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Worst MMO Ever? - Sherwood Dungeon

  • Published on Sep 15, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Sometimes, the past should stay in the past.
    I never played this as a kid, so I haven't ruined any old memories, I've just created terrible new ones.
    Strangely despite being called Sherwood, there are surprisingly few references to Robin Hood.
    Thanks as usual to all the supporters on Patreon, Clip-Share and Twitch x
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  • The Doug Experience
    The Doug Experience 16 days ago +2028

    Damn Josh hitting me with the ‘oh shoot your parents turned your old room into a sex dungeon’ within the first 60 seconds is, indeed, ‘audience retention’ at its finest.

    • Hannah Alexy
      Hannah Alexy 16 days ago +72

      My parents turned my old room into a TV room with a 100 inch tv on the wall, even though it's a pretty small room.
      I had to move back a few months ago at 27.
      So now I have a 100 inch tv on my wall 😂

    • Jeremy Titus
      Jeremy Titus 16 days ago +30

      @Hannah Alexyyour bedroom is now your home theatre. Nice.

    • Gavin Powell
      Gavin Powell 16 days ago +11

      @Hannah Alexy On your parent's wall*

    • sunnyhvar1992
      sunnyhvar1992 16 days ago +11

      OH, IS THAT WHAT THAT MEANT 😭 ...now that you say it, it makes sense, but I didn't catch it at first 😭

    • derTofu
      derTofu 16 days ago +3

      bitching about BDSM? I now serioulsy doubt Josh's Britishness

  • Crucial
    Crucial 14 days ago +519

    Josh just unlocked a crazy memory. I vividly remember (around the ages of 8-10) logging into the game every month or so, walking around being confused as hell as to what I was even supposed to do, get completely destroyed by random mobs and logging out. I always came back because I was either bored or because I wanted to admire other people's cool armors and cool mounts.

    • JTcmX
      JTcmX 12 days ago +19

      Bro thats crazy because we most likely saw eachother in-game at one point, i had almost the exact same experience as you as a child. I BARELY remember it, and only did when i kept saying sherwood over in my head after seeing this video and recognizing the knight type characters/graphics. I dont remember doing anything other than running around, 0 progression. I think i only played it a handful of times before probably moving onto runescape on my grandmas PC or some shi

    • quinn
      quinn 12 days ago +3

      this is the way it was meant to be played

    • Timo
      Timo 12 days ago


    • Invuska
      Invuska 12 days ago +7

      This is pretty much the same memory I have of it that has been unearthed from the deepest crevices of my brain.
      So much so that I was like “wait, is this *that* game?” in slight disbelief and suspicion then proceed to have more and more familiar bits of the game pop up affirming that it is.
      And not knowing what on Earth to do was a huge mood. I just randomly kept getting destroyed without any clue of wtf was going on.
      Also, holy f* when he said Maid Marian

    • Carlos Huerta
      Carlos Huerta 11 days ago +1

      Dude same! Except I was a little younger maybe like 5 or 7? Every now and than I tried to find this game but with no luck. Interesting thing is I recall playing this through a browser way back when.

  • BideoGams
    BideoGams 11 days ago +35

    Fun glitch from back in the day for this game: if you hold the block button, (im guessing) it still logs damage dealt from you to the enemy but doesnt apply it, but will apply all the stored damage on your next hit. So to beat high level mobs or bosses you could just hold block and safely ignore all enemy damage for several minutes then attack them once and apply all that damage at once.

    • Roshi
      Roshi 7 days ago +5

      This was top tier tech in pvp

    • BideoGams
      BideoGams 7 days ago +2

      @Roshi I remember dunking on high ranking, popular players using this it was so funny

  • MattHatter
    MattHatter 15 days ago +528

    I started playing this game when I was 5, the only thing I could say in English was "follow me" because my mum taught me. I would make other players follow me because it was the only way to kill the big blue spiders back in the first version of the game. This game is not just my childhood, it's the reason I love RPGs and have learned English.

    • innocent person
      innocent person 14 days ago +9


    • Matheus Oliveira
      Matheus Oliveira 14 days ago +7

      same brotha

    • Dragonax
      Dragonax 13 days ago +6

      I remember when I got my mom to help me playing it because I got lost in dungeon

    • Moritz Weber
      Moritz Weber 13 days ago +2

      i have ptsd of spiders because of the big blue spiders in sherwood dungeon

  • Foxy Foxington
    Foxy Foxington 13 days ago +32

    I love the way your avatar doesn't hold the weapons, they're just grafted onto the ends of his arms... And the fight animation is basically just punching... So you're walking up to monsters and punching them with your sword-hands. This may be the best thing about the game.

  • master1e
    master1e 15 days ago +242

    The Devs also made a social game called "MoonBase", which is pretty much the same as their other one but set on the moon. Every now and then I'll remember it exists and be hit with a wave of nostalgia

    • Greg Allan
      Greg Allan 15 days ago +63

      I remember having so much fun playing Moonbase driving the janky physics-based moon buggies and using the jetpack to get onto the tiny sized Earth xD

    • spaceincorporated
      spaceincorporated 14 days ago +10

      I played the shit of that game in computer class in like 2007. Glad I'm not the only one that remembers lol nobody i've ever asked about it irl has ever heard of it

    • Andrew Ruedisueli
      Andrew Ruedisueli 14 days ago +1

      I was about to comment asking about the moon game. I can't believe this game aged so poorly.

