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Apple iPhone 5s Review!

  • Published on Oct 10, 2013 veröffentlicht
  • iPhone 5s Review - Apple's flagship from a Googler's perspective!
    iPhone 5s (Unlocked): amzn.to/18WmBSk
    iPhone 5s Camera Photos: imgur.com/a/MmMw6
    Video Gear I use: amzn.com/lm/R3B571T7PT4PWM
    Intro Track: ASDF Movie Song
    Outro Track: "Channel 41" by Deadmau5
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  • One Big Hap
    One Big Hap 2 years ago +16525

    The quality of video production still look decent in 2020

  • dprsdthrpist
    dprsdthrpist 3 days ago +3

    I think the quality of this video alone could be enough reason to make mkbhd successful. Wow!

  • No Name
    No Name Year ago +286

    It’s crazy how a 5.7 display was considered “big” back then

    • Don john
      Don john 21 day ago +1

      @Alvarez and works too

    • Sheppard
      Sheppard Month ago +1

      @Dead Gyro Very colourful indeed

    • Dead Gyro
      Dead Gyro Month ago +7

      @Alvarez the screen probably has a good personality

    • Alvarez
      Alvarez Month ago +9

      So 5.7 inches isn't big? Well I'm screwed

    • MariusHKN
      MariusHKN 2 months ago +3

      You can feel it big even today because the 16:9 aspect ratio

  • Kelpup
    Kelpup 2 months ago +234

    Honestly the fact that technology has come this far in just 8 years is astounding

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan 19 days ago

      I'd say innovation for regular smartphones have slowed down these last 2 years. The actual innovation is happening with foldables. And no Apple is still putting effort into making their phones. I mean Apple silicon is still generations ahead of competition in terms of performance and efficiency. I prefer Android, but Apple supporting their phones for 7 years is very commendable

    • Kelpup
      Kelpup 29 days ago

      @TOMÁS MARTÍNEZ most of these people are writing your comment off as simply hating Apple but I see why you are saying that the innovation has been poor. I do think however that even with limited architectural changes to the iPhone that there has been constant innovation in relation to technological advancement as well as making it affordable for Apple to sell in the quantity it does. In the past 8 years we got AirPods, OLED displays at 120hz, fully touch display (no home button), huge improvements to battery life, 5G connectivity, and a straight up better experience with our phones. For less than a decade that’s a lot of improvement, especially if you think about how for seemingly thousands of years there was very little in the way of technological improvement then 8 years is really impressive.

    • Johannes ZiAether
      Johannes ZiAether Month ago

      What else are you expecting from a phone?
      Cars have improved a lot in the last century but they're still cars.
      Their essence doesn't need to change for their evolution to be impressive.

    • Maurice motors
      Maurice motors Month ago

      @TOMÁS MARTÍNEZ You sound stupid as hell how is 5s and the new 14 pro max similar?

    • Strutting_strat
      Strutting_strat Month ago +3

      Not that impressive imo. Basically phones have just gotten bigger (better screens, battery) and better cameras. The jump to the 6 was cool (thin), then to the 10, design wise, but that's mostly it.

  • Med
    Med 22 hours ago

    i just got this in my recommended marques definetely had a glowup

  • Behdad Keynejad
    Behdad Keynejad 2 years ago +4353

    All jokes aside, this shows how good MKBHD was even 7 years ago. He truly deserves the success.

  • pelin kahraman
    pelin kahraman Day ago

    I dropped it several times and still using it in 2022. best camera best phone ever baby

  • S A W Gang
    S A W Gang 9 days ago +6

    My only question is:
    Why youtube suggested this masterpiece after 9 years 🤔

  • Eddie M.
    Eddie M. 27 days ago +12

    It's incredible that Marques had the foresight to do B-roll, proper lighting, write a script, and so on. really just leagues above his contemporaries and still optimizing his content in the future, now, by doing things like 18:9 videos. gem of a video

  • Martin G
    Martin G 16 hours ago +1

    omg this video just popup for me in 2022. Eveything seems old in the first minute! the monitors, Google, Clip-Share, Google + app and of course the iphone 5s!! ^^

