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Memphis Grizzlies vs Brooklyn Nets - Full Game Highlights | November 20, 2022

  • Published on Nov 19, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Mark Quijano
    Mark Quijano 2 months ago +334

    Yuta Watanabe is always ready to play. He is really an excellent addition to the Nets.

    • Mark Quijano
      Mark Quijano 2 months ago +2

      @Sandan Saiyan I hope so too.

    • Sandan Saiyan
      Sandan Saiyan 2 months ago

      @M M with his shooting I think they will extend him

    • Sandan Saiyan
      Sandan Saiyan 2 months ago +1

      Hopefully he got minutes what he deserved few years ago

    • M M
      M M 2 months ago +5

      But Nets does not guarantee his contract

  • Dare Devils
    Dare Devils 2 months ago +393

    Its great to see Simmons playing better like this.

    • n1njay
      n1njay 2 months ago

      him playing center also benefits the whole offense, beacause they can use him as a point-5

    • si lewis
      si lewis 2 months ago +1

      @Jack Frost-Xellereta I think you're right, he's definitely not been fully healthy.
      You can tell by the way he's finished with layups whereas before he would dunk most of the shots he took here.

    • YoYo Vlogs
      YoYo Vlogs 2 months ago

      @peter24 sure looks likenit

    • Kelscochise
      Kelscochise 2 months ago +2

      @Glenn in your eyes not us

    • 囉哈
      囉哈 2 months ago

      @peter24 他可以的我網冠軍

  • Stephen
    Stephen 2 months ago +94

    I'm glad BK is back to playing basketball again. They're actually looking like a cohesive team. Welcome back Kyrie.

  • Bobsyagod
    Bobsyagod 2 months ago +37

    Once everything clicks, this team would be scary (if they can) 4 shooters over 50% from 3, not including KD, Kyrie, Mills or Curry who can all light it up. Ben coming good and finding his role and touch. Will be interesting to see if they're still hot and cold or if they're finally building to the dangerous team they can be.

  • Sano Gamble
    Sano Gamble 2 months ago +59

    Good to see kyrie back and ben playing well.

  • O.C.G.M
    O.C.G.M 2 months ago +56

    I'm str8 smiling right now watching Ben play & score.....

  • Justin Keenswijk
    Justin Keenswijk 2 months ago +67

    Really feels good to see mah mans Simmons picking it up tho...if the nets keep playing like this they might have a chance to make it to the playoffs💯💯💯

    • Nathan
      Nathan 2 months ago

      @thsu8 lmao I wish , they will easily make playoffs but anyone can win it all lol it's a different team every year takes skill and luck

    • thsu8
      thsu8 2 months ago

      Make the playoffs? They'll easily win it all.

    • EA 1
      EA 1 2 months ago

      Their defense is terrible

    • Justin Keenswijk
      Justin Keenswijk 2 months ago

      Their standing is now 8 - 9...so yeah they have to get more consistent wins than they def will make it tho💯👌🏾

    • jordan dk
      jordan dk 2 months ago

      Chance to make it to the playoffs 😂. They'll definitely do that. I still have championship aspirations for this team but they have to prove that with domination cause they've been very inconsistent especially on defensive we suck.

  • Akeno Nainggolan
    Akeno Nainggolan 2 months ago +14

    Simmons keeps scoring not passing, kyrie play well, and the sixth man watanabe do a good job. If this keep on going, they will get to the top

  • anto karman
    anto karman 2 months ago +18

    Nice to see ben play like this, not only he made 11 fg, but also comitted only 3 fouls. Now let's see if he can rebuild off this game. Also, adams still a solid center with that double-double and 3 steal, bad ft though

    • si lewis
      si lewis 2 months ago

      Simmons has definitely not fully healthy

  • Pingisl_MTB
    Pingisl_MTB 2 months ago +75

    Can we please put yuta into the 6th man of the yr conversation? Damn yuta putting solid numbers and great defense. Two way player though 👏🏼

    • Sandan Saiyan
      Sandan Saiyan 2 months ago

      @Tovey Cen 2 imbeciles without proper explanation. Get lost

    • Pingisl_MTB
      Pingisl_MTB 2 months ago

      @Patrick Kraus spam and i was thinking it’s a Bot replying to me. Anyway thanks

    • Patrick Kraus
      Patrick Kraus 2 months ago +4

      @Pingisl_MTB You are right. Without an explanation the "no" is just spam....