    • keyofdoor
      keyofdoor 14 days ago +6

      I figured out if you use the jetpack long enough you can glitch through the earth and be inside it

    • Pope
      Pope 14 days ago +8

      @Greg Allan Real OGs remember that if you flew high enough into the sky and dropped all the way down back onto the tiny earth. You would clip into the Earth.

  • ConanTheCimmerian
    ConanTheCimmerian 16 days ago +1458

    Yes! Man taking me back to being 10 years old , not knowing english and having a blast together with my younger brother smacking some spiders together

    • Dher
      Dher 16 days ago +67

      Yes brother, same experience, not knowing English, but having a blast with this game.

    • Shiny Corviknight
      Shiny Corviknight 16 days ago +10

      Exactly the same but alone or with a friend!

    • Sebastian
      Sebastian 16 days ago +3


    • Paul Gütschow
      Paul Gütschow 16 days ago +5

      same for me. the nostalgia

    • Asdercol
      Asdercol 16 days ago +3


  • DoctorZombo
    DoctorZombo 12 days ago +69

    Tankball and Moonbase Alpha were the best parts of that website, but this was actually a great way to spend lazy afternoons as a kid back in 2004. Back then it was much much much more barebones than this, but being able to play a 3D interactive online game straight from your browser was mindblowing

    • Iron Eleven
      Iron Eleven 11 days ago +5

      Oh man I remember tankball. Had a friend hop on using his crappy dial-up connection and he was invincible because enemy projectiles just didn't show up on our end.

    • CelestialSylveon
      CelestialSylveon 8 days ago +1

      Tankball was a lot of fun, and I remember getting pretty good at it!
      Moonbase Alpha had some cool secrets that weren't intentional, like flying to the moon or sun or earth or which ever it was, you had to really carefully control your jetpack to land on it and then I would brag I'm here and ask people to try and get there xD I also remember the moon car having hilarious physics

    • waffielz
      waffielz 7 days ago

      @CelestialSylveon wtf i've only ever got to the earth, never the sun

    • Evanz111
      Evanz111 7 days ago +3


    • CelestialSylveon
      CelestialSylveon 7 days ago +1

      @waffielz It might've been the earth, idr

  • Terminarch
    Terminarch 10 days ago +4

    Oh hell yeah I remember finding Maid Marian as a kid. Played this one for a just few minutes, but that low gravity moon thing held my attention and imagination for a decent while. Didn't care to interact with anyone but I was one of those elite few who could consistently land on the moon lol

  • Swiss Army Cheese
    Swiss Army Cheese 15 days ago +124

    I remember this playing this game over a decade ago. Back then the only character customization you could do was what color you wanted the default helmet wearing guy to be. There weren’t shops, or NPCs. But there were tons of players and people took the Pvp a little too seriously. I remember people trying to make guilds, however this was difficult with how easily you could steal someone’s name. There was only the one main castle map area and the “endless” dungeon. It was a pretty poorly made and silly game, but as a child I enjoyed it in its heyday.

    • What A Magician
      What A Magician 14 days ago +6

      the dungeon would continue until it got so large that loading it would crash your computer. i got to level 2 million or something once.
      There were a bunch of clans, they all made 'freewebs' accounts, it was kind of weird. All used army ranks as well. Very strange people. The pvp was mainly a stamina game with a few glitches and tricks. For example, gear doesnt (didnt?) effect pvp except for one thing - the ring of health regen. and pvp is so basic having it basically let you kill anyone without it.

    • Dragonax
      Dragonax 13 days ago +2

      I remember when game got "huge" update
      They added bow

    • xsabirx
      xsabirx 10 days ago +1

      Same. I remember I used to use cheat engine in the game and run and attack people super fast. Also I could block and glitch the game to build up my parry to be super strong and basically one hit anyone 🤣. Also I think there were like giant green red or purple spiders on the map or sonthing. 🤷‍♂️ lol it’s like a Mandela effect

  • Your2ndPlanB
    Your2ndPlanB 12 days ago +13

    Those dungeons are always what I imagine when reading "house of leaves". Something about the gloom, repetition, the spiral staircase, the feeling like they go on endlessly.

  • Cje
    Cje 15 days ago +88

    Club Marion was actually sick, you could drive the car around the map and do tricks by hitting ramps at just the right angles.

    • Sl.a.....y..
      Sl.a.....y.. 10 days ago +17

      There was one where you could drive on the moon as well

    • Sam
      Sam 4 days ago

      @Sl.a.....y.. Oh shit I looooved the moon thing. Would meet up with friends on there after school.

  • Dr Demo
    Dr Demo 16 days ago +93

    this game was never about the combat to me, it was a weird lil place where everyone was the same shitty knight model and they'd just chat and try to find ways to get to out of bounds areas or discover secrets, spread rumors, etc
    It was like, a school playground, people had their lil groups, made their own fun, etc.
    This is NOTHING like what I remember, but still recognizable enough to know it was once the game I played way back when, very odd.

