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I Trained Like A Chess Grandmaster

  • Published on Oct 6, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    Levy Rozman (Gotham Chess) ► / gothamchess
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    Anna Cramling ► / annacramling
    Hikaru Nakamura (GMHikaru) ► / gmhikaru
    Alexandra and Andrea Botez (BotezLive) ► / botezlive
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  Year ago +3449

    OUR FIRST MERCH DROP IS HERE ➡ www.fanjoy.co/michellekhare

  • GothamChess
    GothamChess Year ago +36491

    Thank you so much for reaching out early in 2021, I am so thrilled we got to start this journey and everything it became. Congratulations on a spectacular episode, cheers to us all hating chess together!

    • Koragg
      Koragg Year ago +432

      Hey Gotham

    • Dehan Badenhorst
      Dehan Badenhorst Year ago +247

      Hey, thanks for all the great content

    • Michelle Khare
      Michelle Khare  Year ago +3072

      So grateful to have met you on this adventure, Levy! This project evolved into something I couldn't have imagined. What an amazing year!!

    • Dina Belenkaya
      Dina Belenkaya Year ago +122

      Please don’t hate it :)

    • Legueu
      Legueu Year ago +245

      You were flexing so hard at the start of the video with the blindfold XD

  • Dark3nedVoid
    Dark3nedVoid 6 months ago +2699

    Hikaru looked so badass on his throne honestly

  • retro
    retro 5 months ago +2979

    I don't know if I'm getting old or what, but I cried like a baby when she won that last game. This is better storytelling than most of Netflix.

    • Can Altunan
      Can Altunan 5 months ago +40

      im 25 male. i cried.

    • Alexander Timpson
      Alexander Timpson 5 months ago +22

      The true queens gambit

    • walter white
      walter white  5 months ago +33

      bro she was handed the win💀

    • sable
      sable 5 months ago +13

      @walter white 💀💀

    • Chloilas
      Chloilas 5 months ago +9

      Spoiler alert. Was just browsing comments during initial ads lol

  • MinecraftMasters
    MinecraftMasters 4 months ago +220

    At 6:32 I literally cried for Levy's soul...this journey was amazing

    • BOB
      BOB Month ago +2

      I have commented

  • Plantinggames
    Plantinggames 5 months ago +1152

    8:40 I love the way she is teaching, so positive and trying also to take the same vibe as michelle while giving commentary on how she plays but in a way that she doesn't feel dumb

    • Luna Ponta
      Luna Ponta 5 months ago +15

      SAME. i was also impressed at the way she handled things. i wish one day i can teach that well

    • Arnesh Pal
      Arnesh Pal 9 days ago +1


  • InfinityRift
    InfinityRift 4 months ago +312

    Levy playing blindfolded was HILARIOUS to watch, especially when you factor in the reaction Michelle had.

  • Chess.com
    Chess.com Year ago +12145

    So many memories and such an incredible video: Huge props to the editors =) Amazing storytelling, Michelle!!! 🙌

    • Michelle Khare
      Michelle Khare  Year ago +964

      Thank you so much for your support and for having me in POGCHAMPS3!!!

    • Legueu
      Legueu Year ago +201

      You know it's a good video when they teach the bongcloud.

    • Görge
      Görge Year ago +71

      A website on a website... What could be better?

    • Hunter H
      Hunter H Year ago +11

      Great Job Michelle 👏. You were great. 😁

    • Star in the sky
      Star in the sky Year ago +3

      Lol Gotham shouldn't be here. You're an IM bruh stop clinging on to Hikaru wherever he goes 😂😂

  • ActuallyFungi
    ActuallyFungi 5 months ago +1301

    I'm currently in a bit of an obsession with chess and this is the most inspiring thing I could have watched. The editing was amazing and I'm so glad to have followed along with your journey

    • nairtsy
      nairtsy 5 months ago +1

      I feel the exact same!

    • Luna Ponta
      Luna Ponta 5 months ago +18

      same. youtube is doing things with me. ALL MY RECOMMENDEDS ARE CHESS HELP ME

    • indp. iv
      indp. iv 4 months ago +2

      Luna Ponta IN THE EXACT SAME POSITION!! & im eating it up ngl

    • Luna Ponta
      Luna Ponta 4 months ago +2

      @indp. iv P O S I T I O N ! ?
      look at you using chess vocabulary out of a sudden!! at least yours makes sense, i'm caching myself saying "losing material" on situations the phrase just doesnt work, help me.

