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Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 | Official Trailer

  • Published on Nov 30, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • It’s time to face the music.
    Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 that just debuted at Brazil Comic Con. Only in theaters May 5, 2023.
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Comments • 6 940

  • Rexwalker
    Rexwalker 15 hours ago +10754

    I'm so happy that Rocket is finally going to get the backstory he deserves

    • Priyanshu Godar
      Priyanshu Godar 14 hours ago

      And bucky arm

    • Surloc
      Surloc 14 hours ago

      It ain't gonna be a happy back story.

    • CornHQ
      CornHQ 14 hours ago

      He’s also going to die in this movie.

    • Eli Mikus
      Eli Mikus 14 hours ago

      @Monstertwitch sorry pal I'm 99% rockets gonna end up dead

    • Louie
      Louie 14 hours ago

      @Gregg Band rocket

  • Philasande Pakade
    Philasande Pakade 14 hours ago +152

    I did NOT expect shots of Peter Quill and Mantis with such powerful emotional performances. The Guardians have been my favourite Marvel group for years and this looks like it’s going to be such a beautiful send-off for a set of heroes who have been a part of my life for longer than I can remember. This is why superhero movies exist.

  • Solo alguien que ama a los Midnight Sons

    This is gonna make everyone laugh and cry so hard in equal measures; I can just feel it. It's gonna be Endgame levels of an emotional roller coaster and I am here for it. Bring on the feels James Gunn!

    • WertBort
      WertBort 14 hours ago

      @handsome DRAC So did you just put that on every comment you could find?

    • chr0nic
      chr0nic 14 hours ago +4

      @handsome DRAC ikr dude so cringe bro i cringe whenever someone is excited or shows any bit of emotion its so cringe

    • Jose Luis Gutierrez Maloof
      Jose Luis Gutierrez Maloof 14 hours ago

      Endgame? So I am again going to cry in boredom.

    • Ethan Verbeek
      Ethan Verbeek 14 hours ago

      @handsome DRACon his bro what lame loser cries over marvel

    • handsome DRAC
      handsome DRAC 14 hours ago +2

      Cringe comment.

  • 𝑫𝒂𝒗𝒊𝒔 𝑺𝒕𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒏𝒔

    The most emotional, hilarious and touching trailer from Marvel i've seen in awhile, i cannot stress how much i cant wait for this movie. Even before I got into the mcu last year, I always loved the guardians movies so this being the final in the trilogy, it's gonna mean a lot to me and millions more.

  • Lil Eddy
    Lil Eddy 14 hours ago +34

    1:18 seeing Nebula finally smile almost made me tear up 🥲

  • Jaden McKinney
    Jaden McKinney 15 hours ago +2394

    I can tell this film is gonna have a lot of emotion to it, and the characters really display it so well. Can't wait for this one

    • bigbrawler
      bigbrawler 14 hours ago

      @EverythingLakers17 okay mexican immigrant

    • Louie
      Louie 14 hours ago

      @Arslan Malik2 people die

    • Harrison Mueller
      Harrison Mueller 14 hours ago

      @Scorched Earth”Woke” has to be one of the dumbest words that people currently use. It’s only funny when used ironically.

    • EverythingLakers17
      EverythingLakers17 15 hours ago +2

      @bigbrawler u wanna play victim again 😂 y’all love saying woke just to feel like a victim like people take pity on u 😂

    • Scorched Earth
      Scorched Earth 15 hours ago

      @bigbrawler I hope they don't woke it!

  • Tom Williamson
    Tom Williamson 14 hours ago +8

    Honestly, this gave me the feels in my goosebumps. I'm already crying and I've never been so happy.

  • Marc
    Marc 14 hours ago +2

    "We'll all fly away together. One last time, into the forever"
    This is gonna be so great!!!

  • Evan Bagwell
    Evan Bagwell 14 hours ago +2

    This only dropped an hour ago and I’ve already watched this at least 15 times. These characters mean so much to me. I’ve got chills & tears and am not ready to see them go 🥹❤️

  • Slave Owner Gaming
    Slave Owner Gaming 14 hours ago +3

    When Groot said "it's grootin time!" and grooted all over the place, I got grootbumps.

  • The One and Only Dom Toretto
    The One and Only Dom Toretto 15 hours ago +1339

    I’m already tearing up and the movie isn’t even out yet, this looks like a true finale for the guardians of the galaxy

    • David Kings
      David Kings 14 hours ago

      @Iron Man . Nah, only better than Thor Love and Thunder.

