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Never lose hope

  • Published on Mar 6, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • #heartwarming #wholesome #inspiration
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  • Kira Levenson
    Kira Levenson 2 months ago +151068

    Watching her dig deep like this gave me chills.
    I know what it means to have to pick yourself up and then give it all you got because your falling put you behind.

  • </Angled>
    </Angled> 16 days ago +1949

    For her, those seconds felt probably like hours. The adrenaline rush she felt was genuine.

    • Goran Brezak
      Goran Brezak 11 days ago +28

      I think that for her this few seconds were probably just enough time for her body to rest enough and regain enough energy to outrun her opponents

    • Cloudflare
      Cloudflare 10 days ago +9

      I see you almost everywhere. Are you a commenter by any chance?

    • Zia & Zuhayr Ibraheem
      Zia & Zuhayr Ibraheem 9 days ago +1

      This is a cool way to trick people youre verified!

    • Rupjit Debnath
      Rupjit Debnath 8 days ago

      What's the name of background music?

    • georgie young
      georgie young 8 days ago

      ​@Rupjit Debnath um idk what's this song skibidi bop bop thatda booom

  • Dante Vito DelSignore
    Dante Vito DelSignore 20 days ago +778

    Sometimes… when you think your at your lowest moment, it enables you to become a legend. If she didn’t fall, she might have lost.

    • Sedafoxx
      Sedafoxx 5 days ago +4

      I will fall on purpose

    • ErasedHalf
      ErasedHalf 4 days ago +9

      @Sedafoxx lol he didnt mean it like that, he said it like even when you are at your hardest moments never give up

    • Alvaro Q
      Alvaro Q 2 days ago +4

      She didn’t fall to be clear, she was obviously tripped up!

  • Shani
    Shani 8 days ago +85

    That’s hands down one of the most incredible moments I ever seen. This was an inspirational moment and shows the strength of the human spirit. What a beautiful thing to witness. Good for her.

  • SongParadise
    SongParadise 2 days ago +9

    This is a true warrior.

  • ABC123
    ABC123 2 months ago +32607

    You can't help but root for someone who won't quit. She is a champ.

    • ryit
      ryit 2 months ago +123

      I’m confused 😅if the other girl tripped her isn’t there like a foul or red card or sum shi

    • pat gerry gee
      pat gerry gee 2 months ago +314

      I remember when we were racing 400m and my shoe came off. I tied my shoe and saw all my competitors were about 350m away. I heard a voice saying 'Run'.... I stood up and ran I chased the pack like Heather and what would you know I came in as last place.

    • bam
      bam 2 months ago +5

      shes white

    • GreenTquoise Devil
      GreenTquoise Devil 2 months ago +106

      ​@bam im Green 😅, which one are you?? 🤔😋

    • Mark Verani
      Mark Verani 2 months ago +52

      ​@bam What???!!!!!!

  • joe B
    joe B 14 days ago +9

    Never heard and seen her. And watching her is such an amazing & inspiring experience. What we learn is never give up!!!

  • Luminous paradox
    Luminous paradox 18 days ago +40

    These are the moments in humanity that give you goose bumps.

  • daniel barrett
    daniel barrett Month ago +10195

    That was one of the most incredible things I've ever witnessed. What a moment

    • ZenitsuKun
      ZenitsuKun Month ago +26

      its a beautiful moment! proud of her

    • Ana B Del Castillo
      Ana B Del Castillo Month ago +24

      And the one that tripped her and did NOT HELP her fell behind to last place

    • g-lo
      g-lo Month ago +2

      It truly is!

    • Lisa David
      Lisa David Month ago

      Good girl🤗❤️😊

  • stormrider112
    stormrider112 18 days ago +46

    This is the most amazing feat I've seen in a long time.

  • Priyanka Reddy
    Priyanka Reddy 12 days ago +33

    Gosh… I have literally got goosebumps! 🤯 She is phenomenal ❤

  • Kali
    Kali 2 months ago +15183

    That fucking adrenaline, that determination, the anger she must've felt. She used that. I love to see it.