    • TheNPC
      TheNPC 4 months ago +1

      sameee omg

  • Nome
    Nome 2 months ago +146

    I love that you got hikaru in this almost mystical throne room thing, ready to dispense his wisdom

  • Drake Fong
    Drake Fong 2 days ago +2

    The last game that Michelle played that’s literally the grand example of “it doesn’t matter how you got there” at the end of the day she got her goal. A win is a win

  • Tactrix
    Tactrix 5 months ago +146

    This was actually really impressive, I know some people might not think so, but those people didn't start out at a 450 rating and got up to 1000 in under a year like she did, that was really good. Well done!

    • fabio suslskiv
      fabio suslskiv Month ago +3

      bro it’s easy

    • Tactrix
      Tactrix Month ago +2

      @fabio suslskiv if it was easy, than it wouldn't only have been done by the top 10% of all people who play chess.

    • Aneeshewa Wins
      Aneeshewa Wins Month ago +2

      @Tactrix Average rating is like a thousand so no clue where top 10% comes from

    • Tactrix
      Tactrix Month ago +2

      @Aneeshewa Wins the average rating is below 1000, which is why 90% are below it.

    • ZorkChess
      ZorkChess 22 days ago +5

      @Tactrix 1000 rating is 42nd percentile buddy 😂

  • BotezLive
    BotezLive Year ago +6160


    • H-FZ •
      H-FZ • Year ago +15


    • Michelle Khare
      Michelle Khare  Year ago +445

      My queens!!! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to be in this video. 💗 SO grateful to have gotten to learn from you.

    • Supernova
      Supernova Year ago +6


    • Dev (Hehe Boi)
      Dev (Hehe Boi) Year ago +11

      I watched you thousands time with samay raina 😁🙏🏻
      Love from india 🇮🇳♥

    • B. C.
      B. C. Year ago +6

      Huge kudos on receiving the Botez seal of approval, Michelle!

  • Music Playlists
    Music Playlists 5 months ago +425

    31:32 i love Anna's commentary for this match!!! haha 😊😊

    • Michael Bauers
      Michael Bauers 4 months ago +4

      I always liked Anna#1 ( Rudolph). Then there's Anna#2, not shown here (Cramling.) There might be more Annas, it's a common name. #1 is based on my chronological exposure to chess Annas, heh

    • Lyron Palenzuela
      Lyron Palenzuela 4 months ago +7

      Really? Why am I such a hater? I literally got mad when she was acting so happy, I found it cringe idk why I’m so hateful

    • Matrix
      Matrix 3 months ago +3

      @Lyron Palenzuela youre not alone, i was also feeling second hand embarrassment lol

    • The Thinker
      The Thinker 2 months ago +3

      super wholesome, i got genuine vibes from her!

    • Rico
      Rico Month ago +2

      @Lyron Palenzuela damn bro, I hope things get better for you

  • Destiney
    Destiney 5 months ago +344

    Would love to see more challenge accepteds like this that are more mental than physical!

    • Bernardus Muller
      Bernardus Muller 4 months ago +1

      Risk, Dota 2, MTG!

    • G
      G 4 months ago +2

      Rubik's cube could be considered that

  • Saibot 4.8
    Saibot 4.8 17 days ago +1

    Levy might not be the best chess player but definitely a master of teaching 👌🏻👌🏻love it

  • Schamala
    Schamala 5 months ago +1001

    as a gotham chess fan i wish i could be trained personally by him
    Edit: WOW thanks for all the likes didnt expect this

  • Enzo Azarraga
    Enzo Azarraga 5 months ago +14

    Hikaru's entrance was awesome with the Chair looking like a throne, and the violins in the background with him saying he's the number 1 in the world was so perfect

    • Sofia Jade
      Sofia Jade 9 hours ago

      I’m cackling 😂 it was perfect

  • Archi Brookbank
    Archi Brookbank Year ago +9875

    Levi: "I'll be your instructor"
    Levi: *Immediately flexes with blindfold*

  • Lennison Sus
    Lennison Sus 6 months ago +35

    As a Coach this was the most beautiful video i have seen a long time ago. Close to have some tears in my eyes. We need more people like you learning chess.

