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Japanese Minimalist🇯🇵: What I eat in a day |Simple Recipes|

  • Published on Jan 20, 2022 veröffentlicht
    Hi, I'm Aki, a minimalist who is a school teacher living in a small village in Japan.
    Today, I’ll be sharing about what I eat in a day from morning to night.
    To be honest, my daily diet isn't as cool as any other Vlogger.
    However, in this video, you will be able to see "What Japanese people usually eat every day", and "How to make delicious matcha and cook rice" ,so please watch it until the end.
    So, let’s get started!
    WHO AM I:
    Welcome to samurai matcha journey! I'm Aki, a minimalist, kimono style school teacher in Japan. I make videos about my usual life in really country side of Japan. You can enjoy beautiful scenery, learn about Japan, and pick up some interesting lifestyle tips.
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    Many people have been asking me how to buy things that I use,
    so I tried to find products that is the same or similar to my items on amazon in the USA.
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    Minimal lifestyle
    Japanese food
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    FACEBOOK mizuno.akihito​
    If you’d like to talk, feel free to email me at samuraimatcha.japan@gmail.com I try my best to reply to things but there sadly aren't enough hours in the day to respond to everyone...
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  • Raphael Cardoso
    Raphael Cardoso Year ago +964

    "I'm sorry it's not very fancy and cool"
    Dude it's so COOOOOOOL
    As a Brazilian living in France, my breakfast is two slices of bread with brie cheese + sliced banana with oats and honey (I like to eat in the morning it makes me feel strong)
    In the lunch, I usually have rice/mashed potatoes/chicken with onions and soy sauce, with a tangerine on the side.
    For dinner, it's either crêpes (with cheese ham and eggs) or couscous with eggs, and yogurt on the side. If it's too late I won't drink tea but I love it!
    I incorporated many french elements in my daily meal routine, but some north-eastern Brazilian roots are still here, such as liking a strong breakfast

    • Juce
      Juce 22 hours ago

      @Fishingislife95 French food is disgusting. Period.

    • Fishingislife95
      Fishingislife95 Day ago

      With all the delicious food in France that’s what your eating lmao

    • Lesya Rosa
      Lesya Rosa Month ago +1

      ​@n mo I eat more or less as your uncle. We have the mediterranean diet here. And, yes, most of us eat a banana per day for decades with just benefits. The balance and as organic products as possible, are the key.

  • frank post
    frank post Year ago +636

    Man this might not sound insanely "fancy and cool" to you, but to me, a high school student in America, all of this food is really awesome, and I cannot wait to try matcha myself, as I love tea but have never tried it.

    • Saurav Kumar
      Saurav Kumar Month ago

      Don't get excited. He said it is healthy and healthy foods aren't tasty.

    • Matthew Noble
      Matthew Noble Month ago

      I want to eat the traditional Japanese breakfast every day. The one with salmon

    • Matthew Noble
      Matthew Noble Month ago

      Amazing English dude

    • Melvin Jansen
      Melvin Jansen 2 months ago

      Doesnt taste like any tea i know

    • Life with Nick and Hayley
      Life with Nick and Hayley 4 months ago

      If you can possibly avoid it, do some research on how to prepare traditional matcha. There are many expensive items you can buy, however, most importantly buy CEREMONIAL matcha. It is significantly more expensive but it is much much better than the next grade down, culinary grade. If your powder is a brownish, grey dark green colour, you are using culinary grade. Make sure your powder is BRIGHT GREEN. The difference between the two is like vinegar and wine.
      The next thing you want to do is ensure that the powder is evenly mixed and frothed. You can use a traditional whisk or if you already have a French press, we froth ours like that currently. If you don't have any other means to froth it, just buy a proper matcha whisk (chasen) starting at $10 upwards.
      I'd recommend watching many more matcha preparation and appreciation videos.

  • Zach Seabass
    Zach Seabass Month ago +5

    Aki: "I'm sorry that's not very fancy and cool.."
    Also Aki: *records an entertaining process of healthy traditional meal preparation with RPG alchemist vibes*
    No, this is beyond cool.

  • Katelyn Pringle
    Katelyn Pringle 7 months ago +93

    ive started eating rice for breakfast (usually with green onions, a medium fried egg and soy sauce on top) and i gotta say it is a freaking amazing way to start the day. Since i make the rice in advance the whole thing only takes 3 min and it fills me up for hours.

    • Katelyn Pringle
      Katelyn Pringle 28 days ago +1

      @Miranda Marquette i don't do anything fancy, just seal it in tupperware and throw it in the fridge

    • Miranda Marquette
      Miranda Marquette 28 days ago

      Do you ever save leftover rice? If so what is the best way to safely store it after it's cooked?

    • Katelyn Pringle
      Katelyn Pringle Month ago +1

      @Richard Vass i would never

    • Richard Vass
      Richard Vass Month ago

      I don't know if you know about leftover rice syndrome...but be careful to not leave it out at room temperature.

    • Sylvia Carlson
      Sylvia Carlson 2 months ago +2

      That sounds good Katelyn! I will cook some Wild Rice beforehand and have it for breakfast tomorrow.