    • Wyatt R.
      Wyatt R. 14 hours ago

      It is the last one for some of them. Some are staying in

    • Wyatt R.
      Wyatt R. 14 hours ago

      @Iron ManI loved L&T

    • Louie
      Louie 14 hours ago

      @Sharon Hillsadly it’s true. They said this is the last time we will see the Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s already hinted in the trailer that Rocket is going to die. Also think Drax and Starlord will die also

    • TLOofMPLS
      TLOofMPLS 14 hours ago

      It does

  • Mgkman13
    Mgkman13 14 hours ago

    This trailer actually made me start to tear up. Hearing Rocket’s “fly away together” line as the music swelled. Magic

  • varsas
    varsas 14 hours ago +2

    I love that they finally have the uniform from the comics. Looks like this will be a lot of fun!

    • DarkEater77
      DarkEater77 14 hours ago

      Weirdly, that's the only i fislike from the trailer. i hate those unigorms, in comics, and now MCU.

  • Tuxedo Trooper
    Tuxedo Trooper 14 hours ago +2

    Guardians of the Galaxy is the only MCU movie I can actually get a good kick out of and enjoy from start to finish. Can't wait for this one

  • Marvel's
    Marvel's 14 hours ago +1

    It's really good see Gamora and Rocket having a storyline, so excited for this!

  • Who The Hell Are You!?!?!?
    Who The Hell Are You!?!?!? 15 hours ago +1602

    It's amazing how this group went from having a C list characters that not too many people heard in the comics to a huge A list characters in the movies aswell as became part of pop culture in various media. Goes to show how absolutely genius James Gunn is in taking care of these characters

    • GPFhantom
      GPFhantom 14 hours ago

      @Deric James I hope so too, I hope to see some characters done justice

    • CaliforniaHP
      CaliforniaHP 14 hours ago +2

      @Deric James I think he will if Peacemaker and the 2nd Suicide Squad are anything. I think he's going to make some memorable characters. That's actually his best trait giving characters a chance to shine even if they're in one scene.

    • Kin Sae
      Kin Sae 14 hours ago +1

      thats how it is. Those C/B list characters were always interesting. It just is, that in comics. You only care about A list popular characters... because.. they are popular. There is some nuance, but generally the story boils down to "right vs wrong", "good vs evil", and "ethical morality questions". When you move away from the comic medium, and to the cinematic. The oppurtunity is avaiable to make interesting characters incredible. Also how popular characters just get re-hashed.

    • Christopher Jove
      Christopher Jove 14 hours ago +1

      I knew them from the comics but they never piqued my interest much. Then again the same can be said for a lot of characters from the comics.

    • Leonie Whyne
      Leonie Whyne 14 hours ago +4

      Only true fans of marvel knew about guardians of the galaxy tbh

  • Mecanzie
    Mecanzie 14 hours ago +1

    As amazing as the holiday special was, it definitely felt like it was missing something. That something showed up multiple times in this trailer. I don't think we're gonna be disappointed.

  • Autumn Storm
    Autumn Storm 14 hours ago +2

    This is going to be one of the most emotional guardians journey yet. 💕

  • Jedi Council
    Jedi Council 14 hours ago +1

    This looks great. Can't wait to see what's in store!

  • WertBort
    WertBort 14 hours ago +1

    When Quill said his iconic line “let’s get dangerous” me and the boys started screaming like her and the gals

  • Mads Draws
    Mads Draws 15 hours ago +2639

    “We’ll all fly away together” really had me in the feels 🥺

    • WertBort
      WertBort 14 hours ago

      @flensoest What’s your problem dude?

    • Vanderbilt Man
      Vanderbilt Man 14 hours ago

      @Michael Gallegos rocket is 100% biting the dust in this movie, possibly drax too and I will not be ready for it

    • TheOldWayfarer
      TheOldWayfarer 14 hours ago

      Could ironically be a setup for a joke, since 'fly away' is a euphemism for having an orgasm lmao 🤣🤣

    • flensoest
      flensoest 14 hours ago

      @Ethan Kleinman said the marvel fanboy 😂

    • Ninjago Stop Motion
      Ninjago Stop Motion 14 hours ago


  • handsome DRAC
    handsome DRAC 14 hours ago +2

    I'm gonna bring a tear bag to this movie because I'm gonna cry so much with all the heart it has especially when Drax threw the basketball at the little alien kid and then laughed about it. Quill acting, nebula smiling. So much emotion. Gamora there getting sad. Gonna cry with emotions. Groot getting older. Rocket the raccoon backstory which is sad gonna cry to that too. Mantis looking sad and happy too. Emotional Rollercoaster.

