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Bendable Rocks Are Weird

  • Published on Jun 4, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • I show you pieces of Itacolumite which is bendable yellow sandstone.
    See the full video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYnwO...
    Subscribe to my main channel here: clip-share.net/channel/UC1VL...
    Thanks to Leeds Museum for letting me use their video of the bending rock: clip-share.net/user/leedsmus...
    Thanks to Nigel Chivers for letting me use his video of the bendable rock: clip-share.net/user/drystone...
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  • UnoffiXiaL
    UnoffiXiaL Year ago +69328

    When u wanted to be a rubber but due to family pressure u became a rock

  • Husami No o
    Husami No o 4 months ago +9580

    Him:*bends the rock gently*
    Me:don't be shyy bend it more!

    • williamaftons"cream"jar
      williamaftons"cream"jar 16 days ago


    • Honaok99
      Honaok99 18 days ago

      Him: oh god yes keep going I’m going to come, to your house in an hour

    • Abir
      Abir 20 days ago

      It's a rare rock so they don't wanna break it

    • Zaroo
      Zaroo Month ago

      "I- I can't! It's wiggly"

    • muhammad ashshiddieqi
      muhammad ashshiddieqi Month ago


  • MechaTrex90
    MechaTrex90 5 months ago +3316

    This took earthbending to a whole different level..

  • the rel rel rel rel rel rel rel rel rel rel eric

    Imagine someone lives where this is found and they thought bendable rocks were normal

    • SLFT47
      SLFT47 6 hours ago

      @LightSpeedFury01 your missing out

    • LightSpeedFury01
      LightSpeedFury01 Day ago

      @SLFT47 no?

    • SLFT47
      SLFT47 Day ago

      @LightSpeedFury01 how about the videos where you start a reply on a comment and all the rest of the comments chain along☠️

    • LightSpeedFury01
      LightSpeedFury01 Day ago

      @SLFT47 On one video I made a comment and it literally turned into 1 person who was like really rude and everyone else even though he sent 1 message they were all fighting against them and it blew up into like 500 likes.

    • SLFT47
      SLFT47 Day ago

      @TheDeadOfNight37 😹😹it was mc video thats unfairly easy to get high comments with rabdom words or quotes

    RED SHADOW 3 days ago +3

    "This is a normal rock."
    *breaks it*
    "This is a turboflex rock"
    *wiggles it*

  • Felix Stjerna
    Felix Stjerna Year ago +75432

    Imagine punching a mountain when you’re angry and the whole thing just *wobbles*

    • gardensofthegods
      gardensofthegods Day ago

      Hahaha that's a good one ... that's really cool

    • Super bear
      Super bear 5 days ago


    • berkant aytekin
      berkant aytekin 7 days ago

      Punching a montain what are you superman🦸‍♂️

    • Jrod
      Jrod 13 days ago

      Im either strong as hell or I hit the mountains funny bone

    • Klara Barunović
      Klara Barunović 16 days ago

      Like when Vector from Despicable me stole a whole ass pyramid in Giza and replaced it with wobbly replica

  • voorhoofdt
    voorhoofdt 4 days ago

    I wonder if its bending ability changes in different temperatures

  • ankyie
    ankyie 5 days ago

    What if... Rocks were always soft, but get hard when you touch it ? 💀
    Meanwhile this is an exception:

  • Bobby William
    Bobby William 2 months ago +7

    Science: “This is bendable rock!”
    Me: “Earths Fleshy Wiggly Bits”

  • nakuldan gadhavi
    nakuldan gadhavi 4 days ago

    If pyramids were made of bendable rocks it would have been into British museum today

  • MegaVikingen
    MegaVikingen Year ago +7908

    "The way it locks together is sort of like chain mail..."
    Imagine making armor out of bendable rock though.

    • beef
      beef Year ago

      You'd be fatrolling everywhere though

      WOWDEVON Year ago

      @Zeb Dawson only the strongest warriors are bestowed the rock armor

    • Jerry Green
      Jerry Green Year ago

      Like Havel in Dark Souls

    • Jayaprakash HJ
      Jayaprakash HJ Year ago

      Brother, it's a natural wonder. We should admire the beauty but you already have a military plans for it. Why this crazy war state of mind?