  • Kirin Skawngur
    Kirin Skawngur 3 years ago +17002

    *Iphone 11 came out*
    Clip-Share recommendation : you can't afford it. Here's the review of iPhone 5S.
    Update : I still can't afford iPhone 12


    Still relevant quality video in 2023 ❤️

  • niq
    niq Month ago +21

    It’s so mind blowing watching this review. Even tho he didn’t have a crazy studio the review was still super informational

  • weston allen
    weston allen 17 days ago +3

    9 years later and he’s still making great reviews

  • Grecia Caro
    Grecia Caro Year ago +3

    Something I am realizing is that iphones may not be very customizable with the way the software looks.However the company is very good at keeping their phones easy to customize with cases and accessories. I think Iphone has the most options of cases in the market just from a consumers point of view... Ive owned the iphone 6 and 7 and that's it. So since then I've been noticing how little options I have to dress my phone in. I appreciate the slick and relaxing look of the minimalistic style the iphone has, but I like to switch it up :)

  • The Racing Monkey
    The Racing Monkey 3 years ago +6466

    I‘m watching this on my iPhone 5S... maybe it’s time to upgrade

    • Tatacraft
      Tatacraft Year ago

      @Mr. M now try and explain why until the iPhone 11 the refresh rate was 60 and there was no night mode

    • Tatacraft
      Tatacraft Year ago

      @Colby Sproul same

    • Tatacraft
      Tatacraft Year ago

      @topgeartim du no as well

    • Tatacraft
      Tatacraft Year ago

      @Photonic best reply ever

    • Tatacraft
      Tatacraft Year ago

      What? The racing monkey? What? What are you doing here didnt know you liked tech (kinda does make sense tho fh3 dev build is kinda programing)

  • psiFellow
    psiFellow 3 days ago +1

    How I miss 4 inch phones

  • Omsk8 | Memes and tech

    Watching on an iPhone 5s

  • Ndu Mwenya
    Ndu Mwenya 2 months ago +2

    Watching this in 2022 makes me apppreciate MKBHD even more. Thank you for taking us with you on this journey

  • Ralph Panganiban
    Ralph Panganiban 10 months ago +3

    I remember getting my first ever touchscreen phone being the iphone 5s in 2018 and I was so hyped even though it was basically obsolete with the release of iphone 10. Now im older and has a job, I can afford the iphone 13, its hard to comprehend how apple has improved in technology through the years, especially with these crazy fast processors like the M1 and A lineups.

  • MisterJo.
    MisterJo. Year ago +1402

    "The 5.7 inch display seems a bit extreme" How the times have changed

    • smau
      smau Day ago +1

      My ip12 mini is 5.4 inches

    • Nonukez
      Nonukez 2 days ago

      @Andrew Ilchenko Thank you, my god, based on some of the other comments you would think these people have serious memory loss or something.
      iPhone 8 Plus has a 5.5 inch screen vs the 14 Pro Max at 6.7 inch, yet physically they’re almost the exact same height and exactly the same width.

    • Colt45
      Colt45 9 days ago

      I would kill for this size to be standard again

    • ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ
      ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ 14 days ago

      It was a different aspect ratio. Those phones were WIDE... 5.7 inch display today is very tall but slim, very nice to hold.

    • Pye Ltd.
      Pye Ltd. 16 days ago

      But the previous iPhone that came out a year before in 2012 already had that screen size so idk why he was going on about it on the 5S

  • Fabmatthew
    Fabmatthew 12 days ago +3

    Nine years later this video is still actually pretty good

  • Nier
    Nier 15 days ago +4

    Planning to buy the iPhone 5s thanks for the awesome review.

    ZOHAL Month ago +3

    Still fun to watch this from 9 years ago! ❤

  • Brothers Gaming Xtreme

    Still the best phone, and still the best videos!
    Nothing has changed!❤️

  • Ashwin Kundeti
    Ashwin Kundeti 2 years ago +3752

    Funny how he sounds the exact same but looks a little different

  • TastyGuava
    TastyGuava 10 months ago +1

    I forgot 5.7" displays were actually big compared to other phones at one point. 6.7" genuinely feels small to me

  • Jimmy Fitsimmons
    Jimmy Fitsimmons 28 days ago +4

    9 years later and still gets into my recommendations

  • Tyler Peterson
    Tyler Peterson Month ago

    Thank you for this review, been debating on getting this phone and I think I will! All my friends should be pretty jealous!