    • Patrick Kraus
      Patrick Kraus 2 months ago +3

      @Tovey Cen You guessed his age right, but he isn`t wrong with his demand. The comment only says "no". Without explanaition a "no" is just spam..

    • Pingisl_MTB
      Pingisl_MTB 2 months ago

      @Tovey Cen oi sorry I’m 7yo.

  • yourFoodgasm
    yourFoodgasm 2 months ago +16

    Simmons, Durant and Yuta is the X factor. When they’re good, Bkn win..
    i mean, durant is always good 😂

  • The Answer
    The Answer 2 months ago +4

    I strongly dislike the Nets owner, however, I'd love to see KD & KAI win a ring together after all the drama.
    I'd also love to see the Clippers get one.
    Nets vs Clippers in the finals...please make it happen. At least 1 of my wishes would be granted. Lol
    By the way...Ben Simmons is attacking??? This is good to see...looks like a totally different guy!

  • Flat_
    Flat_ 2 months ago +4

    i love how Simmons willing to set screens for his teammates. he's now Draymond in the East.

  • Dedi Saputra
    Dedi Saputra 2 months ago +56

    Yuta should be in MIP convoy this szn. Glad to see him

    • Dedi Saputra
      Dedi Saputra 2 months ago

      @Cam Long fr

    • Andre
      Andre 2 months ago

      Don't forget about Bol Bol!

    • si lewis
      si lewis 2 months ago

      That conversation pretty much starts and ends with Markkanen so far this year

    • Cam Long
      Cam Long 2 months ago

      MVP Convo

    • hello hello
      hello hello 2 months ago

      Let’s see what gonna be on playoff (*^◯^*)

  • 👉Wendy- Gо t0 M-Y Channel l-i-v-e N0W!

    I'm glad BK is back to playing basketball again. They're actually looking like a cohesive team. Welcome back Kyrie.

  • Ming Lau
    Ming Lau 2 months ago +40

    Yuta is the best 6th man!

  • Dwd Hb
    Dwd Hb 2 months ago +19

    The best firing moments for Nets when Yuta and curry be togother in the court

  • Jodye Moncler
    Jodye Moncler 2 months ago +2

    5:32 Simmons got his swagger back 😂🙌🏽

  • John Miranda
    John Miranda 2 months ago +4

    Good win......go ben!! 👍👍 Keep it up! 👍

  • D D
    D D 2 months ago +1

    This rotation of the players is working well, they always had the talent, just didn't know how to use it.

  • Crown.
    Crown. 2 months ago +3

    Funny how everybodys on bens side all of a sudden 😂

  • nader
    nader 2 months ago +8

    something must've happened to simmons that made him start playing so solid... whatever it was, it was for the better

    • Nathan
      Nathan 2 months ago

      Lol he's coming off back surgery and on a new team , ppl need to let him find his groove

  • 👉Ann- g0 to МY Channel l-i-v-e (now)

    I'm glad BK is back to playing basketball again. They're actually looking like a cohesive team. Welcome back Kyrie.

  • tim nic
    tim nic 2 months ago +3

    Durant ALONE in the desert 5:40 good Defense , Grizz 🏜

  • Estif Tsegaye
    Estif Tsegaye 2 months ago +2

    So good to see ben playing like this

  • Luwicat
    Luwicat 2 months ago

    Sgonna be difficult for the grizz without Jackson Jr, Bane and Ja😢

  • MinimaL
    MinimaL 2 months ago

    Finally a good game from ben simmons, he seems to have find his rightful position, center

  • Ricky Rulio
    Ricky Rulio 2 months ago +27

    I can't believe a non-guaranteed player was second last time and third this time.
    Yuta Watanabe is the hottest man in the NBA right now.