  • thevoyager63
    thevoyager63 5 months ago +67

    How hard was it to hold this episode back while you spent additional months striving for ELO 1000? So worth it to include that part. Really nice episode. Also great editing at the end there. Just such a good episode. Congrats.

  • caedeer
    caedeer 5 months ago +47

    23:07 😂 As someone who doesn't play much chess, this is precisely my thought process at this point in the game, when it feels like every opponent piece is protected and moving any and every one of your pieces would result in another piece not being protected anymore. So damn relatable 😁

  • Greg Dawe
    Greg Dawe Month ago

    So I have only recently watched Pogchamps and I waited till the end to watch this. Your comments at the time, of chess being one of your toughest challenges, kinda shocked me. I understood and accepted it, but somehow it was hard to believe. When I finally watched this video and saw that you continued on, and it took you MONTHS. My jaw dropped. I am new to chess, and I am struggling to get over 500 ELO, so there is no shade. It was just really inspiring to see you keep pushing, and it's amazing to see that you struggled so much with this and stuck with it and persevered. I hope to god if there is a Pogchamps 5 you are part of it. Watching your progress through this has been inspiring and wow just so happy for you when you hit 1003 ELO, cried a little honestly :)

  • DenisGames BG
    DenisGames BG Year ago +6300

    I love how Hikaru is just sitting there like a god of chess

    • 🐐aaaa
      🐐aaaa Year ago +339

      like the VIP's in squid game

    • Leus Maximus
      Leus Maximus Year ago +10

      @🐐aaaa whats a stupid squid game ?

    • Jason
      Jason Year ago +125

      @Leus Maximus Splatoon

    • Shadow25
      Shadow25 Year ago +2

      @🐐aaaa bruh😂

    • Josh
      Josh Year ago +16

      He’s sitting like everyone else lmao

  • Robintjuh
    Robintjuh 5 months ago +163

    never knew that a video about someone learning chess could be so emotional

  • J&i-M
    J&i-M 6 months ago +9

    Anna is such a kind hearted woman taking her time to teach you chess, and be at your said. Michelle. Levy's earnest commentary and his faith in you is something to really appreciate. This was amazing seeing how you really wanted to get to 1,000 rating. God bless you Michelle

  • Itachi
    Itachi 5 months ago +18

    This is like watching Beth Harmon learn chess. I love the Queen’s Gambit, and now love this too.

  • Androunou 13
    Androunou 13 Month ago

    Levi really be teaching her the london system from the very start 💀

  • Will Larsen
    Will Larsen 3 months ago +7

    levy is just the best dude, he stayed up late decoding her game and giving her advice

  • Nolan
    Nolan Year ago +6461

    That levy guy is super well spoken, he should start a Clip-Share channel on chess or something

  • Michael Parham
    Michael Parham 4 days ago

    I've been wanting something like this for a while. A back and forth between master and pupil. Damn near every videa I've seen 'teaching' chess tends to skip through the stages, explaining little of why anything was done.

  • Kira OP
    Kira OP 2 months ago +2

    Levy in this vid: Omg she played the best move , she has great potentials
    Levy in his vids: Bullshit move, 69 blunder and 420 felonies, must be 10 elo

  • Pizzablocks
    Pizzablocks Month ago

    6:32 Levy is literally questioning his life decisions at the moment

  • Avital Lockhart
    Avital Lockhart 5 months ago +24

    This was a great video. I cried with you everytime, I could relate so much and I bet you’ve been stressed a lot, but in the end you’ve made it and proved it was worth it! ❤

  • Nicolás Revilla
    Nicolás Revilla Month ago +5

    Saw this a while ago, such a great journey, made me return to chess (more than 10 years later) and, more importantly, it helps when the morale is down and the selfdoubt is up

  • Daniel Lona
    Daniel Lona Year ago +1509

    This is the BEST chess documentary I've ever seen in my life. It has humor, excitement, tension, and a clear love for the game. Michelle - you are such an inspiration. You fought and hustled your way to a 1000 rating. I was cheering you on every step of the way. I knew you could do it. Please always stay with chess and its community for life. You're AMAZING! #castlemania

    • Michelle Khare
      Michelle Khare  Year ago +84

      Thank you for this kind review, Daniel!! We are so grateful you're a part of our community!!

