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Hermits play Among Us for the First Time

  • Published on Oct 13, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Hermits play Among Us for the First Time. exactly what it says on the tin. We went in knowing NOTHING and this is what happened.
    Would you like to see more?

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  • Mayo Poppins
    Mayo Poppins Year ago +2814

    When you should vote for Scar, according to the Hermits:
    -When he doesn't report a body
    -When he reports a body
    -When he stands still
    -When he's moving around
    -If he's alive

    • Vertex51
      Vertex51 5 days ago

      If he's playing
      If he's a ghost
      If he's playing the game
      If he's imposter
      If he's crewmate

    • Cloudy Skies
      Cloudy Skies 9 days ago

      -if he has somthing to say

    • Notch Poodles
      Notch Poodles 2 months ago

      If: Scar is alive
      Then: vote him out
      Else: vote him into the void

    • Grace
      Grace 3 months ago +1

      -if he alive
      -if he survives
      -If he just anything

    • Pretzel Human
      Pretzel Human 3 months ago +1

      -when he exists
      -when he doesn’t

  • Adaptable
    Adaptable 2 years ago +4542

    Stress has the best tactic: Not saying a single word and laughing the entirety of the game to seem innocent.

  • jenny say quack
    jenny say quack 2 years ago +3488

    normal people: it was a double kill.
    fancy impulse: synchronised slaughter.

  • ducc
    ducc 2 years ago +3330

    Grian and etho be like:
    Grian:prepare for trouble
    Etho: and make it double

    • KwikBR
      KwikBR 24 days ago

      @a mushroom of course it has a show you crazy person

    • Neraria-san
      Neraria-san 3 months ago

      @a mushroom umm...it does

    • MJ Llama
      MJ Llama 5 months ago

      I love this comment

    • Leafsong_Warrior_Cats
      Leafsong_Warrior_Cats 5 months ago

      To denounce the evils of truth and love!
      To extend our reach to the stars above!

    • Kumo !
      Kumo ! 8 months ago

      Yep, that’s right! ;D
      *Wobbuffet! :)* (Good idea here?)

  • Glyph Master
    Glyph Master 2 years ago +4138

    You guys HAVE to do this more often, it’s so much better than people screaming at each other and arguably more fun to watch

    • imtheloml
      imtheloml 10 months ago

      @Chicken Nugget stop being rude just cause of their opinion abt a gaming video brp

    • Veo 105
      Veo 105 2 years ago

      they kinda have some screaming here and there but it's good there not that extreme

    • E Z
      E Z 2 years ago


    • Flynt Coal
      Flynt Coal 2 years ago

      idk my favorite among us moment on any channel was Schlatt's Wheat Thins fillibuster

    • TheVeryBlueSlime
      TheVeryBlueSlime 2 years ago

      true dat

  • ZeroFox75
    ZeroFox75 2 years ago +1660

    Nothing will ever beat “She killed me. I was buying a beverage and she killed me.”
    Stress laughing hysterically in the background makes it even better 😂😂

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 2 years ago +3232

    Someone: **breathes**
    Etho and Grian as imposters: When in doubt, *commit synchronized mass murder!*

    • Jo Amos
      Jo Amos 4 months ago +2


    • Crimson fang
      Crimson fang Year ago +36

      See. Imagine if they teamed up in other games. They be unstoppable

    • a mushroom
      a mushroom Year ago +19


    • TheDyingMeme6
      TheDyingMeme6 Year ago +93

      Me, while watching Grian and Etho commit mass murder: *maniacal laughter*

  • Ilehe
    Ilehe 2 years ago +3045

    Grian: you speak fast.
    Other crewmates: yes that’s true
    *Lets throw him in space*
    God: So how did u die?
    Impulse: I spoke too fast.

    • MJ Llama
      MJ Llama 5 months ago

      Does that mean Eminem's gonna kick the bucket soon?

