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NBA Myths We All Thought Were True

  • Published on Feb 7, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • JxmyHighroller
    JxmyHighroller  Year ago +633

    Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video! Head to keeps.com/jxmyhighroller to learn more and get 50% off your first order of Keeps.

    • YVNG.D'RTY
      YVNG.D'RTY Year ago +12

      Thumbnail scared me why would u do that

    • fatigued
      fatigued Year ago +4

      So true what you said about the 94 Rockets being the most balanced team that year, and Olajuwon was in beast mode. No one would beat Hakeem that year. He wanted it.

    • 49Dread_y
      49Dread_y Year ago +2

      My childhood

    • Chrizzly McCool
      Chrizzly McCool Year ago +3

      It is possible. Cristiano Ronaldo did it. Search for Cristiano Ronaldo head goal😉

  • Adam Sahib
    Adam Sahib Year ago +6112

    Jimmy is so confident in his content that he's promoting treatment against hair loss for when LBJ tunes in. Well played.

    • TheBrotasticBro
      TheBrotasticBro Year ago +11


    • Alby
      Alby Year ago +50

      Ain't no way you hating on bron under a YT vid that ain't even about him.

    • Luis Luisov
      Luis Luisov Year ago +119

      @Alby cry about it

    • Alby
      Alby Year ago +29

      @Luis Luisov you the one that gotta man's in your head rent free I'm chillin bro

    • lil Handsome
      lil Handsome Year ago +6

      can't lebron just get hair implants ?

  • Brave Dave
    Brave Dave 9 months ago +538

    I never thought hang time meant Jordan could actually "hang" in the air. That's ridiculous.

    • Ish Drip
      Ish Drip 9 months ago +9

      Thank you! Just enjoy the greatest..

    • Los The Silvas
      Los The Silvas 8 months ago +34

      Yep. And people actually thing we need a theory to prove that. Lol

    • Chemicalkinetics
      Chemicalkinetics 8 months ago +8

      Some people who believe Jordan can float/fly? I am not joking here. I am simply explaining in perspective. About 15% of American Millennials believe that the Earth is flat. If 15% of Millennials believe the Earth is flat.... it should not be difficult to believe about 10-20% of people really think Jordan can float.

    • camile cazot
      camile cazot 6 months ago +11

      @Chemicalkinetics "About 15% of American Millennials believe that the Earth is flat." -Source: Believe me

  • Joseph Ciolino
    Joseph Ciolino 4 months ago +20

    Bird was known as a great three-point shooter NOT because he made a high-percentage or that he made a LOT of them but because he made them when the team needed them most --- at the end of games, with no time on the clock, to tie a game, etc. etc.... You have yet to prove anyone better at THAT then Bird.

  • Javier Garcia
    Javier Garcia 8 months ago +96

    Strange view of hang time. I always thought hangtime meant people stayed in the air longer because they could jump higher , not because they could actually hang, hover or levitate.

    • Justin Lee
      Justin Lee 4 months ago +3

      100% lol

    • menra
      menra 3 months ago +2

      americans taking things literally

    • Doc_Assclapper
      Doc_Assclapper 3 months ago

      I know. Science center is trying to figure out hang time and they pulled jordan farmar to test that out with. What? Talk about poor sample size. He barely reached the rim himself.

    • Scourge Prime
      Scourge Prime 13 days ago

      No one thought it meant levitation accept this guy and the people from the show sports science. Those same people also thought there was such a thing as "the quarterback mask" which could predict superbowl winning qbs based on facial features

  • Billy Shakespeare
    Billy Shakespeare Year ago +393

    I thought we all knew “hang time” was an illusion (because, you know … physics 🤷), but the illusion is drastic between people. Jordan could do a lot with his body and the ball in the air.

    • Nazri Buang
      Nazri Buang 10 months ago +1

      Lies again? NBA GOALS

    • Jay Williams
      Jay Williams 9 months ago +1

      “Air Jordan”

    • Anonymike
      Anonymike 9 months ago +2

      But it didn't alter his actual trajectory by more than a dime, if at all. I think it has been shown that someone in the air can alter their trajectory slightly through body movement. But slightly is the operative word, and if it was by more than the diameter of a dime, I would surprised. In fact, I would surprised if it was that much. Baseball has its myths too. The rising fastball, for example. It has been shown, pitched balls fall at exactly the rate predicted by physics. The curve ball curves because it is moving left to right or right to left. It perhaps loses more velocity than a fastball per each unit of distance between the mound and the plate because it actually is traveling further. If the spin on the pitch affects a pitch's rate of fall, the effect is infinitesimal. Though an infinitesimal distance can be the difference between a home run and a hard ground out.
      Another baseball myth is how far a human being can hit a baseball. In still air, the limit seems to be about 500 feet, maybe 530 at the most. If any home runs have been hit further than that, they have been wind aided. Some have argued that the heavy bat Babe Ruth used enabled him to hit a baseball further than other human beings. I think this is a concept that needs to be tested. Once the ball leaves the bat, it is in ballistic flight. This makes the issue, does a heavier bat produce a higher exit velocity. I imagine, if the bat was going the same speed at the moment of contact, it would because the force of the ball would retard the speed of the bat by less if the bat was heavier. But then there's the question of exactly what the hitter's body was doing at the moment of contact. Like I said, science is needed.

    • Brandon Cooke
      Brandon Cooke 9 months ago +2

      But, he couldn't. Why is this such a hard concept for people? You accept the illusion, and then counter it with not accepting it's illusion. He didn't do more with his body and the ball in the air than anybody else. He may have given an ILLUSION of doing more. But he can't "do more". I also think just a general bias comes into play. We are told Jordan is amazing in the air. So we literally see, with the help of our sneaky, lying brain, him doing amazing things in the air that seem inhuman, or better than others... but there is no actual truth to the lie we have been taught to believe, if that makes sense.

    • Billy Shakespeare
      Billy Shakespeare 9 months ago +16

      @Brandon Cooke this is a ridiculous take. Look at gymnasts … some do more in the air. Did you see the gold medalist in the vault? She did more than the other girls despite being in the air the same amount of time. I hope this easy to understand analogy makes sense.

  • Lawrence August
    Lawrence August Month ago +7

    On jump shots, Jordan’s ability to shoot on the way down also gave the illusion he was “hanging” longer than most people.

