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Bobby Learns About Korean History 😂

  • Published on Mar 21, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • A2J
    A2J 2 months ago +101381

    Not only is he wrong, he factually could not possibly be anymore wrong 😂

    • LokiPrepper
      LokiPrepper 2 months ago +2227

      I laughed pretty hard when Bobby initially said that Koreans didn’t have slaves. I’m fairly confident that every single society on the planet has had slaves at some point or another throughout history, even Native Americans. They would take captured people from enemy tribes, and basically enslave them.

    • Good Robot
      Good Robot 2 months ago +634

      ​@LokiPrepper bro, I have always wondered why now a days the natives always get such a pass. There's a reason why they were called savages.😂

    • SuspiciousSalmon
      SuspiciousSalmon 2 months ago +485

      @Good Robot 😐

  • Kima Reactions
    Kima Reactions Month ago +3336

    Bobby at the end: we are scum bags 🤣💀🤣

    • Slizzy
      Slizzy Month ago +11

      We all watched the same video boss

    • Jesus the Boxer
      Jesus the Boxer Month ago +1

      Scumbags is one word

    • Bobby
      Bobby Month ago +5

      ​@Slizzy calm down. He's just pointing out his favorite part. It's not that serious

    • Slizzy
      Slizzy Month ago +1

      @Bobby I’m calm just pointing out that we all watched the same video

    • Billy Joe Dynamite
      Billy Joe Dynamite 27 days ago

      @Bobby People like Kimma Reactions, who comment what we saw in the video be fishing for like 🤣

  • Electric Titan
    Electric Titan Month ago +1970

    Not only was he wrong, he was the most wrong he could have ever been. He just accepted the knowledge and laughed, having learned something.

    • Punished
      Punished  Month ago +2

      some read too much woke stuff

    • Richard Strong
      Richard Strong Month ago +16

      @Punished You lot really just add woke to every damn thing now.

    • Chryst4l
      Chryst4l Month ago

      I mean maybe dont present stuff like this with 100% confidence

    • Unprofessional Professor
      Unprofessional Professor Month ago

      @Richard Strong Well, when you force it into everything, can you really say he "added" it?

  • Favray
    Favray 2 months ago +21954

    I love that it’s not just
    “Yea Korea had slaves”
    “Korea has the most slavery”

    • ItsJustTom
      ItsJustTom Month ago +717

      and for the longest time

    • Tenshiro Nobunaga
      Tenshiro Nobunaga Month ago +648

      Now it's called being a k-pop artist

    • Zero ⓿
      Zero ⓿ Month ago +36

      no way we both watched the same video!!!!

  • Wolf7 El
    Wolf7 El Month ago +778

    Bobby: "We didn't have a history of slavery.."
    Korea: "We had the most slavery ever"

  • Krystal Spalding
    Krystal Spalding Month ago +297

    Omg I love humbleness when someone is wrong.

    • Olivest
      Olivest Month ago +5

      I also love seeing this! It's so healthy! It was a tough thing for me to learn. I understand when people are resistant to admitting they were wrong because I came from that. As a child, my family absolutely loved looking for chances to prove me wrong and then when they managed it (because nobody is ever right 100% of the time) they would rub it in forever afterwards, bully me, call me names, have a running joke about how stupid I was, etc. They would still be doing it, I just don't give them the opportunity anymore. But where it affected my life was being afraid to admit I was wrong because I was afraid of the bullying that would follow, and then I would fiercely defend my wrongness even knowing that I was wrong. But then I met people who were understanding and didn't bully me when I was wrong but gave me a safe space to learn how to take accountability and/or modify my opinions. It changed my perspective and it opened up my creativity because when you aren't afraid to be wrong you can experiment so much more. So when I see that fear in somebody's eyes when they realize they're wrong and the knee-jerk defensiveness immediately afterwards, I know exactly how that fear came to be and I try to help them.

