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Sami Zayn launches a sneak attack on Roman Reigns: SmackDown, Feb. 3, 2023

  • Published on Feb 2, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • In the wake of the earth-shattering events at the conclusion of Royal Rumble, Sami Zayn launches an attack on the Head of The Table and challenges him to a match. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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Comments • 3 878

  • Warehouse Webster
    Warehouse Webster Month ago +2260

    This storyline is freaking INSANE!!! Mad props to Triple H, the writers, and the wrestlers. Just awesome!!!! 👏🏾 👏🏾 👏🏾

    • mclohan
      mclohan Month ago

      This is a really great storyline compared to the last 10 years. But I see ppl saying how it’s some of the loudest pops ever and greatest storyline of all time to the point where they are actually crying? Shedding tears over this. It just goes to show how bad the storylines have been the past 10 -15 years. Don’t get me wrong it is a great story as I said. But I think it feels more so than it actually is because the WWE has been lacking for so long. Don’t get me started on the pops. I get that their good in todays era where everyone stares at their phone mostly, they just aren’t on the radar for loudest pops of all time. I wonder if WWE will be able to capitalize and make Sami a super star or face of the company even? Time will tell

    • Karl C
      Karl C Month ago

      IKR. I mean, WWE may still be PG but it's not PG under Vince back then. It's PG under HHH and it reminds me of when The Cerebral Assassin called the shots on NXT. Kudos to The Game for making it happen.

    • Anthony Perella
      Anthony Perella Month ago

      So is he going to challenge Reigns for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship because I’m confused now

  • Tyson DeBerry
    Tyson DeBerry Month ago +1049

    That was the most wicked spear I've seen in a while. U can feel all the angst and anger behind it 💯💯

    • gangstergangster48
      gangstergangster48 Month ago +1

      Angst and anger? Dude it’s acting 🎭

    • Pratik Mahadik
      Pratik Mahadik Month ago +1

      @OliverHart701 bruh, he know what potential is in the Sami that is why he was for so long in the bloodline.

    • Michael L
      Michael L Month ago +1

      @OliverHart701 that wasn't acting...that was sheer balls😡

    • Angela moore
      Angela moore Month ago +1

      😮 traitor

    • OliverHart701
      OliverHart701 Month ago +1

      @Pratik Mahadik he doesn't know Sami Zayne is an actor

  • Trevor Williams
    Trevor Williams Month ago +640

    Sami Zayn has hit every gimmick they’ve given him out of the park. This is no exception. Incredible work.

  • Long Live X
    Long Live X Month ago +403

    Sami Zayn reminds me a lot of Daniel Bryan. Too small in Vinces eyes to be seen as the face of WWE, but the fans love him more than anyone and everyone on the whole roster.

    • TheOnlyGoodOneHere
      TheOnlyGoodOneHere Month ago

      vince didn't mind booking daniel bryan though

    • Randy Crawford
      Randy Crawford Month ago +1

      @Alejandro Paredesyes they did want him

    • anon
      anon Month ago +2

      @Dark Raider neither is daniel brian tbf, they are just small compared to all the other huge wrestlers, in real life they very much slightly above average in terms of height and and above average in muscle mass

    • Dark Raider
      Dark Raider Month ago +3

      Sami Zayn is no small in real life. Met him personally

    • Hafiz Syed Noman Ali
      Hafiz Syed Noman Ali Month ago +26

      @Pankaj Mishra Sami Zayn is gazillion times more charismatic and entertaining than Big E. So, no.

  • Sean Nickerson
    Sean Nickerson Month ago +503

    It is awesome to see Sami's talent shine through this past year. The storyline has been great. It is like reading a suspenseful book.

  • NecroMancer
    NecroMancer Month ago +117

    This segment had me tear up for Sami. You can hear the pain coming out from his screams after all the months he had with the Bloodline. Beautiful.

  • Lonnell Arrington Jr.
    Lonnell Arrington Jr. Month ago +4656

    That spear from Sami was insane!😮

    • Aiden Hourihan
      Aiden Hourihan Month ago

      I can't stop rewinding it to that moment and when he screams Roman!!!!!!!!

