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Make a Motorised Drift Trike with Basic Tools

  • Published on Apr 1, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Looking for a cool project or something to do in lockdown well this is for you, 140cc of fun and only a handful of tools needed.
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Comments • 9 030

  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  2 years ago +2412

    This is the perfect starter project but what others would you like me to do.....Also get your colfurze sticker sheets so everything likes like a furze build www.colinfurzeshop.com Hope your all healthy and well

    • Connor Anderson
      Connor Anderson 28 days ago

      hey man, im building this trike for a school project. so is their anyway for me to get in contact with you incase if I need any help?

    • Lars Galenkamp
      Lars Galenkamp 3 months ago

      can i buy it

    • Lars Galenkamp
      Lars Galenkamp 3 months ago

      can i buy it

    • El duran
      El duran 5 months ago

      What kind of engine is that

    • 基本的杰拉德
      基本的杰拉德 8 months ago

      try using an atv engine or whatever and make a unique vehicle frame

  • cams
    cams 2 years ago +5197

    Create a series called “ Colin Furze Basics” where you only use basic stuff around the house that people will have!

    • Saif
      Saif 3 months ago

      Proper basic too, not “basic for an engineer”.

    • midnightclubII
      midnightclubII 8 months ago

      Bezos wants his cut

    • Hans de Groot
      Hans de Groot 9 months ago

      Yes how ro work metal with heap tools.

    • F-Rune
      F-Rune 10 months ago

      He could partner with amazon or a hardwarestore or something like that, where he only uses tools and materials you can buy there.

    • Henry Baker
      Henry Baker Year ago

      okay so all you need is a twin turbine engine, a welder, and a gasoline engine

  • Stuart Wass
    Stuart Wass 4 days ago +2

    You must be one of the most clever people on you tube mate, all your stuff is brilliant 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • Burubu Lescompte

    this guy is brilliant, amazing thing came out of his mind

  • Dominik Cretni
    Dominik Cretni 2 days ago

    Wish i had a garage man.. i also never did nothing like this before but i think this is a perfect thing for first project!.. hope i can do it in my room tho :D

  • Andrew Rigg
    Andrew Rigg 2 days ago +2

    Brilliant !!

  • Norman G
    Norman G 2 years ago +1787

    Ok, you all heard Colin: Everyone build a drift trike. We can start up a racing league once quarantine is lifted.

    • California doesn’t exist.
      California doesn’t exist. Month ago

      Just imagine looking out your window and seeing 1.7k drift trikes speeding down the street. By the way, I got a jet engine, mind if I add it?

    • Awesome Wolf
      Awesome Wolf 6 months ago

      I'm making an electric one this summer I'm talking light kits Bluetooth speakers for vibes and 35 mph top speed trust me the family fleet is gonna be dope af

    • Cool_Cat007 Smoove
      Cool_Cat007 Smoove 6 months ago

      Here Here

    • dimitriy Haiyadre
      dimitriy Haiyadre 8 months ago


    • suman BAraL
      suman BAraL 11 months ago

      @MAGRA DRIFT my neighbors reported police when I watched your videos , those engines were like music and I was on full volume …..

  • Mickey King
    Mickey King Year ago +27

    Thank you Mr. Furze! You have helped me double my speed of construction. Even with 50 years of fabricating experience, I am slow (always trying to make it perfect). I have started using your brilliant methods of corner cutting mixed with my way only when necessary. You schooled a Grey Beard! Cheers!

  • Craig Ster
    Craig Ster Year ago +16

    So cool, I've seen several of your projects & gotta say I'm impressed. This one looks like too much fun! Might have to see about this my 10 year old twins would love it. Thanks for the idea, & take it easy.

  • E-Macca's
    E-Macca's 2 days ago

    Maybe I'm wrong but just learning to weld seems like a better use of time then bending and cutting all that metal...

  • Kevin Beaulne
    Kevin Beaulne Year ago +6

    Love your work Colin. The best most entertaining and zaniest way to learn to fabricate! Don't ever stop!

