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Can I Get Every Achievement In 24 Hours?

  • Published on Dec 5, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Zac Langston
    Zac Langston 2 months ago +625

    you said achievement 60 times including the end screen time.

    • Godapples
      Godapples Month ago +1

      @Poafa its there rn

    • Jack Smith
      Jack Smith Month ago

      Wow it was actually true

    • Zac Langston
      Zac Langston Month ago +29

      @Poafa Thank You, I can now tell everybody asking me that I have gotten it. Also can't wait for you to try this challenge again without leaving Minecraft open and also maybe by planning out your time a little bit better.

    • Poafa
      Poafa  Month ago +5

      @Zac Langston Alright I just sent you the gift card lmk if you got it

    • Giro Heat
      Giro Heat Month ago

      r u cwacked at Fortnite rn my guy

  • Rasplin
    Rasplin 2 months ago +427

    This is my favorite video of yours yet. Keep it up!

  • Ida Ariane
    Ida Ariane Month ago +318

    I think if you had a strat and line dup all the achievement on a list, like which ones could you gt at the same time or same place etc; you could do it easily. You were so close!

    • Steven Benson
      Steven Benson Month ago +22

      Yeah breeding the frogs and not getting the lights at the same time was a waste

  • Vihaan V
    Vihaan V Month ago +72

    “It takes around 30-35 hours to get all the advancements.”
    Feinberg’s sub 3 AA WR: Am I a joke to you?

    • RowdyCat
      RowdyCat 3 days ago

      @Skeli yo skeliii

    • Skeli
      Skeli 3 days ago

      @RowdyCat HOLY SHIT ANOTHER MCSR PERSON IN a yt AA also true

    • Furrgit
      Furrgit 6 days ago

      that run doesn't include 1.17-1.19 which are a lot more annoying to get

    • RowdyCat
      RowdyCat Month ago +3

      fr these videos are so hard to watch from a speedrunning background

  • Willy
    Willy 2 months ago +198

    a strat which a speedrunner use is not enchanting until you get a trident. the first time you enchant, you always will get the channeling enchantment on the lvl 30 enchant. idk if its work on 1.19 but it is in 1.16

  • Suutloops
    Suutloops 2 months ago +786

    You said "achievement/s" 58 times during the video. This includes the end scene but if you don't count that one than it is 57 times.

  • Gia 102
    Gia 102 Month ago +32

    You were so close! Next time! I believe! If you allowed yourself those 2 lost hours, which I believe would’ve been completely okay, then I think you could’ve had it. Great job either way!

  • Paint TheFuture
    Paint TheFuture Month ago +7

    I think this challenge should allow you to see what biomes you still have to find and what monsters you still have to kill. It isn't "challenging" to be like, "There's one left. Do I need a cold beach, eroded badlands, or some other random biome?" It would just be annoying.

  • Stan40
    Stan40 Month ago +4

    Maybe add a timer next time, I personally like seeing the progress you are making and the time it took you

  • Wild Card
    Wild Card Month ago +4

    Recommendation for next run: do The End… Again advancement last as all it requires is just respawning the dragon not killing it. This means that if you do it last then you can just respawn the dragon and end the run without wasting time killing it.

  • The Dislike Button
    The Dislike Button Month ago +14

    Great effort man, but I knew from the start that the "how did we get here" advancement would have taken over 24 hours alone!

  • Fred3308
    Fred3308 2 months ago +45

    Theoretical you could have done it in like 4 hours. Feinberg did this in a speedrun

    • Cheppara Babai
      Cheppara Babai Month ago

      @Ky ! Bich we are in mcsr too, which means we do speedruns as well lmao

    • Ky !
      Ky ! Month ago

      lmfao ur saying all this and probably shake and shiver barely entering the nether

    • Cheppara Babai
      Cheppara Babai 2 months ago

      @Guide the burger is too good 😔🤙🏾

    • Luke Wei
      Luke Wei 2 months ago +1

      @shji6901 it was

    • shji6901
      shji6901 2 months ago +2

      That was 1.16, no?

  • Not_Kaz
    Not_Kaz 2 months ago +20

    It's always a good day when Poafa uploads

  • Leo Reacts
    Leo Reacts 2 months ago +65

    This is just what I wanted... Thank you Poafa gl on future lifesteal stuff!

  • HackerHoglin
    HackerHoglin 2 months ago +26

    If you don't enchant anything with an enchanting table until you get a trident, there's always an option to get channeling if the first thing in the world you enchant is a trident.

    • HackerHoglin
      HackerHoglin 2 months ago

      @SiameseOnMC uh.... bc I'm stupid.

