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  • Published on Jun 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Easy level up Exp farming Guide in Pokemon scarlet and Violet.
    #shinypokemon #shinyhunting #shiny
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    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet -
    The Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet games, the newest chapters in the Pokemon series, are coming to Nintendo Switch later this year. With these new titles, the Pokemon series takes a new evolutionary step, allowing you to explore freely in a richly expressed open world. Various towns blend seamlessly into the wilderness with no borders. You’ll be able to see the Pokemon of this region in the skies, in the seas, in the forests, on the streets-all over! You’ll be able to experience the true joy of the Pokemon series-battling against wild Pokemon in order to catch them-now in an open-world game that players of any age can enjoy.​
    Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet games, the newest chapters in the Pokemon series, are coming to Nintendo Switch later this year. On this channel you will find Pokemon news about the new Pokemon games, Rumors & Leaks for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Reactions to new trailers and much more!
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Comments • 88

  • Osirus
    Osirus  6 months ago +14

    what have been your best farming hauls?

    • 13gamerbullet
      13gamerbullet 6 months ago +2

      I, uh, shiny hunted Revavroom in the mountains.
      I got one after a half hour of non-stop spawns.
      See, they, uh, ROAM ... And they go off screen in *seconds* so I had about 25 encounters a minute. Crazy right? I had to focus so intensely because if I ignored it, the shiny would walk off the mountain and despawn. I also couldn't accidentally hit a regular Revavroom because it might despawn while I'm trying to run. And I couldn't quicksave, because, well, it might despawn! One shot! And I got it, too!
      Well after getting the shiny, I was like "no use waiting for gold to strike twice!" And started eliminating them. Little did I know, I wasn't even operating on Max bonus... Yeah, I think there was another outbreak thinning I got Midway.
      But here comes the juicy part, good on you for sticking with me...
      Another one spawned almost immediately! I got into a fight, freaking out, AND A THIRD ONE APPEARED BEHIND IT! I took a horrid photo, only its shiny bottom and barely any of its golden frame is in shot, but it's proof of this one in a million event...
      As the thing careened off the mountain and despawned, as I feared.
      That was the day I was so lucky, I had a stack overflow into a negative integer

    • Alastor 3D
      Alastor 3D 6 months ago

      I mostly use area 4 within the crater now that im in post game i kill iron forms to beat up or catch em off guard, quick ball em for surprise trades.

    • WhatDidEzraDoToday? _
      WhatDidEzraDoToday? _ 6 months ago +1

      @13gamerbullet loved this story

    • Samsamsam Rose
      Samsamsam Rose 5 months ago


  • Wyndam22
    Wyndam22 6 months ago +1

    Great, helpful guide. Thank you!

  • S9Vibe
    S9Vibe 6 months ago +6

    This is very helpful, thank you!

  • zora The Hedgehog
    zora The Hedgehog 6 months ago +7

    Really useful I'm at the final boss and I need to level up my team

  • Prof. Oak
    Prof. Oak 6 months ago +9

    this is perfect thank you lee. this also helps with filling up the dex

    • Tyler
      Tyler 6 months ago +1

      I use this only for my dex also

  • Leto85
    Leto85 6 months ago

    That is very handy info. Thanks man.

  • Lauren Yesner
    Lauren Yesner 6 months ago +25

    Lol the first I made a sandwich I thought the game was telling me I did a horrible job because my character looked like he was throwing up… turns out they do that anytime you make a sandwich 😂
    Thanks for these guide/tips videos!

  • jaxxsc
    jaxxsc 6 months ago +4

    Weird, doing this right now and getting no where near the amount of exp. I don't have lucky egg sure but that only adds 50% exp apparently. My lead pokemon gets about 2k whilst everyone else gets 1k. Thought it was because i had a full team but dropping it down to 2 pokemon made no difference. Don't get me wrong, 1-2k exp is still decent for my level but just wondering why the massive difference?

    • WhatDidEzraDoToday? _
      WhatDidEzraDoToday? _ 6 months ago

      The other Pokémon in your party are taking the exp

    • Jose Miguel V.R.
      Jose Miguel V.R. 6 months ago

      @WhatDidEzraDoToday? _ im getting 4k exp and only one pokemon is in my party

    • WhatDidEzraDoToday? _
      WhatDidEzraDoToday? _ 6 months ago

      @Jose Miguel V.R. yea... i figured that out. I'm aswell getting 4k exp for my main pokemon and around 1.75k for the rest. I don't know why exactly but im definitly taking the 4k exp lol

    • Husky Sans Vergogne
      Husky Sans Vergogne 6 months ago

      Same I only gain 3K I don't understand

    • jaxxsc
      jaxxsc 6 months ago

      @WhatDidEzraDoToday? _ As I said, I've tried having just 2 pokemon but it still only totals about 4k split between them.