    • Jon Stevens
      Jon Stevens 2 months ago +15

      @Monika Bagdi?

    • John Lopez
      John Lopez 2 months ago +5


    • Zackreal Ch
      Zackreal Ch 2 months ago +7

      ​@Monika Bagdi huh

    • Robert Negron
      Robert Negron Month ago +62

      She was like “ no you don’t !” Inspiring. Used that revenge

    • Manjunathan J
      Manjunathan J Month ago +25

      Haaa! I would love to feel the adrenaline rush she felt when she stood back up 😍😍

  • Linda Long
    Linda Long 10 days ago +3

    That brought tears to my eyes you go girl God be with you

  • William Kong
    William Kong 4 days ago +1

    I am in awe of the unbreakable focus and willpower people like her are capable of displaying.

  • Joshua Brigden
    Joshua Brigden 2 months ago +8640

    The look on her face after crossing the line, she used absolutely everything she had she couldn't even smile! What a legend!

    • bam
      bam 2 months ago +17

      shes white

    • Laz M!
      Laz M! 2 months ago +165

      @bam what was your first clue? 🤦‍♂️👎

    • Anvisha 。
      Anvisha 。 2 months ago +127

      ​@bam omg we didn't even notice , thanks for telling us ig

    • bam
      bam 2 months ago +4

      @Anvisha 。 youre welcome

  • Roselynne L
    Roselynne L 15 days ago +2

    Amazing! She's a real warrior in heart and mind. 👏

  • Keyshawn Lawson
    Keyshawn Lawson 8 days ago +1

    Why this made me go in tears yoooo i love talent and passion for something you love to do 🙌🏾😍😍😍😍

  • Emma Walker
    Emma Walker 2 months ago +24069

    She was my cross country coach in high school! She’s amazing

    • Jade Paulsen
      Jade Paulsen 2 months ago +1666

      You are truly blessed. That woman has the definition of the heart of a CHAMPION.

    • k
      k 2 months ago +317

      wow cool

    • Venom Fan
      Venom Fan 2 months ago +501

      Damn, I could see how she would be a cross country coach. I do cross country, and having to do a huge boost at the end is really important, especially since it’s where adrenaline is really starting to kick in.

    • Dounte
      Dounte 2 months ago +128

      What that must be cool

    • Sienna Saad • 27 yrs ago                         .
      Sienna Saad • 27 yrs ago . 2 months ago +188

      No. Freaking. Way.

  • Jeffslops
    Jeffslops 14 days ago +7

    Wow, sheer courage and determination to show the world she’s a winner.

  • Practical Deen
    Practical Deen 5 days ago +1

    Mentally strong..no complaining..just get it done. Parents and coaches must be proud. Congrats, Heather.

  • Anthony Joseph
    Anthony Joseph 2 months ago +3706

    “Heather got up.” That right there is the attitude that defines a winner. Respect 👊🏽

    • K L
      K L 2 months ago +2

      Wish life was against her opponents... could chill and hang back and still win lol
      Should've been leading the whole way... but since it wasn't competitive she could comeback from 100m in less than a lap

    • King Christophis
      King Christophis 2 months ago +1

      This contrasts with other people I know who fell and quit or gave up after their teammate passed them. They couldn't emotionally handle not being first on the team so they'd quit the race and cost the team points.

    • Jim Byrd III
      Jim Byrd III 2 months ago +2

      Then I really lost it when I read the title: "Never lose hope" 🥹💕

    • Weird Stoufs
      Weird Stoufs 2 months ago +2

      Respect 🤖

  • KL
    KL 6 days ago

    Pure greatness! I literally have a tear in my eye!

  • Topcopi
    Topcopi 2 days ago

    That's purity of heart and superior determination!! What a pleasure to watch. It's impossible not to be happy for her. 😃

  • Daniel Hughson
    Daniel Hughson 2 months ago +5068

    The human body is incredible. She must've tapped into her adrenaline supply or went into some mindset the other runners couldn't even imagine. Same athletes doing the same race, completely different mentalities.
    Instead of thinking about the cramps, blisters, what place she was in, she got up and went. That's greatness right there.