    • Dick Hollywood
      Dick Hollywood Month ago

      @OnlyKyless rains is talentless

    • ankit dixit
      ankit dixit Month ago

      Much better than Romans. But. Then. Roman spear is really bad

    • rick And fam
      rick And fam Month ago

      @KingKem _ Underdog yes, but new Daniel Bryan? You're dreaming bro. His a mid carder at best not a main eventer.

    • Ruben
      Ruben Month ago


  • Victor
    Victor Month ago +362

    One of the best storylines in recent times 🔥🔥🔥

  • Josue Rodrigues
    Josue Rodrigues Month ago +141

    It's been a long time since I've seen the crowd cheer like this. Sami's time is now, time to make history and make Sami the giant star he always deserved to be

    • mclohan
      mclohan Month ago

      Great storyline but I think ppl will get bored of Sami rather fast unfortunately. WWE struggles to book smaller guys as the face.

    • Deezekii :3
      Deezekii :3 Month ago

      @X-Sen Execution he was thought to be back then, but we all damn know where that went. He is good being the supporting character for everyone and make them look good like how he can setup jay uso to be a main eventer again with how jay uso reacted bringing back the old roman and jey feuds. Sami is good in a lot of things like running a good feud, but definitely not a title holder for a long time or he would need a character revamp if that happens

    • Michael L
      Michael L Month ago +1

      @X-Sen Execution YES! Sammy Zane has the plot twists, the enthusiasm, the lore. He will become WWE World Heavyweight Champion!!

    • Josias Lourenço
      Josias Lourenço Month ago +1

      12:14 Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.
      3:19 Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord,
      James 2:24,26
      Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only. For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.
      3:16 'For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
      3:17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.
      3:19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.

    • Calvin Ripley
      Calvin Ripley Month ago +7

      Cody is the right guy at the wrong time

  • Kare Taker
    Kare Taker Month ago +186

    Man drew literal tears out of a 35 year old dad from England. This is untold levels of brilliance and execution. May be the best I've ever seen as a wrestling fan. Would love to know if there's a better feud out there...

    • mclohan
      mclohan Month ago

      @Kare Taker I was going to say that’s most likely a kid lol.

    • ptk ptk
      ptk ptk Month ago

      @Kare Taker no i am a kid only.. man.. 😆

    • Sahal Ali
      Sahal Ali Month ago +2

      Men don’t cry watching WWE 😂

  • Desmond Tan
    Desmond Tan Month ago +182

    For a long time, the WWE Universe could not decide to cheer or boo Roman. But it took Sami to draw that line. Awesome

    • Javier Fuentes
      Javier Fuentes Month ago +2

      @Desmond Tan fax Roman Reigns heel character is best thing i hope he keeps one of the titles perhaps the Universal title

    • KhesiPresents
      KhesiPresents Month ago

      @Desmond Tan after almost three years and they finally found a real Babyface for him to feud with lol

    • Desmond Tan
      Desmond Tan Month ago +7

      @rohitkejriwal1 yeah, i know how heel character has been his best work yet in these few years, but he just could not generate enough heel heat. Even in his rivalry with Drew, the universe was cheering both competitors. Just saying that it took Sami to truly create that heat

    • rohitkejriwal1
      rohitkejriwal1 Month ago +25

      - Roman has been killing it with his heel work. The heat he is generating is on another level. His best work so far. Your comment is a few years too late.

  • Ta Kia
    Ta Kia Month ago +117

    Honestly I miss Sami being in the bloodline. It's so heartbreaking seeing them break apart 💔

    • Tom L
      Tom L Month ago

      section Completely agree on the timing and rushing this. Would have that he’d have peaked as a full blown Uce and was already turning the whole bloodline babyface. Maybe that would’ve been the plan if the Rock could’ve hit Wrestlemania. Hopefully they at least let Sami be a transitional champ and pull some dumb rematch clause and Roman naturally gets it back on Smackdown next week or something by bringing in more Anoa’i.
      Montreal needs signs like RVD vs Cena that says “If Roman wins, we riot”. Lol

    • Tom L
      Tom L Month ago +1

      Yes agreed. Moments like the popcorn scenes will rival some of the Kurt Angle and Stone Cold comedy.

    • Ta Kia
      Ta Kia Month ago

      @O.M.H_Music 100%

    • O.M.H_Music
      O.M.H_Music Month ago +4

      They had to split them up at their peak, otherwise they run the risk of the entire gimmick becoming stale. It was a perfectly timed ending but I will miss Sami trying to make the bloodline members laugh and break character lol

    • Ta Kia
      Ta Kia Month ago

      @Sumit agreed. It had to end some time. Sami Uso didn't age at all.

