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  • Published on Feb 21, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Mark Phillips and the rest of the RDCWorld crew go all out in a $10,000 game of hide and seek!
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  • Jamie Tiffen
    Jamie Tiffen Year ago +3474

    Dylan really showed everybody why he the sneak nation leader

    • Muhai
      Muhai 8 months ago


    • Streetfamm 713
      Streetfamm 713 9 months ago

      😂😂😂😂😂😂see it all works out

    • Kagura
      Kagura 11 months ago +2

      That’s Ezio right there

    • dj knight
      dj knight Year ago

      I ain't sign no waivers

    • Beano Taylor
      Beano Taylor Year ago

      @Ibrahim Ahmed yaboyroahi

  • Condoriano
    Condoriano Year ago +1958

    I love how Jay said Desmond had a sorry hiding spot but ended up hiding with him when almost got caught 😂

    • Swear2Sosa
      Swear2Sosa 11 months ago

      @Kagura I guess

    • Kagura
      Kagura 11 months ago

      @J his name is mark jay Phillips….. his friends call him jay a lot you just k to watch enough videos

    • Kagura
      Kagura 11 months ago

      @Swear2Sosa you not a fan lmao

    • Yun Ghastly
      Yun Ghastly Year ago +1

      I died on that bro

    • J
      J Year ago +11

      @:]randyvids nigga he tell everybody call him mark,

  • Mohamed Shiwoko
    Mohamed Shiwoko Year ago +1512

    Mark definitely that kid that say he not playing no more when he get caught 😂

    • ALEX
      ALEX Year ago +1


    • KUTTUP5V
      KUTTUP5V Year ago +16

      7:32 “FUCK!”🤣🤣🤣

    • STORYstory
      STORYstory Year ago +9

      Yo! I'm fucking dead!

  • Kameron Britt
    Kameron Britt Year ago +1304

    Des started runnin when he seen mark running😭

    • ALEX
      ALEX Year ago

      @Ultimate Gamer hahahaha

    • Quese B. Gamin
      Quese B. Gamin Year ago +8

      @Ultimate Gamer Facts 😂😂

    • Ultimate Gamer
      Ultimate Gamer Year ago +77

      Natural black people acts

    • TyrenAce
      TyrenAce Year ago +48

      You don't know if they got caught, you had to.

    • Asti Galang
      Asti Galang Year ago +66

      I'd do the same thing if I saw someone running

  • Black Kai
    Black Kai Year ago +2015

    Dylan on his video game house Assassin's Creed mode, tryna climb the building 😂😂

  • Moonchild
    Moonchild Year ago +1130

    its Dylan at 5:04 talking about “I aint sign no waivers” 😭😂

    • Ray Chargle
      Ray Chargle Year ago +1

      The other guy said that's a liability when he was about yo to climb the roof and thought the worst that could happen 🤣🤣

    • Ray Chargle
      Ray Chargle Year ago +1

      That had me weak!!! I AIN'T SIGN NO WAIVERS I don't blame him too

    • Xna Nebblett
      Xna Nebblett Year ago +82

      @Josiah Brady he said if he fall he wining either way

    • Josiah Brady
      Josiah Brady Year ago +88

      dylan mad funny

  • Carlos Torres
    Carlos Torres Year ago +286

    Mark: Hiding behind the car is a dumb
    Mark: proceeds to hide behind the car

  • IV
    IV Year ago +159

    Mark didn’t sell out Dylan. Respect 💯😂😂

  • Its.justbriii
    Its.justbriii Year ago +428


  • Opinions of Some Average Bros

    John is a Snitch!! I’m sure Aff was hella pissed! 😂🤣😂

  • Astoldbyzee
    Astoldbyzee Year ago +198

    John being sorry is a motif at this point 😂😂😂

  • It aint no thing
    It aint no thing Year ago +320

    These dudes are living the life that a lot of young men wish they could.
    Good on yall young brothers.
    That was fun.

  • Mailiebox XCIX
    Mailiebox XCIX Year ago +342

    jay running outside and desmond getting ready to run is hella funny 😭

  • Agent Hanu-Kai
    Agent Hanu-Kai Year ago +671

    Yo this was so much fun to watch! You were all smiling like little kids the whole time lmao clearly having a great time.

  • King_Jayy
    King_Jayy Year ago +590

    Ben was running like Bambi for real John wasn’t capping, best birthday ever 🤣🤣

    • Zoro Uchiha
      Zoro Uchiha Year ago +1

      @King_Jayy 2/22/2003

    • King_Jayy
      King_Jayy Year ago

      @Zoro Uchiha ayee , 2/22/2000

    • Zoro Uchiha
      Zoro Uchiha Year ago +1

      @King_Jayy glad you enjoyed yours 👊. First time seeing someone with the same birthday as mine.

