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Samsung Galaxy Fold Durability Test! - Is it STILL fragile?!

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • The Galaxy Fold is here for its official durability test! See what your phone looks like with the new Robot Skin HERE: dbrand.com/robot The Galaxy Fold was announced about a year ago, but then over the course of that year, the Samsung Galaxy Fold was delayed for quite a while because of structural issues. The screen wasn't strong enough, and dust was getting inside the device. So Samsung canceled their customers preorders, added a few new slight design changes, and here we are, almost a year after the first announcement, with Version 2 of the Galaxy Fold.
    Galaxy Fold Teardown is here: clip-share.net/video/z_Ke0hiYEm4/video.html
    Is this new version of the Galaxy Fold stronger than the original? Is it strong enough for every day life? Today we will find out with a Samsung Galaxy Fold durability test. We are going to see what the Fold is made out of, and see how soft the inner screen is. And maybe find out why so many of them were breaking in the first place.
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  • lola bee
    lola bee 3 years ago +3029

    This guy so calmly destroying an expensive phone and making jokes while also throwing in insults to the company is now my new favorite thing

    • Sis
      Sis 2 years ago

      He shows us if it's worth buying such a mobile phone

    • Matt Stiles
      Matt Stiles 2 years ago +1

      I read this in his voice lmao

    • Aphrodite Deyt
      Aphrodite Deyt 3 years ago +1


    • Sean C
      Sean C 3 years ago +3

      guess its easy when they send you a 2,000$ phone lol

    • Rad Red Guy
      Rad Red Guy 3 years ago +25

      lola bee that's called big dick energy

  • Roberto Bluestone
    Roberto Bluestone 2 years ago +3338

    I like how he speaks very softly while killing the phone slowly

    • MrSupersonic2012
      MrSupersonic2012 Year ago

      This man gets off by torturing phones and we get off by watching him do so. Who are the real monsters...

    • Nexo7
      Nexo7 Year ago

      its a voice over

    • justin hudson
      justin hudson Year ago

      @BrewDiePie nothing unless you’re trying to perceive yourself as a heterosexual

    • BrewDiePie
      BrewDiePie Year ago

      @justin hudson and what's wrong about being gay?

    • Motasem Almaqrami
      Motasem Almaqrami Year ago


  • Lauryn R.
    Lauryn R. 2 years ago +1741

    “Don’t push too hard on the screen”
    Jerry: *pulls out knife*

    • Jared Hared
      Jared Hared Year ago

      You mean Zack

    • YoSocial
      YoSocial Year ago

      @Shyla Minhas it wasn’t a mood swing i was just weird..

    • YoSocial
      YoSocial Year ago

      @Shyla Minhas lmao ik idk why i was so mad at the time it was a honest mistake sorry for everyone who i bothered

    • YoSocial
      YoSocial Year ago

      @Aahil Siddiqui 5 mounts ago

    • Aahil Siddiqui
      Aahil Siddiqui Year ago

      @YoSocial get noob bitch

  • DrkLgnds
    DrkLgnds 11 months ago +9

    Seeing how the fold changed from the first to the third version is amazing. There has been a lot of advancements
    Aside that, still the same test years later. This is the consistency i need

  • Zachary Schaffino

    It failed your durability test, that little Nick with your blade is unacceptable and I know you pour dirt over it but come on now there’s dirt permanently inside
    ? Nah failed, however I will say interesting design they just need to work on in a bit more. And I’m sure when they do they will sell like hot cakes

  • Juho Tiainen
    Juho Tiainen 3 years ago +15765

    The fact that you can scratch it with a fingernail... that's just ridiculous.

    • Earth
      Earth 5 months ago

      @ok huomasin saman hehe

    • Narne
      Narne Year ago

      @Ace Woodland well i've been using the phone for a year

    • Alec Whatshisname
      Alec Whatshisname Year ago

      If you took care of a Nintendo ds as a kid, you can take care of this as an adult.

    • Zach Smith
      Zach Smith Year ago

      Well your fingernail is a level 3 on the hardness scale.