    • Pandalla
      Pandalla Year ago

      @TehDesides about 9:30

    • Ahmed_Hamoda
      Ahmed_Hamoda Year ago

      @•* Laila *• also no problem

    • Ahmed_Hamoda
      Ahmed_Hamoda Year ago

      @•* Laila *• Then be a Muslim you won't regret it

    • •* Laila *•
      •* Laila *• Year ago +5

      @Ahmed_Hamoda So religion? I understand! I don’t really follow any religions but I respect people who do. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  • Scott
    Scott 2 years ago +700

    Everyone: *knows it’s Grian*
    Grian: “I think they’re onto me”

    • GamingLover 4ever
      GamingLover 4ever Year ago +7

      @GlitchtheDemoness Oh, I wonder who that is... Certainly not that grain guy.

    • GlitchtheDemoness
      GlitchtheDemoness Year ago +14

      it wasn’t him it was the man in the chicken costume

  • Wolfish Potato
    Wolfish Potato 2 years ago +425

    Grian: Impulse, *where were you?*
    Impulse: *takes a breath*
    Impulse: Oksoiwasdowndownloadingthefiles
    Then at the same time; Implulse: inthemiddlebottom Grian: Who did you kill first?
    Impulse: Ididn'tkillanyone Ihaven'tseenanybodydeadhaven'tseennothin I-Iwasdownloadingfiles *breath* Andthen Icameuptothecafeteria Isawthepizza
    Everyone: I've never heard Impulse speak this fast, I'm voting Impulse
    Impulse: Y-Youguys arereally puttin meina corner here
    Everyone: brief discussion of Impulse's guiltiness
    Impluse *is ejected* : Did my voice go up an octave!?
    Everyone *laughing* : Yeeees!

    • seineevee
      seineevee 8 months ago +6

      Grian: Here’s an instant replay: GUYSITWASNTMEITWASNTMEITWASNT- *breaks off laughing*

    • ahmed4363
      ahmed4363 Year ago +6

      Scar: I'm gonna punch you

    • MelodyGoPlay
      MelodyGoPlay Year ago +12

      Nice, great job making out all the words!

    • Tech Drummer Kullgren
      Tech Drummer Kullgren Year ago +28

      Bdubs: “You were talking so fast!”
      Impulse: “I had 2 cups of coffee!”

    • Itwillbefridaythe13
      Itwillbefridaythe13 Year ago +7

      Well said

  • MineCraft Farmer
    MineCraft Farmer 2 years ago +737

    Impulse when he's imposter: unintelligible rambling
    Grian: makes an... *Impulse* decision

    • 1.-Ulysses
      1.-Ulysses 6 months ago +2

      We protec
      We attac
      But the most important of all,
      It's all about the principle.

    • Crazy
      Crazy 2 years ago +11

      Resistance be like:
      We attac
      We protec
      But most important of all,
      Mother spore we protec

  • Magnus Blitz
    Magnus Blitz 2 years ago +896

    Grain: Impulse..... where were you?
    Impulse: It’s showtime

    • Squid Mouse
      Squid Mouse 4 months ago

      @LoreLikesThings Well that took a hot second to read..

    • Squid Mouse
      Squid Mouse 4 months ago

      Its at 777 likes and I made the replies twelve I cant-

    • Indigo Selinger
      Indigo Selinger 4 months ago

      @Magnus Blitz To be fair, he is whole, not split apart, and he has a waffle on his head. Therefore he is a whole grain waffle.

    • Kozmicstarz
      Kozmicstarz 6 months ago

      I actually type grian so often that grain atocorrects to it XD

    • Kozmicstarz
      Kozmicstarz 6 months ago

      Grain eyy?

  • The Amazing Tristeon
    The Amazing Tristeon 2 years ago +1176

    Mumbo was not the Resistance Leader.
    One Leader Remains

  • Rachel Moore
    Rachel Moore 2 years ago +342

    You guys HAVE to do this more often, it’s so much better than people screaming at each other and arguably more fun to watch

    NSPG LOL 2 years ago +156

    All the hermits: *discussing who the imposter is*
    Stress: just laughing the whole time

  • Kanye 2020
    Kanye 2020 2 years ago +500

    Grian: does medbay
    Also grian: does medbay with no one to vouch for him

    • GhaniG
      GhaniG Year ago +1

      @M N also i meant to annoy people i told this to like of course the players in game aren't gonna be mad they didn't even know i had a scan

    • GhaniG
      GhaniG Year ago

      @M N so? i play on public lobbies whether someone sees me or not they're not gonna give a damn

