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Last To Fall Wins $1,000,000 (Part 1)

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019 veröffentlicht
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  3 years ago +161552

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  • sahalanimation
    sahalanimation 3 years ago +2102

    "and we grabbed a million dollars" he said, ever so lightly

  • Sr. Waffle
    Sr. Waffle Year ago +3344

    Can we just have a moment to thank Jimmy for everything he does!

  • cattattoo
    cattattoo Year ago +619

    I've never seen videos make so many people so happy.Thank you Jimmy for making the lives of many people easier, you can't imagine how difficult it is, without a good education or a good job you don't get it so fast. Many people struggle with this all their lives.

    • Santiaguirri
      Santiaguirri Year ago +4

      ree humilde el Mr best, si soy de México

  • Landing Mode
    Landing Mode 2 months ago +31

    MrBeast is a true example that when you care about what you do and you care about your audience, you will work hard to try your best. A such young and smart guy that deserves all success in the world. Congratulations! I wish you keep getting better and better every day.

    SHIVAM PANJIYARA Year ago +3870

    *Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that how long they didn't pee or drink anything?*

  • ItsMasterKame
    ItsMasterKame 2 months ago +21

    can we take a moment to appreciate the effort put into these videos ❤

  • lil tubby
    lil tubby 3 years ago +2951

    Chris: “He knows he a beast and a warrior”
    Cameron: *hears $5000* Drops in literally 2 seconds

    • Kelly
      Kelly 13 days ago

      Bro you just put beast in there

    • Мансур Алибаев
      Мансур Алибаев 2 months ago

      Hi im russ вообще я русский передаю привет англиским

    • YourLocalIdiot
      YourLocalIdiot 10 months ago +1


    • 𓆉Mya𓆉
      𓆉Mya𓆉 Year ago +2

      @Krusti Memez well the why u scrolling in the comments?!?!?!?

  • Maria graciela Villagra
    Maria graciela Villagra 5 months ago +182

    Dios te bendiga Jimmy eres un ser quien se merece todo lo más que se pueda en esta vida

  • JON
    JON Year ago +283

    These sets are absolutely incredible, its insane how far jimmy has come!

  • Sanya Srijumlong 003
    Sanya Srijumlong 003 7 days ago +5

    These videos are amazing. What a legend and your videos are a masterpiece!

    NARUTO OFICIAL 3 months ago +193

    Cuídate,me encanta lo que haces,eres espectacular

    • ElsebasMC
      ElsebasMC Month ago

      @J VL Y de todas formas ganaria el hombre si fuese de 1 o 2 cuerdas JAJAJA, piensa papi.

    • ElsebasMC
      ElsebasMC Month ago

      @J VL AYyyy " Las mujeres son mas debiles, es injusto 😫😫😭😭" 😂😂

    • ElsebasMC
      ElsebasMC Month ago

      @J VL Jajaja, vos estas llorando.

    • J VL
      J VL Month ago

      @ElsebasMC pero por qué lloras ?

    • ElsebasMC
      ElsebasMC Month ago

      @J VL Dah amigo, es para divertirse nada mas, no es para tomarselo en serio 😒.

  • riley p0w
    riley p0w 3 months ago +56

    the last two are hilarious; colbey calling herself a weakling and still agreeing to cutting all the ropes and akira being so chill

  • lukeslayer
    lukeslayer 3 years ago +374

    Akira melts my heart, I hope he goes all the way for his family. What a determined, nice soul he is.

    • JesterChat
      JesterChat 4 months ago

      @Koi lol feminist

    • Koi
      Koi 3 years ago +2

      He's clearly faking it

    • i was here
      i was here 3 years ago +2

      Yes! Team Akari

  • Dale Jennings
    Dale Jennings Year ago +212

    I'd do ANYTHING just to hang out with these guys for a day!

