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We built self healing Wolverine claws! 😨


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  • Hacksmith Industries
    Hacksmith Industries  2 months ago +1400

    Watch the full video: clip-share.net/video/aF4DoCY0cNg/video.html and grab a mini-saber at www.hacksmith.store !

  • Reetwo
    Reetwo 2 months ago +4655

    “My head decapitated”
    “It’s alright lemme just pull out a lighter”

  • im under ur bed :D
    im under ur bed :D Month ago +2728

    fun fact: this is a shape memory alloy (SMA) and as you can tell from the video, it can be bent in different ways and go back to its original state when hit with heat. this is also actually how braces work! the wire is made from an SMA and bends around your teeth and uses the heat from your mouth to shift the wire to its original state and make your teeth to be straighter.

  • Ceo
    Ceo Month ago +780

    - can you wait a minute I need to recharge my blades

  • Guru
    Guru 2 months ago +14343

    Nitinol is super awesome. Usually you just see it in wire form, so it was interesting to see this used on a larger project.

    • Isak Ramngaihzuala
      Isak Ramngaihzuala 2 months ago

      ​@jordan cagleit's the kind of metal used in tooth braces

    • Jake Martinelli
      Jake Martinelli 2 months ago +1

      I had an idea of making a nitinol sword/armor. but I don't believe it's very strong even tho it's a Ni - Ti alloy

    • jordan cagle
      jordan cagle 2 months ago

      @Sassy The Sasquatch no. Chemistry in high school.

    • Sassy The Sasquatch
      Sassy The Sasquatch 2 months ago

      ​@jordan cagle you didn't hear it from my hero regarding erasures scarf did you? Because I guarantee you that's where my ass heard it

    • kb mf
      kb mf 2 months ago

      @projectdelta50 Good concept,but the biggest downside is the price of material,it’ll be like Kia with Mercedes price tag lol.

  • H_M1234
    H_M1234 Month ago +103

    “Physcho killerrr”
    “Huh. Good thing this is self healing.”

    • Lofrez
      Lofrez 14 days ago +2


    🎧GHOST GAMING🎧 Month ago +57

    “AUAUAUAG- Physco killa!” Had me dead 💀

  • SauceVC
    SauceVC 2 months ago +3525

    Imagine if Wolverine actually healed like this, like he falls wrong and is like "Hold up guys, gotta heal up real quick" before dousing himself in gasoline and setting himself on fire

    • Red_Reaper
      Red_Reaper Month ago

      Video game healing be like:

    • Nucleogenex Affiliate
      Nucleogenex Affiliate 2 months ago

      After returning from hell, wolverine actually ends up having heated claws. So, yeah, he actually doesn't need the lighter... 😅

    • Kuma
      Kuma 2 months ago

      why do you think he smokes?

    • Fegelein Herman
      Fegelein Herman 2 months ago

      Bro become fire punch

  • Bawser hype
    Bawser hype Month ago +4

    Mc gorila cantando essa aí é fd

  • IForgotMySandvich
    IForgotMySandvich Month ago +3

    "Oh no my claws got bent quite a bit"
    *Pulls out a lighter*

    C LALHMANGAIHA 2 months ago +2963

    Director: Let's make a self healing character
    Artist: Okay,here we have a self healing claws

    • Алишер Ниязов
    • JustSam
      JustSam 2 months ago +1

      Ye ig

    • Thecooldudenoob
      Thecooldudenoob 2 months ago +1

      @I uh oh

    • I
      I 2 months ago +5

      Crowd: "MEEEEE"
      Wit 1: "You! In the blue shirt and holding icecream!"
      Random 6 yr old: "Me?"
      Wit 1: "Yeah! You are the new self healing claws man!"
      New claws man: "Huh- W- What's that???"
      Crowd: "bruh"
      Wit 2: "bro tf he like 5 yrs old"
      Wit 1: "Yeah, I know. :)"

    • Lost Star
      Lost Star 2 months ago +2

      ​@Tofu 😂

  • shammy keyz
    shammy keyz 14 days ago +1

    It's not exactly self healing if it needs outside help. Side note: if they can find a way to run a current through it from a power source contained in the give, that'll heat it up so it returns to original shape, that'll be cool

