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STRONGEST SUPPORT IN THE GAME! Best Silver Wolf Guide & Build [Best Relics, Light Cones, and Teams]

  • Published on Sep 25, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    0:00 Intro and why she's broken
    6:36 F2P Light Cone is INSANE and Light Cone Ranking
    9:28 Best Relics for Silver Wolf
    14:10 How to Build Silver Wolf Teams
    22:23 Should You Get Eidolons or Her Light Cone?
    #honkaistarrail #silverwolf
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  • Braxophone
    Braxophone  3 months ago +164

    Doing SW pulls tomorrow on twitch and experimenting! twitch.tv/braxophone
    People are misunderstanding her skill: it checks enemy weakness that they already have, so if an enemy is weak to quantum already, she won't apply quantum. But if SHE applied quantum, she can technically apply quantum again, since the enemy wasn't initially weak to it.
    To explain the soup analogy bc apparently it was bad:
    If you add an enemy weakness to them, it does not reduce their resistance. That's why silver wolf reduces enemy resistance by 20%; to put that resistance stat in line with other weaknesses the enemy has
    Boss max eff res got tuned down so I had to panic and edit a few things for this video literally with an hour to spare, sorry this isnt my new style I outsourced this one to an editor on late notice so we had less time to put together crazy edits.

    • Peter
      Peter 3 months ago +1

      Hay just wondering but have you switched to honki will you ever do genshion videos or will you be following the success from making honki videos

    • Charles Carnegie
      Charles Carnegie 3 months ago

      So my only question boils down to this, if the enemy already has a bug of a certain type, can that one bug be re applied over and over or is it this, they have 1 bug and the next one is of the other 2 and the next one is the last you don't have and it refreshes after that?

    • reezwave
      reezwave 3 months ago +2

      No worries man, thank you for the guide.

    • Ginkage
      Ginkage 3 months ago +1

      Thanks Brax
      Brax, how do you build sushang?

    • Braxophone
      Braxophone  3 months ago +12

      It will prioritize new bugs, if they have all 3 it's random

  • Bandit
    Bandit 3 months ago +607

    I'm so happy I won the 50-50 😭

    • Daniel Darbon
      Daniel Darbon 3 months ago +12

      I won in 3 multis 🥹 I have 50 pulls still for Kafka

    • Shirako Takamoto
      Shirako Takamoto 3 months ago +4

      I got her in 3 pulls!!! Boy i was about to whale for her if i had to but im glad i can now save for kafka and others.

    • Frederick X.
      Frederick X. 3 months ago +4

      I tried her gacha ritual, won the 50/50 at soft pity. Good ritual, thumbs up from me.

    • EraserDino
      EraserDino 3 months ago +4

      I had to reach pity twice, rip my saving since I pulled seele

    • Daniel Darbon
      Daniel Darbon 3 months ago +2

      @Shirako Takamoto I grabbed my stellar jades from sim universe event plus the maintenance jades and I’m back up to 80 after I claim the daily log ins. I’m pulling on the next banner until I get a 5 star if I lose I’m saving the rest for Kafka and if I win I should have another 150 warps before the end of Kafkas banner

  • Marvin
    Marvin 3 months ago +165

    If you are not sure how her debuff works, her debuff skill is like in Simulated Universe as Punklorde mentality curio but only single target.

    • HighOnMorphine
      HighOnMorphine 3 months ago +10

      The curio is probably Silverwolf's

    • Logan Lindon
      Logan Lindon 3 months ago +10

      @HighOnMorphine the in game quest touches on this, (i wont spoil it though)

    • HighOnMorphine
      HighOnMorphine 3 months ago +1

      @Logan Lindon playing it rn and yeah

    • John D
      John D 3 months ago +5

      doubt ignorant casuals would even understand what you meant but good you wanted to help

    • Jacob B
      Jacob B 3 months ago +3

      @John D amazing comment

  • Jalen
    Jalen 3 months ago +558


    • Fenguin
      Fenguin 3 months ago +9

      wait is that how it works? I seen the livestreams so far and some of them have difficulty proccing the correct enemy weakness they want in the trial. So it seems that SW only takes into account natural elemental weaknesses of enemies. If you give the wrong element via SW skill like Quantum through SW, it will still RNG among all of your elements including Quantum again on next skill use even if the debuff is still active.

    • Braxophone
      Braxophone  3 months ago +130

      To be clear she checks if the enemy already has a specific weakness, she does NOT check against her own weaknesses applied

    • Thunder Spark
      Thunder Spark 3 months ago +14

      @Braxophone Well, could be worse. She could not check for enemy weaknesses at all

    • Fenguin
      Fenguin 3 months ago

      @Braxophone Yup, they probably should make that clearer, a lot of people aren't happy with the RNG and how limiting SW is without Seele or QQ.

    • Sparda
      Sparda 3 months ago +10

      @Fenguin I kept telling people she'd be niche. Also her defense debuff is too narrow, doesn't shred enough and is not particularly impactful in my mind. I'm not a thory crafter, I've just played a lot of turn based games. I suspect Luocha will be more important in the future. Silver Wolf doesn't feel future proof, Luocha does.