  • Dr Dogfather ゴゴゴゴ
    Dr Dogfather ゴゴゴゴ 9 months ago +101

    I really admire the way the Japanese and Eastern cultures as a whole eat very healthy and digestible food. I'm from Romania, Eastern Europe, so I was raised with a cuisine that's pretty much fat wrapped in fat, cooked in fat. Only recently have I started to eat healthier, and to me, it's like a new life full of energy!
    Love your channel, good luck with future videos!

    • n mo
      n mo Month ago +1

      @Elvan Şavklı factor in the hard labour and all traditional diet is good. I have seen sherpa type of people eating vegetarian in the Indian Himalaya. basically green coriander chutney with marijuana seeds, thick lentil soup, rice or flat bread and two tablespoons (yes) of ghee at each meal. Breakfast is a cup of milk, fruit and dry bread. Going up and down the steep slopes all day like goats!

    • Mozorella stick
      Mozorella stick 4 months ago +10

      For farmers and labourers that mcuh fat was needed and healthy in their diet. Don't look down on ur ancestors, u wouldn't be here without them and their food! :-)

    • Elvan Şavklı
      Elvan Şavklı 6 months ago +9

      hi , the thing is fat is healthy . everything they told you about fat is wrong.

    • L C
      L C 8 months ago +3

      @Heywood Jablowme It doesn't get very cold in most of Europe, though. It's only cold in Russia and the Nordic countries. Romania doesn't get very cold. It also doesn't really get hot anywhere in Europe. The climate is extremely mild with almost no variation.
      For example, where I live in the US, the winters are very slightly colder than Romania, but the summers average close to 10C - 15C hotter. The places in North America that have summers as mild as Romania get multiple meters of snow and have winters 20C colder.
      In fact, Sapporo in Hokkaido, Japan has a very similar climate (in terms of monthly high/low temps) to Romania. It's mainly different cultures.

    • Heywood Jablowme
      Heywood Jablowme 8 months ago +13

      The cold european winters called for cuisine high in fat though, its how people survived them a long time ago

  • Tim Steidl
    Tim Steidl Year ago +473

    Watching your videos always warms my heart. I don't know if it is just me but watching you relaxes me. Thank you for the great content!

    • Kent Lao Gomez
      Kent Lao Gomez 7 months ago +1

      Yes! I agree. It’s relaxing but also motivating me to have a more focused life. Thank you!!

    • Shimin Jiang
      Shimin Jiang 9 months ago +1

      It's the energy~ ☺ It's the matcha!

    • S G
      S G 9 months ago +1


    • val woodford
      val woodford Year ago +3

      I don't know how I happened upon these minimalist videos. I subscribed right away.
      I'm going to get rid of my electric kettle and get an iron kettle. And going to buy Matcha tea. That I can do. I eat brown rice but want to learn your other dishes. Thankyou

    • val woodford
      val woodford Year ago +3

      Relaxes me as well.

  • Elena Alvarez
    Elena Alvarez 10 months ago +99

    I love the simplicity of the meals and the ritualistic part of it. Thank you for sharing this with us. I am a vegetarian so no meat, poultry, or fish for me! But I am inspired now to make simple and easy meals for myself! Thank you so much!

  • Iana Vodenicharova
    Iana Vodenicharova 4 months ago +11

    I admire the Japanese attitudes to diet. The small portions ensure that we don't overeat and we can actually finish the food on the plate without any waste. It also allows us to have variety of foods so that we include as many nutrients which we require on a daily basis and it also looks better, more beautiful and pleasing. I try to be aware of my portions and exercise control so I get the right amount of food that my body needs. This can be different depending on age, height, gender and level of activity during the day. The more active you are the more food you might require to get more energy.
    I've had some experience of drinking matcha tea but it wasn't the traditional ceremonial matcha tea powder. I have had a matcha tea KitKat a few times. I enjoy the taste!
    The way that people eat in certain countries in Europe are actually quite healthy and promote longer life span. For example, the Mediterranean diet in countries like Italy and Greece are associated with lower rates for heart disease and cancer. People cook more and prepare meals with fresh locally sourced ingredients. France has a reputation for high quality and fresh ingredients in home cooking and keeps people slim. People in these countries consume less processed foods and snacks. That's why they're healthier. Britain's obesity rate is higher than most other countries in Europe.

  • Carol Hansen
    Carol Hansen 6 months ago +7

    Your students are lucky to have you! Your simple meals reflect your simple life. Your home is clean and peaceful, not cluttered and noisy. Many of us are trying to learn again how to live our lives with fewer and simpler things. Your channel shows how peaceful a life not focused on consumerism can be.

  • Donna Armstrong
    Donna Armstrong Year ago +31

    I am an Asian-American (although not Japanese). I love to eat miso soup, rice with kimchi or nori and oily fish for breakfast every day. I never get tired of it. I am going to try it with egg. It sounds delicious. I live with Americans, so the evening meal is often Western food. I always cook plenty of clear soups to start the meal and they love it.

  • raissaguiar
    raissaguiar Year ago +66

    love how exited he is to show us how to make perfect matcha xd

  • Pink Magic Ali
    Pink Magic Ali 6 days ago

    My mum learned about “cat rice” and now sometimes has that for breakfast. I don’t like salty food at breakfast but I love Japanese food. The more I learn the happier I am.

