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JOHN MULANEY Talks About His DAD 😂

  • Published on Nov 17, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • ComedyComedy

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  • G. R. Davis
    G. R. Davis 2 months ago +112545

    Son: "I saw someone push Tyler today."
    Dad: "You fkn Nazi."

  • JohnnyAppleman
    JohnnyAppleman 21 day ago +3674

    Both of my parents are lawyers, and this is exactly how they talk to you 💀💀💀

    • Erin432
      Erin432 4 days ago +2

      @Alexander Monge Sandí no it doesn’t. Not every lawyer works for big law firms. Many work for non-profits and other jobs where they don’t get paid very much.

    • ultradeadd
      ultradeadd 6 days ago +1

      ​@brown_ gurl I think you mean psychological.

    • MJ
      MJ 8 days ago +5

      social security number? for research purposes?

    • Ronda Leavens
      Ronda Leavens 9 days ago +7

      Wow I'm sorry my parents were hippies

    • brown_ gurl
      brown_ gurl 10 days ago +10

      ​@Brady Nester physiological warfare

  • BubbleHubble
    BubbleHubble Month ago +4145

    This might be the first time I’ve seen the entire joke on the internet without it being edited at all-

    • jade
      jade 10 days ago


    • GamingWithBlueboy
      GamingWithBlueboy 14 days ago +1

      Bros comment got edited

    • Idankpo Augustine
      Idankpo Augustine 15 days ago +1

      ​@TMBK "Only give your opinions on something if they're positive", yeah that's the purpose of a comment section. 🙄

    • Idankpo Augustine
      Idankpo Augustine 15 days ago +1

      ​@The Last Man on Earth I'm not even sure I agree with you man, but this was a killer burn.

    • Asmobby
      Asmobby 17 days ago +4

      @TMBK I just hate people who are butt hurt about everything

  • Avocado company
    Avocado company Month ago +5198

    I just imagine Tyler watching this years later going
    Tyler: “WHY DIDN’T YOU HELP”
    “Because I was on the bench

    • IceyPlayz
      IceyPlayz 7 days ago +1

      @Samarth Sharma that’s what i’m saying.

    • Samarth Sharma
      Samarth Sharma 7 days ago +1

      Holy shit y did he deleted the comments, I wanted to prepare popcorn for this hell of an argument

    • IceyPlayz
      IceyPlayz 13 days ago +1

      @Avocado company answer the question. do you genuinely believe zodiacs have an effect on our life?

    • IceyPlayz
      IceyPlayz 14 days ago +1

      @Avocado company do you genuinely believe zodiac signs are real?

    • IceyPlayz
      IceyPlayz 14 days ago +1

      @Avocado company I mean, i’m fairly certain they were exaggerating, but if you mentioned zodiac signs and acted like they were something that made a difference in people, I can’t really blame them.

  • Nalyw
    Nalyw 21 day ago +492

    imagine a 40 year old man talking to his 6 year old about him being a nazi 💀💀

    • hifuqua
      hifuqua Day ago +2

      Not "a man", a jew.

    • sujani koya
      sujani koya 18 days ago +6

      If you have children ypu will understand

  • Rania Lawliet
    Rania Lawliet Month ago +14377

    I love how the convo went from "how was school today?" to "explain to me how are you better than a Nazi"

    • Morgan Clarke
      Morgan Clarke 18 days ago

      This is why kids don’t talk to their parents

    • Come Sandía
      Come Sandía 23 days ago +1

      To salad with raisins

    • mimi
      mimi 24 days ago +3

      that's how harmless conversations with my dad go 💀

    • Krejčí Ellen
      Krejčí Ellen 25 days ago

      this is exactly how our social sciences lessons go

    • Gabriella Serrano Garcia
      Gabriella Serrano Garcia 27 days ago

      ​@Syeda Alya Fatimaqq en

  • Nash1a
    Nash1a 28 days ago +1280

    "I refuse to speak on the grounds that it might incriminate me."

    • at0micr0b0t
      at0micr0b0t 16 days ago +37

      "I invowke the fiwfth" -👶

  • bbypookins
    bbypookins Month ago +2

    OMG! This was exactly like my Dad! Frustrating sometimes, but I’d give anything to have him back.