    • Andrzej Kondracki
      Andrzej Kondracki 14 days ago +2

      MJ jumped higher than others so when rotating his body for a fade away and falling down he had more time visibly to make the shot plus his upper part of the body must have been much stronger to actually excel and have great accuracy at controlling the ball during the shooting.

  • Kronic procrastinator
    Kronic procrastinator Year ago +3944

    Bro i swear to god this guy is the best basketball content creator rn. The amount of effort he puts into each video is just immeasurable

    • Ad Mortem
      Ad Mortem Year ago +7

      Should also check out DylanDoesBasketball some high quality NBA content there also!

    • Daniel Amone
      Daniel Amone Year ago +7

      In regards to basketball content he is built different, dude is GOATED

    • insanity
      insanity Year ago +8

      Hes been the best for awhile ngl . Jxmy is something else

    • canaan pinder
      canaan pinder Year ago +2

      I second this 👌

  • CanthusOfCandE
    CanthusOfCandE 9 months ago +16

    Another point about hangtime. If you hold the ball at a constant height as he did it masks the parabala of the jump compared to holding the ball at a stretch, which is what he does in these clips, holding it at waist-shoulder level for most of the jump and then pushing for it right at the last second. So the ball seems to rise, plateau and then rise rather than rise, briefly peak and then descend.

  • Daniel Oceans
    Daniel Oceans 9 months ago +19

    MJ dribbling in for that free throw dunk and not running it in like a RB is simply amazing. He actually jump at the line too. Man can fly a little

    • tinky0485
      tinky0485 8 months ago +2

      What you mean a little

    • Marty Mcfly
      Marty Mcfly 4 months ago

      That dunk was mid asf 😂

  • Andrzej Kondracki
    Andrzej Kondracki 14 days ago +3

    MJ did one simple thing to create an awesome illusion of flying or hanging in the air: in the first part of his move towards the basket after the jump he curled his legs up and bended his arms as if he was smaller and more ball-like, in the second part of the jump he basically stretched out his arms kept his head straight and stretched his legs. All of this made an impression he was levitating in the air and being there longer than actually was the fact. It looks super graceful and amazing but the physics of it are completely unchanged.

  • Denis Beaudoin
    Denis Beaudoin 8 months ago +53

    For the off-season clips part… it’s completely true. At my local gym in New Hampshire there was a ref who played nba for a year or two. Only made it to Gleague. Luke Bonner. Brother of Matt Bonner. Dude was automatic from 3pt. Made like 20 something straight. With out trying. And this is a guy who never actually made it. Pros are on another level

    • Ninjamage
      Ninjamage 3 months ago +2

      Matt Bonner was a certified sniper, doesn’t surprise me his brother would be too. Crazy how good even these G-League guys are compared to us shmucks

    • R S
      R S Month ago

      Then why do you see so many pros with WIDE OPEN 3 looks and just brick them? I'm guessing L Bonner is a great shooter who lacked other skills (too short, too slow, too uncoordinated, etc)

  • NathanHiberDive
    NathanHiberDive 2 months ago +6

    The other thing that lower's three point shooting percentage in the Bird era, is that in that time 3 pointers were primary made as bail out shots under heaps of pressure. Rarely did they use to find an advantage.

  • Tommy Hess
    Tommy Hess Year ago +2052

    I agree with your argument for Bird not being an all-time three point scorer but I would still love to see Larry’s three point scoring adjusted to today’s nba

    • Sejuani SupportONLY
      Sejuani SupportONLY Year ago +261

      I think that it is fair to say that if you were to take Bird and Reggie Miller to todays game, they'd still find their way up to the top 10.
      In the modern game people are chucking three pointers with 18 seconds on the clock for crying out loud.
      If players back then did that, they'd be sent to the locker rooms to wash the towels until they "learned better"

    • Flaming_21savage
      Flaming_21savage Year ago +35

      @Hundredzs it’s not easy to block and he was pretty good at contested shots. I think he would’ve been fine

    • -AC-
      -AC- Year ago +109

      Larry would find today's no pressure era so easy he would be bored

    • EST 1981
      EST 1981 Year ago +118

      Larry shot roughly the same as KD and the Celtics didn't even practice 3pt shots. According to Bird himself. So it's stands to reason he'd only do even better if took hundreds of 3s at practice every day. Any shooter list without Bird on it is a joke.

    • EST 1981
      EST 1981 Year ago +43

      @Sejuani SupportONLY Like PG said "that's a bad shot". Well for much of the 80s, ALL 3s were considered a bad shot. A desperation shot.

  • trailerparkpimp
    trailerparkpimp 8 months ago +2

    Comparing different eras of three point shooting, without factoring how fouls were charged from Bird's era to Curry's era, and how aggressive the sport was compared to today.
    That's amazing.

    • Keith Nowak
      Keith Nowak 4 months ago +2

      Today's 3-point shooting pisses me off. Now everybody chucks up prayers. Thanks, Curry! I miss when players used to take the ball to the rack and shove it in the defender's face. These kids today are so soft they chuck up anything you'll give them instead of beasting tf up and TAKING WHAT THEY WANT!

  • Ken D
    Ken D 11 months ago +10

    I saw the name "Johnny Dawkins" and it sure brings back memories of him at Duke vs. Mark Price...Price was a PG and Dawkins was a shooting guard that couldn't shoot from outside but was more like an Allen Iverson-lite in that he was sooo quick, he got his buckets with the penetration moves instead of outside shooting. I remember at Duke, right before the first-half buzzer, he had a breakaway of sorts w/only one defender. He went up over him - at 6'1" - and did a reverse jam on him so I could totally see him in a slam-dunk contest.
    MJ and Dominique Wilkins were the best 'dunkers' in history IMO, but there sure were a lot of really good ones...

  • mrgrandprix fourspeed
    mrgrandprix fourspeed 4 months ago +1

    Another great video and very well done. I just want to remind the audience that Bird growing up never had a 3 point line in high school or college and the line was new in the NBA in Bird's rookie season. Bird's first coach, as well as many other coaches at the time discouraged the 3 point shot. Bird even admitted that he did not practice the 3 point shot until just before the 3 point shoot out at the all star game. I would have loved to see Bird in todays era!!