  • Edward Laverick
    Edward Laverick 2 years ago +159

    This is turning into the engineering equivalent of Ready Steady Cook... "Well Ainsley, today I've brought 3 lengths of angle iron an old BMX and 20ft of duct tape and I'm going to be building a group B rally car"

    • J
      J 2 years ago +5

      Don't give him any ideas

  • Blake Reese
    Blake Reese 2 years ago +6

    These are such great videos. I really enjoy watching your ideas from inception to creation 👍

  • Mohammed Sayful Ahmed
    Mohammed Sayful Ahmed 2 years ago +4

    Fantastic work Colin, always a pleasure watching your creative work of art

  • Alexandre Lislois-tessier

    Hey Collin. Ive got to say keep it up mate ! Ive been working as auto mechanic all my life. I engine swap and fabricate cars for a living and every time i see one your videos i learn something about metal work that helps me out on projects.
    Have a good one bud ! Cheers.

  • Paul Fribbens
    Paul Fribbens Year ago

    Hi Colin, love your inventions they are awesome. I shall build one of these one day lol.

  • Brandon
    Brandon 2 years ago +155

    This man never ceases to amaze me. Absolute mad lad right here

  • The Clubfoot Tribe
    The Clubfoot Tribe 2 years ago

    Wow Dude! You rock! Love your Channel. Out here in Reno NV USA, we have a lot of open public desert. I have always been thinking as to how I can build a 2 person sand rail buggy without welding and using tube steel, but just cannot wrap my mind around it. Any thoughts or want to use this idea to do a build? Thanks much and keep up the great work and entertainment. I am going to build this trike.

  • Scott Mason
    Scott Mason Year ago +6

    Sir, you are definitely gifted. Thanks for the inspiring builds. I am now driven. Could you provide some links to get random parts?

  • Sharath 2000one
    Sharath 2000one 2 years ago +1

    Absolutely loved it!
    Could u also make a video on how to make a quad bike with basic tools??

  • Eric Coombs
    Eric Coombs 2 years ago +2

    Colin you have one of the best Clip-Share channels! Always fun to watch 😁 Thank you from the states 🇺🇸

  • Cloud Striker
    Cloud Striker 2 years ago +173

    Hey Colin, I have a question.
    Have you ever built something that just refused to work, no matter what you tried?

    • Coffee's Hangar & Work Shop
      Coffee's Hangar & Work Shop 2 years ago +2

      Those projects don't get up-loaded, they get shit-canned. ;) :D

    • Chase
      Chase 2 years ago

      @Ed LaraLara he has made a few things that fly already

    • Flex L
      Flex L 2 years ago

      Of course

    • Ed LaraLara
      Ed LaraLara 2 years ago +2

      @Mohawk Motors how about the Flying Bike thing? with propellers and why not, I think that could potentially chop some limps of

    • Mohawk Motors
      Mohawk Motors 2 years ago +43

      Been following Colin a long time, he's had plenty of projects that fought at first but he problem solves and finds solutions to those challenges. Haven't seen him try anything the defies the laws of nature or physics so there's always a way to make it work, just have to find it.

  • Me DamnNoID
    Me DamnNoID 2 years ago +2

    This is the first of Your video's that I have watched & I say first as I am sure I will be watching many more, I really appreciate the detail to attention with things such as the measurements without taking a bunch of time or making it boring but simply slipping the details in! Thanks Man

  • Maski Sings
    Maski Sings 2 years ago

    This dude really is my hero ...Always have wanted to do things like this!

  • John Mason
    John Mason Year ago +1

    Love it mate! I think I’ll build one of my own!!

  • Dani M
    Dani M Year ago

    Colin, I’m a part time wheelchair user. I’d love a front attachment like the firefly to motorise my chair but they are quite expensive. Do you reckon you could build one cheaply with basic tools?

  • Chris Gonzales
    Chris Gonzales 2 years ago +66

    I watched Colin learn to use all his cool tools over the years. It funny to see him learn how to not use them.

  • Billy Anderson
    Billy Anderson Year ago +2

    Dude youre soo awesome!! I hope your work gets noticed and you do well my friend!

