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iPhone 6 Screen Replacement done in 5 minutes

  • Published on Sep 19, 2014 veröffentlicht
  • Unplug the battery from the mother board FIRST!
    Awesome little Smart Phone Tool Kit on Amazon: amzn.to/1XdJPuA
    Get your BLACK screens HERE: bit.ly/2dQKbID
    WHITE screens are HERE: goo.gl/Djs6nO
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    This video will show you what you need to know about replacing your iPhone 6 screen. Whether you dropped it, cracked it, shattered it, or it just stopped working... there is always a way to fix it.
    JerryRigEverything assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. JerryRigEverything recommends safe practices when working with power tools, automotive lifts, lifting tools, jack stands, electrical equipment, blunt instruments, chemicals, lubricants, expensive electronics, or any other tools or equipment seen or implied in this video. Due to factors beyond the control of JerryRigEverything, no information contained in this video shall create any express or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. Any injury, damage or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not JerryRigEverything. Only attempt your own repairs if you can accept personal responsibility for the results, whether they are good or bad.
    JerryRigEverything is in no way affiliated with Apple Inc.
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  • JerryRigEverything
    JerryRigEverything  Year ago +149

    Like with every repair. Disconnect the battery first.

    • — halfdecent —
      — halfdecent — 3 months ago

      Why are you here 6 years later...?

    • Name Name
      Name Name 4 months ago

      @King hi Tommy, was it easy to open it and what did you learn from your opening experience, because I have as same problem as you had, and I have a plan to do it by my self, Thank you.

    • Valerie Alvarez
      Valerie Alvarez 7 months ago

      The link stopped working!

    • nazimashraf2 (my mini tiktok)
      nazimashraf2 (my mini tiktok) 7 months ago

      I was waiting for you to mention that

    • Tik Tok staff
      Tik Tok staff 9 months ago

      The thing to connect to the screen so it can come on broke off

  • Sean Edging
    Sean Edging 5 years ago +1086

    This guy is straight up the Bob Ross of iPhone repair

    • JimmyMcThiccus
      JimmyMcThiccus 3 years ago

      Cept when he starts to demo how strong the boarder of the phone is by trying to shave it with his razor like he's pealing a patatoe.
      *this is the screech that was descrribed in the devil went down to georgia*

    • Nick L
      Nick L 3 years ago

      ok that is so true

    • tobsmonster2
      tobsmonster2 3 years ago

      Richy Rich what does that even mean

    • Woman
      Woman 3 years ago

      Innit he's so calm

    • JF Tech\Drones
      JF Tech\Drones 3 years ago

      No, that's Louis Rossmann

  • Silencio Nomus
    Silencio Nomus 2 years ago +5

    People who repair their iPhone instead of replacing it… are good people. Thank you, Zack. Very clear and excellent instruction. Phone is working very well again.

  • Frosty Teacup
    Frosty Teacup 3 years ago +136

    Just finished replacing my mum's screen! Took me 2 hours and 15 minutes. I actually found it best to use a mix of written online step-by-step instructions and this video for any steps I was confused about.
    Just a few little tips for anyone looking to do this:
    • You can get a good screen replacement kit for about $20-30 on Amazon. It should include 2 screwdrivers, a suction tool, and all other small tools you may need to pry apart small components.
    • You should also definitely invest about another $10 into a *magnetic* screw organiser mat. This is extremely crucial as the phone has very tiny parts that must be kept placed correctly. I used the iScrew organiser ($7.99 on Amazon).
    • Take your time & work on a well-lit, hard/flat-surfaced area to make sure no parts roll away.
    Good luck!

    • neil jennings
      neil jennings 2 years ago +2

      @Kimberly Marquez it is the size of a phone and indicated are where all the screws go

    • Kimberly Marquez
      Kimberly Marquez 2 years ago +2

      @neil jennings what's the magnetic card for that the screen comes with?

    • neil jennings
      neil jennings 3 years ago +2

      they are $10 now including magnetic card with screw locations

    • Shttnmoney
      Shttnmoney 3 years ago +2

      Do u got a link for the replacement screens?