  • SAS Guerilla
    SAS Guerilla Month ago +1

    I wonder if it were possible to build some kind of heating element into the claws and could activate the self healing in a self contained unit

  • koina
    koina 2 months ago +2654

    imagine being the guy he’s fighting and just seeing him go “my claws broke oops!” and just pulls out a lighter

    • Nova Da Libra
      Nova Da Libra Month ago

      He pulls a lighter ill definitely pull out a blunt🔥🔥

    • Napi94 Naza
      Napi94 Naza 2 months ago +2

      and a cigars

    • Playlist Maker
      Playlist Maker 2 months ago +4

      ​@Dj Candapretty bad ass if I say so myself.

    • Anthrax
      Anthrax 2 months ago +1

      1000th like

    • Mettawat Kutaninwat
      Mettawat Kutaninwat 2 months ago +30

      @Dj Canda That would honestly be a cool scene tho.

  • Nam anh
    Nam anh 21 day ago

    Enemy waiting his claws to be recovered:

  • Damien
    Damien 28 days ago

    * casually pulls out a flaming saber*

  • YTuser45
    YTuser45 2 months ago +5105

    “Self healing!”
    Fine print: flame not included

  • Danish Afif
    Danish Afif Month ago

    “Hollup, imma light ma claws for a sec”

  • sx3rkamp
    sx3rkamp 27 days ago +1

    bro has hyperflex wolverine claws 💀

  • El Kazami
    El Kazami 2 months ago +1790

    "bro your bones are broken" "nah dude it's fine just set me on fire i'll be fine"

    • Neo Kai
      Neo Kai 2 months ago

      Well Wolverines bones won’t be broken unless he jumps on lava or something. Because he’s body skeleton was turned into strongest hypothetical metal in marvel universe.

    • UNiON 連合
      UNiON 連合 2 months ago +2

      Definitely gonna write a book on that idea

    • Madara Uchiha
      Madara Uchiha 2 months ago +3

      Amazing comment

    • Dino's Sanbox
      Dino's Sanbox 2 months ago +6

      Farcry healing be like:

  • Arin Jain
    Arin Jain Month ago +1

    This man is insane

  • Renan Hermínio
    Renan Hermínio Month ago +3

    Sim,você lembrou do mc gorila escutando essa música

  • Tommi James
    Tommi James 2 months ago +1059

    Imagine finally braking your opponent’s weapon then they pull out a lighter then just fully heal their weapon

    • Shinkuh
      Shinkuh Month ago

      That's if you give em time

    • Paolo Salvador
      Paolo Salvador Month ago +2

      Tbh, I just wanna see them embed a heating element inside the self-healing wolverine claws and just magically heal it without using a lighter.

    • Kate Murphy
      Kate Murphy Month ago +5


    • 30 Pranay Pawar
      30 Pranay Pawar Month ago +23

      "lets fight wolverine..."😡
      "holdup... i gotta heat this real quick."😧

  • PTGh0sT
    PTGh0sT 26 days ago +5

    “Good thing they’re self healing” *Proceeds to manually heal*

    • Technical Tactician
      Technical Tactician 23 days ago

      Luckily science has been working on making it work at room temperature, we're not there yet. So I imagine this would be a weapon of a near future vigilante.

  • Sirtaj Gosal
    Sirtaj Gosal Month ago +2

    What if you inserted each individual claw with a wire inside that could be remotely turned on with a secret button to heat it up and heal the claws seemingly automatically?

  • Kit-Kat
    Kit-Kat 2 months ago +685

    “Ah, my claws, one second”
    *pulls out a lighter*

    • Abdullah Ahsanun Nasik
      Abdullah Ahsanun Nasik 2 months ago +1

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    • The_ AreXis
      The_ AreXis 2 months ago