    • Charles Flum
      Charles Flum 16 days ago +6

      Very accurate

    • Zekulir
      Zekulir 16 days ago +6

      Helped me get better grades in German in school cause online people would teach me some while we hit things. Good times.

    • 95keat
      95keat 7 days ago

      I think it was a lot of peoples first experience with Internet anonymity and that's why they kept coming back.

    • Plexiscore
      Plexiscore 5 days ago

      Yeah, I remember walking on walls and eventually getting out of bounds

  • Ku
    Ku 13 days ago +21

    This is a real blast from the past, and honestly I'm glad it's still up and running after over 2 decades! The cash shop doesn't seem predatory, just a little arbitrary, and the "updated" version seems just as basic and derpy as it always was. it almost feels like seeing a childhood neighbor who moved away long ago. Thank you for covering this game, Josh!!

  • sarah
    sarah 13 days ago +13

    IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS REVIEW FOR AGES. It was my first childhood MMO ever and I wass absolutely obsessed with it even though I literally didn't understand anything and just wanted the cool mounts and rainbow swords. I don't get why they've downgraded the game so much though? There used to be so many more hubs and things to explore.

  • Daniels Magallanes
    Daniels Magallanes 12 days ago +9

    Hey Josh! Have you ever consider doing a tier list about all the MMOs included in the Worst MMO series? I know tier lists are cliché by now, but I'd honestly be fun to watch what you think about your past experiences with those MMOs and which you think is the worst and the best of the worst

  • Kadmodir
    Kadmodir 12 days ago +5

    That jumping thing must've been either a baked in engine thing, or just a sign of the times it was made, because Both Toontown, And Wizard101 also have entirely cosmetic jump buttons

  • BobAndWeave
    BobAndWeave 16 days ago +825

    This was the only mmo I could play as a child in an impoverished household because the game didn’t log you out when you lost internet connection. I’d step outside with my laptop and steal my neighbors wifi to log in, then go back inside and just roam the empty world lol. I always appreciated it for that.

    • Command & Conquer
      Command & Conquer 16 days ago +13

      Are you crazy? You had a laptop in those times means you had rich parents and wifi, what are you even on about?!

    • Idiot Sandwich
      Idiot Sandwich 16 days ago +146

      @Command & Conqueryou don’t know when this happened you don’t know there age so you don’t know when there where a child you know nothing of who they are yet you say what they could and could not affford

    • AlphaOmega1237
      AlphaOmega1237 16 days ago +102

      @Command & Conquer He explicitly said that he had to steal the neighbors' wifi, which means his family didn't have an internet connection. That's not rich, buddy.

  • Teddy Glass
    Teddy Glass 14 days ago +36

    Sherwood was the first time I ever trolled anyone online. I would find a conversation happening in the chat and then log out and rename myself as one of the people talking. I'd bring up key points in whatever they were talking about and the person who I wasn't doppelganging would struggle to tell who was the original. It's even better copying their knight model (or skeleton if you rolled that way) and waiting for the two to separate before taking over their life lol

    • QPoily
      QPoily 11 days ago +4

      Holy shit I remember doing that in Club Marian. In hindsight it was kind of a weird thing to do but hot damn if it wasn't insanely hilarious.

  • Atem Andrew
    Atem Andrew 13 days ago +7

    Ah, the weird skeletons, the glowing weapons, those slightly articulated spiders... plenty of memories. Memories of those specific things and, really, nothing else.

  • Carlo Miranda
    Carlo Miranda 15 days ago +14

    "this game is 21 years old, this game can drink" and "the classic way of opening notepad to tell us what we are about to do", both pure perfect humour. Thank you so much

  • casulscrub
    casulscrub 10 days ago

    This brings back very ancient memories. I remember playing this game trying to find a free mmo to play as a child and I remember being instantly turned off by the controls and the way characters wield their weapons. It took me a while to identify this game in my memory banks.

  • Magic Man
    Magic Man 14 days ago +5

    I played this around 2008. Became the guild leader for one of the Major groups (BW). It was a lot of fun as a kid to pvp and play with decent action combat. Guilds usually had their own claimed rooms and other rival guilds would "raid" them causing a nonsensical pvp clash which would fill rooms with non-stop fighting. Good times.

    • What A Magician
      What A Magician 14 days ago +2

      Those raids were hilarious. you would just all appear then fight until you got got bored and declare victory. The alliances and political drama. BW was black warriors right lmfao

  • Lizzy
    Lizzy 16 days ago +660

    Great game, I used my grandma's credit card to rent a horse and roleplayed as it until she found out and kicked the sh#t out of me 10/10

    • Johnny Morocco
      Johnny Morocco 16 days ago +15


    • Ayashi
      Ayashi 16 days ago +13

      best comment I see today lmao

    • Sorrelhas
      Sorrelhas 16 days ago +20

      I once had 50 BRL in savings, bought a game worth 55 with my mom's credit card
      I didn't get a beating that intense when I bombed in school
      Credit cards are no laughing matter

    • I'm Lucas
      I'm Lucas 16 days ago

      That's a kekw from me my friend.

