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Crowd Sings Critical Role Theme Song | Critical Role Live @ GenCon 2019


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  • Nico Neilson
    Nico Neilson  3 years ago +2409

    Huge shout out to @PhoenixHeart815 on Twitter for allowing me to use their footage. Be sure to give them some love!

  • Nathaniel Durfee
    Nathaniel Durfee 2 years ago +4449

    Everyone is talking about how the cast reacted and how crazy they must all feel hearing this, but imagine how Sam feels in particular? He's the one that birthed this. These are his lyrics and I know he worked a lot on the music with JCM as well. How amazing must it be to hear thousands of people singing YOUR words with this kind of energy and passion?

  • gem
    gem 3 years ago +2961

    Love how it got so intense when everyone shouted “take a chance ROLL THE DICE!”

    • Anya
      Anya 10 days ago

      Love it!!

    • FuzzyBeta
      FuzzyBeta Month ago +2

      It's got the same energy as everyone belting out "FIVE GOLD RINGS!" whenever singing the "12 Days of Christmas"
      It's one of those things that's just mandatory.

    • srg08
      srg08 Year ago +68

      I think they also got inspired and got suck in by Yasha stab as if they are giving her a strength boost for the stab and make sure she got a critical roll..

  • Crimson Flame
    Crimson Flame 3 years ago +5571

    House = wrecked
    Hands = raised
    Hype = overloaded
    Heart = warmed

  • Austin Iuliano
    Austin Iuliano 3 years ago +9326

    I'm so impressed how 2000 people stayed on tune and in harmony.

    • Oyku Tınaztepe
      Oyku Tınaztepe 2 months ago

      Because they were the theatre kids, nerds, band kids etc 🤘😁🎶

    • Blade 7Y
      Blade 7Y 3 months ago

      It's easier to be in rythm with the video to follow up.

    • Andrea Tavaglione
      Andrea Tavaglione 9 months ago

      I mean, critters at that point must've heard that song A LOT OF TIMES lol

    • jkrfan7
      jkrfan7 11 months ago

      well, most of us are theater kids so.... lol

    • N to the M
      N to the M Year ago

      Same, actually. Usually when the crowd at concerns sings there's bound to be some asynchronity, but this was impressive!

  • TheEpona92
    TheEpona92 3 years ago +4612

    The cast all looks around surprised, like what did they think was going to happen??? Of COURSE the Critters would sing along!

    • Wil Rodriguez
      Wil Rodriguez 4 months ago

      Critters got pride

    • Blindluck92
      Blindluck92 8 months ago

      Meanwhile, Taliesin is mildly startled for all of half a second before he starts to *direct the audience* in typical form.

    • Trevor Olsen
      Trevor Olsen 2 years ago +5

      @Awesome Man part of that reason is because they never in a million years would expect a dnd game with friends would turn into something that would fill theaters and raise millions of dollars for an animated series. Like They are just friends playing their game they way they want to and they are just enjoying it and thats why its such a good show to watch, but for them its like they still think that no one would want to watch it.

    • K.J. M.B
      K.J. M.B 2 years ago +2

      @Grey Shard Well, they did a live sing along and allowed lyrics to be added soooo....

    • Eris Rose
      Eris Rose 2 years ago +19

      I mean they get genuinely surprised each time the critters do something, they’re always amazed they’re actually popular and if that isn’t the most humble nerd thing ever I don’t know what is
      Evidence: The Kickstarter

  • genesis frog
    genesis frog 3 years ago +6242

    I love that the crowd split into the harmonies at the end naturally and without any prior planning. Also, it kind of makes me wish there were a "giant, hundreds/thousands of Critters submitted audio" cover of Your Turn to Roll, which I can only assume doesn't exist.

    • Dull_Demon47
      Dull_Demon47 Month ago

      @Speedy1116 it was easier to hear them toward the beginning, but got harder to hear toward the end

    • Dull_Demon47
      Dull_Demon47 Month ago +1

      I don't think anything could beat this, but gods it would be pretty cool to see

    • RogueWraith909
      RogueWraith909 4 months ago

      @genesis frog I do cry... every darn time due to sheer epicness of this.

    • Cyndri Gaming
      Cyndri Gaming Year ago

      Just gotta get the trend going on Tiktok like they did with the Sea Shanties!