      497 likes and only 3 comments and 1 spammer? lemme fix that

    • Unknown_User
      Unknown_User 2 months ago

      Don’t click my profile😮

    • You
      You 2 months ago

      343 likes and 2 comments? Lemme fix that

    • Kevin Lynchy
      Kevin Lynchy 2 months ago

      314 likes and 1 comment? lemme fix that

  • MrMisterMelon
    MrMisterMelon Month ago

    “Self healing”
    *pulls out lighter*

  • فيصل العبسي
    فيصل العبسي Month ago +1

    AAAAAHHHHHHHH had me rolling on the floor💀

  • Double Soul
    Double Soul 2 months ago +1057

    Also known as metals with memory

    • MasterDyas
      MasterDyas 2 months ago

      The fires gone out... oh its self lighting

    • Jefry Rithik
      Jefry Rithik 2 months ago +1

      ​@Carium it's called Shape Memory Alloy

    • Phantom Tigers
      Phantom Tigers 2 months ago +3

      ​@Carium each time you light your lighter your lighter gets lighter until your lighter gets so light that it won't light

    • ismaelextremist
      ismaelextremist 2 months ago +3

      ​@Carium there is an island in the Bahamas almost entirely populated by swimming pigs.

    • Imbalance
      Imbalance 2 months ago +5

      ​@Carium They also go back to shape if you put them in water.

  • Vaughn Tizon
    Vaughn Tizon Month ago

    Unexpected scream💀

  • Piano Man
    Piano Man Month ago

    Wasn't this the same thing that was used in MHA during that test with Aizawa?

  • Eren Senses
    Eren Senses 2 months ago +521

    'we made a self healing wolverine claw'
    *proceeds to use a lighter to actually fix it*

    • Chris
      Chris Month ago

      @BoredMatt bet the same type of thinking went into making the “hover” board

    • Darrin Fyfe
      Darrin Fyfe Month ago

      Heat healing.

    • Strawhat_monke
      Strawhat_monke 2 months ago

      it`s still better than just hammering it for 2 hours

    • GUNNER67akaKelt
      GUNNER67akaKelt 2 months ago

      It's memory metal. It needs to be heated to return to it's original state.
      This stuff has been around for decades.
      They're self-healing because it's the metal actually moving itsself back into it's original form. Regular metal would just stay bent.

    • hacker wraith
      hacker wraith 2 months ago

      ​@Darrin Fyfe yes, right there in the title

  • 🌸カワイイガール🌸

    How are they self healing I need this

  • Satoru Kuroshiro
    Satoru Kuroshiro 29 days ago +3

    Imagine if Wolverine had to do this every time. It's already canon that he feels pain whenever he has to use them, this would just make things extra inconvenient.

  • Maxwellproductions
    Maxwellproductions 2 months ago +543

    I’m so proud of this group of people

  • t h e p o g f r o g ?

    "RAAAAAH" "my claws!" naw bro my ears with that scream

  • ModMokkaMatti
    ModMokkaMatti 20 days ago

    Years ago, I had a pair of (Flexion?) memory metal eyeglass frames, which were great because I would often fall asleep with them on whilst reading in bed, and they didn't get mangled like my previous ones, as I unknowingly flailed about in my sleep... but unfortunately, they still had an Achilles heel of the hinge point, which was what inevitably failed.

  • Niddez
    Niddez 2 months ago +421

    Somebody cover me for 20 mins, i gotta heal my claws

    • Teddy Mcfartson
      Teddy Mcfartson 2 months ago

      @Pie Squared we won’t

    • Pixel Power
      Pixel Power 2 months ago

      ​@Pie Squared i did it was a long vid so quit

    • Thedudeamongmen Gs
      Thedudeamongmen Gs 2 months ago

      ​@N R it's called nitinol. I didn't remember it at first

    • Thedudeamongmen Gs
      Thedudeamongmen Gs 2 months ago

      ​@N R no thats not what it is but you're closer. What youre thinking of is called a bi metallic strip and it's used in thermostats and stuff like that. This is a weird nickel alloy that returns to its original shape when heated. You can tell that it's not just a bimetallic strip because if it bent the wrong way then it would just curl up more when heated. But also yeah it takes like two seconds to heat and return to its shape

    • N R
      N R 2 months ago +3

      @Giratina it’s literally just two types of metal fused together and one of them has a higher melting point so only one of the metal expands which causes it to bend. If you heat the one that expands it will straighten out

  • Bijumon George
    Bijumon George 27 days ago +1

    All fun and games till you forgot your lighter☠️

  • Husseyn Karimi
    Husseyn Karimi 12 days ago

    That's metal name is (netinol),
    Really magical . . .