    • Même Boy
      Même Boy 2 years ago

      @mia i igree with that

  • calin andrei
    calin andrei Day ago

    i just love the way this guy smashes samsung by the floor! ))

  • Diablo5564
    Diablo5564 Year ago +3

    I am genuinely surprised it passed the bend test. I feel like a large portion of their development went towards it's hinge durability.

  • beautifullymodified
    beautifullymodified 2 years ago +565

    “We call this Marques’ fault because it is Marques’ fault” 😂🤣

    • beautifullymodified
      beautifullymodified 2 years ago +46

      Swaggy in mkbhd’s video on this phone he accidentally pulled the display off, breaking the phone. Just a small funny. 😂 but it was a huge oversight by the company, the display sheet looks like the preservation plastic you’d peel off any other phone screen so they started putting a warning on the phone.

    • Swaggy
      Swaggy 2 years ago +8

      I don't get it someone tell me

    • Alex Does Edits YT
      Alex Does Edits YT 2 years ago +15

      beautifullymodified Marques Brownlee? 🤣

  • Zeldamaster654 Cal
    Zeldamaster654 Cal 2 years ago +584

    Scratches at a level 2 with deeper grooves at a level 3 just sounds wrong

    • Majdi Hidmi
      Majdi Hidmi Year ago

      @Brick Burger lmao

    • Brick Burger
      Brick Burger Year ago

      spoilers at a level 2 and darth vader is lukes father with deeper spoilers at a level 3

    • BATMAN
      BATMAN 2 years ago


    • blitk2
      blitk2 2 years ago

      @Scandalous Porpoise yeah

    • Scandalous Porpoise
      Scandalous Porpoise 2 years ago +1

      Dhruvapro is this you first time watching this dude or something?

  • Bryan Turnbow
    Bryan Turnbow 3 years ago +4943

    The perfect phone for someone in a dust free environment who doesn’t have fingernails.

    • TysonOgamin
      TysonOgamin 11 months ago

      Basically your talking about a weirdo Bryan.. Yeah you are.

    • Imma be a bit inactive on this account
      Imma be a bit inactive on this account Year ago

      I mean if you bite your nails it might work for you

    • Narne
      Narne Year ago

      welp dust free environment isnt a problem, finger nails is a bit of a problem.

    • namcicle
      namcicle 2 years ago

      I just imagined a hand with literally no fingernails, and physically retracted

    • Alcremist
      Alcremist 2 years ago

      Sound like me

  • J. Airisv.
    J. Airisv. 2 years ago +656

    Jerry: *reads warning*
    also Jerry: *picks cutter up while reading*

    • Jared Hared
      Jared Hared Year ago

      His name is Zack

    • Tyler Rynes
      Tyler Rynes 2 years ago

      You dumb ass he goes by both

    • ‎‎ً
      ‎‎ً 2 years ago +4

      @Dustin plays your wrong in the head buddy

    • Flowerboblo
      Flowerboblo 2 years ago +2

      @Broofismcdoofis .

    • McMickey’s
      McMickey’s 2 years ago +3

      Just chill Okay he’s just joking bro take a chill pill

  • Foxy Fennec
    Foxy Fennec 2 years ago +14

    Good to know they are attempting to address the hinge and dirt for the upcoming iteration. Nice seeing ya on Unpacked 2020, mate!

  • Craig Richards
    Craig Richards 2 years ago +1

    I have been using the fold for several months now and I love it. Albeit with due every day caution, it really is remarkable to have and use. My only sadness was dropping something metal from a slight height onto the opened glass which has damaged a part of the screen. Other than that, it comes with me info the bathroom while I shower and isnt affected by the overly humid room and has performed well with everything I want from it. Some apps could be better with the compatibility but the lack of users if the phone make it understandable!

