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Amazon Scam PC: Everything is Wrong in the iBUYPOWER Element Mini

  • Published on Dec 7, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus  Year ago +2528

    Just to be clear: The iBUYPOWER system we reviewed was *confirmed built and originally sold* by iBUYPOWER. It's not some random seller using their name; they actually built this disgrace. We confirmed via email before publishing.
    If you want to see more of our pre-built reviews, we have an entire playlist of them here: clip-share.net/p/PLsuVSmND84QuM2HKzG7ipbIbE_R5EnCLM
    GN Toolkits are up on back-order! store.gamersnexus.net/products/gamersnexus-tear-down-toolkit - grab one to support us while getting something quality in return. We have been consistently selling through everything we make lately, especially toolkits, so back-ordering will guarantee you get one in the next run!
    We also looked into what the 80 Plus certification actually means. You can see that here: clip-share.net/video/QrhuOwNdkA4/video.html

    • Banned_and_Redacted
      Banned_and_Redacted 3 days ago

      IBUYPOWER used to be called CYBERPOWER and they have always for their entire history been a scam company they used to have hilarious reviews online under the better buisness bureau from people trying to buy computers for their children/teenagers and getting screamed at by customer service also having the computer arrive with busted parts inside back in 2009ish

    • Aseyoi
      Aseyoi 14 days ago


    • TheTuttle99
      TheTuttle99 25 days ago

      @Game Changer it's a good thing you added the 2 emojis of money so I knew what you meant by dollar

    • Roger Dodger
      Roger Dodger Month ago

      From around 2:10 the ERRORS, it seems it's what happens when the Democrats promote & forcibly get you to employ minorities &/or leftist millennials who can barely read or comprehend tech data.

    • Chris Hatch
      Chris Hatch Month ago

      @Savok I was thinking maybe they just include the Radeon drivers in all their Ryzen systems, being lazy. Some of them do have integrated graphics (even though the 3600 doesn't).

  • Prograde
    Prograde Year ago +6605

    Finally, a brand new PC that can run retro games at historically accurate framerates!

    • TexasCat99
      TexasCat99 21 day ago

      no, worse.

    • NG04
      NG04 23 days ago

      All for the low low price of $700!

    • david smith
      david smith 3 months ago

      WOW I think your right, I would never have thought about that. But windows 10 may be a problem.

    • Johannes dat Blue
      Johannes dat Blue 5 months ago

      @dhgodzilla1 just get a good ryzen with an igpu lol

    • AnonymousKev
      AnonymousKev 7 months ago

      2010 is almost considered retro at this point... wtf

  • Cristian Dobrescu
    Cristian Dobrescu Year ago +958

    The cumulated "fuckedupness" of this whole PC deserves some fines from regulators just for existing.
    1. Nvidia naming scheme, which is obviously misleading.
    2. iBuyPower for making and selling this eWaste in 2021.
    3. Amazon for their solid marketplace quality.

    • Ted Kaczynski, American Hero
      Ted Kaczynski, American Hero 11 days ago

      @Sai You'll never get through to these people.
      "Capitalism" they chant, while voting for more regulations, regulations that keep monopolies in place.
      While they call it a free market and support the current oligarchs that own legislators throughout the world.

    • Problem Dude?
      Problem Dude? 21 day ago

      @You don’t even own a suit! >Someone: Mildly critiques capitalism/makes a joke
      >You lot of losers: DURRR YOU MUST BE A COMMIE DURRRR

    • You don’t even own a suit!
      You don’t even own a suit! 27 days ago

      @Malcolm As opposed to what... a Communist computer? Do you know anything about Cars in the Soviet Union?

    • Dariyan Valentine
      Dariyan Valentine Month ago

      @OntarioStorms yeah they used to be really good, i bought a gaming mobo (MPG X570 gaming plus) and the ram slots shorted out... what happened to MSI i used to be able to recommend them in my PC shop... no longer...

    • Joshua Strachan
      Joshua Strachan 2 months ago

      Crazy how NVIDIA is still up to its old tricks.

  • Taylor Harper
    Taylor Harper 9 months ago +365

    "If it's a low-end system, they're going to strip it down somewhere, they just decided it to be the motherboard, and the ram and also the hard drive and the video card-- but the cpu's right" what a line.

    • Trevor Allen
      Trevor Allen 2 days ago

      @Roger Dodger your smart phone is 4 times stronger than that PC unless you have a sub 100 phone .

    • Roger Dodger
      Roger Dodger Month ago +3

      @elusivelectron My smartphone is probably on a par with that rig from a Circus.