  • JQ
    JQ 3 months ago +26

    I think it's important to see what the enemy weaknesses are so you can have an easier time building. Let's assume the enemy is weak to Wind Quantum and Lightning. Bronya can be on the first slot, SW at Second, Tingyun or Bailu at third then the fourth slot can be really anyone because the enemy is already covered in those weaknesses. You can run Sushang or Hook or anyone really

  • Maya B
    Maya B 3 months ago +11

    I'm usually just a lurker on these videos but I just wanted to say how much I enjoy these guides. They're super informative and your sense of humor always gives me a little chuckle 😊 keep on keeping on~

  • LoganHam13
    LoganHam13 2 months ago +1

    I know I’m a bit late but I will say, for me I think the best planar set is the energy regen one as it gives you action forward upon starting combat which is very important for her to start her skill before anyone else attacks. And more energy regen on her is always a plus

  • PranksterCat
    PranksterCat 3 months ago +78

    Silver Wolf, Seele, Tingyun, Bailu is the squad I'm running right now and it feels pretty good so far especially since Tingyun and Silver like using normal attacks which save skill usage for Seele and Bailu, and the Quantum debuff Silver Wolf pulls are really nice for Seele and adding the Lightning debuff also gives Tingyun and Bailu better usage outside their skills and ults

    • リオ
      リオ 3 months ago +7

      wish i got Bailu 😥 ( i'm fine with Yanqing, but Himeko........ And especially even though I don't have you Welt, why did I get your Lightcone instead!!)

    • null
      null 3 months ago +3

      Yeah same, used them agains Svarog and since he has Lightning weakness by default it was a breeze, I was doubting whether to pull her but goddamn it was worth it

    • Saad Sarwar
      Saad Sarwar 3 months ago +1

      Damn got 3 welts fking hate mihoyo and lost the 50/50 on sw

    • hahaha
      hahaha 3 months ago

      I love how this team can easily reach above a 100k and one shot elite bosses in simulated world

    • haf
      haf 3 months ago +1

      Better to use Natasha because of her cleanse

  • Lucid
    Lucid 3 months ago +26

    I really liked how you added the extra at the end for eidolons. Please continue to do so, I ended up pulling e1 and I noticed I no longer would need an ER rope. So I’m glad you were able to pick up on this info and provide the chart. Also picked up Yoimiya C3 today so we living good!!!

    • Doflaminguard
      Doflaminguard 3 months ago

      Still use ER since it maximizes her E1 and you can spam ult.

  • Rosebud 123
    Rosebud 123 3 months ago +47

    I’m not pulling for Silver Wolf(Blade has my whole heart), but I love the guides so I’m gonna watch.
    Thanks so much for the awesome content, Brax! Been following you since your Genshin guides.

  • HandlerOne
    HandlerOne 3 months ago +13

    YES! Seeing her immediately made me think of building a Welt team. The 4* LC Good Night Sleep Well is perfect for Welt and SW combo. Luocha and Yukong with SW will make for an interesting combo too! Definitely pulling for her with my Welt account.

    • Kotomine Kirei
      Kotomine Kirei 3 months ago

      I got Welt in 20 pulls in SW banner in random pulls, and now I'm guaranteed for the next banners. Do you have LC and relic recommendation for him? I want to use him but don't know who should I pair him with.

    • HandlerOne
      HandlerOne 3 months ago +1

      @Kotomine Kirei Who do you have for support?
      For LC, his one is good for DPS, but the one I mentioned in my post is really good too, especially if you have Silverwolf or Pela. It even works with DOTs so using Sampo or Serval can make Welt stronger.
      Relics- if you want him to be the main dps, Crit Rate body, spd boots or atk boots. You want some Effect Hit rate in your gear too. Obviously go with the Imaginary relic set and get a Imaginary dmg boost planar. For the Planar you want the Pan-Galactic set for the effect hit rate boost. Essentially like this: Crit rate> Crit Dmg > Effect Hit >Atk%
      Welt can fit into almost any team, so it's just up to what you want to do with him! His slowing and imprisoning is so nice.

    • Kotomine Kirei
      Kotomine Kirei 3 months ago

      @HandlerOne Support? I have Pela, Asta, Tingyun. The trinity of early game players 😂
      I don't know what to do with him since I'm still early game. Help.

  • Nurfauzi Ahmad
    Nurfauzi Ahmad 3 months ago +18

    I really love the way to give us some seconds in every section, it's like a little break after some classes 🤣

  • Ray!
    Ray! 3 months ago +1

    thank you, at 27:09 you made me feels way better because i accidentally get e1 silverwolf while pulling for dang heng, but still im no longer going to get luocha any time soon😔

  • Austin
    Austin 3 months ago +2

    Even if you don't apply the right weakness and end up applying quantum instead, she'll apply the weakness first then attacks with her skill. She'll deal massive toughness damage with her ult regardless of the enemy element, and still surprisingly useful even in the worst scenario. Because of this, i think she's super good with Sushang, and you can already make a full physical team(+SW), even better if you have Clara imo.
    Edit; Also, enemies effect res debuff totally reminds me of EM buff on certain reactions back in the day in Genshin.

  • TheSheepersGame
    TheSheepersGame 3 months ago +5

    The weakness addition and def reduction is very good. I had been annoyed in times where enemies summon mobs or SU has mobs that doesn't have the weakness of you team...