    • M N
      M N Year ago +6

      @GhaniG honestly you wouldn't be annoying anyone you would just be making it harder for yourself

    • gaming_warlord
      gaming_warlord 2 years ago +2

      True he didn't go with someone

    • Megan Ashley Pangan
      Megan Ashley Pangan 2 years ago +7

      when I'm finished with all my tasks and there's still no one in medbay, I take note of my BT so I can tell it as proof in the next meeting

  • aestrue
    aestrue 2 years ago +261

    People: How many people did u kill in among us?
    Grian and Etho: *YES*

  • Allelon
    Allelon 2 years ago +2172

    Bdubs and Impulse literally couldn't lie if their lives depended on it

  • Naricie
    Naricie 2 years ago +83

    Are we gonna ignore the fact the Iskall called Bdubs angel? that's just too freaking adorable

  • shinytie
    shinytie 2 years ago +435

    bdubs: i was just in cafeteria, i didn’t see a body
    grian: tHeN yOuR lYiNg

    • Retronyx ♬
      Retronyx ♬ Year ago +2

      @Cristina shut

    • Megan Ashley Pangan
      Megan Ashley Pangan 2 years ago


    • erfeg
      erfeg 2 years ago +6

      @Cristina shut

    • shinytie
      shinytie 2 years ago +13

      @Cristina it is not my fault that you are bored, there are lots of videos on this platform that can entertain you. there are lots of other activities you can do instead of arguing with a stranger online who is just enjoying the videos.

    • Raees Khan
      Raees Khan 2 years ago +7

      @Cristina Barking dogs seldom bite 🤷

  • asapchuy6969
    asapchuy6969 2 years ago +81

    The fact that they’re not sweaty try hards and just play for fun makes this so much more enjoyable

  • neonroxz_exoxo
    neonroxz_exoxo 2 years ago +348

    “I was just buying a beverage, then she killed me”- iskall85 2020

  • B W
    B W Year ago +40

    9:58 I love how everyones just laughing and then theres just Scar saying "Im gonna punch you" 🤣🤣

  • RougeRed
    RougeRed 2 years ago +85

    Impulse when stressed: speaks fast
    The demon impulse just summoned:hello there

    • [ planet_person ]
      [ planet_person ] Year ago +2

      this is so funny because impulse actually joined hermitcraft by being summoned XD

    • Dan D. Lion94
      Dan D. Lion94 Year ago +3

      The demon: you okay there buddy?

  • Maura Tyson
    Maura Tyson 2 years ago +41

    Bdubs getting so angry at everyone accusing him is so hilarious

  • Jenna
    Jenna Year ago +36

    "I was buying a beverage and she killed me" is the most Iskall thing ive ever heard

  • ItsEnderkiller2
    ItsEnderkiller2 2 years ago +4040

    Missed opportunity: shoulda said "it wasn't me it was the man in the chicken costume"

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov 2 years ago +211

    Nobody: Grian and Ethos: Professionals have standards. be polite, be efficient, and have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

    • TheDyingMeme6
      TheDyingMeme6 Year ago +2

      Grian and Etho are the ones who have plans to dominate the world ngl.
      With Grians' skill with chaos and general shenanegains, he could be the massive diversion, while Etho takes the government

    • i need a bad bleep
      i need a bad bleep Year ago +1

      its a bot copying a comment, don’t like it

    • kenya
      kenya 2 years ago

      @Brennan Vilcheck Yeah I saw that in r/tf2 btw.

    • kenya
      kenya 2 years ago

      @Brennan Vilcheck I wont judge you if your into furries.

    • kenya
      kenya 2 years ago +1

      @Brennan Vilcheck I mean its just a joke.

  • Stijn
    Stijn 2 years ago +30

    Etho is even cooler than i expected.

  • YTuser45
    YTuser45 2 years ago +17

    I think the real miracle here is how there wasn’t a meeting called instantly after etho’s ejection, and how Grian managed to not get instantly ejected

  • Buenjo Ghlen Hurtado
    Buenjo Ghlen Hurtado 2 years ago +26

    I literally can't stop laughing the part where impulse was rapping.

