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THE NIGHT SHIFT: we tried chicago deep dish pizza

  • Published on Jul 22, 2020 veröffentlicht
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    on today's episode we eat to a point of near-combustion as we visit chicago powerhouses portillo's hot dogs and giordano's pizza, plus we take a tour of the house lana evacuated to come to la, and then some floating, kayaking, driving, and a huge argument to end things off. this episode slaps to be completely honest.
    so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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  • Mike Majlak Vlogs
    Mike Majlak Vlogs  2 years ago +1249

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    • Ashley A
      Ashley A Year ago

      Next time your in Chicago try The Silo in Lake Bluff

    • Malachi Chanthasena
      Malachi Chanthasena 2 years ago

      Those deep dish pizzas are a pain in the fucking ass to make.

    • Cool Cool
      Cool Cool 2 years ago +1

      Hey Mike eat peeps Pizza

    • Jubjub205
      Jubjub205 2 years ago

      Yo me and my family were next to when you took your thumbnail

    • daxi7324
      daxi7324 2 years ago

      Idk man....as an italian all those pizzas look fucking disgusting to me

  • Gavin Hatch
    Gavin Hatch 2 years ago +9779

    Idk why, but Lana is really good at being on camera. I wonder where she gets it from.

  • Jenzy11
    Jenzy11 2 years ago +1632

    One minute of silence for Italian people that are seeing this pizza...

    • alessio proietti
      alessio proietti 5 months ago


    • Matteo Dell'Amico
      Matteo Dell'Amico 10 months ago

      Let’s agree on the fact that no matter what americans or mike say, even new york’s pizza is shit for an italian.

    • 121 124
      121 124 Year ago

      @Yung Goon its not a pizza bud its a casserole dough bowl

    • dubb
      dubb Year ago

      thx man

    • Tommy77
      Tommy77 Year ago


  • Yolanda Salvador
    Yolanda Salvador Year ago +159

    Lana is REALLY good, she's such a compliment to the show.

    • Mohamed Zokailah
      Mohamed Zokailah Year ago

      See is better in another stuff too lmao

    • Ben LeBlanc
      Ben LeBlanc Year ago +1

      @Jess Conway har har.

    • Jess Conway
      Jess Conway Year ago +3

      She has spent a lot of time on camera if u know what I mean

  • Joseph Porter
    Joseph Porter 2 years ago +564

    My man Mike just played himself guzzling those glzzies like his life depended on it🤦‍♂️

    • Usama Nadeem
      Usama Nadeem 2 years ago +5

      Dude change that profile pic 😒

    • Derek Rose
      Derek Rose 2 years ago +17

      I thought your profile photo was like an eyelash on my phone at first lol..

    • Yuky Mix 1
      Yuky Mix 1 2 years ago


    • Pink Guy
      Pink Guy 2 years ago +2

      Im dead 🤣🤣

    • Sebastian Diaz
      Sebastian Diaz 2 years ago +11

      been under ayo review

  • Happy
    Happy 2 years ago +4

    Bro Mike knows how to entertain, I couldn’t stop watching this vlog!!

  • Mr Hussain
    Mr Hussain 2 years ago +3783

    Still can't believe that this dude got his celebrity crush to fall in love with him. And he did it by being himself. 👑

    • allah bless
      allah bless 10 months ago

      Lmaoooooo simp, it's called Money 🤡

    • _swmc8_
      _swmc8_ Year ago

      Logan Paul is literally Mike Majlak lol. Mike is an extension of Logan as much as he wants to deny it.

    • Brodnax
      Brodnax Year ago

      @Cory John mike has never been rich?? He wouldn't even be shit without logan.. look at his net worth. Not rich..

    • Jerecho Fajardo
      Jerecho Fajardo Year ago

      @Springfield Pervert she has over 16mil on Instagram for modeling lmao 😂 if you think she’s with him fro game you dumb asl

    • shabs 24
      shabs 24 Year ago

      seriously lmfao she used him like a tool. opened her up to a whole new audience

  • Strategist
    Strategist 2 years ago

    I was very skeptical watching this but it's infectious how happy you two are and I love it.

