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My biggest f’ up

  • Published on Jan 15, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Full video: • Giant Round Epoxy...
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  • hillsidebliss
    hillsidebliss 2 months ago +79434

    Someone educate me. How does this happen? can you predict and prevent this issue? beautiful nonetheless

    • Matt Lawton
      Matt Lawton 20 days ago

      @Blacktail Studio Uncut arr no what a shame that's a real nice pice

    • Florida Man
      Florida Man Month ago

      ​@Blacktail Studio Uncut why not just use it anyway?

    • Mimi of 10
      Mimi of 10 2 months ago

      I would used for entry table with a big jar full of fake flowers 💐 just to show off!! Is a beautiful piece!!

    • AtotehZ
      AtotehZ 2 months ago

      ​@Ron Joosse I've no idea if he could, but if he does it might strain their relationship. The provider might think this was preventable and be less keen on selling again.

    • CHALK772
      CHALK772 2 months ago

      ​@Blacktail Studio Uncuthow much profit will that table fetch?? Give me a range

  • Muhammad Abdul Aziz
    Muhammad Abdul Aziz 2 months ago +55792

    really admire he didn’t sell it after finding moisture. could’ve easily gotten away w it but chose to be a decent person instead 👍

    • Sam Sen
      Sam Sen 4 days ago

      This is where an original American product differs from one of the Chines!

    • Coby Valenzuela
      Coby Valenzuela 21 day ago

      What’s wrong with trapped moisture?

    • Itzrowz
      Itzrowz 23 days ago


    • Furious Goose
      Furious Goose 24 days ago


  • Hama Rebwar
    Hama Rebwar Month ago +1051

    A man of dignity and values.

    • Oliver YT
      Oliver YT 2 hours ago

      ​@Druggy Doggo Tell me that you're vegan... if not - tell me that you're joking.

    • Druggy Doggo
      Druggy Doggo 9 hours ago

      I wish I could say the same about that poor tree that lived 1000s of years just to be turned into a table

    • thunderstar254
      thunderstar254 11 hours ago +1

      @Subordhana Das Who is gonna know?? Think about what you just asked... 🤦🤦🤦

    • Subordhana Das
      Subordhana Das 8 days ago

      ​@TAO TOLOGY Bro could have just sell it like who is gonna know but he didn't

      TAO TOLOGY 8 days ago

      What 'values' here, specifically?

  • Juicy Smoye
    Juicy Smoye 8 days ago +223

    That is the life of a perfectionist, he won't place his name on a flawed product.

    • thunderstar254
      thunderstar254 11 hours ago

      *That is the life of a business owner who doesn't wish to self-destruct his entire hard-built brand 🤦

    • StarvingHub 1
      StarvingHub 1 5 days ago +2

      Honestly this should be the standard

  • Boogey Ratt
    Boogey Ratt 10 days ago +100

    Honestly, I feel like this SHOULD be a wall piece like any other piece of art. Forget using it as a table where kids, family, friends, etc. will be dinging it and scratching it.

    • IL98
      IL98 6 days ago +1

      It’s the kids and extended family. They ruin a lot of nice things.

    J-PITTS 17 days ago +37

    Awe manmmm,😫😫😫 it looked really good. Your honesty is worth more💪

  • Maj A,sab
    Maj A,sab 2 months ago +3576

    A businessman with a conscience, I salute you

    • Randie Lockett
      Randie Lockett 15 days ago

      There was more business men like that. Karma will be on your side. It's such a beautiful piece of furniture I love it. Keep up the amazing work. It is amazing 🤩

    • sealios🦭
      sealios🦭 16 days ago

      ​@Kevin D. Idk man but I don't think a Short will paying back 1200 bucks

    • Hi
      Hi Month ago +1

      @Kevin D. Pretty sure he would've profited more from the table than a youtube video lol

    • Kevin D.
      Kevin D. Month ago

      This conveniently happened on purpose.