  • Jaxson Beard
    Jaxson Beard 14 hours ago +1

    i’m so excited for this movie. phase 5 is starting with two of my most anticipated films. ant man 3 and guardians 3. so hyped!!!

  • king solly
    king solly 14 hours ago +1

    It’s amazing how C-list characters in Marvel comics became soo loved and important in the MCU. Can’t wait to watch this and learn about rockets backstory, it seems kinda sad 😢

  • David Za
    David Za 14 hours ago

    When Gamora said “It’s fallin time.” I got GOOSEBUMPS

  • Adaumis ASMR
    Adaumis ASMR 15 hours ago +1160

    I really hope Rocket does not die, seeing him as a little Raccoon baby was just heart wrenching. Can't wait for this movie.

    • Leotique
      Leotique 14 hours ago +1

      Sad to tell you, but fully CGI characters with famous actors voicing them are always expensive and time-consuming for the company, so he might die.

    • Tedd NG
      Tedd NG 14 hours ago +1

      Rocket does I’m sorry 😞 🪦

    • Adaumis ASMR
      Adaumis ASMR 14 hours ago

      @Rocket *panic sets in* I uh- uh- An admirable space pirate good sire. lol -stares off into distance-

    • CABLE 715
      CABLE 715 14 hours ago

      @trex advent I hope so, i love that group, either them or Stallone's team of Guardians.

    • Alpha Nerd
      Alpha Nerd 14 hours ago

      @kangaroot No way.

  • gar55rocks1
    gar55rocks1 14 hours ago +1

    This looks fantastic. I’m gonna bawl my eyes out

  • Miriam Götz
    Miriam Götz 14 hours ago +1

    Goosebumps!! But Why do I feel like so many characters are not gonna make it out of this movie 😢

  • Geku
    Geku 14 hours ago +2

    YES!!! I’m so hyped Groot looks good I cannot wait for this to come out

  • gilpetperdon
    gilpetperdon 14 hours ago +1

    will poulter looks really good as adam warlock, lets hope they start bringing in more characters that will be long term threats, unpredictable and of course iconic heroes.

  • M. KP
    M. KP 14 hours ago +377

    Giving Rocket this backstory is extactly the way into our hearts, the only sad part is James Gunn is also gonna make our hearts break doing it.
    I love this team.

  • wilbur foot
    wilbur foot 14 hours ago +2

    The hand reaching out to grab baby Rocket is absolutely heartbreaking

  • Eddie Aguilar
    Eddie Aguilar 14 hours ago

    GotG franchise will forever be my fave due to the overwhelming amount of character development it has done over the movies. I feel so close to them. So excited to see Rocket have some backstory finally, my favorite character. ❤️

  • Alc73
    Alc73 14 hours ago +1

    Love the Guardians! So excited for this movie.

  • Eragon
    Eragon 14 hours ago +1

    I feel Rocket has one of the most interesting backstories in the whole of the MCU. Looking forward to learn the backstory of this -Rabbit- Raccoon.

    • handsome DRAC
      handsome DRAC 14 hours ago

      I see what yiu did there. Very clever. You took something from the other movies and used the word and crossed it out. Very clever... yes. Yes clever Very.

  • Ky V
    Ky V 15 hours ago +1133

    Honestly what has me most excited is seeing Nebula be so much closer with the Guardians now, she's part of their family and it makes me so happy

    • PhxDroid86
      PhxDroid86 14 hours ago

      I would like everyone to know:
      The one character in the history of characters that it is ok to root for, knowing we are not supposed to, is Nebula.
      The looks of betrayal will be very real at some point, but she is an embodiment of someone really special IRL, Sanora Babb, so it's 100% ok to finally let her get hers on the biggest stage on Film History.

    • Christopher Jove
      Christopher Jove 14 hours ago +3

      Same with mantis. She was never that close with the gaurdians either but after the Christmas special that’s changed.

    • GangstaRanger
      GangstaRanger 14 hours ago +1

      I just hope they dont replace them all with feminism

    • Ky V
      Ky V 14 hours ago +1

      @Gil Marcuz V Dizelist Already did, loved it!