    • Spider Man Spider The Man
      Spider Man Spider The Man 27 days ago +3

      ​​@Olivest this is not therapy but jesus christ it looks like you need it

  • knes167
    knes167 2 months ago +14963

    That sentence was written as if it was SPECIFICALLY intended to disprove Bobby wrong in this SPECIFIC moment 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Jennifer R
      Jennifer R 2 months ago +65


    • howie ziegler
      howie ziegler 2 months ago +53


    • fany oktavia
      fany oktavia 2 months ago +23

      maybe bobby know n plant this conversation

    • Riker Davis
      Riker Davis 2 months ago +46

      Happens alot, especially when talking about reperations. As the advocates for slavery are often times ignorant on the subject, and rely on current day outcomes to justify their beliefs

  • Paulo Azuela
    Paulo Azuela Month ago +148

    He deserves a salute for taking it and making the situation funny for everyone

  • Sarwah 😂
    Sarwah 😂 Month ago +125

    the stuttering followed with a “fuck bro” and a “holy shit” got me 😂💀

  • B P
    B P 2 months ago +17585

    I love how the statement he made couldn’t be more wrong

    • Cory Clark
      Cory Clark 2 months ago +163

      Literally. Without going off topic he said the exact opposite of what was true lol.

    • TheDrummerDamo
      TheDrummerDamo 2 months ago +20

      That's very typical of Bobby 😂😂

    • Alexander Klimek
      Alexander Klimek 2 months ago +8

      @TheDrummerDamo or Bert - this feels like something he’d do a huuuuundred percent

    • TheDrummerDamo
      TheDrummerDamo 2 months ago +8

      @Alexander Klimek berts daughter "What was before Jesus?"
      Bert "dinosaurs??"
      Yes that is a literal quite from bert 😂😂

    • Connection Lost
      Connection Lost 2 months ago +3

      Now realize that you do the same thing daily about random facts you believe to be true

  • GingerAlien
    GingerAlien Month ago +18

    I love that he realized how wrong he was and thought it was hilarious rather than getting butt hurt XD

  • Chenise Kuroiwa
    Chenise Kuroiwa Month ago +23

    Wtf Bobby?! I refuse to believe you never saw a Korean historical drama!

  • Anthony Brown
    Anthony Brown 2 months ago +21565

    Andrew didn't know if he was right but he knew 100% that Bobby was wrong lmao

    • Jermilli Vanilli
      Jermilli Vanilli 2 months ago +65

      ​@Rick Roll Rizal thank you being a slave in Africa was on a whole other level of "YOU ARE SCREWED"

    • underseacondounit
      underseacondounit 2 months ago +132

      ​@Rick Roll Rizal they don't mind oppression, enslaving, or murdering their kind. As long as they were the ones doing it. Like today

    • Conna
      Conna 2 months ago +7

      Do some research on nobi instead of spouting crap that you made up

  • Car Motivation
    Car Motivation Month ago +11

    Literally everyday for a whole summer moment 😂😂😂

  • Man named Sue
    Man named Sue Month ago +3

    God I love these 2 😂😂😂😂😂
    I’m Black and my homies are white, Asian and Pacific Islanders. The amount of shit we all talk you’d think we’re all racist. But how? We all have been friends since kids and come from different parts of the world 😂😂😂

  • Maluminse
    Maluminse Month ago +69

    Poor Bobby had his own little dream world broken

  • LesGame
    LesGame Month ago +1

    Learning something new every day 😂

  • de0509
    de0509 Month ago +6394

    Two most confident beings in the world right now:
    1. ChatGPT
    2. Bobby

    • Suzy Girl
      Suzy Girl Month ago +10

      Koreans never kidnapped people from another continent

    • Mattyice
      Mattyice Month ago +39

      @Suzy Girl to be fair there’s not really a lot of that at all. even african slaves weren’t just being stolen by other countries to bring back. they were being wild into slavery by african warlords and slavers, and great britain ended up having to blockade africa to stop african slave ships from leaving.

    • Alaester Nikolai Modern
      Alaester Nikolai Modern Month ago +2

      You should look into Bard. 😂

  • Harrison Elorza
    Harrison Elorza 18 days ago

    it’s so sad that no one understands that’s this is bobby’s entire personality. making himself look funny. he’s a genius

  • Sarah Harrelson
    Sarah Harrelson Month ago +8

    The eye squint and the "holy sheeet" made it even better 😂

  • Charles fisher
    Charles fisher 2 months ago +4035

    It's refreshing to actually see someone laugh at themselves for being so wrong. If only more people could be like that.

    • Morgan Clarke
      Morgan Clarke Month ago +54

      Fundamentally he’s a good person, twisted lil shit but decently good

    • Coffee Addict
      Coffee Addict Month ago +45

      Agreed. Too many people even when faced with proof that they're wrong will stomp their feet and insist they're right.

    • P Wulfe
      P Wulfe Month ago +8

      Doesn't happen enough, right?