    • AirOkeys ._.
      AirOkeys ._. 2 months ago +196

      Oh yeah adrenaline definitely assisted that, and since it was the last lap it’s not like she would wear herself out or anything

    • Gummy
      Gummy 2 months ago +92

      @AirOkeys ._. You have no idea how much the last lap of any race hurts 😅

    • AirOkeys ._.
      AirOkeys ._. 2 months ago +108

      @Gummy but I do tho lol. I’m in high school and I run xc and track, and I swim for the winter season. I was just commenting how an adrenaline rush at the end of a race is better than in the middle of say a 1600(my best event) because that sort of effect wears off before you reach the end of the race. I wasn’t trying to take anything away from how difficult that comeback was. I personally think that the 600/800m are some of the most painful races, which is why I like longer distances better

    • Ariel
      Ariel 2 months ago +34

      @AirOkeys ._.as a competitive swimmer - I completely agree. The last 100 meters is always the easiest . Almost like you’re in a dream state

    • Tammy DePlata
      Tammy DePlata 2 months ago +40

      Rage always does the trick for me. I could totally see a person tripped up then get bk up and say "hell...NAWWWW!" kinda like that this is Sparta moment 🙂

  • William E Tanner
    William E Tanner 8 hours ago

    THAT is determination and perseverance. Well done.

  • James Casada
    James Casada 2 months ago +12615

    The great Jimmy V would be so proud, don't give up, don't ever give up. The heart of a champion never quits. Period

    • Will
      Will 2 months ago +14

      I was ur proud 100th like

    • rob etheridge
      rob etheridge 2 months ago +3

      Go Pack

    • doglover
      doglover 2 months ago +4

      Slayed that comment 👏 🙌 💅💅

  • Sam Sung
    Sam Sung 8 days ago +5

    She has the heart of a champion. Never give up.

  • MidnightTuners
    MidnightTuners 8 days ago +2

    Amazing what the mind can make the body do . . Pure class of an athlete

  • stran9er1
    stran9er1 2 months ago +1866

    Her mental strength is above all, impeccable. That is the definition of never giving up.

    • Bigbie Macaw
      Bigbie Macaw 2 months ago +4

      As i said, balls of steel ,shell be not just one to eatch ..the one to watch ..shell go gar with the eifht team behind her

    • Tekape
      Tekape 2 months ago +3

      this is the definition of revenge

    • IRMS
      IRMS 2 months ago +2

      It gave her a adreline rush like when you are in a life-threaten situation

    • Imnot Batman
      Imnot Batman 2 months ago

      This is fast twitch at it’s finest!

  • Maria Lourdes Buentipo

    This made me tear up! Amazing lady! 👏👏👏

  • Kira
    Kira 6 days ago +1

    Girl really said "I ain't giving up this easy"
    (And I respect her for that)

  • The_D0C70R
    The_D0C70R 25 days ago +3548

    She really had a whole anime protagonist moment

    • QuoteMe.Goddess!
      QuoteMe.Goddess! 23 days ago +13

      You're right! She sure did!

    • Nightshadow
      Nightshadow 23 days ago +2

      Now that reminds me of that one Anime protagonist who also happened to be an athlete runner and literally slammed into the ground during a run. ( Full dive: Kiwame Quest MC ) That accident was the start of the most glorious of victories though. Lol.

    • Haze
      Haze 21 day ago +18

      *Inner dialogue starts playing for 10 minutes* " Is that what we trained for, is that what we suffered for. Remember all the nakama that help me come this far. i i i... i CAN'T give up NOW! We have come to far to give up.
      Like sensei said I have to go beyond my limits and be better than I was before." aaaaAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

    • Wesley Brookman
      Wesley Brookman 18 days ago +10

      @Haze by the time the memory montage fades and she’s ready to chase them down, everyone’s gone and the lights are turned out.
      “Wait where’d everyone go?”
      the janitor cleaning nearby goes
      “You’ve been staring blankly off into the distance for the last half hour. Everyone’s gone home”

    • Green Greed
      Green Greed 18 days ago +5


  • Wilson Francis
    Wilson Francis 11 days ago

    That is pure heart! Respect.