  • Gaming Time
    Gaming Time 2 years ago +1107

    You guys HAVE to do this more often, it’s so much better than people screaming at each other and arguably more fun to watch

    • Cooper Gilliam
      Cooper Gilliam 2 years ago +1

      @KUMA KUMA exactly what it would be like lol

      KUMA KUMA 2 years ago +2

      @Cooper Gilliam your building? sus. your doing redstone? sus. your gathering recources? sus

    • Cooper Gilliam
      Cooper Gilliam 2 years ago +4

      if this gets out of hand hermitcraft will not be a place of peace, but a place of... well, ... uh... a place where everyone is sus of everyone... lol idk but I agree

    • Eneida Horácio
      Eneida Horácio 2 years ago +1

      Yeah I agree

    • HOLYbots
      HOLYbots 2 years ago +2

      @Masterboa holy, bot

  • Pretzel Face
    Pretzel Face 2 years ago +37

    We need to see this with a full party.

  • Penguin101
    Penguin101 2 years ago +43

    15:09 "That was efficient." -Professional Hitman Etho

  • Cynthia Darkthorn
    Cynthia Darkthorn Year ago +17

    Reason to Suspect Grain:
    1. He said to.
    2. Red is always Suspicious!
    3. When he instantly votes for whoever he said was Imposter!
    4. When all else fails... Vote Grian!
    When to not Suspect Grain:
    1. When anyone else is talking too fast or their voice goes up octave!
    2. When their are multiple Imposters and Grian is the only one doing tasks.
    3. When voting him out didn’t end the game!

  • Azure
    Azure 2 years ago +304

    Scar: “I’m gonna punch you”

    • Todd Parker
      Todd Parker Year ago +2

      How did you hear that?

    • jublentcrane30
      jublentcrane30 Year ago +3

      It’s depressing we’re never gonna see a world that has birds with human vocal cords

    • Sodio Clawkus
      Sodio Clawkus Year ago +5

      @HashGames7 dude what’s with the self promotion

    • SWFG
      SWFG 2 years ago +8


  • Ryan Stang
    Ryan Stang 2 years ago +1688

    Etho after an absolute slaughter of the crew mates: “that was efficient”

    • Booga
      Booga 2 years ago


    • Killkor
      Killkor 2 years ago +12

      Yep, an expected response from a redstoner :D

    • Conner Reader
      Conner Reader 2 years ago +3

      @anton s lol

    • anton s
      anton s 2 years ago +31

      Just like the Germans 😎

  • Nevie
    Nevie 2 years ago +54

    9:28 impulse:*speaks fast*
    Everyone:your just sus

    • Dan D. Lion94
      Dan D. Lion94 Year ago +2

      The most hilarious part of that is Bdubs was trying to help Impulse by telling him to talk slower

  • mary macewen
    mary macewen 2 years ago +578

    Alternate title: people with accents killing each other

    • Thunderboltz
      Thunderboltz Year ago

      @shxrbxt bxnny Americans have accents…

    • shxrbxt bxnny
      shxrbxt bxnny Year ago

      @Thunderboltz American Accent????

    • Todd Parker
      Todd Parker Year ago


    • MelodyGoPlay
      MelodyGoPlay Year ago

      @Thunderboltz that's not true! just hearing myself speak I know I sound really Chinese.

    • Kate Selk
      Kate Selk Year ago

      LOL I thought grian had American accent before I started listening to audio.. FREAKED ME OUT THE DOOR when I heard him talk

  • Maxine Dillard
    Maxine Dillard Year ago +3

    Grian and Iskall saying "Top Right" in unison sounds so satisfying

  • Axolotlii
    Axolotlii Year ago +10

    Bdubs just getting angrier and angrier throughout this is one of my favorite parts.

  • Chesnok
    Chesnok 2 years ago +20

    I love watching people squirm when someone points out the holes in their fake story lmao

    • Lemon star Official
      Lemon star Official Year ago

      @Haz I agree

    • Haz
      Haz Year ago +4

      You should **definitely** check out ace attorney if you haven't.