  • Catriona
    Catriona Year ago +55

    I am from Andalucía, in Spain. We use to drink a cold drink that I love: gazpacho. (I drink it in all the seasons). The recipe is tomatoes, green pepper, cucumber, garlic, vinegar, salt, and extra virgin olive oil. You can do enough for a big bottle. Then, in your lunch, dinner, etc, you only have to serve it in a glass, with two glasses you have enough. I use to drink it in all my meals till is finished. It is very healthy and it hydrates you very much. The field workers in the past used to drink eat to recover the forces. You can find it in the supermarket abroad but that is totally different, that is only tomato juice. It is better if you do it at home.

    • Gracie M
      Gracie M 3 months ago

      @Almond Minni the traditional food from
      🇪🇸 don’t use hot peppers 😊

    • Catherine Crow
      Catherine Crow 4 months ago

      Thanks for this reminder.. it is delicious and I like to eat it as soup!!

    • Nico Chan
      Nico Chan 7 months ago

      Ah yes just wondering if anyone else has the problem of garlicky breath when consuming this? And brushing the teeth does not help 😂, so no I can't drink/consume this because it makes me unable to interact with people even though it's delicious

    • Ikwigsjoyful
      Ikwigsjoyful 8 months ago

      @Robin M P My understanding is that traditionally gazpacho is served as a drink, and most of the recipes I've seen (including the one I use) involve blending the vegetables quite fine so it's more of a thick juice. But I've eaten very tasty, more souplike gazpacho in restaurants in the U.S. where the vegetables are just chopped up and kind of floating in a seasoned tomato juice. So I guess these days it depends on which you prefer.

    • Robin M P
      Robin M P 10 months ago +3

      Isnt Gazpatcho like a cold soup? is that a drink the way you make it?

  • Remy Voloshchuk
    Remy Voloshchuk Year ago +28

    Your food looks so healthy and delicious!
    I'm a Ukrainian living in the US, and my food varies by season, but in the winter, it is the following:
    Breakfast: Rye bread with eggs or other topping, like peanut butter. Sometimes spinach pie with tofu (I promise it is delicious) with black tea (I like to eat a lot of protein in the morning, so I don't get hungry before lunch)
    Lunch: I like to eat borscht with beans, split pea soup, or some other kind of hearty stew
    Dinner: sometimes I make just a hearty salad with bean and sweet potatoes, sometimes I have noodles, and sometimes I make a nice complete dinner with my SO (that usually includes beer as well)!
    I also drink more tea throughout the day and after every meal, and sometimes snack on carrots and fruit (in the winter, it is mainly apples)

  • Shina93
    Shina93 6 months ago +7

    I'm happy to see a more down-to-earth example of what Japanese eat! The effort i see some other youtubers put into their food, plus having several different and (for my standard) complicated to prepare ingredients is so far from my own style 😂 I'm way closer to yours!

  • Megah Harry
    Megah Harry Year ago +36

    I truly like the simplicity of this lifestyle, thank you for sharing your daily life with us. Suggestion, would you please incorporate Japanese wordings in your videos so we can learn along how to say, understand and apply certain Japanese words in daily conversation with Japanese friends. Thank you.

  • Nevi Balezdrova
    Nevi Balezdrova Year ago +15

    This is deff pretty cool! Would love to see more Japanese meal preparation, rituals, sayings, unusual foods and how to cook them. I feel like it'd be a great thing to try out myself here in the UK

  • Memorable Happenstance

    I found your videos a few days ago and love all of them! I bought and tasted matcha today. I didn't think I would like it as much as I did. It wasn't as bitter as I thought it would be, and it had a very slight taste of seaweed, which was a nice surprise! I don't have the special wisp, so I used a small balloon-shaped one that worked okay for now. Thank you for being inspiring :)

  • Dani F.
    Dani F. Year ago +21

    Cheers to you my friend, I don't need "fancy" when I see this simple, healthy, authentic Japanese lifestyle! 😍
    I recently started including Japanese style dishes in my Mediterranean diet and I love it, I think they are the healthiest cuisines 😀❤️

  • Bok Woon Chua
    Bok Woon Chua Year ago +46

    Wow that udon looks so good. The fact that you can eat it everyday and not get tired of it really speaks for itself.

  • Lettie
    Lettie Month ago

    I love how healthy and simple this routine is!!

  • Sue van der Ende
    Sue van der Ende Year ago +32

    Another great video Aki. I eat brown rice as well, I have done for many years. And miso soup. Yesterday I bought “the blue zone kitchen” by Dan Buettner, it’s a recipe book full of recipes from Okinawa, and other blue zone regions. I bought it because I want to live a VERY long, happy, healthy life! I think you want this too so maybe you will find the book interesting as well. Soon I will have a go making matcha tea. I need to buy the thing you stir with first. The igloo looked fun!