    • bells and whistles
      bells and whistles 2 years ago

      genesis frog! I love your animatics, I did not expect to see you here lol

  • Keanu Laʻa
    Keanu Laʻa 3 years ago +7945

    That “ROLE... CRTICAL” chant felt freaking meaty.

    • Joshua Cowling
      Joshua Cowling 3 months ago +1

      It was right up there with Sabaton fans doing the opening chant of the song "Swedish Pagans"😀🤓😎

    • AyluhMao
      AyluhMao 6 months ago +2

      I think a key part of it is exhaling the vowels, like he's exhaling the "o" in roll and "ri" in critical and it sounds beefier that way methinks. Avatar did the same with the Agni Kai theme.

    • Jason Smith
      Jason Smith Year ago +1

      Very girthy

    • Robosoldier11
      Robosoldier11 Year ago +5

      I can only imagine what the days of old were like when you had armies marching with their respective chants like this especially with the "Roll/Role." Its a storm coming that can't be stopped.

    • insert username here
      insert username here 2 years ago +6

      Something else is meaty

  • Boxxedin
    Boxxedin Year ago +336


  • Sylvia Drakestone
    Sylvia Drakestone 3 years ago +4103

    oh dang, the audience actually harmonized really well. usually when you start getting big crowds like this it gets harder and harder to understand what they are saying.

    • Alpha Luna Blue
      Alpha Luna Blue Year ago +6

      I was in chorus class for eight years in a row. Even in my senior year it was hard for the whole class to be THIS in synch even after a month of practicing every day. Everyone was just so HYPED!

    • xDispair
      xDispair Year ago +2

      @Midnight That was astounding. Thank you so much for that.

    • Hollistic Bomber
      Hollistic Bomber Year ago +17

      If you study audio, one of the biggest separators is whether or not the listener knows what's being said. So groups chanting something you've never heard is always more difficult to understand. If you know the song, it can come through crystal clear. That said, I knew the song so I'm bias, but it was sharp af!

    • willowstar157
      willowstar157 2 years ago +24

      You underestimate hardcore nerds and their theme songs 😂😂😂

    • Cody
      Cody 2 years ago +9

      They kept time surprisingly well too lol

  • TheJPJT1234
    TheJPJT1234 Year ago +106

    POV: audience rolls a Nat 20 on a performance check 😂

  • Absintheinfevor
    Absintheinfevor 3 years ago +3408

    Taliesin's "conducting" at the beginning makes this for me.
    I love them, and this community, so damn much.

    • Luna4865
      Luna4865 Year ago +1

      @Morgan lol yeah🤣

    • Morgan
      Morgan Year ago +7

      Travis air drumming got me

    • The Friendly Knight
      The Friendly Knight Year ago +8

      Pretty sure Talesin was doing the Macarena.

    • theunwelcome
      theunwelcome Year ago +11

      @Ruby Gee I nearly fell out of my chair when he did that, was so awesome

    • Ruby Gee
      Ruby Gee 2 years ago +17

      And Travis' drum solo at the end!! Amazing.

  • Ravens Nest
    Ravens Nest 2 years ago +708

    I love that they realize people are chanting and are just like “lol cool” but then people actually start singing and everyone’s heads to just snap to the audience in surprise like “wait what”

  • N7Panhead_ry
    N7Panhead_ry 3 years ago +5770

    That was magical. And now I know what gave Matt chills. Wish I could have been there in person.

    • Julian Gines
      Julian Gines 2 years ago +1

      I love that they still get emotional about how big this has gotten. Even with their fame and popularity, they still stay humble.

    • A Carnivorous Lizardfolk
      A Carnivorous Lizardfolk 2 years ago +1

      iAmiCaniWill it’s all right. Aasimars are really cool.

    • N7Panhead_ry
      N7Panhead_ry 2 years ago +1

      @A Carnivorous Lizardfolk I like Aasimars personally as well as the different elves. I can't think of any unique monsters right now it's late where I am and Matt just left us on a major 2 week cliffhanger so I'm fried lol.

    • A Carnivorous Lizardfolk
      A Carnivorous Lizardfolk 2 years ago

      iAmiCaniWill thank you! Love being a critter and getting to talk to you guys!
      PS: I am thinking of changing my profile pic to a dnd monster or race. Any suggestions?

    • N7Panhead_ry
      N7Panhead_ry 2 years ago +1

      @A Carnivorous Lizardfolk it's great. Enjoy the journey, friend!