  • Leriche RF
    Leriche RF 5 months ago +20

    You also forgot that in the 94-5 season we got to see that the bulls were not elite with Pippen as the star player. To maintain that level of intensity to even win 3 in a row is intense. Though the bulls were the juggernaut of the 90’s, losing Horace and Cartwright left them very small and it’s hard to win an efficiency battle when the other team is getting layups from big men and you are shooting midrange and 3 (and Steph and Klay are not on your team)

    • Marty Mcfly
      Marty Mcfly 4 months ago +4

      @Leriche RF they lost 2 or 3 more games than they did in 93-94 what are you talking about 😂 they made it to the 2nd round without Jordan 😂

  • Dave Green
    Dave Green 4 months ago

    Life long Bulls fan from before Jordan and you're right about the Bulls in 95. After Grant left they needed Rodman and I wouldn't count out some of the bench moves they made as well after their loss to Orlando. I would also credit Rodman as being the MVP of the 96 finals against Seattle. Hard to do if you're not a leading scorer and especially on the same team as Jordan, but in that series, he deserved it. No criticism of the rest of the Bulls, but they lacked that one key element and Rodman gave it to them. Once he joined there was no hope for the rest of the league.

    NOYCE Year ago +648

    Jxmy's 13 minutes videos feels like 3 minutes because of how good it is. I could do an hour long episode each time!

    • Osas
      Osas Year ago +4

      if you savour it, then it would be long

    • Rex
      Rex Year ago +26

      @Osas Sounds like my girlfriend :(

    • Rebin Neichalani
      Rebin Neichalani Year ago +2


    • NOYCE
      NOYCE Year ago +4

      @Rex W Comment

    • Mike Smith
      Mike Smith Year ago +2

      hell, even 45 mins twice a week

  • Rasta John Man
    Rasta John Man 11 months ago +13

    I got into basketball in 2019 and discovered ur vids prob 6 months later when I was watching highlights. It’s thanks to you I can actually hold a conversation with my basketball nerd friends now and actually understand what they talk about. Good stuff brother

    • Hunter windle
      Hunter windle 8 months ago

      Ong bro. there's a difference between being good at basketball and knowing every player and every thing that has happened in NBA history

    • jo lacrasse
      jo lacrasse 8 months ago

      @Hunter windle youre too generous toward him, saying he knows all the players...
      All he wanted is being able to hold a conversation with his nerd friends... sad

    • Rasta John Man
      Rasta John Man 8 months ago

      @jo lacrasse yeah Joe is right he giving me too much credit, I have a basic knowledge of the rules and only really know a lot about the Celtics since I grew up a Boston sports fan. Definitely couldn’t even give you the actual names of every team in the NBA think I could name a good amount maybe?

    • Hunter windle
      Hunter windle 8 months ago

      @jo lacrasse nah i was talking about his friends

  • AimSmallMissSmall45
    AimSmallMissSmall45 5 months ago +12

    Only because your content is so good, and your delivered this so respectfully and eloquently, we'll let you slide on the borderline blasphemy! Lol
    ALSO I love the "bulls made the right moves in the off season" with the quick clip of the worm!

  • Bryan Tav
    Bryan Tav 10 months ago +1

    Michael might have scored more on his late return but numbers don’t show how Michael presence during an entire season effects the entire performance of a championship level team. As well that his stats in the second three peat don’t matter as much since the offense was significantly decentralized from Jordan with the triangle offense which significantly improved his game as a team member

  • Brian Deadmarsh
    Brian Deadmarsh 8 months ago +4

    How about showing a 3-point shooting chart where the shot is the last play of the game to avoid losing. THEN see where Bird ranks. It is one thing to make a 3-pointer with plenty of time to go, and quite another to do it with no time to go.

  • MAK23
    MAK23 9 months ago +2

    And also MJ had 2 CRUICAL series swinging errors in the final minutes that sealed the deal for Orlando. It's not just points and numbers, it's bball IQ which was in need of refreshing.

  • JD's Variety Channel - Treasure Quest Chronicles

    I think the key to "hang time" is making it look like you're not moving in the air. Most players these days are always contorting their body and trying to do something flashy. If you watch some of the longest dunks recorded their knees are tucked in they are holding their arm out with the ball and just waiting to reach the rim, as if they're floating. Nothing fancy, but it looks like they're up there forever.

    • Osas
      Osas Year ago +71

      they aren't trying to be flashy unless it's an open court. Some players don't jump with grace rather they wanna come down with power instead of letting it linger

    • Nicholas Burridge
      Nicholas Burridge Year ago +10

      nah double pump with knees or ur failing yourself.

    • Miiikey YT
      Miiikey YT Year ago +23

      @Nicholas Burridge facts like Vince Carter did

    • Musashi Miyamoto
      Musashi Miyamoto Year ago +31

      This video debunked literally exactly what you're saying there's no such thing as coming down with power or lingering in the air. That concept literally defies physics. Only way one could come down with more power is if the were forcefully pushed back down through gravity which obviously doesn't happen

    • mug ster
      mug ster Year ago +2

      I agree with you 💯%.
      There's a prolific Clip-Share dunker named Tyler. He's super athletic with freakish hops but he's 1 of those flashy guys who tries to do all kinds of moves before flushing the ball.
      He's missing the point. I told him to go for distance even if he's just holding the ball cocked without putting it through the legs, behind the back and under his feet.
      We want to see you jump from outside the paint and banging it down with authority.

  • frkkz
    frkkz 11 months ago +10

    Bulls 94 were pretty good and Grant was still there. Add MJ to that team and I think they have a good chance.
    If Bulls 95 end up being the roster it was back then, I dont see the bulls winning it all either. But I can speculate that had the Bulls gotten a ring in 94 and with MJ still being there, they could have managed to sign a better PF and build a better roster overall.

    • Ax Reacts
      Ax Reacts 9 months ago +5

      If they had any idea MJ would return that 95 season, they would have shored up the PF position during the season. To claim otherwise is just misleading.

  • Brian Kinary
    Brian Kinary 2 months ago

    I’m with you on the Ben Simmons, social media concept. I swear this is a true story - I once hit 11 straight half court shots after a practice. Guess what college I played at? I didn’t. I red shirted and then got too sick to play any sport

  • Juno Coffee
    Juno Coffee 3 months ago +3

    Not sure the Larry Bird one is a myth. There's too many variables that have changed to make it just about stats. One way to equalize this is to look at how many 3s are taken in league wide each year, then you could adjust the effective yield percentage curve to adjust for styles/eras.

