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Food Theory: What Everyone MISSED About The Krabby Patty (SpongeBob)


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  • Charlie The Unicorn
    Charlie The Unicorn 2 months ago +3794

    I think we all want a dedicated video of the making and tasting of the crabby patty

    • Cody Searchfield
      Cody Searchfield 16 hours ago

      Krabby patty not Crabby patty

      ROBORAY’s TOY REVIEWS! 7 days ago

      I think it wouldn’t taste good to humans, i mean. Barnacle shavings?!? How did the pirate in the 2nd spongebobmovie sell so much without complaints?

    • Soul less gamer
      Soul less gamer 16 days ago

      @John marston death u a vegan Karen or somthin? The Krabby patty is confirmed to have crab meat in it

    • NFG Lego's
      NFG Lego's 21 day ago +1

      I changed it from 3.1K to 3.2K likes in one click!!!!!

    • patchet
      patchet 26 days ago +1

      @Extreme chaos Lol just saying when has water ever stopped anything from happening in this show. Fire? Thats fine. Wind? Fine with that too. XD

  • Amirha Ayers
    Amirha Ayers 2 months ago +1060

    Now we need a Food Theory where you guys actually make and eat the Krabby Patty recipe.

  • Boi16Hyper
    Boi16Hyper 2 months ago +286

    I'd want a video of Mat actually replicating this recipe irl

    • M0bZ0Mb!3
      M0bZ0Mb!3 Month ago +3

      Everyone does, I think he's going to have to now

    • CreeperOnYourHouse
      CreeperOnYourHouse Month ago +5

      Same, that's what food theory was meant to be after all.

  • shelby
    shelby 2 months ago +134

    i like the idea of plankton seeing the chum part of the recipe and wrongly assuming its fish chum which is why the residents of bikini bottom hate it so much. so even if plankton had the entire recipe he would still be making it wrong because he would still be putting fish in it

    • Chris Schoenthaler
      Chris Schoenthaler 7 days ago

      He must have the worst memory in the world, considering he helped develop the recipe and still didn’t know it’s plant-based.

    • mar ⚢
      mar ⚢ 11 days ago +4

      this makes so much sense

    • theFishy
      theFishy 17 days ago +3


    • Nuttapat
      Nuttapat 23 days ago +1


  • EmeraldKoala2
    EmeraldKoala2 Month ago +141

    The vegan patty idea reminds me of that one episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer where Buffy worked at a burger place and thought they were using the employees as ingredients, but in the end it turned out the "double meat" pattys were secretly vegan, and the restaurant kept it a secret for the same reason suggested in this video.
    Also a sweet old lady who ate at the restaurant every day was actually a horrific monster who had been the one eating the employees.

    • EmeraldKoala2
      EmeraldKoala2 13 days ago +2

      @TheAdvertisement according to Google, that Buffy episode aired on the 29th of January 2002, while SpongeBob's first episode aired on the 1st of May 1999.
      So if they were inspired by the Buffy episode it couldn't have been from the very start. Could have inspired them later on though.

    • TheAdvertisement
      TheAdvertisement 15 days ago +2

      That's awesome, and entirely possible then that the creators of Spongebob were inspired by that!

    • Sabrina Miller
      Sabrina Miller Month ago +14

      If I remember correctly, Spike loved those burgers

  • CrayRT
    CrayRT 2 months ago +28029

    We need a sequel to this where matpat cooks his Krabby Patty recipe

    • Giglles whee
      Giglles whee 2 days ago


    • tatjana vidak
      tatjana vidak 2 days ago


    • MythicPVP
      MythicPVP 2 days ago

      @R 2 H Here is the full clip : when your family said your a failure (oh wait you don't even have a family)

    • El De Por ahi
      El De Por ahi 3 days ago

      Frl i though he was gonna make one

    • AaronRBX
      AaronRBX 3 days ago

      @R 2 H imagine lying

  • Qaasim Abdullah
    Qaasim Abdullah 2 months ago +843

    7:50 he never necessarily says seven "jars"/bottles, but he says ingredients. 2 of those jars look to be identical to each other, therefore you can make the assumption that there was just a larger quantity of that single ingredient stocked