  • Brian Crux
    Brian Crux 2 years ago +154

    You can definitely tell she’s more comfortable on camera now

    • Yuky Mix 1
      Yuky Mix 1 2 years ago


    • Irving Rojas
      Irving Rojas 2 years ago +2

      @Z Three Two yup I wonder how she got used to cameras around must be genetics huh??

    • Z Three Two
      Z Three Two 2 years ago +4

      @Irving Rojas elite

    • Irving Rojas
      Irving Rojas 2 years ago +23

      Hasn't she always been??

  • Almighty. Natez
    Almighty. Natez 2 years ago

    I'm glad y'all are still going strong

  • TheBomber
    TheBomber 2 years ago

    Buen video man👌🏻
    Son muy divertidos

  • Adnan A
    Adnan A 2 years ago +2123

    They’re an unconventional couple but I like their relationship more than a lot of other ones on social media.

      NINETEEN Year ago

      Stop stalking them you freak!!

    • Yuky Mix 1
      Yuky Mix 1 2 years ago


    • Arnold Wayne
      Arnold Wayne 2 years ago

      So you be keeping up with other peoples relationships?

    • Raja Choudhary
      Raja Choudhary 2 years ago

      Yooo Adnan didnt expect to see you here bro

    • Calgary Planes
      Calgary Planes 2 years ago +1

      it doesn't make sense for her that this would be fake, she could spend her time doing so many other business ventures that would be far more lucrative than spending time with Mike. Obviously it's real

  • Davo Flatts
    Davo Flatts Year ago

    I’m from CT. I’m glad Mike really let em have it. There is absolutely no way that dog shit pizza even comes close to measuring up with any pizza in CT let alone Sally’s. That pizza was absolutely preposterous

  • Meetraj Mahida
    Meetraj Mahida 2 years ago

    My man mike proves that love can be happen with anyone, love you brother

  • AJ Golfis
    AJ Golfis Year ago

    Being a Chicagoan and seeing the places you are eating at, I am very satisfied. You did well, classic spots.

  • Iriana Pineda
    Iriana Pineda 2 years ago

    You guys look so happy! I love it!!!

  • Robyn-Lee Swan
    Robyn-Lee Swan 2 years ago +692

    Not gonna lie but since Lana came on TNS, the episodes are so much more lit and fun to watch. Lana and Mike bounce of each other positives energy. Good stuff

    • Lestell Alfred
      Lestell Alfred Month ago +1


    • Yuky Mix 1
      Yuky Mix 1 2 years ago


    • JustBecause Gaming
      JustBecause Gaming 2 years ago +1

      @Mr Popo yes...thats how the world works buddy. it isnt a slang terms or youth language, a generation is a length of time and people born between 1995 and 2015 are known as gen-z
      in my context i was referring to the vast group of gen-z that get offended over the tiniest little insults that shouldnt even need bringing attention to because they are so insignificant

    • Julia Musk
      Julia Musk 2 years ago


    • JustBecause Gaming
      JustBecause Gaming 2 years ago +1

      @oose The Night Shift

  • DarkE
    DarkE 2 years ago

    Loving that this is becoming a food review channel

  • Tommys Raw
    Tommys Raw 2 years ago +2

    Please please please upload more food adventures Mike. Food is fkn life ❤️

  • KayD828
    KayD828 Year ago +1

    I live in Chicago I absolutely love everything about this city. Also not only is Lana flawless but she has a quirky personality I fuck with it

  • Molly Navarro
    Molly Navarro 2 years ago +1

    I love Lana!!! She’s so real. She even makes picking the nose look good! 🖤

  • RoRoJnR
    RoRoJnR 2 years ago +415

    It’s crazy seeing how lana progressively falls in love with mike more and more every episode, like she used to be shy as fuck and wouldn’t know what to say now she’s running the show and really showing her personality

    • BEep Bleep
      BEep Bleep 2 years ago +7

      ikr she use to hide her body and everything and wouldnt show a hair of skin......
      sorry wrong lana

    • Alicia Castro
      Alicia Castro 2 years ago +14

      we love love that for her 😌😂😂

  • Rudy V
    Rudy V 2 years ago +1

    I like how real they are being tho haha

  • Ghnb Trcv
    Ghnb Trcv 2 years ago +1

    More food videos please :)