  • Paul Yu
    Paul Yu 3 months ago +2

    Love that you're talking about mono physical and electric. Got my Clara while fishing for SW and I couldn't be happier. Got her light cone on like my first couple days of playing so I knew she'd be coming home. Clara and Natasha make such a good core. Even without SW, Tingyuan (hehe) and Clara/Natasha look like a great combo. Also glad that you touched on her pairing with weakness breaking proficient characters like Asta. The best thing about her for people like me that didn't pull on Seele is that we get the ability to use our other elemental carrys to break quantum weakness. That's where mono shines.
    Using SW requires a good bit of planning to get consistency, but her payoff is wonderful. Also... Don't you think there's some value to stacking a lot of energy regen on her? With her event lightcone, energy chain and E1, she would get her ult back very fast. I'd like to see some analysis on this as spamming her ult would be amazing not only for damage, but for breaking as the sole quantum unit on a mono team.

  • Kåre Falk
    Kåre Falk 3 months ago

    I didn't really want Silver Wolf, but i'm seriously considering getting her for my Seele/Ting Yun/Bailu Team. But in case i get Bronya, she's gonna be a stable on that team. So hard to decide.

  • ʜᴜsʜʙʟᴀᴅᴇ
    ʜᴜsʜʙʟᴀᴅᴇ 3 months ago +1

    i just started playing Star rail, since im in rest mode with MMORPGs
    and i instantly wanted silver wolf. I managed to get her E1 with her featured weapon. I also got a solid Ice team set up.
    The way she allows teams to gel is absurd! Pela is super strong, and stacking debuffs just makes the enemy scream.
    I love everything about this char :D im having a great time
    Nice video

  • Bryton Jorgensen
    Bryton Jorgensen 3 months ago +1

    I pulled her finally after like 170 pulls with mere days remaining. Worth it considering I just started playing a few days after she was released 😂

  • Farinha Espacial
    Farinha Espacial 3 months ago +111

    Im faithfully saving for Kafka, but you can bet I'll get Silverwolf in a future re-run ❤

    • RiarisuMP
      RiarisuMP 3 months ago +3

      Same my dude 😂

    • Robert Mariano Molina
      Robert Mariano Molina 3 months ago +1

      Was my plan, wanted to try and pull asta cons and got spooked by SW. I might need to swipe for kafka.

    • Jesse Nzechukwu
      Jesse Nzechukwu 3 months ago +1

      Same here

    • Pham Bao
      Pham Bao 3 months ago +5

      that is a good plan, I think SW re-run profit will be more than the her first run.

    • Michael Domingo
      Michael Domingo 3 months ago

      I'm saving for kafka too and hoyo is not making it easy. two more banners...right? XD

  • Nex Role
    Nex Role 3 months ago

    200% bonus damage on Ult, and 100% on ALL damage is pretty good. Especially considering how easy it is for SW to stack debuffs with her talent, skills, AND Ult. She'll probably run a pretty decent DPS on her own with that alone.

  • Nekochaa
    Nekochaa 2 months ago

    There's some idea i think about her
    First is to build break effect. She's a speedy unit so she can stack that dot debuff and it deals huge damage. Not to mention that it can work in any situation because she can insert quantum weakness
    Second is to run her with himeko. If she can insert element weakness means there's huge chance to easily break and trigger himeko talent

  • KennyRalph
    KennyRalph 3 months ago +8

    Ngl the biggest advantage is the fact that she cant plant a weakness if the enemy has a base weakness to that element. So if you have quantum and fire on your team, and the enemy has a base weakness to fire, you guarantee planting quantum

  • Lucas Verzo
    Lucas Verzo 3 months ago +1069

    My Kafka funds were afraid of you uploading a video like this.

    • Nikol
      Nikol 3 months ago +2

      True 🥹

    • ShinHakumen
      ShinHakumen 3 months ago +31

      I will never waver for Mommy Kafka!

    • Cloudfencer
      Cloudfencer 3 months ago +42

      Mine too. Im definitely clenching my Kafka funds and waiting to see if SW is worth pulling on the last 5 days of her banner

    • Big Zhong
      Big Zhong 3 months ago +33

      ​@ShinHakumen brother in arm...dont waver into these girls..mommy kafka all the way

    • Thunder Spark
      Thunder Spark 3 months ago +11

      @Big Zhong Mommy Kafka is love, Mommy Kafka is life

  • deadeye 998
    deadeye 998 3 months ago

    One thing to note about the e2 is it gets cleansed on subsequent hp gauges if the boss has more than 1

  • NCG
    NCG 3 months ago

    I lost my 50/50 to Gepard and got him E1, but still got Sliver Wolf and she has been performing incredible well and with only her 4 star lightcone and on shirt gear she has 99.7% effect hitrate and honestly even if she didn’t perform well I still use her cause I’m loving her gameplay! Good luck to everyone who plans to pull for her and I hope you all win your 50/50s.