    • Agni Kai
      Agni Kai Year ago

      Toph joined the group

  • Genosix (GD)
    Genosix (GD) Day ago

    **Casually breaks rock with his hand**

  • Kieran
    Kieran 4 days ago +1

    Normal Rock: *Crack*
    Turboflex Rock: *Push*

  • Antonio Tejada
    Antonio Tejada 3 days ago

    The only bendable rock? **coughs in mica and asbestos**

  • SLFT47
    SLFT47 2 days ago

    What happens if you snap the bendible rock?☠️

  • iska
    iska Year ago +34095

    This guy: Slightly bends rock.
    Me: *bend it more*

    • Abir
      Abir 20 days ago

      They don't want to break the rock because it's very rare

    • Its_Me_Romano
      Its_Me_Romano Month ago

      @Udit Pratap Singh don't care. Bend

    • Bacon Animatic
      Bacon Animatic 2 months ago


    • Zack White
      Zack White 2 months ago

      Im gonna get into trouble

    • APS۔CAFE
      APS۔CAFE 2 months ago

      @Jayziez Yes dear you are so good

  • A P1ece 0f Gras5
    A P1ece 0f Gras5 2 days ago +1

    your rock:
    turboflex’s rock:

    REID GARDNER 17 hours ago

    Your rock: (first clip)
    Turboflex rock: (next clips)

  • Mythic Frug
    Mythic Frug 4 months ago +149

    “Here’s what happens when u try to bend a rock”
    *bends hand instead*

  • gardensofthegods

    Wow this is really wild if you think about it ... bizarre !

  • Child Of The Black Sun
    Child Of The Black Sun Year ago +17605

    “This is the only bendable rock”
    Dwayne: * Bends over to tie his shoe *

  • RasyaAR512
    RasyaAR512 2 days ago

    "Your rock"
    "Turboflex rock"

  • negative37
    negative37 4 days ago

    your rock:
    turboflex rock:

  • Moomix Gaming
    Moomix Gaming 17 hours ago


  • Syd Beretta
    Syd Beretta 2 months ago +26

    This guy is like a 6 y/os curiosity and excitement in a 43 y/o body

  • Idancelikerickastley
    Idancelikerickastley Year ago +4605

    Rocks are soft and tense up when they are touched but this bendy rock be like “aight that’s chill”

    • Catbot 31
      Catbot 31 Month ago

      @Thomas Estabrook cursed comment

    • doncius dnc III
      doncius dnc III 4 months ago

      @Thomas Estabrook what about when you brush your teeth, or when you feel them with your tongue 💀

    • Traveler-VII
      Traveler-VII 4 months ago

      @Hidz a pretty unfunny one.

    • Stoned Vagabond
      Stoned Vagabond 6 months ago

      Guess you could say that rock is…. stoned~

    • Meet the Artist
      Meet the Artist 6 months ago

      I like this rock is a Brit to you 😂

  • StanDX23
    StanDX23 2 months ago +3

    Y’know that conspiracy that rocks are soft until they’re touched?
    This is that rock without that ability, one of the most wholesome conspiracies

  • Ohio Resident
    Ohio Resident 4 months ago +2

    What's happens if you bend it too hard?
    Will it snap?

  • garticus
    garticus 4 months ago +3

    “Whats really cool about this is you can actually find diamonds in it sometimes” dude whats really cool about it is that its bendable rock lol. Diamonds are nothing in comparison to that

  • Hristo Petrov
    Hristo Petrov 12 hours ago

    It's not a rock, is just rock powder with dirt

  • wilderac
    wilderac Year ago +8269

    “Here’s what happens when you try to bend a rock. It breaks. “
    Maybe for you but not for us mortal weaklings.

    • wilderac
      wilderac 9 months ago

      Holy Moly that’s a lot of likes. Thanks

    • IDK
      IDK Year ago +1

      Me with my nokia sledgehammer: parry this you filthy casual

    • Kyle Oien
      Kyle Oien Year ago

      @Arji Macapobre is that a stormlight archive refrence?