  • Nicole J
    Nicole J 2 years ago

    Love these 2 together ❤️❤️❤️

  • Mukul Bisht
    Mukul Bisht 2 years ago +2

    Mikes living his life! Being bossy to lana roades!😂

  • Isabel Brown Loss
    Isabel Brown Loss 2 years ago +415

    I feel like mike and Amara’s relationship is healthier than ever.. I’m happy for them :)

    • Yuky Mix 1
      Yuky Mix 1 2 years ago


    • Isabel Brown Loss
      Isabel Brown Loss 2 years ago

      Jason rodriguez Im not saying I KNOW.. It just seems that way but I might be wrong

    • Jason rodriguez
      Jason rodriguez 2 years ago

      and you would know how? Clip-Share videos are what people choose to let people see

    • Matthew Tyson
      Matthew Tyson 2 years ago

      Jack Woods I guess that’s kinda what I meant

    • Clementine
      Clementine 2 years ago

      @Jack Woods ohhh wow. Im dumb, thanks lol

  • Chris Martinez
    Chris Martinez 2 years ago

    I was just in chicago to, I would of shit bricks if I saw you 2, next time for Chicago's best deep dish pizza you have to try Lou Malnatis the locals said it's better than Giordanos. I loved it

  • Resident Duke
    Resident Duke 2 years ago

    They make a great team 👍

  • Hamzinii
    Hamzinii 2 years ago +242

    Ok but all jokes aside they’re actually really good together

    • JackJackKcajify
      JackJackKcajify 2 years ago +4

      they really are great. she wants to get out of porn and live a new life and he gets his dream girl. They also connect u can tell

    • Edicius for Revenge
      Edicius for Revenge 2 years ago


    • Nathan U.
      Nathan U. 2 years ago


    • WeRAnonymous 420
      WeRAnonymous 420 2 years ago +8

      He's in it for the pussy obviously... Said she wants to settle down and he doesn't, who finds a girl that good looking that actually wants to settle down and doesn't want to do it.

    • Hoang Vo
      Hoang Vo 2 years ago +2


  • Amy
    Amy 2 years ago

    I’m glad you guys went to Portillo‘s because it’s definitely a staple and it’s amazing!! Next time you go to the Chi make sure you try Lou Malnati‘s instead of Giordano‘s... it’s definitely better!!!

  • Criptufu
    Criptufu 2 years ago +444

    I knew that america was addicted to fast food but GODDAM they literally blended a piece of cake!

    • TC MOTO
      TC MOTO 2 years ago +2

      I love freedom 🇺🇸 🍕

    • Josh Husky
      Josh Husky 2 years ago


    • Gele Banaan
      Gele Banaan 2 years ago

      TJ B he just means unhealthy food altogether.

    • TJ B
      TJ B 2 years ago

      Cake isn’t fast food

    • Sam
      Sam 2 years ago

      I’ve had it before and it’s so good

  • kth_lithe
    kth_lithe 2 years ago +1

    lmao i was laughing so much when they were outside with the pizza😭

  • puctbridge
    puctbridge 2 years ago +29

    The day she stops trying to assert her ownership of him by making him carry her lady bags... is when I would be worried! If I were him.

  • BP forever
    BP forever Year ago

    I’m really loving lana. Her personality is very good and i like it

  • M. R
    M. R 2 years ago

    I used to judge but they low key so good together , good for you mike 😭

  • Golf God
    Golf God 2 years ago +43

    Lanas energy in this vlog is so positive , you can tell she really loves you and is just genuinely happy to travel with you .

  • You
    You 2 years ago +12

    These 2 have done more in Chicago than I have my lifetime living here

  • Turner Sykes
    Turner Sykes Year ago

    Can you make a playlist with all the food videos I am binge watching them but it’s lowkey a force scrolling to find them

  • H B
    H B Year ago

    I was in chicago 3 years ago, went to the same restaurant to taste the pizza. It was good, but its way overrated. Idk why people say its the best pizza ever made...