  • Кирилл Фомин
    Кирилл Фомин 3 months ago +1

    Actually, I pulled for her and got her, don't even realize how flexible she is. I just wanted to build a mono-quant team in the future. But now I will experiment with different team compositions. Weakness check is awesome. Choosing characters for team against a particular enemy will definitely be more interesting now

    • Riesti “KiririKananan” Widyavianisa
      Riesti “KiririKananan” Widyavianisa 3 months ago

      It's really good for the memory world when you need to have 2 team. You can streamroll in your strongest team, and use sw in your sub team (in my case, I team her with lower than suggested QingQue with basic low+ build) 🤭🤭🤭

    STREEEEEET 3 months ago

    The ice team is insane if you replace pela with Seele cause now you have 1 carry of each element and it SW weakness won't go to waste.
    Also Bailu, Tingyuan, Seele and SW is a good team cause if you get lighting, Tingyuan does a fair amount of damage with her basic and you have support and healer roles covered.
    However as i predicted, she'll increase in value once you have a full quantum team.

  • jjthan
    jjthan 3 months ago +24

    Love the video, thank you so much for the detailed info

  • ofox716
    ofox716 3 months ago

    I'm using Welt, Silver Wolf, Pela, Natasha right now.
    I've kinda damned the weakness shred for pure debuff value.
    Once Fu Xuan is available (shes supposed to massively support the survivability of the team), I'm going to try an all quantum to use Seele as primary and Qingqui as sub.

  • Keo
    Keo 3 months ago +12

    Omg I won the 50/50 and really needed a build for her, thank you so much for this video 😭

    • Wei Bo Lim
      Wei Bo Lim 3 months ago

      Me too 50/50 also get it :)

  • A doge with wifi
    A doge with wifi 3 months ago +1

    I love how you edit these videos keep it up :)

  • Frank Figueroa
    Frank Figueroa 3 months ago

    My luck has been insane! Got her on my second 10 pull and now I can save up for Kafka 😊

  • Choo Choo
    Choo Choo 3 months ago +1

    nice vid. Your guide always one of the best and very detailed, BRAX!

  • Sass Gorilla
    Sass Gorilla 3 months ago

    At 5:55 when he says "ultimately" right when Silver Wolf uses her Ultimate. From the triple 5's to the complementary phrasing, there are so many perfections in this single instance of the video. ahhhhhhhh

  • KillerPassifist
    KillerPassifist 3 months ago

    I'm currently running Silver Wolf with Seele, Asta and Bailu.
    Bailu's healing is still busted, Asta still provides so much buff value, and Seele is the main DPS carry. Granted, for a lot of fights I swap out Asta for Bronya, but both have their clear uses. Enemies who don't usually debuff I just use Asta since she can break guard much faster AND buff everyone while she does it.
    That all said, another great guide video as always - thanks to your previous HSR build guides and Genshin build guides, it's helped me build a firm foundation for each character since, especially with the game being new, your videos provide clear and thorough reasoning for each type of stat allotment

  • Jhez Sta Cruz
    Jhez Sta Cruz 3 months ago +1

    I love Silverwolf's kit and she is amazing with the weaknesses and damn that passives... 😭 but nonetheless Luocha's kit got me by a little more than Silverwolf's amazing kit, and I have Bailu and Natasha yet I rarely use Bailu because mostly I use Natasha because of the cleanse as well... I just use Bailu for a second team lol and I am really a sucker for healers and Luocha's Banner seems too good to pass up especially he is with Yukong. 😫 so I'm willing to take a risk and pull Silver Wolf in her future rerun.

    • G ~
      G ~ 3 months ago

      The bad thing is that we are just assuming that the characters will have a rerun, but nobody knows for sure if we really will.
      Still, pull for what attracted you more, don't overthink it too much.

  • hcr 2020
    hcr 2020 3 months ago

    thanks for the detailed guide, brax! here i am scrambling for guides as she came home unexpectedly at 8 pity (i was trying to bring my pity count exactly at 10 so that i can easily track my pulls for luocha). hope i'd get this luck when pulling for luocha, too!

  • Snow
    Snow 3 months ago +3

    That Sushang team is something i was actually thinking about before but i wasnt sure if it would actually work all too well. Good to see im not the only one that thought of it lol

  • Leius (334th Of Yura Rogues)

    It's really tempting but I already made my goal to set up my mono quantum team and as a baby whale and if I ever have a chance on a rerun, I'll pull for Eidolons with no hesitation. She already came home for me and I couldn't ask for more. Thanks for the guide too!

    • John D
      John D 3 months ago

      me too,though i couldn't care less abt her eidolons. kinda dumb to try and fail getting fu xuan in the future lol. i just hope lynx wont be in blade's banner or whatever...but everything is expected cause its Hoyo

  • Nathaniel Manalac
    Nathaniel Manalac 3 months ago +38

    Must. Save. For. Kafka.
    I can’t fall for that extremely satisfying Sushang team because she’s my favorite dps. Too bad I don’t have Clara tho. I will probably end up replacing Clara with Gepard, but now I have to consider the Phys/Quantum/Ice spread

    • Ritsuka
      Ritsuka 3 months ago

      What's a good team for it tho? i got both clara and sushang

    • Austin
      Austin 3 months ago

      @Ritsuka both in the team, Natasha and silver wolf. She makes Sushang to be able to break enemy faster, Sushang is a good breaker but half of her damaging kit is useless if you can't break your enemy. Clara is mostly the "tank" and sub dps. Destruction class has naturally more aggro compared to most class(except for preservation), so she'll still decently tank attacks even without March 7th(I use defensive relics tho).