  • The Duke of Windsor
    The Duke of Windsor 2 days ago

    What a woman!!!! I watched this sooo many times!! Inspiration!!!!

  • Mymanslippy
    Mymanslippy 27 days ago +3638

    She really showed everyone there how much better she was

    • Kllrszn
      Kllrszn 25 days ago +15

      I mean maybe but she also probably passed everyone cause she got a break when she was getting up so she had more energy than everyone else... 🤷

    • Derek Zhang
      Derek Zhang 25 days ago +87

      @Kllrszn and she was that break’s length behind everyone because of it as well?

    • Abdullah Almatar
      Abdullah Almatar 25 days ago +59

      @Kllrszn so why don’t they take breaks if it’s gonna make them faster?

    • Me Da Bosss
      Me Da Bosss 25 days ago +55

      @Kllrsznfalling takes energy she ain’t taking a nap down there

    • Dönerzombie
      Dönerzombie 24 days ago +6

      ​@Me Da Bosss it releases adrenaline though. She basically got a dose of natural doping and a little break for her legs, nothing spectacular, just how our bodies work

  • St. Devil
    St. Devil 4 days ago +2

    what nobody realizes here is that while down, it gave her body crucial rest and recharge time and that's why so she was so full of energy while others were completely exhausted and gassed out by then.

    JESSOZ 2 days ago

    With Gods grace! Amen!

  • Jessie Oh
    Jessie Oh 2 months ago +2310

    It's not how hard you fall but how you get back up. Inspirational.

    • Angela Ness
      Angela Ness 2 months ago +5

      Beautifully said

    • jay jayson
      jay jayson 2 months ago +5

      nice quote

    • Ballsack gaming
      Ballsack gaming 2 months ago +5

      unless u get slammed to the ground so hard you break your jaw and get knocked out

    • bam
      bam 2 months ago +1

      she's white

    • ToastyBath
      ToastyBath 2 months ago +4

      @bam ok?? Lmao and?

  • _.TwinsiesRBLXofficial._
    _.TwinsiesRBLXofficial._ 15 days ago +1

    This shows that even if you fall down you can always get your way up, also that girl is a legend

  • Kago Kamakama
    Kago Kamakama Day ago

    This is so remarkable,got so emotional watching this,I loved the fact that she didn't give up,her aim was to win.

  • Cold
    Cold 2 months ago +8287

    That trip was actually a blessing in disguise. Gave her the chance to prove she’s levels above the rest. Wow.

    • Pippa Dawg
      Pippa Dawg 2 months ago +338

      The trip was a misfortune she turned into an opportunity. She used it to score an extraordinary victory no one would ever forget. Had she not been tripped, most of the audience would have forgotten her win before they got home that night. Even the other runners might have forgotten that she beat them in a year or so. The trip turned her win into something outstanding and a testament to the human spirit.

    • Boomp
      Boomp 2 months ago +103

      That trip gave her a few seconds of energy to plow through the runners on the last lap

    • Jose Ceballos
      Jose Ceballos 2 months ago +55

      Yes. It gave her some rest.

    • john umukoro
      john umukoro 2 months ago +45

      @Pippa Dawg you guys said the same thing in different ways

    • Rhyno
      Rhyno 2 months ago +33

      That few seconds of rest, gave her an epic recharge boost

  • Charlie Naomi
    Charlie Naomi 2 days ago

    This moment for Heather and for sports was just amazing ❤

  • moose wild
    moose wild 10 days ago

    Amazing display of heart and guts.

  • N
    N 2 months ago +2009

    One of the most hardest thing to do is picking yourself up when everything looks like it's ending and hope is absent.

    • mGa ZzZ
      mGa ZzZ 2 months ago +6

      This is the moment...when one crosses all its limits👌❤️

    • Light ones 8.
      Light ones 8. 2 months ago +6

      That's when the KUNDALINI with Karma kicks in ladies! Yes!!🥰👋

    • Jay Vee
      Jay Vee 2 months ago +4

      Sympathetic Nervous System kicks in...