    • JustSomeDudeWithNo NECK
      JustSomeDudeWithNo NECK Year ago +1

      Bro you a W for remembering that😭

    • JusCrow
      JusCrow Year ago +3

      Ayo happy birthday bru

  • YoungKing 97
    YoungKing 97 Year ago +147

    I called Dylan winning😂do yall not see the rolls he play in skits,sneaky as hell

    • The Link
      The Link Year ago +15

      I called it cause the was the only one who climbed to the roof😂😂😂😂.. man a real life Ezio.

    • YoungKing 97
      YoungKing 97 Year ago +2

      @Mr Army87 On God😂

    • Mr Army87
      Mr Army87 Year ago +24

      He's part of the sneaky nation for a reason

  • strawbeb
    strawbeb Year ago +151

    damn Dylan and Aff really had great hiding spots too 😭

  • Eliasx
    Eliasx Year ago +94

    Mark calling Desmond's spot behind the car "Sorry" and hiding there himself 4 minutes later is hilarious 😂

  • This Is Mark
    This Is Mark Year ago +172

    Ever since Dylan got them yeezy’s, he’s been getting more confident 😂

  • TRE
    TRE Year ago +40

    Ben knew damn well he wasn’t gone fit under the sink 😂😂

  • Quxn2300
    Quxn2300 Year ago +238

    Dylan : “Anybody’s caught?”
    Desmond : “ yeah we’re Tryna find you “ 😂😂😂😂

  • Yun Ghastly
    Yun Ghastly Year ago +46

    Aff: "I had the best hiding spot."
    Jonin level Dylan: "No you didn't."

  • SawamiJude
    SawamiJude Year ago +81

    Mark would be the type to run to someone’s hiding spot when being chased 🤣🤣🤣

  • kabbyhearts
    kabbyhearts Year ago +155

    Ben slipping and falling reminds me of the story John told on live how he had been running like Bambi 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jeff Knight
    Jeff Knight Year ago +62

    Na aff had the best hiding spot John sold and Dylan played it smart climb the roof. I would of been running all day 😂

  • Fakemerald
    Fakemerald Year ago +135

    I love how they have to add subtitles whenever Dylan speaks

    • Mustaki
      Mustaki Year ago +17

      I was dying 😭😭

  • Derrell.B
    Derrell.B Year ago +60

    It’s crazy how John’s always the first to get eliminated, in real life and on C.O.D 😂

  • Medasaurus
    Medasaurus Year ago +145

    7:50 JOHN IS A SNITCH😂😂😂

  • Kronic S.
    Kronic S. Year ago +31

    “I aint known for hidin, but im known for winning” Mark never misses bru 😂😭

  • Niggalodeon
    Niggalodeon Year ago +407

    HoH just has wayyy too much money to give away at this point 😂😅

    • Kagura
      Kagura 11 months ago

      10 racks is like 100 dollars to them lol

    • OfD_Zombiesqd
      OfD_Zombiesqd Year ago

      @Sympathetic Monster right lol

    • Sympathetic Monster
      Sympathetic Monster Year ago

      @OfD_Zombiesqd Shit is crazy

    • Quincy sanders
      Quincy sanders Year ago +9

      @Prince_Jordan 16they a whole sport/enterainment page they atleast making 20k off vids plus sponsers

    • OfD_Zombiesqd
      OfD_Zombiesqd Year ago +9

      @Prince_Jordan 16 it’s Clip-Share how does a 8yr old make millions playing or opening toys

  • ParablePreacher
    ParablePreacher Year ago +33

    This dude Jon really helped catch half the crew lol

  • DF Brand0n
    DF Brand0n Year ago +19

    John is truly sorry at all games 😂

  • Mike Art
    Mike Art Year ago +233

    So we not gonna ask where Leland was? Alright bet lol.

    • Derris
      Derris Year ago +47

      So good at hiding that they forgot about him.

    • 123 NewJersey
      123 NewJersey Year ago +12

      Yall didn't see him? He was hiding behind that trashcan 👀

    • Red Yoshi187
      Red Yoshi187 Year ago +26

      He probably had some appointment or something, I was wondering where he at too

    • Lonely Loner
      Lonely Loner Year ago +21

      I was wondering that too

  • QTruReborn
    QTruReborn Year ago +80

    Nice to see RCD teaming up with smaller channels it is quite admirable.