  • Ruby Mendez
    Ruby Mendez 4 years ago +30

    You’re the man! Everyone thought I wouldn’t be able to do this, but thanks to you everyone is now asking me to fix their phones 🤗😂

  • Abe Olsen
    Abe Olsen 3 years ago +25

    This is a nearly perfect guide. It is clear, concise, and the voice instructions match the images well.
    Disconnecting the battery may be well worth two minutes to potentially prevent a short, which may destroy the phone. The battery connector is under a two screw panel on the right about halfway down. The slightly raised side of the panel goes on the left with its longer screw. Also, consider getting a static wrist band for $5.
    KEEP YOUR SCREWS VERY WELL ORGANIZED. Use a large, well-lit work surface, and sort them with an ice cube tray. Almost every singe one is different; any in the wrong hole can destroy the phone.
    Some parts you should use tweezers or a tiny flat spatula to remove or position, but some I found easier to just use my finger, working carefully by feel. As the video says, be particularly careful with the home button and its connector. Examine the one you're taking out closely before and as you remove it, so you know where each bit goes. It's straight-forward, but the parts are tiny, so be patient.
    My own replacement screen had a few stuck-on strips of plastic that needed removing. It also came with the little plastic holders at the top whereas the example in this video did not.
    Be prepared to spend 1-2 hours in total if you're not electronically experienced, which I certainly was not last week. Having done it, I don't think it's nearly as difficult as I imagined it would be at first.

    • Narciso Sanchez
      Narciso Sanchez 2 years ago

      Yes! Remove that battery. Im an amateur at replacing phone screens even while having the proper tools but can you answer these two questions for me. I have a static wrist band but whats it used for? Also, when connecting the LCD and Digitizer, do you connect those first and then the battery? Or battery then the LCD Digitizer.

    • Emma S
      Emma S 3 years ago

      Abe Olsen at last someone with sense... battery is definitely an important step.. i found that out the hard and expensive way becoz i didnt remove it 🤦‍♀️

  • Toxic Outlaw
    Toxic Outlaw 4 years ago +1020

    I find that ice cube trays are amazing for sorting and keeping parts in place

  • Sophia Fritz
    Sophia Fritz 3 years ago +514

    I’m almost done.... this is sooo tedious
    Update: I finished it and it all worked!!!!

    • Rok1225_music
      Rok1225_music Year ago +1

      @Toxic Outlaw are you talking about yourself?

    • RealTime Fun
      RealTime Fun Year ago

      @Gio Prox that joke is older than the times when apple used to innovate

    • Explore with Gorchessmon
      Explore with Gorchessmon 2 years ago

      Gonna try it

    • Toxic Outlaw
      Toxic Outlaw 2 years ago

      K Ok normie detected

    • Lawson Hall
      Lawson Hall 2 years ago

      @Ryan B You might make sure you put top side in first and work your way down from there. It should fit back in place if you do it that way.

  • Wessinger Clara
    Wessinger Clara 2 years ago

    Great tutorial. I thought it would be difficult, but you made it simple and easy to follow along. Thanks!

  • fitzm
    fitzm 3 years ago

    Nice walk-through. A couple of things I would add is to point out that when snapping ribbons back down on the board (towards the end of install) that they do require a decent amount of pressure and make a definitive snapping sound. The second tip I would give is to keep the screws holding the two small metal "cover" plates on each far end of the large metal plate loose so the holes of the six side screws (three on each side) of the large metal plate line up correctly. Also, the glued ribbon parts are pretty strongly attached to case but prying up at the points where tutorial demonstrates works well. Oh yeah, don't forget to power off B4 disconnecting ribbon cables, especially if you have the alarm clock set :/.