    • Prerak Games
      Prerak Games 4 days ago

      @Micah Birdlover N O O N E C A R E S

    • ieat_kids
      ieat_kids 8 days ago

      That’s what I was about to comment

    • Captain Lewisham Brown
      Captain Lewisham Brown 23 days ago

      Thank you for pointing it out

    • Micah Birdlover
      Micah Birdlover Month ago

      @Waiting for who asked 🥰 picture

    • Jeffrey Szcinski II
      Jeffrey Szcinski II Month ago +1

      Thank you. Mat Pat you are always so thorough and I think this is the first time I’ve seen something like this. (Also first time I’ve left a comment, love th channel btw).
      But I agree with you that the bottle is clearly open, and this secrets narrator got it wrong in that front. Also I’m arguing online about a video about a fictional fast food item. What a life.
      Please keep making food theory vids

  • Kevin Mencer
    Kevin Mencer 2 months ago +100

    Side note; even if Plankton somehow acquired the secret formula, and managed to use it in his restaurant, crabs would be able to sue him into insolvency for copyright theft and fraud, not to mention trespassing, burglary, maybe even armed robbery, Assault in the First Degree, Grand Larceny, willful destruction of property both private and public, and probably a few more felonies.

    • TechNewsEveryWeek
      TechNewsEveryWeek 10 days ago

      Trade secrets are not same as patents. Patents are explicitly outlined to the public after all

    • Sam4gaming
      Sam4gaming 27 days ago

      Mr Krabs doesn't have a lawyer

    • Azrael Vrykolakas
      Azrael Vrykolakas 27 days ago +1

      Lawyers and court fees cost money... now nothing stops crabs from writing a bad check but the end result wouldn't turn out great for him.

    • Kid Pixel
      Kid Pixel 28 days ago

      Wouldn’t be as fun though.

    • Link the hero of time
      Link the hero of time 29 days ago +1

      Something you need to realize is that it's a cartoon show, not an episode of judge Judy lmao

  • Lifeless gal
    Lifeless gal 2 months ago +101

    In the episode Friend or Foe, those ingredients fell off into the Plab Patty. And Karen can actually show those flashbacks. Why doesn't Plankton ask Karen to show it to him again since that's clearly the secret ingredients?

    • Sam4gaming
      Sam4gaming 27 days ago +7

      I'd imagine that she may not have recorded the scene, but just remembers that ingredients fell,

    • TheOfficalMe
      TheOfficalMe Month ago +14

      that... is true

  • Taco Bell
    Taco Bell 2 months ago +71

    Matt really found out the ingredients of the Krabby Patty. Now I'd love to see him cook it 😅

  • Iheartgray
    Iheartgray 2 months ago +2906

    Now we need a part 2, where matpat actually makes a Krabby patty out of those exact ingredients, tries it, and gives his feedback.

    • Jj Ko 781
      Jj Ko 781 10 days ago

      Fr lol

    • Iheartgray
      Iheartgray 2 months ago

      @SegaMaster172 w

    • RandomAsian
      RandomAsian 2 months ago

      Here is the clip where i murdered Deez

    • Tina Marie
      Tina Marie 2 months ago

      @leion247 He used a meat patty in that video.

    • Sahil
      Sahil 2 months ago

      @Peyton "You have made an outrageous claim, the heaven almost ruptures therefrom and the earth splits open and the mountains collapse in devastation. In protest of attributing to children to the most compassionate. It does not befit (the majesty of) the most compassionate to have children"

  • gammert 54
    gammert 54 2 months ago +41

    The amount of dedication that came to making the crabby patty is just sooo big

  • Galladegamer
    Galladegamer Month ago +15

    One thing that I think would be really interesting is that in one episode, plankton was trying to alphabetically figure out the recipe, saying he was on "raw sewage" which alphabetically comes BEFORE red algae

    • Kid Pixel
      Kid Pixel 28 days ago +2

      Oh yeah forgot about that one. He would still need to figure the rest of the ingredients as well figure out which order they go in. Plus, as some other commentators have pointed, the formula still probably wouldn’t taste as good cause Plankton assumed chum was fish rather than plant matter.