  • J
    J 8 days ago +9

    It looks even more gorgeous as a wall piece. Just stunning!

  • Positive Investment
    Positive Investment Month ago +18

    Great work. Turn that beautiful wall piece into a clock.

  • L Berry
    L Berry Month ago +5031

    Turn it into a wall clock bro. Its beautiful!

    • UnknwnX
      UnknwnX 5 days ago

      That’s genius lbvs

    • Owen Leal
      Owen Leal 5 days ago

      ​@Chin Chuck because it would lose structural integrity and break.

    • Andrew Kennedy
      Andrew Kennedy 8 days ago

      @Fuh qew eh, rich people need stuff to spend their money on. This would totally count as a luxury money sink.

    • Fuh qew
      Fuh qew 8 days ago

      $2000 clock 😂

    • Jerome Kukies
      Jerome Kukies 9 days ago +1

      Agreed 101%

  • Jordan Blenkinsop
    Jordan Blenkinsop 18 hours ago

    I have so much respect for carpenters. I get so frustrated working with wood lol

  • David Gleeson
    David Gleeson 11 days ago +3

    Always perform a moisture test on anything you plan on applying epoxy, too.

  • MCEdziits
    MCEdziits 2 months ago +4207

    Probably that's why it's called wall nut

  • Graham Melomey
    Graham Melomey Day ago

    that's the same feeling you get after a successful accounting work performed and then you total the columns up then you realize your balance sheet does balance. 😪
    only legends will understand.

  • rakkatytam
    rakkatytam 6 days ago

    Fuck, I'm working on a piece of art right now and this gives me anxiety. Sometimes things just go horribly wrong :/

  • Alex Kaupuzch
    Alex Kaupuzch Month ago +3271

    Oh my god that's the master of the highest category, he finds the flaw and casts out his own masterpiece. God bless your hands.

    • Fuad Nebir
      Fuad Nebir Month ago

      Yeah right ! He definitely sold it afterwards.

    • Eric Moberg
      Eric Moberg Month ago

      ​@user-fu7rz5xg7y that's like asking why some people don't have common sense. Same goes with honesty.

    • im gauge
      im gauge Month ago +1

      @Lord Lyka true lol

    • Speedj2
      Speedj2 Month ago

      @Jay Kay yep, just like god, he finds our flaws and immediately casts us out.

    • Lord Lyka
      Lord Lyka Month ago +1

      Ngl this sounds like something the bible says about god and lucifer lmao

  • Plum/Dan
    Plum/Dan 25 days ago +2

    Oh man!!! That is the worst feeling. A shared pain.

  • Rochelle
    Rochelle 25 days ago +1

    Seriously man I know the struggle sorry you had to give up all that work and time you put in it looked great!

  • Swjdna Nsjdjs
    Swjdna Nsjdjs 2 months ago +1475

    Honourable man on top of not letting it stop him from finding another use for it. Kudos

    • Antti Kärkkäinen
      Antti Kärkkäinen Month ago +2

      @Swag Created most people would probably just sell it anyway

    • Swag Created
      Swag Created 2 months ago +3

      so much people would just drop it right there, but when you actually put the work into it you better have a second choice lol

  • Daniel Ordonez
    Daniel Ordonez 25 days ago +19

    THAT'S GOTTA SUCK. It's an absolute shame that this beautiful piece ended up being unusable

  • Michael Angel - Facebook/Michael.Angel.1048

    Even though it saddens me that happened, it's good to know he had the integrity to make that decision.

  • Chaz Ellison
    Chaz Ellison Month ago +1862

    Honestly I think it’s an incredible wall piece. Having it up like that really lets you admire every detail.

    • ricky
      ricky Month ago


    • Charu Rao
      Charu Rao Month ago +2

      Agree!!!! It's more valuable I think

  • Arun Pasrija
    Arun Pasrija 2 days ago

    But it's really looking beautiful! Your hard work has come out great!

  • WoodFenceExpert.com __

    A very awesome and beautiful wall piece!