    • A_WALL
      A_WALL Year ago +2

      I mean I’m pretty sure it’s shale, it breaks rather easy

    • [- Knmk is Not Kevin -]
      [- Knmk is Not Kevin -] Year ago +2

      I mean... When I walk, the ground breaks.

  • Lily2k
    Lily2k 4 months ago +615

    "Here's what happens when you try to break a normal rock: it breaks..."
    Me: "...Your bones"

    • King Crafter oder der Fahradtüp
      King Crafter oder der Fahradtüp 3 days ago

      ​@My Clip-Share Channel 7 my arm definetly disagreed with you a few years ago

    • Elisha Follet
      Elisha Follet 8 days ago

      Actually he's kinda right. Wen your alive your bones are as hard as wood or function like wood and wen u die your bones dry up and become rock

    • Human_565
      Human_565 14 days ago

      ​@My Clip-Share Channel 7 bros on meth

    • Amani Williams
      Amani Williams Month ago +1

      ​@Marcovalerio Franco he on milk

    • Ozzy
      Ozzy 2 months ago

      and sticks

  • J Wright
    J Wright 4 months ago

    I'm convinced that even the bendable Rock would break if you hit it like you did the non-bendable rock. I would have wanted to see you try to bend the normal rock with the same pressure you used to bend the bendable rock. Or Hit the bendable Rock with the same force as you did the normal rock otherwise it's not comparable with What would happen.

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman Day ago

    Am I the only one here who wants to take a bite out of that stuff?

  • saxumbonum
    saxumbonum 2 months ago

    I dont care how rare it is, I really wanted to see you smash it like the first rock. You can't say "here's what happens when you bend a normal rock" if you never show us what happens when you do the same thing to the one that bends. (I know it would break too, and that's kind of my point)

  • Chuckolator
    Chuckolator 8 months ago +8038

    "You know rocks? We got this one. It bends. Dunno why."

  • stephen lang
    stephen lang 2 months ago +3

    I did not know that such a rock even existed until just now.

  • Souma Spiritus
    Souma Spiritus 2 months ago +1

    Imagine being the first human to discover bendable rocks.
    Like you're walking along, tripping out because the mushrooms you ate were magic mushrooms, and you grab a long rock because it looks funny.
    You decide to bend it because why not
    *_and you feel it bend._*

  • Suraj Grewal
    Suraj Grewal 4 months ago +2

    I don't think that they are so rare.
    I know a person who's tiles turned rubbery from seepage from neighbor's leaky plumbing.

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 4 months ago +21

    Just looked up it’s locations, I grew up in Georgia USA and I definitely saw this stuff as a kid.

    • gardensofthegods
      gardensofthegods Day ago

      I believe you're my friend and I threw up in the Philadelphia area but live through a while and Ohio and I swear I've seen that somewhere before but I cannot remember where and so I think it was pretty long ago

  • Spiegeleifisch
    Spiegeleifisch Year ago +1905

    He gave earth-bending a new meaning.

    • MidoriyaGrogu Afton
      MidoriyaGrogu Afton 4 months ago

      @Yeisly Tavordovskiy toph: no I did! I created metal bending and trained the avatar!

    • Avatar aang
      Avatar aang Year ago


    • Spiegeleifisch
      Spiegeleifisch Year ago

      @MagicManHS7 I am very proud of you, son.

    • MagicManHS7
      MagicManHS7 Year ago

      I made a similar joke about a kid findings this bendable rock and saying hes an earth BENDER

    • No
      No Year ago


  • Andrew B
    Andrew B 4 months ago

    Now apply that same pressure to the rubber rock and see if it break... I’m interested to see the breaking point but they would probably get you in trouble really cool tho

  • None of ya business
    None of ya business 2 months ago +1

    Imagine trying to give a lesson about this rock and accidentally bend it too hard and breaks it.

  • Fußabtreter
    Fußabtreter 2 days ago

    Geologist everywhere are getting of to this

  • Chris Resnikoff
    Chris Resnikoff 2 months ago +2

    "The world's only bendable rock."
    The entire asthenosphere: sad rock noises

  • JokeStealer
    JokeStealer Year ago +24643

    “Here’s what happens when you try to bend a normal rock”
    *breaks wrist*

  • TechnoF4n
    TechnoF4n 3 months ago +2

    Imagine there was a diamond on the larger sample and they never knew it

  • Jennie Alarid
    Jennie Alarid 13 hours ago

    So do they not break or what?