  • FireKnightHD
    FireKnightHD Month ago +16

    Now we need a food theory episode where Mat is actually throwing all these in a bowl and actually cook a patty with them!

  • Willphully
    Willphully 2 months ago +6

    Now we need people to actually put these ingredients together in the right amounts and make real Krabby Patties so we can finally get a taste of what they really are and why they are so heavily desired.

  • Aloe_
    Aloe_ 2 months ago +6530

    Now I wanna see Matpat actually try and make the krabby patty

    • Charmaine Cooper
      Charmaine Cooper 2 months ago

      There is an episode where sponge bob and mr krabs have to go to neptunes castle/kingdom to try to steal more of neptunes dust because it was the secret ingredient and they ran out.

    • MergeMechanic7395
      MergeMechanic7395 2 months ago

      @Torstein Gjesdal Hed did though~- but only as the PERFECT order to stack your burger. TA-STY~

    • Torstein Gjesdal
      Torstein Gjesdal 2 months ago

      @MergeMechanic7395 Nope

    • MergeMechanic7395
      MergeMechanic7395 2 months ago

      @Torstein Gjesdal He did though~

    • Torstein Gjesdal
      Torstein Gjesdal 2 months ago

      @MergeMechanic7395 nope

  • C
    C 2 months ago +23

    I'm glad to see others agreed, we definitely need to get a video of you making one of these.

  • Dejay Page
    Dejay Page 2 months ago +7

    I think the biggest hint that Krabby Patties aren’t meat:
    Krabs called it “Patty Batter”. Who calls grounded meat that?

  • Amber Graves
    Amber Graves 2 months ago +9

    Had a good idea for a video. You know how there are sooo many different cuts for fries, right? Shoestring, standard, curly, crinkle, waffle, wedge, etc. Well, based on criteria for what makes a good French fry, which cut is superior? I would say the criteria should be outter crispness, inner fluffiness, the ratio between the two, doesn't get greasy, and the shape holds the salt without becoming too salty. What do you think?

  • Urzursirsri Fxogxogxtid

    This makes sense because when mr krab and plankton was fighting for who gets the formula the pinch of chum got cut off of the paper so maybe the main reason mr krabs version of the patty is better is because he didnt add the pinch of chum

  • Andrew Ganyer
    Andrew Ganyer 2 months ago +3234

    Who else thinks he needs to do a follow up episode where he not only cooks his own Krabby Patty but also goes fishing using it as bait to see how well it would actually attract fish?

    FR00TY..SHNACKZ ☆ Month ago +9

    now we need him to make a krabby patty on food theory. :)

  • JosueRuizCoder
    JosueRuizCoder Month ago +5

    MatPat needs to cook up a storm with his Krabby Patty recipe in a sequel to this! #KrabbyPatty #MatPat #Sequel

  • Waffles the return of the syrup

    Hey Matt, since it’s nearly the holiday season, could you maybe do an episode on of how to make the best icing for cementing gingerbread houses just an idea

  • Soren “Starlander” Lukunic

    You know nobody's gonna rest until MatPat actually tries this recipe

  • Da Epic
    Da Epic 2 months ago +1857

    Now that you have a recipe, I'm sure we all need a live prep and taste test for a double krabby patty with the works!

    • Shiny Charizard
      Shiny Charizard 2 months ago

      @Micah Birdlover your welcome for the information

    • Micah Birdlover
      Micah Birdlover 2 months ago

      @Shiny Charizard really I didn't know

    • bun the bunny (got my account back)
      bun the bunny (got my account back) 2 months ago

      @im sacred bot

    • InsideJoke
      InsideJoke 2 months ago

      Even better...since Binging with Babish ALSO has tried to re-create Krabby Patty recepies multiple times in the past...the two could do a COLLAB with each other!
      They could release joint vids, with the Food Theory one focused on the food scientist perspective (which is a real thing, Matpat would be about the mathematical units, decoding which calcium supplement would be the most similar to "barnacle shavings" via chemistry and the like, etc), while the Binging with Babish joint episode would focus more on the traditional culinary/chef side of things (cook times, apperance so that it doesn't look like a vegan patty, etc).