    • dylpyl
      dylpyl 16 days ago

      @Ayashithe tyt

  • Juan Abaca
    Juan Abaca 13 days ago +8

    The timing of this video was impressive. A few weeks ago, I logged in and played for while, and a crazy nostalgia hit me. I remember being part of a clan with rankings, pvp events, group screenshots, facebook group and all. Fun fact: the ship actually sailed around the island back then.

  • Tim Steiner
    Tim Steiner Day ago +1

    This game… oh my god. I forgot the name years ago and occasionally think of it so fondly. I was probably 8 when I played, so I had absolutely no clue what I was doing and just spawned, fought people, died, went back to RuneScape, died there, and repeat.

  • Hidole555
    Hidole555 15 days ago +3

    The thing I remember most is how some of the biggest clans were just differently colored names of warriors, you had the Red Warriors, the Black Warriors, the Green Warriors, etc. And they were often keen on using special characters in their names so the average player name from a clan would look something like §±GW±§-Tøxic

  • QPoily
    QPoily 11 days ago +2

    Weirdly enough my fondest memory of this game is using Cheat Engine to just scout around the dungeons.

  • Greg Allan
    Greg Allan 15 days ago +3

    I remember asking Josh to review this game and forcing my friends to play this crazy hallucinogenic experience with me! It's so bad but it's so nostalgic, also being able to dance by pressing forwards and backwards at the same time always entertains me for at least 5 minutes no matter what

  • Captain Cardigan
    Captain Cardigan 16 days ago +168

    This feels like a fever dream. 11 year old me used to play this game for a good while, albeit I never really knew what tf to do besides throwing myself headlong into a dungeon and grind out the same enemies for levels.
    Seeing this once again reawakened a lot of it and it’s very much just surreal on the fact I’m seeing it

    • Henrietta Lore
      Henrietta Lore 16 days ago +1

      Yeees I'm so glad someone else just ran around and fought thru dungeons not understanding the entire goal 😭🙏❤️

    • Dragonax
      Dragonax 13 days ago +1

      You could go on a boat and shoot enemies with bow as you go around. Then you watch their futile attempt at chasing you

  • Michael Morningstar - Livestreams & Shorts!

    I just got recommended this game. Like many others, I used to play this back in the day when you had the classic version and there on-ward until 2011. Thank you for the nostalgia you've brought to myself and others. Instant subscribe.

  • Andrew Choate
    Andrew Choate 7 days ago

    I believe every dungeon floor operates as a chat room and originally you used to be able to join any floor with the actual room id via chat commands. I remember playing the original very vividly when there were no runes, quests, mounts, or alternative maps. Besides the 1 update which added literally everything you saw today, the game has not changed at all except for a few updates

  • logvoid
    logvoid 12 days ago +1

    Never expected you to cover this game but glad that you did, I played this for a few hundred hours as a kid.

  • Hysorn
    Hysorn 13 days ago +6

    damn dude, I remember playing this game as a kid during the evening with only the moonlight and computer screen lighting my father's office while my sister would listen to "I write sins not tragedies" on the other room, for some reason this combo of events stuck with me all my life.

  • Elleyna
    Elleyna 14 days ago +1

    Seeing how much this game changed I'm kinda curios how the mmo Florensia looks like today. I used to play that one a lot but it's been over 10 years since then. Would love to see you cover Florensia as well

  • Aryan Taneja
    Aryan Taneja 16 days ago +137

    Holy fucking shit. I had completely forgotten about this game. I spent hours playing it when I was much younger. The thrill of finding good loot inside the dungeon and hoping to make it out alive was the craziest thing

    • TRON
      TRON 15 days ago +2

      u naughty boy

    • Aryan Taneja
      Aryan Taneja 14 days ago


    • Gerpar
      Gerpar 14 days ago +1

      Same, it seemed familiar so I looked up some old gameplay, and man did those single colour swords ever hit me with a wave of nostalgia

  • Artorio
    Artorio 4 days ago

    Man I remember this game from my childhood, it's unlocking memories in my brain, And also, the damned ship actually worked back then, it was really cool.

  • Christian Shakespeare

    This really gave me a flash from the past - this, Wizard101 and Toontown Online were the MMOs of my childhood.
    I got all my youth club to play those MMOs and remember it vividly.

  • Martin Lasek
    Martin Lasek 15 days ago +4

    Always a pleasure listening to your "Worst MMO Ever" series. I think I have a 100% completion streak on that one >__<
    PS. Are you planning on reviewing Flyff (Fly For Fun - Anime MMORPG) ?

  • Gabriel Borchers
    Gabriel Borchers 13 days ago +1

    Man, this game was me and my friends childhood , good to know it still exist

  • Devil Jin
    Devil Jin 11 days ago

    I love your series so much and this... I used to play this as a kid without any idea what to do! Love from Catalunya, Barcelona. I truly love your videos and now even more.