  • Omaansh Kaushal
    Omaansh Kaushal Month ago +10

    There's this friend in my class who's constantly bullied by people. One day, others were throwing paper balls at him. At this point, I could take in no more bullying. I stood up to them, stopped them and then got them suspended. Never had a better sleep than that night

  • Henry
    Henry Month ago +426

    I can’t help but hears andrews voice every time he talks😂

  • Eldritch Hero
    Eldritch Hero Month ago

    Lmao that is hilarious. I can't wait to do this to my kid.

  • Brother Of Light
    Brother Of Light Month ago +3

    I aspire to be like his dad.

  • Quentisha Puryear
    Quentisha Puryear Month ago

    Haha wow, hilarious! On a serious note, kids who do nothing definitely turn into adults who do nothing. A bit extreme of the dad to use that example, but I'll bet you a dollar that John Mulaney steps up and defends people now!

  • Captain Weeaboo
    Captain Weeaboo 19 days ago +31

    As a child of a lawyer, I can confirm this being very relatable and accurate.

  • Sleepy Dino :D
    Sleepy Dino :D 2 months ago +17276

    “How are you better than a Nazi”
    “I was over on the bench”
    “I made a salad with craisins”
    I never thought I would see a video with three completely unconnected sentences like this 💀💀💀

  • No Identity
    No Identity Month ago

    His mom saved both of them 😂

  • Valerie Laub
    Valerie Laub Month ago

    Wow. We grew up with similar dads with similar personalities/tactics. Only difference was that my dad wasn't a lawyer but a detective. Good times 🤦‍♀️

  • Tim Elkin
    Tim Elkin 13 days ago +5

    My dad is also a lawyer and a debate team champion. He definitely formed me and molded me to be able to argue like this. This was so relatable that it wasn't even funny but rather traumatic lol

  • Jae Renee
    Jae Renee Month ago +1

    *Cuz I was over on the bench* might be my new excuse for getting out of trouble lol

  • ckeekyzekey
    ckeekyzekey 2 months ago +9360

    The fact that his lawyer father told him about the Holocaust before he was 6 years old says a lot

    • Lucas Akers
      Lucas Akers 12 days ago

      ​@V its not about expecting a coherent response, its about training them to follow chains of logic and getting them used to thinking critically. The nazi thing might be q bit intense, but its amazing parenting m

    • Susan Nehama
      Susan Nehama Month ago

      @flying Aviator815 wow - I am pretty sure they aren’t Jewish - he claims they are Irish Catholics.

    • Susan Nehama
      Susan Nehama Month ago

      @Eeveelution Girl luckily you didn’t grow up as a Greek Jew. My husband’s community went from 100K to 4500K when it was all over so everyone on his side was affected. Pretty much everyone in my husband’s family had someone in the camps (his father) or lost people. I think my kids had more senior relatives that were Holocaust survivors than those that weren’t. You don’t start a little kid off with pictures but talk about when you went into hiding your parents made you leave your favorite doll behind. They told you how occupation was not bad under the Italians, they were nice, but then the Germans came. They tell you how one day they couldn’t go to school anymore. No one was telling them about death marches and Auschwitz. That was for later. It’s kind of like teaching about AIDS to kindergartners. No one is getting into graphic details about sex or drug use.

    • Susan Nehama
      Susan Nehama Month ago

      My kids knew about it even earlier. They asked their grandfather about the tattoo on his arm. My daughter was named after my husband’s grandmother who was killed at Auschwitz. It spilled out slowly but they knew all about the Nazis at a very young age.

