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Use These EQ Tips to Stand Out Live! -- Fractal Friday with Cooper Carter # 24

  • Published on Mar 31, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • @coopercarter shows you three quick and easy EQ tips that will make sure your live tones sit right where they should in a mix but never get lost!
    Preset: axechange.fractalaudio.com/det...
    Purchase your unit at www.g66.eu and The Complete Fractal Audio Master Class Series at classes.coopercarter.com
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Comments • 57

  • Neelfy01
    Neelfy01 Year ago +5

    This is a BRILLIANT video. Absolutely invaluable info for setting your tone in all situations. Great work Cooper 👍

  • Guitarno
    Guitarno 5 months ago +1

    Great video and topic! I have had struggles with modelers being able to sit in a live band mix. I find that when doing preset leveling, a lot of times gainy driven tones get swallowed up in the mix and sometimes I can barely hear myself. Turning up the volume is the quick fix but ending up in a volume war with other instruments is not a great outcome. The EQ balancing is really key and it is not always super intuitive how to EQ your sound so it sticks out without oppressive volume. Definitely a fine art.

  • Scott Miller
    Scott Miller 3 months ago

    It’s going to take awhile to get this down when I finally do get my FM9. Great to see all these knowledgeable vids!

  • Tyler O'Brien
    Tyler O'Brien 11 months ago

    Man, this video is unbelievably helpful. I got my lead patch to POP with a PEQ spike - 2800 Hz at just 1.8 dB - and it's going to be permanent. The cab hi and lo-cuts made a massive difference for me, too, as I can use my GEQ blocks far more subtly. Thanks a lot!

  • Frank Mikkelsen
    Frank Mikkelsen Year ago

    What a great video Cooper, just what i needed. When i get the time to study it, i will definitely subscribe to your AxeFx 3 masterclass.

  • Davus PG
    Davus PG Year ago

    Thank you Cooper, another brilliant video.
    Still learning so much after 5 years using Fractal products

    • Tony Kennedy
      Tony Kennedy Year ago

      Same here, there's just so much to these fabulous units

  • Jon
    Jon 8 months ago

    Really good stuff. Also shows how easily you can make a good PA speaker work as a live monitor/ cab vs spending 💰💰 on all of the FRFR guitar-specific speaker hype.

  • Cris Pereyra
    Cris Pereyra Month ago

    Excellent video! Is it possible to apply these concepts to other types of multi-effects as well?

  • Eddie Pa
    Eddie Pa 8 months ago +1

    That 2.8Khz bumped 3dB added life to my dead tone. Thanks a million! Awesome tips.

  • Tony Kennedy
    Tony Kennedy Year ago

    This is great Cooper, that second tip is something I'd never heard before - Really going to explore that idea

  • Jesse Nicholson
    Jesse Nicholson 5 months ago

    Incredibly useful thanks! Are you doing anything different about the way the patch is EQ’d in general since it’s intended as a live/high volume patch?

  • Burkhimself
    Burkhimself 5 months ago

    Depending on the amp, I usually set my cab hi/low at 100 & between 5500-7000. Usually at 6000…..great (common sense to me) advice everyone should hear.

  • samuel holder
    samuel holder Year ago

    I love this! Especially 1 and 2. Would you do both or either or?

  • Dimitris Gournelis

    Very useful. I am going to try this tips tomorrow in my gig. Thanks man

  • AudioAtmos
    AudioAtmos Year ago +1

    The last PEQ adjustments to accentuate or de-emphasize pick attack was a good tip. Thanks!!

  • Erik Hartley
    Erik Hartley 5 months ago

    Output EQ is also an amazing trick to poke out live!

  • guitarzFla
    guitarzFla Year ago

    VERY useful tips Cooper!! Thank you!

  • Dan Andrews
    Dan Andrews Year ago

    Absolutely great! I had just posted a help request in the Fractal forum yesterday...Thank you Sir!!

  • JPE Gitaar
    JPE Gitaar Year ago +1

    Great tips. What is the difference if I set Low and Hi Cut of the Cabinet on the Cab page or the Preamp page? Is there a difference?

  • Andrew Foltz
    Andrew Foltz 11 months ago

    Very informative great tips man.

  • RamboMadCow
    RamboMadCow Year ago

    Have any advice on how to make space for 2 guitars? I've done a lot of what's mentioned here but I haven't seen much real world advice for 2 guitars. The way I currently handle it, with a very Metallica-ish tone, is to use the Mark 5 band eq and boost my tone's 240 by .5 - 1 (as I play Hetfield's part) and my lead's 2200 by the same amount, even when he's doubling the rhythm parts.
    I don't know if that's "the right" way to do it...just seemed to make the most sense at the time.