  • Charlie Bramley
    Charlie Bramley 8 months ago +112

    Is intresting to see how pace and energy has changed, and how far they've come and inproved

  • Sophia Maybe
    Sophia Maybe 2 months ago +129

    It is hilarious how these people’s parents don’t even care that much about the fact that they are competing for a million dollars

    • The Bussin Podcast
      The Bussin Podcast 17 days ago

      @Катя Потрошкова he chooses people on twitter plus this won’t work

    • Катя Потрошкова
      Катя Потрошкова Month ago

      Выбери меня на испытание Выбери меня на испытание Мистер Бист или ты врёшь Это неправда

    • Анастасия
      Анастасия Month ago +1


    • Issac
      Issac Month ago +2


  • Mr. Rufless
    Mr. Rufless Year ago +30

    wow en verdad amo tus videos me encanta ver la forma en que reaccionan las personas en verdad gracias por lo que haces.

  • Samiiie
    Samiiie 2 months ago +12

    I'm so happy for Akira, that now by this day he actually won something from Mr Beast.

  • Divinepoop
    Divinepoop 3 years ago +2389

    Akira got a heart, he really seems to be doing this for his family.

    • Postkid
      Postkid Year ago +2

      He was tryna make her feel bad lol

      ROLOZ LIFEHACKS Year ago

      What ones Akita? Lol

    • Kpop Time
      Kpop Time Year ago +4

      They all have family, some people are just loud about it

    • Blue Beanie
      Blue Beanie Year ago

      Dom is it you???!

  • Penguin
    Penguin Year ago +48

    Let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort MrBeast puts into his content for us. Great job

  • Divyansh Thakur
    Divyansh Thakur Year ago +650

    8:44 this is the best expression marcus could have ever given in his entire Mr beast carrier 😂😂😂😂

    • Pervy Sage
      Pervy Sage Year ago

      Yaah 😂😂😂😂

    • voluption
      voluption Year ago +1

      @Iman Afandy look up the clip on yt, he posted it on his instagram story i think and people recorded it

    • Iman Afandy
      Iman Afandy Year ago

      @voluption wait what

    • voluption
      voluption Year ago +3

      @Evan Leonard uhh no, he isn't, he blames jimmy for the pandemic lmao

  • @Shatylo_Natasha
    @Shatylo_Natasha Month ago +4

    Your videos are a masterpiece!

  • Peter Andersen
    Peter Andersen 8 months ago +11

    There is nothing better then watching Mrbeast videos all day

  • Luisa de la cruz martines
    Luisa de la cruz martines 2 months ago +4

    Eres especial le Cambias la vida a las personas

  • Emilia Lavil
    Emilia Lavil 3 years ago +5009

    I'm sorry but I actually cried when he told his brother why he wanted to win, to make their lives better. It broke my heart! I hope he wins, or if he looses he at leasts gets a large sum of money for getting so far!!

  • Tiago Ferraz Rodrigues

    Parabéns MrBeast, está mudando a vida de muitas pessoas ❤️
    Tinha que vir no Brasil fazer uma dessa ❤️

    • Jimmy Donaldson
      Jimmy Donaldson 5 months ago

      Thank you for your infinite love and support that you have shown me, I will be eternally grateful. I really appreciate you for supporting me... where are you commenting from?

    • Lauren Cornish
      Lauren Cornish Year ago

      @Katie Cyr They said
      Congratulations MrBeast, it's changing many people's lives ❤️
      Had to come to Brazil to make one of these ❤️ .

    • Lenyo456
      Lenyo456 Year ago

      @Katie Cyr ??

    • Katie Cyr
      Katie Cyr Year ago


  • James Dalelio
    James Dalelio 10 months ago +37

    rewatching these videos seeing where mrBeast started to where he is now is so amazing

  • Carlos Daniel Gonzalez Gutierrez

    Sería probable que vengas a México y hacer un reto con seguidores de mexico

  • molly boehning
    molly boehning Year ago +119

    Chandlers piece of art deserved a chance! He may loose a lot of challenges but but he must never loose hope. I will never doubt you Chandler! Stay strong. Don't give up. And eat beans they are good for you!