  • Noah Marlow
    Noah Marlow 6 years ago +280

    2 hours later my repair is done. Here are my tips to those about to embark on this lovely repair:
    1: Patience is key. I threw my screwdriver across the room a few times.
    2: DO NOT DROP THE SCREWS. I relaxed myself by digging around in the carpet looking for these microscopic things.
    3: Buy a decent kit. My phillips screwdriver was not very good.
    4: Get used to his voice. You will be doing alot of pausing and rewinding.
    Hope this helps! Btw, does anyone know what it means if I have a little bit of discoloration at the top of my screen and also when I push my fingers down hard on the screen, it turns purple and then fades away. Is this a problem with the installation or the screen? Thanks for any replies.

    • Usingtheirhypocracyagainstthem
      Usingtheirhypocracyagainstthem 4 years ago

      carpet sucks

    • Seth Silverbush
      Seth Silverbush 4 years ago +3

      I replaced my screen with nothing but an acorn and a set of jumper cables.

    • Daniel
      Daniel 5 years ago +1

      Zaki Kahl that's impressive dude, I would've crumbled up the phone trying to attempt that.

    • Zaki Kahl
      Zaki Kahl 5 years ago +2

      I replaced my screen in 5 mins with nothing but a steak knife as a screw driver

    • Blue Neighborhood
      Blue Neighborhood 5 years ago

      Noah Marlow

  • Gary
    Gary 3 years ago +1

    Hey man, I literally just fixed my phone using this tutorial and you my friend have earned a sub and like. At first, I was worried about fucking up the cables cause they weren't set in properly but with some patience and good lighting+work space; I got it all fixed. Thank you so much and god bless

  • BarTab Mag
    BarTab Mag 4 years ago

    Great video. Took me about 20 minutes in total. Saved me $60+. Very easy to follow. The ear piece part was the most time consuming to get it to fit correctly.

  • Hiram Fernandes
    Hiram Fernandes 3 years ago +1

    Worked great for me. Despite the part that removes and replaces the front camera and connectors, this tutorial is amazing and did the job for me (along with some other online resources). Thanks a lot, Jerry.

  • Tony Lyons
    Tony Lyons 3 years ago

    Perfect tutorial as is. No problem with battery. Took me 20 minutes. Hardest part was lining up the "lego" connectors; didn't want to press too hard. I put screws on a piece of tape and laid them in the same "shape" /orientation as the part they came from: upper right, lower left, center, etc. Thanks much for the video!

  • possumsteak
    possumsteak 2 years ago

    Finally somebody who knows how to show and explain things!!! Thank you for: NO hands covering what you are doing, NOT filming the steps from the wrong angle and 30 feet away, NOT playing obnoxious music in the background

  • irubfnnckfo krueinzky
    irubfnnckfo krueinzky 2 years ago +320

    I dropped and cracked my phone while watching this and i wish i was kidding
    Edit: so I actually ended up doing the repair myself and it looks good tbh

  • Jeremy Keen
    Jeremy Keen Year ago

    Really excellent video - very clear and easy to follow, with great close-ups of the trickier parts of the process. I can't thank you enough for posting this - it allowed me to fix my old iPhone without screwing it up or making things worse - big success! Danke!

  • Coyote
    Coyote 3 years ago +5

    Great video!! The replacement screen I ordered had the camera and home button already in it, so I didn’t have to do as much disassembly. Time spent replacing screen was less than 10 minutes tops! Thanks again!

  • Tony Porritt
    Tony Porritt 4 years ago

    Excellent tutorial - followed it and it worked first time! Many thanks for making this video, I particularly like the style you use - no long intros, short, sharp, to the point. Perfect for stepping through quickly. Keep it up!

  • Chris S.
    Chris S. 4 years ago

    4 years later still very helpful and a good video. thanks! i actually bought a replacement screen with all the hardware mounted so all i had to do was swap the screen assembly in one shot. 3 minutes and done.

  • Tahir Javaid
    Tahir Javaid 2 years ago +2

    Great instructions , i did it by myself and everything is fine . Thank you

  • Mike AU
    Mike AU 3 years ago

    Fantastic! Easy to follow and precise instructions.