    • Iax Moe Slem
      Iax Moe Slem Month ago +11

      It's a matter of pride. It comes from different reasons but it seems pride is the currency of the internet nowdays. The more pride you have, the better. That makes for people who'll get pissed off when you tell them they used the wrong "there" and instead of saying "my bad" and fixing it like a grown person they'll lash out at you and call you all sorts of things.

    • Chicken J
      Chicken J Month ago +4

      Honestly, even I’d react worse! I mean I wouldn’t be a dickhead like most people, but I’d soooo embarrassed. He clearly was a little but he still managed to own it.

  • The Crusader
    The Crusader 21 day ago

    These two are my favorites

  • SeniorCharry
    SeniorCharry Month ago +5

    I wish more people can be like this. Instead of getting angry and denying facts, Bobby saw his error and laughed. It’s ok to be wrong, no shame.

  • Unprofessional Professor
    Unprofessional Professor Month ago +5701

    "The longest unbroken chain in history" 😂💀😂
    You couldn't have found a better phrase😂

    • tyerek smith
      tyerek smith Month ago +20

      yeah that unbroken chain part lol 😆 😂 🤣 😅 that's some sturdy chain ⛓ 🤣

    • Ray
      Ray Month ago +10

      “…of any society…” 😂😅

    • Ridjauhn Ryan
      Ridjauhn Ryan Month ago +2

      LOOOL the Phrase is so perfect 😂😂🤭‼️

    • Thawhid
      Thawhid Month ago


    • Kathleen Toledo
      Kathleen Toledo Month ago +1

      All hail the Khaleesi🎉❤

  • Christopher Ames
    Christopher Ames Month ago

    Bobby must’ve been sick that day at school! 😅

  • Depressionologist
    Depressionologist 18 days ago

    He was so confident

  • super8ben
    super8ben 2 months ago +2388

    My man rolled a 1 on his saving throw.

  • prauz
    prauz Month ago +4

    Bobby trying to keep a straight face as he reads exactly what andrew just read is priceless

  • MollianArts
    MollianArts Month ago +1

    Transparent history classes are important

  • R. García
    R. García 2 months ago +5280

    He read it slowly hoping the words would change. They didn’t- They stayed the same 😂

    • LoLaSn
      LoLaSn 2 months ago

      They stayed the same?
      No shit?
      Wow thanks for pointing that out I'm sure no one would've caught that were it not for your wisdom

    • grungepen
      grungepen 2 months ago +49

      ​@LoLaSn you're the type of person who would go to a comedy show and shout "where's the joke?" constantly

    • LoLaSn
      LoLaSn 2 months ago

      @grungepen Correct, comedy shows suck

    • GenuineAss
      GenuineAss 2 months ago +8

      @LoLaSnyour asshole’ry is….it’s just beautiful 🥺

    • Yudizs
      Yudizs 2 months ago +3

      ​@LoLaSn you're the type of guys that pulls a spider webs and poorly edit a spider and fake scared

  • 天下 Tianxia - All Under Heaven

    Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer 2 months ago +8939

    He found out he was wrong and accepted it while laughing his ass off 🤣 love that

    • S S
      S S 2 months ago +33

      Wish that was more common xD

    • Fulop Alex
      Fulop Alex 2 months ago +11

      I mean what else could he do? He already looked stupid enough

    • Zeke Olopwi
      Zeke Olopwi 2 months ago +27

      ​@Fulop Alex Oh my, you'd be shocked.

    • seth soria
      seth soria 2 months ago +4

      “uGhhH nO GOoglEs WrOng”

    • Fulop Alex
      Fulop Alex 2 months ago

      @seth soria yeah nobody would believe that

  • Jesse.J
    Jesse.J Month ago

    One of the greatest moments of the show!!

  • Francis Kim
    Francis Kim 2 months ago +4831

    Bobby is giving Koreans a bed rep without even trying 😂😂

    • Victor Baxter
      Victor Baxter Month ago +46

      If he didn’t say shit, they would’ve never googled that shit

    • bobbysworld281995
      bobbysworld281995 Month ago +13

      But he learned something. We all did.