  • Exlon
    Exlon 16 days ago +290

    This video literally just unlocked some hidden memories in the back of my head. It is actually crazy that i remember playing this as a child yet nothing about it

    • Jesper Öberg
      Jesper Öberg 14 days ago +3


    • Echo Trash
      Echo Trash 14 days ago +4

      As young kid in the past, I downloaded this game, and all I remember doing is that I was in a grassy area, on a path with maybe a few trees in view, and there were at the very least 8 other people around me. There was also some type of building with a really big walk way into a town. It was weird that I can remember that. I don't really know if I actually played too much of the game or not.

    • Mondo Claus
      Mondo Claus 14 days ago +1

      same man. I think about this game from time to time but i completely forgot what it was called

    • Arku
      Arku 13 days ago +2

      Thought I'd never heard of this before but I recall playing it, now that I've seen the gameplay. Don't remember it being this shit, though. Guess we needed way less to be entertained back then.

    • luigi5125
      luigi5125 12 days ago

      Same, but I do remember specifically playing as the skeleton character, but not much else lol.

  • DaddyShrek
    DaddyShrek 8 days ago +1

    omg this game, been playing this for 15 years, i never expected you to review it xD
    fun fact, while the game still ran through shockwave 3D or flash, the ship in the starting area actually sailed around the island and people would have PVP battles for the control of the ship, it was actually quite fun
    then when they switched engines, the ship broke and now it never moves anymore

  • Thomas Piskorski
    Thomas Piskorski 13 days ago +2

    OH MY FUCKING GOD THANK YOU! You uncovered a memory from my early childhood that was buried deep in my mind

  • Averu
    Averu 15 days ago

    I played so many hours of this game as a 10 year old and never made significant progress ever, seriously some good memories.

  • AudioHQ _
    AudioHQ _ 13 days ago +1

    the shot of nostalgia that hit me when I realized that I played this game as a child hit me soooooo hard

  • Agamenon
    Agamenon 15 days ago +1

    I played this game for 1 day when I was like 10. I loved it and spent the day from morning to night playing it. Even my parents scolded me for that but lucky for them, I couldn't find the game the next day. I found the game on one of those websites that hosts all kind of flash games but the next day I just couldn't find the game there and I didn't remember the title to search for it elsewhere.
    Fast forward 8 years or so, I remembered the game and wanted to check it. After intense google searching I found it again. I tried to play it and man I felt disappointed. It felt uglier, clunkier, emptier and less lively than what I remember but I didn't want to be too hard on it because I just thought that the game has simply badly aged. In fact, I didn't want to keep playing because I just got bored after 30 minutes. But now, watching your video, the game really seems bad.
    Conclusion: kids are stupid.

  • Mr Jellyfish
    Mr Jellyfish 16 days ago +213

    Oh man. This is a blast from the past. I played this game in it's earliest versions. Back in the early 00s they didn't have all those portals or even multiple characters to choose from. You were just the knight and you went into a dungeon collecting loot. Then they added the portals, then the multiple character models, then full on quests.

    • Erubian Warlord
      Erubian Warlord 16 days ago +17

      and anything with an elemental affinity looked like it was made of pure colored crystal

    • Cosmic Wonderer
      Cosmic Wonderer 16 days ago +6

      YES! I was scrolling the comments to see if it was the game I remember as it looked so similar but no knight starting iron and the single dungeon everyone was running in and out of. Used to play it at the library as a kid lmao

    • Truly Visceral
      Truly Visceral 16 days ago

      all I remember is it wasn't that much of an RPG? I just wandered around with a few other players and hanging out. Wasn't there some way to get to the moon?

    • The Synergistic Composer
      The Synergistic Composer 16 days ago +1

      @Truly Visceral There was an other browser game, i think it was called moon mmo or something. Kinda similar in terms of style, so maybe you are thinking of that :D

    • Erubian Warlord
      Erubian Warlord 15 days ago +1

      @Truly Visceral not in the old version but the same dev had a moon based hangout 'game'

  • Alenori
    Alenori 14 days ago +1

    I've got a game you might enjoy Josh.
    It's called Eternal Lands, and it's been around since 2004 and has a pretty decent community keeping it alive!
    There's about a combined 8k people( in guilds, likely more non-guild people) that play it, and I'd say roughly a hundred people that play on each type of server!

  • Kud Ptay
    Kud Ptay 8 days ago

    This is such a blast from the past, and I'm pleased it's still operational after so many years! The cashier doesn't appear particularly opportunistic, just a touch random, and the

  • what the heck
    what the heck 10 days ago

    This game was my first introduction to seeing an "alive" RPG, there used to be so many players and it was an exhilarating experience as a kid, especially coming from games like Active Worlds, Gaia Online, and Battleon. I owe it to browser games to carry my love of gaming, my family was not the type to pay for game subscriptions.

  • GibbyMcFlurry
    GibbyMcFlurry 18 hours ago

    Loved this as a kid, even bought some of the pets like the dragon, horse and wolf 😅

  • Delta
    Delta 8 days ago

    i actually looked for this game a couple months back and couldnt find it at all, saw this video and it looked somewhat familiar to what I remembered, checked the website cause I remembered a space game being made by the same people and holy shit this is really it, i played this when i was a little kid and had no idea wtf I was doing but its like a core memory for me for some reason lol

  • Gamer magazin
    Gamer magazin 16 days ago +21

    19:11 In the old times i played on a game version where the ship circled around the island. As a 7 year old it was fun rolaplaying a priate and just go around the map again and again. It was cool af.