    • Denise Dean
      Denise Dean Month ago

      Not really unusual for a Jewish child to learn of the holocaust without graphic details. Most racial groups that have a history of being oppressed and brutalized by another racial group, will pass that knowledge to children to pass on the lesson that this history does not mean they are inferior. The Irish undoubtedly speak to their children of the English conflict and English conquest of Ireland and the Irish resistance.Likewise the Jewish parents tell kids about the holocaust; Black parents in USA teach their children about slavery, Jim Crow segregation and the Black leaders who fought those systems; Native Americans teach their children about how they owned America and English settlers slaughtered the Native Americans and stole the land; Black South Africans with children too young to remember Apartheid that was the equivalent of Jim Crow segregation, teach their children about Nelson Mandela's resistance and that of his followers to that apartheid system. You simply explain history in a way that is age appropriate. I learned about slavery, freedom, civil rights from my father in the 5th grade without hearing about the graphic details of what happened on those sadistic plantations. My White teacher in the 9th grade assigned the book Wounded Knee which detailed the awful savagery the 300 Sioux Native Indians incurred during their relocation to parceled land/reservation at the hands of English colonizers in a massive land grab in South Dakota. I could not have handled that story at 10 years old, so age is relative.

  • SelfMadeRish
    SelfMadeRish Month ago +28

    Your dad was absolutely right lol extreme for sure but spot on. So many horrible acts were never stop because people were afraid to intervene.

    • Konstantinos K.
      Konstantinos K. 2 days ago

      lol You can't be for real. He said multiple times that he was on the bench when it happened.
      Let me break it down for you. Should he watch like a lion for any agressive intention of the other kids and teleport just in time to prevent this from happening?
      His dad probably had a bad day at work and used his rhetorical skills to dismantle his son phychologically by comparing him to Nazis.
      That's not just extreme. It's stupid and is not based on sound reasoning. Which is what many lawyers do anyway.

  • Tish Payne
    Tish Payne Month ago

    Love this 🤣🤣🤣

  • Carla Almonte
    Carla Almonte Month ago

    My dad’s a lawyer too. I feel you. He didnt spank us when we were little. We have debates.

  • I'm just vidu
    I'm just vidu Month ago


  • Z San
    Z San 2 months ago +5382

    Him:”I was over on the bench”
    Dad:”Save it for the judge”

  • Goofy robot
    Goofy robot Month ago +1

    Bro knew more then me at 6💀

  • Joker !!
    Joker !! Month ago +14

    "How are you better than a nazi!?"
    "Well, Nazis weren't on the bench."

  • Abraham Ben-dayan
    Abraham Ben-dayan Month ago +49

    Reminds me of my mom. I’ve learned to just ignore her twisted logic and get on with my day😂

  • Sasuke
    Sasuke Month ago

    I hope you picked up that very important lesson that your dad was trying to teach you

  • Bowie The Buffoon
    Bowie The Buffoon 2 months ago +65060

    “I made a salad with crasins!” 💀

    • Liane Li
      Liane Li Month ago

      @TrevorKn I’m white and have never heard if this. Oh.. I’m also German! Btw: there’s no more Na’i Germany.. just fyi

    • Leo Starr
      Leo Starr Month ago

      Why do American's need to put stupid names on things? It's a dried cranberry. That's enough of a name for it.

    • Any-who 🤠
      Any-who 🤠 Month ago

      This is strongly regarded as passive racism!!

    • Zinhle  lo
      Zinhle lo Month ago

      ​@Incognito no one asked, no one cares.

    • Banele Gumede
      Banele Gumede Month ago

      @I’m michi♡ good to know

  • Sascha
    Sascha Month ago +22

    This is a very accurate recount of the conversation my own father would have with us any number of times - and yes, we are German.

    • Adarsh Kamoda
      Adarsh Kamoda 9 days ago +1

      @Daveda Howell No worries.

    • Daveda Howell
      Daveda Howell 9 days ago +1

      @Adarsh Kamoda I will look that up, thank you!

    • Adarsh Kamoda
      Adarsh Kamoda 13 days ago +1

      @Daveda Howell There's whole documentaries on Clip-Share that can be freely viewed. As a Sparknotes version, it was the country-wide humiliation of losing and being unjustly blamed for WW1, the subsequent economic depression of Germany being forced to pay everyone else out, and then the Great Depression of 1929 to 1932ish. Hitler came to power after the Great Depression, promising everyone everything and made Jews the scapegoats for every ill in Germany.