  • Oscar Noem
    Oscar Noem 2 years ago +198

    I'm just impressed that the crowd managed an in-sync and equally balanced "Your turn...your turn...your turnnn...!" at the end

  • Mushroompancake
    Mushroompancake Year ago +243

    I love how it starts off as a joke, people are laughing and all, but then people start singing their hearts out and ahhhh it’s awesome

  • Matt Gajownik
    Matt Gajownik 3 years ago +734

    This is beautiful. My favourite part is 1:19 where you can actually hear different parts of the audience harmonise (and hold it) *flawlessly*.

    • Ben Scriven
      Ben Scriven 9 months ago +19

      3 separate and equally distinct 'your turn's from an improv crowd. Colour me impressed

    • Willie Earles
      Willie Earles Year ago +22

      @Jonathan Hill Bardbarians*

    • Jonathan Hill
      Jonathan Hill Year ago +8

      Those barbarians mate

  • UntrainableWizard
    UntrainableWizard 3 years ago +692

    Something amazing about this, for me, is that this isn't a concert, it's a D&D session...
    When I hear the crowd singing along at concerts, it's for songs and music, it's something that everyone expects to happen. But there are times like this in live shows that can be completely random, not always, but most of the time. Hearing hundreds of people singing completely coordinated, and knowing the song, it makes me smile every time. Doesn't matter whether I love or hate the song, it's the reaction from the people running the show, and the crowd themselves, that's what makes it so amazing.
    The high five between Marisha and Liam... Travis and Sam getting their phones out to record the crowd... Matt swinging and singing along, smiling non-stop... Taliesin playing about and just genuinely admiring the crowd... Laura looking over at the crowd, and then just staring at Matt...
    The reactions are beautiful, they are what makes this such an amazing thing to experience.
    Also, because the crowd just straight out has an amazing lot of voices.

  • Gaming Gambeson
    Gaming Gambeson 3 years ago +4579

    0:16 Actual title: Taliesin Jaffe takes control of entire crowd with his elderich powers.
    Edit: I didn't realize that they split into different harmonies in the end. It had a degree of precision that I'd only expect a hive mind/mind controlled crowd to possess.

    • Raonidbg
      Raonidbg 3 years ago +9

      That Maestro Bard Matt made? That's Taliesin

    • Cris05
      Cris05 3 years ago +18

      @RyuShinden his lair is the entire world? 'Cause I'm under that spell like it's no one's business

    • Kronk's Stronk Stonks
      Kronk's Stronk Stonks 3 years ago +33

      Taliesin is a high level Warlock of Gygax, and his unholy tome is the DM Manual. These fools dont even realise they're a part of his fanatic cult.

    • RyuShinden
      RyuShinden 3 years ago +34

      @dualwieldroxas358 You don't even have to roll. This is a 9th level spell Taliesen is doing as a Lair Action

    • rockonmyfriend
      rockonmyfriend 3 years ago +17

      Mind flayers, man...

  • Elysium
    Elysium 3 years ago +861

    I was there and was singing along. It was a magical experience, to say the least. It was my first live show and my friends and I are already talking about going to another.

    • theunwelcome
      theunwelcome Year ago +3

      I was there but wasn't a mega-fan yet so I didn't know the words... eep!

    • Aise Krem
      Aise Krem 3 years ago +1

      Wish I am able be there at least ONCE!

    • Elysium
      Elysium 3 years ago +11

      @TwiS73DShad0wZ ooh dunno. Theater was full and even though me and four other friends tried to get tickets, I was the only one able to. I bought one too many tickets due to how broken the process was and we ended up giving it away to a nice girl on the critter discord channel 😁

    • TwiS73DShad0wZ
      TwiS73DShad0wZ 3 years ago +3

      Elysium Im so jealous of you’re guys! Wish I could’ve been there! Do you know how many people went? :)

  • Coolcat97100
    Coolcat97100 3 years ago +773

    I love how at 0:36 you can hear the people on the sound team turning up the volume. Seriously love this community lol

  • Hypersqurell
    Hypersqurell 3 years ago +4065

    So this is now canon as has to happen at every live show right? Right? RIGHT???

    • NorthernOxmoor
      NorthernOxmoor 2 years ago


    • A Carnivorous Lizardfolk
      A Carnivorous Lizardfolk 2 years ago

      Do they do this in every livestream episode?