  • Mahbubur Rahman Shawon

    Getting this recommendation after 9 years😮

  • Eldred D’souza
    Eldred D’souza 2 years ago +1974

    I’m surprised at how similar Marques sounds even today, six years later.

    • ess
      ess 2 years ago


    • Akshay Pundir
      Akshay Pundir 2 years ago +1

      Almost like he's the same person 🤔

    • noob168
      noob168 2 years ago +2

      It's almost like its the same person

    • Yes No
      Yes No 2 years ago +4

      It’s strange, it’s almost like he’s the same person 🙄

    • mdrz
      mdrz 2 years ago

      His video style too

  • Esat'ın Maceraları

    Damn nostalgic! The times we started getting good phones, the times i was into smartphones!

  • Snorlax_5
    Snorlax_5 2 months ago +2

    Just seen this after the iphone 14 review. The quality is amazing

  • Maiahi
    Maiahi 24 days ago +1

    Just ridiculously better than other tech review channels from these days.

  • Sid
    Sid Year ago +3

    It's 2021, the iphone 13 just came out, and I'm in 😍 with the 5s

  • pendleton123
    pendleton123 Year ago +5021

    Yoooo, this video was made in 2014 and has better production than most videos in 2021. Dude earned his success

  • Malmö Motion Pictures

    Kind of interesting to look back and compare the video production then - with 2021. The formula worked! 👍✨

  • Николай Цион

    It's nice to see how fast the quality of phone cameras is growing. iPhone's photos look bad by today's standards

  • Christopher Dudeson
    Christopher Dudeson Month ago +26

    Who else randomly got this in their recommendations in 8 years later ?

  • cyd
    cyd 2 months ago +1

    This phone got its last software update on AUGUST 31, 2022. That's updates over NINE YEARS after the phone's release, nearly SEVEN years after nearly all 2013 phones lost software support. Sure, this phone may have just been B-tier according to this video. But in retrospect, this phone was revolutionary. Touch ID. The first 64-bit chip. The most refined small design. The brand-new software.

  • StrawLime
    StrawLime Year ago +996

    Finally, I can afford this now that the 13 came out.

    • Shugg Filmz And Studio
      Shugg Filmz And Studio Month ago

      @Logan well I don’t count iPhone SE. who buys an SE anyways. That’s dumb investment.

    • Logan
      Logan Month ago

      @Shugg Filmz And Studio anything less than $500??
      **laughs in iPhone SE**

    • Shugg Filmz And Studio
      Shugg Filmz And Studio 2 months ago +1

      @exaggerated swagger Apple classified themselves as Luxury brand making a phone less than $500 will defeat the purpose. In case you don’t know iPhones are a luxury in other countries outside the US, whether you like it or not. There are countries where someone’s full month income won’t even afford an iPhone.

    • Humann’t
      Humann’t 6 months ago

      @Star it was a joke the xr is very good (apart from the screen)

    • Star
      Star 6 months ago

      @Humann’t huh i dont take photos so I don’t really need another phone

  • Gurinder Singh
    Gurinder Singh 2 months ago +4

    The quality of this video shows that if you are good at what you do there's nobody who can stop your progress!!

  • James
    James Month ago

    Moto x was my first smart phone, it was actually so kick ass for a budget phone. Moto was really killing it

  • Jose Suarez
    Jose Suarez Year ago +9

    It’s beautiful to see how far he’s come.
    It just shows that preserving can pay off.

  • Ahmed Elkholy
    Ahmed Elkholy Month ago

    8 Whole Years... WOW!
    I mean pretty much everything changed in these 8 years but the love and enthusiasm for tech is the only constant..
    Keep it up bro, you're nailing it

  • deepak john
    deepak john 2 years ago +1232

    iPhone 12 came out.
    Clip-Share recommendation:- Hey look, the new iPhone is just a copy of iPhone 5s.