    • gasslighterr
      gasslighterr 5 months ago +1

      Have you only seen 1 chess documentary?

  • m1ght1y
    m1ght1y 5 months ago +26

    Almost a whole year for just 1 video? Jeez that's true content creator dedication right there

  • Jake Lattuga
    Jake Lattuga 6 months ago +13

    I've never watched Michelle before, but I'm crying, she did it!!!

  • Merijn Verschuren
    Merijn Verschuren Month ago

    This video inspired me to start with chess january this year. Today, a little over 3,5 months, I reached my first goal of also reaching 1000. Thanks for this new addiction 😅

  • Genesis VR
    Genesis VR 5 months ago +59

    "Isn't a fair fight so I'll put on a blindfold."
    Still not a fair fight😂

    • hellofellowgamers
      hellofellowgamers 4 months ago

      he played and won 3 games at the same time while blindfolded, video is on ludwig's channel i think

    • Genesis VR
      Genesis VR 4 months ago

      @hellofellowgamers I watched it yesterday by far one of my favs

    • hellofellowgamers
      hellofellowgamers 4 months ago

      oh cool 👍

    • Varad Salunkhe
      Varad Salunkhe 4 months ago +2

      @hellofellowgamers not suprising he was able to checkmate nemo a womans grand master while blindfolded

    • Donna Domingo
      Donna Domingo Month ago

      @Varad Salunkhe not a gm

  • Nicola Whiston
    Nicola Whiston Month ago

    Michelle, you did spectacular - that was an amazing finale - unlucky you didn't win.

  • Nick
    Nick 7 months ago +1175

    Hikaru lookin like a chess villain 😂😂

  • Susana María Salazar Marocho

    Me and Mitchell’s journey was the same almost exactly 🎉🎉 good job hitting 1000 elo and I want to play you in chess so badly

  • Pranav
    Pranav 5 months ago +14

    What an amazing documentary Michelle. Really well produced and I loved seeing someone else's reaction to the world of thess!

  • casual bread enjoyer

    Girl, I feel you, I lose every chess game, and when I win one, it’s just a resignation or time out.

  • G.
    G. Month ago

    Hikaru looking like the final boss of chess

  • Zen Shaynne Tangpos
    Zen Shaynne Tangpos 3 months ago +1

    I have literally learned so much chess now

  • Anna Rudolf
    Anna Rudolf Year ago +7701

    The moment Castlemania was born! I'm so proud of your journey, Michelle, and it's been such a joy and honour guiding you! Cannot wait to see where else your challenges will take you, you're unstoppable!! 💙

    • The Edisonia Video Production
    • Michelle Khare
      Michelle Khare  Year ago +527

      The true queen of Castlemania! Anna, I am in gratitude that the universe brought us together. I’m so grateful to you as a friend and coach. I couldn’t have done this without you. Now everybody go subscribe to Anna!!

    • Supernova
      Supernova Year ago +15

      Hi Anna and blankies! The whole crew is in the comment section! :)

    • Garry Dimas A
      Garry Dimas A Year ago +14

      @Michelle Khare As someone who occasionaly follow your streams, your perseverence against the odds truly deserve an admiration, Michelle. Proud of the 1000 ELO you've finally reached. Great job!

    • Diachron
      Diachron Year ago +15

      I learned of this journey from Anna's streams. Fantastic work (on both the chess and video). Michelle's work ethic is humbling, and Anna's wisdom as a chess/life coach is profound.

  • Faraz Eman
    Faraz Eman 5 months ago +36

    I am just happy to see hikaru and rozman here love you two

  • Mani
    Mani 12 days ago

    respect for not giving up even you finished the challange!

  • Grecia Barraza
    Grecia Barraza 4 months ago +1

    I watched this video a few months ago when I first got into chess. I don’t win most games I play but I’ve won enough to see improvement and even if I lose n get compliments or within the first moves of my opening I’ll get the “ok you actually know what you’re doing, I’m kinda scared.” Coming back to this video was so nostalgic and comforting, best of luck to anyone that is trying to improve.