    • Grey Shard
      Grey Shard 2 years ago +3

      @Danielle K First they cancelled their appearance at Gencon, then Gencon cancelled, and because i work at a hospital - was on-call for the time off. so - yeah, about as well as you guessed.

    • Danielle K
      Danielle K 2 years ago +1

      @Grey Shard How'd that work out? XD

    • Jacque Lawson
      Jacque Lawson 2 years ago


  • King13 S
    King13 S 3 years ago +680

    I love how animated the cast is. Even from this distance you can tell the crowd singing along is pumping them up.

    • dirt track chick
      dirt track chick 2 years ago +26

      I'm bouncing in my seat watching this on Clip-Share a year later. I can't imagine how high the energy in that room much have been. God, I want to experience that!

  • AksentNetharia
    AksentNetharia 3 years ago +2480

    marisha's reaction when everyone started singing omg

    • Raonidbg
      Raonidbg 3 years ago +25

      @TheGranter And you're the type of person that we really don't need around here

    • Paola Binda
      Paola Binda 3 years ago +11

      @TheGranter Didd that just after i replied to you. I have my weekly session with my friends ^_-

    • TheGranter
      TheGranter 3 years ago +2

      @Paola Binda Log out and go play with people.

    • Paola Binda
      Paola Binda 3 years ago +16

      @TheGranter Come on, you could at least spell her name right?
      A bit childish if you ask me, but who cares? We love you the same.

    • themeanlesbeann
      themeanlesbeann 3 years ago +32

      @TheGranter and you're just a ray of sunshine huh? no one on the internet thinks ur wanna be edgy lameness is cool bruh

  • Diego Prats
    Diego Prats Year ago +29

    That "Roll the Dice" used to induce chills whenever I saw the intro, reminding me what's at stake. Hearing them sing it like a challenge, it shows me not only what's at stake, but what's possible if you only take that leap. Thank you, Matt and CR.
    Long may he reign
    sincerely, a Critter.

  • ArcadianDynasty
    ArcadianDynasty 3 years ago +304

    Those twenty-four of those dislikes are the moms who still believe D&D is the devils game
    The last dislike is Uka'toa obviously

    • Luna4865
      Luna4865 4 months ago

      @RogueWraith909 ikr

    • RogueWraith909
      RogueWraith909 4 months ago +1

      @Luna4865 How can anyone think Jester is evil? She's so CUTE and crazy and innocent!

    • Luna4865
      Luna4865 Year ago +1

      @Becca Collins yea

    • Becca Collins
      Becca Collins Year ago +2

      @Luna4865 Tell her about all the animals in the real world with horns - like cows, rhinos, mountain sheep, antelopes, or any others you can think of. They're not evil just because they have horns. That's just silly.

    • Luna4865
      Luna4865 Year ago +2

      Lol yeah my mom thinks it’s a evil game because some characters have horns

  • Superlolgal555
    Superlolgal555 3 years ago +405

    It's somehow more epic when being sung by a room full of ppl

    • RogueWraith909
      RogueWraith909 4 months ago

      @The Lone OneVA That's because it is! Critters UNITE!

    • The Lone OneVA
      The Lone OneVA 3 years ago +11

      It sounds like a DnD army chanting their fight song before going to Battle

    • Perry Carters
      Perry Carters 3 years ago +13

      Someone! Contact the people who sang the Dovahkiin song!
      A new challenge requires their attention.

  • K Wolf
    K Wolf 2 years ago +23

    The fact that it sounds like an army genuinley just warning their enemies of their demise. It truly is spine chilling to hear that many people singing so clearly

  • Tyler Reed
    Tyler Reed 3 years ago +250

    Man what a bunch of nerds.
    I really love how the crowd actually did the split at the end lol I really love this community

  • username
    username 3 years ago +114

    Across the land, in cities both controlled by the empire and beyond it's reach, thousands suffer in the chains of oppression. They suffer and toil in neverending darkness, knowing nothing but the choking rule of their masters. But through this darkness shines a light, a beacon of hope and freedom. A group of fighters-- freeing slaves from their chains, bringing hope to people who had never deigned to have it. As this light grows, as hope is reignited, a chant goes up. Thousands of voices raised in a thundering chorus. It is a song that chills the blood of those in power. A song that freezes the heart of tyranny. Rebellion is coming. War is on the horizon. The Mighty Nein are coming. Rise up, don't think twice. Put your fate in your hands. Take a chance.
    Roll the dice.

