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Making the Stainless Steel Tunnel ladder.

  • Published on Mar 19, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Check out the latest tunnel video here clip-share.net/video/diAxiWkwlC0/video.html

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    He's gotten so good at welding that it only took him 53 seconds to build this!!

  • PureRushXevus

    Wait.. that's some very non-colin music :P

  • DontPanicVU

    very pretty. hope you put some grip tape on there. Tea slicked steel could cause quite a nasty slip.

  • cidie1
    cidie1  +329

    Yeah I really thought that ladder was bought, it looks absolutely perfect.

  • Kuzma Volkov

    Huh I actually expected this to be a trip to a hardware store where you bought the ladder. As it looked so machine built and perfect.

  • Cooper
    Cooper  +49

    The impressive part is that he took 3 days worth of work and made it look like it took him 30 minutes.

  • Geek Street

    I didn't realise you built the ladder thought you bought it, you did a great job with it!

  • Mr. Drew
    Mr. Drew  +92

    If he damaged the doorframe it would have been "colladderal" damage.

  • S P
    S P  +6

    Fantastic !!!

  • Iliyan Bobev

    Hi, can you share info on the audio track.

  • Marcus Duffy

    Okay. That’s awesome but who is the music artist??? I feel like I could listen to that for days . . .

  • CamFlies

    The music is such an upgrade!! 🤘*Safety tie activate*

  • codingkriggs

    Some mentioned safety of the ladder. What about also placing some very thick gym padding at the bottom so even if you slip, at least you'll fall on something soft.

  • dmgander
    dmgander  +27

    Version 2: The understairs cupboard looks unchanged… but activates a lift by pulling out one particular Yorkshire tea tin.

  • John
    John  +13

    I love how any other channel would have stretched this out to twenty minutes but for Colin it's a mere 54 second footnote 😁

  • 2nd_place

    Imagine making any one single thing this nice for the rest of your life and this mans does it day in and day out and makes a video documenting it he can’t be stopped!

  • Ethereal Project 3D

    The amount of work and time you are putting into this project is mind blowing.

  • John Moco

    Yes. More behind the scenes footage! Awesome stuff!!

  • Abe

    Straight to the point, no fluff. He doesn't "try hard" and he doesn't have to. Very genuine and passionate about his craft. Love it!

  • Yancy Smith

    It's funny how every project you do always circles back around to you being a plumber and messing around with pipes.