  • Sky Lark
    Sky Lark Month ago +1010

    I would have bought it at a discount and let it live out its life as a table, then turn it into a wall piece. I'm not hard to please. This was fkn beautiful

    • Corbin Salisbury
      Corbin Salisbury 23 days ago +1

      @Dj Canda usually a kiln is used. Air drying with fans and heaters. I assume torching it would burn the outer layer before being able to draw moisture out of the inner layers

    • Dj Canda
      Dj Canda 26 days ago

      @Corbin Salisburyhow does one remove the moisture before putting the epoxy? Just blowtorch it? He previously said in a comment that woodworkers usually double check for pockets of moisture so how do they remove them?

    • John Doe
      John Doe Month ago

      Facts right here!

    • Keyshon Shade
      Keyshon Shade Month ago +1

      Same bro I gotta get in touch with this guy for a table

    • Corbin Salisbury
      Corbin Salisbury Month ago +4

      @Wet Stoffels moisture in the piece can cause the wood to change shape underneath the sealant, causing gaps underneath the surface that would make the piece look like it’s falling apart

  • theodore carbajal

    I think you would of been fine man, sometimes we think about stuff to much and overall its doesn't really matter, I think it would of been great table but looks like a nice wall piece for sure

  • Nikola Mácová
    Nikola Mácová 5 days ago

    I am crying oml this is what I want in my house when I grow up it is so beautiful 😢

  • Ann India
    Ann India 2 months ago +1997

    This piece is still a striking art work. I wouldn't consider it as "less than" , but rather a unique work that wasn't meant to be a table. Gorgeous.

    • Clark Potter
      Clark Potter 2 months ago +1

      He literally tried to make a table out of it.

    • Sebastian Cavanaugh
      Sebastian Cavanaugh 2 months ago +3

      It literally was meant to be a table

    • Jack Carroll
      Jack Carroll 2 months ago +2

      @Cool Logic except for the fact that because of the moisture in it, it will crack and begin to fall apart in a few months.

    • Cool Logic
      Cool Logic 2 months ago +5

      I’m sure he could sell it as an art piece and make well over what he paid for it.

    • Oveja
      Oveja 2 months ago +11

      A unique 1200$ hole in his pocket 😂

  • augenmaugen
    augenmaugen 4 days ago

    This is the first Clip-Share short I’ve ever seen where someone is actually trying to make sense of what’s going on. And usually, shorts make zero sense and are missing irreparable amounts of context (and not just because they’re short). So thanks for showing that it’s not unreasonable to want context.

  • TerminalVerbosity
    TerminalVerbosity 20 days ago +1

    Honestly... thats a truly gorgeous wall mount.
    The table was perfection. I don't know how you could bear to part with something like that.

  • Clayford Eaton
    Clayford Eaton 2 months ago +1864

    That is so gorgeous bro you should make a clock out of it dude!!!!! That black with gold numbers would just make a show piece!!!

  • Yarwin
    Yarwin 19 days ago +2

    That's the most beautiful table I've ever seen

  • Armenius Sun
    Armenius Sun Day ago

    Since the wood is cured would you be able to strip some epoxy off the underside and let it slowly dry then epoxy it again? Just curious

  • JESSEverything
    JESSEverything 2 months ago +1437

    Me looking at my Ikea table that wobbles when I breathe in the same room like "that looks like one sturdy ass table he made."

    • Trevor Hawkins
      Trevor Hawkins Month ago +2

      ​@_Wayward_ don't have to scam people. Could be upfront about the defect and take offers or sell at a heavily discounted price, to reflect how long it could last with the moisture content.

    • Keepit100
      Keepit100 2 months ago


    • _Wayward_
      _Wayward_ 2 months ago +1

      ​@Mike Byars it's called holding yourself to a high standard. Sure he could've just sold it to some random but he takes pride in his work. You literally just encouraged him to scam people

    • hotnikles11
      hotnikles11 2 months ago +3

      Just stick a match book under the leg of that IKEA table. #protip

    • H L
      H L 2 months ago +3

      Your comment is hilarious 😂 me looking at my sad table and thinking I'll take your wall hanging table any day. 😆

  • Nutt ark
    Nutt ark 5 days ago

    That's so cool, it really looks like the one from that targeryan castle.