    • Daveda Howell
      Daveda Howell 13 days ago

      Oh, wow. I personally want to know what the average German thought at that time. Obviously there is more than just hatred for the jews, as bad as that is.
      Most mentally healthy people, who aren't or haven't been in desperate situations, will help their fellow man, to some extent.
      Besides WWI, What made the German people if that time become so desperate that they to thought only of themselves, their family, or their nationalism?
      Why did the hatred of the jews (and other groups) become so viral at that time?

    • Adarsh Kamoda
      Adarsh Kamoda 14 days ago


  • Devoid
    Devoid Month ago +2

    “Do you love me?” “No” “why” “I can’t”. “But why” “I’m on the bench”

  • Ashley Craig_FCE
    Ashley Craig_FCE Month ago

    OMG I think my mom saw this because the other day something like this happened and she literally used his example

  • Deza Rasma
    Deza Rasma Month ago +4

    As someone who is married to a lawyer, I feel you. No such thing as debate, our kitchen table is a battle field 😂

  • Xiumin’s Eyebrows
    Xiumin’s Eyebrows Month ago +7917

    The little voice quiver he naturally has is killing me LMAO I can never not hear Andrew whenever I hear this man

    • mindingmybusiness
      mindingmybusiness Month ago +3

      Omg that is Andrew I couldn’t focus because I was trying figure out who he was

    • Junior King
      Junior King Month ago

      @Ashuin Sharma in a thread full of engaged people all having a good time. You’re the only dvckhead here. Congratulations

    • Sunshine 🌞
      Sunshine 🌞 Month ago +1


    • Snow is exhausted
      Snow is exhausted Month ago +1

      Lol 😂

    • MushroomMania
      MushroomMania Month ago +17

      These god damn gloubermans

  • Comfy Aura
    Comfy Aura Month ago

    Okay now I know why his voice is familiar. It’s that meme. “I was over on the bench, I was over in the bench, I was OVER ON THE BENCH”

  • addywithawhy
    addywithawhy 24 days ago +3

    as someone who's father is a lawyer, i've had this exact conversation like 10 times💀

  • its afshin
    its afshin Month ago

    normal day in every Persian family 😂😂😂

  • Robert Coffey
    Robert Coffey Month ago +117

    "I reduced personal liability by refraining from entering a confrontation with the boy who pushed Tyler... ...because I was over on the bench."

  • rolfdenver
    rolfdenver 2 months ago +5316

    I’m a retired lawyer with two grown sons. I missed so many opportunities to create memories for them

    • ZSrz
      ZSrz Month ago +1

      Make a plan, and fix the problem. And you won’t be sad anymore😊❤

    • B40 W40W40
      B40 W40W40 Month ago

      I'm a dad with two young sons and I don't know how to make memories with them.

    • J
      J Month ago +1

      Don’t talk like that
      It’s never too late to fuck em up a little more

    • J
      J Month ago

      @Alba Avilésno shit 😅

    • c.i.wiking_mentalhealthsupport
      c.i.wiking_mentalhealthsupport Month ago

      At least you admit it. Start from that and create memories now.

  • Namikoni
    Namikoni Month ago

    Doing everything he can not to say he’s in trouble and that’s why he’s on the bench 😂😭

  • Mitchel Thompson
    Mitchel Thompson Month ago

    Never knew who voiced Andrew on big mouth until I saw this clip. There’s 0 chance this isn’t the voice actor

  • Patricia Vines
    Patricia Vines Month ago

    Oh Lord we must have related Dad's, lol

  • Boomstronkheks
    Boomstronkheks Month ago

    Aaaah this is what it was from!!! Makes it even funnier

  • Dan Paulo Verdad
    Dan Paulo Verdad Month ago

    He has a good dad

  • Una Speranza
    Una Speranza Month ago

    This happened alot in 2020-2022 neighbors and shops were calling the cops on innocent people and everyone watched over on the bench!!

  • Maria Victoria Hernandez

    "I was over on the bench."
    yup, that sounds familiar when watching Vine as a kid lol 😂

  • Mary Legan
    Mary Legan Month ago

    Mom, coming in for the save.