  • Shawntot
    Shawntot 5 months ago +3

    Imagine falling when you were mountain climbing and instead of dying, you bounced

  • Cristian Hernandez
    Cristian Hernandez 2 months ago

    I found one of those a long long time ago and thought it was dried up clay but I wasn't able to break it.

  • LuluSan
    LuluSan Year ago +11038

    All rocks are bendable, they're just nervous and tense up as soon as we go and touch them. This rock in particular is coming out of its shell.

  • AbyssWicked90
    AbyssWicked90 4 months ago

    Might be that there is a minuscule amount of air between each connection, allowing for moderate movement (and it would make a bit of sense since there’s sometimes diamonds in them). It would’ve been formed from millions of years ago during carbonization.

    JARGUN 4 months ago

    Every time I watch this video I forget the rock he breaks is some other rock. I keep thinking he breaks the rare and limited rock

  • Oklahomie
    Oklahomie 4 months ago

    I would love to use these for a wall. Or for the whole perimeter of a home.

  • Miles Peterson
    Miles Peterson Day ago

    So if basicly Minecraft diamonds should be bendy?

  • Bianca Barbu
    Bianca Barbu Year ago +6728

    People: you’ll get through this, you’re hard as a rock
    The rock I am:

    • kubikim³
      kubikim³ Year ago

      @Volgotha That's a bit irrelevant to the comment's message, but good point.

    • kubikim³
      kubikim³ Year ago

      @Song Saver someone's already told you, but lay off the weed. You're starting to project.

    • Brad B
      Brad B Year ago

      Me: bangs my head against the Walmart floor
      Lady: You got a rock head!
      My head:

    • Prince Anyaoha
      Prince Anyaoha Year ago +1

      At least you're a rare rock 🥲

    • Song Saver
      Song Saver Year ago

      @ACPFULLSENDS wow they made an emoji of you -> 🤡🤡🤡

  • WildSky
    WildSky 4 months ago +3

    Him: “when you apply pressure to a normal rock it breaks”
    Me: “haha no way he can break that rock Also him: *breaks the rock*
    Me: “wha- 👁👄👁

  • Зонт
    Зонт 11 days ago

    "The world's only bendable rock"
    All lava and magma everywhere: HOLD MY BEER

  • NotaCarrot
    NotaCarrot 2 days ago

    Your crappy normal rock vs turbo flex rock

  • Angel1Down
    Angel1Down 4 months ago

    the rock may be bendable because the materials in quartz are somewhat light, and similar to gold, the atoms are separated a little more than supposed, other materials such as diamonds in there rock make the rock a little more bendable, there’s your solution.

  • Pixelcraftian
    Pixelcraftian Year ago +14164

    Imagine how this was found:

    • mosher2001
      mosher2001 8 months ago

      @H R zefrank

    • Crime
      Crime Year ago

      Oh I found you, I re-commented this since I couldn’t find this at first

    • Avatar aang
      Avatar aang Year ago

      @ГЦРЕГТ bike?

    • ГЦРЕГТ
      ГЦРЕГТ Year ago

      Hmm nice bike

    • bonelessmice
      bonelessmice Year ago +1

      @Aphelion *”im a whaouœt?”*

  • I’m just here to comment

    Imagine your in a situation where you need to defend yourself against a killer and pick up a rock and hit them only for it to bend💀 like it’s a "out of all the normal rocks you HAD to pick the one that ain’t gonna do💩 😭🤌🏻”
    Think the killer would just feel bad and kinda amused at that point😂

  • Gaming Soda
    Gaming Soda Month ago

    I found a really small version of that type of rock once but i have lost it.

  • GoDrinkBleach
    GoDrinkBleach 4 months ago

    I remember back on 4th grade the path I walked back to my house was littered with these rocks and me and my friend loved just bending them

    SOMEBODY 4 months ago +41

    "The rock is made of solid quartz".

  • adamisajoker
    adamisajoker Year ago +3391

    So what you're saying is... if I get this rock, a squirt gun, a lighter, and a fan... I can be The Avatar.