  • busaj383
    busaj383 16 days ago +19

    Heck yeah I'd take a sweet looking trapped moisture table any day 🙌 I'll most likely be dead before I notice a difference to it 👍

  • Shanise Jones
    Shanise Jones 2 months ago +793

    The raw edge was so beautiful 😭

    • Nessie
      Nessie Month ago +12

      the table being ruined was karma for getting rid of the raw edge 😂

    • Eden PK
      Eden PK 2 months ago +9

      came here to say this

  • LaSangeDeLaMer
    LaSangeDeLaMer Month ago +1

    I love your videos. I also am jealous of your shop. Your attention to detail and patience are just wonderful to watch throughout the process

  • ValiantsFelines McCarty

    So sorry it is a gorgeous piece. Couldn't wait to see what you would do I guess we all get caught once in awhile on a project.

  • Gregory Boehm
    Gregory Boehm Month ago +325

    That base for it really set it off. The 2 pieces put together is killer.

    • Smile
      Smile Month ago +9

      The base ruined it for me

    • K Dub
      K Dub Month ago +9

      ​@Mr. RockeL base did Nuthing for me

    • Leesa J
      Leesa J Month ago +17

      @Mr. RockeL I agree, each piece is stunning on its own but together it's too busy

    • Mr. RockeL
      Mr. RockeL Month ago +21

      I found it quite the opposite. The base and table as individual pieces look amazing.

  • Survival Doggy
    Survival Doggy 12 days ago +1

    I'm new to the resin game, so I'm wondering why moisture isn't tested before the pour?
    Thanks for all the great videos, you will hopefully save me many mistakes!

  • Ashlynn Neumann
    Ashlynn Neumann 25 days ago

    How do you go about drying your wood slabs before starting a project? Also, what brand is that tool that you used? My apologies for all the questions. I’m new to woodworking

  • HexRuin
    HexRuin 2 months ago +811

    I know it didn't turn out the way you thought, but this is absolutely art. Just drop dead gorgeous.

    • Harrison Gray
      Harrison Gray 2 months ago

      It’s bloody beautiful.

    • Josh Bascii
      Josh Bascii 2 months ago +2

      Could you just sand off the bottom epoxy and let it air dry on the back?

  • Austin Kelter
    Austin Kelter Month ago +3

    Beautiful work. Sucks about the trapped moisture but your integrity earned you another subscriber.

  • Brenda Tajik
    Brenda Tajik Month ago +2

    _It makes an awesome wall hanging!_ 🥰 *I'd prefer that to a table.*

  • Christopher Strong
    Christopher Strong 2 months ago +804

    Even as a wall piece, ITS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS

    • Lance NetWorkV
      Lance NetWorkV 2 months ago

      Some weathered copper, i think, would be a nice thing to use to turn the wall hanger into a huge clock.

    • Tucker
      Tucker 2 months ago +13

      Honestly idk why he didn’t sell it as a decoration, shit looks gorgeous and I wouldn’t wanna ruin it by eating on it.

    • Mick Savage
      Mick Savage 2 months ago +4

      I 100% agree. That’s a beautiful piece.

  • Harmony Noel
    Harmony Noel 26 days ago

    Would you be able to drill some small breather holes so it can dry? Would it still crack and warp? Thank you for answering our questions!

  • AmyX
    AmyX 2 days ago

    Could you sand the sealant off the bottom, let it dry, then reseal and epoxy fill gaps and stuff as needed? Or would the top surface be wrecked?

  • Heather Estes
    Heather Estes 2 months ago +824

    Oh my! It's the prettiest one I've seen you do! I can't imagine how disappointed you must have been.