    • Samurai Matcha
      Samurai Matcha  Year ago +3

      Thanks always for sharing me great comments! I'm curious about Okinawa's food too;-D

    FYANRD Year ago +29

    I can’t believe that u said daily routine wasn’t cool. It absolutely WAS! I subscribed and liked immediately after watching it!! I love Japan. Can’t wait to visit!👍🏾

  • Janine Bills
    Janine Bills 2 months ago

    I’m from the US but I’ve never really liked western breakfast food. About a year and a half ago I started eating Japanese style breakfast. とてもおいしいです!^ - ^
    I felt so much better and stayed full for a very long time.
    Now almost every day starts with miso soup, rice, various pickles or veggies, tofu/egg/fish. 😊

  • Laura Larkin
    Laura Larkin 3 months ago +3

    I love how you have specified exactly how many seconds you should take to stir or cook something. That is real precision!

  • AttackChao
    AttackChao 19 days ago

    Thank you so much for the mason jar version of how to make matcha! It'll make adding matcha to my life so much easier!

  • Sasha Wilkinson
    Sasha Wilkinson 9 days ago

    I was quite surprised to hear that modern Japanese people are eating western breakfast, really didn’t think that would be a thing. And thank you for the tip with matcha I was really struggling to make them nice. ❤

  • Basic Needs 101
    Basic Needs 101 15 days ago

    I try to keep my food simple because I am a minimalist too. Breakfast is an apple. Lunch is some variety of bean soup with vegetables. Supper is rice, pasta, or homemade bread and vegetables. Thanks for making this video. I enjoyed you showing us how to make Matcha precisely.

  • Summer Kwai
    Summer Kwai Year ago +5

    I am an American Japanese. I think your breakfast is VERY COOL. I grew up eating the typical American breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast & milk. It was once the recommended diet for healthy eating years ago in the U.S. That has idea has changed as bacon is not really healthy at all & is really bad for people with high cholesterol like me. As an adult I have changed my way of eating. I believe your diet is much healthier & is a real inspiration to me. I love your videos. Thank you! ❤️☺️🌺

  • Niklas
    Niklas Year ago +69

    Great vid!
    In our Swedish household we usually eat the following:
    Breakfast - Oat porridge or bread with butter and cheese with a cup of fresh brewed coffee
    Lunch - A quick pasta
    Fika - More coffee with some sweet bread or cookies
    Dinner - Fish or vegetarian meatballs with potatoes and sauce

    • magnetfisch
      magnetfisch 4 months ago

      Fika Sounds like German "Kaffe und Kuchen" (Coffee and Cake) in a smaller Version 🤣

    • Maddy Mac
      Maddy Mac 9 months ago +2

      @Nili Marcia I am not Swedish, I’m Canadian, but living in a northern country this food sounds very normal to me. Consider that traditionally northern countries did not have access to fruit and vegetables for the majority of the year. Ofc it’s different in modern times, but the history of a nation still shapes societal norms. Grains, fish and animal products (milk cheese eggs etc) are staples when veggies only grow 2-3 months of the year! :)

    • Nili Marcia
      Nili Marcia 11 months ago +1

      Oh my goodness, where are your vegetables, salads, fruit...??

    • Ebrelus
      Ebrelus Year ago +1

      Do you have diebeties already?? Carbs plus carbs+ coffee+carbs for fast bad fat production, and some potato carbs. You know human can function in perfect health eating 0 carbs & eating 1 meal a day right? You basically attack your pancreas & liver & gut 4 times or more a day. You also replaced healthy meat with artificial plastic substitute. You think its natural for body & healthy? Only butter, cheese(i Hope real not processed substitute) & fish saves you from dying of starving body away from real nutrition. If you also use plant oil for frying God save you. If you live 65 & without any transplantation it will be a miracle. And it common for majority of Europeans. That's the only reason so many ppl died in last year's. They earned half-dead state.

    • holboroman
      holboroman Year ago

      Demon Slayer Sell, let the cool kids suffer!

  • Saira Kudamara
    Saira Kudamara Year ago +8

    Right now I'm stuck in quarantine and when I discovered your channel, I started binge watching your videos
    Your videos are quite relaxing and it's to watch them during the evenings!
    I kinda want to try out matcha, but I don't think they sell it at my country

  • Kenneth Quesenberry
    Kenneth Quesenberry 2 months ago

    You, sir, are a perfectionist.
    I eat a variety of breakfast foods, from an egg & cheese omelet to highly processed dry cereal, always with coffee. My wife tends to eat oatmeal every morning, with tea. I have no idea what our next-door neighbor eats. But when I was little, in the 1950s, and sometimes ate dinner at other people's houses (rarely breakfast), everyone seemed to eat the same thing, but it always tasted different from the way it did at home.
    The British eat baked beans for breakfast, among other things.

  • rainsoakedpuppy
    rainsoakedpuppy Year ago +13

    Cannot overstate the usefulness of even a decent enameled cast iron dutch oven. They are incredible for searing, slow simmering, and even good for deep-fat frying. You can even bake in them! Staub and Le Creuset are considered among the best, but the prices are prohibitive. In the US, a 4.5 to 6 quart dutch oven made by a reputable, but less expensive manufacturer (Lodge) will cost about 70-80 USD or about 8100-9300 Yen. If you can find something available in that price range or less it would probably be a decent deal.