    • Kawaii Piece of Shit
      Kawaii Piece of Shit 3 months ago

      ​@Austinthis is actually currently my team, it's really good

    • John D
      John D 3 months ago

      tf is faska

    • Ritsuka
      Ritsuka 3 months ago

      @Austin Ah right, never thought of that, thank you for telling me

  • raptor152
    raptor152 3 months ago

    I really want to try that mono-physical team, tempted to grab Clara from the 300 pull on the standard banner. Though I know it's one of the only chances to get Welt without praying to RNG.

  • Samurrai
    Samurrai 3 months ago +2

    I got her to E1 S1 as a f2p player (aside from bp cause I wanted those nihility resources), which was really nice. She is my favourite character by far currently.
    I am attempting to get E2 now, though I dont know if I will be able to or not, but one can only hope

    • John D
      John D 3 months ago +2

      well you're not f2p if u purchased BP.. there's not im f2p aside from buying this...dont be cringe just for a lame label

    • Samurrai
      Samurrai 3 months ago

      @John D Ok..? Didnt realize it mattered that much. Sorry to offend you with my choice of wording

    • Dingdongskie
      Dingdongskie 3 months ago

      @Samurrai dont worry about it. i also just bought the bp but consider myself f2p since it's not that big of an amount lol

  • Jin Min Choi
    Jin Min Choi 3 months ago

    I think Brax the new best-in-slot planar set for Silverwolf is the Spritely Vonwacq. The set bonus is already enough to cover SW's small energy need for her burst. This is assuming that she is using the Before Tutorial lightcone.
    If the rotation is burst>Skill>NA>NA then you would always have a permanent uptime on her burst in a 3 rotation.
    While the Pan-Galactic set gives her a 25% attack increase, it's still lesser than having an Attack% link rope which gives more than 40% I believe. And many players are likely using ERR link rope on her to cover the lacking energy needs which could be lower in terms of damage output.
    The 10% Effect Hit Rate on the Pan-Galactic set is also not that needed now that the effect resistance of enemies has been lowered and it's a lot easier to achieve her desired EHR now with her traces + Before Tutorial LC and EHR body piece.

  • NepNero
    NepNero 3 months ago

    When it comes to team comps, i'm running Seele Quantum Nuke which focuses on using Tingyun to buff Seele and debuffing with Silverwolf.

  • Rodd Mattrex
    Rodd Mattrex 3 months ago

    I did liked her overall performance in gamez even if not 100% done building, and was even considering to whale for her... Not enough for a E6, but was considering to get at least E2 (I already have E1) and for extra copies of her cone (got one as well), wondering if it would be worth it

  • Knive Mikoto
    Knive Mikoto 3 months ago +6

    I though I was unlucky since I got her on the 80th guaranteed pull but then after a single pull, Himeko came home. My guarantee is still alive!

    • Black Son Goku
      Black Son Goku 3 months ago

      Himeko came for me too 😅 Let's get our Kafkas home 🏡

  • Dawn’s chronicle
    Dawn’s chronicle 3 months ago

    Nice guide it was helping alot also I got silverwolf after 20 pull

  • A.J. Ferolie
    A.J. Ferolie 3 months ago

    Been excited for silver wolf for awhile, so im happy she came home fast and won all 3 50/50s. I also love the team i planned, basically the sushang team because sushang works amazingly with silver wolf, but instead of clara i put the gambling addict. Since you are so skill point positive with silver wolf and sushang gambling addict can have a ton of points to roll and power up. Clara i feel needs a team that directs damage to her more like March. Plus i want to use gambling addict haha
    Btw, ive been running the break set on her over quantum, been enjoying it but is that not a good set?

  • Thatmine
    Thatmine 3 months ago

    Once we get an abundance quantum character, Ill probably run Seele, Qingque, and Silverwolf. Qingque is also a really good skill point generator if you play her right because she rerolls one of her tiles every basic attack and can get some good damage out of it after getting 4 in a row or using their ult for the enhanced basic.

    • Invert Brid
      Invert Brid 3 months ago

      Yea later with lynx thankfully she is 4*. U can wait fuxuan also later as preservation quantum, or xueyi as destruction quantum.

  • Tien Nguyen Cao
    Tien Nguyen Cao 3 months ago +25

    I suspect a mono-quantum team being viable in the near future
    For as lynx (or thats her name) is leaked as a 4 star quantum healer
    And then there's fu xuan (pink small co worker of jingyuan) being leaked now and then as a 5 star preservation character
    Like what are the odds

    • Yunese
      Yunese 3 months ago +3

      I love the quantum girlies and can't wait to have them all in a team!

    • Frederick X.
      Frederick X. 3 months ago +5

      What's kind of cool is that if you win 50/50 on Seele, skip JY, win 50/50 on Silver Wolf, skip all of 1.2, you are guaranteed a Fu Xuan with the amount of pulls estimated between SW's and Fu's banners.