    • Kim Neeper Rasmussen
      Kim Neeper Rasmussen 2 years ago

      They're a Google company after all lol

    • GAN0R0
      GAN0R0 2 years ago +1

      @Pixel rounded edges are the worst imo, no grip, glad a lot of people agree

    • ? WhiteRose
      ? WhiteRose 2 years ago

      I’m talking about the iPhone 11

    • Goat
      Goat 2 years ago

      All iPhones are the same

    • Tushar Malhotra
      Tushar Malhotra 2 years ago

      But minus me opening my phone under blanket without typing passcode

  • Some Keyboard Guy
    Some Keyboard Guy 2 months ago +4

    I love that Clip-Share just randomly recommends MKBHD videos from years ago where Marques today would just look back at and cringe even though this is probably a pretty good video.

  • ɹɐɓuɐℲ
    ɹɐɓuɐℲ 2 months ago +2

    The was my first iPhone i ever got. Crazy to see how far they got now in 2022

  • Mohed Khan
    Mohed Khan Year ago +53

    This guys really talented. Hope he gets some recognition in the future

  • Quchi
    Quchi Year ago +1

    god, I remember having this phone from 2013-2018. In 2016 until broken, it spends most of it's days as my 2nd phone.

  • Ray Mak
    Ray Mak 2 years ago +5547

    This came back to my recommendations to show me how good and innovative Apple was...

    • Switch Unboxing
      Switch Unboxing Month ago

      Just as much as they are now

    • EverythingSAMSUNGpro ESP
      EverythingSAMSUNGpro ESP 2 months ago

      @Sami Sayegh i like apple very much but dont hate others i say to every android fan boy show me prove dhow me article most of them change topic by saying every company is bad LOL

    • Preston M.
      Preston M. Year ago

      same lol I was like "why is a phone from 2013 on the first part of my Clip-Share recommended?"

    • Tanush Kapoor
      Tanush Kapoor Year ago

      Key word - WAS

    • seiji-kun
      seiji-kun Year ago

      Innovative pricing you mean

  • dayson
    dayson Year ago +3

    Watching this on an iPhone 13 pro max… and Look at the 21 year old MB… he’s made huge progressions over the last 7 years. I believe he’s born in the same year as me… now looking back I’ve followed this channel for many years and he’s definitely my favourite youtuber. And all of these gives me the feeling that we’ve been growing up together …

  • Reyes Miguel Aldo Gerardo
    Reyes Miguel Aldo Gerardo 2 months ago +3

    Bro this is 8yrs ago and stills looks awesome, better quality than a lot of others channels

  • IAmHuman
    IAmHuman Month ago

    This young dude actually makes great reviews. I hope his channel blew up.

  • Ron and Lolita
    Ron and Lolita 2 months ago +2

    Gosh watching this on an iPhone 14 pro max 😅. I remember watching this ages ago, time really flies. 😢

  • Rc Mg
    Rc Mg Year ago +1498

    This young dude actually makes great reviews. I hope his channel blew up.

  • Broccoli_32
    Broccoli_32 Year ago +1

    I just realized I’ve been watching Marques for 8 years. This is the first video of his I ever watched.

  • Siddhant
    Siddhant Year ago +1

    Here after watching iPhone 13 review in Sep 2021
    Damn ,Marques has always been the best !

  • Deepankar Anand
    Deepankar Anand 2 months ago +3

    MKBHD: I've been using iPhone 5s since 9 years now, and here is what I think about it.

  • Patrick K
    Patrick K Year ago +1

    He delivers good quality content always

  • SF1NX
    SF1NX Year ago +933

    "It's a bigger than average phone for most people, it has a 5.7" display."
    Funny how times have changed.