  • Emelyn Flor Fabiaña
    Emelyn Flor Fabiaña 2 years ago +221

    “world’s most expensive salt shaker” 😂😂

  • patronustrip
    patronustrip 3 years ago +2526

    Imagine being this phone, happy to be bought and you get this treatment just out of the box. What a trauma.
    Too much Toy Story, sorry.

  • Arturia Pendragon
    Arturia Pendragon 2 years ago +156

    I'm watching these videos to convince myself that I do not need these expensive phones.

      THE PESTILENCE Year ago

      @C Herbies lmaooo

    • C Herbies
      C Herbies 2 years ago +5

      Arturia Pendragon I’m watching it so I don’t feel bad about my cheap phone

  • TortugaSmooga
    TortugaSmooga 2 years ago +1

    It failed but I'm glad to see the tech has improved. Cant wait for the next one. I think I would actually use one in the future

  • DaxMoon
    DaxMoon 3 days ago

    When I first saw this video 3 years ago I swore to myself I would never buy such an expensive phone based on what I considered at that time just a technology gimmick. Today I am re watching this video from my brand new fold 4. So happy I bought this phone, it is a game changer for me.

  • Justas Untulis
    Justas Untulis 2 years ago +3

    Eager to see how Z Fold 2 will do in these tests.

  • Yebro
    Yebro 3 years ago +6234

    I like how he opens it so carefully but just destroys the phone

    • Khalil and Rehanna gaming
    • Frost_YT
      Frost_YT 2 years ago

      maybe u should try it :)

    • Crystal Polanco
      Crystal Polanco 3 years ago

      Yeah when he puts the phone down he like slams it into those art supplies

    • Hype_Godspeed
      Hype_Godspeed 3 years ago +1

      Damn,you gotta destroy that comment with that ‘thanks for the likes’edit?

    • skiiiis
      skiiiis 3 years ago

      @Sowbug wont post it but u can post it i allow it

  • Nathan Daniel Saldana
    Nathan Daniel Saldana 2 months ago +1

    Damn, I wish the Z Folds still included the Buds for free in the box. But the pre-order deals this year were great for the Fold4. Fun to revisit the OG model

  • Skul
    Skul 3 months ago

    So I'm coming back to this video now, after first happening upon it when it first released. This video was my very first exposure to the IDEA of a foldable smartphone, and while it definitely failed in just about every practical way, the idea intrigued me from the get-go. Fast-forward to now, a few years later, and I've been using a Z Flip 3 since Decembwr 2021, and I have a Z Fold 4 on preorder. The Galaxy Fold walked, so that the future Z Series could run. It's amazing to see how far the series has come since this video; now, as long as you know what you're getting, foldable phones are expected to last you the normal length of any other smartphone. Credit where credit's due, Samsung has definitely created something to get people excited for smartphones again.

  • Daniel Martin
    Daniel Martin 2 years ago

    I've had the galaxy fold for a couple months now and I have trouble finding any problems with it. I purposefully creased the plastic with my finger nails at their typical length of 1 to 2 mm and I had to actually go out of my way to damage it. It feels just as strong of build quality as any flagship Samsung phone, aka built like a tank. I cant wait to buy the fold 2!

  • Neel H Akash
    Neel H Akash 9 days ago +1

    Jerry, I have a real question that just popped in my head. What if the whole display is made out of gorilla glass except the middle folding segment? Is it even possible? In that way the majority of the display is semi scratch resistant but sensitive in the middle section. I know it's a dumb question but seems like an idea.

    • Cherse Gems
      Cherse Gems 3 days ago

      I think Samsung’s worry (and everyone else making folding phones by now) is that it’ll make the screen look less continuous and make the crease even more conspicuous. Or perhaps it helps the folding action more if the entire screen has the same flexibility instead of just the fold but I’m not sure.

  • MrMobile [Michael Fisher]
    MrMobile [Michael Fisher] 3 years ago +392

    Best horror shows on tech Clip-Share. Thanks for doing these, Z. I'll be sure to keep my Fold in a vacuum-sealed pocket!

