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Food Theory: Your Tea SUCKS... But That's None of My Business

  • Published on Nov 12, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    Friends, today I’m spilling the tea on all you FRAUDS out there! You’ve all been making tea completely WRONG your whole lives! Absolutely nobody is safe from the science that’s going to prove them wrong today, as I take you through the scientifically proven way of making the PERFECT cup of Tea. Cheers!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
    Editors: Jerika (NekoOnigiri), Tyler Mascola, and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
    Assistant Editor: GeekyPeanut
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
    #Tea #TeaRecipe #BestTeaRecipe #BestTea #FoodTheory #MatPat #GameTheory #FilmTheory #foodhack
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Comments • 11 361

  • The Spiffing Brit
    The Spiffing Brit 4 months ago +16332

    *Step away from my leafy soup and no one gets hurt!*

  • tracy challice
    tracy challice 3 months ago +572

    the mom reflexes on Steph to get her hand under something she knew would spill right into it were honestly impressive

  • ShadowBro’s Realm
    ShadowBro’s Realm 3 months ago +1940

    Matt:Steph drinks 3-4 mugs a day.
    Every british tea lover: ha ha, miniscule..

    • Misc
      Misc 12 hours ago

      Turkish People: 50 Cups? That's nice, Brit.
      *But It's Still Pathetic.*

    • NCR Veteran Ranger
      NCR Veteran Ranger 3 days ago

      Ha pls as I Brit I drink on average 8-14 cups of Yorkshire tea a day and at one point in ww1 we rationed out tea instead of water and no complained and no joke in the challenger 2 MBT there these boiling spheres that are supposed to be for cooking but they can also easily make a cup of the leafy goodness

    • mrtechman
      mrtechman 11 days ago

      ​@ShadowBro’s Realm I'm British and it's only 11 am and I have already had 6 cups lol

    • hoovy and poland
      hoovy and poland 12 days ago

      Turks: Thats cute

    • Shrewmyy
      Shrewmyy Month ago

      I used to drink like at least 7 cups on a day where I didn’t have very much left

  • Scott Gluck
    Scott Gluck 22 days ago +17

    OMG, I had to stop at: "This channel is built on the premise that I can overthink anything and write it off as a business expense." That one line is just too good.

  • Emma Silver
    Emma Silver 3 months ago +311

    Iroh: This tea is nothing more than hot leaf juice!
    Zuko: Uncle, that's what all tea is.
    Iroh: How could a member of my own family say something so horrible?

    • Yogurt of the Multiverse
      Yogurt of the Multiverse 7 days ago +3

      ​@FuryousD lmao everyone has a different response

    • FuryousD
      FuryousD 10 days ago +1

      ​@Emma Silver 😂 this the 1st time its happened to u?, I get these scams targeting me all the time, all I do is report them and be done with them.

    • Ethan Hogaboom
      Ethan Hogaboom 28 days ago +12

      I was literally thinking of uncle iroh for the entire episode

    • Tawnia James
      Tawnia James Month ago +3


    • Emma Silver
      Emma Silver 2 months ago +5

      @ᴛᴇxᴛ ᴍᴇ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ Themorgile thanks for being so blatantly obvious in trying to scam me! Really appreciate it!

  • HeadFullOfDreams
    HeadFullOfDreams Month ago +49

    I just love the way Tom phrases everything. "How does one open this bag?"

  • mas8705
    mas8705 4 months ago +4715

    Nice to see Matpat got a special guest on this episode so that Steph isn't the only one suffering the entire time from her husband's wacky antics.

    • thegrillagorilla1
      thegrillagorilla1 Month ago

      She's gotten just as bad at puns and is just as much of a dork as he is, they're perfect for each other

    • Toopazee
      Toopazee 2 months ago +1

      well not really because she's the one that made him question this so its her fault

    • Max Verner
      Max Verner 4 months ago

      It would have been nice if this episode talking about how to drink tea properly actually included OG tea drinkers instead of stopping at English people.

    • CT-Raft
      CT-Raft 4 months ago

      *cries in cameraman*

    • unfortunatewitnessX
      unfortunatewitnessX 4 months ago

      @PixelatedPlayer If you mean, Tom the British editor, I totally agree.

  • Kiril Shahamov
    Kiril Shahamov 3 months ago +1420

    Me, looking at my Nepali neighbour, who is casually boiling his ceylon tea in milk.
    *Ahh, poor MatPat, you know nothing*

    • Anjal Paudel
      Anjal Paudel 28 days ago

      @WynneL thats very helpful! Ill try some once more i guess, i do like parmesan and riccota but they are on the higher end of the lactose lol ill try something lower next time

    • WynneL
      WynneL 28 days ago

      ​@Anjal Paudel​Sounds like you'd be better off with aged cheeses; those have only very small amounts of lactose. The aging process breaks it down. The lowest, according to a list I found: Edam: 0-1.4% lactose Camembert: 0-1.8% lactose Brie: 0-2% lactose Cheddar: 0-2.1% lactose Gouda: 0-2.2% lactose Blue: 0-2.5% lactose Parmesan: 0-3% lactose
      The worst ones to eat are: Feta: 4.1% average lactose Ricotta: 0.2-5.1% lactose range Velveeta: 9.3% average lactose American: 0-14.2% lactose range

    • WynneL
      WynneL 28 days ago

      @Makujah A lot of people find milk has the opposite effect. You might have a milk intolerance or allergy. (The difference being that allergies are dangerous, while intolerances will just give you the runs.)