    • No Mans Sky Guy
      No Mans Sky Guy 14 hours ago

      honestly I completely disagree I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I hope she dies. lol I am being serious no one likes her or cares just like the guy Drax was talking about at the end I hope she dies.

  • Giant Dad
    Giant Dad 14 hours ago

    A roller coaster of emotions on this trailer. Can’t wait for the comeback of my favorite Marvel group! 😁

  • Gibrail Lagneau
    Gibrail Lagneau 14 hours ago +1

    Once again, I am so hyped for this next page in the journey of the Guardians, this is gonna be one hell of an emotional rollercoaster by the looks of it !

    JAH CULLEN 📼 14 hours ago +2

    Seriously, I have never felt this kind of chills from watching the past 2 movies and it's only a short trailer.

    NOBLE_PIRATE ANGEL 14 hours ago +1

    My chills is killing me This Movie will emotionally hit us ..
    Can't wait ....

  • Fresh _Coconut
    Fresh _Coconut 15 hours ago +1964

    This movie is gonna be the exact representation of “Worth the wait”

    • Bryson Oduyela
      Bryson Oduyela 14 hours ago

      @Demo phase 4 is ovet

    • Legolas
      Legolas 14 hours ago

      @B 127 oh yeah No way home is extremely overrated.

    • Kazoo!
      Kazoo! 15 hours ago

      @Demo it’s phase five loser 😂

    • B 127
      B 127 15 hours ago

      @Legolas even NWH? That’s a stretch

    • Jay 88
      Jay 88 15 hours ago

      *This is phase 5 actually*

  • JTReviewsPlus
    JTReviewsPlus 14 hours ago +1

    Rocket talking about how he is tired of running truly showcases how much he’s developed as a character. People aren’t ready for his origin story and I’m not ready for the original Guardians to be over 🥹🥲😭

  • Ian Ramirez
    Ian Ramirez 14 hours ago

    I’m gonna have the most emotions in a movie ever with this one.

  • Lucas Macedo
    Lucas Macedo 14 hours ago

    Estou esperando muito desse filme, das franquias da Marvel, essa é a minha favorita.

  • Zival
    Zival 14 hours ago

    Look incredible
    I have wait all my high school for this movie and it’s finally coming
    Love the guardians !!!

  • Martin
    Martin 15 hours ago +492

    “We will all ride away together… one last time, into that beautiful sky” 😭❤️

    • Ellis Hoke
      Ellis Hoke 15 hours ago


    • Spike
      Spike 15 hours ago +1

      That's not what he says

    • mago_malvado96
      mago_malvado96 15 hours ago +6

      @Jack Wrath I HATE YOU.

    • Jack Wrath
      Jack Wrath 15 hours ago +1

      My content is actually better than Marvel 😂😎

  • Avila Mauss
    Avila Mauss 14 hours ago +2

    Yep. This is going to be a good one.
    Who can agree this one will be emotional ✋🏽

  • Teddy LaBarca
    Teddy LaBarca 14 hours ago

    Seeing Rocket’s younger self is interesting and he seems much more serious here. I love the Guardians universe and this finale looks like it’ll be an emotional ride.

  • HunterTheHero2007
    HunterTheHero2007 14 hours ago +1

    I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS!! This movie's gonna be the BEST movie in Phase 5!

  • Дмитрий Ширяев
    Дмитрий Ширяев 14 hours ago +18

    When Starlord said “Its Guarding time.” It gave me goosebumps.

    • omplinx
      omplinx 14 hours ago

      It has same magnitude with 'Its Morbin time' lmao

  • Starweb
    Starweb 15 hours ago +795

    This movie will definitely deliver some serious emotional moments. Baby Rocket is already melting my heart ❤

  • Mr Megapixel
    Mr Megapixel 14 hours ago

    I really hope this is good, I miss getting excited when a new marvel film comes out

    xGHOSTxRYDAx 14 hours ago

    This is definitely their last "Hoo Rah" 🥺 I'm with them till the end of the line.

  • Adam Scott
    Adam Scott 14 hours ago

    When Pete said "to infinity, and beyond..."
    Felt that.

  • Natalia Soporova
    Natalia Soporova 14 hours ago

    Can’t wait for this❤️ first movie was lovely second one was funny ride I was 17 at that time now I am 23 living adult life with all the problems and stuff and movies like these always make me feel better❤️

  • TherealAnand
    TherealAnand 15 hours ago +657

    I’m so happy to see gamora back and rockets origin story, this is like a mix of gotd 1 and 2 and the “ I’m done running” absolute chills.