    • Shrey Rane
      Shrey Rane 3 months ago +1

      Thats my plan in the end... Hopefully we get good 4 star quantum harmony as well

    • G ~
      G ~ 3 months ago

      ​@Yunese same bro, all the quantum girls are so lovable, especially the short ones 😂
      Qingque for example is so relatable gacha addict girl made me like her very much.
      I think I will pull for kafka and after that just for quantum girls like Fu Xuan and Lynx

  • César Barbosa
    César Barbosa 3 months ago

    Once Fu Xuan and Lynx come out it will be possible to run a mono-Quantum team across all the content in the game, which seems cracked to me

  • WannaComment2
    WannaComment2 3 months ago

    I think it's funny how everyone compares her to Kazuha, because not only did I just get her in Star Rail, but also got Kazuha in Genshin, and I'm currently building them in parallel.

  • Ares Jupiter
    Ares Jupiter 3 months ago

    when i found out that silverwolf was coming and that she's a GREAT debuffer i actually got happy on loosing the 50/50 in jing yuan's banner and getting it to guaranteed, i can literally do like 5 pulls and i get her

  • Engo Kaneki
    Engo Kaneki 3 months ago +1

    Interestingly enough, Kafka is also in Honkai impact 3rd too.

  • Reia
    Reia 3 months ago

    Got her from winning the 50/50, Lost the 75/25 for my second Clara LC, planning to get Blade so no problem there. But gladly the LC came from a hard RNG roll on 2nd round on the 18th roll after that. She has surprisingly strong damage output for a debuffer, it's a thing that shouldn't be overlooked!
    I also got some goodies while rolling for SW, like managed to get Serval to E3 with her LC at Superimpose 5, she literally nukes back to back every turn as she gains the ult charge right away, the 64% Ultimate is no joke when farming robots. While not something I initially wanted now it make me breeze when farming for drops.
    Also got that Break LC to 4 which gives 49% break (raising her break to 212%!), I equipped it on Asta and I literally beaten Rank 4 Cocolia with a Lv 62 party before she could even do her final attack more than the one time that is unavoidable, she got her toughness broken twice with a Stelle, Hook, Asta and Bailu party. The Stunlock provided with Asta's fast charging Ult and insane break effect really can stunlock cocolia's phase 2 to death while underleveled. I do think with this build is really nice to get silver wolf so i can use her, she's been more reliable than tingyun when i want a better fit overall double support team with SW, Stelle (Preservation) and Seele, when i have the typical issue boss likes to hit Tingyun more than necessary and her low survaibility without a healer is being a liability on some fights.
    Overall I do think it's a great gacha.

  • Mirai Claud
    Mirai Claud 3 months ago

    I'm really glad they made SW AI smart. Checking the initial weakness before applying, that's very good and huge for me despite the nerfs she got. I once said on reddit that "they won't make the same mistake of creating another kazuha", guess I'm wrong. Plus the free LC from event, I wonder how they are gonna top this event on future events. I'm not regretting pulling for her the day her banner went live, gonna pull for her until her banner is over, I hope I get her to E2. (pulled for her LC because why not, I loved her since the CBT).

    • Riesti “KiririKananan” Widyavianisa
      Riesti “KiririKananan” Widyavianisa 3 months ago

      She still prefers to target the mobs than the boss though... Idk abkut her ults I don't have ult on when autos

    • Mirai Claud
      Mirai Claud 3 months ago

      @Riesti “KiririKananan” Widyavianisa it is for most units, they target the lowest HP first.
      I think it checks from lowest HP value, then lowest HP percentage.
      If the target enemy has 20% or lower hp, units mostly use basic attack instead of skills except if you have too many spare skill points.

  • Ragewaar
    Ragewaar 3 months ago

    I was already planning a 2-2 team with Seele, bailu, silver wolf, and tingyun, so this works perfectly 😀

    • Dusty
      Dusty 3 months ago

      that is indeed a good team, your seele will deal insane damage

    • John D
      John D 3 months ago

      for overworld,everything works. doubt you'll manage to survive at late moc stages..

    • Dusty
      Dusty 3 months ago

      @John D im sure it will be fine at level 80

    • John D
      John D 3 months ago

      @Dusty till moc 7-8 probably.. but doubt they care for that anyway

  • Dave
    Dave 3 months ago

    I was expecting the typical "you dont need her eidolons they arent that strong don't feel pressured f2people" stuff content creators always do. I stand completely corrected😂
    As a E6 haver (only EQ3), being forced to use the trail SW in the event made me wonder where 80% of her damage went and why she suddenly wasnt hitting harder than Seele🙃
    The funniest part was that she was doing a ton of damage already, before I remembered I needed to level up her lightcone...

  • ClawCyber
    ClawCyber 3 months ago

    I know it was kind of touched on in the vid, but how does the f2p light cone at impose 5 compare to her signature at zero? How much better or worse is it

  • Anthony Do'Urden
    Anthony Do'Urden 3 months ago

    personally I'm running her with Seele, Jing Yuan, and Bailu, so I've got the 50/50 on what weakness I get (quantum or electric) but either weakness is still going to have a high damage character that's able to hit that weakness

  • Rafael Calmon
    Rafael Calmon 3 months ago

    Frankly, the only thing I wanted to know to decide whether I pull or not for her is if she would apply a weakness that the enemy already has.
    Thankfully, 21:46 . Now I can finally bring Seele and Welt and have them both hit weakness on the same character.
    Seriously, been playing with the 2 in the same team a while, and I think I haven't fought an enemy that is weak to both Imaginary and Quantum so far.