  • Johnny Cashh
    Johnny Cashh Year ago

    Really cool, probably the best 17 min video I've watch of Anything!! Thanks for sharing!! Cheers.

  • Ailton  Péricles  Stolf.

    Meus Parabens meu Amigo projeto top. Muito Bommm!!!!!

  • David Roberts
    David Roberts 9 months ago

    Great walk through, I can't wait to do it

  • Otto Henning
    Otto Henning 2 years ago +167

    I'd love to see an off-road equivalent to this drift trike! I dont have nearly as much asphalt as I have dirt where I live

    • Itorishime
      Itorishime 2 years ago

      like us all buddy

    • Andrea Cicerale
      Andrea Cicerale 2 years ago

      Buy a Piaggio Ciao it's an enduro monster trust me

    • Nicolas Bowen
      Nicolas Bowen 2 years ago +1

      Porkchop Sandwiches no not one for off roading like 4 wheelers but one for dirt because his trike as awesome as it is, would have the same problem as my trike, a solid axel doesn’t work well without pvc

    • Probably Not a Big Toe
      Probably Not a Big Toe 2 years ago +6

      A trike offroad is really dangerous... It's doable on flat surface but I wouldn't recommend on uneven ones.
      Say your right wheel hits a divot while your turning left, you are flipping no doubt.
      Just use a quad.

    • Nicolas Bowen
      Nicolas Bowen 2 years ago +5

      Otto Henning same here I’ve only got dirt and my drift trike that i built struggles in the dirt.

  • Ricky H
    Ricky H Year ago

    You have mad skillz. Love the channel. This looks like a project for my sons and I.

  • Joemario Braga
    Joemario Braga Year ago

    Colin, what are the measurements, the amount of screws and how much did you spend on this project?

  • Pokémon Playz
    Pokémon Playz 2 years ago

    Man am a huge fan I love your vids they are so fun to watch when I am bored. Keep up the good work

  • Kevin Voyer
    Kevin Voyer Year ago

    Eye hello Colin! Great bit of building skills you show there mate! But oh I ave one question, what would that devils trike run like with out those slippery sleeves over the tires? If they were to actually get traction down to the ground? Not for uneven surfaces, especially with no suspension, but just as is, but with just those sticky slicks ! Man I bet that would be very hard to catch! Especially if you were to find a real Honda engine with a 4speed and actual clutch!

  • DavinciDamaster
    DavinciDamaster 2 years ago +430

    Also Me: "Oh... Nevermind, He's got his safety tie."

  • JackJazzm
    JackJazzm 2 years ago

    Awesome project
    Loved this video
    Thanks for sharing

  • alex quackenbush
    alex quackenbush Year ago

    I think it wouldve looked really cool to leave just enough of the top tube to mount the gas tank to

  • Nabil Anaqi
    Nabil Anaqi Year ago

    this guy is brilliant. well done keep inspiring

  • Big Baz
    Big Baz Year ago

    Totally agree Colin, perfect college project plus you can weld it after it's all bolted together. Ticks City and Guilds boxes. Nice one.

  • Falney
    Falney 2 years ago +627

    NHS: please don't do anything dangerous that could put you in A&E.
    Collin: I'm fine, safety tie engaged.

  • Micromechanisms
    Micromechanisms 2 years ago +1

    Colin, Thanks a lot for the moments and the Energy that you "share". This video is just amazing! your the Fucking Boss!!!

  • Andrew Worsley
    Andrew Worsley 2 years ago

    Great job. The drift scooter is cool. I'm making one with my MIG welder less bolts,

  • bubbles way
    bubbles way Year ago +1

    That’s a nice build nothing better than doing it ur self 🔥🔥

  • Jks Precast
    Jks Precast 2 years ago

    You did a really good job of building this drift trike. I should have watched your video before I made my drift trike. Now I know why I had such a bad migraine headache when I built mine.

  • Miguel Silva
    Miguel Silva 2 years ago +41

    man this guy is so good of a teacher that he made me feel like I could build a spaceship.