    • BoardWritten
      BoardWritten Month ago +8

      I wish I had a bed rep 😔

    • Francis Kim
      Francis Kim Month ago +7

      @Victor Baxter bro I’m Korean and I swear to god I did not know that shit 😭😂

  • The Least Likely Gents

    Every clip that Bobby Lee is in is absolutely golden 😂😂😂

  • smooth_like_butter
    smooth_like_butter 7 days ago +1

    Santino is low key smart

  • Aiken Odubitan
    Aiken Odubitan Month ago +6548

    This is how adult conversations should be 😂😂😂!
    No ego, humility, fun, good vibes! Love it!

    • sunset studios
      sunset studios Month ago +41

      Its called male talk

    • nak3ddave
      nak3ddave Month ago +3

      This is the only convos i have now

    • Ben
      Ben Month ago +19

      Because it's Bobby Lee other men would get thier ego hurt for proven wrong

    • Nama Mora
      Nama Mora Month ago +6

      @Ben u will get ur ego hurt if u are proved wrong, is how u take that hit what matters, everyone has an ego, just take the hit in the face and smile, yep u were wrong, it hurt, now lest keep talking.

    • Dee Horner
      Dee Horner Month ago

      not taking everything to heart and do serious

  • Charlie Carter
    Charlie Carter Month ago

    😂😂😂 Love this dude!

  • Neil Armstrong
    Neil Armstrong Month ago

    Haha I need to start listening to this podcast!

  • FunnyFreak
    FunnyFreak 2 months ago +9485

    He was so confident saying his shit😂

  • Timothy Karlsson
    Timothy Karlsson 12 days ago

    This is the best reaction to have when you realize you're wrong xD

  • Elliot Maynes
    Elliot Maynes Month ago +1

    He proved his own point 😂

  • Someone_Unknown
    Someone_Unknown 2 months ago +3189

    even bruh in the background was like “nah Goggle that” 😭😭😭

  • DReznorYorkeKeenanBuckley

    LOL!!! The was amazing... still laughing
    .. love them!

  • Celebs gettin busy
    Celebs gettin busy 24 days ago

    I love this podcast they don’t go by the soft rules of the modern world they just be themselves and live, laugh and learn

  • Bethany Miller
    Bethany Miller 2 months ago +4987

    “We’re scumbags!” 😂💀he got schooled and accepted it

    • Josh
      Josh 2 months ago +64

      He accepted it but the bigger picture is: every country engaged in slavery for most of their history up until great Brittain but an end to it and started forcing others to as well. Africa still had slaves into the 1900s and last country in Africa didn't ban it till 1981

    • bogard
      bogard 2 months ago +25

      ​@Josh slavery was never abolished in America, read the 13th amendment

    • Josh
      Josh 2 months ago +47

      @bogard haha ok. If you think prison or prison labor is slavery, sure it never ended.. oh noooooo

    • Bethany Miller
      Bethany Miller 2 months ago +14

      @Josh for sure! Slavery only recently became a social no-no(which is great).

    • Andrew Cook
      Andrew Cook 2 months ago +11

      ​@bogard it still exist everywhere, but chattel slavery is abolished in the US

  • Sian Burke
    Sian Burke Month ago

    Just had the loudest laugh of the day

  • Glenn
    Glenn Month ago

    This is the funniest thing I've ever heard in my life 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • PHILOBEST استاذ الفلسفة خروبي بلقاسم

    The way he goes from "we don't have a history of oppression " to "we're scumbags" 😂
    The fastest shortcut to wisdom and self learning ever 😂😂

    • huzefa
      huzefa Month ago +23

      Google should sponsor this segment it's a great ad hahaha

    • Peter Quill
      Peter Quill Month ago


    • Maryam Moeen
      Maryam Moeen Month ago

      I don't get it though when did they have slaves though?

    • Charles Castillo
      Charles Castillo Month ago +4

      ​@Maryam Moeen they stopped when Japan occupied them in 1930

  • Fresh Da Gray
    Fresh Da Gray Month ago +1

    Bobby is something else . Lol!

    BURSTMXDE Month ago

    Gets funnier every time.

  • Daniel Rocha-Garcia
    Daniel Rocha-Garcia 2 months ago +2335

    I know he’s a comedian but it’s always so good to see someone see they’re wrong and react joyfully

    • A Time For Wolves
      A Time For Wolves 2 months ago +95

      Honestly him cracking up at how spectacularly wrong he was makes this entire clip.