      GOLDEN BUDDHA 2 months ago +3


    • Joe”LowerYourExpectations”Biden
      Joe”LowerYourExpectations”Biden 2 months ago

      One of the easiest***
      Is what I think you meant to say…

  • Keilder
    Keilder 6 days ago

    That is mind boggling determination and grit.

  • Bertrand Rongé
    Bertrand Rongé Day ago

    That's the best example of a strong will, she's fired up and take it back, amazing, love it !

  • Martin Lang
    Martin Lang 2 months ago +3905

    She’s got the biggest heart and determination I have seen in a long time

    • JoJoHammi3
      JoJoHammi3 2 months ago +1

      And the strongest hear like God dang I'm out of breathe watching this

    • Joe Hernandez
      Joe Hernandez 2 months ago +3

      @JoJoHammi3 language

    • JoJoHammi3
      JoJoHammi3 2 months ago

      Hey I get that reference 😅

    • EVF
      EVF 2 months ago +1

      ✍️🏽 That's exactly what she had Martin, “heart and determination.” ☺️🖐🏽

    • l̼̓
      l̼̓ 2 months ago +1

      @Joe Hernandezthe language is english

    SPIRIT13 THE1ST 4 days ago

    When God is for you ITS A BEAUTIFUL THING

  • Valerie Barber
    Valerie Barber 5 days ago

    She's Amazing...sheer determination!!! 🎉

  • p young
    p young 2 months ago +2417

    That was the best thing I've seen today, how inspiring

    • TheAcidicMolotov
      TheAcidicMolotov 2 months ago +5

      Watching 3 girls not take a race srsly is inspiring? In no way would she possibly be able to catch up to girls way in front unless the 3 girls just werent pushing themselves.

    • Kevi Constant
      Kevi Constant 2 months ago +2

      @The​​AcidicMolotov are you high ?
      It'll be safe to assume that you are not an athlete. And plus it was a lap so yeah im pretty sure yk what that means.

    • TheAcidicMolotov
      TheAcidicMolotov 2 months ago

      @Kevi Constant done track my whole life, when you are behind 150 meters and somehow manage to beat 3 girls, where the farthest girl is at least 250 ahead there is no way you are catching up unless the other girls purposely didnt push themselves

    • Kevi Constant
      Kevi Constant 2 months ago +4

      @TheAcidicMolotov Lemme ask you then , why leave your toxic comment on a video that people find it inspiring?!
      Don't let your ego ruin you buddy.
      Keep the hate to yourself

    • TheAcidicMolotov
      TheAcidicMolotov 2 months ago +1

      @Kevi Constant who said im hating or have ego lmao. Im just clearly pointing out this whole situation is not right. In no way have i said anything hateful or egotistical 😂. I thought i clearly didnt know track tho? Dont just say things if you dont know

  • Username 1123
    Username 1123 3 days ago +6

    The anger probably fueled her. I mean if you're angry your body would really just fire up

  • Albus Snape
    Albus Snape 17 days ago

    Fantastic! Heather is an inspiration of fortitude and determination!! 👏❤️

  • Richard Perez
    Richard Perez 18 days ago

    Gives new meaning to never give up no matter what... A true champion!

  • davecpgh
    davecpgh Month ago +2678

    She has the heart and soul of a fighter. That's what makes the best athletes.

    • Doughnut World
      Doughnut World Month ago +1


    • RoboVac
      RoboVac Month ago

      Why did she ever win that makes her one of the best?

    • davecpgh
      davecpgh Month ago +7

      @RoboVac she just won this race from being knocked down and put out of the race. But with your comment, I fully understand your train of thought and I won't waste any more of my time trying to make you understand what this means.

    • RoboVac
      RoboVac Month ago

      @davecpgh No, you realise what you said is nonsense. She never achieved anything in Athletics professionally. So not one of the best.