    • •HorrorBerry•
      •HorrorBerry• Month ago

      Sameee (as an Indian)

    • Tawnia James
      Tawnia James Month ago


  • Gail Bull
    Gail Bull 3 months ago +268

    As a tea drinker who has dairy sensitivity, I'm about to horrify Tom and Steph. I don't add milk to my tea. But I do sweeten it with just a touch (about 5 ml) of honey.

    • iTechio
      iTechio Day ago

      ​@ScienceStuff 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 wtf that has to be the most shocking thing I have ever heard that's like saying I have water in my cereal instead of milk.

    • Lucia Zambrano
      Lucia Zambrano 5 days ago

      I don't add sugar neither XD

    • Melissa Petricini
      Melissa Petricini 9 days ago +1

      I’ve never heard of milk in tea till I watched this. My mother would use honey as well. Coffee had milk.

    • DeltaBeee
      DeltaBeee 13 days ago

      I didn’t know people put milk in their tea, other than in some bubble (boba) teas…

    • Dominique
      Dominique 17 days ago

      Sometimes I don't put anything in it, maybe some lemon, sometimes honey, rare times when I put sugar. Never tried milk with tea.
      If it's cold, I put it in the microwave for 1 minute. 👁️👄👁️

  • Reuben Goulden
    Reuben Goulden Month ago +6

    FYI, in Ol’ Blighty, tea is sometimes called a ‘cuppa’ or a ‘brew’. Tea is also used as another term for supper. Furthermore, tea is used to refer to a kind of 4th meal at around 3pm, usually involving a sweet baked good and a cup of tea. All of this is depending on the part or the country.

  • Eric Hayes
    Eric Hayes 3 months ago +340

    Food Theory: How to make the perfect cup of british tea.
    Me who almost exclusively drinks chinese, japanese, and korean tea: I have no idea what to do with this information.

    • Maui Randall
      Maui Randall 2 days ago

      ​@Santa Australia Even Russia with their somavar and round pretzels

    • Maui Randall
      Maui Randall 2 days ago +1

      ​@Jerk China obviously but you can take your pick, they're all better than English

    • Santa Australia
      Santa Australia 27 days ago +2

      ​@Jerkwell, perhaps that the English speaking world shouldn't use British tea as the default for the word for "tea" when the majority of the world has their own tea practice, with a longer history, and consumes more tea than they do. Turkey is the highest consumption of tea drinker in the world, and China outproduces anything the UK stole from India.
      If we stop defaulting to that, then maybe the non native English world won't be confused.

    • Tawnia James
      Tawnia James Month ago


  • Rachel Jordan
    Rachel Jordan Month ago +4

    These guys are the most wholesome couple on the internet

  • The 711Devin
    The 711Devin 4 months ago +2135

    Fun fact: Tea Time is such a universal practice in Britain that their power grids actually have to account for the spike in consumption from everyone heating up their kettles at once

    • DanceSmokeSmile
      DanceSmokeSmile 12 days ago

      @Mimi Sardinia That’s what I was gonna say, breaks during Doctor Who 😂 At least that’s what so heard from family that grew up watching doctor who back in the day, not the new ones

    • LucYfYre Arch of TwiLight
      LucYfYre Arch of TwiLight 20 days ago

      Brit's have a problem. I think there needs to be an intervention 😆

    • Starnge
      Starnge 23 days ago

      Genuinely, they have to plan for breaks in large TV shows and account for the MASSIVE power jumps when millions of kettles come alive

    • Luke Deakin
      Luke Deakin 4 months ago +1

      They also developed a special kettle for their tanks to ensure the tankers can stay in the tank, instead of getting out to brew it

    • how to drive a Tardis?
      how to drive a Tardis? 4 months ago

      @Mimi Sardinia we are very close to another Doctor who Theory

  • Toby Bendle
    Toby Bendle 3 months ago +337

    Thing is, as a Brit from Wales, I've never seen anyone pour milk then water. Water first is usually the norm so the British way still is the best!

    • Keziha
      Keziha 2 days ago

      Dude! As a fellow wales dweller I've seen the same!
      I have seen one or two people put milk first in there coffee tho.... wonder if that makes a difference...

    • enderian.ghostsman18
      enderian.ghostsman18 11 days ago

      It’s always milk after water like seriously 💀? How can you put it before ITS THE SAME THING AS MILK BEFORE CEREAL-

      JHP NETWORK 19 days ago

      hey from north wales

    • RNG Jesus
      RNG Jesus 25 days ago

      @The4Tier Bridge gonna have to pass this to the Welsh because that ain’t us.

    • Oliver S
      Oliver S 28 days ago

      im a southener, ive only ever really seen my grandma (quite wealthy) do it like that, so maybe a fancy thing? i agree it tastes better milk last. Although thats kinda my only reference so take it with a hefty pinch of salt

  • Akshat Sharma
    Akshat Sharma 3 months ago +62

    In India we skip the water altogether and just boil tea in whole milk, and add a ton of spices and sugar into it.