  • TheReal_Felon🐍
    TheReal_Felon🐍 Year ago +141

    Dylan: HoH I ain’t sign no waivers so if I get hurt it’s on y’all 🤣🤣

  • L.M Moss
    L.M Moss Year ago +47

    *I love how RDC is randomly original with their contentits like first they are talking anime discussion and avatar skits and next they are doing $10,000 charity hide and seek and cracking jokes playing Gang Beasts*

    • L.M Moss
      L.M Moss Year ago

      @Robin_King_Will oh didn't read it fully thanks for mentioning

    • Robin_King_Will
      Robin_King_Will Year ago +2

      Charity? This going to they pockets right?

  • Larry Jake
    Larry Jake Year ago +18

    Mark: Desmond really committing to the car
    *1min later Mark runs 🏃‍♀️ to same car*

  • RichyGoated
    RichyGoated Year ago +34

    Damn idk why but everytime I see these type of vids from them. It’s heart warming. No weird shiii! I’m just saying….

    • RichyGoated
      RichyGoated Year ago +3

      @Solosindicate There’s nothing that’s more true then this🗣💯💯

    • Solosindicate
      Solosindicate Year ago +4

      They the only goated group in America fr

  • VonGxtti
    VonGxtti Year ago +51

    Ayeeeee Dylan with the win. Always love RDC content 🔥🔥

  • Jmax 04
    Jmax 04 Year ago +14


  • Jeff
    Jeff Year ago +61

    6:42 bruh Mark and Des got them boosters 😂😂

    CLAMKINGDOM_VII Year ago +8

    ...Man I wish my boi, Leland was there too 😂 That was fun to watch y’all!

  • Arianikolle Ortemoreno

    Ben: is the tallest in the group
    Also Ben: do I fit in here *the smallest cabin in the bathroom*

  • ȶʀʊֆȶʄʊʟ_ֆǟʟɛֆʍǟռ

    First 20 seconds I was already engaged lol men we need more stuff like this keep it up

  • JAY_Productions
    JAY_Productions Year ago +7

    Dylan is the sneaking nation leader ong 😂😂😂😂💯

  • MsMsShopaholic
    MsMsShopaholic Year ago +2

    I just recently found this channel and let me say their smiles and laughs are contagious. It makes you smile because they’re having a ball. Love the kid like energy. Keep it up boys.

  • Black Majinn
    Black Majinn Year ago +4

    Man I need some friends to do stuff like this 🤣

  • Kered
    Kered Year ago +33

    Dylan ofc wit the 5000 Assassin Creed IQ play😂 my dawgs 🙏🏿

  • Haatch
    Haatch Year ago +6

    The way that shit went, I wouldn't be surprised if they hold auditions for the skits. This is why he's Ezio AND the Sneak Nation leader

  • Ascripter
    Ascripter Year ago +18

    Dylan in free roam mode 😂

  • Solosindicate
    Solosindicate Year ago +4

    Desmond behind the car is HILARIOUS 😂😂😂😂

  • cozycember
    cozycember Year ago +22

    of course john got eliminated first LMAO

  • Velle 13
    Velle 13 Year ago +38

    It always John damn John 😂😂😂 John be selling

  • Breanna
    Breanna Year ago +4

    I knew John was gone fold first 😂😂

  • Dominick Duliepre Jr
    Dominick Duliepre Jr Year ago +44

    BRUH... John sold TF outta Aff wthhhh

  • Lauren sam
    Lauren sam Year ago +18

    Let's go RDC Mark you better win next round. Good job Dylan

  • Franklin Bond
    Franklin Bond Year ago +3

    Aff saying that’s a liability to getting on the roof took me out 🤣🤣🤣

  • Crimmzon Hero
    Crimmzon Hero Year ago +22

    Remember when Dylan played as an assassin from assassin's creed in videogame house
    Looks like hey putting that training to use
    Also MARK'S CAMERA ANGLE 🤣 6:52

  • Eiramae Cantuba
    Eiramae Cantuba Year ago +4

    Need a part 2! Too funny 😭

  • MarcusG2G🎶
    MarcusG2G🎶 Year ago +3

    That boi mark went on a police chase through the neighborhood 😂😂

  • Osaevbie Woghiren
    Osaevbie Woghiren Year ago +1

    love this series already lol this was hilarious af

  • Sassy Elle
    Sassy Elle 11 months ago

    That looked like a lot of fun. Hide n seek never gets old no matter how old one is

  • Jeeperz
    Jeeperz Year ago +4

    Everyone Else: 🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️

  • Asa Dawson
    Asa Dawson Year ago +1

    I’m so glad HOH are making videos with RDCWorld. Thank y’all so much

  • JoAnna Duke
    JoAnna Duke Year ago +42

    Irl, they hide the same way they hide in prop hunt 🤣🤣

    • Ebbi TheePrude
      Ebbi TheePrude Year ago +10

      I thought this when mark kept changing his positions, you’re so right 😂

  • Fier The Great
    Fier The Great Year ago +1

    Jay looked crazy running with the Go Pro 😂😭😂 and gets caught right after he got Dylan to tell him where he at 😂😭😂

  • A. Theil
    A. Theil Year ago +7

    Shit had me gripping my chair like I was about to crush it from how intense that shit was lmao

  • Anthony Grant
    Anthony Grant Year ago +100

    This dude Ben slipping again. Just like when he raced John.