    • davecpgh
      davecpgh Month ago +7

      @RoboVac poor you

  • SouI Buddy
    SouI Buddy Day ago

    Now this is how you inspire people.

  • Cat the Greater
    Cat the Greater 5 days ago

    She finished that out of anger. Beautiful!

  • Jack Davis
    Jack Davis 2 months ago +1152

    I don't know how anyone could watch this and not be deeply inspired. Heather earned a standing ovation for this and likely received one.

    • James Frey
      James Frey 2 months ago +7

      Adrenaline is one hell of a drug

    • Anastacia Evans
      Anastacia Evans 2 months ago +5

      ❤beautiful..gave me goose bumps 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    • Jersey Gray Co.
      Jersey Gray Co. 2 months ago +2

      She is incredible!

    • Tsosie June
      Tsosie June 2 months ago +3

      Never Give Up! What heart she has to continue the race

    • MrStealYourMeme
      MrStealYourMeme 2 months ago +5

      probably because all the other girls were going so slow they were confused thinking is this staged

  • Devi Jaichand
    Devi Jaichand 8 days ago +1

    Amazing. Shows what you truly love doing and dedication ❤

  • Nicholos Jones
    Nicholos Jones 20 days ago +1

    this is great 👍 it's How God Looks At us. "dnt give up. u can do it".

  • Max Power
    Max Power 2 months ago +4063

    She used all her emotions; all her adrenaline; every fiber of her being to pull off a much deserved win. You, dear lady, are truly a champion.

    • Jay Calvin
      Jay Calvin 2 months ago +28

      And you my friend, you are a wholesome human being!

    • Dee Batch
      Dee Batch 2 months ago +9

      The mind is so powerful if we can just tap in. This moment shows what happens when you do.

    • KK
      KK 2 months ago +5

      The way you put it into words , good work mate

    • Maui Randall
      Maui Randall 2 months ago +5

      And she made it look easy

      KRAFTWERK2K6 2 months ago


  • Felipe Cervantes
    Felipe Cervantes 8 days ago

    I teared up. INSPIRING.

  • Floydfan75
    Floydfan75 18 days ago

    Some people just can't be kept down....❤

  • a_randomuser4
    a_randomuser4 Month ago +1835

    Props to her honestly, she deserved that win.

    • Archer Games
      Archer Games Month ago

      Why does this 1.1K like comment have no replies?

    • Meg
      Meg Month ago +1

      @Archer Games it happens sometimes lol

    • InfernoBaxon
      InfernoBaxon Month ago

      did she win or no?

    • a_randomuser4
      a_randomuser4 Month ago +2

      @InfernoBaxon, she did, sorry if I wrote it in a confusing way.

    • Mike Hunt
      Mike Hunt Month ago

      Thank goodness ​@a_randomuser4 says she deserved that win 😂

  • Tabitha Sands
    Tabitha Sands 20 hours ago

    that fall flooded her body with adrenaline and she utilized it to the fullest...i felt goosebumps

  • Janine
    Janine 4 days ago

    Life lesson: If you fall, get back up quickly. That fall doesn't have to be the end for you unless you decide it is.

  • xPreame
    xPreame 2 months ago +3330

    This is VERY inspiring!!! Got chills watching this

    • adem erdem
      adem erdem Month ago +3

      don't give up, regardless of circumstances could be a good message
      but they are random slow runner females.

    • Grady Buckwheat
      Grady Buckwheat Month ago +1

      I agree, I noticed it’s the sounds that’s making that happen, like nails on a chalkboard.

    • yamlirpa
      yamlirpa Month ago

      Me too! Chills!!

    • Darth Idiot
      Darth Idiot Month ago +1

      Bro it wasn’t even a full sprint

    • Unknown
      Unknown Month ago +2

      Bro wtf this the fifth time I see ur comment
      Don't click her profile
      Y'all regret it
      Trust me

  • Natalin Ruiz
    Natalin Ruiz 13 days ago

    This is just so absolutely inspiring

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy 8 days ago

    brought a tear to my eye that was incredible

  • M Phipps
    M Phipps 2 months ago +2634

    She should also get MVP of the year. Instead of being a poor sportsman and lay there defeated she got right back up and gave it her all. Such a great role model and perfect example for “never give up!”