    • Tristan Vliet
      Tristan Vliet 2 months ago


  • AZA Animations
    AZA Animations Month ago +3

    I think that the reason that @Spongebob Official said that there were only 6 ingredients was because the two purple jars are identical.

  • Vinny.
    Vinny. 2 months ago +8

    I think there were 6 ingredients, 2 of the jars are identical so maybe they contain the same things

    • shoujofanatic
      shoujofanatic 29 days ago

      They cpuld just be the same brand but different spices, like how Garlic and Onion Powder look similar from afar, you can only tell looking close up

  • Galagar Rocket
    Galagar Rocket Month ago +1

    Competition is exactly what all businesses do. I'm sure mat pat would be pretty mad if another youtuber made food theory videos with similar quality and style

  • hi im a piece of lego
    hi im a piece of lego 2 months ago +6

    probably the first time ever where mat Pat does not ruin your childhood

  • Izzy Smith
    Izzy Smith 2 months ago +2506

    Everyone's said it but I'm gonna say it again - Mat needs to test out the quantities so we have an exact perfect recipe to follow. We need the sequel!

    • sothatslife
      sothatslife 2 months ago

      I want to see him make it himself!!!!!

    • Freak_Gene
      Freak_Gene 2 months ago +2

      @xXLiLJokerXx Honestly if you have a favorite meatloaf recipe just use that as a base and maybe some extra seasoning, i've done it several times in the past and got super flavorful burgers.
      Its just there are some people out there who think adding anything to the beef for hamburgers patties is a food sin.

    • Zack Morris Does Things
      Zack Morris Does Things 2 months ago

      @xXLiLJokerXx "Krabby Patties are made out of crab!"

    • ultrakid
      ultrakid 2 months ago +1

      @xXLiLJokerXx *omnivores

    • Jake from state farm
      Jake from state farm 2 months ago +7

      Plankton should just buy his way into government and force me krabs by law to release the ingredients for public safety

  • Avatar2116
    Avatar2116 2 months ago +3

    Now we just need a Game Theory about one of the SpongeBob video games so SpongeBob can be on all three Theorist channels.

  • Witcher Studios
    Witcher Studios Month ago +3

    Now we need Binging with Babish to make this patty!

  • Exojahblade
    Exojahblade 2 months ago +2

    Actually, the krabby patty is made of krab meat, Mr krabs literally says in one episode when eating it, "So thats what I taste like"
    So the krabby patty being vegetarian/vegan is wrong.

  • Local Tavern's Lute Player

    I like how twice now matpat has ignored that nickelodeon has released the recipe on their website before

  • jessism
    jessism 2 months ago +1389

    We need the follow up to this where Mattpat puts the recipe to the test!

    • Nevaeh Hamilton
      Nevaeh Hamilton 2 months ago

      Probably not tho

    • Shadowhunters xo
      Shadowhunters xo 2 months ago +7

      Since the 'krabby patty' is only in a tv-show it's hard to know what it should taste like. He can try to make the recipe as he thinks it is to see if it tastes good tho.

    • Russian Valkyrie
      Russian Valkyrie 2 months ago +4


  • VoltStart46
    VoltStart46 2 months ago +1

    I REALLY wanna see him try this

  • Vawnson
    Vawnson Month ago +4

    Now we wait for Binging with Babish to take this info, and make it palatable!

  • ChickenLadySam
    ChickenLadySam 2 months ago +1

    I'm here for this theory but slight correction. Yes there are 7 bottles/jars. But there's still 6 ingredients as two of the jars and contents appear to be identical

  • Prof. Sir
    Prof. Sir 2 months ago +2

    I would love to see you try this.

  • Tyler 'Skye'
    Tyler 'Skye' 2 months ago

    I've been thinking that Mr. Krabs started using his claw in place of the chum because it grows back [correct me if I'm wrong], and crab is often a main ingredient of chum (this is when it would start being called "Krabby Patty"- until barnacles were used, instead- since they can have a similar flavor, and be way cheaper and more abundant.
    There's just one thing with barnacles; they're technically animals, so not really vegan- some would argue they are vegan because they're 'essentially' plants, but then you get into semantics.