  • Patricia Rist
    Patricia Rist 2 months ago

    I love this channel ❤️ it's so wholesome! I actually had a bad day and I'm watching this and it's already working, I'm feeling a bit better. Much love from Romania

  • FlyingJustToFall
    FlyingJustToFall 7 months ago +3

    I can honestly say i would like to try and live like this.
    Wish i had the courage, knowledge and money to do something like this. Looks peaceful and awesome.
    Great to not be tied to useless gadgets and fancy spendings... Very inspiring.

  • Marlo Blythe
    Marlo Blythe 7 months ago +2

    Hi Aki, thank you for sharing little pieces of your life with us. It's very brave of you because I can tell that you don't do it for the attention, but simply to share. That is, to me an important part of the minimalist lifestyle. To be able to give away something that you might be tempted to keep all for yourself. You show us that it is healthier to open one's place of "hoarding", literally or figuratively, and melt into the fabric of presence and community. Your videos show that you have built a life that allows you to do this very well. I'm a mixed media artist, a gardener, an ecologist, moves a lot, and in general someone that wears many hats. It is a constant and everyday practice to remain minimal by questioning my priorities and how they change. I enjoy the movement and flow of meaningful items coming in and going out of my life, much like food being prepared, and then disappearing to become a part of us, and also in part returning back to the earth in another form. Look at how you've made me think deeply. Have you started a virtual minimalist dojo? Count me in!

  • PiXi Jo
    PiXi Jo  Year ago +14

    I love japanese traditional food! It's so healthy!! And yummy! Being in south africa though people find it super duper WEIRD!!! LOVE your food choices!

  • Shina93
    Shina93 6 months ago

    I'm a 29y/o German living in Germany. For breakfast I eat self-mixed Müsli with Joghurt.
    For my main dish during the day, it's green salad 😂 i sometimes add things depending on my mood, either greek cheese, cucumber, tomatoes. Depending on how hungry i am, I eat it with German bread (there are many different kinds of bread here). Occasionally i would also grill vegan meat to it, but not very often.
    For dinner, I might eat the same thing again a few hours later, or have Joghurt with fruit.
    *the Joghurt I eat is plain and vegan. Before I started to reduce my consumption of animal products, I ate milk-based plain Joghurt instead :)

  • Yun
    Yun Month ago +1

    So fun watching different kinds of foods and lifestyles, you're very entertaining! Thanks for showing us

  • Emìlija Divaine
    Emìlija Divaine 10 months ago +1

    Latvian kitchen is various in modern, european style, but traditional is"sklandurauši", the special kind of rye bread, filled with carrots and potato a little bit, .... and brown boiled peas (this is a special sort) with choped beacon and choaped onions, baked on usual pan, add a littlle sour cream, and then pour over. Tasty! In our festival Līgo (midsummer celebration) homemade special cheese we made from curd, eggs, milk, species like cumin, but there is special latvian sort "ķimenes" to add, and made sunny yellow cheese, to salute the sun🙂 come together your friend both to Latvija and try this and a lot another💗💗💗 arigato for show a matcha making!!!🤩

  • Pragathi Achar
    Pragathi Achar Year ago +5

    Thank you for finally showing us how to prepare the Matcha tea 🍵 I was waiting for this from so long! I love the aesthetic feel your videos have! I always get insights from your videos! Keep up the great work Aki-san! 👏🏻👏🏻

  • Redd Rabbit505
    Redd Rabbit505 Year ago +8

    The built in fish grill is really cool. Thanks for helping us learn about minimalism in Japan. Where you live has much natural beauty.

  • Jenn B
    Jenn B 9 months ago +6

    I really how you pay attention to presentation, even when just cooking for yourself. It seems like a real act of self-care and self-respect. Like, why shouldn't you eat something beautiful when eating solo? You have inspired me to cook more elegantly and with more adventurous ingredients. (I'm from the UK where we love our fried beige stodge and eating out of containers...)

  • nicodemuscg
    nicodemuscg Year ago +2

    You have so many friends! It seems like there is more with every video. I'd love to see how you host friends as a minimalist and how your friends react to how you live.

  • oswin hull
    oswin hull 3 months ago +2

    Pretty cool. I like to think of myself as minimalist as well. The tea ceremony doesn't feel very minimal tbh. You have a bunch of specialized instruments for preparing it. I think of minimalism as straight forward and minimizing the amount of stuff you have. The matcha shaking method seems way more minimalist. Also smoothies aren't very minimalist. It would be more minimalist to simply eat the ingredients you put in your smoothie and get rid of the blender.

  • OhTheIrony OfCreatingAnArtist

    Now I'll definitely start incorporating more rice into my diet, your meals are so cool!
    I'm a Romanian living in Italy and while Romanian foods are covered in fat, Italian foods tend to be heavy in carbs. In Romania I grew up in a village, so I used to eat many traditional foods. For me, meals used to be leftovers for breakfast (such as pilaf, a rice based dish that we usually cooked for dinner) or fried eggs with fried potatoes, a chicken soup bowl for lunch and fried meat for dinner.
    In Italy, these days I usually prefer a yogurt with some fruit on the side for breakfast, a plate of pasta for lunch or if my Romanian mom is cooking, then it's either rice or vegetable/chicken soup and then I usually skip dinner. If I do eat dinner it's probably because I went out with friends and we got pizza or sushi.