  • The Cyber Rabbit
    The Cyber Rabbit 2 months ago +1578

    This is still one of the most magical looking things I’ve seen from this channel

    • Trainman
      Trainman 2 months ago

      It's in reverse

    • Ryan
      Ryan 2 months ago

      ​@thewolfsogood seriously? So they're not just playing a video of him heating weak metal in reverse?

    • Roorah Clark
      Roorah Clark 2 months ago

      ​@Dyslexic Mitochondria okay

    • Dyslexic Mitochondria
      Dyslexic Mitochondria 2 months ago

      Don’t click my profile😮

    • Akshay
      Akshay 2 months ago +1

      nitinol baby

  • Giro Raymundo
    Giro Raymundo 14 days ago +1

    And that's is how wolverine fix's his claws (⁠・ั⁠ω⁠・ั⁠)

  • Maxer
    Maxer Month ago

    bro ive been looking for this channel for years this guy is awsome

  • Froggo Productions
    Froggo Productions Month ago +1678

    To anybody wondering how this works, it’s a special metal that when heated up, returns to its original shape.

    • Sarah Hornsby
      Sarah Hornsby Month ago +1

      You didn’t explain anything you only just stating the obvious. Please explain how does it work. Captain obvious

    • Lexington
      Lexington Month ago +1

      Google shape-memory alloy (SMA) ...

    • STRIKER typeZERO
      STRIKER typeZERO Month ago

      ​@Glitch 504 nitinol i think

    • Xx_deadinside_xX
      Xx_deadinside_xX Month ago

      I thought the vid was just reversed 🤔

    • ranu shadewa
      ranu shadewa Month ago

      @Hunter Amendolea k lo

  • LokiTheZorua
    LokiTheZorua 9 days ago

    Impressive that they are self healing, but I feel that if you didn't use the self healing metal you might not have had that problem in the first place :P

  • Shekhar Moona
    Shekhar Moona 18 days ago

    It would be cool to do this to car panels.

  • User-gh4cw2vo6u6vm6gs
    User-gh4cw2vo6u6vm6gs 2 months ago +362

    It's called a "shape memory" metal, they basically just go back to their old position with a bit of heat. They can also be used if you make a spring with one to do an experiment wear you put something on the end and pull it, then heat it up so it lifts the item back up. Super cool, and electricity can do it too, a version of this that would use electricity and automatically go back would be cool.

    • Akune
      Akune Month ago

      @Carl Jhonson actually it's called SMA (Shape Memory Alloy) which basically has the functions just as op said they have. It doesn’t have to be titanium, might have also just been a Cu-Al-Ni alloy which is way more affordable than for example Ti-Ni. Pretty cool and interesting Alloy - It has many areas of application. One of them is the tires of the Mars rover, which NASA developed.

    • Quiet_Place
      Quiet_Place Month ago

      @User-gh4cw2vo6u6vm6gs Titanium is not the only metal that can do that,and in this video,these claws doesn't seem durable,which means its propably not made of Titanium

    • User-gh4cw2vo6u6vm6gs
      User-gh4cw2vo6u6vm6gs Month ago +1

      @Quiet_Place oh I like watching things like that it's very interesting. I'm not sure about it being titanium, it bemt a ton in the video

    • Quiet_Place
      Quiet_Place 2 months ago

      @User-gh4cw2vo6u6vm6gs In a documentary or something

    • User-gh4cw2vo6u6vm6gs
      User-gh4cw2vo6u6vm6gs 2 months ago +1

      @Quiet_Place where tf did you hear that

  • Zobanpreet Sidhu
    Zobanpreet Sidhu Month ago

    Is that the fabled memory metal?

  • That's_Sketchy
    That's_Sketchy 23 days ago +2

    Imagine wolverine mid fight,
    “Aye, would you mind bub? Gotta straighten the claws”

  • Sean Robinson
    Sean Robinson 2 months ago +418

    Maybe in the next rendition, a retractable format could utilize a sort of toaster-like method of heating the blades, so you don't have to carry around a lighter to heat them to the point where they return to shape?
    Regardless, an enlightening and wonderful build.