    • Stachwel
      Stachwel 15 days ago +2

      Yes! There were always tons of people on the ship dancing or fighting, sometimes both. I remember running for the ship with a group of people I knew only in this game and one guy was too slow and fell into the water. Probably one of my most random memories, but I still love it.

  • Solid Sneig
    Solid Sneig 11 days ago +1

    I remember being super frustrated with my progress not being saved so I made my very first internet account in this game. I was so paranoid about losing my login details that I scribbled them with a permanent marker on the wooden trunk we had by the household PC.
    It was probably the first MMO I ever played, one of the first places where I ever interacted with other people online in a live format, not knowing any English. If anything, this game has provided me with those opportunities and memories to cherish for as long as I can.

  • Shaun dc
    Shaun dc 13 days ago +4

    I ABSOLUTELY love how you wrapped that up. This is why you're my #1 favourite youtuber of all time. Once I get financially stable again ima be looking into a solid way to support you that doesn't break the bank. Cheers, Josh

  • nharviala
    nharviala 15 days ago +1

    Damn, this is painful. I used to love to play this. Even back when it was just a single room in 2005, the students who were still waiting for their parents would be allowed to go to the computer lab, and we'd all go here, and just play together. We'd make sure we were in the same lobby room, then go around and kill the transparent spiders and warriors. A couple of years later, I'd stay up late, playing this with Nick at Nite playing in the background... the fun memories! And that weird bug where, no matter how strong you got, if you got at least 5 floors higher, it would ignore your level and treat damage the same as the lower stages.

  • Khariismatic
    Khariismatic 7 days ago

    Just got out of Bootcamp and immediately came back to this gem of a channel. Missed you dearly and keep up the good work my man 💜☕️

  • Rare Corgi
    Rare Corgi 6 days ago

    I loved playing this game as a kid.
    I remember being an absolute menace at pvp/dueling, because I had managed to get to clearing out high 20s, low 30s dungeons, so my weapons were pretty strong. At the same time, because I had played runescape around the same time, I understood the fighting mechanics a little better, so I'd always end up having an upper hand. I somehow ended up as a clan leader, despite me not even knowing what a clan was at the time. I just rolled with it :P

  • SwordBreaker925
    SwordBreaker925 16 days ago +242

    Man this takes me back. I used to play so much of this game alongside Adventurequest and Runescape back in the browser gaming days. I swore I was one of the few who had ever heard of this game.

    • Slime Blue
      Slime Blue 16 days ago

      My entire school played this, it was awesome

    • Daniel Lepidus
      Daniel Lepidus 16 days ago

      You aren't alone in this childhood experience

    • Alopekis
      Alopekis 16 days ago +4

      I'm actually very surprised to see how many other people knew about it as well. I remember playing this _so_ much as a kid. I played a bit of Adventure Quest as well. Not a lot of Runescape though.

    • strechemall!
      strechemall! 16 days ago

      ​@AlopekisI'm not, back browser games days, this game was lit. It always had high activity

    • belstar
      belstar 16 days ago +1

      Runescape had worse graphics but much more content then Sherwood dungeon. people would play Sherwood dungeon for the wow like graphics and then quickly came back to runescape because they did everything in Sherwood in a short time. Adventurequest was ok but not a real mmo

  • Ace2464
    Ace2464 17 hours ago

    Oh wow I thought this was a fever dream. I found this game as a kid but for whatever reason the textures didn't load properly, so everything was dark green and black with a grey sky. I'm not 100% certain they're the same games, but the walk is super familiar and they both have Sherwood in the name.

  • Xevro
    Xevro 11 days ago +1

    Oh my god.. I used to play this when I was still a child. It looks so much different now though. Made a lot of friends and memories, got me into RP (forums) and such. PvP was fun too back then.

  • Soarel
    Soarel 15 days ago

    I remember this game and some of how bad it was, but my memories only scratched the surface. Surprised you didn’t mention the hilariously goofy way characters hold and swing weapons

  • Jeffry B
    Jeffry B 8 days ago

    I was just thinking about this game a few days ago and wondered if it still existed, but I couldn't remember what it was called. It's crazy that it still exists despite a lack of content and plethora of bugs. Maybe the rented mounts and stuff are only 12 month durations because there's absolutely no way you can stretch the content out that long.

  • Ghejt
    Ghejt 15 days ago +1

    Madly impressed with the frequency of uploads yet no drop in quality. You the bomb Josh

  • Laser Puppies
    Laser Puppies 16 days ago +119

    Wow, this is very nostalgic. I remember my little brother and I formed a guild for this game around 2008. There was no in-game support for guilds, so we made a WordPress site for our guild and recruited players in game chat. We even got about 30 people to join before we lost interest in the game. This is also the game where I got my first online girlfriend, though she broke up with me an hour later when I told her that i was a girl lol

    • Bel el Escabel
      Bel el Escabel 15 days ago +13

      Well, she clearly missed out on something great.

