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Will Perdue On Tough Love From Michael Jordan, and Earning His Respect | The Rex Chapman Show

  • Published on May 8, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • joel driver
    joel driver Year ago +60

    Purdue end up being a very adequate role player on those Bulls teams. I think he ultimately earned MJ's respect.

    • Unappealing Undesirable
      Unappealing Undesirable Month ago +1

      I was born in Seattle in 1973, where I grew up. Sonics and Blazers fan. Japanese-American. Male. And, I'LL attest that Will Perdue was SOLID. He beat both of my teams, and both his Bulls and Spur championships came over my Blazers. What many don't realize, is that per-minute, Will Perdue was a solid rebounder.

  • Reuel Gnalega
    Reuel Gnalega Year ago +21

    Respect earned, MJ GOAT!!!

  • Abe Malas
    Abe Malas Year ago +29

    MJ, is a Real living Legend….

  • Timmys88
    Timmys88 4 months ago +9

    Will did earn his respect and was highly valued by Jordan and the team. A lot of MJs passing highlights are to will and Horace. Will smashed down a lot of setups or passes from MJ along with others too

  • Dan Arado
    Dan Arado 4 months ago +15

    MJ was giving tough love because he want his teammates to play to win rings

    • Samuel Washington
      Samuel Washington 4 months ago +2

      Unlike Leflop.Was MJ a prick most definitely.But he made his team mates better.Unlike the fore mention person.

  • Air 2TheRon
    Air 2TheRon Year ago +28

    its great to relive sports moments through the athletes during their respective time playing. Podcasts with former players is a must watch/listen!

  • BJ Naves
    BJ Naves Year ago +34

    I used to love Purdue man. Great role player for the dynasty. Met him at Malcolm X College back in the 90s when I was a little boy. The first player I actually ran up to lol

  • Ralph Tijtgat
    Ralph Tijtgat Year ago +7

    I love me some Rex Chapman. You freaking rule man...

  • --
    -- Year ago +111

    While being a teammate of Lebron, you'll learn handshakes in 50 different ways and you'll always be on the brink of getting traded and blamed for his poor performances...lol

    • hipking23
      hipking23 Year ago +7

      Lol 😂

    • Obi Amajoyi Sr., MD
      Obi Amajoyi Sr., MD Year ago +9

      There’s always at least one person who wakes up and goes to bed thinking about lebron. You’re that person.

    • None The Less
      None The Less Year ago +18

      @Obi Amajoyi Sr., MD It doesn’t invalidates that facts he stated.

      ABEL POLANCO Year ago

      @None The Less 👉🏼😂👉🏼👍🏼

    • Young Love
      Young Love Year ago +3

      @None The Less that's because they're not factual

  • Lethalweapon80
    Lethalweapon80 Year ago +11

    Will was am excellent role player!

  • Kurt Callaghan
    Kurt Callaghan 4 months ago +7

    Was Jordan tough on Centers? Yes. Did he know a top 7 or 8 Center would have made his team unbeatable? Also yes.

  • jj gee
    jj gee Year ago +4

    Will was a solid big man.

  • Michael Brooks
    Michael Brooks Year ago +12

    Moral of the story. Work hard. Hard work may not pay well, but pays off.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne Year ago +9

    I knew a college player that played for Mark Price. He said that he could play in the NBA, but he just wasn't getting the opportunity. And in the interview, Kobe said that when he went to the NBA, he thought it would be taking candy from a baby because the players really don't work hard. He said that they just work hard enough or do the minimum work to maintain their careers and collect their checks. But they never worked harder past that point to become great. Kobe worked beyond the point of just collecting his weekly checks. 🤔

  • CaptZepplin
    CaptZepplin Year ago +9

    I love this honesty!

  • nrs
    nrs Year ago +10

    Jordan derisively referred to Purdue as “Will Vanderbilt” as he wasn’t good enough for a college team like “Perdue.”

  • MJ Jumps
    MJ Jumps Year ago +10

    Will had some decent power dunks

    • Mick A
      Mick A Year ago +1

      Solid position rebounder too. David Robinson said he learned some stuff by watching Will.

    • mario miranda
      mario miranda Year ago +1

      i remember, i was like Will do more of that please.

  • Leo1988 TMNT
    Leo1988 TMNT Year ago +9

    Rex Chapman turned into Howie Mandel.

  • Melvin Walls
    Melvin Walls Year ago +4

    The bulls run was a one of a kind and it took MJ will to win) wit bread water and sweat against the best leading by example*

  • James Speller
    James Speller 3 months ago

    Will Perdue put a lot of dudes on posters from those Jordan assist! Perdue held his own in a league that was above his Physicality! Perdue delivered alot better than Longley did!

  • Xof Metleh
    Xof Metleh Year ago +8

    For thats the answer when they say MJ doesnt make teammates better like Lebron. Mj prepare you to a game in all the practices while Lebron will set you up in the game place. Both elevate theyre teammates but different ways.