    • Robert Torress
      Robert Torress 2 years ago

      Miguel Silva clip-share.net/video/dc1TIdtYO4k/video.html

  • Mayer Antal
    Mayer Antal 2 years ago

    hey Boos Colin! is there something you have never been able to do? impressed by all your creations i hope all this allows you to get a comfortable salary!

  • Timo Vink
    Timo Vink Year ago +4

    Hey Collin, neat build! Love it. Which engine did you use?

    • Timo Vink
      Timo Vink 9 months ago

      @Jack Bergin unfortunately I did not

    • Jack Bergin
      Jack Bergin 9 months ago

      I know it’s 10 months apart but did you find out what engine he used?

  • harsh kumar
    harsh kumar Year ago +1

    absolutely loved it, I am gonna make one fr myself now

  • ArkhamDrifter
    ArkhamDrifter Year ago

    Newest fan here in L.A. My kids are I are stoked to build your Drift Bike with basic tools. That said, we need to run an electric motor in this bad boy so I'm attempting to map out a mash-up of this bolt together bike with your electric bike. Keep making rad stuff!

  • Vojtěch Strnad
    Vojtěch Strnad 2 years ago +165

    Other Clip-Sharers: Here are 5 10min videos of me doing a simple project.
    Colin: Whole frickin drift bike out of thin air, in packed and entertaining 17min video.

    • Diabolical
      Diabolical Year ago

      With a tutorial too!!!!

    • Dick
      Dick 2 years ago

      With rock music, can't forget the most crucial part of a Colin furz video.

    • niq872
      niq872 2 years ago +1

      it doesn't even feel like 17mins it goes by so fast i wanted more.

  • alejandro cruz
    alejandro cruz 2 years ago

    Hi! I have a cuestion, how many HP is the engine? Thank U great video!!

  • Yuriy S
    Yuriy S 6 months ago

    I really like it, how do you do this? Do you have a link or website where I can order all the parts to make the same one? Thank you

  • Tarantula Madness

    Just discovered this guy, that craftmanship is insane. Very satisfying

  • Tiffany Williams
    Tiffany Williams Year ago

    I am currently in my second semester of welding school. What other skills do I need to be able to do these amazing things? Engineering? (Eeek, math!) Machining? All of the above? My initial goal was doing yard art/sculptures...fast forward to having a 5 year old who loves Iron Man and my 2nd goal is to build Mark 1 for a piece of yard art! I appreciate your skills, enthusiasm and willingness to share your ideas!

  • Vlad Todosin
    Vlad Todosin 2 years ago +570

    Coming soon:
    _How to build a space station and get it into orbit with basic tools_

    • Clappa
      Clappa 2 years ago


    • Vlad Todosin
      Vlad Todosin 2 years ago

      @Zigma Do you have any better jokes, mister funny? Please enlighten us with your genius.

    • Zigma
      Zigma 2 years ago

      Surprised how well this worn out joke still work...

    • João Esteves
      João Esteves 2 years ago +1

      @Manu Diazno but cybertrock is

    • Manu Diaz
      Manu Diaz 2 years ago +3

      Elon musk: am i a joke to you?

  • k Olsen
    k Olsen Year ago

    I made a similar cart but my biggest problem was that the sprocket kept breaking off the axle.
    the engine was too strong.

  • rus brunke
    rus brunke 4 months ago

    Just found your channel. Thanks for the content Colin!!!

  • un colombiano en londres

    I love it, great work

  • G Wood
    G Wood Year ago

    Clip-Share was created in preparation for you Colin, coz in my mind you own it mate. Incredible enginuity and zaniness. Rock on ;-)

    VICKERY 2 years ago +638

    This guy is the closest thing to phineas and ferb in real life

    • BenjiTheTruth 2.0
      BenjiTheTruth 2.0 2 years ago


    • Drangy
      Drangy 2 years ago +1

      Phineas and Furze

    • Quandale Institute
      Quandale Institute 2 years ago

      I would dare to go as far as Rick Sanchez

    • Saif Mohamef
      Saif Mohamef 2 years ago

      @Harry Cushing jljkĺl?