    • Khalil
      Khalil 9 days ago

      or Bird grew up poor and curry had a golden spoon but Bird has all basketball skills and curry can do 1 thing. I think the nicknames are Larry Legend and curry best 3 shooter all time.

  • Mark Cruz
    Mark Cruz 11 months ago +1

    I think one of the reasons they acquired Rodman was to handle big men like Shaq. If Jordan never retired they would have just acquired Rodman earlier

  • Andrew
    Andrew 8 months ago +12

    I would argue on the Bird one that the degree of difficulty on his shots has only one rival, Steph. If Bird was just a spot up in the corner type of 3 point shooter in today's game then his percentage would be higher and s mentioned in the video, if he took 7 threes a night his 3PM number would be higher as well

    • Keith Nowak
      Keith Nowak 4 months ago +1

      Yeah. Bird was all over the floor. He didn't just look for 3's to get on Tik Tok

    • Daz Davis
      Daz Davis 16 days ago +1

      He shot over 38% from 3 for his career. The dude has no idea what he’s talking about. Yes, bird WAS one of the best 3 ball shooters to ever step on the hardwood. And he shot 3’s with people all over him, nobody just camped outside and got wide open 3’s back then like they do today in this abhorrent “Euroball” that’s played today. “Euroball” has literally ruined the NBA. Nothing but 6’10 “stretch fowards” who weigh not even 200 lbs and just wana stand outside and jack up 3’s the entire game. There IS no more big man. There is one; one actual center left-Jokic, which is why he utterly dominates. Like I said, these fools today shoot 3’s with nobody within 5-10 feet of them. Larry Bird buried fadeaway 3’s with guys draped all over him and still shot almost 40% for his career. This dude has no idea what he’s talking about.

  • Nick Lappas
    Nick Lappas Year ago +971

    I’ve always pictured “hang time” just how long the athlete is in the air when jumping. Either way MJ clearly exemplifies it

    • 34JohannesHeinz34
      34JohannesHeinz34 Year ago +53

      Air time would be a better word than hang time. All those people thinking hang time is a thing are just next level dumb. So good on you for understanding that you can't hang in the air, lol

    • michael scoggins
      michael scoggins Year ago +16

      This video is a myth. Don’t take it too seriously. It’s framed for spicy content but in reality the only “myth” he covered was the last one, about the 8peat

    • Osas
      Osas Year ago +1

      @michael scoggins you have nothing to counter those facts

    • Matt Passos
      Matt Passos Year ago +7

      @michael scoggins and the Larry bird take was pretty bad too

    • Albert Ross
      Albert Ross Year ago

      Exactly. Same thought here

  • OrangeSodaKing
    OrangeSodaKing Year ago +4

    Awesome video! I love your content. People forget the Bulls lost Horace Grant TO the Magic, and had no inside threat against both Shaq and Grant. Of course they can’t get past that. And yeah, as you said, that’s the same reason they also wouldn’t have gotten through Rockets or Knicks in 94 or 95. And that’s nothing against MJ.

  • cefb
    cefb 11 months ago

    Also something that is not mentioned with MJ was he had never played with anyone but Pippen on that team. I think there's a solid chance they beat the Magic if they had a full camp and season to go along with it with MJ.

  • Cuzgod Loc Famdunbro III
    Cuzgod Loc Famdunbro III 6 months ago +8

    If you’ve never sat up close during an NBA or even NCAA game, you can’t truly grasp how big these dudes really are. The TV doesn’t do them justice.
    And it’s not just height, I remember seeing Stephon Marbury back in the day...his calf muscles straight up looked like right triangles😂😂

    • Alex Nather
      Alex Nather 6 months ago

      Yes some of the best athletes in the world that safe tall as hell

  • Roman
    Roman 11 months ago +2

    Love your videos and how well researched they are! Question: Can anyone recommend a similar channel like this but for the NHL? Danke from Germany

  • QuanSu Dude
    QuanSu Dude 10 months ago +13

    Good stuff. I will say that the 3 point shooting list filled with new players is not indicative of majority of those guys being better shooters than Bird though because defense is sorely missing in today's game and back in the day you would get the hell beat out of you even at the 3 point line.

    • Gx5
      Gx5 9 months ago +1

      I don’t think plumbers played better defense than todays athlete. There’s so much more competition in todays league it’s not even funny.

    • marcos burgos
      marcos burgos 8 months ago +2

      That just doesnt make any sense at all. Defense has non to do wit 3ps being more used in the game nowadays. Larry was an excellent shooter, it aint a myth, he was great.

    • Kinetics Jekaw
      Kinetics Jekaw Month ago

      ​@Gx5 imagine a shooter will always have a problem landing in the foot of a defender. You can be traumatized and your shots will greatly affect your shooting percentage. Defenders no longer allowed to be near the landing zone of a shooter!

  • Theard Pierre
    Theard Pierre Year ago +522

    "When a player reaches a level of greatness, he becomes the man, the myth , the legend. You just gotta know which is which" Jimmy what a BAR

    • Bryan Chandler
      Bryan Chandler Year ago +10

      Replace the word player with Clip-Sharer and you get Jxmy himself

    • Kelly Roberts
      Kelly Roberts Year ago

      What a bar indeed

    • Mageic
      Mageic Year ago +3

      THE MAN
      THE MYTH

    • N Stratford
      N Stratford Year ago +4

      @JxmyHighroller You should patent that quote/saying Jimmy. Like NOW bro!! If that's possible in the US, everything seems possible I'm the US.

    • Gernhard Zwischenknüppeln
      Gernhard Zwischenknüppeln Year ago +1

      honestly, I was amazed. couldnt think about anything than how good this man scipts his videos

  • Tony Pierce
    Tony Pierce 8 months ago +13

    Can a person actually be suspended in mid-air? No, but the initial height of MJ’s vertical leap is what gave him the competitive edge over all his opponents.💪🏾🧠

  • Qupation
    Qupation 8 months ago

    Lol. I'm laughing at myself cause I'm not a basketball fan. In fact, I don't think I've watched a complete game (I'm African). But man, I love your videos. 😅 I highly appreciate the work you put on the research and execution.
    Keep doing what you do bro! ❤️
    Edit: media is powerful. Because me as an outsider looking at Jordan dunking, I see it for what it is... But the media machine had the fans think he was hanging. Wow. Respect.