  • jrtishner
    jrtishner Year ago

    I fucking love Mike dude lmao 🤣 LET'S GOOO

  • Mattie Junior
    Mattie Junior 2 years ago +331

    ngl Mike seems like he’s never been happier before within the last 6 months

    • Julia Musk
      Julia Musk 2 years ago


    • vishal vivek
      vishal vivek 2 years ago +18

      True and i hope that it remains like that for a long time....He has been through a lot ...he deserves all the happiness,success and love he is getting...Btw Amara is hilarious.

  • Matthew Tv
    Matthew Tv Year ago

    Mike is living the life with a girl we boys all wanted

  • KoolJKat
    KoolJKat 2 years ago

    I'm Italian and a few years back I went to the exact spot Barnaby's Pizza like 6 years ago and it wasn't as bad as it was today but now the weird crust and shit, this place has just gone down hill and should be replaced with a portillo's.

  • Oscar CH
    Oscar CH 2 years ago

    Haha mike!! These vlogs are so cool haha

  • Jeff
    Jeff 2 years ago

    4:28 its really crazy how so many people see such an obviously toxic relationship going on ON CAMERA and people don't say anything. Mike is so fucking whipped to the chain, its unreal. The "holding the bag for her" is deeper than it is. Lana is using the holding the bag for her as leverage so Mike knows that he is inferior to her and controls him on a leash.
    Unreal how so many people just ignore it

  • Sidhi-Boys Podcast
    Sidhi-Boys Podcast 2 years ago +488

    Mike: looks mad
    Lana: "oh no daddy's gonna spank me"

  • H. B
    H. B 2 years ago

    This bag picking thing cracks me up everytime😂😂

  • Anahi
    Anahi 2 years ago

    Mike and Lana need to create a channel together!

  • MortalGuide
    MortalGuide Year ago

    Bro this guy is cracking me up. I’m from CT and we all know that New Haven it’s the best pizza literally how they used to do it in Naples before they came over here. Sally’s baby if it’s good enough for Frank Sinatra then it’s good for me. Brought my girl there same to impart this knowledge on her 😂

  • Dizzle47 Daking
    Dizzle47 Daking 2 years ago

    Mikes pretty damn good at sponsoring things that current card segment was nice

  • Samuel Fogel
    Samuel Fogel 2 years ago +45

    Guys the Giordano’s pizza isn’t technically deep dish, it’s stuffed. Best deep dish in Chicago is Labriola, then My Pi and then Pequods.

    • legofan1799
      legofan1799 Year ago

      It's called stuffed but it's still deep dish lol

    • Singularity
      Singularity Year ago +1

      I'm from Chicago and I can confirm lou's is infinitely better than any other place, also when he called it a lasagna I felt to disrespected these retards hatig on godly pizza.

    • The Weekdy
      The Weekdy 2 years ago

      Pequods #1 in my book

    • Yuky Mix 1
      Yuky Mix 1 2 years ago


    • Jibriel Saqibuddin
      Jibriel Saqibuddin 2 years ago

      Samuel Fogel nah bro I’m from north shore. I know my za from north to south. No way labriola tips lou my guy

  • Jonathan Kim
    Jonathan Kim 2 years ago +1

    yo lana actually seems chill and like seems like a fun person to be around

  • J Kwon
    J Kwon 2 years ago +3

    Barnaby's was more of like a cheap fix for pizza back in the day I used to live real close to it. You should've went to Lou malnatis for the deep dish! ✌️

  • M
    M 2 years ago +1

    Mikey you gotta try a 50/50 😂
    Go to a fast food place, order a large Vanilla Coke, order a vanilla frosty, take that frosty dump it in the Vanilla Coke, stir it and drink it

  • Yahya Khan
    Yahya Khan 2 years ago +1072

    everybody: "comes for lana and the vibes"
    me: comes for the food review and mikes quality commentary

  • Kassandra OB
    Kassandra OB Year ago

    She’s adorable and I like watching her on her channel, but she had trouble respecting Mike’s boundaries. I’ve been there and done it before when I was younger. It is hard when you feel like you love them so much that they’ll leave. But, at the end of the day no one benefits from the behavior. 😭

  • chipsthedog1
    chipsthedog1 2 years ago

    What's it say about me that I'm jealous of Mike but for the food he gets to try

  • WhirlingApe
    WhirlingApe Year ago

    It’s true from being sober for 2 years food is the best thing ever!!! Hands down. You know who you are you can relate