    • RAPchicago1
      RAPchicago1 2 months ago +4

      Opposite of Mary Decker Slaney decades ago

    • emilyy
      emilyy 2 months ago +23

      Wdym with a poor sportsman?

    • P3pp3r321
      P3pp3r321 2 months ago +3

      That was awesome 🎉🎉🎉🎉❤

    • Vivian
      Vivian 2 months ago +12

      ​@RAPchicago1 Mary also was injured which is a big difference between just falling! I'd like to see you run after pulling a muscle or injuring your leg

    • James Ayers
      James Ayers 2 months ago +2

      Can’t really get mvp of the year for doing something cool it would have to be about speed now I don’t know how fast she was

  • Steven Money
    Steven Money 7 days ago +1

    Legend. That’s how real women do it. Don’t give up ladies on your sport. People will finally come to their senses.

  • Angel Hood
    Angel Hood 10 days ago

    Most inspirational woman of the day❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉

  • Steve Aldrich
    Steve Aldrich 2 months ago +1808

    She was not excepting an excuse for her failure. She dug deep and showed how humans have the ability to will themselves to victory.

    • Andrew Howe
      Andrew Howe 2 months ago +18


    • Kristiyan Ivanov
      Kristiyan Ivanov 2 months ago +12


    • suzanne quashie
      suzanne quashie 2 months ago +2

      You said it All!

    • Silent Salt
      Silent Salt 2 months ago +3

      I think someone tripped her

    • DD
      DD 2 months ago +7

      Being tripped by someone else is not _her_ failure. Even if she hadn't done this amazing thing and lost, it still wouldn't be "accepting an excuse for her failure".

  • Denisha Garayua
    Denisha Garayua 21 day ago +1

    Proud of her.

  • betp
    betp 2 months ago +2102

    the way everyone was cheering for her watching her close that space :') they were so excited. we love seeing people work hard and get stuff done. humans can be so cool

    • Will
      Will Month ago +2

      Yeah until there team win or lose in a futbol match aka America soccer ⚽️ ever see the pregame fights or after riots? Ppl for most part are cows need group encouragement.

    • CornZPerson
      CornZPerson Month ago +6

      @Will Bro where’s the good vibes

    • mabuti bebula
      mabuti bebula Month ago

      Wouldn't hv said it better ❤

    • lola
      lola Month ago

      they were not cheering her they were wowed by her. I was doing the same watching this video.

    • Chiboy Junior
      Chiboy Junior Month ago

      @lola funny 🤣

  • Lee Bowen
    Lee Bowen 19 days ago

    What a show of genuine guts, determination and proper inner drive!
    Love this short... Motivation in it's purest form

  • ANiMALX Musicc Demos

    Hell yeah sister 👏👏 when you fall you come back twice as hard 💪💪💪

  • Julio
    Julio 2 months ago +1445

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    • Carol Harris
      Carol Harris 2 months ago +5

      No guys pretending to be women?

    • Thawhid
      Thawhid 2 months ago +1

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      cat garfield 2 months ago

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  • Heather Lenhart
    Heather Lenhart 17 days ago

    That was nothing short of f****** incredible! I have to go to the dentist now to get my jaw reconnected. My name is Heather also, so it makes me even happier that she did our name proud...

  • No Mo
    No Mo Month ago +4022

    The fact that she didn’t rush to get up, help her take a nice deep breather before chasing up to win! SMART AND WELL DESERVED!

    • Erle Bowman
      Erle Bowman Month ago +35

      I wonder if taking a break part-way through a race will now become a thing.

    • Jar Jar Sphinx
      Jar Jar Sphinx Month ago +8

      @Erle Bowman
      Tortoise and hare

    • IO LEVI OI
      IO LEVI OI Month ago +7

      @Erle Bowman no

    • Dhul Qarnain
      Dhul Qarnain Month ago +8

      She probably wondered at that moment if it was worth trying to chase the pack...