  • Victoria Lynn Struble
    Victoria Lynn Struble 2 months ago

    Hey food theory, it's December and I have a question. Is fruit cake really as bad as everyone says?

  • DandelionC418
    DandelionC418 2 months ago +2

    Yes that is totally the recipe!

  • sierra lynette
    sierra lynette 2 months ago +1

    i know this took effort to make. thank you for another banger!

  • Liutauras Leonavičius
    Liutauras Leonavičius 2 months ago +862

    I'd love to see an episode where MatPat and his colleagues actually makes a burger out of these ingredients and do a taste test

  • Ashley Weaver
    Ashley Weaver 2 months ago

    I was fully expecting you to make the Krabby Patty in the end

  • H21 Lad
    H21 Lad 2 months ago

    I like to see u make it instead of just breaking down the secret ingredients

  • Gamemaster Anthony
    Gamemaster Anthony 2 months ago +38

    Okay, real talk: I would actually love to try this recipe out if we can figure out what amounts of the other ingredients we need. (Since fava beans, onion, and calcium are figured out already.) I even posted the ingredient list on a couple of Discords I go to in order to see if there were any good cooks who could figure it out.
    Actually, a couple of people in the comments here suggested a collab with Binging with Babish to see if he could help. He's already done a few Spongebob vids, but those were using normal burgers. He might be the guy to figure out what amounts of the other ingredients we need.
    (Also...one of the gibberish ingredients, while we don't see the gibberish word, shows 2 tbsp of something. That could be a hint as well.)

  • The Stealthy Bomber
    The Stealthy Bomber 2 months ago +15

    This is so amazingly well researched dude! Mad props. The only thing I want to say is personally I don't think that Mr. Krabs continued using the pinch chum though. In the episode Krusty Bucket SpongeBob mentions that they added a pinch of chum to it after a customer mentioned the patty tasted even better than usual. My guess is since Plankton got the chum part of the ripped recipe, Mr. Krabs didn't know it was one of their ingredients.
    Over all I really loved the video though and thank you for this long awaited moment from our childhoods.

  • Subbing To Everyone Who Subs To Me

    People who didn’t come from tiktok are allowed to like this.

  • Roasting Nuts
    Roasting Nuts Month ago +2

    14:42 Okay Mattpad now make a hamburguer with that. Challenge time 🎬

  • Laptap Gamer
    Laptap Gamer 2 months ago

    there WERE 6 ingredients on that shelf, 2 of them were the same ingredient in separate containers

  • Billy Cooper
    Billy Cooper 2 months ago +31

    This man accomplished what plankton was trying to do for his entire life in 18 minutes

  • Igmantis
    Igmantis 2 months ago +6

    Someone's gotta make this version of the Krabby patty for an aquarium tank to eat. (Assuming it's not overfeeding, or the burgers are made tiny)

  • Keebee “Keebee the immortal Kirby” Kirby

    Out of everything that has been consistent over the course of the entire series, they’ve done a better job at keeping the secret recipe a secret than trying not to make spin offs

    • Universal Power
      Universal Power 2 months ago

      @The_Sub He said "This is how IT tastes like" and there's no meat in the patty, no meat=no crab.

    • Virtual_Maid_Miyu_Full Menu
      Virtual_Maid_Miyu_Full Menu 2 months ago

      @The Grinch 🅥 I still don't trust it xd

    • Spence C.
      Spence C. 2 months ago

      @The_Sub We've seen other crabs and crustaceans in different episodes.

    • smolgol shorts
      smolgol shorts 2 months ago

      I agree

    • Cooper
      Cooper 2 months ago +7

      Well yeah that’s because it was Stephen who didn’t want spin offs. And the second he died those slippery execs saw those dollar signs

  • AZA Animations
    AZA Animations Month ago +1

    My new question is... What is the cheese made of?

  • MilesKintnerMusic
    MilesKintnerMusic 2 months ago

    Now Binging with Babish has to make this (if he hasnt already.)