  • pip fox
    pip fox Year ago +1

    while watching this video from Australia, i was inspired to try a new dessert. I am recovering from a bout of food poisoning at Christmas (ow!), my stomach has been pretty unhappy lately. I knew about Aloe vera and similar medicinal aloes, and have used them successfully on my skin to soften it and heal etc. Didn't know you could eat the gel, but its apparently a good way to heal the gut. So tonight i had: hemp seed, a little chopped apple for sweetener, and some aloe vera gel. Mouth feel is a bit weird but tasted fine! lets hope a few of these desserts will help heal whatever went wrong a few weeks ago. Thanks for making me feel brave enough to try out my own new recipe!

  • Solo piano, amico...

    Very nice! In Brazil I eat a dish that is just Mandioca flour pour evenlly into a hot pan. It's called tapioca, and it's delicious when paired with Carioca Coffee and cream cheese.

  • Bommelchen
    Bommelchen Year ago +14

    Yay a new video :)
    I drink matcha every day now because of you and I really feel better! I completely dropped drinking coffee
    thank you for your inspiring videos

  • Marie E.
    Marie E. 9 months ago +1

    i'm half filipino and half lebanese so growing up we would mostly eat bread with breakfasts with a lot of fruits and raw veggies as well- but at the same time we had alot of rice in our diet too so a mix of both worlds i guess xD later on especially after college i started learning how to make japanese food and its really fun and one of my favorite cuisines XD i miss japan- last i was there i stayed with a japanese family it was a wonderful experience!

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    yannlih 8 months ago +1

    Your videos are really interesting, I subscribed! I’m also kind of a minimalist. In Germany people eat a lot of bread. For breakfast I eat rye bread and yoghurt with blueberries and walnuts. For lunch I eat bread and avocado or fish. For dinner, bread and vegetables, eggs or cheese. In Germany we drink Schorle - that’s juice mixed with water. I used to drink matcha soy latte for breakfast but now I brew ginger and jujube tea. It also wakes you up but without caffeine.

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    John Knox Year ago +22

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    For breakfast here in England I usually drink black coffee and eat nothing till lunch time.

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    IG : alexzedi 7 months ago +5

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    But i'm also studying japanese and i'm interested in japanese culture, this is really fascinating to me!

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    I love your videos. Very educational, fun, and relaxing! Thank you so much! Watching these make me feel a lot better during stressful times. :)

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    Hey Aki, that was my video request 🙂 thank u 4 sharing your daily eating habits with us. In Brazil rice and beans (black or brown) are the basic daily food, then we always add green vegetables, a type of salad and some protein (beef, pork or chicken mainly , but fish and sea food 4 those leaving near the water.)

    • approsa
      approsa Year ago

      @Samurai Matcha well we don't eat sweet beans like you do ;} . Me, I actually eat all kinds of beans : green beans, white, red, black and lentils too (mainly the leguminosae family entirely 😁) For all but green beans: I leave them overnight in the water, then cook it in a pressure cooker with lots of water, without any spices. (i put one or 2 bay leaves in it) When they are ready, I keep the heat on low after getting rid of the vapour inside the cooker and then I'll spice it up the whole thing. But the longer the beans are being cooked in low heat, the more delicious and thick the sauce will get. 👌🏾
      You know I've tried eating udon noodles twice but i think i haven't done it correctly , the spices were not right. Imma try it again!!!!!!
      See ya,

    • Samurai Matcha
      Samurai Matcha  Year ago +1

      Yes!! I'm glad you liked it!! I want to know what kind of beans you eat!

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    P.S. У нас тоже много снега, надо сделать иглу!)))

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    This was a really nice video, thanks for giving us a glimpse into your diet and lifestyle. I love cooking but like to eat simply, so meals are pretty basic:
    Breakfast for me usually means a few pieces of baked plantain with a maple sweetened coconut hot cereal eaten with a boiled egg and herbal tea
    Lunch is lettuce wraps stuffed with marinated artichoke, red onions, cherry tomatoes and peppers with a spicy pesto dipping sauce
    Dinner is bone broth, protein bread and herbal tea

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    I love your Videos very much❤️ I'm from Switzerland and it is very thrilling to see the difference between our countries and I also learned less is more.. I am working on it but it's not easy.

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    I have watched many of your videos today and you are very inspiring. Seeing how simple and clutter free life you live leaves me with envy. It looks very calming and i feel like i want to live the same way. I have already started the process of decluttering my room. Thank you for sharing! ☺️

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    Peter Ricci 9 months ago +2

    Thank you for such a wonderful video! There is a Japanese grocery near where I live in the U.S., and they sell fresh, frozen udon noodles like the ones you cook - suffice to say, my wife and I are obsessed with them, and eat them at least twice a week. They also make a sublime breakfast!

    • massages_for_world_peace
      massages_for_world_peace 8 months ago

      @Peter Ricci Thank you for the instructions. So excited to use them now. Udon noodles are so delicious; I love the bite they have!!