    • Cullen246
      Cullen246 3 years ago

      I'm getting one, but I'm legit getting a zipper pouch to keep it in. Also getting an A10 as a phone to use when doing sports, so I don't risk breaking or imperfecting my $2,000 porcelain doll of a smartphone. 🤷‍♂️

    • Shivam Gagad
      Shivam Gagad 3 years ago

      Better vacuum the vacuum first. Just to be safe.

    • Giacomo Ceccarelli
      Giacomo Ceccarelli 3 years ago +1


    • Florence Pinili
      Florence Pinili 3 years ago +1

      Don't you Clip-Sharer guys just call each other and not comment on each other's videos? 😂

    • Modern Educational Standard  [ S.E.M. ]
      Modern Educational Standard [ S.E.M. ] 3 years ago +1

      Michael, make sure to keep the fold in a vacuum cleaner.

  • Magik Dust
    Magik Dust 2 years ago

    I would have liked to see how durable the protector items that come with it are, and how well they protect...

  • NP
    NP 2 years ago

    I love his videos, but I always hate it when purposely damages expensive phones

  • mintaellectual
    mintaellectual 2 years ago +1

    it s still really amazing tho and its existence may pave the way for future innovations.

  • Steven Tarsitano
    Steven Tarsitano 2 years ago

    i'm certainly intrigued by the idea of the galaxy fold. i don't think it's necessary, however. i would consider it only if they ironed out durability issues over the course of the next few generations. looks like they've already taken a step in the right direction with the z flex or whatever.

  • Jadriel Laracuente
    Jadriel Laracuente 3 years ago +10212

    This dude must have alot of headphones by now

    • Carlos Chávez
      Carlos Chávez Year ago +1

      This did not age well thanks to apple

    • Elvisa Delanovic
      Elvisa Delanovic Year ago


    • MHK
      MHK Year ago


    • yammmit
      yammmit 2 years ago

      @Raya you want what on your headphone?

    • Raya
      Raya 2 years ago

      @yammmit yooo i don't speak inglish, but I try to say that I want on headphone

  • september parker
    september parker 2 years ago

    If they can figure out how to make the screen more durable I would want that phone it'd be so much fun to draw on

  • Luzvel 79 Tiscareno
    Luzvel 79 Tiscareno 2 years ago

    For a phone that pretty much supposed to be kind of a trophy it withstood your punishment pretty well. I'm actually impressed

  • Minus Infinity
    Minus Infinity 2 years ago +1

    This deserves a double face palm, too much fail for just one. Well done Samesung.

  • BMO
    BMO Year ago +23

    Zack (jerry): walks into store
    Phone: *sweating intensifies*

  • Dionysis
    Dionysis 2 years ago +3728

    2000's kid: Closes the fridge door carefully to see if the fridge light turns off
    Kids today: Closes the Galaxy Fold to see when the screen turns off

  • L Bozo Fr*nce
    L Bozo Fr*nce Month ago

    Warnings: Avoid pressing too hard on the screen, only tap it lightly, the phone is not water/dust resistant and don't allow and foreign objects into it. Also do not attach anything to the main screen -- no screen protectors. And keep the Fold away from objects affected by magnets like credit cards.

  • Quarterback x
    Quarterback x 2 years ago

    I like the phone that you said when opening seemed more like a tablet. That to me is how the phone should seem to be when being unfolded. It can be a phone when closed. And, when you,would like a larger screen, a tablet, you unfold it. That way you have a larger screen to see things better for those who may have bad eye sight for those of us who's eye sight is getting less capable to seeing small objects. Heck I would not mind for it be be a larger tablet. Maybe for me, best to be the amazon fire table size when folded, That is because it fits find in my back pocket or coat pocket when doing the church. The tablet not only allows large viewing size for gps, apps, photos, videos, movies, games. And, of course, mamas little babysitting helper for many parents who would hand it to their kids so to keep them occupied.