  • Whisper Vault
    Whisper Vault 5 months ago +48

    You just got yourself a new subscriber! :D I must say, I admire your persistence, commitment, and determination. You persevered! When most would fail, you did not yield. End result? One of the top youtuber chess players. At least in my book. Anyone else think so? Its through struggle, hardships, and "mania" lol that wisdom and perfection is born. Congrats!

  • DarkFlaxy 2.0
    DarkFlaxy 2.0 27 days ago

    When my teacher taught me Castle mania, he called it the staircase and since it’s him who made me a pro I will call it staircase to respect him

  • Tamanna Sharma
    Tamanna Sharma Year ago +1414

    Everytime I see Michelle cry, my heart just breaks. Why does this woman undermine herself so much?! You are absolutely amazing Michelle. Amazing! People, like me, genuinely would love to be in a place like yours where you take a challenge, not just go through with it always but conquer it everytime! And here I struggle with just taking the first step. You are amazing Michelle. Thank you for literally blessing our lives.

    • AliceinWonderlust
      AliceinWonderlust Year ago +6

      Literally said everything ive ever wanted to say

    • Nahla Aly
      Nahla Aly Year ago +6

      Exactly what I wanted to say!

    • Lettice Travels
      Lettice Travels Year ago +10

      TBH every time I see Michelle cry I think she's faking it. Like there has to be a narrative arc. There has to be a low moment which she can then turn around.

    • Lettice Travels
      Lettice Travels Year ago +3

      Don't get me wrong I love her channel but I think every story has to have a low point otherwise why would people watch.

    • Nahla Aly
      Nahla Aly Year ago +3

      @Lettice Travels I mean there has to be a storyline with ups and downs for it to be engaging of course, but I think it's still real, just the magic of editing I guess.

  • Enga
    Enga 5 months ago +28

    This video inspired me to get back into chess! Thank you Michelle:)

  • Jayson Scaccia
    Jayson Scaccia 29 days ago

    I played chess for a long time then I had kids and stopped for 6 years. Today I pick it back up from ground zero Thank you. By the way this is the first youtube video that actually made me cry. Girl I cried when you hit 1000. Maybe I'll cry when I hit 1000 Tha k you for this video

  • Lanly
    Lanly 3 months ago +1

    raine wilson casually pulling out the greatest death stare in chess history

  • JakiPop
    JakiPop 6 months ago +10

    I haven't watched a Michelle video in a while, but it seems she's really leveled up, from her presentation to the production quality, to the editing. Good stuff.

  • steven9red
    steven9red 4 months ago

    Let's not be confused. I'm here because of Levy. He's awesome!

  • DTKing
    DTKing Year ago +3211

    Hikaru introduces himself in a position like he’s a king of the chess kingdom haha

    • Dhritiman Nandi
      Dhritiman Nandi Year ago +228

      Someone call magnus ...🤣🤣

    • Brendan Polk
      Brendan Polk Year ago +38

      Yeah isnt he 2nd blitz in the world?

    • Some Random Weeb
      Some Random Weeb Year ago +138

      @Brendan Polk he's still the number 1 blitz player in the world.

    • Ofir Aviv
      Ofir Aviv Year ago +107

      @Some Random Weeb no he's not, he lost about 16 points on his last tourny which made him #2 after Carlsen

    • Adrian Banhao
      Adrian Banhao Year ago +13

      @Ofir Aviv lol because of drawing in st louis he lost points

  • M. W.
    M. W. 6 months ago +4

    Soooo...what's the update?! I think you can hit a 1200!! I plateaued at around 1800--took a break--now I'm back wit' it. This video still inspires me, and of course, brings a lil happy tear to my eye. Hope You're well!!😊

  • OctoLibranium 1410
    OctoLibranium 1410 Month ago +4

    The way hikaru sit like a king......literal chills 🥶🥶

  • R J
    R J Month ago +1

    You earned yourself a new subscriber how did I not see this Video earlier I loved it ❤

    BOBBYLARGE 5 months ago +4

    i love that something as "silly" as overcoming a fear while playing chess can move me. This was awesome. Congratulations

  • Mr Siderr
    Mr Siderr 2 months ago +3

    This story is so inspiring you did a great job, congratulations!