    • Josmer Suero
      Josmer Suero Year ago

      @匚ㄖ几Ɋㄩ乇尺ㄖ尺 I have a big phone too, the S9 plus is a great big phone, anything bigger should be a tablet

    • 匚ㄖ几Ɋㄩ乇尺ㄖ尺
      匚ㄖ几Ɋㄩ乇尺ㄖ尺 Year ago +1

      @Josmer Suero tbh I love big phones. My Android is a 6.5 inch

    • Josmer Suero
      Josmer Suero Year ago +1

      @Texas Mama unbelievable right?

    • Texas Mama
      Texas Mama Year ago +1

      @Josmer Suero wait... PEOPLE HAVE BIGGER HANDS SOMETIMES??!?!? NANI!?!?!?

    • BlackSoniKH
      BlackSoniKH Year ago

      Stop furry

  • Emmanuel Omoyeni
    Emmanuel Omoyeni 2 months ago

    Watching this in 2022 and I must say, the creativity has always been there. That intro🔥!

  • Wang Ling
    Wang Ling 2 months ago +1

    In 2022, this is still a masterpiece!! Look at MKBHD man, so inspirational!

  • Alex Graves
    Alex Graves Year ago +3

    It's 2021, and I'm still using my 5S for my daily driver. 😆👍

  • razor662
    razor662 Year ago +1

    Now I can travel back in time to get the 5s brand new 👍

  • Sparky Fox
    Sparky Fox Year ago +1423

    When a 5.7 inch phone was considered a monolith, lol

    • unbeknownst
      unbeknownst 4 months ago +2

      Because back then phones all the way to 2017 used 16:9 ratio so of course it would be big, and apple still uses it in the SE models

    • Jord Abroad
      Jord Abroad 5 months ago +2

      Remember the bezels on that 5.7 inch display added a good amount of size

    • ham goes ham
      ham goes ham Year ago


    • Oliver Nicholds
      Oliver Nicholds Year ago +2

      @Texas Mama crazy eh, looking at the note 3 in this video I thought after looking up the size it would be in between the 12 pro and the pro max. I was very wrong🤣

    • Francisco TC
      Francisco TC Year ago +2

      Meanwhile humans developing bigger hands to adapt

  • Daddy421
    Daddy421 3 months ago +1

    shocking to think how far iphone has come. i remember when this was out. meanwhile i had the G2.

  • peter saavedra
    peter saavedra Year ago +1

    I loved this phone, 5 years after bought the se 2020 good stuff

  • Akshat
    Akshat Month ago

    Watching this in 2022.
    Tech was evolving.
    Huge changes were coming in with new gen devices. And damm those days.

  • Mukul Upadhyay
    Mukul Upadhyay Year ago

    That fingerprint reader was fast 🔥🔥.

  • None of Yo business
    None of Yo business 2 years ago +1050

    I can finally afford it too

  • Rebellious Goat
    Rebellious Goat Year ago +2

    I think I’m going to upgrade I really like this phone.

    SMIT SHAH Year ago

    Iphone 13 just launched... and Clip-Share recommendeds me Iphone 5s review from MKBHD... still loved it.. 😍

  • Francesco Ace
    Francesco Ace Year ago +1

    Watching this on an iPhone 13 pro is like traveling in a time machine

  • GH
    GH Month ago +12

    Just got this randomly recommended to me in 2022 and wow the quality was so good back then

  • ramune
    ramune 2 years ago +597

    ok you convinced me, I will get this phone.

    • Zalio
      Zalio 2 years ago

      @Vicente Fosco Me too 😔

    • Vicente Fosco
      Vicente Fosco 2 years ago +2

      i’m still using this phone 😭

      FUEL INJECTED 2 years ago +4

      No no that's too early for a 5s go for the iPhone 4

    • Helium
      Helium 2 years ago +1


    • siddhesh patyane
      siddhesh patyane 2 years ago +1

      u just need sell ur nails :p

  • Woozie
    Woozie Year ago

    He has always been good at reviews. Aw man 💚

  • HS
    HS Year ago +1

    Ahh! Good old times when the charging and headphones port were different.

  • Skuraba 13
    Skuraba 13 2 months ago +4

    and after exactly 8 years, youtube finaly decided to recommend me this vid.