  • Nunya Bizness
    Nunya Bizness 2 years ago +5

    "That could be a sport, synchronized murder."
    *ImpulseSV was an impostor*

  • Aggressiphyst
    Aggressiphyst 2 years ago +3

    "No one's even died" said the Griamposter...
    And they throw, Scar, out the airlock!
    Brutal. Very hilarious.

  • Eve The Eevee
    Eve The Eevee Year ago +2

    "She could've killed Bdubs, for all we know"
    "Bdubs passed the North Sensor"
    I wonder. (12:55)

  • Eneida Horácio
    Eneida Horácio 2 years ago +2320

    Etho and Grian getting imposter twice in a row be like:
    *literally everyone dies*

    • KittenRedKat
      KittenRedKat 13 days ago

      i once got imposter 7 times in a row....i one 6 of those times....on the 7th i was sick of it and just killed someone straight of the bat to stop being an imposter

    • FL4PP1NG B4T
      FL4PP1NG B4T 7 months ago

      It’s like in school,
      Notice wonder
      Gman is imp. Gman is imp.

    • Eneida Horácio
      Eneida Horácio 2 years ago

      That was pretty much a "custom meme template" by the way

    • mysiph
      mysiph 2 years ago

      when this happen

    • JS
      JS 2 years ago

      667 liker

  • fruit dalas
    fruit dalas Year ago +2

    Damn. This is the definition of a chill lobby

  • OmegaWolfBrony
    OmegaWolfBrony 2 years ago +4

    I love this. The banter between the Hermits in Among Us is comedy gold.

  • Edward Kendrick
    Edward Kendrick 4 months ago +1

    Etho's deadpan "That was efficient" after his and Grian's double kill was terrifyingly cold, haha

  • Sweet Nightmare
    Sweet Nightmare 2 years ago +1

    Most of the games I've played are solo impostor, which is difficult, especially as the group gets smaller. But it's so rewarding when you do win because you know you achieved it

  • KindaNooby
    KindaNooby 2 years ago +6328

    Grian: “Impulse, Where Were You?”
    Impulse: *becomes Eminem*

    • SkSkNutella🤍
      SkSkNutella🤍 4 months ago

      I literally just came across this part and I’m dead 💀💀

    • seineevee
      seineevee 5 months ago

      @HisxingAwxy ¡ Impulse is never lazy (sorry)

    • UniZ3 UniZ3
      UniZ3 UniZ3 2 years ago

      I want to see a 1v1 rap battle between Eminem and nervous Impulse right now

    • leafy_green
      leafy_green 2 years ago

      I read this comment before that happened in the video, and you just made it so much funnier

    • GhaniG
      GhaniG 2 years ago

      The new voice actor for Blur in Transformers (he talks quickly)

  • Tamira
    Tamira Year ago +1

    Impulse has gotten so much better. Last week's Among Us stream was literally slayed by him, both imposter side and crewmate side.

  • -Double Negative-
    -Double Negative- 2 years ago +4

    Everyone: Double kill
    Etho: Synchronized slaughter

  • elisium
    elisium 2 years ago +4

    Haven't watched hermitcraft in a few months (went to camp, got behind, never caught up, gave up) and hearing all their voices again makes me want to get back into it

  • nutdestroyer 415
    nutdestroyer 415 2 years ago +1

    Scar: Vouches for Gruab
    Grian: I'm gonna end this man's whole carreer

  • Monev
    Monev 2 years ago +12

    grian: asks impulse a question
    impulse: becomes eminem

  • Jacob
    Jacob 2 years ago +13

    “Bdubs, angel, listen”
    The best line ever

  • RiviStyx
    RiviStyx 2 years ago +2

    Would really love to see the whole recording. I love this!

  • maggie
    maggie 2 years ago +32

    "OHHhh come off it!" is the most british thing ive ever heard

  • Ben Barstow
    Ben Barstow 2 years ago +5404

    Etho, after murdering all his friends:
    "That was efficient"

    • HashGames7
      HashGames7 2 years ago


    • Nobody
      Nobody 2 years ago


    • Qouh
      Qouh 2 years ago


    • swiftk1ng_
      swiftk1ng_ 2 years ago

      4.5th k like

    • Marge Thordottir
      Marge Thordottir 2 years ago +2


  • Michael Mouch
    Michael Mouch Year ago +3

    When you know Groan plays too much imposter, can’t figure out how to accept diverted power!LOL

  • toomey94
    toomey94 2 years ago +5

    Etho had no hesitation in killing 😂

  • Brandon
    Brandon 2 years ago +1

    Helpful hints: If everyone's in a group, no one will know who did what. The task bar shows who's winning, when the impostor is doing well the task bar won't be above 30%. If the task bar is over 70% the crew has a solid win unless the impostor really doubles down fast. Don't self report unless you have no other choice, playing without a single meeting is the easiest way to win.