  • Lance Holland
    Lance Holland Year ago

    Hi @Cooper Carter - this was asked below but not answered. Would you suggest the amp AND the cab block changes or just one or the other? FYI - I noticed in the latest beta - the Bassguy model, the bottom is crazy boomy....this seems to help a lot.

  • Paul Zeman
    Paul Zeman 10 days ago

    That was valuable and definitely saving the link for future reference. Thank you.

  • Tim Goudarzi
    Tim Goudarzi Year ago

    awesome! i am new to gigging fm3 and this will help a ton! thx

  • Ahmed Tayseer
    Ahmed Tayseer Year ago

    Great vid man & Very helpful, Thanks for sharing 🤘🏼

  • Wayne Bangert
    Wayne Bangert 11 months ago

    I am looking upgrade my GT1000- to the FM3. I have several questions. 1. how much user memory for patches is available? I like to make a custom a patch for each song I perform and the let the laptop control the patches per command code for each patch. In other words if I have 150 songs in my performance catalog I want to have patches for each song. 2. Are all the FM3 adjustments/edits also available as midi control codes?

  • siddharth sinha
    siddharth sinha Year ago

    This is a great video. But I use a Powerstage through a cab while playing on stage. And I keep the cab turned off..any tips for that apart from toggling my bass, mid and treb EQ on the power stage?

  • Michael O
    Michael O 4 months ago

    KEY stuff thank you Cooper!!

  • Hans Aaraas
    Hans Aaraas Year ago

    Great tips. Thanks man.

  • Phil Williams
    Phil Williams 10 months ago

    Brilliant. Thanks Cooper.

  • Scott Brady
    Scott Brady Year ago

    Great vid... any reasons not to use global eq?

  • Wayne Bangert
    Wayne Bangert Year ago

    Can you show some control code setups for external daw for the FM3?

  • Ofir Carmi
    Ofir Carmi 6 months ago

    Great tips thank you!

  • Tommy Joe
    Tommy Joe 2 months ago

    Using the fm3 at home with frfr speakers. Is it recommended to eq with the global eq to get it to sound right through the speakers.? Having a lot of trouble getting several even very basic amp cab and drive pedal sounds to not get muddy and have a blanket over the speaker effect and generally poor tone

  • ZenRigs Man
    ZenRigs Man Year ago

    GOLD! Thanks Cooper!

  • Kevin Stewart
    Kevin Stewart 4 months ago

    Are you using any volume boosts for leads or anything like that

  • Doug Rappoport
    Doug Rappoport 7 months ago

    How about tips for dialing in live tones for people who dont have super high-level studio monitors.

  • Al Benicky
    Al Benicky 7 months ago

    any tips for a AX8? I love mine but I still struggle to get to sound more amp like

  • briandgr8st
    briandgr8st 5 months ago

    Hi Cooper help me out pls. I have a Fractal FM9. I’ve dialed in and tweaked my tones using a headset. They sound heavenly in the headset. But when I played live, the Drive and Distortion tone sounded plasticky crackling trash in FOH/PA. It also gave out shrilly feedback FOH. How do I make my headset tones tweaked in my home, sound as awesome live via FOH?
    FOH: JBL PRX812 12inch, Yamaha DXR12
    Headset: Bose Quiet Comfort 35

    • Jon Halvor Lysebo
      Jon Halvor Lysebo 5 months ago

      Follow this! My Ax8 and now FM9 always sound fantastic in headphones but I struggle to translate them trough our PA system. Have you gotten closer?

  • TnT
    TnT 3 months ago

    Merci Cooper, super !

  • meme mememe
    meme mememe 6 months ago

    Can you show the katana 1x12 100 watt combo as a power amp cab with the fractal?

  • Matthew Chlebowski

    I noticed he did the high and low cuts in the Cab Preamp page. I have been doing this on the Cab main page. What is the difference, if any?

    • Tony Kennedy
      Tony Kennedy Year ago +1

      I think it's like a Master EQ for the cab block, whereas the other pages are specific to each IR

  • David MacVicar
    David MacVicar 6 months ago

    Why the preamp tab, you can do it on the Cab tab too right? Any advantage?

  • Glenn W
    Glenn W Year ago

    Super useful

  • Paul Glover
    Paul Glover 16 days ago


  • cano bervel
    cano bervel Month ago

    RTA is only for AXE FX , not for FM9 User 😞

  • Doug Rappoport
    Doug Rappoport 7 months ago


    JAMIE DYCE Month ago

    Thank you.

  • Adam Mason (Mason Photography)

    What're your FRFR speakers here?

  • David Shankle
    David Shankle 10 months ago


  • rsvette123
    rsvette123 Year ago

    Thanks much

  • James Price
    James Price 7 months ago

    just crank a twin, problem solved :)

  • Gabriele striuli
    Gabriele striuli 4 months ago

    4 tips: turn off the reverb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!