  • Muudip
    Muudip Month ago +2

    This can explain why spongebob burguers are preferred over lord neptune(don't know if that is his name but the emperor of the sea which spogebob competed against), he probrably didn't know that the pattys didn't take meat, so when the fish tasted the new burguers they were disgusted, as the taste can have a big difference
    English is not my first language, sorry if there were some grammar mistakes

  • TheMaskedRacoon1
    TheMaskedRacoon1 2 months ago +1

    You forgot to add the French Salad Dressing or Thousand Island Dressing! That's the secret formula!

  • James Olszewski
    James Olszewski 2 months ago +1177

    I'd love to see you team up with Babish on this one. He's done quite a few SpongeBob recipes and the real deal might just make his day.

    • Spukow
      Spukow 2 months ago

      Babish has done the crabby Patty

    • Lynwood
      Lynwood 2 months ago +1


    • Pedro Miret
      Pedro Miret 2 months ago +1

      They´re entretaining enough, and have a fun take on nostalgic pieces of pop culture... What seems to be the issue here?
      That they talk about fictional food? Beyond the fact that not everything should be so self serious all the time and these are just thought experiments, what is the problem?

    • GnomeDazzle
      GnomeDazzle 2 months ago

      Please raise your standards if you are watching Food Theorists and Babish.

    • Pedro Miret
      Pedro Miret 2 months ago

      @Potato Potato
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  • Alex donthavelastname

    I remember when I heard a theory (idk were) where the crabby Patty's were made out of whales! that's why the only whale you see is pearl. Because Mr. crabs hunted them all down to make the Patty's

  • TanIB 39
    TanIB 39 2 months ago

    I’m a no veggie guy so my ideal Krabby Patty would just be a patty with cheese, ketchup and mustard.

    NINJAREMIX20K9 Month ago

    we tend to forget that steven hillenberg was an aquatic enthusiast and made SpongeBob to show his love for the sea and probably food

  • CCCM89
    CCCM89 Month ago +1

    that's all well and good, and all, but...yeah, you're gonna make this burger next video...right?

  • NekoEcho13
    NekoEcho13 2 months ago +866

    Sir, there better be a sequel to this where you make and try it with Steph and some other Team Theorist members. We need to see the taste reactions. 😆

    • Micah Birdlover
      Micah Birdlover 2 months ago

      @Hassan Amr no her is Stephanie 😏☝️

    • Meowkitty Meowmeow
      Meowkitty Meowmeow 2 months ago

      GOD YES, this episode has made me so fucking hungry

    • Hassan Amr
      Hassan Amr 2 months ago

      @Nick Animates i know he did, I'm saying the commenter meant Sephanie, matpats wife. But RIP Stephen Hillenburg.

    • Hassan Amr
      Hassan Amr 2 months ago +2

      @Cadet Crockett No? His wife's name is Stephanie. And I think that's what he meant, but I don't mean Stephens wife as that is what I think you understood, I'm talking about matpat's wife. I should've probably worded the original comment better

    • Cadet Crockett
      Cadet Crockett 2 months ago

      @Hassan Amr
      That’s blatantly false…

  • Chorrito Burrito
    Chorrito Burrito 2 months ago

    We should have a food theory video with Mr.Beast to make a accurate Krusty Krab in real life.

  • Bad Banana
    Bad Banana 2 months ago

    10:11 that actually means they have two ingredints because the paper was cut in half

  • Rana Rī
    Rana Rī 2 months ago +1

    Me i'm vegan and i'm happy to know that the Krabby Patty is vegan! :D :>

  • World Extinction
    World Extinction  Month ago

    In one episode, Mr Krabs eat's the Krabby Patty, He says "That's what i taste like "

  • Lyndsey Strait
    Lyndsey Strait 2 months ago +1044

    Honestly, I like both of Matt Patt's explanations for the secret formula. After all, none of the "secret ingredients" he proposes are that extraordinary so I think they both might be at least partially correct. Cool theories! And yes, now I want to see a Crabby Patty tried and made. Also, I hadn't previously realized Plankton and Krabs were once business partners- no wonder Plankton feels so entitled to the recipe!

