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10.00 Attack Speed Bel'veth vs. 5 Tanks

  • Published on Feb 3, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • 10.00 Attack Speed Bel'veth vs. 5 Tanks #leagueoflegends #shorts
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Comments • 162

  • stardust
    stardust Month ago +1169

    The fact bel'veth straight up murdered Garen within seconds when Renata Ulted lol

    • Krezz
      Krezz Month ago

      Renata ult gives bonus attack speed

    • Az
      Az Month ago +1

      Almost took out galio too right after

    • Ashiok Nightmare Weaver
      Ashiok Nightmare Weaver Month ago +8

      I am not support player but renata is amazing once i got 3 kills cause i ulti master yi need to play her more

  • Summus Legatus
    Summus Legatus Month ago +578

    "Killing tanks is difficult right now"
    Yeah, it's difficult because she doesn't have botrk lmao.

    • Benjamin Noreau
      Benjamin Noreau Month ago +1

      Imagine building like this vs 4 tanks

    • Unimportant Name
      Unimportant Name Month ago +2

      Not to mention she was allergic to her E key

    • M Maldini
      M Maldini Month ago +5

      @Edvard Klavenes yeah, and it only 3 dollars

  • Psyked
    Psyked Month ago +294

    That w after Renata ult ended , she actually wants to kill her teamates

    • Rust
      Rust Month ago


    • hi im haze
      hi im haze Month ago

      That was personal xd

    • Psyked
      Psyked Month ago +1

      @Montenic Sonders hahah

    • Montenic Sonders
      Montenic Sonders Month ago +8

      She was waiting for that moment the whole game

  • Gru
    Gru Month ago +97

    Yummi such skill right there in the chaos

  • Revan
    Revan Month ago +55

    If you count her teammate that she absolutely slaughters in the beginning because of Renata ult, that may be leagues very first sextuple kill.

    • Mtg Calix
      Mtg Calix Month ago +1

      No hexakills exist for agea

    • Stelios Karaoglanis
      Stelios Karaoglanis Month ago +10

      It is called "hexakill" and still exists as an announcement after pentakill, but there was an event like URF called hexakill and we were playing 6v6

  • Jazzy Spazzy
    Jazzy Spazzy Month ago

    Ahh, professor! I thought that voice sounded familiar xD

  • LorKinest
    LorKinest Month ago +2

    Such a real video

  • YouTube Guest User
    YouTube Guest User Month ago

    I really, really, really, want to see damage stats on that wits end and ravenous

  • Pavibaji
    Pavibaji Month ago

    bro do you need cough syrup, cuz the voice cracks-😭😭

  • chadkmc808
    chadkmc808 Month ago +9

    Super weird doing commentary on staged Chinese vids. Guess you gotta pay the bills tho.

  • Nimnim 431
    Nimnim 431 Month ago


    WARRIYU Month ago +7

    This belveth needs to subscribe to the patreo...

  • Cloudy Daze
    Cloudy Daze Month ago +1

    Garen got that robo cop treatment lmao

  • abdlwhab 11
    abdlwhab 11 Month ago

    when enemy team lives in the iron elo

  • Jetstream Sam
    Jetstream Sam Month ago

    She didnt hesitate to kill garen 💀

  • Hugo van niekerk
    Hugo van niekerk Month ago +1

    I think they got this on their first try. The director must be quite happy with how it turned out.

  • Hao-san
    Hao-san Month ago +7

    Throwing hands fr

  • Jesus crie
    Jesus crie Month ago +1

    "tanks are op" 🤡

  • MickmickLP
    MickmickLP Month ago

    Soo we're not considering going kraken slayer against 5 tanks?? xD

  • Shawn Carby
    Shawn Carby Month ago

    Shoulda seen my 10.00 attack speed Varus. It was in URF

  • Long live for Architecture

    Sharingan activated 🤣🤣🤣

  • SwankiestPants
    SwankiestPants Month ago

    "Attacks at 100 times per second" *meanwhile her atk speed is at the hard cap of 10.0*

  • scoccer ball
    scoccer ball Month ago

    My face when chogath didn't ult

  • Cedric Filler
    Cedric Filler Month ago +5

    Remember when adcs were supposed to counter tanks in late game…
    Its now just possible if u have some form of true dmg in ur kit

    • Benjamin Noreau
      Benjamin Noreau Month ago

      yeah look at her build its like a bronze 2 building random items at this point if you're against 4 tanks and you build like this you shouldnt be killing them anyway

      P3LIVENOW Month ago

      @Gustavo Oliveira ldr, bork, all of that. even with the not needed adc IE buffs the role is even more broken to get away with building less crit items so adcs are fine even before IE changes lmao