  • NerdLord
    NerdLord 2 years ago

    Once we figure out how to make the folding screen more durable I may want one myself

  • Alex Blanco
    Alex Blanco 2 years ago

    I can't believe how fragile the dual screen is for the price of that thing that's insane

  • 박문치전도사
    박문치전도사 3 years ago +2535

    2009 : now we dont have to fold a phone
    2019 : damn we fold it

    • Gamer du Québec
      Gamer du Québec 3 years ago

      @clownMonomaniac Français aussi maintenant

    • virmigio
      virmigio 3 years ago +1

      베이커빠돌이 *We fold it the other way now*

    • AusXdaN
      AusXdaN 3 years ago

      베이커빠돌이 THATS SO TRUE!! OML 😂😂😂

    • Papa Bilby
      Papa Bilby 3 years ago

      Lmao, awesome point!!! I’m dying over here.

    • imwild20
      imwild20 3 years ago

      Lol!!🤣🤣it’s so funny

  • Cara Howell
    Cara Howell 2 years ago

    I would TOTALLY use a folding phone. But not a phone so delicate. Thanks for the video!!

  • Paul Haupt
    Paul Haupt 2 years ago +1

    While watching this, I thought of this. Two pieces of tempered glass on both sides connected by the plastic on the hinge

  • danhoskins
    danhoskins 2 years ago +1

    I was looking at how to fix phones on reddit and I stumbled upon your post on reddit from 6years ago 😂 it was super helpful btw thanks. You’ve grown soo much well done man 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Alissa Cook
    Alissa Cook 2 years ago

    Why do I get so much pleasure out of your videos?? 🤔🧐🤨 Watching phones get destroyed was something I never knew I needed so badly in my life. 🤷🏼‍♀️🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Nev0082
    Nev0082 2 years ago

    Videos like this can change the world. You approach every video without bias. So everyone watching can make their fair judgement on such an expensive investment.

  • Rais Taimoor
    Rais Taimoor 2 years ago

    I have a question in mind....why can’t they make the parts of screen which do no bend(probably all parts except hinge), of glass and only make the hinge area made of plastic(or whatever it is) instead of making entire screen plastic?

  • Jasmine Company
    Jasmine Company 2 years ago +92

    He carved the letter Z on the screen
    This year: Samsung releases the Z-Flip
    He can see the future guys😂

    • dana🎄
      dana🎄 Year ago

      And then they made the fold series to Z Fold

  • Bo-Laurids Jähde
    Bo-Laurids Jähde Year ago +1

    Of course it's done for it if you attack it with a sharp knife, but foldables are in their early days and I'm sure that we'll see huge improvements in the future

  • Ieetmelons
    Ieetmelons 3 years ago +2399

    “But let’s say we accidentally on purpose bent the phone backwards”

    • Anthony A
      Anthony A 3 years ago

      @Ash you dont know what you're missing

    • Ash
      Ash 3 years ago

      @Anthony A Nahhhh

    • Morbamba
      Morbamba 3 years ago

      @Jimmy 2 serious gaming samsungs and iPhones are all $2000 or more where I live and LOTS of accidents happen lmao

    • 𝙟𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙖
      𝙟𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙖 3 years ago

      @Anthony A fuck off, go ask your programmer to pour water on you

    • bleh
      bleh 3 years ago +1

      A A I dare all the boys to do the same thing

  • Miguel Petrovic
    Miguel Petrovic Year ago +2

    Jerry: Opening the box carefully
    talking about snaping the phone in half literally 1 sec later

  • Alexander Hostetler
    Alexander Hostetler 2 years ago

    I think it actually did pretty well, for 2nd Gen at least...

  • groszak1
    groszak1 2 years ago

    You should have also made a bend test horizontally like you do most of the time with phones

  • Arteon Tarchin
    Arteon Tarchin 2 years ago +1

    I think we should accept this phone as a proof of concept, like Samsung wanted to say like "this is what we can do, and we thought you should get one if you want to experience it on your own". Let's give it a few more years or generations and it might actually turn into a new thing

  • James Stuart
    James Stuart 3 years ago +2192

    2007: a phone that doesn’t flip “revolutionary”
    2019: a phone that flips “revolutionary!”