  • NoobiePro
    NoobiePro 2 months ago +15887

    The sitting on the bench is now my go to excuse for any scenario

    • ICU
      ICU 2 months ago +1

      Everyone:”this is a great excuse”the point:“Sitting on the bench’ is an excuse that makes you no better than a Nazi.” WTF ?

    • happy brewer
      happy brewer 2 months ago

      @Lovin' Arts oh god they’re duplicating

    • Lovin' Arts
      Lovin' Arts 2 months ago

      hello brother

    • filex .C
      filex .C 2 months ago

      yeah ik u all white af 😂

    • E
      E 2 months ago


  • 𝙆.𝙙𝙤𝙩𝙩𝙞𝙜𝙯★

    The bench was the main character 😭

  • Left To Discover
    Left To Discover 22 days ago +10

    funny enough, his father was a regular at a restaurant I used to work as a waiter. Really serious guy.

  • Qingxuan-er
    Qingxuan-er Month ago

    My dad never hit us. My dad wasn’t there🤷‍♀️

  • That One Simp
    That One Simp Month ago

    Why was this so funny 🤣

  • One Menacing Shitpost
    One Menacing Shitpost 2 months ago +17272

    "Lemme ask you this, IN NAZI GERMANY-"
    *-Average twitter user argument*

    • Magskie
      Magskie 23 days ago

      @BreakingBoundaries bro

    • Ezra Cohen
      Ezra Cohen 28 days ago

      @BreakingBoundaries I don’t disagree that it could, but there are other things to consider, first, the hate speech is an issue regardless of whether you mean it or not, and second if you made it as satire you shouldn’t write so similarly to the people who actually say and believe this stuff or else people will think you actually believe it, it will be taken literally and not as satire, this is difficult because usually the best way to do this is to make something sound so absurd that no reasonable person could actually believe it (reductio ad absurdum), but by nature of the extremists that you want to call out they already hold a position that is completely absurd, namely thinking Hitler was right, it’s hard to make a statement much more absurd than that and since those people are out there when you made the comment it just sounded like you were one of them not like you were making satire
      Also yeah that comment got way too many likes

    • Silent Andy
      Silent Andy 29 days ago

      It was a valid point tho... 😅

    • BreakingBoundaries
      BreakingBoundaries 29 days ago

      @Ezra Cohen I’m with u - I must admit it was my first attempt. I think that Using The identification of key points within nazi ideology to highlight parallels in right wing rhetoric today could bring some more moderate republicans over…but I must have been a little too accurate bc that comment got too many likes.
      That - and it was also a theory of mine I just wanted to confirm. I never in a million years thought that last sentence would get anybody but only the most extreme nut jobs to like it. Yikes !

    • Ezra Cohen
      Ezra Cohen 29 days ago

      @BreakingBoundaries I know that there are antisemites, seeing it more (even if it is faked) doesn't help in any way, the statement is true when it comes to a logical debate, where understanding an opposing position can help you find its weak points and better convince others of your position, but with something like hatred it isn't the case, the best way to deal with it is to condemn it (it's the paradox of tolerance; if you tolerate intolerance than intolerance will prevail)

    CHLOE HAMMOND Month ago +1

    The irony after seeing his cheating scandal haha

  • Puncea
    Puncea Month ago

    Andrew is killing it!

  • Graphite arts
    Graphite arts 14 days ago +2

    The mom seems to have been the peacekeeper in the family

  • lelia brigmon
    lelia brigmon Month ago

    😂😂love it!!! I can see this whole scene easily!!!

  • Daniel O'Connell
    Daniel O'Connell 2 months ago +3752

    "My dad never hit us (physically)" that laugh track kills me.

    • Bobby Shores
      Bobby Shores Month ago +3

      @TEXAS MANplus he does look all over the place, he isn’t usually looking directly at the camera, he just has more squinted eyes so it’s hard to tell

    • Bobby Shores
      Bobby Shores Month ago +3

      @TEXAS MANhave you never seen comedy specials before? Do you think every comedy special has a fake audience?

      TEXAS MAN Month ago +1

      @wombunktules bruh no there is not!
      Why would he look directly at the camera and not interact with the “audience”????
      Because there is no one there but the camera!🥴😒

    • madison miles
      madison miles Month ago +2

      the audience…?