    • Jerk
      Jerk Month ago +11

      Masala Chai is all I drink these days.

  • Dangle Charms
    Dangle Charms 2 months ago +5

    I love how Matt is absolutely geeking out over the milk😂 I can’t wait to have a proper cup tonight

  • Art Ejikeme
    Art Ejikeme 4 months ago +69

    As someone who works in hospitality in London, and makes tea and coffee for a living, I have never see anyone put the milk in the cup before the tea.

  • Gunner Harpole
    Gunner Harpole 25 days ago +2

    MatPat always makes the highest quali-tea theory videos on Clip-Share.

  • o4komodo
    o4komodo 4 months ago +897

    A part two involving traditional Asian methods would be nice.

    • 1224ChrisNg
      1224ChrisNg 20 days ago

      yeah, they should definitely cover Hong Kong tea. We use a strainer that resembles a silk stocking because it makes the strongest brew. We also use evapourated milk which is also stronger

    • hailee williams
      hailee williams Month ago

      @Maskmaker tannic acid (tannins) give of a bitter taste not sweet

    • AJ Mac
      AJ Mac Month ago

      @Karan Aher The British introduced large scale tea cultivation to the Assam region in the 1830’s. The Brits were having trouble in China because their plan to use opium to trade for tea was failing. Chinese leadership was fed up with the drug peddling British.
      The British had tried to smuggle and cultivate tea plants from China without success. They had even convinced Chinese tea makers to leave China to help. Eventually they “discovered” a variety of Camellia senensis that grew in Assam natively (which was already being grown and consumed by Singpho people) that could be cultivated on a large scale. With the help of tea makers (and a great deal of forced labor) they established the tea plantations of Assam.

    • AJ Mac
      AJ Mac Month ago

      @C British tea comes from Kenya mostly. There’s probably some Assam and Ceylon and maybe a tiny bit of Chinese tea in the blend but the bulk is most likely from Kenya.

  • Boomerix
    Boomerix 3 months ago +70

    Sad they didn't include gong fu tea brewing. It's the traditional Chinese way and in my opinion the best method, no milk or sugar needed.

    • mentaya11
      mentaya11 18 days ago +3

      I mean, why not start a petition? They've done follow up sequels before, they might here too. So many people seem sore, even furious or insulting (not you, but some others) I think they went with British tea because 1: it is A common, well recognized method. 2: they have a native Brit working in their office and this gives them a chance to bring in an "expert" easily. 3: Stephanie is a huge tea fan. She must have preferences, and given this video and others, her likes likely lean towards British tea. If so, this allows her to compare teas she loves. I have no idea how much she drinks tea from other cultures. There is even a possible 4 in that their main demographic is American. There might be a bias towards one type of tea. I have no idea if there is a bias towards British style tea. If there is, it could be a factor. Still, no joke, if people want to see a sequel with tea from other cultures, just tell them. I'm sure they'd be willing.

    • Santa Australia
      Santa Australia 27 days ago +6

      There's so much they missed. The highly minty tea of the middle East. The super diverse tea of the East. The more fruity or almost mixed varieties of the South East. It's such a narrow view of tea.

    • raouism
      raouism Month ago +13

      They stated that they would be focusing on the English way to brew tea, but I was totally thinking about that and wish they had considered the Chinese way

  • Alice Animated 713
    Alice Animated 713 3 months ago +525

    MATT! You sir have forgotten to do the final and most crucial step.... The sugar, honey, milk type and or sweetener! As a British person I feel that you might need to add this step Edit: Thanks For all the likes you are all awesome 🌸🦋✨🌟👑💐( this is the most I’ve ever gotten)

    • WynneL
      WynneL 28 days ago +1

      @Alice Animated 713 I think the issue is that all of those factors may well vary by the type of tea you are using and where it was grown, and it's also a very personal choice whether to sweeten it or not. Much like milk, which was already controversial. I'm with MatPat on that one. Coffee is bitter and needs milk/sweetener. Tea has a much more gentle flavor overall and just doesn't need to be mellowed IMO. So in other words, there are some things where you can only determine the best amount *for you.*

    • Alice Animated 713
      Alice Animated 713 2 months ago

      @Team BATON in your opinion probably but it depends on the person drinking the tea

    • Team BATON
      Team BATON 2 months ago

      Green milk is the only option

    • Epic Memez
      Epic Memez 2 months ago +1

      i do add honey and i love it

    • KaiDavies
      KaiDavies 2 months ago +1


  • Todorokis_trauma_kettle

    I really love how Mat didn’t start jumping up and down until Tom spoke for some reason, that was hilarious.

  • ngaire G
    ngaire G 3 months ago +110

    Missed checking the correct temperature at which to steep the tea. It's important - as the different chemicals that make up the flavour and aroma of tea (there are 7-800 of them) are released differently, depending on temperature (and steeping time - which they did look at). The higher the temperature (and the longer the steeping time) the more likely you are to get the bitter tasting tannins. Rather than using boiling water, you should use water at 90-95oC.

    • whigrose
      whigrose 19 days ago

      ​@Meow Meow I have a great electric kettle like this. And yes, they should have experimented with temperature too. This is one of the worst videos they have done.