    • Ryan Davis
      Ryan Davis 2 months ago

      You don't need to heat the material, hook some wires to it running electrical current through it and it'll instantly an evenly straighten

    • Jin Terada
      Jin Terada 2 months ago

      maybe find another way to heat it that can withstand dents. Like maybe a flexible heat unit is in the center of each blade and they r durable. Then they heat from the inside and self correct. Could use magnets too.

    • Noble L
      Noble L 2 months ago +3

      One small issue... If they're too bent, they won't be able to retract back into the toaster mechanism to get unbent.

    • Cayden Dunlap
      Cayden Dunlap 2 months ago

      That might actually work. Hacksmith? Thoughts?

    • Stunt Smith
      Stunt Smith 2 months ago +1

      Lol that’s ridiculous

  • D4RK_DUCK23
    D4RK_DUCK23 26 days ago

    This would’ve been a good short for a loop

  • Ricky Lafleur
    Ricky Lafleur 16 days ago

    I have that same lighter. Damn shame he used the lowest setting.

  • David Gibbs
    David Gibbs 2 months ago +92

    Imagine fighting someone with these and they dive through some fire with refreshed blades.

    • David Gibbs
      David Gibbs 2 months ago

      @Trevor Supek you think you've finally worn his weapons and that happens 💀

    • Trevor Supek
      Trevor Supek 2 months ago +2

      Well theyd have a badass entrance thats for sure

  • TastyCod
    TastyCod Month ago +1

    The scream at the beginning 💀

  • Alt Account
    Alt Account Month ago

    Hacksmith:”my claws good thing there self healing”
    * proceeds to pull out a lighter*

  • Facterino Commenterino
    Facterino Commenterino 2 months ago +384

    Today's fact: Every second, Americans collectively eat one hundred pounds of chocolate.

    • natma relnam
      natma relnam 2 months ago

      @🌸kikosawa🌸 ..... Uh, 45, but close enough I guess.

    • Mammal
      Mammal 2 months ago

      The number is definitely higher, since there's over 300 million of them.

    • Cường Nguyễn Hữu
      Cường Nguyễn Hữu 2 months ago +1

      that's a nice information but who asked ?

    • StoneLion99
      StoneLion99 2 months ago

      ​@LJCyrus1 "Umm, akchewally..."

    • Will Davis
      Will Davis 2 months ago +1

      And Americans eat less chocolate than most Europeans.

  • Dayvid Ferreira
    Dayvid Ferreira Month ago +1

    Mc Gorila aprova essa trilha sonora

  • Thato Maila
    Thato Maila Month ago

    Shape memory kicks in

  • DevMew
    DevMew 2 months ago +201

    Call the engineer in here, he needs to take notes

    • YoukiTenshi
      YoukiTenshi Month ago

      Some sort of electrically polarized steel maybe, or with different material strips generating a push in their direction when deformed. Idk

    • thundergaming155
      thundergaming155 Month ago

      @Rolfan i know it is just annoying that's all, and the reason i responded to him was that it looked like he was making a big deal out of it by correcting me.

    • Rolfan
      Rolfan Month ago

      @thundergaming155 But he did it so you can correct yourself. I didn’t understand what you meant before I read his comment.

    • Orion
      Orion Month ago

      @thundergaming155 dude it's just a spelling mistake, no big deal

    • thundergaming155
      thundergaming155 Month ago +1

      @Orion can you not be that one comment please... i am kinda tired of seeing people do that crap. i made one mistake no need to point it out.

  • joed bolaños
    joed bolaños Month ago

    Self healing .. proceeds with 🔥

  • man man
    man man Month ago

    Nitinol claws, clever. Wonder how much force can they exert when returning to shape.