  • Samuel Martínez
    Samuel Martínez 2 months ago

    I think Ben construct a positive wall and if It enough,he gone back like an all Star

  • Anthony Small
    Anthony Small 2 months ago +1

    Glad to see Kyrie back, but a point guard with 0 assists🙄🙄...WAIT WHAT🤔🤔

  • Machi
    Machi 2 months ago

    Seth curry
    Joe Harris
    B. Simmmons
    How is this team not good

  • Rui Martins
    Rui Martins 2 months ago

    Ben Simmins with 2 tough bumps on adams, not many nba players would be able to do that

    • Nathan
      Nathan 2 months ago

      Aquaman is the strongest player in the NBA they say , look up some videos of him setting screens lmao drops a few players hard as

  • Roman Romero
    Roman Romero 2 months ago +27

    watanabe es una buena promesa en los nets

  • Eyes Tamihana
    Eyes Tamihana 2 months ago +2

    Grizz pulled Adams out too early☝️

  • S Bernard Skiff
    S Bernard Skiff 2 months ago

    Would of been impressed if they beat them with bane and morant in the line up

  • NBAツPedro.A.17.
    NBAツPedro.A.17. 2 months ago +1

    Brooklyn my favorite team 😍

  • Carlos studio
    Carlos studio 2 months ago +2

    I'm happy to see the Brooklyn nets was win this game,also great to see kl back,If Ben can play awake like this game for every time,I think nets can go faraway .❤

  • Kikirestu Chanel
    Kikirestu Chanel 2 months ago +4

    Welcome back Kyrie❤️🇮🇩

  • Xtian
    Xtian 2 months ago

    2:42 literally No one is guarding Ben Simmons and he scored

  • Alvin Mutuma
    Alvin Mutuma 2 months ago

    sometimes I wish I would see a shooting contest between seth and steph,and I bet seth would win by +1 or 2,,

  • Rajesh Mandal
    Rajesh Mandal 2 months ago

    Lakers playing great now Nets playing great...
    It's over for rest of the league. 😂

  • Mario Christian
    Mario Christian 2 months ago

    Brooklyn need a big guy in the paint...that's it

  • ヒーローShinigami
    ヒーローShinigami 2 months ago +1

    Nets were smurfing tonight

  • Novia Roland
    Novia Roland 2 months ago +3

    It's tough my guy !piont center !

    KEMAL CETIN 2 months ago

    Kd did the lebron stat line which he never actually had 26 7 7

  • DanNFT
    DanNFT 2 months ago

    Keep Ben Simmons playing as C. Hes a total mismatch for opposing Center because of his quickness.

  • Chris Edwards
    Chris Edwards 2 months ago

    Beeeeennn Siimmmmoooonnnss💪💯🔥🔥🔥🔥yeaaa joyful game

  • TheLuozhixiang
    TheLuozhixiang 2 months ago +3

    Wata and Simmons on fire

  • Davincerica
    Davincerica 2 months ago +3

    Brooks really took 30 shots LMAO

    • Davincerica
      Davincerica 2 months ago +4

      @Ema 『ИG』 I like his game and effort but someone needs to tell him he's not that guy 🤣

    • Ema 『ИG』
      Ema 『ИG』 2 months ago +1

      30 shots in 34 minutes :D

  • You're Breaking My Balls

    Simmons looks so much better, plus Watanabe has been a revelation for the Nets. wheres tj warren btw?

  • Stokkejan Raggio
    Stokkejan Raggio 2 months ago +1

    im happy for Simms.