  • Matt M - Tarukam
    Matt M - Tarukam 2 years ago +36

    Travis playing the drums perfectly right at the end is doing something to me... ( 1:20 )

  • moochie
    moochie 3 years ago +629

    ‘queen will always bring everyone together’
    critters: hold my fuckin sword

    • victor lrs
      victor lrs 3 years ago +1

      @Pepinillo Rick "Her"? Don't you mean "Them"? Its The band we're talking about here...

    • ForeverDegenerate
      ForeverDegenerate 3 years ago +1

      @your meme lord Don't know if I'd go THAT far. While the spirit of the Critters is, most certainly, strong, they haven't reached Queen levels. Queen still manages to get packed concert venues for concerts that aren't even theirs to sing Bohemian Raphsody and Freddie's been dead since 1991.

    • Pepinillo Rick
      Pepinillo Rick 3 years ago

      I would go to her, with a sniper rifle. Matt in the other hand is our rigthfull king.

    • I like your name
      I like your name 3 years ago +9

      @Damon DuskLight
      Take your fate in your hands
      Take a chance
      Hold my dice!
      Hold my stats, you hold my sword and just hold my invisible waaaaaaand!

    • Damon DuskLight
      Damon DuskLight 3 years ago +13

      I believe you mean "Hold my ale" 😁

  • Alex S
    Alex S 3 years ago +548

    This should be a staple of every live show because it gives the Critters a chance to participate in the show

    • William Martin
      William Martin 2 years ago +5

      Oh this has aged Well.

    • pudr
      pudr 3 years ago +5

      @Rusty O'Toole canon!

    • Rusty O'Toole
      Rusty O'Toole 3 years ago +5

      Think this is now a thing!!!

    • bse523
      bse523 3 years ago +29

      Something tells me that people will see this and think they'll have to do it as well. Gotta show them the love wherever we can.

  • Vakaria
    Vakaria 2 years ago +73

    Honestly, that must have been a life-affirming moment for Sam as a musician.

  • Mythic
    Mythic 3 years ago +699

    I was wondering what Matt meant when they went live again and he said "that was chill inducing" or something. thank you @PhoenixHeart815 for letting Nico post this!
    edit: proofreading/grammer

  • Coolboy99
    Coolboy99 3 years ago +65

    1:20 its so hard to imagine that a big crowd is actually able to do multiple harmonies without any planing. Just wow

  • Christopher M Zdenek
    Christopher M Zdenek 3 years ago +19

    While the singing is out of this world amazing, I can't help but love the reactions of "WTF IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW???" on the face of the cast. The level of joy that just makes you insensible is so palatable.

    • GZilla311
      GZilla311 3 years ago +2

      Christopher M Zdenek I love how it slowly shifts from "haha yeah this will never work" to "oh my god this is actually happening YES!"

    • Alex Perez
      Alex Perez 3 years ago +4

      If you look closely you can see the cast getting into it also by singing along and Travis air drums

  • Yolande Jonker
    Yolande Jonker 3 years ago +99

    Dear sweet Hades. As much as I love them, I really shouldn't be at events like that. It took me 15 minutes to calm down from crying at how awesome this was to even be able to comment X_X My heart won't take a live experience like this.

    • Ljay Richards
      Ljay Richards 2 years ago +1

      Amen! This got me so good! Tears fucking everywhere!!!!

  • Mitchell
    Mitchell 3 years ago +388

    Mannnn, I don’t like spending money on hobbies, but I will blow as much as I need to see Critical Role live if they come to Australia. This was incredible

    • Ordranis T.
      Ordranis T. 2 years ago +2

      @David Parkes Couldn't agree more

    • David Parkes
      David Parkes 2 years ago +5

      I'm from across the ditch but agreed. Us Kiwis gotta give it a go.

    • Physigist
      Physigist 3 years ago +11

      I totally agree mate! Show some love for the critters down under!
      Wait... That sounds wrong.. Ah fuck it, people will understand what I mean!

    • Jimi Danaan
      Jimi Danaan 3 years ago +6

      I agree. Them coming to Aus would be amazing!

  • Nathaniel Ranney
    Nathaniel Ranney 3 years ago +177

    Love when Taliesan started conducting the crowd.