  • tyler merrill
    tyler merrill 21 day ago

    So beautiful. Even if it didn’t turn out how you wanted, this is gorgeous, I am sorry it didn’t end up the way you imagined in your head though

  • Russell Davis
    Russell Davis Month ago

    Still looks super cool. Great job. Not the result you wanted but not everything is expectedly cool. Sometimes cool just happens

  • Sheila
    Sheila 2 months ago +951

    Damn that's the best-looking wall piece I've seen in awhile

  • Jake Tieri
    Jake Tieri Month ago

    I feel blessed every time this shows up in my feed

  • David Wiseman jr
    David Wiseman jr Month ago +1

    What a beautiful wall piece!!!!!

  • n dee
    n dee 2 months ago +810

    Man, the slab just in its original form was gorgeous

    • Turtlesrprettycool
      Turtlesrprettycool 2 months ago

      @RodJeez counterpoint: opinions

    • RodJeez
      RodJeez 2 months ago

      @Turtlesrprettycool just because someone speaks confidently using technical terms does not mean they know beauty

    • Doug Crabtree
      Doug Crabtree 2 months ago +2

      @Daniel Flanard I hate how it's just the norm to fill any carpentry project with epoxy, especially turquoise blue, it's done to death and bad taste.

    • Turtlesrprettycool
      Turtlesrprettycool 2 months ago

      @J D exactly they can’t just like.. sell a table that’s dead wood so it’ll crumble apart, plus the moisture which is another component to make it worsen over time. I get it looks nice but it just doesn’t work

  • Weldon
    Weldon 7 days ago

    “The slab was completely unusable.”

  • AntJamNow
    AntJamNow Month ago

    Trees, man. Even their second life dies sometimes. That's a tough loss, though.

  • Fast eddie P
    Fast eddie P 2 months ago +437

    I love the fact you stood behind your work cause you could've sold it anyway. But realistically I think you liked so much that you had to keep it 😂 really a beautiful piece

  • Nicole Laliberte
    Nicole Laliberte 23 days ago

    I think this turned out AMAZING and would LOVE for this to my wall piece 😊

  • Shotty Shoshco
    Shotty Shoshco 26 days ago

    New subscriber here! I started a firewood hustle last year and it is going great. I get big wood from tree services. I have some black walnut and maple burls. I have no idea how much they are worth. However, I think someone could make something amazing with them. If I can not find someone interested in them I will make firewood out of them.

  • Freddie’s Overbite
    Freddie’s Overbite 2 months ago +540

    Man, I’d take my chances with the trapped moisture. That piece is freakin gorgeous.

    • noel o'gara
      noel o'gara Month ago +1

      How could you know there was dampness under the resin? Turn it over and allow it to dry off.

    • Mushroom Hatters Blog
      Mushroom Hatters Blog 2 months ago +1

      ya .. if its sealed who cares

    • Qadir Omaid
      Qadir Omaid 2 months ago +3

      Yea not for 5 grand lol

    • Urban Jentry
      Urban Jentry 2 months ago +23

      @Mr. Marquezlet it warp then plane it smooth job done ✅

    • GC C
      GC C 2 months ago +12

      I'm wondering if they can't add extra support at the bottom to reduce the warping. And maybe just use it for personal use.

  • etainafuzz
    etainafuzz Month ago

    OMG...that truly sucks! All that work! That would have been such a killer table. It was amazing and even if it's only for a little while it certainly is a magnificent art piece.

  • Project PTKC
    Project PTKC 16 days ago +1

    If this was my project I would drill the moisture out, replace the gap with a corresponding replacement and make it nicer. Good luck.

  • jaxon martin
    jaxon martin 2 months ago +410

    In my opinion one of the best looking tables you have done.

    • Nasanieru Day
      Nasanieru Day 2 months ago +1

      Facts. I'd buy it even with the trapped moisture. If only just for decor.