    • SiameseOnMC
      SiameseOnMC 2 months ago +1

      @HackerHoglin why didnt u just edit ur comment? Not to lose the heart?

    • HackerHoglin
      HackerHoglin 2 months ago +6

      sorry if this is spammy, but if you throw like 15 pearls outside of your simulation or render distance, then turn it up enough to load in the pearls, you'll take damage for one but most likely get an endermite

    • HackerHoglin
      HackerHoglin 2 months ago +4

      also also for great view from up here, the game only requires vertical distance, so if you throw a pearl or eat a chorus fruit from 50 blocks up with the effect you'll get it.

    • HackerHoglin
      HackerHoglin 2 months ago +4

      also for star trader, you can make a platform at build limit, throw a pearl towards a villager, then up, then when the first pearl lands you can open the villager GUI, then when the OTHER pearl lands, complete the trade, and because you're at build limit, you get the achievement.

  • Evan
    Evan 2 months ago +34

    Another classic banger, keep working hard poafa!

  • Ainsley
    Ainsley Month ago +1

    Great video! Just so you know, in the future there is a difference between "advancements" and "achievements" in the game and this is recognized among the MCSR and AA community. This was technically an all advancements run. Still very impressive

  • Bobyhobby0302
    Bobyhobby0302 Month ago +1

    Loved it! Keep up the great work! The amount of dedication put into these is just insane!!! Can't wait to see your next video!

  • Zix3
    Zix3 2 months ago +4

    You said "achievment/s" 56 times and if u count the end its 57 times :) thank you for the good content, keep up the good work

  • B Ropes
    B Ropes 2 months ago +10

    meanwhile Feinbergh: “i’ll be done in 2 hrs”

  • Showbiz CEC
    Showbiz CEC Month ago

    Good effort! I’m impressed, can’t wait to see your second trail in the future

  • zekrom916
    zekrom916 2 months ago +6

    now just imagine doing this in hardcore mode lmao

  • Stinkyfroggie
    Stinkyfroggie 2 months ago

    I love how when he said, “I am literally pretty much halfway through”, he had exactly half of the achievements done
    *and also youtuber luck is insane with the NETHERITE and diamonds

    HOBODIOS 2 months ago +5

    what an amazing video, your editing and the idea i really liked it a lot i hope you get 100k before the year ends bro
    Good Video ❤

  • Techtrixum
    Techtrixum 2 months ago +4

    This vid is SUCH a banger. Keep it up!

  • 李祁叡
    李祁叡 2 months ago +5

    imagine poafa didn't afk the two hours........
    +1 sub congrats!
    btw you can get the achievement by killing the ghast by shooting right before teleporting into a nether portal into the overworld. That also counts

  • Wiley Worp
    Wiley Worp 2 months ago +1

    You should do this on lifesteal. I feel like it would be a fun little video, could be on ExtraPoafa. I understand it takes a ton of work and time so no pressure.

  • Kingz_K
    Kingz_K 2 months ago +3

    Best Poafa vid I've ever seen! Keep up the awesome work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tele Grajek
    Tele Grajek 2 months ago +2

    You said "achivement" 35 times + 1 at the end
    You also said "achivements" 24 times, "advancement" 7 times and "advancements" 17 times

  • Not_Kaz
    Not_Kaz 2 months ago +2

    Poafa's back! awesome video
    100% worth the wait

  • Delilah Died
    Delilah Died 2 months ago +6

    Banger video! Absolutely awesome! ❤

  • MonkeyMan
    MonkeyMan Month ago +1

    Cut wait for more lifesteal. That was by far you best video!!!

  • (frofrogmeeps)フロフロッグミープス

    im sure you have the great content to get you to 1 mil. keep the good conent up

  • Finixyz
    Finixyz 2 months ago +17

    Incredible vid! So underrated.
    To think that Feinberg did this in 3 hrs is insane!
    Go Poafa!

    • Curox X
      Curox X Month ago +2

      @Vincent Kinda what I thought. Not trying to hate on the video at all, but in all honesty my first thought when I saw this vid was "isn't AA runs already a thing...?"
      Oh well, if they enjoy it they enjoy it, just hope they find the runners who do this in a few hours at some point.

    • Vincent
      Vincent Month ago +1

      I dont know why people don't watch feinberg instead of this lmao. Actually, I do know but it still annoys me. Like, if someone were to make a pvp video why not watch the dude who is actually good at it.

  • Velocity
    Velocity 2 months ago +140

    "I just spent 15 minutes of my life on a dam bow" -Poafa 2022

    • Velocity
      Velocity 2 months ago

      @Mrsmile1234 I meant to make it dam.