    • Antony Milne
      Antony Milne 2 years ago +6

      His eldritch powers have some uses

  • Fortune
    Fortune 3 years ago +832

    i’m so unbelievably sad i wasn’t there, i would’ve loved singing that live (tbh probably would have cried a little)

    • Inferno
      Inferno 3 years ago +5

      @Katie Edwards we all did

    • Stephupurlyf
      Stephupurlyf 3 years ago +7

      Me too! What a glorious moment! All hail the Critters!

    • Ken Patterson
      Ken Patterson 3 years ago +11

      I did, here watching the Clip-Share video of it.

    • Katie Edwards
      Katie Edwards 3 years ago +26

      SariaGaming6 I’m such a sap I literally cried watching this lol

  • Nora Riley
    Nora Riley 3 years ago +498

    That was one of my favorite moments, singing the theme song with my fellow critters! I had chills!

  • Sierra2 Bork2
    Sierra2 Bork2 2 years ago +26

    Love how when Molly's grave came up the crowd just cheered for him. Like another shout of love.

  • Nico Neilson
    Nico Neilson  3 years ago +603

    Just after uploading this, I've watched it a good 10 times back to back. Chills every time

    • The Iron Armada
      The Iron Armada 11 months ago

      Only on my fifth but I am planning to keep this in my back pocket for a later date

    • Luna4865
      Luna4865 Year ago


    • BarryTheBareBearBarbarian WhoWasRaisedbyBears
      BarryTheBareBearBarbarian WhoWasRaisedbyBears 3 years ago +2

      27th still amazing and gives me a smile

    • RubySage718
      RubySage718 3 years ago +2

      I’m on my 8th time and will probably listen even more because this is epic!!

    • Lukas Asmuth
      Lukas Asmuth 3 years ago +7

      Same man, I think I'm on my 7th listen currently. This isn't getting old anytime soon!

  • picachufan2000
    picachufan2000 2 years ago +36

    I love that Marisha and Liam both high fived each other like this is it this how you know you've made it ❤

  • Spiderous
    Spiderous 3 years ago +116

    I can feel the energy coming through the screen, I can't even imagine how magical it was for the cast sitting there.

  • CheyCheyCoolEh
    CheyCheyCoolEh 3 years ago +94

    This is amazing. I just recently got into DnD this year and it’s honestly so nice being part of a community that’s so fun, creative, accepting and loving.

  • Andie Howell
    Andie Howell 3 years ago +54

    I got shivers... The roar of "roll the dice" actually gave me goosebumps!

  • Celeste Parkinson
    Celeste Parkinson 3 years ago +60

    What I love is at "Roll the Dice" moment I think it was the cast, or specifically, Matt, who we hear yell the lyric.

  • piratebarbarian
    piratebarbarian 3 years ago +168

    Oh man. I've rewatched this so many times now, and every time it gives me chills. Especially the very end - it's amazing what a group of people can accomplish without any pre-planning!

  • Erd Nuzz
    Erd Nuzz 2 years ago +22

    They power of Voice-Actor and DnD Fans:
    Staying on tune whil singing in a crowd.

  • Em Kaj
    Em Kaj 3 years ago +122

    when the crowd started singing along I s h o o k

    • Lukas Asmuth
      Lukas Asmuth 3 years ago +3

      When you s h o o k I *felt* that

  • ThatInvisibleDragon
    ThatInvisibleDragon 3 years ago +35

    I love how everyone was laughing at first like "yeah, that's not going to happen"

  • bananacush
    bananacush 3 years ago +265

    Sam the song writer must be happy

    • CarlyCChapman
      CarlyCChapman 2 years ago +21

      I can only imagine how he felt when hearing people sing his song

  • Anya Taylor
    Anya Taylor 3 years ago +117

    I KNOW All of the people who watched this sung along, Don’t deny it.

    • Hilken
      Hilken Year ago

      Why whould I deny it?

    • Becca Collins
      Becca Collins Year ago

      Yer darn tootin' I sang along - and proud of it!!!

    • Luna4865
      Luna4865 Year ago

      Lol yeah In my head I was too embarrassed to sing outloud

    • GZilla311
      GZilla311 3 years ago +1

      Anya Taylor Guilty.

  • RomanceFreak
    RomanceFreak 2 years ago +10

    THIS gives me so much life and chills man! The absolute POWER and STRENGTH and TOGETHERNESS of this community singing and cheering and shouting back in gratitude to the people who started the fandom family is just amazing to witness!! 🤟🤘🙌❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗

  • jgilet13
    jgilet13 3 years ago +35

    It’s like the twitch chat during the intro...but verbal. That was insane to see. Thanks for uploading this.