  • evanofelipe
    evanofelipe Year ago

    Thank you Jerry, I found your video very useful and played it through several times before actually starting to do a screen replacement. I experienced a couple of difficulties installing Earpiece ribbon cable, that you suggested should have been easy. My issue was engaging the Earpiece ribbon, sensor and camera lens in the casing and getting them to sit firmly in position. The ribbon had to be folded exactly in place to allow the earpiece the ‘click’ firmly in position. The next problem I encountered was refitting the LCD cables in their correct order. I hadn’t noticed the top two cables had swapped positions. This meant that they didn’t fit the appropriate layered ’lego’ connection strips in the correct order when I came to connect the screen to the main body of the phone. When I re-installed various components to the new screen I hadn’t noticed a couple of the ribbons had stacked incorrectly. I had photographed each critical stage of the strip down and realised the cables had to be swapped over. The use of force to make the misaligned strips to engage with each other would have damaged the contacts. So it’s very important to get them in the right order. I felt your video skipped over these very important issue. Thanks again

  • Dannielle Doyle
    Dannielle Doyle 4 years ago

    Your instructions just saved me $100! Easy to follow and understand! Thanks so much!

  • Carver Ealy
    Carver Ealy 2 years ago

    I just fixed my old iPhone 6 using this video and it was very helpful, step for step. Thank you!

  • Jeff Ward
    Jeff Ward 3 years ago

    Thanks for such a helpful demonstration. It took me a while, but I was able to replace both a battery and a screen using your videos.

  • peruzzi12
    peruzzi12 6 years ago +117

    My 13 year old daughter was able to do this by watching the video. She dropped her phone on Thursday, which completely shattered the glass screen (LCD was OK), and was distraught because she paid for the phone by cutting the lawn for two years. By Saturday she received her new screen (about $95 all inclusive). She asked me to help her, but quite frankly all I did was watch and give her helpful tips. She did 100% of the work following this video, which was very clear (the clarity and good lighting of the video really helps see everything). We used 2" wide clear packing tape to make little "bins" or "sticky tables", each piece of tape representing a step in the process. Roll the tape back on itself and stick it to the table, then place all the screws and parts in the same geometric arrangement as in the phone so putting it back together was a breeze. The video is excellent and very descriptive, but one of the steps I would have skipped, but not my daughter, was to test the screen once it was plugged in and before the phone was closed up. Great suggestion, as we had vertical lines showing up across the screen and were momentarily disappointed, but we went back and reattached the screen cables one more time and Viola!! it worked and now the screen was as beautiful as if it were new. Certainly a little tricky at times, and if you don't have patience to watch and pause the video and double check everything, then you might be one of the people that thinks it's worth to pay an extra $50 + tax for someone else to do it at one of the phone fix-it places. For me, I think it's better to do yourself not just for the savings, but to make sure it's done right.....I'm sure those phone fix-it places lose a screw here and there and wouldn't care about your $650 investment as much as you do. One note I would stress, although most of the kits for sale come with the mini screw drivers, is to have a couple of decent small tools near by, like a good set of modeling tweezers and a wide x-acto type blade, and a magnifying glass or lupe Thanks for the helpful video, so good that a small 13 year old can do it!

    • AnimatorTime Speedpaints & more
      AnimatorTime Speedpaints & more 3 years ago

      Barbara A

    • JF Tech\Drones
      JF Tech\Drones 3 years ago

      I'm 15 and I did this (for my sister's phone)

    • Calvin Collins
      Calvin Collins 5 years ago

      Cat? Is that you?

    • cat adams
      cat adams 5 years ago


    • Calvin Collins
      Calvin Collins 5 years ago +9

      Hi Justin. I am formally informing you that you are now on a watchlist. Please tread with caution, as your account is now flagged and subject to deletion if this type of behaviour continues. Thank you.

