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  • Published on Sep 5, 2016 veröffentlicht

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  • 21beal21
    21beal21 Year ago +2

    Fantastic vid, I struggle differentiating and this helps huge!!

    STANIS LA ROCHELLE 7 days ago

    What a very GREAT video, thanks a lot💪🏻🏀

  • Dr. Shobhit Sharma
    Dr. Shobhit Sharma 2 years ago +5

    The first two were right calls , because the defenders were still in motion if the defenders had stopped and stabled themselves then it would have been a charge by the offensive player

    • Asap Mimic
      Asap Mimic 2 years ago +3

      You don’t have to be not moving too take a charge. You can be moving and defending and still take the charge. That’s why there’s a difference between legal guarding positions and non legal.

    • Dr. Shobhit Sharma
      Dr. Shobhit Sharma 2 years ago

      White 8 (1:10 ) still in motion and haven’t took a standing defensive position and is still going back , ( 2:13 )look carefully at red 7’s feet they are still in motion going back with the incoming white 15 .

  • eLradman
    eLradman 4 years ago +2

    If anything, I think the play at 5:40 isn't a charge, but a push or illegal elbow. Still an offensive foul, but not really a charging call.

  • 01 Krittin Assavalertpanich

    First situation If it isn't clear that Red used the left arm to push White away, then it's a block.

  • Batang Gamay TV
    Batang Gamay TV 5 months ago

    Can these still be applied in 2022 FIBA rules?

  • 安之
    安之 5 years ago +1

    On 9:14, did the defender actually move towards to the offensive player? In my opinion, the defender moved laterally thus the movement was legal.

    • Rick Chow
      Rick Chow 4 years ago

      No expert myself but in the video it looks like the defender was moving into the attacker's current trajectory and is late (very important point); a legal movement would be legal containment instead of illegal body interception, or setting a charge beforehand. This scenario was mainly about who got there first.

  • 107 !
    107 ! 4 years ago

    If the defender is backing up when u dribble with your back to the basket, slowly getting forward, would it be a charging foul or would it not be called as the defender is moving

    • Exver
      Exver 3 years ago +2

      If a defender has legal guarding position, he or she may move backwards or laterally while maintaining legal guarding position. A post offensive player may back his opponent down as long as they don't impede on their defender's ability to play defense (i.e. shoving them so that they fall or they are backed up too far)

    • coopzr
      coopzr 4 years ago

      That is called a post play. There is going to be some resistance from both players (Defensive player trying to keep his position and offensive player trying to get closer to the basket) and as long as they are both resisting and respecting each others positions - then it shouldn't be any foul. However it is a foul by an offensive player or defensive player to shoulder or hip his opponent out of position.

  • Jeff Otte
    Jeff Otte 2 years ago +6

    The comments prove how many different opinions on refereeing there are

  • Michael Ryan
    Michael Ryan 4 years ago +7

    This video helps a lot

    • Rotciv 4ever
      Rotciv 4ever 2 years ago

      @HoopZ why?

    • HoopZ
      HoopZ 3 years ago +1

      Michael Ryan it’s a bad video

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  • hilbertp
    hilbertp 6 years ago +1

    I have a question regarding the scene on 8:17. It should be legal defense, weren't it for the use of white's right forearm, wouldn't it?

    • The_Joker
      The_Joker 4 years ago +1

      contact occurs on right should, right arm and left arm, almost no contact on the torso => No legal defence

  • Exver
    Exver 3 years ago +6

    Anyone watching this video who thinks anything that this man has just said is wrong does not understand FIBA basketball rules. This is a very good educational video.

  • Cunha
    Cunha 2 years ago

    what is he calling restricted area?

  • James Roberts
    James Roberts 4 years ago +8

    I could only stand to watch the first few scenarios of this video. At least in the beginning the officials were CORRECT in their calls as the defenders did not have their feet set and are moving into the way of the offense as they drive

  • mango
    mango 3 years ago +5

    nba rule and international rule are different?

    • Steve Tuohy
      Steve Tuohy 2 years ago

      FIBA set the rules, but almost every league around the world makes slight changes to suit their style. It makes it hard to referee games between multiple leagues

  • Deyon Grant
    Deyon Grant 2 years ago +1

    hang on like is there no restricted area?

    • Sam Subby
      Sam Subby  2 years ago +1

      Deyon Grant Back in 2004, there wasn't.

  • Russell Westbrook
    Russell Westbrook 4 years ago


  • Ty h
    Ty h 4 years ago +15

    Had to stop watchin this video after the first clip. Jus WRONG

  • Denis The Menace
    Denis The Menace 3 years ago +2

    what I understood from the video - referees on olympic games are dorks )))))

  • Faith Hope Charity
    Faith Hope Charity 2 years ago

    Waiitt a minute. If the purpose of defending & blocking is to impede your opponent's progress towards the ring, then why at 8:20 is called a foul. Damn man, those rules make basketball soft. Not good. Not good.