  • Terence Winters
    Terence Winters Year ago +11

    Three headed cerebus stockpile player of bulls Williams King Cartwright Perdue Weddington Salley Edward's Parrish Longley Foster. Guys who were: Long ,ate space , rebounded, could pass , make an open shot and they had 18 fouls to give . There were no layups!! 92- ' 98 . That was to stop Olajuwon, Daughtery , Shaq, Robinson, Ewing, Smits, mutombo, morning. All the others had 1 big . Krause kept the rest of the league from being competitive he protected MJ and Pippen so they could gamble on D . Guy gets in foul trouble he stuffs another decent big in. Surrounds the big 2 with snipers Armstrong, Paxson, Kerr, hodges. And adds a small forward defender and oreb leader in rodman. Mj didn't do it alone despite being an icon.

    • cory c
      cory c Year ago +2

      And that’s what makes it so sweet not a line up of stars one man skill add will and soul heart u have The undeniable goat

  • Darrell Barnes
    Darrell Barnes Year ago +1

    That interview was "MOIST"(Rex Chapman)🤣🤣🤣

  • Alex Kennedy
    Alex Kennedy Year ago +5

    Excellent chat!

  • Reo Scorpio
    Reo Scorpio 4 months ago +6

    Every genius brings some demons... & All of these ex-team mates with these Michael Jordan horror stories.. if you subtracted Jordan from their lives.. they wouldn't have rings.. they would NOT have a platform to get any one to listen to their pain.. they would just be like the trillions of talented NBA ballers who came and went.. some who are commentators, some who went to their little towns and got a job pumpin' gas (Joke).. Do you think they would exchange the rings and things.. to go play with those other underachievers so they could have a better time, and not be recognized as one of Jordan's team mates??? Every genius brings some demons

    • Greg Arnone
      Greg Arnone 4 months ago +2

      I understand well now. I didn’t quite then, but I do now.

  • Ian Burns
    Ian Burns Year ago +2

    Jerry Krause does not get enough credit in building these teams. First was making Phil the head coach, MJ always walked all over Doug Collins, you seen it early in Chicago in Jordan's first couple seasons and you saw it when MJ was in Washington. It was Krause who saw the potential in Pippen when he was at Central Arkansas....I think he moved up in the draft because Seattle was going to draft him. Then in the second round of the same draft they pick up Grant. It was also Krause who stood up to MJ and Pippen and signed Toni Kukoc. In the 1992 Olympics this had pissed off Mike and Pippen who took turns guarding Kukoc. They outplayed Toni in the first meeting but in the gold medal game Drazen Petrovic and Toni Kukoc were lighting up the dream team and actually made the game competitive. When Grant left it was Krause who said Phil can handle Dennis to Reinsdorf and got Rodman signed. MJ and Pippen might hate Jerry Krause but he belongs in the Hall of Fame too. In 93 when Pippen was trying to get more money, Krause told him you signed your deal play it out.

    • X-man
      X-man 5 months ago +3

      Where are you getting your information from bro?
      -Phil Jackson was added to the team in the 80s as a back up head coach to Doug Collins.
      -MJ listened to Doug Collins often. The majority of the things MJ and the Bulls did was based off of what Doug told them to do.
      -If MJ had a problem with Phil Jackson, he could get Phil Jackson fired.
      -Krause didn't "stand up" to MJ to get Toni Kukoc. because Kukoc was added in 1994, while MJ was retired.
      -MJ had 0 problem playing with Kukoc being added to the team. He was upset because Kukoc was a small/power forward and it appeared that Krause was trying to replace Pippen with Kukoc in the long run.

    • Chukwunonye Anyakoha
      Chukwunonye Anyakoha 4 months ago

      Pippen said it himself in rhr Last Dande thT Jerry Krause is one of thr best ever GMs if not the best ever. Thing is.. MJ, Krause, Phil Jackson..Pippen were all excellent at their jobs...6 Rings in 8 years lends credence to it....Even if they all hate each other....

    • Jo Gendron
      Jo Gendron 4 months ago +2

      Phil, like Krause and Pippen and all the others are nothing.
      They got lucky MJ was still there at #3.

  • Lone Wolfe
    Lone Wolfe Year ago +3

    Isn't that whole Allen Iverson "we're talking about practice" thing like completely taken out of context....

    • Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne Year ago +4

      In a interview, Kobe did say that the players really don't work that hard, with the exception of the superstars because they obviously work hard. He said that they just work hard enough to maintain their careers and collect their checks.

  • Brock
    Brock Month ago

    TMT - Too Much Tetris 🤣

  • Philip March Alquizar
    Philip March Alquizar 3 months ago

    Chet holmgrens Dad.

  • Jon Lundgren
    Jon Lundgren 3 months ago +1

    Heard a rumor that MJ called him Will Vanderbilt. MJ apparently said You're not good enough to have a Big 10 name. Lol