  • Prinz Aiane P Fuentes
    Prinz Aiane P Fuentes Month ago +206

    Imagine your fighting a fire demon with that thing, your claws are basically indestructible

  • Bruce-Divine
    Bruce-Divine 25 days ago +1

    Not really self healing since it requires that thing that looks like blue fire to actually heal the claws but that is one of the coolest things I’ve seen

  • P. Gr
    P. Gr Month ago +2

    This is awesome when can I represent your company with a pair of these💯

  • Ube
    Ube 2 months ago +16

    my favorite part about self-anything is the need for external tools

  • Anie wor
    Anie wor Month ago +1

    The scream got me dying to the floor

  • Liu Sam
    Liu Sam 24 days ago +1

    wolverine in the middle of the fight*
    *pulls out a lighter
    wolverine: wait a sec just need to fix meh blade😎
    : villain: yeah no worries 🙋

  • Super Broly
    Super Broly Month ago +580

    Bro just found a way for Wolverine to heal his claws 😂

    • 🪨 STONE🗿
      🪨 STONE🗿 Month ago +1

      @ArtificialSpeedForce that's a good point 🤣.

    • ArtificialSpeedForce
      ArtificialSpeedForce Month ago +1

      @🪨 STONE🗿 which one there are many shields

    • 🪨 STONE🗿
      🪨 STONE🗿 Month ago

      ​@ArtificialSpeedForce captain shild is made up of mixture admantium and vibration) in comics).but Marvel changed it in movie. ❤️ .

    • ArtificialSpeedForce
      ArtificialSpeedForce Month ago

      @Shadyplier No they cant captain America repelled wolverines attacks with his vibranium shield the adamantuim could only put a scratch on vibranuim at best

    • Shadyplier
      Shadyplier Month ago +1

      His claws that are made of Adamantium and can cut through Vibranium…

    LIMA TDT Month ago +10

    Eu: Conheço essa música no fundo de algum lugar.

    • jose157gold
      jose157gold 9 days ago +1

      Akakakakkakaka vim procurar alguém que tbm conhecesse

    • Jupiter Games
      Jupiter Games 10 days ago

      Mando essa não kkkkk

    • DOGE
      DOGE 10 days ago


  • Ozzy
    Ozzy 29 days ago

    All of the things he’s made, imagine how people would react if they saw all of his inventions in the 70’s-80’s

  • Ass Ass
    Ass Ass Month ago +211

    The funniest part is the adamantium is the only part of wolverine that doesn't self heal, and actually hinders his healing factor, slowly poisoning him. So if he did break his claws, bone claws would grow in their place.
    Yeah, I'm *that* buzzkill

    • nozrep
      nozrep Month ago +2

      @NAME LESSyes just like he did die in the very last wolverine movie from a few years ago. hahaha spoiler alert. But it’s been over 5 years so I definitely ain’t alologizin’ for spoilin’.

    • nozrep
      nozrep Month ago +2

      i always try to be the buzzkill because truth is a buzzkill, unfortunately, it seems, for much of human kind. hahaha but I ain’t no comic book nerd so I did not know that!😅 very cool!

    • merwin bacong
      merwin bacong Month ago

      ​@KinoDerToaster 0p0

    • Ass Ass
      Ass Ass Month ago +3

      @J G thats what I'm saying. If you break off his bone claws, the adamantium won't grow back, just the bone claws. This is even evident in the movie The Wolverine at the end when he fights that crazy Japanese guy.

    • J G
      J G Month ago +4

      The bone claws are enveloped in adamantium as well. The core of the blade is bone I thought?

  • Can Tuee
    Can Tuee Month ago

    Oh shoot my claws are damaged ! Lemme pull out my lighter real quick.

  • Prxze
    Prxze Month ago +3

    The intro scream has me on the floor😂

  • Athan
    Athan Month ago +33

    He gave up his shield, now he's into Wolverine's claws. Dayum, Steve is in for the offensive now

  • Joel David Panlaqui
    Joel David Panlaqui Month ago +1

    He uses a memory metal which can be compared to braces. It goes back to a certain form when heated.

  • Michael Chen
    Michael Chen Month ago

    run a current through them to heat up, then you've got automatic self healing claws? (Electrohazard?)

  • FlawlessCowboy117
    FlawlessCowboy117 2 months ago +337

    This was a bad short to click on while my headphones were at max volume 😂

  • Willbolt 9036
    Willbolt 9036 Month ago +1

    GRAHH, my claws 🤔

  • blara_300z
    blara_300z Month ago

    Shape memory alloys are awesome

  • jkh
    jkh Month ago +25

    A shape memory alloy is an alloy with a property that returns the shape to its original state (referred to as a shape memory effect) when the alloy formed in one phase is deformed when it is on another phase. For example, ordinary metals do not return to their original shape just by heating or cooling them once they are deformed by force, but some types of alloys are deformed at room temperature and returned to their original shape when heated above a certain temperature.