  • Nowhere Near Berlin
    Nowhere Near Berlin Month ago +1547

    The emotion is Sami when he shouts "ROMAAN!" into the mic. Goosebumps

  • Jab
    Jab Month ago +143

    Imagine being one of the wrestlers in the back while one of these segments is playing out and hearing the roar of the crowd through the walls of the building, insane.

    • Michael L
      Michael L Month ago +1

      @drunkcherries not envy... ADMIRE!

    • drunkcherries
      drunkcherries Month ago

      Tbh I guess everyone in the locker room must envy sami & roman with just alone the reaction they generate

  • Usama Sulaiman
    Usama Sulaiman Month ago +59

    Sami is fire, Give him the title at WM. he's deserve it more than anyone right now.

  • Sudip Kindhearted Ghosh

    The crowd reaction was thunderous Sami needs to headline at the Mania by hook or by crook

    • Zaark Gaming
      Zaark Gaming Month ago

      @Charlie Slobig unless the 1v1 is against Cody or Sami, in my opinion. Forget how "Strong" Roman is and think of how "Strong" of a Story Arc it could be.

    • Charlie Slobig
      Charlie Slobig Month ago +3

      A triple threat match would be awesome with Sami sneaking out the win meanwhile…making a cody Sami rivalry (triple threat match would be the best way for Roman to lose his belt…it’s not believable for it to happen 1v1 between anyone).

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson Month ago +33

    That spear from Sami though !!!!!!! I actually like this side of Sami!!! The aggressiveness of him I’m actually behind Sami at this point!!!!

  • Āłî Ľõ
    Āłî Ľõ Month ago +6

    What a great feud they are building in WWE with Sami and Roman, how much intensity within this segment, the more the story progresses, the more it catches you, a great way to close the show!

  • WWEAEWMarvelFan
    WWEAEWMarvelFan Month ago +4972

    Sami Zayn has come a long way from joining the Bloodline to feuding with the Bloodline, absolute Cinema and perfect long term storytelling.

  • BennyOSG
    BennyOSG Month ago +15

    This is the best version of Sami I’ve ever seen.

  • balenci bands
    balenci bands Month ago +21

    Sami gave me Edge vibes the way he delivered that spear

    ONLYONE KLEAN Month ago +12

    Sami gotta get an Emmy his timing and storytelling and passion is insane this storyline is WWE perfection

  • Spencer Mcalpine
    Spencer Mcalpine Month ago +6

    Looks like Roman taught Sami well about delivering a spear. Looked just like Roman's! Now this is gonna be a great feud!!! LOVE IT!😄😁😃😀
    Other aspect of this is how intense Roman has become as a heel. He really is playing this character to the max! And Sami... OMG is he a genius with his character or what??? WOW!!!

  • Mich The Gamer
    Mich The Gamer Month ago +28

    Roman has become so good... He looks and talks the part🔥🔥

  • Van Chise
    Van Chise Month ago +748

    Wow. This is actually the most serious Sami Zayn I've ever seen. I know WWE wants Cody Rhodes to win at Wrestlemania, but Sami really deserves this.

    • J. A. M. SR.
      J. A. M. SR. Month ago

      Bruh need rest mos def n his regin definitely has to come to an end at some point so give sam the wwe chip n give cody the universal chip.....I mean y not!!

    • Easy Pitt
      Easy Pitt Month ago

      Check out nxt sami

    • Choice Meat Randy
      Choice Meat Randy Month ago

      @Francis Flores This is more decent than anything else I've read

    • KingKoi
      KingKoi Month ago

      @DTA he will lol

  • SuBha Motion Pictures
    SuBha Motion Pictures Month ago +25

    Preparing Sami for undisputed universal title match is insane. What a storyline.

  • The Gaming Bastard
    The Gaming Bastard Month ago +27

    Why do I keep watching this over and over and over again since yesterday, Sami is damn amazing

  • Nikhil Kumar
    Nikhil Kumar Month ago +10

    Hands down in the recent time it's the best storyline i have seen ❤️‍🔥

  • Hybrid Lion
    Hybrid Lion Month ago +6

    If they don’t give Sami a title reign after this they’re insane.