    • Slovak Shadow
      Slovak Shadow 2 years ago +3

      He really is like P&F, but his inventions are not hit by an -inator. And he doesn't have a mysteriously disappearing platypus working as a secret agent (I hope he does).

  • Rodrigo Miranda Santos
    Rodrigo Miranda Santos 9 months ago

    Maravilhoso! My dreams!!! Very Good Man!

  • Brandon Dimmitt
    Brandon Dimmitt 2 years ago

    Honestly id bet this would be stronger than a welded trike. Great job!

  • Jeff S
    Jeff S 2 years ago

    excellent workmanship! Thanks!

  • Big Jay
    Big Jay Year ago

    I built tons of things like that when I was younger never had a welder but once I got my first welder and learn how to weld life was good and so much easier...

  • InternalCombustionGenie
    InternalCombustionGenie 2 years ago +88

    *Newbie:* Whacks off cooling finns with a hammer
    *Engineering student:* Cuts them off with a hacksaw
    *CNC Operator:* Removes them in a professional CNC milling machine
    *Colin:* Cuts them and whacks the off with a cut-off wheel :D

    CAVERA Year ago

    ficou muito foda vo fazer um tambem

  • RA
    RA Year ago

    Collin, i have a question. Hopefully you see this. Or maybe someone else can answer. Im doing this build the exact way you have done it. However, i am using 2x2 box section that is 1/4 inch thick. Its all i could find for free lol Anyway, how did you go about mounting the box section to the bike perfectly even? I cut as accurate as i could on both sides with a whole saw, but if your even a few millimeters off, it will throw of the centering completely. I cant seem to get a 100% snug fit the the box section going against the bike. Did you have to finesse it a little? also I highly recommend not using quarter inch thick steel box section for anyone else who's looking to do this lol. too thick

  • Ct 123
    Ct 123 2 years ago

    I so badly wanna drive one u are a genius absolute legend !

  • Judess 69er
    Judess 69er 7 months ago +2

    if you don't want bolts to loosen up you just need to use split lock washer

  • mate matee
    mate matee 2 years ago +84

    Colin, since a tie is basically your signature, you should make one...out of steel...with epic stuff on it...with basic tools.

    • Carroll Outdoors
      Carroll Outdoors 2 years ago

      Do it in panels so it bends

    • Volbla
      Volbla 2 years ago

      I like that! The spy tie. Or the "guest at the royal palace" tie.

    • Andreas Bach Lindsmann
      Andreas Bach Lindsmann 2 years ago +6

      Like a Swiss army knife, yeah? Or a fold out sword. Lol

  • Daryl Ray Ray
    Daryl Ray Ray 6 months ago

    Absolutely fabulous. This guy is awesome.

  • Robert Pando
    Robert Pando 2 years ago

    Hello Colin, where can I find the list for the parts to make the drift scooter

  • arthur lolinger
    arthur lolinger Year ago

    really good idea! I already had such ideas but I was always afraid that it would bend

    • Brainkrieg
      Brainkrieg Year ago

      Tube steel is crazy strong. Just make sure the walls are thicc

  • Sammy-Ray Cherry
    Sammy-Ray Cherry 4 months ago

    Good old Colin! Staying true to the fans! Thanks!

  • Brent Scantlebury
    Brent Scantlebury 2 years ago +61

    Challenge: make an electric vehicle out of a washing machine (or dryer)

    • J Logan
      J Logan 2 years ago +3

      Unfortunately appliance motors aren't suitable for an electric vehicle. You need something with a good torque range that runs on DC power

  • Anthony Papa
    Anthony Papa 8 months ago

    Because of all your videos I'm going to build one of these. My question is if your throttle is in your right hand and I'm assuming your clutches on your left hand how are you switching gears?

  • fabs tems
    fabs tems 2 years ago

    100% gonna do this. looks fun as hell.

  • W V
    W V 2 years ago

    I like that this shows how innovation can't stop someone with a goal. Too often I hear people make excuses as to why they can't do things (typically for lack of resources). Clearly they aren't trying/thinking hard enough.