    • LUeify
      LUeify Month ago +1

      @IO LEVI OIyes

  • Glendeen James
    Glendeen James 12 hours ago

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  • Marvelous Menace
    Marvelous Menace 10 days ago

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  • Misterrorschach
    Misterrorschach 2 months ago +758

    She decided there was no point not to go all out. She didn’t need the rest of her energy. She just needed to win. That was badass.

  • Starr Alina
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  • Learner
    Learner Day ago

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    • GoodPersonTestDotCom
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    • The Balder T̶H̶O̶R̶
      The Balder T̶H̶O̶R̶ 2 months ago +45

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      Amy K 2 months ago +14

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    • Toni-Ann Lynch
      Toni-Ann Lynch 2 months ago +44

      Same and I am not pregnant. I believe it's only natural. We see more than just a girl winning a race but see her get up and fight even it seemed too late. And in every aspect that is truly beautiful and profound.

  • Infamous BC
    Infamous BC 2 days ago +1

    What a woman.

  • Tabatha Tee
    Tabatha Tee 6 days ago

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  • The Balder T̶H̶O̶R̶
    The Balder T̶H̶O̶R̶ 2 months ago +1518

    This is literally one of the most inspirational things I’ve ever seen.

    • Kat meow
      Kat meow 2 months ago +7

      Look up John Landy in the Melbourne 1956 Olympics. John Landy stopped to help Ron Clark (a competitor) up after he tripped then he went on to win the race.

    • T Mar
      T Mar 2 months ago +2

      You know when people make those videos with the title 'respect', THIS should have been the first clip.

    • General Yellor
      General Yellor 2 months ago

      Why are you using the constantly misused fad word "literally" when it's entirely unnecessary?

    • Jamarius Quangle Dangle
      Jamarius Quangle Dangle 2 months ago +1

      This taught me that no matter how hard life hits you, there’s always a squirrel eating the fridge in my cooler.

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    Pink Snapdragons 16 days ago

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  • Jackie Fox
    Jackie Fox 2 months ago +1334

    It’s not what happens to a person… it’s what they do with what happens. Good for her. Determination, discipline, dedication.

    • Sasquatch
      Sasquatch 2 months ago +5

      And adrenaline, don't forget adrenaline

    • Rook ♖
      Rook ♖ 2 months ago +2

      ​@Sasquatch yes 😂

    • Rave
      Rave 2 months ago +1

      Bro you're literally taking a famoud quote but you worded it so stupidly

    • Rave
      Rave 2 months ago +2

      "It's not about what happens, it's how you react to it that matters"

    • R Cook
      R Cook 2 months ago

      Gimme a break no way this wasn’t staged like come on it’s a 600m race 200m left no way she could catch them

  • Tex Gowing
    Tex Gowing 11 days ago

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  • Sherri A
    Sherri A 20 days ago

    All heart, baby, all HEART! ❤

  • Brad McCullough
    Brad McCullough 2 months ago +1475

    I got chills watching this. Moral of the story is when it appears you have no chance, try everything possible to give yourself a chance

  • Juan Saa
    Juan Saa 2 days ago

    Is this one of the most amazing and inspiring displays of determination and courage or what! Never quit!

  • jewel of nashville
    jewel of nashville 2 months ago +2544

    That's heart. That's taking responsibility. No excuses. Legendary.

    • James Ayers
      James Ayers 2 months ago

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    • Swiss~issue
      Swiss~issue 2 months ago +1

      Amazonian Warrior ! That is indeed
      "Heart" Spirit ! In a different league !

    • Samuel Waller
      Samuel Waller 2 months ago +34

      so being tripped in the middle of a race is not an excuse for not getting first? out of all the reactions you can have to this that's what you get out of it...

    • Torin
      Torin 2 months ago +8

      @Samuel WallerShe didn’t accept falling down as an excuse to not get up.

  • Donna Cannon
    Donna Cannon 4 days ago

    This young woman has an amazing constitution. 😊
    God loves it when His plans come together.

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