    • Peter Ricci
      Peter Ricci 8 months ago +1

      @massages_for_world_peace Nope, toss them fully frozen into a big pot of boiling water! They quickly separate, and I stir them in the water for 60-70 seconds; then I drain the water, wash the noodles with some fresh water to remove any leftover starchiness, and I pop them in a bowl with broth. Perfection!

    • massages_for_world_peace
      massages_for_world_peace 8 months ago +1

      I found some here, but instructions are not in english, lol. Do you thaw them first, or cook directly from frozen?

  • Kames Kidney
    Kames Kidney Year ago

    The simple but deliciousness of your meals was very relatable! I prefer to cook at home but I don't like using a bunch of different ingredients that might go bad so cooking simply but well is important to me

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    Your dinner looks amazing! A fish grill built in to your oven? how cool! Is that a common japanese accessory? I can't say I have ever seen one here on the U.S. west coast.
    I highly reccomend cast iron cooking. Slightly more difficult but much more delicious. Similar to the clay rice pot it is an excellent tradeoff and unlike teflon it is also gauranteed to last a lifetime with care.
    Thank you for sharing your lifestyle with us, I find it to be poetic and powerful in its simplicity, and I love that you surround yourself with meaning rather than matter.

    • serena koleno
      serena koleno Year ago +1

      I recently started cooking with a cast iron skillet and love it. The trick is to use it a lot. Clean with hot water while the pan is hot. Heat it before adding oil or cooking. I use it for everyday cooking except for tomato or other acidic foods like sauerkraut. Teflon bad for health and environment.

    • Cooking&Live
      Cooking&Live Year ago +3

      I used a Baking tray with a little bit of water, and on top of it the grill tray then fish to resemble that. Than Put it in the Higher Region of the oven and use the left over space for cooking your Side dishes.

    • Samurai Matcha
      Samurai Matcha  Year ago +8

      Thank you for your great comment!!

    • tsukicookie019
      tsukicookie019 Year ago +13

      They're quite common at least in Japanese and Korean households where full ovens are very rare due to lack of space

  • Emma T
    Emma T 6 months ago

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    OMG thank you for such detailed explanation of how to make traditional matcha! I am from Russia and I love Asian and especially Japanese food, matcha is my favorite, I love to add it to ice cream and cheesecakes, but I have never been able to make good tea with it, I know I don't have the perfect traditional matcha, but i still love it and make matcha late all the time😄 i will definitely try to make it the ideal way i just need to buy a few things

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    Марина Шутова 7 months ago +1

    I really liked this video! This is so different from my culture. And I was surprised to see someone cooking and eating wearing and outdoor clothes inside the house :o

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    lazyhippie Year ago +1

    I don't really have typical breakfasts. I often eat leftovers. If I don't, I opt for oatmeal.
    Breakfast- Vegan sausage gravy on toast, glass of soy milk, applesauce, coffee, and part of a chocolate bar
    Lunch- Fried broccoli "rice" with stir fry veggies, beans, then bran flakes (just for nutrition) and a banana
    Snack- strawberry jelly and peanut butter sandwich
    Dinner- sautéed sweet potatoes, kale, vegan sausage, and zucchini. Then berry applesauce
    I'm not vegan, but vegetarian, and my diet is really random. I'm not even sure this is a typical day lol. I eat beans, bananas, and applesauce every day though.

    • Samurai Matcha
      Samurai Matcha  Year ago +1

      Your diet is amazing!! I'll try some of them;-D

  • Prashant
    Prashant 8 months ago +1

    Wow your videos keep getting better and better. I still remember videos from a year or more ago, the production quality is top notch and so many angles, cuts and details. Great work and congrats on passing 100K subscribers.
    My breakfast is the same everyday - overnight soaked oats with blueberries, flax powder, milk, greek yogurt, almonds and walnuts. Lunch varies depending on whether I'm in the office (sushi or sandwich) or at home I'll boil a couple of eggs and have a slice of toast with butter. Dinner is maybe a stir fry or some pasta with homemade sauce with veggies.
    Thanks for your mason jar tip for matcha - I just made some and it is delicious!!!

  • Queen Aulia
    Queen Aulia Year ago +2

    Very interesting and mouthwatering to see your daily meal, Aki 😁 Japanese culture is always nice to learn.
    In Indonesia I usually have boiled or steamed vegetables for breakfast, poured with hot peanut sauce. It is called 'pecel' in my country, especially in East Java.
    Tempeh is also my country's comfort food, and it has been going global, right? I'm sure you know tempeh, a superfood made of soybean

    • Queen Aulia
      Queen Aulia Year ago

      @DJ Lev yes. We like to eat mixed steamed vegetables (spinach, water spinach, beansprouts, papaya leaves, or anything you want). With spicy peanut dressing, it's soo yummy

    • DJ Lev
      DJ Lev Year ago +1

      Hi. The hot peanut sauce over veggies sounds yummy!!

    • Samurai Matcha
      Samurai Matcha  Year ago

      boiled or steamed vegetables sounds nice!!!