  • I_SeekPeople
    I_SeekPeople Month ago

    the scream in the start 💀

  • Ian-Funhouse
    Ian-Funhouse Month ago

    "If this is Your Doctor after a accident remember its your last day"

  • Zoey Settipane
    Zoey Settipane 2 months ago +9

    Wolverines claws are supposed to be indestructible. But self healing works

  • Seulbi Lee
    Seulbi Lee Month ago

    Is that a Memory Alloy?

  • Invision TM
    Invision TM Month ago

    Very "wolveriny" of you making those self healing claws.

  • Reverie Animates
    Reverie Animates 2 months ago +29

    Wolverine: Just warmin my bones

    • BarQ
      BarQ Month ago +1


  • Milan Z
    Milan Z Month ago

    you should make a mini flamethrower on the other hand for some hella superhero power!

  • CallMeJack
    CallMeJack Month ago

    What if you used an electric current to automatically hear it up?

  • arandomguywithanaccount
    arandomguywithanaccount 2 months ago +50

    Him: Self healing claws!
    Also Him: Puts up a lighter to fix the claws 💀

    • Kazuha
      Kazuha Month ago

      @Dark Potato well.. blame the post not me, i just try to understand what the post means, i cant lie if i also feel dissapointed

    • Dark Potato
      Dark Potato Month ago

      @Kazuha i don't think we call our houses "self healing houses" when we fix a hole in the wall by ourselves tho...
      But yeah, it could self heal if it had the right heating system attached to it

    • 30 Pranay Pawar
      30 Pranay Pawar Month ago

      ​@Kazuha yeah like if they install a heater in the glove itself for tge blades. we wont evem have to do anything.

    • Kazuha
      Kazuha Month ago +4

      I think the word "self" in this, is that you dont need anyone else to fix the claw and only need yourself

  • Axl Granade
    Axl Granade Month ago

    Fighting and claw start to crooked:
    Guess I'm going super Saiyan to heal my claw

  • I Am A Flute
    I Am A Flute 17 days ago

    Imagine they bent during combat-

  • Toothless
    Toothless 2 months ago +71

    You should put a heating element in the glove itself to heat it up without a lighter

    • Tennarix
      Tennarix Month ago

      Shishkebab time!!

    • natma relnam
      natma relnam 2 months ago

      ​@NACHO MOLA OLIVERA "There is no way that is possible".... the wrongest sentence ever said. I think you've missed like 40 years of battery advancements... maybe not up to date on heating elements either. Could a YTer feasibly do it? Maybe not but it could be done and need no more than a laptop battery.

      NACHO MOLA OLIVERA 2 months ago +1

      There is no way that is possible. You'd need too much electricity and that means a huge battery to carry around. There must be a way to optimize the lighter, but that's as far as you can go.

    • max
      max 2 months ago +2

      i cant imagine how that would work correctly

    • Mistr Sporťák
      Mistr Sporťák 2 months ago +9

      With a cool bonus: a little barbecue!

    FOGPIVVL Month ago

    Does pushing a (reasonable) current through them produce enough heat to cause it to rebound?


    Just Dustin needs that as a weapon XD

  • Daniel Keith
    Daniel Keith Month ago +59

    To those wondering, this is a shape memory alloy (SMA). Probably Nitinol. Really cool stuff. You can anneal it to a desired shape and heat makes it (almost) completely return to it’s original condition.

  • Dankiller900
    Dankiller900 Month ago +1

    I thought he was gonna use the lighter as a weapon 💀

  • Noah Alleman
    Noah Alleman 8 days ago

    Self healing or external heat source healing?

  • ComicTitan
    ComicTitan 2 months ago +56

    Here's to hoping he makes another Wolverine claw video sometime in the future, a couple years from now.

  • Bryon Gardner
    Bryon Gardner Month ago

    Man I need these

  • baka
    baka 27 days ago

    Bro got the claws from lynx💀