  • TuSeries
    TuSeries 2 months ago +3

    Al principio de ver tus videos no me los creia sinceramente jajaj pero despues de haber visto tantos ya se q es real 😅... Saludos desde CUBA

  • Albert Wesker
    Albert Wesker 3 years ago +1211

    Honestly when Akira called his bro and started to cry, it kinda hit me hard

  • Trailblazer
    Trailblazer Year ago +258

    the duos resilience and sheer determination just made me teary. much love from Zimbabwe.

  • Logan Mather
    Logan Mather 4 months ago +22

    Can we just appreciate the work he puts in these videos ❤️ 🌟🤩

  • Duvalina Mendes
    Duvalina Mendes Month ago +1

    Muito bom, sou fã

  • KoizFrit
    KoizFrit Year ago +43

    It’s funny since Jimmy says you may win nothing if you make it to the $1,000,000 round but the competitors that loose in the $1,000,000 still walk away with something
    Love these videos

  • Booker Miranda
    Booker Miranda 10 days ago +1

    Mr beast is such a good guy but some games feel straight out of the hunger games. Really he is so awesome!

  • For mang
    For mang 3 years ago +2016

    2020: *Last To Die Wins*
    Chandler: *I Don't Feel So Good*


    Gracias MrBeast por ayudar a tantas personas :D

  • Tony Rose
    Tony Rose Year ago +61

    These videos are amazing. What a legend

  • Nando Firmansyah
    Nando Firmansyah 3 months ago +3

    I love watching your content

  • Да,мам
    Да,мам 3 months ago +225

    Мистер бист я очень восхищен твоим каналом и контентом, ты почти единственный не русский ютубер который не отвернулся от нас. ❤

    • Пон
      Пон Month ago

      Че тут происходит ??? 0_0

    • фамилия имя
      фамилия имя Month ago


    • John Smith
      John Smith 2 months ago +3

      это просто перевод на русский, он к нему не имеет отношения. Ему пофиг на тебя.

  • Cozmo S2
    Cozmo S2 3 months ago +3

    *"enquanto a koby aproveita a sentada dela"* *LA ELE PRO MAX*

  • sheeshburger420.2
    sheeshburger420.2 3 years ago +1918

    Chris: He’s a Beast and a Warrior
    Guy: *Jumps Immediately *
    Chris: *Ya love to see it*

    • J L
      J L 3 years ago +2

      ya know the gril jumt frist....

  • Humania 69
    Humania 69 Year ago +62

    Jimmy has a heart of gold and will never be forgotten it is our job to make sure and to be loyal no matter what

    • Jimmy Donaldson
      Jimmy Donaldson 5 months ago +1

      Thank you for your infinite love and support that you have shown me, I will be eternally grateful. I really appreciate you for supporting me... where are you commenting from?

    • Triple Squad
      Triple Squad 8 months ago

      Yeah we shall respect him because he does everything

  • Bryson Carter
    Bryson Carter Year ago +859

    Calling their parents: Hey mom so I'm suspended above a pool.
    Parents Brain: What's the ransom?

  • FRANKYD_ 616
    FRANKYD_ 616 2 months ago +2

    ahhh u-u yo creyendo que mr beast me sacaría de paseo a los eeuu pero con eso ultimo rompió mis esperanzas

  • Mr Mystery
    Mr Mystery Year ago +41

    I wish I could just set this up in my backyard and get one of those chairs that the contestants sit in while above water. That would be so cool just chilling there😂

  • Dameon Cook
    Dameon Cook 2 months ago +2

    Bro I he just need to make a tv show at this point 💯💯

  • KingRen21
    KingRen21 3 years ago +1350

    There is no way they didn’t go to the bathroom

  • Tameron Anderson
    Tameron Anderson Year ago +409

    I love how Chandler when he wakes up he is in a friends hoodie

  • Vextona
    Vextona Year ago +40

    Keep on doing good thing mr.beast the kindness u put in the world will always have a way coming back to u

  • Tamzina Tamzin
    Tamzina Tamzin 16 days ago +5

    I literally cant with these videos they are so funny

  • Roberson Family
    Roberson Family 3 months ago +39

    I’ve watched this series TOO MANY TIMES but it’s SO GOOD!