  • jeromeee salomeo
    jeromeee salomeo 2 years ago

    literally the most underrated couple!!! ❤️

  • neowww
    neowww 2 years ago +20

    I love Amara's and mike's energy it is so good and I love them together

  • Joe Saucedo
    Joe Saucedo Year ago

    Hey Mike I know you’ll never read this but just letting you know you a big inspiration in every way ! I’ve been sober now for 3 hrs but it’s still a huge struggle every day. Anyway your girl Lana is Amazing her attitude overall a great person you should marry the shit out of her best couple ever!!

  • Don_Monke_ApeLeone
    Don_Monke_ApeLeone Year ago +5

    “Oh no,daddy is gonna spank me” i....this fucking made me drop on the ground laughing 🤣🤣🤣

  • Trinity Entertainment
    Trinity Entertainment 2 years ago

    For people who say they don't wear mask much or properly...it's cuz they want the audience to hear them well

  • El Jefe
    El Jefe Year ago

    Damn she talks and naturally acts super cute and innocent but since she’s a freak it’s makes her perfect. I see it now

  • Tiffanie Barnette
    Tiffanie Barnette 2 years ago +37

    These vlogs make me feel a type of way NO other content on Clip-Share does... Mike is so UNDERRATED and deserves so much more recognition with his channel!! No matter what these videos ALWAYS cheer me up && make me laugh my ass off!! Hands down best Clip-Share channel EVER!!!!! 👏🏻🤣💖

  • Ricardo Gooding
    Ricardo Gooding Year ago

    Bruh why does mike always take so much of the cheese out🤣

  • Ella Marie's Vlogs
    Ella Marie's Vlogs 2 years ago +1

    These 2 have got amazing chemistry ❤️ and Lana is super funny and very dirty 🙈😂 I wonder where that comes from 🤭🙈

  • musicfuckinsucks
    musicfuckinsucks Year ago +1

    they have more chemistry than me with myself

  • Bradley Stanley
    Bradley Stanley 2 years ago

    3 minute in and they done more stuff then I ever have 😂

  • Dylan Print
    Dylan Print 2 years ago +341

    Looking at that pizza and I don’t think my mouth has ever watered so much😂

    • Dylan Print
      Dylan Print 2 years ago

      Isaac Bruskiewicz I said can you read

    • Clementine
      Clementine 2 years ago

      @Ryan Boehk lmaoo!

    • Isaac Bruskiewicz
      Isaac Bruskiewicz 2 years ago

      Watering from Lana or the pizza

    • Tommy
      Tommy 2 years ago

      That's how all of illinois is

    • ZOLO1
      ZOLO1 2 years ago

      I've had it

  • David Ruiz
    David Ruiz 2 years ago

    Never seen mikes videos they're actually dope

  • x0tris
    x0tris 2 years ago +73

    Can we all agree that Lana’s eyes are something else😧😍 or just her in general😂

  • Aline P
    Aline P 2 years ago

    Still I wonder how on earth they can be hungry enough to eat all of that.

  • g3t clapp3d boi
    g3t clapp3d boi 2 years ago

    Am I the only one that actually went to the store and bought a cake just to try it

  • Colin Jacob
    Colin Jacob 2 years ago +47

    Mike” No one ever touches this bean”
    Baylen Levine” Hold my drink”

  • Dr. Sleep
    Dr. Sleep 2 years ago

    Lana’s spent her whole life preparing for the thumbnail of this video and it shows

  • Marlina
    Marlina Year ago +3

    I looked up deep dish pizza and was wondering why she looked so familiar... 😂

  • TheToxicTrucker
    TheToxicTrucker 2 years ago

    I adore her and him together.