    • JBTriple8
      JBTriple8 14 hours ago

      @Doris Okonma sounds like your being sexist and racist towards iman colonizer eff off its 1999999 sorry not referring thee MCU 616 B

    • Doris Okonma
      Doris Okonma 14 hours ago

      @JBTriple8 last time I checked iman velani doesn't make those decisions at marvel 😂. It's clearly designated as 616 referring to the MAIN universe in the MCU to follow the same format as the comics, where the main universe is referred to as 616. If these stories are being ADAPTED into the MCU doesn't that make it clear the movie universe and comic universe are two separate entities? Basically in simpler terms 616=main timeline/universe, two different forms of media can exist at the same time considering the MCU is adaptation from the comics 616, rather than being another universe standing parrelel to the comics 616.

    • Bradley Jones II
      Bradley Jones II 15 hours ago

      Rocket's not going to make it out of this movie. He's done running.

    • AVGJ
      AVGJ 15 hours ago +3

      Gamora is dead. This one is just a varient from a different timeline.

    • JBTriple8
      JBTriple8 15 hours ago

      @Zeemanhuismerk *19999 get it right the MCU is not the 616 Comics I support iman Velianis stance on this

  • Malik Shahmeer
    Malik Shahmeer 14 hours ago +1

    It looks like they might be going into the Quantum Realm, super excited!!! 😎

  • Christopher Jove
    Christopher Jove 14 hours ago

    Seeing Mantis being a lot closer and more open with the gaurdians now warms my heart 😊. She finally has a family.

  • Fletcher Laity
    Fletcher Laity 14 hours ago

    The first two movies of phase 5 already seem to be shaping up to be some of the highest highs since endgame. Absolutely hype as all else for this movie.

  • TheBoneDaddyJenkinsEsquire

    I never thought when the first movie was announced that I was gonna ball my eyes out knowing this is possibly the end of these characters.

  • Victor De La Rosa
    Victor De La Rosa 14 hours ago +662

    I don't know guys, but I feel that this movie is gonna hit really hard in our hearts

    • Elijah Edwards
      Elijah Edwards 14 hours ago +1

      That last two already hit hard, idk if I can cry anymore 😢

    • Cheddar Lamp
      Cheddar Lamp 14 hours ago +1

      I swear I felt the same way watching this trailer something bad is gonna happen

    • UnimpressedGojira
      UnimpressedGojira 14 hours ago +2

      @edward_ojed6303 the memorial and in memory segment for Chadwick Boseman was about the only good part of the movie....then from there it went all downhill.
      RIP Chadwick, you were a great Black Panther...always will be.

    • loading
      loading 14 hours ago +3

      Rocket dies, Nebula dies.
      Opposite of IW/Endgame

    • Boi853
      Boi853 14 hours ago

      @handsome DRAC bro they confirmed multiple members are going to die, stfu.

  • Taylor Bertrim
    Taylor Bertrim 14 hours ago

    I'm so excited for this.
    Thank you James Gunn, this again looks like a smash, first Marvel Movie I've been excited for since end game.

  • John Reedy
    John Reedy 14 hours ago

    I really hope this is closer to the first movies feel than the 2nd's. The first is still in my top 3 MCU of all time

  • ACfan93
    ACfan93 14 hours ago

    Oh hell yeah, guardians of the galaxy have been some of my favorite Marvel films, especially the soundtracks

  • Tommaso Aldini
    Tommaso Aldini 14 hours ago

    Finally a trailer that hypes me without spoiling the whole movie, THANK YOU MARVEL, quite a few movies have passed, better late than never..

  • Natasha Dilones
    Natasha Dilones 15 hours ago +544

    This will be rewatched over a million times. Can never get enough of the guardians ❤️

  • Tony Banks
    Tony Banks 14 hours ago

    Hope the MCU will make a change with their style after the last phase, hopefully this movie and everything after will be promising.

  • Jarrod Davis
    Jarrod Davis 14 hours ago

    Finally "In The Meantime" getting the big screen exposure it's deserved for nearly 30 years. Spacehog is now an unofficial Guardian of the Galaxy!