  • V _UZI
    V _UZI 3 months ago

    Does her def reduct from ult count toward the three debuff needed for the crit rate?

  • Site Q
    Site Q 3 months ago

    I’m wondering if her and sampo could be a good pair, since I’m planning to pair both of them with kafka whenever she comes out

  • Yeet GamerX
    Yeet GamerX 3 months ago

    Running a sub dps welt, dps seele, healer natasha and support silver worf. Still not to sure about this line up but so far this line up has help me clear every FH and US

  • Libošído
    Libošído 3 months ago +1

    I m so happy. I pulled Bronya on first 80 pulls _(I looked for her)_ then in my first next 10 pulls, get silver Wolf. ❤

  • Kaernunnos
    Kaernunnos 3 months ago +1

    I somehow got her in one pull. And no , I didn't stack much pity beforehand as I was trying to get dupes for Tingyun AND Jing Yuan (and I only got 1 dupe for him)

  • Jan Erikson Menez
    Jan Erikson Menez 3 months ago

    Thanks for the explanation, this makes me wanna pull for Loucha more.. I'll get her on future banner rerun for sure.. Right now as an F2P, I don't have enough resources to go around..

  • Candra Haikal
    Candra Haikal 3 months ago

    Now this makes me more motivated to build her, just won 50-50 to get her and her light cone too

    • John D
      John D 3 months ago +2

      wdym more motivated?u literally pulled for her lc,weren't u gonna build her? lol

  • Eric B
    Eric B 3 months ago +3

    im curious how good the break effect 4-pc with effect hit rate planar (since its effect takes 25% of effect hit rate and turns it into atk% capping at 25%) would be , leaning fully into her support role and still benefiting from decent damage due to breaks and quantum entanglement scaling off break effect %.
    i was thinking along the lines of
    Rope - Break %
    Sphere Quantum DMG%
    Boots - Speed
    Body - Effect Hit Rate %
    Subs - EHR / Break / CRate / CDMG
    resulting in high breaks high entanglement dmg & still having decent atk stat (especially since her battle technique ignores element type resulting in a break on most enemies at fight start maybe resulting in a superbly easy 1st wave clear)

    • Roald Dale Santos
      Roald Dale Santos 3 months ago +1

      i use that set and its more powerful in my experience, Inhave EHR to 100% and 70% break effect

  • ArchonKujo
    ArchonKujo 3 months ago +1

    Silver Wolf seems like a character that I should go for, but since I'm also pretty new to the game and I'm sadly broke as hell, I'm worried that I won't get her, same with Kafka. But I appreciate what you're sharing from the video.

    • Amumu IMO
      Amumu IMO 3 months ago +3

      if you are new to the game i would make sure you are able to get 2 healers above all else imo. then just have fun with it.

    • Jon Māku / ジョン・マーク
      Jon Māku / ジョン・マーク 3 months ago +4

      I would suggest the opposite of that, of not getting Silverwolf at all if you're new.
      As you need "mono" element team for her to work with, currently we are too limited to build one, except the fire team probably.

  • LiK
    LiK 3 months ago

    Discovered your channel today and love your guides. Subbed!

  • CRM
    CRM 3 months ago

    In the event right now i think they have the 4 star quantum set for free as one of the reward, might be good for beginner if you not ready to farm artifact yet

  • Ishtar Varon
    Ishtar Varon 3 months ago

    By misfortune, I didn't get Seelee, I didn't get the Jing Yuan cone...but with 70 tickets (won in play not paid) I got Yanping and 3 SW for the E2 ! I am very happy

  • thedreamleader
    thedreamleader 3 months ago

    Also about the weakness implant bias thing, I feel like it is biased towards how many allies have this one type because I was running seele, sw, Tingyun and gepard and it kept rolling quantum first without fail

    • Daniel AK
      Daniel AK 3 months ago +1

      What elements is your enemies weaknesses? SW always prioritizes implanting weaknesses that have not naturally appeared on enemies

  • Vetreas
    Vetreas 3 months ago +3

    My favorite part of getting and using Silver Wolf was putting her on a team with Seele, winning a fight, saying to myself "huh, Seele and Silver Wolf make a good team!" and then slowly realizing that Silver Wolf is Bronya so of course they make a good team because Seele and Bronya are literally made for each other.

  • Luc1ddd
    Luc1ddd 3 months ago

    I find pulling for my favorite characters is more enjoyable than pulling for meta characters. Which is why I’m using up my life savings for best girl Silver Wolf.

  • Winter Tajima
    Winter Tajima 3 months ago

    I thought her skill is counted by on-field allies. which means if theres 3 fires then it should be 75% chance to inflict fire and 25% chance to inflict quantum. can someone explain.

  • Zenkey
    Zenkey 3 months ago +1

    Great vid - I'm happy they stuck with the SW from the latest beta. She's going to be relevant for a LONG time now.

  • ena
    ena 3 months ago

    for the clara, sushang, silver wolf, natasha team: what kind of builds would you give them? i'd love to try this one out

  • 『insert name here』
    『insert name here』 3 months ago +1

    Damn I actually got her in one 10 pull. This is actually the first time the gacha gods blessed me in any gacha.