    • timothy oblivion
      timothy oblivion Month ago +11

      ​@Jamiday13 this is a Wendy's

  • Daoud Tichtiben
    Daoud Tichtiben Month ago

    He def took his eyes apart

  • beowulf
    beowulf Month ago

    Actually really creative

  • Lele
    Lele 20 days ago

    My granddad was just like his father lmaoo
    I loved him w all my heart though

  • Yodelis Sosa
    Yodelis Sosa Month ago

    HIM: I Was Having A Conversation With My Father About Nazis When I Was 6 Years Old.
    ME: I Learned About Nazi Germany And The Holocaust When I Was In 6th Grade.
    😳 😲 😳 😲

  • bitterrsweet
    bitterrsweet 2 months ago +28630

    "how are you better than a nazi?" 💀💀💀
    edit: why is there a philosophical and moral debate happening in my replies

    • MdNotFound
      MdNotFound 11 days ago


    • Vee A.
      Vee A. 23 days ago

      @egg that sounds correct. all children were also enrolled in the Hitler Youth.

    • osheridan
      osheridan 26 days ago

      @Red Wolf Thank you 🍿

      SHOTGUN STRAT Month ago

      Finally, the debating stopped.

    • BubbleHubble
      BubbleHubble Month ago

      Bro this entire discussion was surprisingly entertaining to read in all honesty 😭

  • semolina semolina
    semolina semolina Month ago

    I'm like this with my daughter

  • Edward Martin
    Edward Martin Month ago

    All I hear is Andrew from big mouth 🤣

  • sushi
    sushi Month ago +1

    Fun John Mulaney fact: he cheated on his wife and left her for his mistress whom he had a baby with

  • Ethan Dominic
    Ethan Dominic Month ago

    Meanwhile my life:
    Father: How was school today?
    Me: It was good but I saw Brady push Cole to the ground. So I went over to Cole and helped him up and confronted Brady.
    Father: How many times do I have to tell you to stay out of other people's business.

  • The King Of Harts
    The King Of Harts 2 months ago +29500

    Sweden: "I. WAS. ON. THE. BENCH."

    • Quinn
      Quinn 6 days ago


    • Commander Captain
      Commander Captain 23 days ago

      Poland: You know who was also on the bench? AMERICA FOR FOUR FRIGGIN YEARS.

    • babble5
      babble5 23 days ago +1

      reminder that the british and french did not just do nothing, they threw czechoslovakia and poland under the bus and pointed germany east and just hoped they'd be left alone.
      they weren't on the bench, they shoved the victim in front to protect themselves and then made grand promises of helping and not doing shit, lol.

    • Rannon
      Rannon 23 days ago

      ​@Gloria TR I've had my funny bone surgically removed. ;)

    • Rannon
      Rannon 23 days ago

      ​@Sarah Carter It does indeed get cold. I posted some links, but apparently that post is gone, and I'm too lazy to find them again. But yes, Northern Sweden.
      Here's the only link I haven't closed down:
      “Peter Hore: Operation Paul - the Fleet Air Arm attack on Luleå in 1940”, Page 84.

  • ♡hello_txddi♡
    ♡hello_txddi♡ Month ago


  • nigel dzamunetsa
    nigel dzamunetsa Month ago


  • Niya Odom
    Niya Odom Month ago +127


  • Hellsong89
    Hellsong89 Month ago

    "stein" Well of course one gotta keep that victim card alive...

  • Cody Gates
    Cody Gates 2 months ago +5071

    I will now have “I. Was. Over. On. The. Bench.” Stuck in my head for the next 5 weeks. 😢

  • Queen Paradise
    Queen Paradise 14 days ago +1

    "My dad never hit us"
    Yh...that explains a lot 😂😂😂

  • Figment
    Figment 24 days ago +2

    i’m so glad i finally got recommended such a classic john mulaney clip

  • Bestie08
    Bestie08 21 day ago +2

    “BC I WAS OVER ON THE BENCH!!” THATS me and my mom playing around with each other 😂😂😂

  • Pierina Gavidia Lacure


  • ThunderBiteZ
    ThunderBiteZ 2 months ago +14110

    I feel like the “I was 6 because I had to be” is a whole other mood

    • Brenda Rewan
      Brenda Rewan Month ago

      Maybe he had to be at the table because he was six.