    • Dev Ro
      Dev Ro 14 days ago +3

      I remember this game at the height of my childhood and all the funny little guild wars that happened. This game, funnily enough, had a pretty hardcore playerbase that cared for nothing more than pvp and guild wars with the best items they could find in the dungeon.
      Fun times. 🤣🤣

    • AFR0 KAT
      AFR0 KAT 13 days ago +4

      really shows how you can make anything fun with the right people

    • SirNunyaBuiz
      SirNunyaBuiz 11 days ago +5

      Rip to your first girlfriend, lol.

    • SRSLY?
      SRSLY? 7 days ago +1

      I also met my first girlfriend on Sherwood dungeon and vividly remember Skyping her when my parents weren’t around and talking about when we could meet up irl

  • Sarewok
    Sarewok 12 days ago

    Holy hell what a wave of nostalgia, I used to play a lot of Sherwood Temple (which now apparently goes by Sherwood Classic) as a kid, what an absolutely horrible game.

  • Paulscotland
    Paulscotland 11 days ago +1

    This game somehow passed the restrictions at school, and we were able to play with each other in technology class ❤❤ those were the days

  • Rodd Boward
    Rodd Boward 15 days ago

    Remembering the entire map while watching was an interesting feeling, I played this game quite a bit as a kid lol.

  • Jame Logan
    Jame Logan 10 days ago

    Thank you for your service Josh. Doing the Lord's work playing these so no one else has to.

  • Rob DC
    Rob DC 15 days ago +1

    I once saw someone play this game when I was a kid and it has lived rent free in my head for almost 2 decades. I never knew the name so it just haunted my brainspace. Thank you for letting me finally forget haha.

  • Tragical
    Tragical 16 days ago +10

    never played this game as a kid, but going the Sherwood Forest with my parents was always nice. i live real close, but i haven't been there in a long while.

  • Akkey Ch. アッキー

    I had the time of my life watching this review! I spent so many hours playing this back when I was like 9 or 10 years old, before I played Runescape and before I discovered World of Warcraft. I laughed a lot but I'm still happy this game somehow still exists somehow, 21 years later. it's unbelievable!
    As I'm reading the comments I see a lot of people that know the game and have memories having played it too.
    Imagine what this game could've been if the devs actually put minimal effort into it lol

  • Extramrdo
    Extramrdo 10 days ago

    I remember when attack was "hold shift." My freewebs page had a "combo list" you could do in this game, none of which were actual combos, but just right animation cancellations of the two attacks. Half of the game was forcing your browser to lag (by scrolling the window) so that the lag compensation would warp you through walls. You didn't have jump, but you'd use the lag tech to speed enough to walk forward over the edge of a railing. You could climb all the way up those bronze towers in the main world, on their railings alone.

  • Barnacle Boy
    Barnacle Boy 15 days ago +1

    I was thinking about this game the other day but had absolutely no idea what it called or basically anything about it other than I remember playing it on the browser and there were skeleton knights. It was like a fever dream trying to piece any of it together but this is it.

  • anon anonecki
    anon anonecki 13 days ago +1

    God, this unlocked some absolutely ancient memories

  • Zelbess
    Zelbess 15 days ago +1

    I'm so glad you're doing these videos. Sherwood Dungeon is one of those games I played where I never thought i would see any kind of essay about it!

  • Terran NBD
    Terran NBD 16 days ago +178

    I preferred the moon chat room thing. Being one of the privileged few who knew how to boost up on the tiny Earth planet was prestigious.

    • MyLazySundae
      MyLazySundae 16 days ago +21

      Bro I was thinking about that exact game as well. I even remember getting on that planet earth lol the moon buggy was fun

    • Terran NBD
      Terran NBD 16 days ago +6

      @MyLazySundae Hahaha! Yeah, exactly!

    • aceyyyy
      aceyyyy 16 days ago +4

      I wander if there's a version of that available anywhere, or if anyone who sees these comments has the capabilities of bringing it back? I just want to fly to the earth again and hang out haha

    • Terran NBD
      Terran NBD 16 days ago +1

      @aceyyyy Evidently there's some sort of discord link related to it and they have a copy?...I'm too lazy to go through the effort of it, but its very possible it still exists. Probably not online, but maybe an offline copy.

  • transient waveform
    transient waveform 11 days ago

    Josh the version I played of this was "use the basic melee attack until you or the enemy dies". This game has not changed in any meaningful way since around 2006. Oh my god.
    I should stress that I adore this goofy oddity and all the other games Gene has made. It's just a strange artifact of a strange era.

  • SOCOMJohn
    SOCOMJohn 12 days ago +1

    I used to play this ALOT back in the day, the thing I loved about this game was you could choose a certain color/gang. Made me feel more immersed

    • LongDong Silver
      LongDong Silver Day ago

      they made it so you could bang colors to attract african americans to play the game.

  • ZawZaw
    ZawZaw 15 days ago

    I used to play this game, and if I recall correctly - elemental damage actually used to do something, and also DoTs were a thing - spiders were at least a little difficult cause they poisoned you.
    I did actually go back to sherwood about a year ago, played 10 minutes and had to drop it. its mind numbing.