  • Ally Music Asif
    Ally Music Asif Month ago +4

    Sami Zayn ❤️

  • VenomxBomb
    VenomxBomb Month ago +812

    the crowd pop for Sami was insane , I been loving this so far imagine if he came back to worlds apart at Elimination Chamber

    • Richie
      Richie Month ago

      Really hope he brings The Worlds Apart Theme Song back!

    • Hadifarhan Matnoor
      Hadifarhan Matnoor Month ago

      No....let them fight at mania

    • Azimi Syauqie Abdul Wahab
      Azimi Syauqie Abdul Wahab Month ago

      @DJ FRESH 26 years after Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels for the WWE Champion at 1997 Survivor Series

    • Michael Wolford
      Michael Wolford Month ago

      @Terence CaronanI just commented that lol. Bring back nxt Sammi Zayn. Man should’ve been in the main event since his debut

    • Terence Caronan
      Terence Caronan Month ago +5

      and they should bring back his attire back and his haircut

    WINKS Month ago +13

    I love whenever Roman gets challenged for the titles. He looks so worried and looks at his titles. Little things like that…damn so good.

  • jeremy Ramirez
    jeremy Ramirez Month ago +11

    I'm seeing the new Sami Zayn, I'm surprised. 💪💪👏👏

  • Imprint Jones
    Imprint Jones Month ago +16

    To see Sami drop that spear live was awesome 🔥

  • Vivek
    Vivek Month ago +5

    Imagine at Elimination chamber Samy Zayn comes with his old theme song, old gear and hairstyle what a pop it will be 🔥

  • KID Z4P
    KID Z4P Month ago +4

    0:44 Honestly, Roman has a point. Fans always “Want, want, want”.

  • zJett
    zJett Month ago +415

    Sami's rise and the bloodline story reminds me a lot of Daniel Bryans rise to the top. How he didn't "look the part" of the top guy but broke through by fan support and (almost accidentall or unplanned) storytelling it happened. It's great to see.

    • The Gaming Bastard
      The Gaming Bastard Month ago +1

      Except that Sami has 10x the charisma of Daniel

    • Smarkssucks
      Smarkssucks Month ago

      Its plan

    • ZERO
      ZERO Month ago +2

      Wow they finally push SZ and he finally become the face again after long time so yeah i'm back watching WWE again this is Amazing!

    • Daddy
      Daddy Month ago +7

      I think you missed an important part of the story. Sami before joining the bloodline was a heel and he WANTED to join the bloodline he was given a chance to by Roman but what did he do? He went back to his bestfriend. You really can't blame Roman for being pissed yes Sami was sort of "bullied" but he chose this path just to be part of the bloodline. I don't see any point in putting the titles on Sami even though he's so "over" the fans. These so called fans will turn on Sami after 2-3 weeks once he becomes champion due to being "stale" I tell you. Cody is probably the only one who can dethrone Roman right now.

    • TEZProd
      TEZProd Month ago +1

      No no no. Daniel Bryan was abused (in storyline) by the Authority, like in Summerslam 2013 (World Title was robbed from him) and the YES movement was very popular starting WM28. WWE had to make changes cause of this. Sami’s case imo is already planned to be like this today and what he really wants is that title to be removed from Reigns, not because he needed it, but an act of revenge. Daniel Bryan’s was just due to the fans want him to be champion and to be the face of that time.
      Same momentum, but different goals. But be champion like Bryan was, hmm, out of place in terms of storyline


    Never in this era would I have imagined Roman run from a hit from Sami Zayn 😭😂👍👍

    • Nikita💓
      Nikita💓 Month ago

      Hnn Bhai jo banda pehle ( Brock Lesnar, underterkar , Goldberg , brunstromen ) jese players ke samne datkar khada rehta tha boh abhi ( saimos, Keven Owens, Sami zyan , Big E ) in logose bhagta firta hai ....😂😭👍🏻

  • im.frankk
    im.frankk Month ago +7

    Im proud of Sami... wasn't a sami fan but im proud of him

  • 𝑷𝒂𝒓𝒂𝒔 𝑮𝒐𝒔𝒘𝒂𝒎𝒊

    Sami deserve world title🔥

  • कृतार्थ यादव


  • Rogiri
    Rogiri Month ago +4

    I had never seen Sami Zayn use a spear in my life, it looked spectacular on him

  • Kabir Uddin
    Kabir Uddin Month ago +920

    Hopefully Sami Zayn brings back the worlds apart theme song back at the Elimination Chamber. Can’t wait to hear the pop he is going to get in his hometown Montreal as it’s going to be epic to witness.