    • whigrose
      whigrose 19 days ago

      ​@Meow Meow I have a great electric kettle like this. And yes, they should have experimented with temperature too. This is one of the worst videos they have done.

    • whigrose
      whigrose 19 days ago

      ​@Meow Meow I have a great electric kettle like this. And yes, they should have experimented with temperature too. This is one of the worst videos they have done.

    • Meow Meow
      Meow Meow Month ago +1

      You can now get a kettle that lets you select the temperature at 10 degree intervals from 70-100. It's great for cold medicine that you need to dissolve in warm water and yes, got tea at 90 degrees. Tastes better. Although I only like red bush tea. English breakfast tastes sour???

  • Cros
    Cros 26 days ago

    They're so funny, I love how much fun some of the food theories are!

  • ex marvel fan
    ex marvel fan 4 months ago +2839

    As a British person this video is not ruining my tea experience

    • Jerk
      Jerk Month ago

      @Aaron Christy Going to tell that to every nations on the planet that developed their own way of making/drinking tea? Arabs love it. India practically makes it into a spice-milk drink. Going to accost them, too?

    • JolliRon
      JolliRon 4 months ago

      @Daryl-Rhys Taylor I'm just gonna let that steep in your brain for a bit. Longer than your leaf juice steeps.

    • JolliRon
      JolliRon 4 months ago

      @Daryl-Rhys Taylor tell that to China

  • KonahrikVolkihar 01
    KonahrikVolkihar 01 3 months ago +141

    Honestly, having getting to see more of the team (Tom in this one) is kinda nice, could we see more of Tom? He's hilarious and y'all's energy mixes well

  • zul'goth kremvh
    zul'goth kremvh 3 months ago +23

    I just imagined the British having a entire science branch just to study tea.

  • Normal Human
    Normal Human 19 days ago

    I think this is the most relevant to me episode of Food Theory I have seen. I actually prefer to drink tea in the spring and fall because local honey is supposed to help with allergies and I’m surprised at what I’ve been doing right and wrong. I normally steep my tea until it’s at a drinkable temperature so I get more flavor but I didn’t realize I was making it more bitter. At least I got adding the milk second right

  • PD Zombie
    PD Zombie 3 months ago +23

    Tea-rrific episode... except for all the puns!
    Just kidding!! This is my favorite of the year, and I always love watching both Mat and Steph...
    Merry Xmas and a happy new year with plenty of more food and theories!!!

    • PD Zombie
      PD Zombie 3 months ago

      P.D.: You kind of forgot the colour of the mug as significant also. Humans tend to find red mugs more enjoyable because of the ripe association to fruit. Thanx!

  • Mineral With a Medical Degree

    I was surprised that loose leaf tea wasn’t the best here - I always thought teabags usually had smaller particles, and lower quality than full, rich leaves? Idk but also on another note, I only love tea when scalding hot, and I hate when it’s put in a large (usually metallic) travel mug or foam travel cup. For me it’s gotta be in a normal mug.

  • A Guy
    A Guy 4 months ago +2091

    Matpat: Your tea sucks. But that’s not of my business
    Also Matpat: makes a whole video about it.

    • HemlockTea • 69d ago
      HemlockTea • 69d ago 4 months ago +2

      He said it was none of his business he didn't say he wouldn't make it his business

    • Corwin Alexander Gaming
      Corwin Alexander Gaming 4 months ago

      @omori because there's money in it

    • The Test
      The Test 4 months ago +1

      @omori when like 5 or 6 people report they usually ban it. But it does need some reports until YT moves something.

    • Sarah Abramova
      Sarah Abramova 4 months ago

      Honestly, I agree, I don't like milk in my tea. Especially since I grew up in a culture where adding milk to tea was unpopular.

    • TheHauntedNinja
      TheHauntedNinja 4 months ago


  • DShade Productions
    DShade Productions 3 months ago +15

    As a tea drinker, this is actually the first time I’ve applied a food theory to my real life. Thanks MatPat!!

  • GSRandom Vidz
    GSRandom Vidz 3 months ago +4

    Watching this makes me want the unedited live action clips of Mat and Steph in the kitchen for all of Food Theory

  • YukiSilverFox72
    YukiSilverFox72 22 days ago

    We need more tests! What about other teas? I've heard certain teas need to steep longer or shorter, so we need a part two!

  • HD
    HD 3 months ago +34

    I love how the mugs at the start are M and S for mat and Steph lmao

  • Liz W
    Liz W Month ago

    I make tea in my coffee maker. The flat bags are actually perfect for this because you can spread the tea evenly before laying it down. You only need one or two tea bags depending on how big they are, how strong you like it, and how much you're making. (My preference is to make 12 cups using either one large teabag or two small teabags. Different brands of tea use different sizes of tea bags and fill them with different amounts of tea.)

  • Micolino9878
    Micolino9878 4 months ago +565

    Iroh: *Spittake* "This 'tea' is just hot leaf _juice!"_
    Zuko: "Uncle, that's what _all_ tea is."
    Iroh: "How could a member of my own family say something so _horrible?!"_

  • stellaisanxious
    stellaisanxious 3 months ago +7

    I’m very happy to find out I’ve been making tea almost perfectly my whole life already😂

  • Taylor W
    Taylor W 3 months ago +6

    I’ve been making my tea this way for the past few days and it’s insane how much better it is. I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to squeeze the bag after 😬 you guys are doing the lords work

    • Danielle
      Danielle 23 days ago +1

      It depends on your preferences. Some store bought teas, especially cheaper supermarket green tea, is a bit weak, so dabbing the tea up and down after steeping for 2-3 minutes can pull the flavor out of the bag going from a watery tea to a proper tasting one.