  • Timon Pumba
    Timon Pumba 14 hours ago

    I am already getting a great feeling about MCU phase 5....Its gonna be wild🔥

  • Inkyzyz
    Inkyzyz 14 hours ago

    I’ve been waiting for this movie for over 6 years eversince i was 7 and now that i know this movie is almost here i am super excited for it and we finally see gamora’s return, rocket’s backstory, and the final movie of the guardians of the galaxy!!

  • parosomniac
    parosomniac 15 hours ago +544

    The guardians have always been the group with the most heart in the MCU to me. I love a group of misfits...I just know it's going to be a tear-jerker.

    • Scorpius Balthazar
      Scorpius Balthazar 15 hours ago

      James Gunn used Farscape as inspiration for the first one and I think it fits completely.

    • Marco Antonio Rojas Rodriguez
      Marco Antonio Rojas Rodriguez 15 hours ago

      everyones going to bawl theyre eyes out like that avengers inifinty ending

    • Mangareader
      Mangareader 15 hours ago

      A team that try’s to do good but at the same time they mess up

  • It's me Alfie
    It's me Alfie 14 hours ago +1

    When I tell you I burst out laughing when Drax absolutely suckered that little girl with the ball, best way to open up a trailer I’ve ever see 😂

    12CLASSICS 14 hours ago

    This looks fantastic. Excited to see some Rocket backstory at last. Quill is clearly a different man without Gamora; he seems so much more somber and less goofy. All the shots of people crying indicate that some goodbyes are to be expected, which will be SO hard to watch omg. But Adam Warlock will be a great addition - he looks SO COOL!!!

    BSJ IN THE HOUSE 14 hours ago +6

    When Adam Warlock said to the Guardians “I’m not Black Adam” with one eyebrow raised I got goosebumps.

  • Eli Williams
    Eli Williams 14 hours ago +1

    I love this trailer of The Guardians Of The Galaxy 3!

    SPIDERMAN-PS4 15 hours ago +418

    The guardians have always been the group with the most heart in the MCU to me. I love a group of misfits... I just know it's going to be a tear-jerker. No matter what happens next the Galaxy still needs its guardians! It couldn't have been said any better.

    • Logan Burnham
      Logan Burnham 15 hours ago

      I'm saying goodbye to the mcu if rocket dies

    • Jack Wrath
      Jack Wrath 15 hours ago

      My content is actually better than Marvel 😂😎

  • RiverviewGamer1991
    RiverviewGamer1991 14 hours ago +1

    James please never stop being the director for Guardians. I was about to cry watching this.

  • Pepito
    Pepito 14 hours ago

    You know I really gotta give credit to this trailer
    Many trailers nowadays often show a bit too many parts of the movie
    However, this trailer, while still showing quite a lot…
    Still gives you that sense of mystery as to what is truly gonna happen
    Like how are they in prison again, how does gamora come back into the picture, who’s the bad guy in the movie?
    This is one of the best trailers of the year!!

    THE MANIACS 14 hours ago +1


  • Icarus
    Icarus 14 hours ago +1

    Am I excited to see Adam Warlock’s MCU debut? Yes.
    BUT. I’m even more excited (and worried) we’re finally getting Rocket’s origin story.

  • DOOM Studios
    DOOM Studios 15 hours ago +3205

    When Rocket said “I’m done running.” It gave me goosebumps.

  • Brice, The Dancer
    Brice, The Dancer  14 hours ago +1

    The galaxy still needs its guardians! 💯

  • Kid199x Hunts
    Kid199x Hunts 14 hours ago

    Love the fits and trailer is 🔥 can’t wait for the movie

  • Mantequilla10
    Mantequilla10 14 hours ago

    For all the comedy in the Guardians movies, they have some of the greatest emotional highs in the entire MCU, and I think this movie is gonna absolutely destroy me emotionally.

  • CloudLemur
    CloudLemur 14 hours ago

    That snippet of baby Rocket... ugh, that yanks on the heartstrings.
    I'm ready for James Gunn to make us laugh and cry again. A lot of Marvel movies try to do this, but I think the Guardians series has been the most successful at balancing humor and heart.

  • FBI’s Most Unwanted
    FBI’s Most Unwanted 15 hours ago +622

    Seeing Nebula being happy was incredible!

    • Gnome de Plume
      Gnome de Plume 14 hours ago +1

      @CCM you are terminally brainwormed

    • Christopher Jove
      Christopher Jove 14 hours ago

      I have a feeling she’ll get her own side story in this movie, which I’m really looking forward too as it means more screen time for her.