    • Gustavo Oliveira
      Gustavo Oliveira Month ago

      ​@P3LIVENOW 130 true damage, you need 30 procs to kill a tank lol

      P3LIVENOW Month ago +1

      kraken exists ya know, not part of ur kit but makes all adcs do true damage

  • I'm a man of culture please give me sub

    Damn a drummer

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago +1

    Add Rammus with thorn mail and Bel one shots herself

  • Oluwatimilehin Aina

    Good lord of 2v5

  • Oz
    Oz 15 days ago

    Belveth got in a killing frenzy even tried to w and auto her own teammates after renatas ult wore off

  • Cupidhater RB
    Cupidhater RB Month ago

    Rammus joined the game

  • Hi Im Micku
    Hi Im Micku Month ago

    What AoE true damage? The R thing when you gran a passive stack?

  • Kieran Smith
    Kieran Smith Month ago

    Who knew there was two cowsep voices in the world

  • Jin Spence
    Jin Spence Month ago +1

    Imagine if she had ldr and Bork they'd be dead in seconds

  • Arabeske
    Arabeske 22 days ago

    A single bork can screw over a full armor tank

  • Orestis Kallidis
    Orestis Kallidis Month ago

    Looks like an anime fight lmao

  • CringeSeeker
    CringeSeeker Month ago

    The fact that she doesn't even have kraken

  • B1GpapaN3CR0
    B1GpapaN3CR0 Month ago

    MW2 dead body glitching through the map level attack speed

  • tom holmgren
    tom holmgren Month ago

    Murdered tanks without anti-tank items

  • James Poff
    James Poff Month ago

    Anime battle fr

  • BestKingShark
    BestKingShark Month ago

    Bel veth have Kraken slayer in mythic and is passive of i ult so in normal its not à problem

  • BluePlays
    BluePlays Month ago

    Yeah imagine if belveth had bork

  • keremmusa toprak
    keremmusa toprak Month ago

    Belveth:hora hora! hora! hora! hora!

  • Bodo Ziegler
    Bodo Ziegler Month ago

    YuUmI iS sO BrOKeN

  • PhantomBlaze
    PhantomBlaze Month ago

    belveth didn’t even have bork, which is a tank shredder lol

  • WizardKingVeigar
    WizardKingVeigar Month ago +2

    Imagine Bel’Veth meets Rammus

    • Alex
      Alex Month ago +1

      Rammus instantly kills her like a common minion and moves on with his day.

  • Victor
    Victor Month ago

    Imagine you don't play the game and you watch this

  • Elit3player3
    Elit3player3 Month ago +1

    The fact that he said he’s gonna quit league even tho he still into league 💀

  • Angelo Cáceres
    Angelo Cáceres Month ago

    Rammus: oK👍

  • Bunny
    Bunny Month ago

    The fact that people think this is in a real game is insane to me

  • simple Evan
    simple Evan Month ago


  • zvone duga
    zvone duga Month ago

    Now imagine that with botrk

  • Null 0,0
    Null 0,0 Month ago

    All I hear is MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA...

  • Angelo Valencia
    Angelo Valencia Month ago

    The a wild rammmis appeared

  • Gladly
    Gladly Month ago +1

    Judging by how big Cho is, he could’ve eaten him like 20 years ago

    • Gladly
      Gladly Month ago +1

      @NPC IS LOST yeah, everyone BUT cho has ult, makes sense.

      NPC IS LOST Month ago

      Probably has no ult

  • Magno
    Magno Month ago

    No botrk, no damage.

  • CheesyCheese60
    CheesyCheese60 Month ago

    If only she had bork and other on hit

  • UrMomDoer
    UrMomDoer Month ago

    try not to have a voice crack 24/7 (impossible)

  • Coach EspongeLoL
    Coach EspongeLoL Month ago

    I always ban yummy

  • Anathos
    Anathos Month ago


  • cristian salles
    cristian salles Month ago

    No armor pen, no ruined king, really hard to kill tanks like that

  • RIN Xelovault
    RIN Xelovault Month ago

    Bel'veth: "time to play the music"
    🎶Standing here
    I realize
    You are just like me
    Trying to make history
    But who's to judge
    The right from wrong
    When our guard is down
    I think we'll both agree
    That violence breeds violence
    But in the end it has to be this way🎶

  • TTDương
    TTDương Month ago

    Nah this belveth does have huge atk spd but the thing that won her the fight is the enemy team's keyboard broke in the second half of the fight. 1 well timed nilah W + anti heal would have killed this belveth like 3 times

  • Nisbo
    Nisbo Month ago


  • Amon Scholz
    Amon Scholz Month ago

    she doesn’t even have an anti tank item

  • John Wick from fortnite

    I know it’s staged because of the bing chilling letters and he is just pretending it’s real because he sucks as a content creator but damn I really wanna see this done against a rammus

    • Charlie Wiltshire
      Charlie Wiltshire Month ago +1

      Who said it was real? The fight was still very much a possibility and the video just shows how broken bel veth can be. Why you gotta be so butthurt about this?