  • john fry
    john fry 28 days ago

    Beer has a similar culture around the glasses you drink it out of. Matt Pat I want to see a deep dive into beers in bottle vs can vs the proper glass! Your team does a great job. Great content!

  • Samuel Mercado
    Samuel Mercado 3 months ago +8

    But what about hot water temperature?!?!
    Water that's at a rolling boil, just under boiling temperature, a specific temp at specific altitudes...
    This has always been my biggest tea and coffee anxietea causing question.

  • Emma Hammond
    Emma Hammond Month ago

    And I was so excited to learn how to properly make my matcha green and tulsi basil. But this is still really awesome. I drink about 3 large teapots worth of tea every day so this will likely save me money.

  • JustAnotherDamNerd
    JustAnotherDamNerd 4 months ago +955

    Matt: ‘Tea is nothing more than hot leaf juice’
    Steph: ‘How could a member of my family say something so horrible?’

    • Jbolt
      Jbolt 3 months ago

      Now I want a cup of tea

    • me watch video
      me watch video 3 months ago

      Bro just watching that show for the first time (awesome) and just watched that episode.

    • caylee c.
      caylee c. 3 months ago

      @Matthew nice plug there

    • Matthew
      Matthew 3 months ago

      @Omar Rubio - Vanilla* Soy Latte is a three-bean soup
      * assuming real vanilla-see MatPat’s theory on vanilla for details

    • BigMacWhopper
      BigMacWhopper 3 months ago

      I'm getting Deja vu

  • Octopie Dinoraptor
    Octopie Dinoraptor 3 months ago +28

    This whole thing was weirdly horrifying in a way I cannot explain as an avid tea drinker. It was like watching a train wreck in action and I loved every second and will absolutely NOT be making my tea like this XD (also you can boil water in the microwave the only recommendation is do it in a mason jar because the glass doesn't retain the taste of anything really and also know your water type will make a difference in taste)

    • Marksmithwas12
      Marksmithwas12 Month ago

      @AJ Mac oh, I misunderstood you but get what you're saying now

    • AJ Mac
      AJ Mac Month ago +1

      @Marksmithwas12 It’s not heated past the boiling point. It’s just not boiling yet.
      It’s a bit like when you supercool water. The water isn’t colder than ice. It’s just colder than it should be to remain liquid. If you have a bottle of water in the freezer that’s supercooled it will stay liquid until disturbed. Then it will crystallize from the point it was disturbed.
      Superheated water should be boiling but isn’t.

    • Marksmithwas12
      Marksmithwas12 Month ago

      Is Clip-Share bugging out? I can see @ajmacphoto 's response in the preview, but when I open up these comments, there's only 3 replies? 🤔
      I just want to say what they said (about boiling water in the microwave) explains why that teabag bubbled. I didn't even know you could heat water past the boiling point

    • Marksmithwas12
      Marksmithwas12 2 months ago +1

      @Octopie Dinoraptor no, it was neither. We don't have soap to clean with at work (we also clean up after ourselves), and the teabag did not do this in kettle boiled water

  • Cody Hargreaves
    Cody Hargreaves 4 months ago +1

    If I may, my family has found that a) tea tastes MUCH better if you warm the milk too (eg 30 seconds in the microwave, b) put milk at the bottom, and c) brew the tea separately in a pot before adding it to the milk. If you put the milk in then the water and teabag it will taste sour, as I believe happened in the episode, but if the tea is brewed to completion in a separate vessel and THEN added it will taste magnificent.
    P.s as an avid tea connoisseur, I would also have recommended comparing large tea brands for maximising flavour :)

  • x-SavingGrace-x
    x-SavingGrace-x 4 days ago

    Who ever was the editor for this video did a great job. They had so much fun with this video

  • glamgirlsg
    glamgirlsg 4 months ago +2

    P.S. Though the TicTok tea got (rightfully) roasted, it's important to remember that way back when, there was such a thing as Cambric Tea. It's basically a cup of milk with plenty of sugar and just enough tea to flavor it. It was meant for children who were too young to drink a proper cup since it would be too strong for them.

    • Warb of Fire 🔥
      Warb of Fire 🔥 25 days ago

      It's also what a lot of people drink in Kenya in my experience, and the comments from Indians here are saying they don't have any water.

  • Alma Rey
    Alma Rey 20 hours ago +1

    But here's the part that keeps me up at night, optimizing for the amount of liquid to maximize the amount of tea I can get from my bag without giving up on the flavor and experience. I was so excited for this video, but it missed that part, give it to me!

  • smart man 25
    smart man 25 4 months ago +495

    Fun fact: The idea of a tea bag was created by accident. It used to come in big blocks that they would just shave off a little at a time and long story short someone started selling it in a bag to transport it and the customers didn't realize they were supposed to open the bag

    • Neyonius
      Neyonius 4 months ago +12

      Good to know herb dealers always had the knack for putting their product in a small bag for distribution.