  • Techie Unusual
    Techie Unusual 9 months ago

    I love this, I'm all about using simple accessible tools and basic materials that are laying around the house or materials easy to acquire that are free.

  • techstuff
    techstuff 2 years ago +3

    Love these simple tools projects Colin. Thanks for bringing some joy and learning to our apocalypse reality at the moment.

  • Nick Botz
    Nick Botz Year ago

    Curious, what did you use to clean up the excess metal on the bike after you cut it down. Not sure what I should be using for that, also don’t want extra sharp bits.

  • Jim O'Hagan
    Jim O'Hagan Year ago

    Hey great project but..... Maybe bending the whole tube up to match the bike and then double U bolt clamping would be better? Bent steel with none removed = lots more strength. I might have to have a go at this. Thanks Furze!

  • puppy gamer
    puppy gamer 4 days ago


  • Gaismas Zeme
    Gaismas Zeme Year ago

    This man really is mechanical genius.

  • Waschlack
    Waschlack 2 years ago +27

    Please do these kind of videos more often, i really liked it!
    I know it may be more work but this way we can enjoy all these smart little workarounds that you basically cant live without if you dont have a workshop (or high end shed like yours).
    Cheers mate and stay awesome, your videos are truly one of a kind!

  • Asvin Thakur
    Asvin Thakur 10 months ago

    This mam makes vids awesome 👌🏼 loved to see it!

  • Caeden Limiero
    Caeden Limiero Year ago +1

    My first build it went great. A little different motor set up though.

  • Donta Davis
    Donta Davis 2 years ago

    Would you be able to use multiple small electric motors together or multiple small engines synchronized to bike or maybe make an atv or 4x4 in this way? @colinfurze

  • Mr. Safety
    Mr. Safety Month ago

    Im here on a mission, i have all the steel, the tires, the motor, but i cant design it in my mind, youve definitely given me alot of ideas

  • TheOfficialCzex
    TheOfficialCzex 2 years ago +168

    Alright, Colin, here's a challenge: build an ultralight aircraft without any "advanced" tools (no lathe, welding, CNC, mounted drills, etc...). Good luck.

    • Farmer Fpv
      Farmer Fpv 2 years ago

      You're asking Colinfurze to build something peter built? I wouldn't even that nerd peters name in the same level as colin and I'm an American, peters toys are a joke compared to colins.

    • Rouge
      Rouge 2 years ago

      @Chris Coulthard
      that's not an airplane tho

    • Axel Lönnstedt
      Axel Lönnstedt 2 years ago

      TheOfficialCzex that would be really hard since it brings in the entire aspect of aerodynamics and it’s significantly harder to make something actually fly than making something drive in the ground. That being said, it’ll probably take Colin about a week

    • Oi
      Oi 2 years ago

      Paper airplane enters the chat

    • I'm just tryna put a smile on your face
      I'm just tryna put a smile on your face 2 years ago

      @Chris Coulthard "simples" ?

  • Imagineer
    Imagineer Year ago

    I'd be good to see a big daddy of the drift trike.
    What about making a V8 trike that has the potential to be registered for road use?

  • Apollo 15
    Apollo 15 2 years ago +2

    Imagina ser filho desse cara ia ser incrível

  • dat llama3
    dat llama3 Year ago

    You should include the cost in your tutorial builds like this one

  • Deep House Chakra

    I love you Colin :D Thanks for making and sharing this...

  • Jacob Passe
    Jacob Passe 2 years ago +5

    One of my favorite things about Colin's videos is hearing new music and finding new upcoming artists

  • Matthew Brown
    Matthew Brown 2 years ago

    Happened upon this channel randomly via a facebook comment someone made with a link to your jet bike haha.
    This trike may be the first project me and my little brother do once I get working/moved. Seems too fun not to do!

  • batty man3000
    batty man3000 Year ago +2

    Essentially that seat is a frying pan if it over heats keep up the good work Colin my man

  • Christian Luczejko
    Christian Luczejko 2 years ago

    I love how advanced Colin in that basics tools to him is just not having access to a welder. Lol