  • CarsonsChannel
    CarsonsChannel 3 days ago

    I remember playing this with my brother and cousin waaaay back in the day. We were looking for multiplayer games we could play online and found this one. We thought it was great for about 2 weeks until we found runescape and never touched it again.

  • Doom Guy
    Doom Guy 15 days ago

    Nostalgia! Played this a lot back in the days, I didn't even knew what I was doing most of the time, the random colored spiders, very weird.

  • RQS321
    RQS321 16 days ago +57

    This was the first MMO I ever experienced, along with Maid Marian's chat room game. I am actually shocked they even updated it and kept it going even today. You've got to do the other games now Josh, you have stumbled across a rabbit hole if you have never seen this before. It HAS to happen! I can't believe this game turned up here. Thank you for the video!

  • VM97
    VM97 7 days ago

    This revives some core memories man jeez! I played this for hours and hours back in the day, most of the time had no idea what i was doing. They should do a little remaster for the og nerds 😂

  • Jordan
    Jordan 10 days ago

    this game actually had a really developed pvp/clan scene back in its heyday. PVP had some cool tech and whatnot that actually made it engaging. It's a shame that anyone checking out the game nowadays wouldn't be able to experience what was the actual core gameplay, as I'm sure the pvp/clan scene has been long dead now.

  • Jetstream Eboue
    Jetstream Eboue 15 days ago

    Man thank you so much for this video! Even when I was in middle school I realized that the game was basic but I grinded to level 18 just to see all the special attacks and also to show off to my friend who for some reason loved the game.

  • Limehawk
    Limehawk 9 days ago

    I remember there being real jump physics and you could glitch onto ledges and climb the towers and the castle which was unintended. Wish i could play that version again.

  • EAmoosey
    EAmoosey 15 days ago +1

    With everything going wrong with this game, this review was very entertaining.

  • GodSammitDam
    GodSammitDam 16 days ago +9

    OMG THIS IS IT! There was a game I played for a bit a while ago and I could never remember its name. It was this! Cause I was a skeleton! Also, PvP could be broken where I would walk and phase straight through who I was fighting, hitting them in the back. Their attacks would stop and they'd have to spin around to retarget me. I'd just walk through them again and... Yeah 😅

  • Jamie Eddolls
    Jamie Eddolls 14 days ago

    Some crazy nostalgia here. I remember playing this very faintly as a kid not having a clue what I was doing and just exploring.

  • andrewstencel
    andrewstencel 14 days ago

    I used to play this on my school's computer back in the day. Selecting the skeleton model gave me a lot more fps than any other. Good times.

  • Karl Chinaski
    Karl Chinaski 14 hours ago

    This is bringing back a lot of memories. My buddy and I played this 12 or 14 years ago, the graphics are the same I swear lol (and gameplay and bugs)

  • Cats Lila and Salem
    Cats Lila and Salem 12 days ago

    I played one of the first versions of this one as an kid, with way less stuff but i still loved it. Game memory also got random wiped multiple times, maybe with updates, and there was not an inlog i think

  • Nathan
    Nathan 18 hours ago

    I used to love this about 10 years ago it has changed a bit since i played it. It was amazing

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 16 days ago +19

    Sherwood Dungeon was my favorite childhood MMO because I legitimately couldn’t afford to play any other MMO games. But after trying out the game earlier this year, it truly was a shadow of its former self. Couldn’t agree more with this review. And yes, those bugs and certain exploits have been in the game for over a decade now. 😂

  • WorgenatorWoW
    WorgenatorWoW 20 hours ago

    The elemental effects on the weapons bring back so much nostalgia

  • Brent Elliott
    Brent Elliott 15 days ago

    omg I have been looking for this game for SO LONG. I vaguely remembered playing this as a child but couldn't remember enough of it to actually find it online. Thanks for digging this up!!

  • Walhbert H.
    Walhbert H. 15 days ago

    I remember getting the whole class to play this in computer lab back in 6th grade. That was the closest thing i had to a LAN party lmao

  • Dher
    Dher 16 days ago +183

    OMG, YES! I loved this game, it is really unique and uniquely bad. The creator was probably the only person to develop this kind of games with Adobe Shockwave, I love his Tank Ball 2 game, an online multiplayer tank shooter.

    • Sebastian
      Sebastian 16 days ago +8

      Tank Ball and Sherwood were really fun for me and my friends back in those days 😂

    • Shiny Corviknight
      Shiny Corviknight 16 days ago +10

      THE TANK GAME WAS SO COOL! We had such an amazing childhood.

    • Ave Mitchell
      Ave Mitchell 16 days ago +5

      Real ones would Google shockwave games instead of flash games 🔥🔥

    • aceyyyy
      aceyyyy 16 days ago +10

      the moon base one was SO fun as a kid, learning how to fly from the moon to the tiny earth you can see in the distance was such a fun challenge, I wish I could play it now just for a bit of a nostalgia trip but I don't think that's possible :(

    • What A Magician
      What A Magician 16 days ago +4

      Tbh all those games except tankball were really more 3d chat rooms than games. Even Sherwood was about the social experience more than actually playing🕹️