  • Carter Williams
    Carter Williams 4 months ago +83

    Him: You can sometimes find diamonds in this rock
    Me: Goes straight to Google 💀

  • Kyle Brown
    Kyle Brown 4 months ago

    "Here's what happens when you try to bend a normal rock.. It breaks"
    Science: "I don't think you fully understand how things work around here" 🤔

  • JustWolf
    JustWolf 4 months ago

    What does the bendable rock feel like? I'm very curious if it actually feels like rock because it honestly looks like it should be soft.

  • Your Wife’s Boyfriend

    Finding what makes this rock so flexible could change the world

  • rinam
    rinam 6 months ago +6706

    "the coolest thing about the most benable rock is that you can sometimes find the least bendable rocks in it...

    APS۔CAFE 2 months ago

    Can we all just appreciate the budget of this young man!

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 4 months ago

    I wonder if we could create this in a lab and make bricks out of it. We could build earthquake resistant buildings lol

  • KCJuster
    KCJuster 2 months ago

    If you bend a bendable rock as hard as you “bend” the normal rock, it will break too 😅😂

  • Alexei Griffith
    Alexei Griffith 4 months ago

    A perfect example of tolerance stacking lol

  • Nistha Singh
    Nistha Singh Year ago +9138

    "But I'm.....clay"

    • Alex Glase
      Alex Glase 6 months ago

      Toxic labeling identified, you need therapy

    • Redfield Wong
      Redfield Wong 6 months ago

      Anybody getting American dad references?
      Roger: it's backless chair
      It's a stool
      Roger:* slaps Steve
      It's a BACKLESS CHAIR!!

    • Ana-Maria
      Ana-Maria Year ago +2

      Itacolumite is a naturally occurring porous, yellow sandstone that is flexible when cut into thin strips. It occurs at Itacolumi, in the southern portion of Minas Gerais, Brazil. It is also found in Kaliana village (Charkhi Dadri district, Haryana, India);[1] Georgia in the US; and Stokes and McDowell counties of North Carolina. It is the best and most widely known example of a flexible sandstone and is a source of diamonds found in the Minas Gerais area.

    • TheRed4123
      TheRed4123 Year ago +1

      bendable clay in title wont get you as many views

    • DrunkPauloCosta
      DrunkPauloCosta Year ago +1

      I dont care about anything being said here

  • Kleber
    Kleber 3 months ago

    "Here's what happens when you try to bend a normal rock"
    proceeds to break wood

  • Deadl0ck
    Deadl0ck 2 months ago

    that breaking rock looks and sounds suspiciously similar to particle board...

  • Shrujan Kharwadey
    Shrujan Kharwadey 3 months ago +41

    When the bigger rock version came.. I saw those hands before.. My inner mind.. Thanos 🤯

  • TvSide
    TvSide 4 months ago +2

    Imagine living under a rock

  • Piano旅
    Piano旅 Year ago +1964

    This has changed the Rock Paper Scissors game forever

    • itsnot. oona
      itsnot. oona Year ago

      @Jayu Maybe I was being a bit too serious in that reply but still, I think it's good practice to use /s

    • Illusory Bucket
      Illusory Bucket Year ago +1

      Rock covers rock
      wait what

    • Alexandre le Pain
      Alexandre le Pain Year ago

      @itsnot. oona o.o ok I didn't know this before

    • itsnot. oona
      itsnot. oona Year ago

      @Alexandre le Pain Lmao no, the rock is still rock even though it has air gaps

    • itsnot. oona
      itsnot. oona Year ago

      @Jayu It is very hard to read your tone through text, please use /s to mark sarcasm next time to avoid misunderstandings. Sometimes leaving it out can make you look like a straight up asshole (not in this case though).

  • tyler mccandless
    tyler mccandless 16 days ago

    I think it has to do more with the actual anatomical structure it's probably a perfect layer on a perfect layer kind of like graphene

  • Gerbil and Jimmy
    Gerbil and Jimmy 3 months ago

    I can finally prove to my mom that bendable rocks exists.