  • SaintlyRich
    SaintlyRich 2 years ago +405

    When she crumpled up your OG night shift sign... 😖 I felt that... these girls always doing the most sometimes 😪

    • Rica
      Rica 2 years ago +3

      @Jesus Morales "I woke up Chris breezy"

    • Jesus Morales
      Jesus Morales 2 years ago +11

      He was going to Chris brown her

    • Caroline DeLauro
      Caroline DeLauro 2 years ago +6

      I died laughing, you're not wrong

    OBS ANT 2 years ago

    I love lanas personally she makes the vids so damn better

  • nate
    nate Year ago +5

    Lana: crumbles night shift sign. Mike: are you out of your mind???!!! Lana again: Oh no! daddy's gonna spank me

  • Kaulana Kealoha-Hanawahine

    Here In 2021 still wondering WTF happened between these two. I thought it was perfect.

  • Blake Thomas
    Blake Thomas 2 years ago

    As an Australian i'm happy with just a zinger box, but Americans take it to another level...

  • Albert Healey
    Albert Healey 2 years ago +480

    Lana to mike: u always make the same jokes
    Also Lana: ItS sO BiG

    • Yuky Mix 1
      Yuky Mix 1 2 years ago


    • Stained Shirt
      Stained Shirt 2 years ago +1

      @Josef Goebbels Still funny tho

    • Thic Randy
      Thic Randy 2 years ago

      Also lana: i DoNt dO pORn aNyMoRE

  • Nas
    Nas 2 years ago +1

    Lmaooooooo when Lana is holding the sign arguing 😂😂😂😂😂🔥 I fkn love yu guys. Mike why can’t yu be like this on the fkn podcast Lolol

  • Heather B
    Heather B 2 years ago +3

    "so why did you guys break up? cause he called my favorite pizza place shit!" lol i love pizza fights cause nobody can agree on what's the best pizza ever. you gotta try Graziano's in Corona Cali though. it's so good!

  • Charles Noble
    Charles Noble 2 years ago +3

    She took him to the real spots ! She’s a real Chicagoan!!!

  • Miron Zachorski
    Miron Zachorski 2 years ago

    Polish hot dog😂😂😂 Oj Polacy czemu my zawsze jesteśmy tacy ch...ujowi

  • Jenson Hill
    Jenson Hill 2 years ago +15

    The food vlogs are really love, hate with me. I love them because the food always looks so good but I hate them because I end up getting hungry and wanting the food😭😂

  • oguzkaan ozgoren
    oguzkaan ozgoren 2 years ago

    Mike can you please do a food episode in the Great White North (Canada), we need some exposure here

  • Chae Yuuu
    Chae Yuuu 2 years ago

    Lana is absolutely amazing, she even pics boyfriends who have no money

  • Gaming with nasaduck
    Gaming with nasaduck 2 years ago

    I am glad I went there before COVID it was an awesome experience

  • QuinntonB
    QuinntonB 2 years ago

    Lana has the driest humor and its the greatest thing of all time

  • Michelle
    Michelle 2 years ago +123

    I love that Lana was able to leave her old house like it’s nothing. What a bad ass queen.

    • 4ener
      4ener 2 years ago +1


  • Monty Christoe
    Monty Christoe Year ago

    Never known a couple to have an argument about pizza

  • vindifferent
    vindifferent 2 years ago +7

    How are people still eating fast food in public right now? Can't imagine.

  • Susan S
    Susan S 2 years ago +514

    This girl looks really familiar. Was she in a commercial?

    • Neil Muir
      Neil Muir Year ago

      I think a Colgate toothpaste commercial.

    • Æ
      Æ Year ago +1

      Yea quite a lot of commercials

    • Javier Del val Raasch
      Javier Del val Raasch Year ago

      @ruddy ruben gutierrez calero que pasó wacho diselo bien claro dile

    • J B
      J B 2 years ago

      Commercial for blocked holes

    • JRmando Craft
      JRmando Craft 2 years ago +1

      She's a superheroe


    Jajajaj cada vez que veo a lana comiendo salchichas recuerdo sus escenas

  • CJR4
    CJR4 2 years ago +30

    Love it when you two are just yourselves not playing a character, 2 great people with great personalities

    • CJR4
      CJR4 2 years ago +2

      Fate OW mike does have a great batty

    • Chris brown fan
      Chris brown fan 2 years ago +2

      Yes they are not faking

    • General OW
      General OW 2 years ago +2

      2 great people and 1 great ass.

    • Jdabomb93
      Jdabomb93 2 years ago +2

      Need more people like them.