  • Steven Lord
    Steven Lord 6 months ago +91

    If you want to save money then you can just make a chorizo and mayo sandwich and it will give you the same encounter buff with just the 2 ingredients. But you have to make it in creative mode because it’s not an actual recipe you get.

    • Oak Javi
      Oak Javi 6 months ago

      Where do I find chorizo

    • Steven Lord
      Steven Lord 6 months ago +4

      @Oak Javi it looks like sausage dogs and it’s in a shop in mesagoza. It’s one of two shops down from sure cans I believe. Or it might be in sure cans, can’t remember exactly lol. But it is for sure in a shop in mesagoza or however you spell the city with the academy in it.

    • Fernando Villalobos
      Fernando Villalobos 6 months ago

      @Steven Lord It's the shop next to sure cans!

    • Steven Lord
      Steven Lord 6 months ago

      @Fernando Villalobos that’s it! Lol I knew it was close by. Thanks!

  • Rose J
    Rose J 6 months ago +7

    Great tips, thanks Lee! How well would this work if my Tinkaton is only level 40?

    • djcantskate
      djcantskate 6 months ago

      It’d still work out. The chansey can only attack with double edge and it’s attack stat is lower than low you’ll be ok

  • biggreenmonkey98
    biggreenmonkey98 5 months ago +1

    Helps 100%

  • Josh
    Josh 5 months ago

    What’s the difference between having Pokémon with “best” IV’s as opposed to hyper training them?

  • VeterwolfGame
    VeterwolfGame 6 months ago +2

    one morning and my pokemon went from level 50-80 and i got a shiny chansey. was auto battling the chansey. plus if you sell the materials you get from the auto battling you get your money back. pro tip: if you exchange the materials to the tm vendor next to the pokemon center you get twice as much LP as you would have gotten from the pokemarkt on the other side. LP kinda works like pokedollars

  • vito libido
    vito libido 2 months ago

    What’s the difference between leveling up a Pokémon and catching one that is already evolved for Violet and scarlet

  • Levi Merc
    Levi Merc 6 months ago +1

    best low level pokemon to use was lucario if you dont have anything strong yet. He was around lvl 30 by the time i got here and all i did was spam metal sound and aura sphere to kill em

  • Mr.Beautiful
    Mr.Beautiful 5 months ago +2

    I did this exactly as you said and I'm not getting nearly that amount of experience

    • Rob K
      Rob K 5 months ago +1

      Same…trying to figure out what’s missing. Even with lucky egg I’m only getting about 3k exp…?

  • BreadCrumb
    BreadCrumb 4 months ago

    You do know you can roll a perfect IV from hatching....right? That lvl 1 tink isn't perfect......ITS IMPERFECT

  • Weeti Mattila
    Weeti Mattila 5 months ago

    I just got The game yesterday and i am hyped! I rlly want to do this

  • Tyler Kovalskas
    Tyler Kovalskas 6 months ago

    thanks, great idea!

  • TiredwHours
    TiredwHours 6 months ago +1

    Now do I have to be in that exact location for this to work? I’m just afraid my Pokémon might not be strong enough for this section- but I’ll try!

    • Icg
      Icg 6 months ago

      Yes you do

  • ggMarcLee
    ggMarcLee 6 months ago +3

    VGC ready? How does this effect EVs? Still learning. Thanks for the video

    • DynastyK
      DynastyK 6 months ago +1

      There's a couple of ways to give EVs; using feathers/medicines, or knocking out specific mons. Former is alot faster but expensive, while the latter is a little longer but can help boost multiple mons in that stat at the same time. Chanseys here for example gives +2 to HP EV, which can be further boosted by holding the power item that gives +8 HP EV at the same time.
      Honestly, unless you're boosting HP EVs to your mons, I'd recommend doing your EV training before using this leveling method. I'm sure Osirus will make a video on this, or there are others out there that you can refer to. Just a specific note, Let's Go feature does not help boost EVs so do your training manually.

    • Shane Deiley
      Shane Deiley 6 months ago

      Everyone in party gets EVs so EV train before level up to not worry about messing it up

    • Elaine the Gamer
      Elaine the Gamer 6 months ago

      Chansey gives only hp so if you want to max out hp then this is good but if not then you can use pomeg berries or just ev train them before you do this

  • Lunar Mochi
    Lunar Mochi 5 months ago

    I'm still not high enough levels maybe I'll do my 4th gym

  • Mewco
    Mewco 4 months ago

    When I make my sandwich my character doesn’t do the eating animation 3:55 and I think for some reason I’m not getting the same xp as him someone pls help
    Edit: I’m also realizing that it looks like the sandwiches have no effect for some reason

    • SinisterX
      SinisterX 4 months ago

      Do you have violet? That's scarlet

    • Mewco
      Mewco 4 months ago

      @SinisterXoh ok and yea I do have violet but my kingambit is only getting a range from 390-490 xp every time he kills a chansey

  • matt manley
    matt manley 6 months ago +1

    Power level… over 9000!!!