  • George Kalogerakis
    George Kalogerakis 2 months ago

    Simmons 22pts? Well done man

  • Kevin Napoleon Napoleon
    Kevin Napoleon Napoleon 2 months ago +1

    Kyrie is back 🙌

  • William Chan
    William Chan 2 months ago

    nets are much better with a better coach😊

  • Choi BJ
    Choi BJ 2 months ago +3

    벤시몬스가 살아나고있군

  • Kaan
    Kaan 2 months ago

    Simmons looks more confident good for him

    WARATAH FILM 2 months ago

    Nets is the best NBA team, if no injuries...

  • trebledc
    trebledc 2 months ago

    This game is on easy mode cause Bane and Ja didn't play. This is just like a scrimmage inside the eye of a storm.

  • yw
    yw 2 months ago

    Nets got better after KD's diss HAHA

  • Jae J
    Jae J 2 months ago +4

    7:14 how is that not a travel? Or am I high?

  • Sihle Ngcobo
    Sihle Ngcobo 2 months ago +2

    Media: Nneyye nyyeee Simmons is finished
    Simmons: watch this

  • BW0B
    BW0B 2 months ago

    Brooklyn is a team to be feared with their lineup.
    they just need to play the game lolololol

  • NoLoveLost
    NoLoveLost 2 months ago

    Nets goin to the superbowl.

  • squall116
    squall116 2 months ago

    Nets need a basic lineup rim protector.... Klaxton ain't good enough for the playoffs

    • Uc Ebuka
      Uc Ebuka 2 months ago

      @Long Nguyen yea, sadly... The nets disappoints for not getting him

    • Long Nguyen
      Long Nguyen 2 months ago

      @Uc Ebuka Dwight is balling in Taiwan, triple double, shooting 3s and miss all game long :). He's having fun over there and the fans love it.

    • Uc Ebuka
      Uc Ebuka 2 months ago +1

      How the teams let a Dwight Howard go is baffling. And a team like the Nets still need a rim protector

  • liao mao
    liao mao 2 months ago


  • hen ko
    hen ko 2 months ago

    watanabe es una buena promesa en los nets

  • HS Ha
    HS Ha 2 months ago +1

    Watanabe crushed the game

  • Evans Adiedo
    Evans Adiedo 2 months ago

    Welcome back Kyrie

  • Metin Kağan Boduroğlu

    Simmons MVP.

  • Mark
    Mark 2 months ago

    What's up with ja Morant is he recovering from injury or something....?

  • tsunagu
    tsunagu 2 months ago

    Nice vid ❤❤

  • waris khan
    waris khan 2 months ago

    Kyrie Irving is back !

  • 🍑Loiza C̴h̴a̴t̴ ̴ Me̴ n̴Ow̴- CHECK MY PROFILE

    Yuta is the best 6th man!

  • mllop aeet
    mllop aeet 2 months ago

    Yuta is the best 6th man!

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo 2 months ago

    Yuta is the best 6th man!

  • Sweet Sounds
    Sweet Sounds 2 months ago

    DAFUQ IS HAPPENING TO THE NBA???? only watching highlights and everybodys traveling its fucking insane

  • Özkan Şan
    Özkan Şan 2 months ago +1

    Kyrie İrving 😍😍

  • peppe von Matterhorn
    peppe von Matterhorn 2 months ago

    All of Simmons points came from right handed finishes!

    • peppe von Matterhorn
      peppe von Matterhorn 2 months ago

      @Vada Fly considering that he shoots left handed (when he does), the fact that he uses his right hand even when he attacks the basket to the left is curious to me

    • peppe von Matterhorn
      peppe von Matterhorn 2 months ago

      @Vada Fly yeah, let's say most of his points 😁

    • Vada Fly
      Vada Fly 2 months ago +1

      His layup at 2:01 was left handed

  • Creature of Habit
    Creature of Habit 2 months ago

    This game shows why it is so frustrating to watch Ben. This man can do this every game but due to some bizarre reason he does not. One game he is battling Steven Adams and other game he shies away from Trae fucking Young smh.