  • Crimson fang
    Crimson fang Year ago +2

    Lol i think this is why grian and etho don’t team up often. Their so in sync in shananagins they are unstoppable

  • Mason Jar
    Mason Jar 2 years ago +2192

    Grian: **Blaming Etho**
    Etho: **Actually making a good argument and not raging about Grian blaming him**
    Bdubs: *:|*
    Everyone else: **Munches popcorn**

  • Turtle Master
    Turtle Master 2 years ago +2

    Under-rated quote from Scar: My space suit rode up on me.

  • LourdEmmanuel Soledad
    LourdEmmanuel Soledad 2 years ago +1

    Me: Discovers Grian's new channel
    Also me: This is getting out of hand, now there are two of them!

  • Jon Collins
    Jon Collins 2 years ago +1

    Everyone: using brain cells to know who the impostor is

  • tumpa rupa
    tumpa rupa 2 years ago +1

    Everyone: using brain cells to know who the impostor is

  • Cinematic Waffle
    Cinematic Waffle 2 years ago +731

    Grian and Etho: Double kill *twice*
    Everyone: How are you winning?

    • alyrian
      alyrian 2 years ago +3

      @DomerDoos stop self promoting its his video not yours

    • DomerDoos
      DomerDoos 2 years ago


    • You_Are_Enough
      You_Are_Enough 2 years ago +1

      Grian and Etho: it be magic we r using to win

    • prismoth
      prismoth 2 years ago +13

      @Dee1k stop self advertising

    • Dee1k
      Dee1k 2 years ago +1

      Ghost Productions clip-share.net/video/eRMqjWtu1rU/video.html

  • Kate Selk
    Kate Selk Year ago +2

    OH this is a MASTERPEICE. I mean minecraft players be like "so uh when do we build stuff" and grian be so stab-happy

  • Kevin Blablatiski
    Kevin Blablatiski 2 years ago +2

    You guys HAVE to do this more often, it’s so much better than people screaming at each other and arguably more fun to watch

  • Pro noob ツ
    Pro noob ツ 2 years ago +5

    9:33 eminem:I fear no man,but that thing
    Impulse after 2 cups of coffee:
    Eminem:it scares me

  • Not New Shoes
    Not New Shoes 2 years ago +40

    Stress when in a meeting: *laughing intensifies*

  • yung jose
    yung jose 2 years ago +632

    Somehow Hermits playing a different game other than Minecraft is something I didn't know I needed

    • WythMish
      WythMish 2 years ago

      Right? I need more hermit collabs.

    • Orind Hyseni
      Orind Hyseni 2 years ago

      Grian played fortnite

    • Jared Householder
      Jared Householder 2 years ago +1

      Honestly. I don't know why this video makes me so happy

    • ThatNOMAD
      ThatNOMAD 2 years ago +1

      You love to see it

    • Josh Ellis
      Josh Ellis 2 years ago +1

      Same, as long as they are together its good times.

  • ⚯͛ Alaina Titus ⚯͛
    ⚯͛ Alaina Titus ⚯͛ 6 months ago +2

    When to vote Scar:
    Him following you
    Him being near bodies
    Him not talking
    Him talking
    Him walking
    Him doing tasks
    Basically him existing.

  • Researcher toast
    Researcher toast 5 months ago +2

    15:01 is my fav etho line etho: synchronized slaughter

  • 2D Watermelon
    2D Watermelon 2 years ago +1

    There is a 1 in 343 for Grian and Etho getting impostor 2 times in a row!
    That's just lucky!