    • Catherine Grace
      Catherine Grace 2 months ago +5

      Stunning - the base is perfect

  • Kyle Tracey
    Kyle Tracey 12 days ago

    Omg thats a amazing wall hanger. Sick job bud ! Love it

  • abc123
    abc123 11 hours ago

    I had a custom inlay chess game table made 30 years ago and it was crafted in the rocky mountains at a high altitude. When I brought the chess table home to near sea level, it took about 5 weeks and I heard a loud pop. I looked around for an hour or so and then I finally realized that my chess table had cracked in half from the moisture and the different pressure at sea level. I didn't know that this could occur, but I researched it and got educated on the subject, and it is very real. I spent alot of money to have it built and it cracked in half do to the nature of the wood. It was a sad and expensive lesson I learned that day. I still have that chess table and I never got it repaired. I had another one made for my house but at the same altitude and it has held up for 29 years.

  • Lin Shannon
    Lin Shannon 2 months ago +650

    I remember this. It was heartbreaking, and the base was so beautiful, too.

    • BJ_SlayZ
      BJ_SlayZ 2 months ago +1

      Gorgeous work regardless!

    • Jack D
      Jack D 2 months ago +7

      The base is beautiful. It will definitely be used in the future.

  • David Madders
    David Madders 16 days ago

    can somebody please explain what the trapped moisture means in terms of its usability as a table top? thanks :-)

  • Flameraker
    Flameraker 5 days ago

    Do you get reimbursed if the piece has trapped moisture or is it your fault?

  • Ryan Morales
    Ryan Morales 2 months ago +640

    Thank you for being such a good guy and not selling it when you found the moisture. That’s incredibly honorable and right 💯🙌🏼

  • Bryan Dedon
    Bryan Dedon Month ago

    There has to be something you could do than just saying fuck it and hanging it on the wall.

  • I changed My Name
    I changed My Name Month ago +1

    What if you leave it hanging for a few months will it dry out and be useable for table ?

  • Fred Miriam
    Fred Miriam 2 months ago +245

    Are you going to make a new one for that beautiful base your friend made? It looked stunning 😍

  • t k
    t k Month ago

    make it into a clock, now its a badd ass wall clock

  • EightiesTV
    EightiesTV Month ago +1

    We all make mistakes. Handling that a hundred times without wondering why it was so heavy... well, that's a biggie.

  • UnprofessionalArtist
    UnprofessionalArtist 2 months ago +95

    The way my heart shattered when he cut off the gorgeous raw edge T-T

  • Brock Jackson
    Brock Jackson 14 days ago

    I would have still used it. Does the moisture cause something down the road?

  • Luis Sepulveda
    Luis Sepulveda 6 days ago

    That thing is nice man 👍🏾

  • Rickie Johnston
    Rickie Johnston 2 months ago +529

    I’m sorry it didn’t work out. It is a beautiful piece of wood.

    • Mrandomz
      Mrandomz 2 months ago

      What’s wrong if moisture is trapped inside

    • THE SOSC
      THE SOSC 2 months ago +2

      If my walls all looked like that I wouldn't be complaining

  • KuroHebi
    KuroHebi 27 days ago

    Defo buying a piece of epoxy/wood furniture for my future home when I can afford it.

  • Bradley Maguire
    Bradley Maguire Month ago +10

    I think I need an hour vid going on about why it can't be a table.

    • Bradley Maguire
      Bradley Maguire Month ago

      @Shannon Rickard I understand that but how could he tell after he poured resin on it. How come he didn't leave it to dry for longer as it's so big. How come he did not check it before, it's sealed in the resin is it not ok? It can be used as something else but why not a table.

    • Shannon Rickard
      Shannon Rickard Month ago

      There is moisture in the wood, and since it's sealed with epoxy, it can't escape, so eventually it will warp and crack and look funky.

  • Suzy Q
    Suzy Q Month ago +738

    So, you've got talent, skills, a business, AND integrity?
    Thanks for doing the right thing. You're a good man! I just wish there were a lot more people like you in the world. 👍 Beautiful work!