    • Mark Salza
      Mark Salza Month ago

      @Usman Bashir pollen? "Rick are you just looking at things around the room and saying them"

    • EpicSC
      EpicSC 2 months ago

      Jesus how did that go over you head and how did 11k people like this.

    • egobeaver
      egobeaver 2 months ago

      You read it like an amoeba

    • ᗩᎩᗩᒪᗩᖺ ᙡ
      ᗩᎩᗩᒪᗩᖺ ᙡ 2 months ago


  • Anuradha
    Anuradha Month ago +1

    I would have said i didn't killed the Jewish dad 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Maxio
    Maxio Month ago

    Not him using a logical fallacy 💀

  • Ivan Lee
    Ivan Lee Month ago +1

    The greatest argument of all time is “because I was over on the bench”

  • Coco W.
    Coco W. Month ago


  • SacredToast18
    SacredToast18 2 months ago +1565

    This was literally my dad, barely ever hit me, but would break us apart over several hours. He was a cop for a few years and would get mad at us whenever our story changed, like we were under a lot of pressure. Unfortunately it’s been rubbing off on me and I hate it.

    • BrassBashers
      BrassBashers 2 months ago +3

      @Jason Moy verbal discipline is different than verbal abuse, buddy. Being told you did something wrong, this is the correct way is very different from "What the fuck is wrong with you??? You're sorry, ya I know you're sorry!! You can't do anything right!!!"

    • SacredToast18
      SacredToast18 2 months ago +1

      @BrassBashers honestly, I’m scared to have kids for the same reason, Im trying to get better about not doing what he does before I even think about having kids

    • SacredToast18
      SacredToast18 2 months ago +2

      @Cooper Edithit wasn’t that simple, we got nothing out of being honest because even when we were it didn’t matter because he’d still mine as many details out of us as possible, then when we did give him extra we’d get yelled at for another hour for “lying”

    • Cooper Edith
      Cooper Edith 2 months ago

      ​@SacredToast18or just be honest.

    • SacredToast18
      SacredToast18 2 months ago

      @Jason Moy true.

  • Dreamers Cloud
    Dreamers Cloud 2 days ago

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    Raptalos Month ago +7695

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    Might be my favorite quote in this video

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      eefstiddy Month ago

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    2headed 13 days ago

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  • Raye Cardenas
    Raye Cardenas Month ago

    Reminds me of my younger sister who has always been crazy smart.
    The scene: my mom and younger sister at 14 arguing in the car
    My mom: Why can't you just appease me?!
    My sister: Appease you?? We appeased Hitler and look where that got us!!

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    Jamorris Brice Month ago

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    ThemixedYoutuber YT 2 months ago +3673

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    • Ellie  #PutinsMommyNeverHuggedHim
      Ellie #PutinsMommyNeverHuggedHim Month ago

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    • ComicWriter 2020
      ComicWriter 2020 Month ago

      @Ellie #PutinsMommyNeverHuggedHim mass shootings, broken economy,
      You know, issues that don’t disappear just because worse shit is happening.
      But those issues you mentioned are worse, no argument

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    A Lawyer Mom

    • Cole World
      Cole World Month ago

      @Kira Howell it’s not really “emotional abuse”, more so a very well thought out argument and it’s hard to combat that when you’re a kid. HOWEVER, I can say that my child has an INCREDIBLE amount of wit and logic for a 10 year old. He is able to come back with some EXTREMELY good arguments and I take into consideration the fact that he is 10. It is never abusive, but I do not let him get away with simplistic arguments. I just try to recognize, as a lawyer, we are not easy to deal with 😂

    • Cole World
      Cole World Month ago

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    • Cole World
      Cole World Month ago

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    • Kira Howell
      Kira Howell 2 months ago

      ​@Big Head all those people replying don't understand that emotional abuse is just as bad as physical abuse, even worse sometimes, and i'm saying this as someone who experienced both

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