  • Ethan Bastian
    Ethan Bastian 2 years ago +5

    “That was efficient.”
    -Etho as imposter

  • Envoxity
    Envoxity 2 years ago +1713

    Grian: Would you like to see more?
    Everyone, and grian bc he had fun: *yes.*

  • Taylor
    Taylor 2 years ago

    Grian and Etho are just perfect together for Impostership omg!

  • confusionkale
    confusionkale 2 years ago +16

    “I was down downloading the files in the middle bottom I didnt kill anyone I havent seen anybody dead haven’t seen nothing I I was downloading files then I came up to cafeteria I saw the pizza and I went left” - ImpulseSV
    (This might be wrong he talked so fast haha)

  • Jo Amos
    Jo Amos 4 months ago +1

    Etho and Grian are the best impostor duo!

  • Trashdragon
    Trashdragon 2 years ago +11

    Grian: there hasn’t been any deaths yet
    Grian ten seconds later: *dead body reported*

  • Amanda Queiroga
    Amanda Queiroga 2 years ago +772

    Iskall going "Bdubs, angel, listen" is hilarious to me

  • Misanthrope
    Misanthrope 2 years ago +3

    Iskall moments:

  • Psyduck
    Psyduck Year ago +5

    Iskall: Guys I had two cups of coffee!
    Me who had 4 cups of coffee earlier: *Weakling.*

  • Super Pandas 🐳⭐️

    When the hermits are discussing who did it
    Me: listening to grian saying “it’s bdubs” in the background and not paying attention to anything else

  • pharynx007
    pharynx007 2 years ago

    2 imposters works best on 8+, otherwise it is way too easy. i'd love to see a 10 hermit game of among us.

  • N Ford
    N Ford 2 years ago +2141

    Grian is becoming too powerful. He’s killed dream and now the hermits

  • Patchling
    Patchling 2 years ago

    I love how when stress and grian were imposters grian did absolutely nothing I love it

  • Cole C.
    Cole C. 2 years ago +1

    Can we just appreciate how great Grian is?!

  • Shuji Tepes
    Shuji Tepes 2 years ago

    Watching Toast do insane strats and then this makes it funnier (in a good way)

  • Bog_Gremlin
    Bog_Gremlin 2 years ago

    I'd love to see more! This was so funny! :)

  • Sean Shepherd
    Sean Shepherd 2 years ago +521

    This really shows how close they are as friends, that they can immediately recognize each others' tells and easily pick up on the most subtle of behaviors

    • theAstarrr
      theAstarrr 2 years ago +2

      yeah they switched to 2 imps pretty quick lol

    • tospringe
      tospringe 2 years ago +12

      Well I wouldn't exactly call Impulse subtle xD

    • Natalie Duck
      Natalie Duck 2 years ago +19

      Grian has played before with some of the people on the X Life server. Solidarity streamed Among Us a few weeks ago with Grian joining at the end when they needed more people to play.

    • TheOneAndOnly
      TheOneAndOnly 2 years ago +20

      You should see tango play with his wife and others on stream

    • Austeyen
      Austeyen 2 years ago +29

      to be fair theyre all newbies at this game lmao

  • Beanie Collection 🇺🇦

    Make more of these vids, I really enjoyed them!

  • Justin Haltom
    Justin Haltom 2 years ago

    It made me laugh so hard!!! When you and Etho were the imposters

  • RoboBath
    RoboBath 2 years ago +11

    Everyone, “yeah guys it’s grian.” Grian, “I think they’re on to us.”

  • Aki Bean
    Aki Bean Year ago +1

    Etho and Grian are the best team ever!!💜

  • Skasis
    Skasis 2 years ago +798

    Grian and Etho: *are the Imposters*
    The game: *I’ll freaking do it again*

    • ZECTA
      ZECTA 2 years ago

      @Clip-Share's anti-nud squad 3 bot

    • not a jalapeno
      not a jalapeno 2 years ago +2

      my first 3 games where impostor

    • Cublicity
      Cublicity 2 years ago +7

      I was scared at etho calling it “efficient” lol

    • CreeperBait_42
      CreeperBait_42 2 years ago +9

      grian: preper for truble
      etho: and make it double

    • Kevin Olmstead
      Kevin Olmstead 2 years ago +22

      Once my brother and I were both impostor twice in a row, it was highly coordinated slaughter