    • gareth kalum
      gareth kalum 2 months ago +40

      ​@A Time For Wolves they way he squeaks out the 1500 💀

    • Igv
      Igv 2 months ago +10

      @gareth kalum he can barely even get it out cos he is laughing so hard at how wrong he was😂

    • No Thanks
      No Thanks 2 months ago +2

      I love being proven wrong it’s my favorite thing just expect me to fully wring you for that sweet knowledge I didn’t have I’m not wrong often my mom made me learn to read at 3 lol

    • Igv
      Igv 2 months ago +1

      @No Thanks same there is nothing better in the world

  • KeyBGBeeZ
    KeyBGBeeZ Month ago

    The universe made this comment just for Bobby!

  • Luis Acosta
    Luis Acosta Month ago +1

    This video is glorious! 😂😂 Bobby is so damn cool about it when he finds out he was totally wrong 😭

  • Quintar Farenor
    Quintar Farenor Month ago +2257

    The best part is that Bobby couldn't believe it as he read it. the opulence of emotions in that few seconds.

  • John 007
    John 007 Month ago

    I give him a pass ❤

  • --
    -- Month ago

    Im so happy they were both amicable at the end Im used to such hostile people😭😭😭 That’s funny tho lol

  • Unicorns Poop Rainbows (Fae)
    Unicorns Poop Rainbows (Fae) 2 months ago +4218

    As a person who has a BA in Korean Studies, I knew immediately this wasn't going to end well 😂😂😂

    • A. Velderrain
      A. Velderrain 2 months ago +136

      As someone who watches historical K dramas I also knew this wasn't going to end well.

    • Richard Duncan
      Richard Duncan 2 months ago +97

      As someone who only has a vague background on eastern history I was ready for Bobby to dive into a volcano after saying that lol

    • Major Chungus
      Major Chungus 2 months ago +18

      I hope you got a degree that earns money too.

    • Elle Diya
      Elle Diya 2 months ago +47

      @Major Chungus Any degree earns money. It’s a piece of paper proving you can get through a university system.
      Now, it may not be a LOT of money, but it’s money and if you don’t care about not working in the field you graduated from it’s not a big deal.
      You want the big bucks though? Engineering.

  • JAMS
    JAMS Month ago +6

    Bobby Lee is the funniest man I swear... he's like naturally like that lol

    • Joshvir262
      Joshvir262 Month ago

      Hes basically his character in the dictator irl

  • Kelly
    Kelly Month ago

    Just saw Bobby Lee at the Comedy Store 😂 hilarious

  • sir farts a lot
    sir farts a lot Month ago +1633

    Honestly the best way to handle when you're wrong😂

    • Agustin Cruz
      Agustin Cruz Month ago +1

      200th like!

    • Raven K
      Raven K Month ago +5

      the voices breaking kills me.

    • Asia
      Asia Month ago +7

      Yea I love how he handled it 😂 he’s so open to facts.. most people do NOT do that.. they’d just be like “well why should I trust what this article says, where did they get this info, I’m the one that’s Korean, etc” just gaslighting & deflecting 🥴 ugh 😩 😂

    • swami dude
      swami dude Month ago

      @Asia most people around me react like this, what people do you hang out with? 😮

  • Aila Uronen
    Aila Uronen Month ago

    This is the BEST video on the internet

  • Nigel Minor
    Nigel Minor Month ago

    Its like the writer wrote that fact for this specific moment. 🤣🤣🔥

  • Leigh Blair
    Leigh Blair 2 months ago +2155

    Bobby’s “history” knowledge proves he’s truly American no matter what 😂

    • Dragon
      Dragon 2 months ago +30

      You're obsessed

    • Geovanni S
      Geovanni S 2 months ago +9

      Huh? He’s from San Diego 💀💀

  • Lea Juliene
    Lea Juliene Month ago

    That made me laugh so hard. I love when you get to witness the reaction of someone immediately when they're proven wrong.

  • Aldebaran乡
    Aldebaran乡 Month ago

    As a Korean, I agree

  • Stephan Leddick
    Stephan Leddick 2 months ago +4889

    “My eyes are blurry” I can’t tell if it’s a double entendre 😂

    • Alex Morefield
      Alex Morefield 2 months ago +44

      For the sake of Bobby, let's just say it was.

    • Eric Fleming
      Eric Fleming 2 months ago +42

      I'm just glad no one told him to squint.

    • Steven Huie
      Steven Huie 2 months ago +7

      Yeah it's a little too big to be just a tendre

    • Krishna
      Krishna 2 months ago +5

      Ohh boy, how did you even come up with that....FUCKING GREAT!!