    • Nathan
      Nathan 2 months ago

      Lmao Im a huge Ben Simmons fan n was gna say cut the guy some slack he's coming off a back injury and adjusting to a new team but even on Philly it would be frustrating cause some games he'd be aggressive n score easily then other games he would pass it to much when he's easily got the talent to go score at the rim . Too much of a team player wish he would be like Giannis and shoot threes if he's open, can score them in practice and if ya left wide open shldnt be any different

  • Rain Man
    Rain Man 2 months ago

    Simmons really takes no 3s at all

    • Rain Man
      Rain Man 2 months ago

      It's impossible to get better without trying at all

    • Nathan
      Nathan 2 months ago

      He hits them in practice and shoot around , if ya open shoot it like Giannis does lol sometimes it's gunna go in n make them defend you at the line

    • Tony Shao
      Tony Shao 2 months ago

      There’s too many shooters in the team already. Need him to attack the rim and make the ball flow

    • brown David
      brown David 2 months ago

      lts stupid to take any 3s if you can't hit at least 30% of them, and he can't.

  • ΛdisonΖΞЯЮχ
    ΛdisonΖΞЯЮχ 2 months ago +1

    Honestly,without Morant, Grizzlies‘ hard to win.

    • Nathan
      Nathan 2 months ago

      Yea Grizzlies killed it last year without Morant , morants a beast but Grizzlies have really good core

    • Bobsyagod
      Bobsyagod 2 months ago +2

      @Moge yeah but they were also without Bane and Jackson Jr tonight as well. Was amazing they kept up as long as they did

    • Moge
      Moge 2 months ago +1

      grizzlies are oddly really good even without ja. remember last year.

  • fordskool
    fordskool 2 months ago

    They lucky Ja was in street clothes

    • Nathan
      Nathan 2 months ago

      Ja is a different kinda beast reminds me of drose in his early days but Memphis killed it last year without him they got a great core

  • Thato Elias
    Thato Elias 2 months ago

    lets go Ben

  • SleepyDroid
    SleepyDroid 2 months ago


  • Njabuloseh
    Njabuloseh 2 months ago

    Brotha Kai 🖤✊🏾

  • Wintube
    Wintube 2 months ago

    Ben Simmons to the haters: shhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • shakeem martinez
    shakeem martinez 2 months ago +2

    Yeah!! Bkn baby.

  • NCT
    NCT 2 months ago

    oh Nets hoopin now, time to get scared

  • gamsten12
    gamsten12 2 months ago +8


  • yalalt naranbaatar
    yalalt naranbaatar 2 months ago

    ben simmons prince is back

  • Kaukazas
    Kaukazas 2 months ago

    Uncle drew is back

  • Ironguide
    Ironguide 2 months ago

    Where is Kenny lofton?

    • ねこ
      ねこ 2 months ago +1

      G league

  • バキューム・オラジュワン

    Yuta is No warranty !?

  • hani saeed
    hani saeed 2 months ago

    Kyrie kyrie

  • Opaw New Zealand
    Opaw New Zealand 2 months ago

    Where is Morant

  • jayden wan
    jayden wan 2 months ago

    simmons ROTY

  • みんみつ
    みんみつ 2 months ago


    • プロ野球ファン
      プロ野球ファン 2 months ago


    • プロ野球ファン
      プロ野球ファン 2 months ago


    • みんみつ
      みんみつ 2 months ago

      @BluEnFly プレーだけではなく、−は得点失点差も関わってるんですね!!監督の評価が−って訳じゃなくてよかったです!

    • BluEnFly
      BluEnFly 2 months ago


    • まっどがむ
      まっどがむ 2 months ago


  • Angelo Coloma
    Angelo Coloma 2 months ago

    KD Simmons

  • Sleepy
    Sleepy 2 months ago

    What that song or beat at 3:35? Plsssssss

  • Genrel Omotse
    Genrel Omotse 2 months ago

    Ben is back