    • Juan Pablo Espinosa
      Juan Pablo Espinosa Month ago

      I prefer his current theme "This is it" because it sounds more more agressive, Sami looks more more agressive than before

    • harry lewis
      harry lewis Month ago +3

      Sami Zayn should become universal champion

    • Dakota Weaver
      Dakota Weaver Month ago

      @NBAfanboy if they was to break up the titles I could definitely see it happening.

    • NBAfanboy
      NBAfanboy Month ago

      @Dakota Weaver he isn't winning at all. Romans first L in like 2 years isn't coming at elimination chamber.

    • Dakota Weaver
      Dakota Weaver Month ago

      Hes gonna get screwed. That's if he's fighting for both belts. They are not gonna take both belts off roman before WrestleMania. We should all already know Sami isn't gonna win at elimination chamber (at least BOTH titles)

  • Oobydooby Tooby
    Oobydooby Tooby Month ago +8


  • VintageWrestling
    VintageWrestling Month ago +5

    Imagine the pop if Sami wins the WWE Universal title in his home town of Montreal. What perfect timing and long term storytelling.

  • Jake Povlitzki
    Jake Povlitzki Month ago +6

    Been a long time since wrestling gave me goosebumps watching, usually just background noise while doing chorse but I find my self every week tuning in to watch this storyline unfold.

  • EJ Lopez
    EJ Lopez Month ago +10

    Huge credit to these two. Kayfabe aside…Ever since reigns said there was no one to challenge for the title, since waaaay long ago…many of us believed the whole Sami joining the bloodline angle was for the sole purpose of grooming Sami to be the guy. Reigns himself invested so much, especially after Vince left. He’s been in tune with the crowd week by week and essentially made sure every segment Sami would be the star. Even til tonight when he could of focused on Cody, he played the promo to keep the attention on Sami and make the crowd believe it was their idea. Looking at past segments you can see the genuine smile Roman has when Sami goes over well with the crowd, especially through the character breaks. I’m guessing we’ll have a triple threat at mania, Cody vs Reigns vs Sami. And after Reigns investing so much, there’s no way anyone but Sami walks out champion. Cody won the rumble and he doesn’t have to eat the pin, and it will extend his story so he’ll be fine not winning, this is literally Sami’s shot and again, Reigns invested way too much to just let this fade into dust

  • Tshepho Matobole
    Tshepho Matobole Month ago +6

    It's good seeing Sami improved this much😊😊

  • Konehead Cokehead
    Konehead Cokehead Month ago +538

    Sami is like the true underdog that everyone just wants to become

    • SuperMario0972
      SuperMario0972 Month ago

      @Sprucevirus2976 there are two titles to lose for Roman....😉

    • yonatan naphtali
      yonatan naphtali Month ago

      Cody vs roman vs sami u all will see ‼ copy from randy vs batista vs daniel

    • yonatan naphtali
      yonatan naphtali Month ago

      @Sprucevirus2976 u will see

    • Sprucevirus2976
      Sprucevirus2976 Month ago

      @yonatan naphtali em it's Cody vs roman

    • Sprucevirus2976
      Sprucevirus2976 Month ago

      @SuperMario0972 it's obvious that Cody is gonna be the one to beat roman lol after all he got a garrentee championship win in his contract from Vince

  • Lil Redd
    Lil Redd Month ago +5

    Roman really knows how to make an opponent look really good.
    I'm mean he sold that spear so well.

  • Ashneer shark / X Tiktoker 💯

    Sami got my respect 🤩🔥🔥
    When he repsected friendship 🔥🔥

  • Max the Maltese dog
    Max the Maltese dog Month ago +8

    Sami zayn is just 🔥🔥 right now . The spear was awesome !!