  • inefekt
    inefekt 5 months ago +3

    Not having Grant was a huge part of that series vs Magic, you even mentioned it yourself. But if MJ doesn't retire, likely Grant stays with the Bulls which is a whole different story...

  • Andrew Neese
    Andrew Neese 11 months ago +6

    Good analysis of the 90's Bulls and the myth of "8-peat". I grew up in Chicago and was a teenager during the 90's watching those teams and it has been forgotten that between the 93 Finals and the start of the 95-96 season the Bulls roster was completely overhauled by vastly under appreciated and unjustly hated GM Jerry Krause.

    • Adderall Ascension
      Adderall Ascension 11 months ago +4

      Anyone who pushes away Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan will be hated. Guy was one of the best GM’s of all time but everyone he drafted ended up hating him

    • Daryl S.
      Daryl S. 9 months ago

      @Adderall Ascension Don't forget Reinsdorf the owner... could've kept all that in place but sooo arrogant just let it dissolve! I for one will never forgive him for that.

    • Taj Rahine
      Taj Rahine 2 months ago

      It was a terrible analysis actually. You can look at stats all you want, especially if you cherry pick them, Jordan was clearly not in "basketball shape" and was very rusty when he came back to basketball. You can see his improvement as he spent more time playing basketball. Of course the loss of Horace Grant made the team weaker than they were before, but by far the biggest difference was in Jordan needing more time to get his game back.

  • baub869
    baub869 8 months ago

    Launch angle has a lot to do with it too. Jordan pushing off from the foul line at an angle that will get him to the rim from that distance is gonna have a “flatter” arc than someone jumping from half the distance.

  • Sara hot babe
    Sara hot babe Year ago +479

    Can I just say, this dude puts some of the highest quality content on Clip-Share, consistently ?
    Not even just about basketball. Just content period. Never disappoints

    • ᴋɪɴɢᴊᴀsᴋᴏ
    • Pablo Bonete
      Pablo Bonete Year ago

      You’re right my friend. If I ever start creating content (no matter the topic) I would study Jimmy’s channel and style

    • Argus Eyed
      Argus Eyed Year ago +2

      Dude is constantly selling half truths and people fall for it cause they cant argue stats.

    • I don’t get it
      I don’t get it Year ago

      @Argus Eyed I respect Jxmy’s opinions but people watch his videos and think his word is law without actually knowing anything about the nba.

  • tspawn35
    tspawn35 4 months ago +1

    The average NBA height is just wild to me. I say that because I had court seats once and thought it was funny how short Steve Nash looked on the court compared to everyone else. I then looked at the program and was shocked to find out the Nash was listed at 6'3". He's my height and looks tiny compared to everyone else around him.

  • Kerry Howard
    Kerry Howard 5 months ago +24

    Jordan still holds the NBA record for the highest vertical. They were trying to figure out his hang time even in the 80’s and they may have the scientific data that shows he is not actually hanging in the air but look at the highlights and it’s the vertical plus talent and MJ is just the best at it.

    • Jaydan Gomez
      Jaydan Gomez 3 months ago

      Wilt had a 50 inch vert

    • Kerry Howard
      Kerry Howard 3 months ago

      @Jaydan Gomez sorry I’m not seeing anything about Wilt having 50” vertical although he is mentioned but doesn’t say anything about a 50” or what his vertical even was . That could be because they didn’t really measure it in those days. It wouldn’t be hard to believe since Wilt participated in track and field as well as basketball. Although Jordan is said to be the record holder for the NBA he’s technically tied with Dr.Dunkenstein Darryl Griffith at 48” vertical it still say MJ is the highest

    • Graham Strouse
      Graham Strouse Month ago +1

      No, he did not. He was never actually measured at the NBA level. When he was at UNC they did some pretty extensive testing though. Jordan had a standing vert a shade under 36”. His max vert was about 10” higher.
      Basically, nearly every measurement you’ve ever heard about every old school player is an urban legend. Some are more fictional than others, of course.

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman 9 months ago

    True. The 95 Bulls would have had a heck of a time with the Rockets. That team went on arguably the greatest playoff run in NBA playoff history.

  • Randall Jacobson
    Randall Jacobson 11 months ago

    Jimmy’s episodes are better to watch than most NBA games

  • guard0544
    guard0544 11 months ago +1

    Jordan was only back for the final 17 games that season after the first retirement. Obviously his team would have benefited greatly if he had played with them the full season and had time to better mesh.

    • hinika
      hinika 9 months ago

      Exactly. While I don't believe the Bulls were winning eight straight either (winner's fatigue and what not), using the Bulls losing to the Magic in 95 as proof of the "eight straight legend" being a myth lacks serious context. After losing Grant (free agency), Cartwright (traded), and Paxon (retired), the Bulls struggled in the regular season before Jordan's return. When he did return, he only played 17 games and the Bulls were able to make the playoffs as a fifth seed. No one should have realistically expected them to win it all. Yes the Bulls lost at the end of the day, but that take wasn't it from Jimmy.

  • calvin
    calvin Year ago +495

    I’m 6 foot 3 and got asked all my life why I didn’t play basketball since I’m “so tall” - I then would point out how tiny Steve Nash looked on the court and would tell people I’m the same height as him…but I moved like I was shaq.

    • Jake Terpening
      Jake Terpening Year ago +98

      Yeah, I was at the park the other day and I am a pretty good shotblocker for my height. There was a younger kid there who asked me if I had ever been blocked before. For reference, I am 6'2 and had to play center in high school since our school was so short. It's crazy how people struggle to understand how tall basketball players are usually.

    • Artavius Simpson
      Artavius Simpson Year ago +49

      Same here brother. I'm a bit taller at 6'5 but I'm literally built like a Defensive End.
      I tell people all the time that I would look small on the court and explain that Curry is only 2 inches shorter than me.

    • Deuce Almightee
      Deuce Almightee Year ago +5

      Same. I was decent height for the 90s…entirely too small in the 2000s.

    • Neuralink
      Neuralink Year ago +15

      I'm 6 foot. I would not even pass as a point guard.

    • Gee
      Gee Year ago +10

      I'm 7ft and I get asked almost everyday if i play ball

  • Patrick OConnor
    Patrick OConnor 9 months ago +2

    as much as hangtime is a myth, the fact that someone can still have that much calmness before that much of takeoff, is actually nuts

  • Mephisto
    Mephisto 11 months ago +1

    it's not because of his hangtime, it's just that his jump is so powerful it can take him so far ahead, farther than most mediocre human. so it's his legs that makes it, not to "stay" afloat, but to go "far".