  • VinayTeja Teja
    VinayTeja Teja 7 months ago +2

    I am watching this on an iPhone 5s. Good to know more of my phone

  • Radion
    Radion 2 years ago +287

    This phone looks nice. Should be named as iphone 12 mini or something.

    • Ateyaba
      Ateyaba Year ago


    • Ginny D
      Ginny D 2 years ago +1

      You went there lol

    • HP Vide
      HP Vide 2 years ago

      iPhone 12 mini exist already

  • jesusrp1988
    jesusrp1988 Year ago +1

    Watching that Touch ID speed 7 years later is impressive 🤨

  • The Starseeker
    The Starseeker Year ago +1

    My man’s shirt had a M sticker on it but actually was an XL.
    I remember my silver 5S, that was the first iteration where I really got super attached to my iPhone 👍🏻 I still miss that silver.
    Do not miss living through the iOS 7 beta.

  • Sana Prince Sarr
    Sana Prince Sarr Year ago

    Thanks Clip-Share recommended, I’ll definitely take this into consideration while looking at the iPhone 13’s.

  • Abhinandan Das
    Abhinandan Das Year ago

    Damn, there are really nice broll shots in this video, even compared to 2021 standards. They are less in numbers for sure, but still the same style of shots are there. Dude sure did, and still does know his stuff

  • Luí Floré
    Luí Floré 2 months ago

    Looking at this a little after the iPhone 14 launch.
    Wow this device at its peak looks so old compared to our devices now, imagine that marques magically receiving a 14 pro max!

  • Benjen
    Benjen Year ago +2

    I can't help but smile throughout the entire video...hard work pays

  • Gama
    Gama 12 days ago +7

    Should I upgrade from my 14 Pro Max?? I need help, thanks!

  • Simon
    Simon 9 months ago +1

    Imagine we time travel back to that day and bring our current iPhone Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy Note

  • Leonid N
    Leonid N 2 years ago +924

    “This is very big, it has 5.7 inch display”

    • alien
      alien 2 years ago +1

      I have a 6.7 inch display and it is basically average in today's standards

    • Panos
      Panos 2 years ago +1

      @Shashwat Guha SAME this phone is a BEAST

    • Shashwat Guha
      Shashwat Guha 2 years ago

      @Moudi Sh. really, used it for 4 5 years maybe, dropped it thousand times, never broke, just got few side dents. Used Xs Max for 6 months, dropped thrice, broke the back glass and camera glass.

    • Panos
      Panos 2 years ago

      iPhone 12 Pro Max now...
      6.7 inch display

    • Shashwat Guha
      Shashwat Guha 2 years ago +1

      6.8 inches: lemme introduce myself

  • Joshua Jacobs
    Joshua Jacobs 2 months ago

    The quality of the photographs is still pretty impressive even in 2022

  • Lucas alves da silva

    Man I wonder why this iphone's design looks so ridiculous now
    but a few years ago it felt so sleek that was my first iPhone

  • JeyVGaming
    JeyVGaming 2 months ago +1

    iPhone 5s was my first and last iPhone before switching back to Android.

  • Jake Felzien
    Jake Felzien Year ago +1

    Cracking up at how similar this is to todays videos. Same content quality, just have seriously buffed up the cinematography quality ☺️

  • Mad Pistol
    Mad Pistol 2 months ago +1

    Well... here we are, nearly 9 years later, and every phone nowadays is massive compared to an iPhone 5/s.

  • Dheer Banerjee
    Dheer Banerjee 2 months ago +1

    The fact that this is in my recommended even after like 10 years is just crazy

  • Pulseczar1
    Pulseczar1 17 days ago +2

    Funny that Clip-Share just recommended to me this 9 year old iPhone review. Fun to take a glimpse of Marques from way back.

  • Matthew Kape
    Matthew Kape Year ago

    its crazy how times can change in just 8 years

  • HongXiang
    HongXiang 2 years ago +2527

    It’s crazy that his voice never changed

  • Nathaniel Zaccagnini
    Nathaniel Zaccagnini Month ago +2

    literally looks like a video from 2022 in 2013. this man was so ahead of the game