    • YEET master
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    SikK 3 months ago

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  • ikmwrime29sorry aira

    I have the tiny metal loose leaf tea guy, and I often open different tea bags (some from caffeinated tea, and some herbal tea) and mix it together before adding it to the tea cage. It is very fun.

  • Ray P
    Ray P Month ago +1

    Hey Matt, if you ever come back to teas, can you look into if the flavor of teas change based on if the tea cup and pot are hot vs cold? I read a book many years ago saying to swirl hot clean water in the pot or tea cup before pouring the water over the tea. I personally can taste a slight difference, and it makes sense to me, but I would love to hear the science behind it and if it's right or wrong. These techniques were from Japan according to the book I read that had been translated into English from a old tea master or something.

  • guinnessintheblood
    guinnessintheblood 17 days ago

    I was rewatching this while eating my lunch and I realised it's probably my favourite theory over all the channels. Which is weird since I don't drink tea 🤔
    What sorcery is this?

  • Sarah Abramova
    Sarah Abramova 4 months ago +463

    Matpat: "warm leaf water"
    My brain:
    Uncle Iroh: "How could a member of my own family say something so horrible!?"

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    • Angry Cat
      Angry Cat 4 months ago +5

      I finally found the iroh comment

    • Glass Card Productions
      Glass Card Productions 4 months ago +7

      'Maybe that should be a proverb...'
      'COME ON, UNCLE!'

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      Jericho Shannon 4 months ago +8

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    • Vitina Morabito
      Vitina Morabito 4 months ago +9

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  • Baphomet
    Baphomet 2 months ago

    The mug definitely has an effect… I’ve always known that a slightly thin a glass mug tastes better…

  • Ditte
    Ditte 3 months ago +1

    Put the avocado in a resealable bag, covered in a wet towel it will probably sprout better😊 it worked for me

  • Smilette2020
    Smilette2020 29 days ago

    I know I’m a true Brit when I already fit the entire checklist of tea making 😂

  • Huliguan
    Huliguan Month ago

    i didn't realize that there could be so much of a different between tea. personally, my perfect cup is oolong tea steeped (with a lid or just using a small plate to cover the cup) until the color looks right. if i want it sweetened, i'll also add a chunk or two of rock sugar that's roughly the size of the first section of your thumb. my usual steep time is about 2-3 minutes (or longer, since i actually prefer a stronger cup) depending on the type of oolong tea, since the colors can differ, but also with loose leaf tea sometimes you want to steep it for less time. plus the flavor profile with oolong tends to shift the more you steep it since you can reuse the loose leaf for more brews.
    i'd love to see a follow up video where you guys test out other teas from asia since the tea culture is so varied with all the different types.

  • Kefalos
    Kefalos Month ago +1

    Great video, but two things: 1. You should have tested the steeping temperature, I feel most people make it too hot and scald their tea and for certain teas it might even be better to steep at room temp. 2. The pyramid bags may have micro plastics.

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    Mark Howard 4 months ago +456

    My wife was happy to see Steph getting a positive video experience. In her words "That woman is a saint for putting up with Matpat, he made her eat trees!"

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    Ike Beckman 3 months ago +1

    Been using superior methods all along 😁 I steep for eight minutes though in a teapot that is over a quart so I think the amount of water makes a difference too

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    There were 8 tea puns in this video, 1 from Steph, 1 from Thomas, and 6 from Mat. I also want to mention that all 8 were in the first 3 minutes of the video

  • Evan O'Keefe
    Evan O'Keefe 2 months ago

    I think for the teapot, it cools when getting poured. A smaller exit area means you would lose some of the heat. Like, your breath is warmer when you exhale with an open mouth, but when you exhale with your mouth nearly closed except for a pinhole opening, the breath is cooler.

  • gyummii3
    gyummii3 21 hour ago +1

    As a British person, I have been following MatPat's perfect tea formula for the past 3-4 years unknowingly (shape of the teabag and all). I have fully optimised my tea making skills before the optimised method was ever created- by far my most impressive flex.

  • Positivity Incarnate

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  • J G
    J G 4 months ago +479

    Iroh: This tea is nothing more than hot leaf juice!
    Zuko: Uncle...that's what ALL tea is.
    Iroh: How can one of my own family say something so horrible?

    • Jelric Branwen
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      I came for MatPat, I stayed for the Uncle Iroh comments.

      MLG GAMER 4 months ago +5

      I remember that conversation zuko did not appreciate the art of tea

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      @Werewolf Avatar: The Last Airbender

    • Werewolf
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    • Joetheknight406
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      He was SO CLOSE to making that pun! I'm so disappointed in matt.

  • Malcolm Rowe
    Malcolm Rowe Month ago

    The material of the cup makes a big difference, I use about 5ml of milk to my tea, for the teapot, pre warm it before adding the bags and water

  • GiveMeMusicOrGiveMeDeath

    Love this video so much, but as someone who primarily drinks herbals and greens, you guys should do a series on different types of tea and the best way to drink them. I am a tea aficionado pretty much so I would watch the f out of a series like that

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    Derp 6 days ago

    1. Tom is probably the most British Person I've ever seen 2. The tea puns are killing me I want to die 3. This video is hilarious I mean mat-pat saying we need someone British is probably one of my top 10 mat-pat lines

  • Dior Colon
    Dior Colon 13 days ago

    We do something completely different in my country. We boil tea leaves, ginger, a cinnamon stick, lime juice, anise star, 2-3 green apple slices, and honey in a sauce pan. We never add milk. It is absolutely the most fragrant and flavorful tea I’ve ever had. This is why I require multiple tea bags when making a cup of boxed tea lol.