  • Jayson Magaro
    Jayson Magaro Month ago

    cho gath hesitated

  • Yuh
    Yuh Month ago

    Why is it 144p in this time and age

  • step1ish
    step1ish Month ago

    Damn the 128 palms is in League and it’s being done by a character with no hands. . . 🤡

  • Ventches
    Ventches Month ago

    great, now we not only have annoying chinese league videos, we now also have unneeded voiceovers for it with deep-fried video quality

  • Otlum
    Otlum Month ago

    Its clearly yuumi who is broken riot should delete her

  • Kiyotaka Ayanokoji Lite

    Trying to catch the laser

  • Vise Diesel
    Vise Diesel Month ago

    If she was attacking 100s a second it be 100.00 not 6.00 lol

  • TommyShelby420
    TommyShelby420 Month ago +9

    Belveth : " ora ora ora ora ora ora ora "

    • Kien
      Kien Month ago

      muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda

  • TheMeowDinasty
    TheMeowDinasty Month ago

    Yuumi diff

  • Nikolaj Kvist Pedersen

    So much better for one person to just go in there and fight or spread out so she can't just AOE 😅

  • Hussey
    Hussey Month ago

    I mean it's not hard if it's scripted that way

    LOL RINZ Month ago +1

    moda moda moda moda moda........😭😭😭

  • Devon
    Devon Month ago

    Belveth shreds tanks not from the aoe true damage, it’s the ramping true damage on her autos from her ult

  • Asylum Shac0
    Asylum Shac0 Month ago

    She havent got runes? Cant find, lethal tempo, conq or grassp icon

  • kevin fuller
    kevin fuller Month ago

    Star platinum

  • RC Cubing
    RC Cubing Month ago

    Of course , China.

  • Xerafiss
    Xerafiss Month ago

    Funny thing is that u can do same thing with Kai'Sa which is also void champion, only difference is that in Kai'Sa that's her Q not auto attacks, I realized this while was fully charged on everything I have with huge attack speed when I did full combo right next to a practice stands and pressed Q it started flying all over my screen, u can do it prob on everything but it might be tough to do in normal match, oh and it doesn't require yuumi on Kai'Sa. Hope i wrote it clearly with no mistakes

  • valentin tataru
    valentin tataru Month ago

    She has785 on her passive though, makes sense the attack speed

  • Bonky Boii
    Bonky Boii Month ago

    Get rid of that hydra and get bork like a good adc

  • hiuwo
    hiuwo Month ago

    wait i havent followed league updates- now belveth does AOE true damage?

    • hiuwo
      hiuwo Month ago

      @Mellow Yellow yeh but it is AOE? I don’t remember that

    • Mellow Yellow
      Mellow Yellow Month ago

      It's the passive on her R, she gets these "void corals" that she can consume to become empowered

  • Maximilián Labaška

    Yuumi carry no cyap

  • T1mo777
    T1mo777 Month ago

    If she had blade of the ruined king, she would have killed them all in seconds.

  • Cristiano Z
    Cristiano Z Month ago +8

    muda muda muda muda

  • Brankhay Khondar
    Brankhay Khondar Month ago

    Ken Shiro

  • Kenji Nakase Hino
    Kenji Nakase Hino Month ago +1

    Bel veth just did a hexa kill, killed 1 one of her team and 5 of the Enem team

  • Not Billy Mays
    Not Billy Mays Month ago

    No Bork no kraken no ldr. Of course she is having a hard time killing tanks lol

  • Draaaaven
    Draaaaven Month ago

    Moda moda moda moda modaaaaaaa

  • Hyan
    Hyan Month ago

    dude this is not the LoL I grew up in...

  • lbu
    lbu Month ago

    Professor akali is prolly my least fav league utuber idk why, like how is this useful?

  • M4gic Duck
    M4gic Duck Month ago

    Jojo referance ?

  • Non499
    Non499 Month ago

    Still think they die to a ramus

  • Byndu
    Byndu Month ago

    Bel'veth is such a poorly designed champ man. No Kraken or Bortk and didn't use her e for so long, and still wins that. I'm just glad I never see her in my games, since she's so bs

  • ichigoamv
    ichigoamv Month ago

    They lost to this player that didn’t even build Bork I’d feel like utter garbage

  • Lucas Hu
    Lucas Hu Month ago

    I don’t see her with Bork