  • Darion Kristopher
    Darion Kristopher Month ago +10

    The cheers when he took that hoodie off…..goosebumps ❤

  • Thick Chip
    Thick Chip Month ago +3

    If this doesn’t end up with a triple threat at Wrestlemania, that’s money left on the table

  • Konehead Cokehead
    Konehead Cokehead Month ago +638

    To see how much torture Sami has been put through over the last year by the Bloodline and to see him finally get his shot is really something special

    • Josias Lourenço
      Josias Lourenço Month ago

      12:14 Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.
      3:19 Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord,
      James 2:24,26
      Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only. For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.
      3:16 'For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
      3:17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.
      3:19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.

    • Lawrence Rotunda
      Lawrence Rotunda Month ago

      @DJ FRESH that might happen to bring HEEL heat to Roman

    • Jimmy Deedo II
      Jimmy Deedo II Month ago

      @A.J yeah, he asked to join the Bloodline Last April.

    • Kevin Khataba
      Kevin Khataba Month ago

      @BJAKOTIN Chill

  • Scott
    Scott Month ago +3

    Heyman scrambling for the chair 😂 The man is a genius.

  • 1xMaxo Entertainment🎡

    See when you hear him scream roman it almost makes me break down because the pain in his voice…..It’s just a good storyline man.
    Wwe y’all done got me crying at Every event😂.

  • zinzy kelesitse
    zinzy kelesitse Month ago +8

    Sami Zayn s spear was wicked 🔥

  • Broken Gaming Network
    Broken Gaming Network Month ago +4

    Sami with that spear. Epic.

  • Ghost Wolf
    Ghost Wolf Month ago +4

    Insanity sometimes can a person more focused. Get that gold Sami!

  • Nelson Tan
    Nelson Tan Month ago +378

    Sami Zayn has come a long way, a hardworking guy 👍

    • D C
      D C Month ago +1

      They both have tbh. Until this storyline Roman meant nothing to me no matter how much WWE tried to shove him down my throat.

    • X-Sen Execution
      X-Sen Execution Month ago +4

      @Nelson Tan I absolutely agree ✅ Him, Kevin Owens & John Cena are my most favourite wrestlers since 2016

    • Blake Newman
      Blake Newman Month ago +4

      Yeah. I mean he was defeated by Johnny Knoxville, but sure, very hardworking

  • Monro
    Monro Month ago +3

    Sami zayn deserves a moment like this. If Sami zayn wins the title the crowd would go crazy.

  • Bro for all
    Bro for all Month ago +2

    The story line is insane all thanks to Triple H

    SPIRIT Month ago

    Sami has a beautiful spear. Roman’s looks absurdly visceral, downright agonising, but Sami’s got unreal form. The second point applies to everything Sami does in the ring lol

  • 0151 the kid
    0151 the kid Month ago +1

    sami is massively underrated in how good this storyline has been!

  • Dewashish Neware
    Dewashish Neware Month ago +1

    When Sami comes in arena it almost feels like a festival

  • Edgar Encarnacion
    Edgar Encarnacion Month ago +411

    Sami Zayn single-handedly making me watch back WWE 😭 MAKE THIS MAN THE CHAMP

    • za
      za Month ago +1

      @Max i tryth noth to comment negative things

    • shawn jones
      shawn jones Month ago

      @Zafir Ali
      Could possibly be a triple treat match at WM. Sami, reigns and cody

    • Zafir Ali
      Zafir Ali Month ago

      Sami Beat reigns at the Chamber Cody Vs Sami WM 39 and Cody Wins

    • Max
      Max Month ago

      @Jonathan Oscategui it's honestly a shame but Roman kinda should win at WM39. He's really needs that heel heat that he hasn't been getting because of how people like him as a heel

    • Jonathan Oscategui
      Jonathan Oscategui Month ago

      WWE might not even have Cody beat Roman reigns at WrestleMania because they wanted the Rock or Austin. Cody sadly became plan C!

  • Faarooke4455 Hill
    Faarooke4455 Hill Month ago +4

    Seriously Sami Zayn undisputed champion? Thank you WWE. He deserves it.

  • Irshad
    Irshad Month ago +2

    Finally after so many ages they are giving shots to Sami

  • David Bermudez
    David Bermudez Month ago +2

    Is about time Zayn gets a WWE Championship match

  • Young Gaming1011
    Young Gaming1011 Month ago +2

    I like the way they made Sami look strong in this segment but not making Roman look weak at the same time.

  • Andy The Witcher
    Andy The Witcher Month ago

    Haven't enjoyed a WWE storyline like this one in years. Good work HHH and the writers involved in this.