    • -Over_0w0-
      -Over_0w0- 3 years ago

      @James Stuart I mean the phone is a mini tablet but also a phone tbh and I’m more of an Apple person but the Samsung galaxy fold is pretty interesting too

    • nothanks
      nothanks 3 years ago


    • JohnnyBobo
      JohnnyBobo 3 years ago

      Its evolving, just backwards

    • Meng Xiong
      Meng Xiong 3 years ago +1

      It’s a smartphone though ;)

    • Trevas 🫧
      Trevas 🫧 3 years ago

      Ok boomer

  • Judberries
    Judberries 9 months ago

    Crazy going from this to the fold 3. Big difference

  • Ghost In The Darkness
    Ghost In The Darkness 2 years ago

    I think the only way to get it to fold would be the plastic type cover , that scratches with fingernail . I love these tests bro . Binge worthy for real . Good info ... great info for watching before u buy , thanks . How though , do u get all of these products

  • Tim Mug
    Tim Mug 2 years ago

    Coming back here after the Z Flip video... am I alone thinking the Z Flip was downgraded in durability? These aren't necessarily real life accurate tests, but something about this doing better than it tells a lot, and how the screen is still plastic doesn't bode well still for me.

  • Radu_2440
    Radu_2440 Year ago

    I like this phone's color. I wish for samsung to use it for other folds and flips.

  • DeviLefty
    DeviLefty 3 years ago +3527

    Samsung: I know you Jerry, I know you're gonna try bending it backwards, so good luck.
    Jerry: Adds sand into the screen.
    Samsung: Wait, that's illegal...

  • frostydowns
    frostydowns 2 years ago

    I want a foldable phone because it's optional, when they learn to seal it properly it's going to be great.

  • shadow
    shadow Year ago +1

    It’s really good that wireless earphones come with it
    Apple needs to put AirPods inside

  • Caleb Keefer
    Caleb Keefer 2 years ago

    It's hurts seeing this thing get tested to its limits and feels good knowing I'm never buying it because of its limits being more strict than Facebook's

  • shinigami7
    shinigami7 2 years ago

    I love watching your videos!😊

  • Danison Mabitsela
    Danison Mabitsela 3 years ago +646

    For a second i didn't expect it to survive the bent test

    • Benno B
      Benno B 3 years ago

      @Rahul Dev no

    • nikOtakai
      nikOtakai 3 years ago

      @Pers0nARB why read the comments if you watch such a video????

      WICKEDWEICK 3 years ago +5

      @Rahul Dev Shut up.

    • Pers0nARB
      Pers0nARB 3 years ago +5

      fucking spoiler

    • Koushik Neriyanuri
      Koushik Neriyanuri 3 years ago +9

      Danison Mabitsela yeah me too. but, damn this is impressive!

  • TankAddict
    TankAddict 2 years ago +70

    "You can look good on the outside even if you feel a little dead on the inside"

  • David Samenezes
    David Samenezes 2 years ago

    Galaxy F e muito resistente!alem de ser top!!!

  • GAMERGUY1977
    GAMERGUY1977 Year ago

    I've used this phone everyday for almost a year with no problems at all.

  • Alex Elliott
    Alex Elliott 2 years ago

    The Galaxy Fold for how bad it is was somehow strongly built. iPhones and iPads bend easier than the fold did when he tried breaking it. Props to samsung for always putting quality into all their products. They fixed all the problems with the new Z Flip

  • Nurox
    Nurox 3 years ago +15690

    I fear no man
    But that thing
    *metal scratching noises*
    It scares me

    • Varun Singh
      Varun Singh 2 years ago

      Happy Guy ok bro

    • Joseph Zamora
      Joseph Zamora 2 years ago

      @Varun Singh TF2 is team fortress 2

    • Demo Pan
      Demo Pan 3 years ago

      @김명섭 reference by Team Fortress 2 Heavy. You can check it at TF2 Meet the Pyro XD

    • Mason Lewis
      Mason Lewis 3 years ago

      xKenis ik why do they always do it EVERY SONGLE INCH OF THE SIDE ITS STUPID

    • ArtziPup
      ArtziPup 3 years ago +1

      It goes through me

  • Unbreakable-Gamez

    Even in 2021 it’s still my dream phone! Although the gold 2 and 3 are out they are to expensive

  • Noon Animates
    Noon Animates 2 years ago

    It kinda hurts to see such an expensive phone breaking and being bent like that....