  • TheAllroth
    TheAllroth 28 days ago

    Overall a nice video! :) But I was surprised you didn't test the tea leaf "geometry". In tea bags the leaves are in smaller pieces compared to loose leaf tea which often (?) has larger leaves, or leaf pieces, which, in theory, would affect the flavour; you even comment on the brew time difference. So in this test the "tea container" variable is not fully separated from the leaf variable. Ideally you would also test brewing the flat and pyramid bag leaves in a bauble for the same brew time. (Ideally you would also try loose leaves in the other tea containers, but that could get cumbersome.)
    I think I've heard at some point (although I forgot where and with a quick search I haven't found a source) that smaller leaf pieces can tend to generate a bitter taste in the tea due to more chlorophyll being able to "leak" from the larger "cut" area.
    As of yet I don't think I have seen this tested and the result would be interesting!

  • pentest ical
    pentest ical 4 months ago +448

    I’m British and I have never once in my life seen milk first. It’s always water on tea, followed by milk. You just proved the British way is best.

    • Jerk
      Jerk Month ago

      @GPM 3 You also use a lot of different spices and herbs, too.

      CHICKENN 3 months ago

      @Lonto1001 você goste chá?

    • Janna Things
      Janna Things 3 months ago

      My British ex brewed his tea WITH the milk. Basically milk with minimum tea flavor. What's the frigging point 😔

    • Senpai
      Senpai 4 months ago

      Matpat forgot Agitation Duration. Stirring time is vital for a proper cuppa. No truely fine potion goes unstirred.

    • Golden Pandaz
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      @Lonto1001 and I travel a lot as well

  • Suzi Cozzie
    Suzi Cozzie 2 months ago

    So I know this isn’t food, movie/tv, game related, but I’d love for you to do the perfect way to do laundry especially if you have a variety of clothing fabrics. My husband and I have been having laundry issues and I realize it’s because most of his laundry is made from cotton and it’s obviously needed to be treated with a special process. I wasn’t taught how to do laundry so I would love to see your process and the science and what it has to say about the way to do laundry.

  • Shadow1st
    Shadow1st Month ago

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    Nyan Kitty 24 days ago

    This video made me laugh so much
    Thank you. I really needed this.

  • RoseaBee
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    I'm from the South. All I have to worry about is if there's enough sugar in my cold tea to put someone into a diabetic coma 🤣

  • Duffius
    Duffius Month ago

    You should also test what milk tastes best with what tea

  • Inkpoint
    Inkpoint 4 months ago +479

    as a brit, everyone i know does exactly this, never seen anyone put milk first, I think that tradition has been toppled already

    • wingracer 16
      wingracer 16 4 months ago

      It was definitely still a practice in use during Douglas Adam's time and one which he strongly disagreed with.

    • Cathonide
      Cathonide 4 months ago +1

      i do it, my parents do it and my grandparents did it. The idea of putting the milk in last is so weird to me

    • Ikey D. Droid
      Ikey D. Droid 4 months ago

      Ye man milk last every time

    • Elemar
      Elemar 4 months ago

      B1 Battle droid commander How can you tell who likes a comment? I'm curious.

    • Rae Rohan
      Rae Rohan 4 months ago +1

      @Lawrence Why though? It makes more sense than microwaving a fully prepared cup of tea. That makes it taste off.
      And I really don't want to dirty a saucepan just to heat a few mLs of milk for a single cup of tea. Warming the milk in the cup itself makes way more sense

  • Athena Baker
    Athena Baker Month ago

    Interesting…adding milk to the tea last is the equivalent of adding coconut cream last to curry. That makes sense!
    As for the teapot vs. mug theory, I wish that my mother, who grew up in China during Mao’s revolution, went over with me more of the science of food. It would’ve saved me a lot of experimentation time in my adult years and made me less resistant towards Chemistry.
    My mother told me not to touch cooking often because at the time, she wanted me to focus on my studies. But alas, despite me being smart, sweet, and hard working, both academia and corporate America didn’t like me wanting to prove that artists deserve to have decent salaries, work-life balances, and go see doctors whenever. As such, I felt that the kitchen was more of my safe haven as an adult.
    Plus, I wanted to prove a former abuse partner wrong that I’m allowed to be my own person and cook healthy foods. Long story on that one.
    Great episode by the way! Nice that you had a British person on board. :)

  • Quuishy
    Quuishy Month ago

    Doesn't the type of milk and added sugar also play a massive part in the flavour your tea would be? also I'm British and I've always put the milk on top it's just better

  • Jack Kuni
    Jack Kuni Month ago

    As an American who recently discovered adding milk to tea, all of this about matches what I found to be best. Sadly the flat paper teabags are about all you can find and we don't have a teapot so the closest to proper tea is by cutting the paper bags open into a loose leaf holder

  • Nic Tracy
    Nic Tracy Month ago

    Loved this! Only note is: what about brew temperature and water quality? As you go up in elevation, the boiling point of water goes down; currently living in Colorado about a mile above sea level where water boils at 205, and grew up in Wyoming at 7200+ ft above sea level where it boils at 201.
    As far as water quality goes, I try to use spring water to get around varying qualities of municipal taps (even filters can be hit or miss tbh).