    • Graham Strouse
      Graham Strouse Month ago

      A lo of it, frankly, his that Jordan has huge bloody hands.

  • ktbeatty
    ktbeatty 11 months ago +1

    Can’t say I agree with you completely on all the “myths,” but I truly appreciate that within the video you directly counter the most likely,
    and obvious, arguments. Few ever bother do that.

  • JDM Engineuity
    JDM Engineuity Year ago

    Honestly that first one's kind of silly because nobody thinks hang Time means you just stay in the air and pause time and gravity. It means that you're staying in the air long enough to get the shot off probably by twisting your body up or bringing your legs up so that you're in the air longer. It was never that complicated. Literally the fact that somebody jumps up and then keeps their legs in the air means that the shot is still viable until they hit the ground.

  • Gary Stepp
    Gary Stepp 4 months ago

    Another thing Michael did that was really cool is he would shoot his shot, especiallly under or near the basket- on his way down -which also prolonged the move

    STROW Year ago +294

    "You can't beat the laws of physics"
    Mj: " And I took that personally"

  • MrOlliguitar
    MrOlliguitar Month ago

    you should include Wilt Chamberlain in the next myth video. i would love to see you pick apart his vertical leap myth.

  • Kamori
    Kamori 11 months ago +1

    I gave up on basketball after middle school, in middle school I was 5' 8" so I was taller than most of my classmates. I played on an intermural basketball team where the only person taller than me was out center at 5' 11". I hoped I would get a big growth spurt throughout highschool, but only ended up gaining 2 more inches and a lot of weight. Granted covid started junior year and I am still trying to burn off the covid weight, I'm comfortable for my height and I can do well in street ball, but anything above that and I can't compete. Though I have massive shoulders and a decent wingspan, but small hands combined with the weight don't help, used to play in post with my friend and then he ended up being 6' 3". P.S the guy who was 5' 11" ended up being 6' 2" and switched from basketball to baseball.

    • Tommy Hofer
      Tommy Hofer 6 months ago

      you only grew 2 inches after middle school?? One of my closest longtime friends is probably gonna end up being 5-6 inches taller than at the end of middle school

  • Icetuga1
    Icetuga1 11 months ago

    Stats may tell a good story but not the whole story. You can´t judge Larry Bird with stats alone especially playing in Boston. The Celtics is the epitome of team first Basketball, it is no surprise that they have such a rich success story as a franchise. Larry Bird was simply the most clutch player i have ever seen alongside Jordan, when the team needed a push there was Larry with ice in his veins just making clutch shots,steals, rebounds you name it. Larry wasn´t anything near the athlete Jordan was, but he still gave him a good run for his money in the few times they played against. And that was already a injuries beat up Larry. So the real myths are made when people just look at stats and think they have all the answers

  • Yuh
    Yuh Year ago

    For Michael's comeback playoffs his strength and endurance wasn't there for defense, so he would regularly be burnt out by the 4th

  • ThrakazogZ
    ThrakazogZ 5 months ago +9

    Spud Web's performance at the 1986 Dunk Contest looked like it practically defied physics.

    • Franz Jones
      Franz Jones 4 months ago

      ⭐️ interesting to point out that although Spud Webbs dunks were impressive af, Jordan actually had a higher recorded vert... Spud Webbs vert was @45" and Jordan's vert was a full 48" in his prime... crazy huh..?

    • T Boggs
      T Boggs 4 months ago

      That's literally what jumping is

  • Nick1994H
    Nick1994H Year ago +158

    As a numbers guy, I can't ever get enough of your vids. The charts and everything you do to explain yourself just blow my mind. Thanks for what you do

    • Rohan Shaik
      Rohan Shaik Year ago +1

      He’s a genius with numbers bro I love it

    • Minoth Kariyawasam
      Minoth Kariyawasam Year ago +1

      I get so annoyed when he exaggerates them by not starting the scale from 0 😂

  • NiGHTS1980
    NiGHTS1980 11 months ago

    In regards to Jordan winning more if he didn't retire, I still he would of. Maybe not both years but at least one. There's also the issue that the Bulls team including coach Phil were dismantled after the 98 season. When they were all at their peak. Had Jordan and the Bulls team been complete for the entire 1990-2000 decade and Jordan didn't lose his father halfway through, I'm sure he would have added at least one more and possibly 2 more titles to his and the teams name. Having grown up and experiencing them first hand, Jordan and the Bulls were just on a different level compared with the others at that time.

  • clint
    clint 4 months ago

    I always thought that hang time just referred to how long they were in the air. They use the phrase hang time for kickoffs and punts as well.

  • Adam Forbes
    Adam Forbes 4 months ago

    The trick is to let the ankles droop and drop in mid flight as if they've lost function. It gives an impression when seen that appears like hang time.

  • Mark Sloan
    Mark Sloan 9 months ago

    Larry Bird was an amazing 3pt shooter without the 3pt shot existing while growing up. NBA added the line his first year (yeah, ABL had it but...). Shooting that well with all that... he'd be even better growing up today. For the Jordan straight Chips... the Bulls roster would have been different, but staying focused and hungry for 8 straight would have been insanely hard too.

  • Ronald Jr. Fabroa
    Ronald Jr. Fabroa 8 months ago

    Honestly it happen to me when I play basketball I am not the best but because of playing basketball every each day and practicing a lot repetition with high speed that I can do. Everything will slow down when you play a serious game or money game you can choose right or left will reverse your lay up and also you can see your enemy thinking by body gesture.

  • Rich M
    Rich M Year ago +113

    Much respect to MJ and The Bulls always. Houston fan for 35 years however, so I really appreciate this! Thanks JXMY!

    • Ron Harris
      Ron Harris Year ago +9

      The frustrating part is you hear people say Hakeem was lucky Jordan retired, when reality is that for those two years Dreem was a dominant as anyone I have ever seen on the court. Jordan is Jordan and for sure has goat status, but let us not pretend that everyone who played why he was retired don't count, especially Houston who won back-to-back, that is a difficult task and IMO proves you were not just some fluke

    • kizznillroy07
      kizznillroy07 Year ago +2

      @Ron Harris Not to mention they did it as the 6th seed the second year.