  • ZQS_KingBob
    ZQS_KingBob 2 months ago

    Nah my question is how he broke the normal rock so easily

  • Daniel Ramirez
    Daniel Ramirez 2 months ago +1

    This channel came out of no where and blows our minds. Like the low key Vsauce.

  • Honey! はちみつ
    Honey! はちみつ 9 months ago +16085

    Someone a while back: "Imagine if rocks are actually soft but when we touch them they become hard"
    This rock: **intense sweating**

  • Josiah Ray
    Josiah Ray 2 months ago

    Anyone else wanted to see him continue bending it to break it 😅😂

  • Brian J. Mortensen
    Brian J. Mortensen 2 months ago

    A long, narrow granite backsplash will bend under its own weight, too.

  • Average Memer
    Average Memer 3 months ago +12

    Why do I have this insane urge to bite the rock

    • BIGBUCK$
      BIGBUCK$ 2 months ago

      Why does this sound like one of my friends 💀

  • Arona Ale
    Arona Ale 4 months ago

    I don't know if it's just me but whenever I try to bend rock it doesn't work it just snaps my arm 🤕

  • Nut Case
    Nut Case Year ago +7934

    “You can’t bend a rock!”
    “I know that, and you know that, but this rock looks pretty stupid.”

    • Gaymer Catboi
      Gaymer Catboi 7 months ago

      Nice Futurama reference

    • Mandy Attri
      Mandy Attri Year ago +1

      Dancing stone found in haryana India

    • bob
      bob Year ago

      /e shut up

    • Sky Condon
      Sky Condon Year ago

      Out here with the Futurama reference

    • SubieNinja
      SubieNinja Year ago

      nice futurama reference

  • Im Peachy
    Im Peachy 2 months ago

    Scientists: "We don't really understand why this simple quartz rock bends like this, but we guess.."
    Also Scientists: "Fusion energy is just around the corner, we're almost certain.."
    "Don't ask about the Oceans.."

  • Leland Ross
    Leland Ross 4 months ago

    I’d imagine it having a rubber feeling if you bit it.

  • McGamerbr
    McGamerbr 4 months ago

    Cool! So this means that I can actually be an earth bender

  • tik tok compilation
    tik tok compilation 18 days ago

    Your rock: *hits it violently breaking it in half*
    Turboflex rock: *bends it slightly*

  • TheUnsaltedPickle
    TheUnsaltedPickle 2 months ago

    does it still have the rough texture of rock, because that would make it way weirder

  • semi
    semi 4 months ago

    Wait, question, are bendable rocks malleable at all or are they just less brittle and hard?

  • Bucket Meme
    Bucket Meme Month ago +1

    Me: Mom I want rocks
    Mom: we have rocks at home
    The rocks at home

  • Heavenly Derp Fowl
    Heavenly Derp Fowl 2 months ago

    We used to have these things on my school playground, along with quartz rocks

  • the inscrutable chicken
    the inscrutable chicken Year ago +7582

    "Sometimes you can find diamonds in them!"
    I can buy diamonds at a dozen shops in town but I can't buy a bendy rock so this is way more cool!

    • Lèia Roe
      Lèia Roe 11 months ago

      @Imperial Wtiter Nah, definitely not. And plastic is a wide term; there's PET, Polystyrene & PVC. Also, they have completely different molecular formulae from diamond and coal.

    • The Warlock
      The Warlock 11 months ago

      @jeepwrangler04 ALPHA MALE!

    • Imperial Wtiter
      Imperial Wtiter 11 months ago

      Wierd fact: diamonds, coal and plastic are same thing, but with different molecular structures. So. Plastic diamonds = real diamonds, but cheaper.

    • Lèia Roe
      Lèia Roe Year ago

      @Stranded Diamond and graphite are different forms of carbon. Meaning they are the same elementally, but the atomic structure of Diamond makes it harder than Graphite. Moh's hardness of a Graphite is around 1-3. As far as I know, though I'm not quite updated with Material Sciences these days, is there's no material harder than a diamond. Also, Diamond can be manufactured in a lab. I hope this is informative.

    • Syedmuneer Uddinsameer
      Syedmuneer Uddinsameer Year ago

      @Esekia Paulo-tauvao ppĺ