  • Jd Watson
    Jd Watson 3 years ago +74

    thank you for breaking the rules and recording that!!! Wow that had a LOT of ENERGY!! 4000+ voices!

    • dan f
      dan f 3 years ago +5

      there were only 2000 but it was very energetic

  • Slacker
    Slacker Year ago +5

    I have never once watched critical role and I feel chills from this, what a community

  • Jordan Black
    Jordan Black 3 years ago +13

    By far one of the coolest, most random, awesome things that I've ever been a part of. Completely spontaneous. You could just feel the love in the room. 🥰

  • 4163Matthew
    4163Matthew 3 years ago +52

    It felt so awesome to be in that crowd singing. Feeling the power of everyone's voice and seeing the reactions of everyone was something I won't forget

  • sleepingArisu
    sleepingArisu 3 years ago +61

    I teared up a bit. God I wish I was there. I hope one day I can fly out to one of the live shows and be there.

  • Molly S
    Molly S 3 years ago +145

    This was my first time going to a con and seeing crit role live and this was one of the best moments of my life ❤

  • Cherries And Blossoms
    Cherries And Blossoms 3 years ago +36

    Genuinely was not expecting to feel a little tear leak out. Love you critters

  • Lisa-Michelle McMullan
    Lisa-Michelle McMullan 3 years ago +25

    I feel so lucky to have been here to be a part of this. It was such an organic thing and the energy was unbelievable. Everyone cried too. It was wonderful.

  • Mavoc
    Mavoc 2 years ago +9

    1:26 gotta love that perfectly timed countdown on the right side.

  • I9BlackI1Knight
    I9BlackI1Knight 3 years ago +18

    I didn't expect a poor quality phone Video to make me tear up. But it did, thank you critters. I hope to get to know some of you ohne day

    • Paola Binda
      Paola Binda 3 years ago +5

      That's how it all started. With poor quality audio and the most powerful thing ever: emotions and storytelling

  • Randomdudefromtheinternet
    Randomdudefromtheinternet 3 years ago +58

    All stand up for D&D's national anthem

  • A_real_Travisty
    A_real_Travisty 3 years ago +9

    As a voice in that crowd, it was amazing.

  • Ingruentium Malorum
    Ingruentium Malorum 2 years ago +4

    It must be wild for them all. They just started playing their own game, and now they have random strangers singing their theme song. Wild.

  • itslukalee
    itslukalee 3 years ago +370

    And this is what the stream viewers always miss

    • Alena Vakh
      Alena Vakh 3 years ago

      @Hell Smith ха! Привет из Новосибирска)))

    • itslukalee
      itslukalee 3 years ago +1

      Cole Dibiase I live in Spain so fuck me you know

    • Just another Nerdy dude
      Just another Nerdy dude 3 years ago +3

      Well I apologise for being broke as fuck and living in a motel with seven other people!
      Not everyone can get up and go to a live show.

    • Crows
      Crows 3 years ago +1

      Right after the stream Immediately started looked for a video of this cause this was something I knew would be amazing- and I was not wrong or disappointed

    • itslukalee
      itslukalee 3 years ago +7

      @Hell Smith and I live in Spain and I sleep all afternoon to be able to be awake at 2AM to see it, so I understand the pain. This was the first time I could watch it live and probably the last in a long time.

  • 10me20
    10me20 3 years ago +4

    Jeez the beginning when everyone was chanting was so ominous, but the whole thing must have been so magical to be in the room for

  • PrinceLaCroissant
    PrinceLaCroissant 3 years ago +61

    I was there! First time seeing them live and it was everything I hoped it could be!

  • TheUnknownMax
    TheUnknownMax 3 years ago +56

    Kinda sad that they didn't use this in the video on their own channel😥
    Glad i got to see it here then, so cool! 💕😁

  • Ben Mcgee
    Ben Mcgee 3 years ago +12

    As if we needed more conformation of the dedication of this fanbase ( of course we do!) This is amazing i can only imagine the look on the casts faces

  • Jan Arbter
    Jan Arbter 2 years ago +4

    Thats really dream come true.... to play DnD on public like that and have the game as full time job. I am really happy for you guys and
    i wish you that success very much!!