  • vasjaforutube1
    vasjaforutube1 11 months ago +8

    Huge props to Lonzo Ball for drastically improving his shot not only through 1 offseason, but throughout every single season of his career.

  • Alog Moreno
    Alog Moreno 11 months ago

    the only thing i don't agree on your list is that if MJ did not retire in 1994, I think Horace would've stayed with the Bulls or Jerry Krause would've gotten a replacement for him. The reason why the Bulls lost in the Orlando series is that they don't have that third player who can rebound and match up with the Magic in the paint. So, it's not because MJ was not in basketball shape (that's one factor and it showed during the last leg of those games, look it up how he finished those games, he didn't have the legs to finish like he used to).

  • The Generaliser
    The Generaliser 9 months ago +1

    He is right about '6,1' being the 93 percentile, I'm 6,1 & we had 80 people in our graduation photo & pretty much 7% of the photo are taller than me, one girl & 5 dudes.
    Imagine if shaq was scaled down in height and weight to 5,9 equivalent.
    He wouldn't get a run in a rec centre.

  • Он же Гоша
    Он же Гоша 8 months ago

    Круто, я вроде бы раньше много чего смотрел про Чикаго 90-х, и даже в те годы смотрел финалы. Но впервые реально обратил внимание, благодаря автору этого видео, на реальные причины проигрыша Чикаго Орландо. Спасибо за видео!

  • Relax And Sleep
    Relax And Sleep 8 months ago +6

    Hang time never meant you could actually pause in the air. It was just an expression used to say "wow that player can jump really high it seems like he's floating." But nobody actually thought he was floating. Apparently everybody but this guy knew that.

  • RemyKingKen
    RemyKingKen Year ago +190

    It’s about time someone shows Klay the respect he deserves. The things I’ve seen him do in regards of shooting can only be compared to steph and dame, respectfully

    • Osas
      Osas Year ago +1

      nah i haven't seen his logo game

    • Bilal
      Bilal Year ago +17

      he's better than Dame

    • RemyKingKen
      RemyKingKen Year ago +20

      @Osas did you watch basketball in 2016? He had that one game against kings where he dropped 52, 37 coming in one quarter? He was hitting logo 3’s in that game. He even had one where he pointed at the ground before shooting. Plus the 14 3’s in a game there’s literally no shooter that can get hot as klay and that alone sets him apart from other great shooters. Just fyi lebron and trae were behind dame and steph for logo 3’s and neither of them were ever top 5 shooters. There’s more too it than just range

    • RemyKingKen
      RemyKingKen Year ago +2

      @Bilal in terms of shooting I agree but dames jump shooting ability is comparable to klays

    • Kafka
      Kafka Year ago +6

      @Osas he is consistent, not as flashy as steph

  • swit rexland
    swit rexland Year ago +2

    Jordan came to NBA on the brink of Lakers - Boston showtime / super team because they were aging and close to retirement. Back then basketball was more of a team sport with active movement without the ball. Jordan's iso style won't pass Lakers's / Boston's defense in their prime. Jordan did change the game into more individualistic like nowadays with super players but no more super team. For reference, check how many ring that Dr. J had even with his amazing skill and talent.

  • John Stewart
    John Stewart Month ago

    I always knew that hang time was a myth. I don't know why they had to do tests, it's basic physics. That just makes what MJ could do even more impressive

  • GapGod78
    GapGod78 9 months ago +2

    Well you would be right about the bulls not being able to go 8 in a row, however if Jordan never left the bulls would make the necessary moves that year to make sure they can win again just like you said they did the season after losing to the magic. So although you did a good job explaining that whole spiel, you could’ve done a GREAT job if you use ALL the context of the situation that occurred

  • Pirate Bear
    Pirate Bear Year ago

    Some people are either too young or have gotten too old and their memories are fading. "Hang time" referred to the amount of time you stayed at the peak of your jump because Jordan looked like he was "hanging" in mid air.
    No one actually thought he had some magic ability to hover. It was known that by bringing his feet up at the peak of his jump, it created the illusion of him staying at the top longer. No one thought he defied gravity, but it was a new-ish trick (for the time) that looked neat and he was a star.
    Eventually, the term became used as a way of saying someone had hops or that something lasted longer than normal.

  • Chris Hatfield
    Chris Hatfield 3 months ago

    Love what you do bro!!! how bout a video on how bad the refs are these days.Just fucking crazy. Also a vid on how every single game now has crazy endings. Every game almost. Goes back to refs i guess. Calling fouls to keep the game close.

  • GoodRebelMusic
    GoodRebelMusic Year ago +585

    I'm so confused. For 40 years, I always thought hang time was universally understood to mean time spent off the ground. Had I misunderstood it this whole time? Does it, as this video claims, mean to sustain the peak elevation of the jump over time? It's hard to believe everyone believed Jordan broke the laws of physics.

    • Thomas Schrauwen
      Thomas Schrauwen Year ago +97

      I honestly thought the comment section would be full of comments like this :) It's indeed hard to believe most people believed in that definition of hang time

    • motiv365
      motiv365 Year ago +19

      If you look carefully..why Jordan seems to hang on air longer is because he double pump when jumping..when he jump..during midflight..he will extend his spine and arm longer to give him a bit more height..and that is why he appears to hang on air..you need a very strong spine control and power to pull it off..watch it on slow mo..you will see jt..during midflight..

    • isaaclaughter
      isaaclaughter Year ago +19

      Amen Thomas. Amen Goodrebel music. I had to check and see if anyone else was thinking this too. Lol! People actually truly believed that humans could hang in their air. How is this even a conversation right? The term ‘hang time’ has never ever meant anything other than:”How HIGH/FAR can this guy jump?”
      I should make a video about the Easter-bunny not being a real thing. Some people’s minds might actually be blown.

    • Chris Bera
      Chris Bera Year ago +14

      That is what it means. How long are you in the air for. That's it, nothing else.

  • Martin Wakefield
    Martin Wakefield 11 months ago

    Jimmy, this video is amazing! I was a science major in college so analysis was drilled in to me, and your video would make many a chemist or physicist proud.