    • tsurra
      tsurra Month ago +3

      ​@Wolf Phoenix too soon, man 😭

    • Wolf Phoenix
      Wolf Phoenix Month ago +5

      Integrity haha 🤣 unlike the table

    • Suzy Q
      Suzy Q Month ago +9

      ​@Summoner's rift garbage Actually, he didn't say he was making it for himself, he just said he didn't already have a buyer. Putting that aside, I appreciated the fact that once he discovered there was trapped moisture in the table, he didn't use it as an opportunity to sell it to someone who wouldn't have known anything was wrong with it.
      Unfortunately, I'm not sure there's a lot of people out there who would have made the same decision. He's not an "Anything for a buck" kind of business man, and that's nice to see. 👍

    • Summoner's rift garbage
      Summoner's rift garbage Month ago +1

      Integrity?? He made it for himself tho, so its not really about selling it to someone

  • Hunter Frederick
    Hunter Frederick Month ago

    Bro I’d buy it and still use it as a table for a discount lol but I’d still use it that is one gorgeous piece keep up the good work man

  • Tee's 2 Cents
    Tee's 2 Cents Month ago

    Will you be posting a video of the full build?

  • Kopil Kaiser
    Kopil Kaiser Month ago +328

    Absolutely gorgeous. I enjoyed the whole process of the build from start to finish.

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer Month ago

    Still beautiful, could definitely be considered a form of nature/wood art

  • @rafael
    @rafael Month ago

    If you waited out a little bit (6 months or so) to build the piece, would you prevent it from happening?

  • Katt Hasklaws
    Katt Hasklaws 2 months ago +105

    Absolutely stunning. Pity about the moisture. It's a definite statement piece for a wall. ❤️

  • wHAtS uP fUcKeRs •
    wHAtS uP fUcKeRs • 13 days ago

    I would still buy that and use it as a table it’s gorgeous

  • Souvik Roy
    Souvik Roy 8 hours ago

    what instrument did you use to detect moisture?

  • kckelsey
    kckelsey 2 months ago +237

    I owned an art gallery for a lot of years and I would have shown it as a table or a wall piece. Really beautiful work

  • Julian Hernandez
    Julian Hernandez Month ago +1

    Wish I had access to equipment like that. I can do some cool stuff w just chisels and hammer. But w that stuff, omg that would be great. Even w the moisture that is amazing.

  • Deathcraze
    Deathcraze 21 day ago

    are you able to check for trapped moisture even before doing all those steps you did? or unable to until it is complete..

  • Tkf 1313
    Tkf 1313 2 months ago +56

    There isn't enough wood wall art in the world, it's beautiful!

  • Shannon Rickard
    Shannon Rickard Month ago

    Curious, if something like this happens, can you get your money back for it, since it was supposed to be dry when you bought it? Or is it sold as-is basically? Could you strip the epoxy and allow it to dry out? It is beautiful as an art piece, but it's such a shame it couldn't be used as you intended

  • RED The Wifey Hunter
    RED The Wifey Hunter 13 days ago

    That's still beautiful even if it isn't a table.

  • Melissa Castle
    Melissa Castle 2 months ago +355

    That’s gorgeous as an art piece. The custom base was on point. Can you get another one to complete the table?

    • NekoChan
      NekoChan 2 months ago +2

      The top would look totally different but yes the base can find a new top

  • Caesar Ellish
    Caesar Ellish 20 days ago

    How cheap are you able to source a gallon of epoxy for on average? Say your deep pour epoxy for example? Thanks for sharing your content btw!

  • lucinda gatesman
    lucinda gatesman Month ago +87

    i think it's even better as a wall piece. it's gorgeous and will make someone happy

    • Olter
      Olter Month ago

      But you cant put cups on it

  • Leslie S.
    Leslie S. Month ago +1

    So . . . was the trapped moisture from the wood? (It's very beautiful. ♥️🌻♥️)