  • Maletizer
    Maletizer 3 years ago +180

    Damn. Now I'm jealous I didn't go this year.

  • BasementRuthie
    BasementRuthie 3 years ago +6

    Oooft bless you and the filmer for making this available when Matt mentioned it on stream I was like !!! Must hear!!
    Definite chills

  • Mike
    Mike 3 years ago +29

    So this is what Matt meant.
    I got goosebumps.

  • T G
    T G 2 years ago +3

    I think this was the first live show they did after releasing the new intro, so hearing that sung back to them by thousands of people must have just been.... magical, for lack of a better term

  • R & R Sincerely
    R & R Sincerely 3 years ago +11

    So amazing, the community! I wish Ashley could have been there to soak it in!

    • PJ VC
      PJ VC 3 years ago +5

      every day i am thankful that blindspot is in it's final freaking season and that nbc will no longer have her chained to the east coast after this year

  • James Perez
    James Perez 2 years ago +3

    I just watched this episode yesterday, and didn't understand when Matt talked about something like this happening before...now...now I understand his words

  • Henkka
    Henkka 3 years ago +76

    This is so cool, shame I couldn't be there in person.

  • OG BLERD P Triple OG
    OG BLERD P Triple OG 2 years ago +4

    This gave me chills and I’m a new fan!!!!! I couldn’t have been part of the cast during this! I’d have been in tears from the sheer energy in the room!

  • Dueling Charisma
    Dueling Charisma Month ago +3

    I know I’m late to this, but this was EASILY my FAVORITE video I’ve watched this year.
    The way the fans got hyped and everyone was reciting it in-tune to the intro and cheering joyfully with each pause between verses was just so wholesome man.

  • trodat07
    trodat07 3 years ago +11

    So that’s why Matt was in awe after the intro. They didn’t show this in the full video.

  • hisancer97
    hisancer97 3 years ago +179

    That is just like the Pokemon theme song everyone knows it

    • Luna4865
      Luna4865 Year ago

      Lol yeah

    • YouTube Logic
      YouTube Logic 3 years ago +5

      Except this time everyone keep singing through the second half

  • Safety Hazard
    Safety Hazard Year ago +3

    I'm impressed on the final "your turn" how they all somehow evened out the echo(?)

  • Traxathon
    Traxathon 2 years ago +2

    I love Taliesin "conducting" everybody at the begining. Like he realizes what's happening right away and without missing a beat he just jumps into it.

  • Lost Ones soul
    Lost Ones soul 3 years ago +5

    Omg it's like a giant war chant that's super nerdy and I love it!

  • BenjikoHoss
    BenjikoHoss 2 years ago +3

    Over one year later, and this video still brings strong emotions. There's just something about these moments that's so damn magical

  • FoulCore
    FoulCore 3 years ago +2

    What I love the most, are the chills that every gets from watching this. Understanding that these folks (and many more) have brought much inspiration to the table top gaming community, and beyond. I started playing because of Critical role, attended Gencon for 3 years now and I just love the community, Role Critical Critical Role!!!

  • Jenő Vodli
    Jenő Vodli 2 years ago +3

    I listened this a dozens of time and still chilling! Must be an awesome feeling for the guys!

  • Andrea Berlin-Fish
    Andrea Berlin-Fish 3 years ago +8

    I told my girlfriend as we were watching the stream at home "I bet that whole place is singing the theme song right now" and when it cut back we could tell just based on Matt's reaction that it was true, so cool to see a video of it!!

  • Lymmitless
    Lymmitless 8 months ago +2

    This was wild as someone in this audience. Feels so long ago but I still remember the moment I picked the second note on the 3-part harmony and the feeling when I realized we were really going for an actual chord. 😭👌🏻

  • Steven Bresnahan
    Steven Bresnahan 5 months ago +2

    This makes ME feel happy, i can pnly imagine how the Critical Role group feels 😂

  • Placebo
    Placebo 2 years ago +3

    The Empire kid high-five when everyone starts singing gives me life.

  • ItsDraby
    ItsDraby 3 years ago +56

    This is the most beautiful thing I have seen in quite some time.

  • 20cali09
    20cali09 3 years ago +7

    that made me tear up, cause that's literally me (singing along) everytime I watch

  • ScorchHellfire
    ScorchHellfire 2 years ago +3

    This pretty much perfectly encapsulates why I love the live show episodes and one-shots so much. xD