much.

  • Jo the Riveting
    Jo the Riveting 16 days ago

    That must have been so exciting. Learning about an optimization like that while they are together at AGDQ. How fun. They must have been flipping out.

  • xabu
    xabu 16 days ago +641

    Big fan of these smaller-in-scope videos. Spending more time on one trick makes the run easier to follow and the history more appreciable

    • Alexalibur13
      Alexalibur13 16 days ago +28

      It's what Summoning Salt is best at. I adore his long form documentary of entire games but I think a video like the 4-2 is still his best because of that.

  • Ben Little
    Ben Little 15 days ago

    Thanks for putting the amount of work this community does into fun, digestible bits for the casual gamers.

  • bong kem
    bong kem 16 days ago

    damn the dedication some guys put into a decades old game, kudo !!

  • Quillpoint
    Quillpoint 15 days ago

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      The NES also did not have an audio buffer. When the cart gets knocked loose, the sound synthesizer just continues whatever notes it was already playing, which is why it doesn't take on a specific tone. GBA and Wii crashes do what you described.

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