  • churomino
    churomino 2 months ago +2

    Saludos Mr Beast desde Ecuador .

  • PinePlaysMC
    PinePlaysMC 3 years ago +5273

    Its official everyone. He is now making more money than his bank account can hold.

    • Mr Arson
      Mr Arson 2 years ago

      Has to give it away

    • Jesse Schneider
      Jesse Schneider 2 years ago +1

      My name is Cameron to

    • Linc RL
      Linc RL 3 years ago

      Nah that happens a while ago

    • Starboy
      Starboy 3 years ago +1

      It's a reinvestment, whatever money he makes, he makes more out of it.

    • Toheed Asif
      Toheed Asif 3 years ago +2

      YorkMint lol

  • Tony and Melanie Matthews

    Love your videos Mr Beast. I have been subscribed for while and I wanted to say that your videos make me smile. Keep it up 💚💚💚

  • Trevor Niddrie
    Trevor Niddrie Year ago +152

    Akira is so humble, i respect this guy so much!

  • ꧁𝓝𝓣𝓢__𝓝𝓪𝓽𝓪𝓼𝓱𝓪꧂

    Adorei de mais 😊🎉

  • All In One Tv
    All In One Tv Year ago +29

    You are true man, keep on with the good works and God will continue to bless you in abundance

  • Anthony Gabriel
    Anthony Gabriel 3 months ago +2

    “Enquanto ela aproveita a sentada dela “ 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brad Houghton
    Brad Houghton 3 years ago +2764

    Next person to get out gets 5k
    Cameron: instantly dives down at light speed

  • Trinity Jackson
    Trinity Jackson Year ago +36

    He really should have his own game show though👀😂😂

    PEWPEWPEW Year ago +36

    Chris: "He knows he's a beast and a warrior."
    Jake: "You're doing amazing."
    Chandler: "Hehh."
    Jimmy: *Awesome*


    Seus vídeos são os melhores

  • shawn osterdock
    shawn osterdock Year ago +26

    love these guys keep it up

  • Lungan
    Lungan 2 months ago +2

    I always love your videos
    Love from India

  • Incognito Man
    Incognito Man 3 years ago +3906

    The real question is how did they stay up there without pissing

  • IcyJWG
    IcyJWG Year ago +3

    chris has always been my fav coach because he’s always so encouraging and funny. (i’m obsessed with your channel lol)

  • Deninson Maisnam
    Deninson Maisnam 10 months ago +7

    Chandler's aim is something else. He would win every challenge if it was throwing and hitting

  • Dasun Niroshan
    Dasun Niroshan 25 days ago +1

    You are a life changer. That person is very lucky

  • Patricia Nascimento
    Patricia Nascimento 5 months ago +17

    Tenho uma vontade de participar dessas loucuras aí 🤭

  • Nashi Tube
    Nashi Tube 2 months ago +1

    i literary cried when when Akira talked to his brother

  • Aryan Patel
    Aryan Patel 3 years ago +1898

    Lighting McQueen : “I am speed”
    Chris: “I am cold”

  • Mahesh Socialfun & Entertainment

    You are a good and great man respect love from India 🇮🇳

  • elle
    elle Year ago +21

    this challenge actually looks really fun

    • Jimmy Donaldson
      Jimmy Donaldson 5 months ago

      Thank you for your infinite love and support that you have shown me, I will be eternally grateful. I really appreciate you for supporting me... where are you commenting from?