  • Major FNP
    Major FNP 2 years ago +7

    1970: we will have flying cars
    2020: bringing back the flip phone 😂

  • MetalMania
    MetalMania 2 years ago +1758

    Everyone else: Impressed by foldable phone
    Me: Impressed by google translate camera :o
    Edit: Yooo where did all these likes come from?!

    • Mahiro Oyama
      Mahiro Oyama Year ago

      He is using google lens which does live translations, google translate is not for live translations, also google lens isn’t on iPhones.

    • BlockWorkYT
      BlockWorkYT 2 years ago

      @Regan Tatham yup

    • BlockWorkYT
      BlockWorkYT 2 years ago

      @Regan Tatham ikr

    • Regan Tatham
      Regan Tatham 2 years ago +1

      That phone is still pretty shit for its price it wouldn't last very long

    • BlockWorkYT
      BlockWorkYT 2 years ago


  • Rodø
    Rodø 3 years ago +2884

    Me: **watches a $2000 phone beeing destroyed in a $160 phone**

    • eathan richards
      eathan richards 2 years ago

      @LaShawna Blanton i have an iphone 4

    • Wild & Young
      Wild & Young 2 years ago

      Mine is oppo f7 😭

    • Rodø
      Rodø 2 years ago

      Guys, i got new phone, the Nokia 3310 :'D

    • m
      m 2 years ago

      Dang I had an s8 but now I have the note 10+

    • Sonodietrodithe4 iltuoincubopeggiore
      Sonodietrodithe4 iltuoincubopeggiore 2 years ago

      Me: *_reads a comment about someone who is watching a $2000 phone being destroyed in a $160 phone on a $100_*

  • Bharath Sivakumar
    Bharath Sivakumar 2 years ago +171

    10:43 "accidentally-on-purpose" quote of the video.

  • Mia
    Mia Year ago +1

    I don’t understand why Samsung can’t make the screen glass and then the part on the hinge plastic, and then make a smaller hinge so you can’t see a hole in the middle when folded. Just those two things would make the phone so much better, when paired with the dust and water protection.

  • Yehia Halabi
    Yehia Halabi 2 years ago +151

    Legend has it after Jerry made a Z with his nail Samsung made z flip

  • Martin McGarrigle

    I absolutely love that they - they, probably China let's be honest - have invented a technology that can FOLD when displaying video / video content. I do often say to myself 'just because it exists, doesn't make it any less amazing'. I said this about this tech. Mindblowing really, and the possibilities are literally endless. As soon as a folding phone is scratch proof, dust proof and water resistant, pretty and not 10 million pounds, I will get one. For sure.

  • D. Ritzer
    D. Ritzer 3 years ago +7786

    Jerry: And now for the bend test
    *Galaxy Fold: I was born for this*

  • a croissant
    a croissant 2 years ago

    Couldn't they just make two screen protectors that go on both sides of the screen so that when you fold it, it doesn't bend the protector? Or would the sides touch when you close it anyway?

  • Michal Bernát
    Michal Bernát 2 years ago +3

    Imagine how this will be in 20 years

  • petros computers
    petros computers 2 years ago +1

    Samsung :we make the most durable phones
    Jerry :Hmm 🤔,its strange 🙄,only lasted few minutes out of the box 🤣🤣🤣

  • Reverse Burst
    Reverse Burst 2 years ago +14

    "Scratches at a level 2 with deeper groves at a level 3"
    *wait that's illegal*

  • Kichu 2003
    Kichu 2003 3 years ago +520

    Actually I really expected that the Galaxy Fold will break when bend the other way around... Its really surprising though..