    • Kaitlyn Morgan
      Kaitlyn Morgan 2 months ago +3

      what part do u think is a theory? the reason for plankin wanting the recipe back? cause thats canon from the episode matt showed lol

    • Hanan Aljaber
      Hanan Aljaber 2 months ago

      @Chad 007 💀

    • DJam Mtz
      DJam Mtz 2 months ago +8

      @beth Don`t deny the possible facts tho, it could be all vegan or at least imitation crab meat

    • beth
      beth 2 months ago +8

      It makes sense but tbh I still like the theory that plankton burger is vegan (made of plankton) and the crabby patty secrete ingredient is crab.

    • Joel Sasmad
      Joel Sasmad 2 months ago +45

      The idea that he created the chum bucket to research the one ingredient in the secret formula he thinks he knows is crazy.

  • Rehab Ali
    Rehab Ali Month ago +1

    7:52 not really, cause he says 6 ingredients, and yes there are 7 bottles/jars, but two of them look similar, so they’re probably the same ingredient

  • Dave
    Dave 2 months ago +1

    Krabby Patty Formula:
    Crab Meat (The Organic Patty) + Seaweed Sauce
    Faba Beans (Just about 3-5)
    Lettuce (organic leaf lettuce)
    Normal American cheese
    Onions (not rarely)
    Red Alge Extract
    Chili pepper sprinklings
    Soy sauce (Only in a FEW burgers)
    Calcium (barnacle shavings)
    Bread crumbs
    Liquid smoke
    And of course, spongebobs love ❤
    [There you go, your welcome.]

  • Tobias Wozniak
    Tobias Wozniak 2 months ago +1

    There's a flaw in your logic: all press releases show, that Yemoja presented Ounje in December of 2021. So how could Spongebob's creators have known about it two decades earlier? Also, the flame probably is in regards to a flammable (therefore alcoholic) liquid.
    Unfortunately this comment will be buries under the 7000 all saying he needs to make this for real. Kids, do you have any idea, how YT works? You've got a like and a reply button. Your limited swarm intelligence makes you all look like bots.

    • Nightmare Chevalier
      Nightmare Chevalier 2 months ago

      To be fair, there are used to be a lot of Family Only Secret Recipes in the world that used ingredients that weren't commonly known to be, and-or even thought to be good in their times that are now commonplace. So it could be that Mr. Krabs himself, or someone in his family decided to try make an Ounje themselves and then just never talked about it outside of the family thinking other people wouldn't like it until one day Mr. Krabs decided to try selling and it became surprisingly popular.

  • Avia Boykin
    Avia Boykin Month ago +1

    I know what the Krabby patty formula is and you might think it's Krabs, but it's darker than that. The formula shall remain secret though.

  • RainyRose
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      Kingsly 2 months ago +3

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  • Erik Steelman
    Erik Steelman 2 months ago

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  • MissCaraMint
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    • Ronin Smirl
      Ronin Smirl 2 months ago +2

      yes but that was for the condiment not patty

  • ARQ PX
    ARQ PX 2 months ago

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    • Universal Power
      Universal Power 2 months ago

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  • Nathan West
    Nathan West 2 months ago

    that's what you get when an expert creates a cartoon about his field of expertise, ridiculously accurate facts in a cartoon hardly anyone would care about, unless you're a nerd, and yes, there are lakes under water, they are called "brine pools" pockets of water with extremely high salt concentration, but I wouldn't know if fish actually enjoy coming in contact with that brine

  • Anna Taymond
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  • ZArocket2695
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    There has to be a part 2 of this episode where Mat tries to make the patty based on the ingredients he found

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      you: (Making fun of bots)

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      Here is the full Clip : when I met matpat

  • darkmikasonfire
    darkmikasonfire Month ago

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    4KFANTA Month ago

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    Persons how saw the theory most recent theory of matpat: OH GOD IS STARTING THE MADNESS

  • ̷̘͌V̷̥̊o̵̱͆l̸̪̀á̸̺t̴͉͗ǐ̸̳l̷̮͐è̸ͅ reality^#

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