  • Danny phantom
    Danny phantom Year ago

    Lol I'm from OKC and I had to watch that Nate Robinson ankle breaker like 10 times when you played the clip of poor Reggie Jackson doing the splits. 😭😭😭😭 Emotional damage physical damage all of that

  • PulseTriangle
    PulseTriangle 9 months ago +1

    I think the Larry bird thing doesn't hold up, because when people say he's the 3 point goat, it means more than just the stats. He helped define the 3 point meta and lead to all those that would surpass his numbers. If he never existed, it's likely the state of 3 point shooters wouldn't be quite as advanced as it is.
    The same argument could be made for most great retired athletes: but the reality is, if they existed in today's leagues they probably would dominate because of their competitive spirit. MJ's numbers might look like shit 50 years from now, but he'll still be the goat. Larry bird is same way.
    Music, cooking, chess, sports, eSports, almost everything that is held in modern competition is adapted by those who dominated in their time.

  • manb4war
    manb4war 9 months ago +2

    This is my first time hearing people actually believed Michael Jordan possessed some magical ability to float in the air. As kids, we always understood that what MJ had was a serious vertical which allowed him to pull off some crazy shots in mid-air. Think of a person who peforms the long jump the higher they jump the farther they travel

    • Robocop
      Robocop 9 months ago

      Yet how many players can dunk with ease from the FT line?

    • J.P. Simen☆
      J.P. Simen☆ 9 months ago

      He did possess magical abilities.

    • J.P. Simen☆
      J.P. Simen☆ 9 months ago

      Zach Lavines free throw dunk looks good.

  • Cory Kutz
    Cory Kutz 9 months ago

    The counter to the final mj one is who would have replaced Oakley and maybe Oakley would’ve come back had Jordan still been there. As you said they replaced him with rodman so its fair to say oakley or another option would’ve been intrigued by playing with Jordan had he not retired so you cant say they would’ve still had those big men problems

    • Lawrence August
      Lawrence August Month ago

      You mean Horace Grant? Oakley was with the Knicks throughout the entire 90s.

  • David Anderegg
    David Anderegg Year ago +51

    Jimmy your storytelling is what is captivating. I mean, compiling the clips is a whole lotta work, but the storytelling behind it is a gift.

  • Pietro Carini
    Pietro Carini 11 months ago

    The person who jumps the highest will be in the air the longest (aka hang time). MJ has the 48" vertical jump NBA record. Hang time is not a myth because some players can jump higher than other players.
    The myth grows around a person like MJ because his athleticism had him doing things that had never been seen before with so much grace and ease compared to his competitors. The impression that he left on people just adds to the truth that he very likely was "hanging" in the air longer than anybody else around him.

  • Rob Disco
    Rob Disco 6 months ago +32

    Imma keep it real I never once in my life even considered the theory a man could be suspended in the air through forces that are unknown.. so to me to hear that people actually thought that is intriguing to me

    • LORDbibby42
      LORDbibby42 4 months ago +2

      True, but if we're basing our studies on one person, and that person is Jordan Farmer, I think we need more candidates 🤣🤣🤣

    • Keith Nowak
      Keith Nowak 4 months ago +1

      I think some players just have so much hops that when we see "levitation" they are merely transferring from elevating to descending.

    • ELFanatic
      ELFanatic 4 months ago +1

      nobody did. this video is weird

    • xyrena xypot
      xyrena xypot 4 months ago

      and they made a research about it. that is worse.

    • Jp Fitzpatrick
      Jp Fitzpatrick 4 months ago

      No one thought that.

  • PhatLvis
    PhatLvis 8 months ago +6

    "Hang time" has never meant "time spent paused in mid-air;" it has always been well-understood to mean simply how long a person jumping stays in the the air - from the moment his toe leaves earth to moment in lands.

    • Chemicalkinetics
      Chemicalkinetics 8 months ago

      Yes, it does. Some people used to say Jordan can hang it the air. It does not mean he can jump higher. It means people believe he can float somehow.

    • Max Villa
      Max Villa 6 months ago

      Like are R Kelly🍻😈

  • SmxkingAlone Beats
    SmxkingAlone Beats 9 months ago

    Bro I remember not knowing who Jordan Farmar was, as a lot were in the same boat. But that dudes athleticism was CRAZY. I wish he had a bigger impact in the league.

  • Pete Sauce
    Pete Sauce 10 months ago

    Bird wasn't shooting 3's most plays, and he wasn't using a scheme to end up with open threes. He was shaking dudes off, to hit contested threes.

  • Captain Carrot
    Captain Carrot Year ago +115

    “When a player reaches greatness, he becomes the man, the myth, and the legend, you just gotta know which is which.”

  • Perry Webb
    Perry Webb Year ago

    I agree with most of what you said about practice shoot around but steph curry sinking 94 of 100 threes is incredible so I respectfully disagree about practice being automatic.

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith 9 months ago

    If Jordan was better in 95 than he was in 96, that’s probably because he was getting older and losing a bit of his super quickness. You can’t tell us that he wouldn’t have been quicker in 94 than 96 - only a couple of years before retiring again.

  • topnotch3232
    topnotch3232 10 months ago

    I’m so glad jimmy made the point about these videos of players making 8-15 shots in a row not being very impressive. Anybody who played basketball at a varsity or higher level understands this. Even good HIGH SCHOOL players make damn near every shot they put up when they’re just shooting around. I’m not talking about 5 star recruits going to UCLA after they graduate, I’m talking about unranked nobodies that are going to in n out after they graduate lol. Any solid basketball player that has a good jumper knocks down like 80 percent of their shoot around jump shots. I could literally go into the gym today, literally a nobody, and get a video of me making 10+ wide open 3s in a row, let alone NBA PLAYERS lol. Making jump shots and getting buckets are two different things.

  • Dolaski
    Dolaski 11 months ago

    Thank you for a realistic point of view on the league!

  • Angelo Dizon
    Angelo Dizon 10 months ago +1

    Bro you had Andre Drummond as an example of somebody working on his freethrows. He literally elevated his free-throw game over an offseason wdym

  • 3.75 is the way
    3.75 is the way 10 months ago

    I would love to see Larry in today’s league! Just sitting back and tossing 10-15 3’s a game wide open looks! He would smash the league

  • frankie toolin
    frankie toolin 9 months ago

    Solid video. I like how you bring up the team change, loss of Grant. The focus is always on Jordan but we forget the magic of the team .

  • illuminated Ninja
    illuminated Ninja 8 months ago

    Doesnt matter if Jordan's Dunk isnt sci-fi breaking to the smartest person what matters is that he flew in the eyes of the everyday person and that's all that is needed to make you believe