  • Alan Sweezer
    Alan Sweezer 4 years ago

    This looks really easy, and it is. He does a very good job explaining how to do it. I finished mine and it worked for a few seconds while testing it before closing it up. So I closed it up tried it again, and nothing. I opened it up again and repeated everything just in case something came loose. Closed it up and still nothing. I took it to a local iPhone repair and everything is wiped out of my phone because good old Jerry here doesn't tell you that you HAVE to disconnect the battery before replacing the cover! Thanks Jer for loosing 2000 pictures, all my contacts, all my music, and everything else. Be nice to know what to do first!!!!

  • Roy Schmidt
    Roy Schmidt 2 years ago +1

    Best thing about this video is you don't spend the first ten minutes telling us via video selfie what you are going to do, why, and how important it is. The tutorial is no longer than necessary -- 5 minutes is good. I was able to pause as needed and complete all work no issues. Thanks.

  • Fishbone4u
    Fishbone4u 3 years ago

    simple, straight forward, uncomplicated video...great job! You gained a new subscriber. :)

  • M. Cope
    M. Cope 3 years ago

    Thank you for taking the time to make this video, it made fixing my broken screen a breeze!

  • Arddy
    Arddy 6 years ago +6

    Oh wow. Nice tutorial!I love how it's straight to the point and as informative as need be within each step!

  • PandaTamer97
    PandaTamer97 3 years ago +1

    brilliant tutorial made my first ever screen replacement flawless thank you Jerry!

  • Tim Jenkins
    Tim Jenkins 3 years ago +1

    3 and a half years later, this has helped me a lot. Thanks for the instructions. You've made a great video.

  • Ashlie Williams
    Ashlie Williams 2 years ago

    I love the way you explain in understanding detail and make it look easy 🙂

  • Kemo2k
    Kemo2k Year ago

    This was a really quick. clean and precise video, no confusion at all... well done

  • Nicole Sutter
    Nicole Sutter 5 years ago +57

    My husband and I just did this together. I had to tell to calm down a few times but we fixed it in the end. Thank you!

  • Ellen Clark
    Ellen Clark 4 years ago

    I just replaced my first iPhone 6 screen per your instructions and it came out great! Thank you! :)

  • Joanne Murray
    Joanne Murray 3 years ago +3

    Excellent. Well filmed and nicely spoken and explained.

  • Ben Wilson
    Ben Wilson 2 years ago

    Thank you for being detailed yet not long-winded!! 😊

  • AverageGuy Cameron
    AverageGuy Cameron 3 years ago

    Thanks a lot for this video! This save me a bunch of time, money, and hassle! I didn’t think I had what it took to fix this until I watched your video. Just so you know, that little ribbon loop that you said you weren’t sure what it was for but you thought it was important, it’s not important. I broke it by accident while taking it apart, I cannot see any issues from it yet.

  • James Shrimpton
    James Shrimpton 4 years ago

    Thank you, you made this whole process very stress-free, my phone is now working again.

  • Anatoly Ryzhikh
    Anatoly Ryzhikh 4 years ago

    Amazing. I did it in the first time, and it's done! Thank you so much for such a good video.

    MDUDUZI MALULEKE 2 years ago

    Thank you, this really helped out a lot, managed to change my screen successfully after 30 minutes

  • M.J Rahimi
    M.J Rahimi 3 years ago +3

    With the help of your video, I have successfully changed both battery and screen and i learned 😊 thank you 🙏

  • CT Six
    CT Six 3 years ago

    Thank you! It worked!! Easy, clear instructions.

  • Dusty Grandmar
    Dusty Grandmar 3 years ago +1

    I'm actually so proud of myself fixing my own iPhone. thank u so much for the video it was super helpful!!!

  • Simon Ruddle
    Simon Ruddle 4 years ago

    Great instructional video. Helped tremendously. Thank you.

  • MCO 165
    MCO 165 2 years ago

    Thank you very much for this super educative video. i have just replaced my iPhone 6 screen. it took me approx 2 hours. but constantly pausing and rerunning you video to do each step correctly has helped. My iPhone is as good as brand new now. its seems that while replacing the screen all the Lego type connectors also got properly fixed and even the out put / input sound quality has improved.