  • Adrian Jayson
    Adrian Jayson Month ago +256

    Sami has the most interesting character development in the past couple years. I can't wait to see what's coming up for him.

    • LA kush
      LA kush Month ago

      @demonhacker THANK YOU, these weird fanboys want another *daniel bryan* moment so bad it's pathetic, sami is nothing but a comedy act and nothing to take serious, ill be glad when all this is over

    • demonhacker
      demonhacker Month ago +1

      Whats coming is losing to roman at elim chamber and him getting thrown to the wayside for cody.

    • Tenaya Dawson
      Tenaya Dawson Month ago

      He has to understand that his father will always love him and he will never fight him. I know rey mysterio wouldn't choose someone else over his son to his partner

    • Christian Meza Villafuerte
      Christian Meza Villafuerte Month ago +1

      Sami is the modern Mankind.... Not for hardcore status, obviously. I refer both are underdogs and both have problems, but want to be better as a person.

    • Coach
      Coach Month ago

      @Nathan Siegel what segment

  • DravenKross13
    DravenKross13 Month ago

    I'll be open and honest
    I wasn't sure what to think about Sami back in the day (as I had never seen him in NXT)
    But I tell you what, this man is a Star in everything he is given to do

  • J D
    J D Month ago +3

    Thank you wwe this is what was missing for so long 😢

  • Luke Harris
    Luke Harris Month ago +2

    Goosebumps! Cmon Sami!! You deserve it mate!

  • Skippy the Alien
    Skippy the Alien Month ago +1

    i don't watch much wwe anymore but i do read about it from time to time. i was dismayed to see all the negativity toward Roman basically since about 2015...so i'm glad to see him drawing so much heel heat these days. GOod for him!!

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte Month ago

    Wow I love the story line Sami Zayn is giving us the drama ❤️❤️❤️

  • Alex Hayyez
    Alex Hayyez Month ago +339

    I haven't heard a crowd pop like that in a long time in WWE, Sami absolutely deserves it.

    • Smokey 1419
      Smokey 1419 Month ago

      ​@Colin Gordon I like Sami, but he has a TERRIBLE look when it comes to being a champ.

    • C Martin
      C Martin Month ago +1

      That s SC for you. I've been to Raw last year, and man, the crowd there was hot

    • Colin Gordon
      Colin Gordon Month ago +1

      I rather have Sami as champ then Cody! Dude just has the IT factor always has. Sad he will lose to Roman at EC then go back to the mid card

    • Jack Forster
      Jack Forster Month ago

      @Sinister Jarl your not wrong

    • Jay Bee
      Jay Bee Month ago

      @Sinister Jarl yeah Romans so boring but you watch all his videos.. 😂

  • X-Sen Execution
    X-Sen Execution Month ago +2

    This storyline is so "INZAYN" 😃😃👏👏👏

  • Shifa Shahine
    Shifa Shahine Month ago +3

    Sami zayn attacking the tribal chief was shocking wondering what Roman was gonna say about Cody .

  • Dovydas
    Dovydas Month ago +2

    Sami is still the master of strategist! He came alone, he made Roman to make the title match with him and now we need that little help from Jey Uso with his feets to make a roll up pin 1 2 3 and destroy Roman legacy, this would be the perfect moment and perfect story for the Prince, the right hand Jey USO to make his attempt for the head of the table ! Book it!

  • OliverHart701
    OliverHart701 Month ago +2

    Roman made that spear look so brutal! Both of these two together is gold!

  • Linear Money
    Linear Money Month ago +1

    Sammi reminds me of Mick Foley! Doesn’t have all the glitz and glammer but is a pure wrestler, that’s what wwe needs back badly

  • jbizzle82
    jbizzle82 Month ago +143

    I was at the show tonight. I've been to 5-10 wrestling shows in my life over 25 years. Nothing felt bigger than this segment. I literally became a kid again tonight.

    • Da Savage Buzzsaw
      Da Savage Buzzsaw Month ago

      damn, I've only been to Raw In 2015, WWE Starrcade when it returned, Smackdown In Atlanta Last Year, and WWE Day 1 Last Year Too, it was supposed to be this year again for WWE Day 1 until they canceled it and made it a house show . The only one non WWE Was AEW but I'm not counting that.