    • CCM
      CCM 14 hours ago +1

      This is gonna be great because there’s no woke ideology because James Gunn.

    • Jeremy Grandison
      Jeremy Grandison 14 hours ago +8

      I'm sure we're gonna like her in this one

    • Monish Mohan
      Monish Mohan 14 hours ago

      also saw her get punched hard by Adam warlock unfortunately.

  • Lewis
    Lewis 14 hours ago

    🥺🥺 Awesome, I rewatched the first two films after the Christmas special, and now this trailer. Just, speechless. Doesn't look too good for Rocket. I am praying he dont die, and if he does, man better go out like a F&%^£#@ BOSS. Cant wait 🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • klloyd plata
    klloyd plata 14 hours ago +1

    Yeeeeesssssss! Wow!! This trailer for MCU's Marvel Studios Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3 makes me hyped, mind-blown, and I really cannot wait anymore. 🤯🤯🤯💯💯👏👏👏👍👍👍

  • asaknight321
    asaknight321 14 hours ago

    I'm excited to see this, I know 2022 marvel content hasn't been great but I think we can trust James Gunn with this to be a great film

  • SebCarrasco
    SebCarrasco 14 hours ago +1

    This looks phenomenal!!

  • FNaFMemes
    FNaFMemes 15 hours ago +947

    “Pete, I’m done running.”
    I truly felt that. I absolutely cannot wait to see more of Rocket’s past and Will Poulter as Adam Warlock. 🌟

    • SmashROSA
      SmashROSA 14 hours ago +1

      I really feel like Rocket is going to die based on what we've seen in this trailer...

    • Fyn Kozari
      Fyn Kozari 15 hours ago

      I like this trailer better than Transformers 7 and Indiana Jones 5 combined.

    • mago_malvado96
      mago_malvado96 15 hours ago

      @Jack Wrath WHA-
      GET OUT!!!!

    • Jack Wrath
      Jack Wrath 15 hours ago

      My content is actually better than Marvel 😂😎

  • Hanz Lopez
    Hanz Lopez 14 hours ago +1

    Can't wait to watch Guardians of the Galaxy 🌌 Vol. 3 in movie theaters 🎥 next year in the MCU.

  • Nikkolas McRae
    Nikkolas McRae 14 hours ago

    At long last, we're finally get Rocket's backstory in Vol.3! Chukwudi Iwuji definitely looks menacing as The High Evolutionary! Will Poulter looks awesome as Adam Warlock, I also love the comic book accurate costumes for the Guardians. I'm definitely excited Vol.3 next year!

  • AbsoluteCringe
    AbsoluteCringe 14 hours ago

    I am so happy Gamora is in it. I almost cried when Thanos threw her of the edge😢😢

  • gjgglogar
    gjgglogar 14 hours ago

    This movie has me excited but also kinda worried cause it’s gonna hit in the feels for sure

  • Carlos R18
    Carlos R18 15 hours ago +254

    All those frames with Star Lord, Mantis and Rocket crying and screaming... this is going to be heartbreaking 😭
    Please don't kill them 😢

    • DeadmanInc336
      DeadmanInc336 14 hours ago +4

      ​@DooDoo 55 Drax will definitely get a glorious death. Rocket is hard to say. They could pull a twist where he survives but is modified to a point where he behaves like a normal Racoon and isn't able to recognize his friends anymore. That would be even more heartbreaking.

    • carlos muller
      carlos muller 15 hours ago

      Noooooo anything but that

    • LordInosuke.mp4
      LordInosuke.mp4 15 hours ago +1

      Adam Warlock is gonna obliterate them

    • Jose Vazquez
      Jose Vazquez 15 hours ago +1

      I bet it’s both

    • DooDoo 55
      DooDoo 55 15 hours ago +2

      @Naek Ro'th i’m thinking drax or rocket, i rlly hope neither

  • itrashcant
    itrashcant 14 hours ago

    Guardians of the Galaxy is prob my favorite Marvel franchise, so I'm hyped for this.

  • Edwin Digital
    Edwin Digital 14 hours ago

    When Peter said "We were gone for quite a while"... I got goosebumps

  • Just Some Werewolf With Internet Access

    I’ve lost faith in phase 4, but this has made me cautiously optimistic

  • Booknerd Otaku
    Booknerd Otaku 14 hours ago

    Just like Wakanda Forever, I know already that I’m not going to be emotionally prepared for this. But this will be the best late-birthday present ever!!!