  • phil ackers
    phil ackers 2 years ago

    Superb video. Made it easy to replace my screen. Thanks for taking the time to produce such a good video

  • D C
    D C 2 years ago

    This video helped me replace my phone screen iPhone 6s successfully without a glitch. Thank you Jerry Appreciate your effort tearing down your good, working iPhone 6s for the demo!

  • John Lockwood
    John Lockwood 4 years ago

    Excellent tutorial, thanks very much. New screen fitted and working. Would just mention that some screws are different lengths, particularly for the first plate you remove over the 4 connectors and the plate over the camera/ earpiece. Make you you pay attention to these as I ended up muddling them up despite organising my screws carefully (or so I thought!)
    Thanks again

  • Michael Strein
    Michael Strein 4 years ago +1

    Just replaced my first iphone screen. Thanks a million for the great tutorial.

  • BobbySee
    BobbySee 2 years ago +1

    Yes!!! Thank you for this vid! It was simply put and easy to follow. I have a new screen now!

  • Remex
    Remex 3 years ago +3

    Thank you so much! I fixed my iPhone today and it works just fine. I only had to disconnect the battery, which you didn't say in this tutorial but besides that I'm happy and thankful.

    • Leah Kohman
      Leah Kohman 3 years ago

      Remex how and at what point in the replacement do you do that?

  • Timothy Tyndale Brockbank

    Very clear and very helpful. All sorted, thanks mate

  • Ashley Matt
    Ashley Matt 3 years ago

    Great instructions! Fixed my phone thanks to this video :)

  • Dan and Charlotte Haynes
    Dan and Charlotte Haynes 7 years ago +3

    Clear and to the point. Love that!!!!!

  • Julie Schoen
    Julie Schoen 3 years ago

    thank you so much! I just replaced my old iphone 6's broken screen. Only thing not working any more is the finger scan, which is weird because I reused the original one. Do you have any idea what might've caused this? the ribbon cables gave me absolute nightmares but thanks to you everything went really well! I used separate containers to keep the screws of one plate of 'step' apart from others

  • mitchell dries
    mitchell dries 2 years ago

    great video. clear, concise and it only took me about ten minutes with the right tools and powerful reading glasses...

  • Adam Coulombe
    Adam Coulombe 4 years ago +1

    Thanks for the videos. I wouldn't at all recommend using a razor blade though to pull up the home button flex cable. If you damage it, you pretty much are permanently screwed out of TouchID since the home buttons can't just be replaced (cheaply, at least) as they only work with the motherboard it came with. And on 7 & 8 that would actually render the home button completely useless.

  • Mikey Bowie
    Mikey Bowie 2 years ago

    Best diy phone repair video ever, this man gets straight to the point, no unneeded information right to business,

  • Zryte Maski
    Zryte Maski 5 years ago +131

    Some tips from me. I've made it and everything is working. I've replaced screen, charging port(jack, microphone, charging port) and ear speaker.
    1. Don't mix your screws, especially from metal plate which covers tape from LCD. You will destroy motherboard.
    2. Pentalob opens only two screws outside.
    3. Look at the sequence of tapes. Biggest, smallest, medium
    4. Don't touch left and right side of the screen, you can broke glass inside.
    5. Gently with home button.
    6. Don"t pull off the micro from bracket. Look at the microphone, it's so small.

    • Connor
      Connor 3 years ago

      wish i read this before. The phone turn on and worked. But when i put the panel over the lcd cables back on i think i mixed screws up. Won't even turn on now with the old screen.

    • Tdog
      Tdog 3 years ago +3

      @Aniket Modi of course you can thats part oh th phone os not the screen

    • Aniket Modi
      Aniket Modi 4 years ago

      hey.....if u ordered the screen from the site in the description....plz tell me if we can change the brightness of the display.....someone told me we cant..

  • Ashley Sears
    Ashley Sears 4 years ago

    I just followed everything you did, and my phone works still. I didn't disconnect the battery, and never turned it on while working with it, and the touch screen works. Thanks!

