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Israel Adesanya On Andrew Tate

  • Published on Nov 9, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Didgori Rising

    Izzy might be goofy at times but he always stands his ground when it comes to the “cancel mob” respect

  • nitesh
    nitesh  +7

    "if he shows respect, i show respect, i take things at face value"

  • Sergio C
    Sergio C  +970

    "U can't hang out with people, WTF" lol gold

  • PGForceZ
    PGForceZ  +12

    "If he shows respect to me I'll show it to him"

  • michelle obama gaming

    "Almost as famous as you."

  • Dave Log
    Dave Log  +600

    I hope this guy gets his title back. He’s a class act and want him to beat his demons

  • im_095
    im_095  +25

    'Almost as famous as you'....brudda, Izzy shows up on my feed 1 in every 1000 shorts, Tate is 1 in 3

  • Adam Waters
    Adam Waters 7 hours ago +2

    "You can't cancel anyone"

  • Grant Jones

    You can’t cancel anyone but you can be seriously suppressed

  • Leinad
    Leinad  +10

    “Almost as famous as you” 💀 bro Andrew Tate was the worlds most googled man

  • Cloud Striker

    Izzy IS MAD respectable! IZZY IS THE MAN who stands his ground

  • crypto plank

    Facts you can't cancel anyone izzy is a top g

  • Mr. Popo
    Mr. Popo  +922

    This dude has earned my respect "you can't cancel anyone" well said

  • Stafford Davis

    A person can be canceled…

  • -RR-
    -RR-  +1

    If they ever trained together, imagine being in Andrew Tate’s shoes and having the honour of training with someone like Israel Adesanya. WOULD BE AWESOME!

  • Hung Nguyen

    “Almost as famous as you…”

  • Wuntha Aung

    “I’m not a guy” 💀

  • MattTheMatt

    "you can't cancel anyone", THIS MAN LIVING UNDER A ROCK.

  • maiastraa

    "Almost as famous as you.."😂

  • Sir Keyon

    You can’t cancel anyone 💯💯💯