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Super High Roller Poker FINAL TABLE with Brian Rast

  • Published on May 23, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • GamingGaming

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  • Rob s
    Rob s 2 months ago

    brian is one of my favorite guests that you have had...def need to have him back....so nice to hear commentary from a crusher

  • Balearic Blazer
    Balearic Blazer 8 months ago +6

    Wow what an amazing FT! These guys are on another planet with their moves! Loved every minute! Super entertainment.. Ole is one sick dude!. Thx Jeff & Brian too love the insights 👌🏾

    • Santa Clause
      Santa Clause 7 months ago

      Brian would have won this tourney if he was on the FT, he knew every right play as if he could see the cards.

  • Toxic Skull Fear
    Toxic Skull Fear 8 months ago +1

    That was some really good plays to learn from !!

  • Carlos Cortes
    Carlos Cortes 5 months ago

    Love the commentary with the both of these guys! We should have both of them doing the commentary every time!

  • Ian McGann
    Ian McGann 7 months ago

    Commentary was very insightful… understand Rast was on literally zero sleep and still joined the stream since he had already agreed to. He missed some things here and there but he offered a lot of thoughtful comments. Most of the chat does not understand poker and can’t see past the fact that he got distracted once or twice and had a meal. Not the best commentary ever but still very good. Give the guy a little slack

  • Bryan Evans
    Bryan Evans 7 months ago

    Ole was a shining star totally his to win and he knew it. Gg! Enjoyed Brian commentary as well.

  • Jonathan Baroch Castellvi
    Jonathan Baroch Castellvi 8 months ago +5

    Jeff Gross as well as Kevin Martin are just roasting the hosting seat. This is great stuff!

  • Kevin K.
    Kevin K. 8 months ago +1

    insae tournament. thanks for great commentary!

  • Brett pilkington
    Brett pilkington  3 months ago

    This was pretty entertaining

  • david humphries
    david humphries 5 months ago

    kakonkote is an irish beast. finished 2nd in the venom for 1.1m

  • Grant Traub
    Grant Traub 8 months ago +1

    This game got so sick 4 handed

  • Rahul Agarwal
    Rahul Agarwal 7 months ago

    You can tell a lot about a persons playing caliber just by how they talk about the play.

  • Patrick JD
    Patrick JD 8 months ago +1

    Great commentary

  • Matthew Wiggin
    Matthew Wiggin 6 months ago +1

    Lol Rast slating Rui for his plays and then checks his WhatsApp to see a message off Jeff to stop slagging him off and totally changed his opinion on his play 😂😂

  • Nuno Araújo
    Nuno Araújo 8 months ago

    Love your comentary both but Rast is so simple a great dude
    amo voces vamos vieira ou Ferreira
    Vamos abraços

  • Murrr XM
    Murrr XM 8 months ago

    amazing play cdarwin and ole

  • Grant Traub
    Grant Traub 8 months ago

    Great commentary guys.

  • Mike Hager
    Mike Hager 8 months ago

    These guys were the most strategic commentators which is very informative but not very entertaining

    • Ian McGann
      Ian McGann 7 months ago

      The play itself was super entertaining… I appreciate the high level understanding and speculation from Rast he really knows these spots well

  • OVO Rentals
    OVO Rentals 3 months ago

    damn Rast needs to get in the lab lol

  • Ian McGann
    Ian McGann 7 months ago

    Kevin Martin and some of the other usual commentators could not have offered such insightful comments in a lot of these strange spots. Rast knows what he’s talking about but may not be “made for TV”… I can appreciate that. I would have like to see Nanonoko in this stream but even still, he could not have provided the expertise Rast did

  • iRacing Rookie
    iRacing Rookie 8 months ago

    Makes me wonder how many people get access to this info?
    Or at what point does it not get used?

  • Rahul Agarwal
    Rahul Agarwal 7 months ago

    Like always Jeff Gross only focus on on side chatter or platitudes of how great the players. Without even an once of meaningful strategy discussion. Often ends up distracting the pro guest from providing insights. GG really needs to find someone else!

    CAMILO FLOREZ 6 months ago

    Que alucinante FT! Ole schemion es un camion, y no tiene frenos! waooo

  • Grant Traub
    Grant Traub 8 months ago

    You good Rast

  • Steve H
    Steve H 4 months ago

    I am sorry but there is not another person on earth that runs better than Ole, its absurd how lucky this guy has been.

  • bungee302
    bungee302 8 months ago

    Calling allin from Simon Mattson with the JJ around 3:00hours with Rui being so short, given the ICM, isn‘t that a fold?