  • Raj Pippalla
    Raj Pippalla 2 years ago

    Thank You. Love the brevity. Visual design is good and makes it easy. Don't have to watch each screw being opened etc.

  • Celine De Prins
    Celine De Prins 4 years ago +2

    Thank you very much. I tried this and it worked. I just had some trouble unscrewing a few screws that we're screwed on too tight by apple. But other than that everything went smoothly and the end result is flawless

  • Norm Runk
    Norm Runk 3 years ago

    Super video. Step by step, great instruction, i was successful with my repair. Threw away the instructions and just utilized this video. BRAVO!

  • Nicholas Reid
    Nicholas Reid 3 years ago

    I just followed this and fixed my iPhone 6 perfectly! Thanks for posting. Screw management is key. wrap them in cling film and put in a box. position each wrap in the location you took it from. store brackets with their screws.

  • Moya Jarboe
    Moya Jarboe 4 years ago

    Thanks so much! First time replacing a screen. Great instructions...

  • Detecting Denmark
    Detecting Denmark 4 years ago

    this was SO helpfull .. first attempt of replacing af screen, and aced it because of you! Actually the job was pretty easy as 60% of the screws were missing :-D

  • Vix M
    Vix M 2 years ago

    This was a super easy to follow video. I did it!!!! Thanks 😊

  • Ms Chantaé
    Ms Chantaé 5 years ago +38

    It worked. Thank You! Took me like 3/4 hours...but I'm sure it varies per person. I had issues with some screws being too long so i switched them with shorter ones. Also Don't forget to instal earpiece(you may need to review beginning of video). Also had issue with connectors. once again, review beginning of video so they can lay flat

    • Hit & Run
      Hit & Run 3 years ago

      Practice makes for faster and just a better job over all...

    • Aniket Modi
      Aniket Modi 4 years ago

      can we adjust the brightness of the newly insatalled screen?? if the screen is not original?? someone told me we cant

  • Christian Cadavedo

    still very helpful today. thanks Jerry! learned a lot from removing screen to replacing iphone battery.

  • La Boca Proclama
    La Boca Proclama Year ago

    THANK YOU, JERRY!!!!! This video saved my phone (and saved me money) last year during the "plandemic enclosed time" when it broke. I´m not good at electronics, yet, I was amazed I was able to fix it!!

  • Sayalee Pote
    Sayalee Pote 2 years ago

    Thank you so much. Worked for me. I replaced my iPhone 6 screen myself. Everything seems to be working great as of now.

  • EveKauai
    EveKauai 2 years ago

    Well, I slowed the speed down to .75 so I could follow properly, and am impressed by Jerry's tutorship - step by step, every detail made sense; however, it takes MUCH longer than 5 minutes (in my case, and hour and a half!) and unfortunately for me - which has nothing to do with Jerry - after following every step, my new screen didn't work (i.e. my iPhone, which was working fine before only with a broken screen, won't turn on at all. So I unplugged the connectors and painstakingly slotted them ('like Lego'!) back in, but still no repaired phone...the replacement screen must be a dud.) Personally speaking, if it were not for current Covid-19 conditions, I wouldn't have attempted to do this tedious and neck-sore inducing thing at all! As-is, no reward means it's definitely going to the repair shop as soon as a repair shop opens!!! Recommend this video for everyone who has more flair for these sorts of jobs than I do. :)

  • Richard Guest
    Richard Guest 4 years ago

    Awesome - great tutorial and saved me a fortune in paying someone to do this for me. A bit fiddly but easy to do it you are careful and take your time.

  • John Cliff
    John Cliff 4 years ago

    Worked as advertised, Thanks! I unplugged the battery as per comments below and it took maybe 1.5 hours, but it was worth the $50 gamble to save an otherwise perfectly good phone.

  • shoffens89
    shoffens89 2 years ago

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    • Guido Croce - Sales Coach for Coaches
      Guido Croce - Sales Coach for Coaches 4 years ago

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    • Darqfate
      Darqfate 4 years ago +1

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    Me: 5 hours and counting

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