  • Joefrog Alaska
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    I love matpat's puns there TEArific

  • tHe_uNkNoWn _05
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    • R 2 H
      R 2 H 4 months ago

      Link to the Clip : when I met matpat

  • Nikita Karamov
    Nikita Karamov 4 months ago +1

    6:47 I don't know whether it was a good idea to brew them for the same amount of time. Loose tea has a very different leaf shape and powdery-ness than the bag and pyramid one. I could imagine that there should also be different brewing times, similarly to how espresso is different from filter coffee.

  • TheaterFurry
    TheaterFurry Month ago

    I want tea after this :,> Time to implement this to my tea! (And try milk with tea, I never exactly knew about this.)

  • treasure_
    treasure_ 14 days ago

    i'm burmese, in my country we make tea by boiling water and putting tea leaves in. No bag and no milk, honey, sugar or anything like that just the leaves and we don't take it out, so you can imagine how bitter it is. We just kinda deal with the tealeaves floating around in our cups lmao
    so in the wise words of Zuko...tea really is just hot leaf juice💀

  • AquaGamer1212
    AquaGamer1212 2 months ago

    I’ve NEVER put milk in my tea and I’m perfectly content with that 😅

  • LucYfYre Arch of TwiLight

    Oh dang. I've been squeezing my tea bags all my life thinking I was getting all the flavor. Didn't know the extra flavor was bad flavor.

  • Thief Of ADHD
    Thief Of ADHD 4 months ago +485

    Fun info for Chinese traditional tea: For good luck, when making the tea pot and cups, the leftover clay was used to make a tea pet, which you pour some tea on as a sign of good luck. There's color changing ones too to test the temperature of your tea, but it is a long term tradition. Plus, some ceramics will soak the scent of the tea (as mentioned by Matpat during the cup phase), so using the same tea regularly will cause your tea pet to smell delightful

    • Max Verner
      Max Verner 4 months ago +1

      @Mike Artem Or just include any other perspective besides the Eurocentric one.

    • Max Verner
      Max Verner 4 months ago +2

      If only any of this information made it into this video about proper tea brewing instead of stopping at the British and tea bags.

    • C
      C 4 months ago +3

      @Mike Artem the Chinese way of making tea tastes sooooo much better than the British who steep it in water way too hot, brew it way too long, and then add cream because what they brewed was terrible.

    • Beanz
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      Theif Of ADHD
      Pls don’t steal my ADHD 🥺

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    Omg I'm so glad I'm not the only one who takes tea this seriously

  • Nadia Witch RED
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    Ok so this is probably the most American thing I’ll ever say but… y’all put milk in tea? I just dunk the bag into some hot water with a bit of sugar and call it a day. Don’t blame me, blame my mom for teaching me that way

  • Keziha
    Keziha 2 days ago

    British person here! I feel validated I actually pour my tea first and milk last and by your definition I make my tea the perfect way 😊

  • ShadowShifter
    ShadowShifter 3 months ago

    I am similar to Steph, but also weirder. I will use bags if I can, make multiple cups a day 2-5. I reuse the same cup for the whole day, because I like my tea bitter, and I do sometimes squeeze them

  • Lolthehihi
    Lolthehihi 2 months ago

    The British tradition is actually fitting for the old days. You did talk about how pouring in the milk first regulates the temperature to no break the mug. Back in the days,we didn't have this much mugs.

  • Yuma
    Yuma 4 months ago +441

    “She goes through 3-4 cups a day!”
    I love how I’m from England so that’s genuinely a normal amount of tea. And that’s not including several cups of coffee as well (not talking about me personally but a lot of people I know drink this much tea and coffee)

    • Bigboifinlay
      Bigboifinlay 4 months ago

      I don’t even like tea and I drink it like 3 times a day

    • stríček hříbek
      stríček hříbek 4 months ago

      Well i drink 5-6 cups of tea when am not at work. And 2-3 when am at work.

    • Tohfa Walker
      Tohfa Walker 4 months ago

      Yea, when a kettle is available and a break of whatever you are doing then you have a cuppa (tea or coffee)

    • Jackle tree
      Jackle tree 4 months ago

      Yep, 3-4 cups of tea is an average amount for most of us around here

    • l0n3rst0n3r
      l0n3rst0n3r 4 months ago

      That actually makes me feel better because I can drink 4-6 cups on a day I’m particularly cold but my norm is 2-4 😂

  • u140550
    u140550 3 months ago +4

    I don’t mind strong bitter tea, but I agree for the most part; although I usually drink it with no milk or sugar. I know very Asian esk

  • ʚ♡⃛ɞ 𝐋𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐳

    Matpat happily jumping up and down is so relatable

  • LucYfYre Arch of TwiLight

    No, you're exactly right! It is a waste to wash your tea/coffee mug every time. I just rinse them out and only wash them maybe once per week.