  • ShroomSoup
    ShroomSoup 3 months ago

    Got her on the first 10 pull and I deserved it after wasting 150 pull on jing yuan banner and losing the 50/50. Can't wait to build her up

  • A doge with wifi
    A doge with wifi 3 months ago

    I’ll probably give the triple physical team a try once I am able to experiment with characters more

  • Tweezy
    Tweezy 3 months ago

    Been running Silver wolf, Seele, Jing jun, Bailu. It is really fun.

  • Luis Felipe Lima
    Luis Felipe Lima 3 months ago

    Just a Disclamer, her F2P lightcone it's incredible on Welt!!!! Ever better if you have his E2. It turns him into a freakinf good DPS/SUPPORT

  • Lionmve 1
    Lionmve 1 3 months ago +17

    I got 2 copies in my first 10 pull so happy, good luck to everybody 🤞

  • Saso Sasa
    Saso Sasa 3 months ago

    Dude she is amazing and she is eternally stuck to mono physical for me.
    While I do think she is amazing I don't think she is kazuha of star rail because he does his intended role unconditionally and groups enemies etc..

  • Rain Drop
    Rain Drop 3 months ago +1

    I’m planning on building a team with SW, Jing yuan, kafka (when she comes out) and bailu if i ever get her.

  • Jōgan
    Jōgan 3 months ago

    Imagine a team of Fu Xuan/SW/Bronya and Blade🥴

  • Xenar
    Xenar 3 months ago

    Im so happy the fact that i gave into pulling her , i got her within 12 and now she goes well with my team lol
    Edit: now i can pull both her and kafka lmao

  • Invert Brid
    Invert Brid 3 months ago

    The hard part of manipulating weakness for her is u need lot of characters built, which cant be achieved by most playerbase atm.
    So her main best immediate use is if u run mono, either ice lightning or in few months, quantum where she gonna be the best, as her skill will be 100% consistent, whatever ur enemies element is.
    She is kind of characters that is better to pull on her reurn later, when u have lot more charactwrs to be able to utlize her consistently

  • sora clips !
    sora clips ! 3 months ago

    could you run a whole quantum team? (fuxuan upcoming, lynx upcoming, seele and sw? would you get a 100% quantum that way?)

  • Richard Ariate
    Richard Ariate 3 months ago

    So they changed her E6 to mainly focus on damage which is balanced i guess compared to the other E6(idk if that was her beta E6) where she can implant element weakness without turn limits

  • daughterofgorgias
    daughterofgorgias 3 months ago

    I was upset that I lost my 50/50 to Clara but I did get silver wolf too. I will definitely build sushang as well. Guess I'm lucky after all 😅😅😅

  • lemonyz
    lemonyz 3 months ago

    I had hard pity on Jing Yuan's warp and ran out of gems. But it wasn't for nothing and immediately got Silver Wolf!! :D

  • Etrius
    Etrius 3 months ago

    As a Himeko enjoyer(AKA the game ended up giving me 3 copies of her and i'll be damned if I don't get SOME use out of her :') ) I am enjoying the ability to actually use her lol That said I'm torn on either pulling for loucha as a second healer or saving for fu xuan, hoping she can replace fire as a shielder for the quantum/fire setup

    • John D
      John D 3 months ago

      unless you re that much of casual,you ll need two teams anyway for moc. if u care abt one team,doesnt rl matter,u can run the team without shielder..

  • Titanium Dragon
    Titanium Dragon 3 months ago +1

    Here's the real secret to Silver Wolf:
    If you are running a two element team, if the enemy is weak to one of those elements, you will always, 100% of the time, get the other weakness.
    As such, if you are running the Physical / Quantum team of Sushang / Natasha / Seele / Silver Wolf, if you are fighting a quantum-weak enemy, you will get physical weakness 100% of the time, and if you are fighting a physical weakness enemy, you will get quantum weakness 100% of the time.
    Likewise, if you are running a thunder / quantum team of Jing Yuan, Bailu, Seele, and Silver Wolf, if the enemy is weak to thunder you get quantum 100% of the time, and if the enemy is weak to quantum, you get thunder 100% of the time.
    This even works on three element teams. If you have, say, Seele, Silver Wolf, Natasha, and Welt, if the enemy is weak to any combination of:
    Silver Wolf will always give you the remaining weakness 100% of the time, giving you 100% weakness exploit.
    This is the real secret to Silver Wolf - if you can construct a team that is only one element off of 100% weakness exploit, you can get a team with 100% weakness exploit.
    As such, flexible team building is super powerful with her, because if you can slot in appropriate characters, you can create an impromptu super team, and exploit enemy weaknesses so much more consistently.

  • weregretohio
    weregretohio 3 months ago

    Since I don't have Seele and ended up with 3 Asta eidolons, I'm planning on running that team.
    Or maybe a Sus Hang team with Natasha and someone else. In the unlikely chance I can get Luocha, that would be a fun team.

  • jlys
    jlys 3 months ago +1

    i am extremely sad qingque is in luochas banner instead of hers :( my priority is e6 qingque for now but hopefully her rerun comes back soon enough

  • Mr. sub
    Mr. sub 3 months ago

    That's what I'm doing i got e1 and I'm trying to get her light con right now
    I got REALLY lucky i did a 10 pull and i got her twice