    • Anees Sarwar
      Anees Sarwar Month ago +1

      That’s the power of pro wrestling, if something is great/epic in pro wrestling (facts back it up), like a segment or match, it’s gonna captivate anybody, kid or a grandad or anyone in the middle. I felt that too before.

  • Pete Henderson
    Pete Henderson Month ago +2

    Man, this is the first time since like 2016 that Sami's been a face? He didn't just turn on the bloodline and turned face. In the end he simply couldn't finish off his own brother, that being KO. I think the only real thing that would cement this face turn would be to see the two Canadians team up and maybe even become Tag Champs once again.

    CXLT MUSIC Month ago +2

    Seing this "Feeling" this moment in person was absolutely crazy epic

  • Kaydee Duminy
    Kaydee Duminy Month ago +2

    Roman is the main guy in WWE at the moment, and he deserves to be in that position

  • KingKem _
    KingKem _ Month ago +1

    Sami is definitely headliner material wrestlemania main event material

  • Yochai Frumar
    Yochai Frumar 4 days ago +1

    Sami Zayn 🔥👑

  • The Willis Show
    The Willis Show Month ago +220

    The crowd reactions for Sami are incredible. No one has been this hot since Daniel Bryan in 2014.

    • Orchid Mantis
      Orchid Mantis Month ago

      Dude that's a joke. The crowd always being hot everytime they heard someone's theme song like Lesnar, Lashley or other legends or even seeing Epic moments and also the curse word everytime wrestlers got some heat with each other. The point is, they are easily to be impress even if you are swearing and they will get shock by the swear words because they knew that WWE is trying to be PG 😂

    • Will G 10
      Will G 10 Month ago

      @Khaled Mohamed Abbas kofi was short storyline they did it just to make à spécial wm moment
      Unlike DB and sami where their storyline they were the ultimate underdog fan favourite for almost à year

    • Khaled Mohamed Abbas
      Khaled Mohamed Abbas Month ago +1

      Well yes but no. There was kofimania in between these two

    • Will G 10
      Will G 10 Month ago

      @Thomas Anderson bryan carried wwe in 2013

    • (Child-of-the-sun)
      (Child-of-the-sun) Month ago

      Why did I say this same thing then my kid goes sammy can't beat Roman. I went right to the D.b storyline like did we think he could beat triple h then randy & Batista the same night. YES!)

  • Delvon McQueen
    Delvon McQueen Month ago +1

    Sami can be the next big star. It's right in front of the WWE faces. You have the perfect storyline. Sami deserves this. But as usual, the WWE is going to need this up.

  • Imru
    Imru Month ago +5

    Hell ya. This is awesome. Good for you Sami Zayn, you deserve that title.

  • anmol basnet
    anmol basnet Month ago

    That’s what Sammy zayn was all about ❤

  • Zain Zaidi
    Zain Zaidi Month ago +1

    This storyline is nothing but perfection.

  • Kevin King Krauts
    Kevin King Krauts Month ago

    No doubt one of the best storylines ever

  • William Pittman
    William Pittman Month ago +366

    I was at this show live in Greenville, and let me tell you that pop for Sami attacking Roman and then challenging Roman for the title was MASSIVE. Sami's going to eventually hit the stardom stratosphere.

    • William Pittman
      William Pittman Month ago

      @Dyren I doubt they'll do that, solely because of the backlash it would create. Hell, I guarantee that more MeToo stories about Vince would go public if he sold to the Saudis.

    • Dyren
      Dyren Month ago

      Not if they're selling so Saudi Arabia right :/

    • Jay Bee
      Jay Bee Month ago

      Rhodes is going to lose on night 1 get screwed by HHH. Jey Uso or the Rock will beat Roman on night 2 and Sami will help them.

    • Spencer Mcalpine
      Spencer Mcalpine Month ago

      @B Right Unfortunately you are right about that. Especially with Vince back

    • Jose Hernandez
      Jose Hernandez Month ago

      Sami is no world championship plans for wrestlemania season rhodes will win at mania then at the draft the titles get split

  • Who'sThatGirl
    Who'sThatGirl Month ago

    Sami is killing it right now!!

    UTKARSH KUMAR Month ago +1

    Bloodline is nothing without sami 🔥

  • Mido Samir
    Mido Samir Month ago

    give him title he deserve that title 🥰