  • Cjwastooshort
    Cjwastooshort 5 months ago +1

    i got a shiny from doing this lol

    • EvilShade
      EvilShade 5 months ago

      Same, using encounter up normal to find a rare blissey and found shiny chansey (easier to evolve by overfeeding it with sandwiches)

  • Al Gabriel
    Al Gabriel 5 months ago

    Help please. How to go to north area early?

  • Vinay Kolekar
    Vinay Kolekar 2 months ago

    Unable to fly to that particular area can anyone help?

  • AG2208
    AG2208 6 months ago

    The chansey aren’t spawning a ton

  • Donkey Kong
    Donkey Kong 5 months ago

    What about high level pokemon

  • Mario Jr
    Mario Jr 6 months ago +1

    Do you have to battle them and not "auto-battle" cause am only getting around 200 exp fro autobattle

    • Osirus
      Osirus  6 months ago

      Yeah for more exp I would battle it’s quicker to auto battle but returns are smaller

    • Mario Jr
      Mario Jr 6 months ago +1

      @Osirus am only getting about 1k+ for my pokemons if I battle. They are now at level 60.

  • Hiro no Tsumi
    Hiro no Tsumi 5 months ago

    It not working anymore. Might be patch. Chansey spawn every 1 minute and only one come out.

  • ChocoKaylaRobin
    ChocoKaylaRobin 4 months ago

    Its not working for some reason
    Edit; Got it to work! pretty cool ty!

  • Gavin Briceno
    Gavin Briceno 6 months ago

    I’m only getting about 2 quarters or less instead of 10000

    • Issiah JK
      Issiah JK 6 months ago

      Yeh same I’m only getting around 4,000

  • Ash’s Squirtle
    Ash’s Squirtle 6 months ago +6

    i haven't gotten the game, but i will remember this.

    • Osirus
      Osirus  6 months ago +3

      Thanks Ash hope it’s helpful when you get the game :)

    • Ash’s Squirtle
      Ash’s Squirtle 5 months ago

      @Osirus ive gotten the game, and its working!

  • SnowieYT
    SnowieYT 4 months ago

    Veemo (Thanks for this!)

  • Daryl
    Daryl 5 months ago +1

    why am I only getting 3000 per kill

  • Tweak
    Tweak 6 months ago +8

    There is something else cause I am only getting around 3k exp

    • Rob K
      Rob K 5 months ago +1

      Same!! Did you figure it out?

  • Chloé Lee
    Chloé Lee 6 months ago +1

    Lucky Egg only works on leading Pokemon

  • Sara Lowe
    Sara Lowe 6 months ago +2

    How do you get your graph to say very good best etc. Mine just has numbers.

    • Daniel Brown
      Daniel Brown 6 months ago +1

      Complete the game.. can judge for Iv's inside the box

    • Sara Lowe
      Sara Lowe 6 months ago

      @Daniel Brown I'm kind of stuck in recruiting 2 players for Arwen to go in the crater. And I keep getting the questions wrong on the interview 😒 omg didn't plan for this nonsense.

    • Daniel Brown
      Daniel Brown 6 months ago

      @Sara Lowe yeah the two characters come from completing the questlines. Including elite 4.. questions was annoying.. mainly the gym ones.. Google the answers if needs be

    • Sara Lowe
      Sara Lowe 6 months ago

      @Daniel Brown yep I did lol, imagine being the first and having no quick fix like back to the 90s 😆 stuck for weeks on some zelda dungeon.

  • Adamc0804
    Adamc0804 6 months ago +6

    Why am I not getting 10,000 xp.I’m getting like 600

  • Andrew Felsinger
    Andrew Felsinger 6 months ago

    he got raid encounter ground and encounter power normal but i keep getting raid normal encounter ground what am i doing wrong its the same damn ham sandwich

    • Andrew Felsinger
      Andrew Felsinger 6 months ago

      in case anyone else is having this problem i kept having one piece of ham almost falling off then it would fall off when the top bun whent on it almost seems as if "dropping" the ham effected it now i can get it the way its supposed to be

    • Noah Ziegler
      Noah Ziegler 6 months ago

      Try ultra curry rice sandwich

  • Fenix
    Fenix 6 months ago

    I made chansey Extinct

  • Leejai Ryder
    Leejai Ryder 6 months ago

    how do you get so much i get 100

    • Icg
      Icg 6 months ago

      Lucky egg and u need to actually battle them not auto battle

  • Jonathan McNeil
    Jonathan McNeil 6 months ago

    I cant find any chansey

  • Jazz Smith
    Jazz Smith 6 months ago

    How to make sandwiches?

  • Roberto Rodriguez
    Roberto Rodriguez 5 months ago +1

    Unmm I have have this pokemon game but did everything u did but not leting me get snow land wat did do rong

  • GamingWithKarateKing
    GamingWithKarateKing 5 months ago