  • Lee O'Connor
    Lee O'Connor Year ago +2

    First video of yours i have watched, I find it interesting to see what other cultures like to have, my daughter loves Japan and Japanese art and now she's asking me for Japanese food too. I have already been drinking Matcha but it's always such a pleasure to watch someone else preparing theirs too, I don't have this chasen device, I use an elecric whisk but the best method I have achieved is using a manual whisk and I completely agree with you that you must seive it first and the water has to be the right temperature. I am vegan, which is sometimes very difficult to prep the rights meals for myself but my family are non vegan and non vegetarian so I like to gain ideas for myself and for my family too. When I was a baby and toddler my mother used to put raw egg in my milk bottles, but today I don't feel we can trust to have raw eggs, my uncles used to have raw eggs every morning too, I would take delight in taking their eggs to them when we woke up in the mornings as we used to live with them and my Great Aunt.

  • Charles NotBronson
    Charles NotBronson 7 months ago +1

    You two look like a couple! 😅 So cute! I'm from SEA and these meals are so so far from what we eat on a normal day. Thank you for a new perspective!

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case Year ago +31

    Nice video as always. Everyday food doesn't need to be fancy. Mine certainly isn't... It could be raw oat meal with milk for breakfast, and rye bread for lunch. That's also not very fancy.
    In Denmark most people think of sushi when they think of Japanese food.
    But recently we tried to cook a Vegetarian Ramen, and it was absolutely delicious. The only problem if you want to try to make Japanese food is getting hold of some of the more special ingredients.

    • H i
      H i Year ago

      @Louise Roxanne oo ill try that! the asian markets around me arent always super stocked though

    • Louise Roxanne
      Louise Roxanne Year ago

      @H i you could try to find natto with the frozen foods section in an Asian supermarket.

    • H i
      H i Year ago

      yeah some things are def harder to find to make more traditonal stuff. i really wanna try natto but i cant find it anywhrere

    • Samurai Matcha
      Samurai Matcha  Year ago

      😄🙌Vegetarian Ramen sounds awasome!

  • Ocul Warrior
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    I had to quit bread because the gluten would aggravate my old injuries. That means I also had to drop pasta and noodles as well, even cereal. I like to skip meals sometimes, even an entire day or so on some occasions, it helps me appreciate the flavours of life (food included). I usually have brown rice as part of my meals, with raw kale on the side, it's nice to see others enjoying the grain. The toppings could be literally anything, I cook my own food and I like to try styles from all over the world. I usually drink ginger tea (it's just fresh ginger and hot water really.

    • Larson Family
      Larson Family Year ago +1

      It’s nice there are so many gluten free options these days. Skipping meals is a super healthy thing to do (for most ppl) too!

  • Sylvia Carlson
    Sylvia Carlson 2 months ago

    Hi! Aki, I live in California in the U.S. - I really enjoy your videos. I drink Green tea with Citron or Jasmine tea daily. I also make my bed the first thing when I wake up. I believe it sets the day. I read spiritual books in the morning while drinking my tea. I love walking and I live in a rural community that has lots of hills in my neighborhood, so it is good for my legs especially. I love to cook, especially soup in the winter months. It has been raining a lot here in California, which I am so happy for as we have had 3 years of a drought. Keep these videos coming. Did you actually sleep in your Igloo? It looks cold :)

  • Vaidotas Ratkus
    Vaidotas Ratkus Year ago +1

    My day in Norway (I am not Norwegian) a bowl of oatmeal (same thing for last 10years). Lunch - salad, tomato and olive oil with oregano on side with 0,5kg of cod(I eat a lot), my wife - sandwich with brown Scandinavian cheese and blueberries (she eat a little), Dinner - Pasta with meat sauce (like bologna but now quite). We love Italian quinine and Norwegian snacks.

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    Hello Samurai Matcha! I'm from the Czech republic. I've just found out your channel and I'm really impressed. Watching this videos is a great opportunity to improve my english in an interesting way (because I'm a selflearner). I'll realize something new about Japanese culture as well. Thanks 😉

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    Your videos inspired me to cook more myself and eat healthy :) thanks a lot. I've also been trying out some Japanese food and its deliciousss. I hope your channel grows so lots of other people can learn about Japanese culture!!

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    Loved this video! I have to try the udon recipe now! And I love the mason jar matcha mixing method. I really like having my matcha in the morning but sometimes I have to get to work quickly on a moment's notice. If I can shake it up on my way to the car, that's a game changer.

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    Such a great video. First of all, your English is very fluent. Your way of life is so inspiring. I used to be an interpreter in a steel making cooperation. Since mid of 2017 I quit my job and I have been planting trees to make my own Tiny Forest. I also plant fruits and vegetables. I have 4 chickens so I can have fresh eggs everyday. I also have a pond where I put thousand of various kinds of baby fish in. Now they have grown big enough for cooking. You can imagine how I live my life. The only one problem is that I am not a good cook and I still have so many things to do in my garden.
    After watching your videos, I am thinking of trying my best to live a healthy life like you. Thank you so much for taking time to make such an inspiring video. ขอบพระคุณค่ะ

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    You tubers make straight to the point content like this without all the acting and bs.
    Its original and it shows us what the real Japan is.

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