  • Flabby
    Flabby Year ago +4027

    Apart from the blindfold, this is the nicest levy has ever been

  • JustAnotherNewbi
    JustAnotherNewbi 6 months ago +2

    Okay, but here’s a tip Michelle!
    As a beginner or an intermediate (200-1600) it’s important to study mid games, endgames more than openings. There’s a 20/40/40 rules. 20 percent for openings, 40 percent for midgames, 40 percent for endgames

  • Ashton Hellewell
    Ashton Hellewell 10 hours ago

    Huge congratulations on your goal, nice playing in pogchamps. Great determination, I hope I get to that point too.

  • yannis
    yannis 4 months ago +3

    I really didn’t think it was gonna be the chess video, that was gonna leave me most inspired on your channel…smashed it, well done!

  • Nuggetmaster
    Nuggetmaster 6 months ago +3

    I feel like she is the kind of person that would know how to do literally anything like I mean ANYTHING she knows how to aim she knows how to drive and drift she knows chess She know how to climb different courses and work with police it’s insane!

  • Faraz Khan
    Faraz Khan Month ago

    There are some many move sets to put into play. You have see which moves you gave to make. Good for you for making it this far

  • Winfried320
    Winfried320 Year ago +1878

    I have never seen Levy that well-behaved

  • 𝓕𝓾𝔂𝓾𝓴𝓸

    I now have the will to finally get to 200 rating, I'm gonna go play a chess game and win!-
    Anddd I blundered my queen...

  • Nakubro
    Nakubro 4 months ago +5

    I can feel how you feel during a tournament. When I was 11 I played for a state championship in chess and I was losing against someone who was worse than me. Turns out that first game costed me 2nd place and I ended up in only 4th place.

  • Familove Game Hub
    Familove Game Hub Month ago +1

    Levy teaching Michelle the wayward queen looks like me trying to teach my little brother the Italian

  • sulit jc • 5 years ago

    michelle is a genius at making this video. she made it look like a documentary. I also like hikaru sitting on that chair while in the interview. makes him look like a badass

  • therealretro
    therealretro 4 months ago +8

    i love how levy immidiately hit her with a scholar's mate 💀💀💀

  • Melanie
    Melanie Year ago +2533

    Watching Michelle break down over her fear of not being smart enough is really an eye-opener about perspective. She's an ivy league graduate, who has interned and worked at some of the most sought-after companies for employment in the US and has her own Clip-Share channel with millions of followers, etc. It's crazy how with all the success she has had in her life so far, she still feels inadequate to her peers/goals. Her honesty/vulnerability is so important, though: I feel like a lot of people struggle with the same self-doubts, no matter how successful they are.

    • Niklas Wetz
      Niklas Wetz Year ago +23

      This Just Shows how everybody has His own strenghts

    • Baruch Spinoza
      Baruch Spinoza Year ago +28

      It took her 1 year to reach 1000 elo, that may be why she has fears of not being smart enough... :/

    • xJoeKing
      xJoeKing Year ago +51

      Nothing in this video is real. Michelle is a professional actor and storyteller. This video was created to maximize your engagement.

    • FlowerPower 233
      FlowerPower 233 Year ago +2

      Marcel Quach Rewatch the video from 29 mins.

    • Zacharie Chiron
      Zacharie Chiron Year ago +3

      very true

  • Smooth Brain
    Smooth Brain 7 months ago +1

    Michelle, you’re amazing!! Your perseverance is inspiring and your enthusiasm is infectious!! Congrats on your 1003, incredible :)

  • Ana
    Ana 5 months ago +23

    thank you for showing how chess really is,you did so good

  • Cubot
    Cubot 2 months ago

    The coach scene at 5:26 was so funny

  • RzRzW
    RzRzW 3 months ago +4

    Levy’s face when she said that she should take with the bishop not the queen 😂

  • Gokumaster31
    Gokumaster31 20 days ago

    The fact that you tried to find a chessboard is so funny😂

  • Lexie Limitless
    Lexie Limitless Year ago +3444

    SO GOOD! Can't imagine how much patience was required during the training, filming AND editing of this video. You killed it Michelle!

    • Michelle Khare
      Michelle Khare  Year ago +104

      Thank you so much, Lexie !! :D

    • Z
      Z Year ago +1


    • Living Listed
      Living Listed Year ago +3

      😍😍you two 🥰

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