    • Velocity
      Velocity 2 months ago

      @Frokalasy I knew I spelt it wrong. If I didn't it would be Officially

    • Frokalasy
      Frokalasy 2 months ago

      @AlcherCraft the problem is officialyperkx spelt it wrong

    • AlcherCraft
      AlcherCraft 2 months ago

      @MrSmile is that matter? Is that a problem?

    • MrSmile
      MrSmile 2 months ago

      It's not dam it's damn

  • Ha Ra
    Ha Ra Month ago

    You haaaave to do it again!! Can't wait to see it :D

  • Daniel Miliband
    Daniel Miliband Month ago

    Having seen a few all advancement speedruns, this pained me.

  • Saketh
    Saketh Month ago +1

    This is first video of me watching yours and you genuinely earned a subscriber :)

  • FLASH BOOM13 ™
    FLASH BOOM13 ™ 2 months ago +11

    I love your vids
    Keep it up

  • Pie Thrower64
    Pie Thrower64 2 months ago

    Nice video I would love to see a part 2

  • MnMk58
    MnMk58 Month ago

    this is such a good vid bro ur content has imrpoved so much

  • Celia Leitch
    Celia Leitch Month ago

    Dawh, checked your sub count when you mentioned wanting to get to 100k, and clearly you made it. Good on you man ☺️👍

  • bubblz playz
    bubblz playz Month ago +1

    You said "achievement" 35 times + 1 at the end
    You also said "achievements" 24 times, "advancement" 7 times and "advancements" 17 times

  • Mark_catface
    Mark_catface Month ago

    Respect to this mans editing

  • ozgurcanoz
    ozgurcanoz 2 months ago +3

    You got so far then I would’ve damn

  • Kaiser Gaming
    Kaiser Gaming 2 months ago

    I love ur vids u always make me happy when I watch one of ur vids

  • IDontHaveANameYet
    IDontHaveANameYet Month ago +1

    When including achievements and achievement both then you said it 51 times during the video, and 1 time when telling us to count is so together it makes 52.

  • SummyNotSummer
    SummyNotSummer Month ago +1

    I’m pretty late watching this video but congratulations on 100k Poafa! 🎉🎉🎉

  • Lit Nix
    Lit Nix 2 months ago +1

    One of the best if not the best videos of yours!

  • radicaltrooper
    radicaltrooper Month ago

    Gonna subscribe to contribute to the 100k goal! Nice video man, and I’ll definitely be there for future vids!

  • TotallySquared
    TotallySquared 2 months ago +75

    doing this on lifesteal would be borderline impossile

  • Confined
    Confined Month ago

    85.3% on your first attempt is pretty good I’d think

  • Astraffable
    Astraffable 2 months ago +7

    00:00 here’s where the good content starts, thank me later

  • P0lar2408
    P0lar2408 2 months ago +1

    You deserve to hit 100k very soon (before Christmas even)! I hope you get it very soon!

  • Szupiszendvics 75
    Szupiszendvics 75 Month ago

    And You achieved plus one! 100K Subs! Congratulation, I love your content!❤️

  • Lightning _11
    Lightning _11 Month ago +1

    The fact that he slept near the start hurt me because of the achievement that needs phantoms...

  • Lachlan Hall
    Lachlan Hall Month ago

    Love the video! You said achievement(s) 60 times during the video.

  • Ryan M.
    Ryan M. Month ago

    Which achievements did you not get? Also, do you know the RSG speedrun for this?

  • Comment
    Comment 2 months ago

    Hope you didn't forget the secret one!

  • ItzPlazma_
    ItzPlazma_ 2 months ago +1

    Yessir he has returned with another banger!!

  • Mariel Isakson 🤠

    Try again! I think you can do all of them in the time frame if you planned it out more!

  • CawAreYouDoin?
    CawAreYouDoin? Month ago

    Do you think the two hours you wasted could have let you actually finish it, or would it still not be enough?

  • SiameseOnMC
    SiameseOnMC 2 months ago +2

    Mojang : Advancements
    Me : Achievements, because using a villager at build limit ain't an advancement its an achievement

  • ZyncSMP
    ZyncSMP Month ago

    Ngl I forgot about this when it came out, but now that I watched it I realized it may be one of the best minecraft videos ive seen..

  • lvsq
    lvsq Month ago +1

    You said achievement 54 times! I rewatched the video after seeing the end and i counted each individual time, I need the money lol!

    • lvsq
      lvsq Month ago

      @Mr. Best Oh Yeah no i didn't. He hasn't even replied lol, i want my money this took me like half an hour!