    • Wladimir Bljad
      Wladimir Bljad 8 months ago

      jj is just too strong and ole shoves many hands there

  • Ma Ben
    Ma Ben 8 months ago +2

    Niccolò Paganini was an Italian violinist and composer

  • PungentZeus
    PungentZeus 8 months ago +10

    how tf did Jeff not realize that dudes name isn’t pagan one n one but instead Paganini lol

    • Aware Bear
      Aware Bear 4 months ago

      Literally came to the comments for this. He's brain dead dude...

    • Bryan Evans
      Bryan Evans 7 months ago +1

      Don’t think he cared

  • sneke tec
    sneke tec 7 months ago

    I don't think there is any plus side to limping AKo from the button. you're making your hand worthless. trapping w unmade hands is either too advanced or plain epic fail.

  • Saminar
    Saminar 7 months ago

    They dont withdraw the money instant! It‘s a scam!

  • SystemExclusive
    SystemExclusive 8 months ago

    Brian Rast you are sooo overreacting when Simon folds 10 4 on that turn. Why risk so much chips when you have only a 4 kicker? Its a decent fold. Sometimes people bluff. Its ok. Its defenitly not a waaaaauw he folded I cant beleive it moment. Chill dude

  • Santa Clause
    Santa Clause 7 months ago

    1:16:00 lol. Rast acting like it’s such a bad bet with 2 flush draws and straight draws on board. Like what if rui has A9 ♥️ and binks and A. Rast would be like omg, why didn’t u bet kk there! He doesn’t have many 10s in his range utg. Just lost respect for Rast after that hand analysis. Cause if he checks back turn and it’s a blank he’s not in tourney.

  • Daniel W.
    Daniel W. 8 months ago +1

    The Ole.

  • Betty Jane
    Betty Jane 7 months ago

    Nice job guys but honestly you should’ve cleaned your cameras before commentating Rast camera is dirty.

  • Leo1985
    Leo1985 8 months ago

    It's so saaaad maaan

  • James Clarke
    James Clarke 8 months ago

    What was the buy in

  • Станислав Петряшин

    Как потом выводить миллион долларов всегда было интересно???

  • SystemExclusive
    SystemExclusive 8 months ago

    Cmon guys that was a SUPER easy fold with A6 against de schemion straight with 56

  • iRacing Rookie
    iRacing Rookie 8 months ago +1

    honestly cant stand rast

  • Gabriel Andrei
    Gabriel Andrei 8 months ago +7

    "This video is unavailable on this device." ?? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Tested with mobile phone, Fire TV Stick 4K and Desktop PC. Always the same issue.

    • Gabriel Andrei
      Gabriel Andrei 8 months ago

      Seems to be solved. Tested with mobile phone on mobile internet. ✌🏻🍀🎉

    • Dynamite Night
      Dynamite Night 8 months ago +1

      I watched the first half last night with no problems and got the same error message today.

    • Gabriel Andrei
      Gabriel Andrei 8 months ago

      I got no clue

    • bungee302
      bungee302 8 months ago

      The same for me, whats up with that?

  • Frank Li
    Frank Li 5 months ago +1

    who is brian rast?

  • Michael Gray
    Michael Gray 8 months ago

    yooooo ole,K7?!

  • Hellocarbide ZYUN
    Hellocarbide ZYUN 8 months ago

    Коля Рус красава не отказался от своего флага , не то что некоторые чмыри

  • Santa Clause
    Santa Clause 7 months ago

    There were so many kk and AA, gg rng is jacked

  • 4463013
    4463013 8 months ago +1

    they;re cheating probably

  • tommaso dilena
    tommaso dilena 2 months ago

    Brian rast Is not updated at all. He speaks like a cash gamer, zero strategy only tecnical stuff and Sims and very low icm implications

  • SystemExclusive
    SystemExclusive 8 months ago +1

    No... I dont like Rast commentary. He is too much of a mister know it all. Im not amused

  • Randy Brand
    Randy Brand 6 months ago

    Are these cards randomly shuffled or algorithm generated..??

  • B Sure
    B Sure 8 months ago

    Terrible audio Jeff

  • Steve Dawson
    Steve Dawson 2 months ago

    If you want to eat... Eat don't talk

  • Richard West
    Richard West 8 months ago

    Video is unavailable on this device?

  • Darren Watson
    Darren Watson 2 months ago

    is jeff in his bathroom? Acoustics horrible

  • SystemExclusive
    SystemExclusive 8 months ago

    Commentating with a full mouth?? Really?? Please never let this Brian dude return!

    • SystemExclusive
      SystemExclusive 7 months ago

      @Ian McGann can you read? I dont care about him eating at all. I complained about his constantly talking with a full mouth. Thank you for your comment

    • Ian McGann
      Ian McGann 7 months ago +1

      Lol have a little perspective. Dude just played a nosebleeds live cash game, stayed up all night, and still joined this long stream to commentate and share his expertise. Let the guy eat.