  • Beatriz_happiness
    Beatriz_happiness Month ago +1

    I really liked it 💕

  • E S
    E S Year ago +172

    “He’s a beast and a warrior.” Those are the words he needed to lose

  • Daniel Pereira
    Daniel Pereira 2 months ago +1


  • Idle Earth
    Idle Earth 3 years ago +234

    Let's be real, Jimmy is eventually just gonna host his own game show. Predicting it.

  • Joker
    Joker Year ago +19

    I utilised my time on watching MrBeast's videos rather than studying but still I'm freakin happy that these videos are too interesting rather than studying ngl

  • Wandering Ronin
    Wandering Ronin 5 months ago +13

    I'm so happy for the winner. He was the perfect dude

  • Rufa Tahsin
    Rufa Tahsin 12 days ago +1

    ❤ love from BANGLADESH 🎉☺️

  • Durga Pandey
    Durga Pandey Year ago +4

    You are doing a great job I love you guys ❣️

    • Jimmy Donaldson
      Jimmy Donaldson 5 months ago

      Thank you for your infinite love and support that you have shown me, I will be eternally grateful. I really appreciate you for supporting me... where are you commenting from?

  • Tammy Huth
    Tammy Huth 2 months ago +1

    You’re fulfilling your destiny 😅

  • Aluorine
    Aluorine 3 years ago +2841

    This man's name is literally Akira, he is basically unable to lose.

    • 0xeoc
      0xeoc 2 years ago

      We’re you talking Street Fighter IV

    • the destroyer bird
      the destroyer bird 2 years ago

      Akira toriyama

    • Korok 752
      Korok 752 2 years ago

      @Tyler the manga is better

    • poopy butt
      poopy butt 2 years ago

      cant tell if this is a dmcb reference

    • larisa
      larisa 2 years ago

      @FruitlessKitty_74 fr

  • Viviana Greb
    Viviana Greb 5 months ago +6

    mrbeast sos un capo aun dia quisiera ser como tu :)

  • Jaxon Yet
    Jaxon Yet Year ago

    I love to see you make people happy

  • We are Heathens
    We are Heathens 2 months ago +1

    the waffle house has found its new host

  • Cash Gurley
    Cash Gurley Year ago +2

    I've stayed up all night watching you love your vids your awesome too and I'm happy you have this channel

  • Alla
    Alla Month ago

    Mr Beast tes vidéos ils sont géniales

  • Rishi
    Rishi 3 years ago +531

    I love how Chandler is the only person to sympathize for the losers.

    • Tal Monzon
      Tal Monzon 3 years ago

      @P Dot why do I find this both insulting and amusing at the same time 😡😂

    • Arctic Guy
      Arctic Guy 3 years ago


    • P Dot
      P Dot 3 years ago +4

      Rishi Jha probably something in his past

  • robertzio
    robertzio Year ago +45

    He knows he’s a beast and a warrior 😂😂😂😂 I’m screaming

  • Yanira Pérez
    Yanira Pérez 3 months ago +56

    eres el mejor mrbeast que tengas un lindo dia

  • Platinum
    Platinum 2 months ago +1

    The waffle house has found its new host

  • Oscar Tatum
    Oscar Tatum Year ago +4

    Chandler and Marcus are such a chaotic duo lmao

  • eu amo a chiquinha
    eu amo a chiquinha 3 months ago +1

    "Enquanto a cob aproveita a sentada dela"

  • mahd1_adz
    mahd1_adz 3 years ago +823

    MrBeast: “we just grabbed a million dollars”
    Me: “I found a coin under the couch”

  • Craizy motion
    Craizy motion 11 months ago +2

    I’m surprised Jimmy keeps coming up with new ideas

  • Onur Vural
    Onur Vural 5 months ago +8

    Çok iyi insanlara çok şans veriyorsunuz keşke bende o şanslı insanlardan biri olabilsem