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Daniel Negreanu High Stakes Poker Season 9 Highlights!

  • Published on May 26, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Rico Calde
    Rico Calde  +128

    Watching Daniel being Daniel is always a pleasure. The man is a legend.

  • Hugh Jorgan

    He’s always fun to watch but I prefer a drunk DNegs doing multiple politically-incorrect accents and spot-on impressions at the table. Highly entertaining.

  • Tom Price
    Tom Price  +266

    I never get tired of Gabe Kaplan's announcing.

  • Jack McGovern

    This is why Daniel is timeless, he never uses that old poker player attitude “I was in the top 10 players 20 years ago so I always will be” He knew he wasn’t even in the top 100 and had to modernise his game, he’s levelled up so much this last 24 months

  • Bhodisatvas

    He is my fave player to study, fascinating character to watch because he is so nice yet so deadly at the same time and so hard to read.

  • Gary M
    Gary M  +113

    Gotta tip my hat, dnegs really is a crusher. The 175k river bluff took the heart of a lion

  • Santa Clause

    Playing Polk in that HU challenge was the best million bucks he ever spent, made him so much better. He made that million back quick.

  • Dani
    Dani  +190

    Love Dwan at the end: "show the bluff" hahaha

  • Jason Shields

    It’s hilarious on that first hand both Ivey and Antonius knew Daniel was bluffing . Ivey was staring Daniel down hard and he wasn’t even in the hand 😂😂

  • Tyler Serratore

    the 200K call with pocket 10s is just insane! Amazing Call


    Daniel is unbelievable ! Im not at this table but i felt the pressure of these players against him 😂

  • Philip Tucker

    Watching high stakes poker as an adult brings back so many memories of watching this as a kid 😭

  • HE Media

    Total superstar of poker. He can read the other players like a book.

  • Waza81 Shotz

    Legend of the game and continues to improve.

  • Davide Massa


  • Lalo Dominguez

    I love when Daniel calls these all in bluffs. Like a boss

  • 鸟小
    鸟小  +2

    Cant imagine playing with the likes of Dwan and Dneg at the table. These guys just read you with pinpoint accuracy

  • Ghost Hunter

    Can’t believe Doyle is still playing. Absolute legend

  • Ben Sheaves

    It was nice to a see a Phil Ivey this season looking like he is actually enjoying himself at the poker table

  • C Chan
    C Chan  +1

    It’s great watching so many legends on one table. Just need Hansen and antonio