    • Mr. Best Oh Yeah
      Mr. Best Oh Yeah Month ago

      Did you end up getting those money

  • UnspokenlegendYT
    UnspokenlegendYT Month ago

    13:02 *when instincts kick in*
    Literal god moment

  • Frustrated Insaan
    Frustrated Insaan 2 months ago +3

    You said achievements 43 times (excluding the last announcement one) so total is 44 times

  • Leif17
    Leif17 2 months ago +1

    Poafa you are so cracked ngl great vids keep it up

  • Isabella
    Isabella Month ago

    Take a shot every time he says achievement 😊

  • Diam0ndLatte
    Diam0ndLatte Month ago

    4:57 that gets me every time XD

  • AH89
    AH89 2 months ago

    When he finds the portal at 7:57 the silverfish spawner is already gone. Either the video is staged or (as I think) he broke it and then realised he wanted to make like a shot while going into the portal room

  • Raven
    Raven Month ago

    The first enchantment of every Minecraft world is channeling which you need later on…

  • #Agent_Blacksmith
    #Agent_Blacksmith 2 months ago +1

    0:54 He sets his spawn
    1:50 He said he never set his spawn

  • Godapples
    Godapples 2 months ago +1

    "I'm trying to reach 100k before the end of the year"
    Text on screen: ONLY 35 DAYS LEFT
    oh yeah forgot there's 41 days in december

  • Ghost Viper
    Ghost Viper Month ago

    I did this in just 2 hours, however I cheated and used creative mode

  • Floppy
    Floppy Month ago

    You said achievement/s 55 times, if i count it right. Good luck to other people!

  • Alcho 202
    Alcho 202 2 months ago +2

    Nice video, no clue how many times you said achievement though-

  • Travis Maico CARIAGA

    I bet u can do 25 bro keep going love these vids

  • ImASheep
    ImASheep 2 months ago

    banger vid, keep it up king 👑

  • FilipTheDev
    FilipTheDev Month ago

    You said it 52 times plus the one on the end 53. Great video brother I hope you get 100k by the nd of the year

  • Lolilo
    Lolilo 2 months ago +2

    This was a very entertaining video! I watched all 19 minutes of it back to back, which is unusual for me because I always get bored and click off. Very good job! I was already subscribed but I actually tried to subscribe again lol, oops. I’m looking forward to te next video! Keep up the good work!! :D

  • Lucas Winchester
    Lucas Winchester Month ago +1

    Best way I've ever seen enyone kill the Ender Dragon.

  • Artie Baker
    Artie Baker Month ago +1


  • kota
    kota Month ago

    He is just simply the best youtuber

  • Letícia
    Letícia 28 days ago

    i kept thinking to myself he should've been breeding animals basically anywhere he went 😭😭😭

  • Ian Horler
    Ian Horler Month ago +1

    You could’ve gotten unnecessary alliance and return to sender at the same time

    DEPTHWOKEN 2 months ago

    So when's part 2? 😀

  • the blah-gamer plays

    Great video!

  • Evan Duke
    Evan Duke 11 days ago

    now get them all in 2 days with advancement mods added :)
    Good Luck

  • GamerScoreM4STA Productions

    Could get all the achievements in the game in a hour with an achievement world

  • SenSeiPLAY
    SenSeiPLAY Month ago

    8:40 remote gateway? I thought a get_away isn't it?

  • NinjaAnders3
    NinjaAnders3 Month ago

    you should see how quick you can get them all

  • Luke Olson
    Luke Olson Month ago

    All to gather it's 120 , but I didn't think it was right so I recounted and got 120 again. But if you just say when you said "Achievement" then it's 76, or if you wanted "Achievements, with an s" then it's 44, so it's
    * Or both (120)
    * Also "Advancements(34) if it counts
    Witch would make the total 154 ( if counting the "Advancements"
    So I hope you count the last time you said it or I did that all for nothing lol

  • Harold Cumington
    Harold Cumington Month ago

    The word achievement was said 60 times and if you include the word advancement it is 83 times

  • Lucius __
    Lucius __ Month ago

    You earned my sub :D

  • Ngai Pie
    Ngai Pie 2 months ago

    Who else felt the pain of him missing those diamonds
    in the corner

  • Berro Two
    Berro Two Month ago

    I mean it's not going to be possible unless you're super efficient and have a god seed
    If you don't have the god seed or aren't being super efficient then "How did we get here" is always going to ruin the run

  • Ronit
    Ronit 2 months ago

    58 times u said advancements including the one u said at the end.

  • NeoDarkless
    NeoDarkless 22 days ago

    I might try this challenge but without the 24 hr constraint

  • Elizabeth Arteaga
    Elizabeth Arteaga Month ago

    Dude this was so good