    • Pirata
      Pirata Year ago +2

      @Strawberry wheres the ben hoed counter 🤣🤣

    • SwiftyVibez
      SwiftyVibez Year ago +7


  • imightbe
    imightbe Year ago

    They're always fun to watch 😭

  • RVMJVChannel
    RVMJVChannel 3 months ago +2

    Aff and Mark some real ones cause they didn’t sell Dylan 🙏🏽‼️

  • Joseph Meets Travel
    Joseph Meets Travel Year ago +1

    This was fun. Reminds me of my favorite Japanese game!

  • spaceface 888
    spaceface 888 Year ago

    This was too funny, gotta show rdc love 💪🏾

  • Ailia Clark
    Ailia Clark Year ago +5

    john made me so mad omg he a straight snitch 😭

  • DeskieFam
    DeskieFam Year ago +5

    Nah, If I saw Dylan on the roof, I just be like “You caught, man.” I ain’t climbing up there.

  • Ilyas Kayanda
    Ilyas Kayanda Year ago +8

    Lmaooo why they needed subtitles on only Dylan though 🤣🤣🤣

  • james jean
    james jean Year ago

    “I feel like I don’t like playing hide an seek with black people cause we all do the same thing” - Mark made me spit out my ramen 🍜 crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #rdcworld1 🐐🐐🐐 #billiondollarcompany

  • Naay G
    Naay G Year ago +5

    this was funny as hell 😂😂

  • Ilyas Kayanda
    Ilyas Kayanda Year ago +19

    This nigga Mark funny as hell. Making fun of Des hiding spot, just for Mark to end up hiding with him

  • Xavier Crabtree
    Xavier Crabtree Year ago +3

    Dylan with the 1000IQ play, GG!

  • Strawberry
    Strawberry Year ago +24

    I just realized Leland isn’t here 😭

  • Michael Sandoval
    Michael Sandoval Year ago

    Love RDC. This makes me want to play hide n seek with the homies so bad. We used to play all the time in High School. Hiding on roofs and everywhere.

  • JXJohnson
    JXJohnson Year ago +1

    Now that I think about I definitely remember Dylan running on a roof or doing parkour in one of the video game houses

  • NBD
    NBD Year ago +3

    Always watching the Sidemen play this and now get to watch my fav youtube group and channel play it

  • ALEX
    ALEX Year ago +2

    Bro you can tell Dylan and mark close as fuck. That bro love is real.

  • WJ Edwards
    WJ Edwards Year ago +1

    1:38 has to be the funniest moment in the video, and I ain't even done yet lmao

  • VonTheGuru
    VonTheGuru Year ago +2

    It’s crazy how Mark really resembles Bernie Mac!😱 the older he gets the more & more he starting to look like Bernie more!😭

  • Rals42
    Rals42 Year ago +5


    DNA DNA Year ago +5

    When Mark said “WHO IS THAT” 9:10 i burst out laughing

  • SrirachaPapa
    SrirachaPapa Year ago

    Bro the way mark scared tf outta desmond was so funny

  • Dirty Bubble
    Dirty Bubble Year ago +1

    RDC Taking over they so entertaining!

  • Blanc0 Reni
    Blanc0 Reni Year ago +4

    Mark tearing Desmond up about being behind the car and that nigga ended up behind the car with him 😂😂😂

  • Mo - Plays
    Mo - Plays Year ago

    Mark running like a Titan 😂

  • Tre
    Tre Year ago

    Mark literally wanted to be seen and chased the whole time lol

  • maury vaca
    maury vaca Year ago +1

    Ben the tallest foo in the group and he tried hiding under the sink 😂

  • Blu3Mask3r
    Blu3Mask3r Year ago

    Hide n seek can still be fun no matter what age you are… good video

  • Dajohn Rondo
    Dajohn Rondo Year ago +1

    Mark said it was the weakest hiding spot & ran to that same spot dez was finna dip 😂 funniest shii ever

  • Ali from Ben Hill
    Ali from Ben Hill 11 months ago

    Mark holding his chest like he ran from gunshots. Lmao

  • André Moussignac

    we need more of this 😂😂

  • Té beck
    Té beck Year ago +1

    This man mark be having me dead

  • uhhJaylen -
    uhhJaylen - Year ago +10

    If Leland was here he would’ve won