    • Galaxy Catnip
      Galaxy Catnip 3 years ago

      I was expecting this to not break after that backward bend.....I was right

    • Brandon
      Brandon 3 years ago

      To me it was obvious it would survive since the hinge is designed that way

    • M.Waleed Akhtar
      M.Waleed Akhtar 3 years ago

      @Rahul Dev no

      WICKEDWEICK 3 years ago +4

      @Rahul Dev No.

    • Jesper Viktorsson
      Jesper Viktorsson 3 years ago +2

      @INM PH are you skitz?

  • ray
    ray 2 years ago +33

    “Making it the world’s most expensive salt shaker”🧂 🤣

    • ray
      ray Year ago +3

      @Amirul Abedin Akash thanks for replying to my comment after 9 months lol.

    • Amirul Abedin Akash
      Amirul Abedin Akash Year ago +1

      that was the best part

  • Kuro Neko
    Kuro Neko 2 years ago

    I would use a phone like this if there would be a way to protect the screen and to protect the phone from dust. I think that will be able at some point in the future. Right know i would love to have a note 9.

    KIM RAE RI 2 years ago

    How can he be so calm... seeing the phone being through that alone..it hurts my soul

  • Eye-Ay-En
    Eye-Ay-En 2 years ago

    I love how he just teases the phone at the start, ohh lets have a look through the setup, browse some menus etc, before the brutal torture starts

  • Tiong Soo
    Tiong Soo 2 years ago

    Still waiting and hoping you'll do a review on the Z Fold 2 before I decide to buy one or not

  • A. M
    A. M 2 years ago

    It defenatly pass the test😍😍😍
    I am so excited for the new galaxy folds 😍ofcause if a screan protector will be available to galaxy fold I will buy it🤩🤩🤩

  • Humble
    Humble Year ago

    Jerry is the most incredible person in the tech industry on this planet

  • shawn cell
    shawn cell Year ago

    could you put two screen protectors on with a slight gap in the middle to make it work also could it maybe be ok to use in a machine shop ?

  • Adyot Kumar Singh
    Adyot Kumar Singh 3 years ago +394

    It felt like Zack really wanted to break it by the amount of pressure he applied😁😁

  • AmeliaBuns
    AmeliaBuns 2 years ago

    wish you did a finger pressure test. how hard you can push the screen. specially on the crease. that'll be very useful to the owners or potential buyers than a lot of other stuff like burns
    edit: ooh you put a lot of pressure on it while folding backwards and it's still fine

  • AnguisLeare
    AnguisLeare 2 years ago +1

    Everyone: Woah thats so cool!
    My dad: that's not a phone, that's a mini tablet

  • Malik Nayyab
    Malik Nayyab Year ago +3

    "That proofs u can look good at the outside while dead the inside "😂😌 relatable

  • MasterPlayz
    MasterPlayz 11 months ago

    Passes, cause it’s still fully functional! As you said with the mate x2 a few years later.

  • Rubaiyat Mehedi
    Rubaiyat Mehedi 3 years ago +1256

    Zack: *starts the durability test*
    Samsung CEO: *Heavy sweating*

    • Woochi
      Woochi 3 years ago +1

      This is actually really good constructive criticism for Samsung.

    • Retro Gamer 64
      Retro Gamer 64 3 years ago

      JSmith his name isn’t jerry.... it’s Zack

      AMRI KHAN INDONESIA 100% 3 years ago +2

      At least its not xploded this time. They said

    • Boola boola
      Boola boola 3 years ago +1

      Samsung CEO whispers to assistant: Make this man disappear, and make it accident.

    • Rubaiyat Mehedi
      Rubaiyat Mehedi 3 years ago

      @Henning oh my god, that's the perfect reflection of me too.

  • Regan Tatham
    Regan Tatham 2 years ago

    I think that phone passes the duribility test because i reckon a normal phone would have had some damage on it too after that