    • The Prophet
      The Prophet 2 months ago +1

      He had to “save face” :D

  • Bordigotto
    Bordigotto Month ago +1

    Bro rolled a 1 on persuasion

  • Nyonyokepret
    Nyonyokepret Month ago

    Bobby : "WE ARE SCUMBAGS!!! " 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Steve Kim
    Steve Kim 2 months ago +321

    He said it so confidently that I doubted my history lesson for a second💀

  • Anwar C Reckley
    Anwar C Reckley Month ago

    😂😂😂😂love it

  • KExKE
    KExKE Month ago +3279

    The peanut gallery sent me fr 😂
    “What the fck?…. Yeah Google that!”
    He knew Bobby was wrong immediately 🤣

    • Zimzum93
      Zimzum93 Month ago +3

      Peanut gallery is a very old and very racist term just so you know. If you feel like trying to phase it out if your vocabulary then Background crew works as a super easy replacement when watching videos like this, unsure what you’d replace it with if you use it in other contexts as well cause it’s not really used at all where I’m from so I dunno how much people who do use it say it. Not trying to fight just wanted to be helpful.

    • A Daily Drawing Mustache
      A Daily Drawing Mustache Month ago +53

      ​@Zimzum93 Ok, I wrote a full explanation of why you're wrong on this like five times, but my computer clicked off before I finished every time. So Imma keep this short.
      The term is not racist, it originated from the poor seats in the back of theaters being loud and throwing peanuts at the stage. If you want to be a stickler, it's at most classist. Its original usage refers to unwanted opinions from an audience. It was then further adapted into a general term for an audience, but can still be used both ways.

    • KExKE
      KExKE Month ago +16

      @Zimzum93 I don’t think that’s true and I don’t even know where you got that information. The peanut gallery was phrase used in vaudeville to describe audience members sitting in the cheapest seats, often the rowdiest members, who threw peanuts at stage performers and heckled them. It’s likely there were some black people sitting in those seats because of socio economic disparities and racial inequality, but it wasn’t a label for just black audience members. So no. Also I’m black and I’m not even surprised a white woman is trying to tell me what’s racist.

    • Zimzum93
      Zimzum93 Month ago +2

      @KExKE I’m mostly white passing native Australian (here in Australia, people notice that I’m “mixed”, although we don’t use that term much basically if you’re a blakfulla you’re a blakfulla regardless of how much they tried to breed it out of your blood line) and not also not woman, but you had no way of knowing that cause people outside Australia don’t tend to even know we exist or what we look like let alone what we look like if one of our parents is white.
      The origins of the term peanut gallery were explained to me by a very close bpoc woman friend of mine who is a burlesque/vaudeville-style performer, she explained how it evolved from there and became racist and why she hates it so much and also how it became the origin for the term “nut house”. You can keep using the word if you want and don’t feel like there’s anything wrong with it, especially since today it’s got no racist context, I just know that some people really appreciate knowing that stuff and choose to delete certain words and phrases.
      You’d be surprised how many native mob here use the American phrase “Indian giving” until they find out what it means and then don’t want to use it anymore.

  • sam Lepirate
    sam Lepirate Month ago

    That was hilarious 😂

  • B C
    B C Month ago +1

    Hahaha. These guys are so funny. Bobby is a treasure.

  • yeomenim
    yeomenim Month ago +787

    The fact that he recognized how wrong he was and laughed with everyone shows just what good character these guys have

    • Jeffrey Boles
      Jeffrey Boles Month ago +6

      Totally agree! It's a breath of fresh air to see someone so readily admit that they were wrong when confronted with the facts. We all need to be more like Bobby.

    • jh565bb
      jh565bb Month ago +3

      ​@Jeffrey Boles I wish blk rights activists were more like this. They act like the Dahomey and the zulus to name just two didn't exist lol.

    • Meatspin
      Meatspin Month ago +4

      @jh565bb why do they live rent free in your mind? You’re making a generalization when they have nothing to even do with this

    • Jay T
      Jay T Month ago +1

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      Samath Yos Month ago

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      Not only does Bobby think that, but he’s clueless about his culture. No wonder he’s gotten himself into some bs.

  • Darshuiami
    Darshuiami Month ago

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    What a good character looks like!
    The only allegiance is to Truth!

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    Friend of Onizuka 10 days ago

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  • Kylothy
    Kylothy Month ago

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