    • elusivelectron
      elusivelectron Month ago +2

      Good for light gaming like Solitaire and Minesweeper.

    • antiisocial
      antiisocial Month ago

      lol. yeah

    • Firehawke R
      Firehawke R 6 months ago +5

      He missed re-mentioning the case, though!

  • Chew Magna
    Chew Magna 3 days ago

    While I respect and appreciate the heck out of what you guys do, there is one thing here that bothers me. It's that you put "Amazon Scam" in the title, as if it's Amazon's responsibility for this. Amazon can't possibly vet every item that gets sold on their site, that would involve an insane amount of man power and man hours. They aren't really the ones responsible for these things, that's probably the biggest downside to how a site like Amazon works.
    However, what you can do if a scam item is found, is report it to Amazon. They _will_ take care of it if found to be true.
    The title for this video should have led off with "iBuyPower Scam", because that's what's really going on here (and the seller who listed it, as you mentioned). And they're sold at other places than Amazon.

  • MicHaeL MonStaR
    MicHaeL MonStaR 5 days ago +1

    Older video, but this looks like it was built by someone who just recently got into PCs. I mean, some of the detailing on this reminds me of me when I only built like my second PC or something.
    But it might very well be built by some young guys who weren’t even around for the Pentium or Core2 days, who were simply hired by Amazon or ibuypower or whatever to come and assemble these things cheaply and just kind improvise. - I mean, it really kinda comes off as the result of some amateur builders in a building-contest being told to do their best while having no real experience.

  • Beigemaster
    Beigemaster Year ago +2071

    Thoughts and prayers for Dell, who now don’t even get the fame and glory of being the worst pre built ever.

    • Trevor Allen
      Trevor Allen 2 days ago

      To be honest cell would have charged 2 k for this PC and made up some shit about cyro cooling TM .😂

    • DrumYogi
      DrumYogi 4 months ago

      That is depressing. I remember in the early 2000's Dell put out pretty good systems with solid cases. It was emcahine that everyone thought was dog poo.

    • Matthew Lyman
      Matthew Lyman 5 months ago

      @David Boucher it's an insult to pair such a good CPU with such a POS.

    • Hairy Butter
      Hairy Butter 7 months ago

      @David Boucher I'm still running a Ryzen 5 3600. Great value and just keeps on going with a decent air cooler and in a case with good airflow. Never tops 72 degrees Celsius on normal use. It even plays most modern games like GTA V, RDR 2, and the Witcher 3 on 60fps! The treatment that the SI give to this processor is definitely preposterous!

    • Jeffrey Piatt
      Jeffrey Piatt 7 months ago

      Dell has never done that to me but I order with my AAA discount code so they don't tend to mess with people who have group discounts.

  • knightofcydonia07
    knightofcydonia07 2 days ago

    Far from going after individuals, if there is to be any change in approach to the climate, prohibiting the sheer waste of materials that goes into to something so unsuited for its intended use (here, gaming) should be a good place to start. In tech terms, this is as single use as a q-tip or McDonalds Happy Meal Toy. None of them need to exist and shouldn't be allowed to, either,

  • Ace Wing
    Ace Wing 11 months ago +87

    The GF108 makes me feel nostalgic. Back when I had very little money, I got a GT 520 which was again this same GPU. Nvidia sure loves rebranding this thing again and again. This was around 2011, and I was playing games at 1366x768 simply because it couldn't handle anything higher. The fact that it's in a new gaming PC ten years after that is utterly mind boggling to me.

    • Raxis
      Raxis Month ago

      I have a gpu that I use for flashing GPU's vbios after I screwed up by putting it in the second pcie slot, it is of unknown age and quality(but I have had it for 10 years and it was old and slow then) and it performs better than the GPU in that system

    • Joseph Demarest
      Joseph Demarest Month ago

      @xyyx_/mfx5532100 lol rip

    • Ace Wing
      Ace Wing 3 months ago +1

      @xyyx_/mfx5532100 I did until 2017. Close enough

    • xyyx_/mfx5532100
      xyyx_/mfx5532100 3 months ago +3

      1366x768? I still ran a monitor with that resolution in 2019

  • Internet Guy
    Internet Guy Year ago +138

    thank god someone is making good computer content that actually addresses the flaws in the PC market right now, thanks for all the hard work y'all do

  • Mikey
    Mikey 10 months ago +11

    I have a theory of what iBUYPOWER did with this machine. I believe they had a bunch of these with good AMD GPUs in them to be sold at a higher price point, already built in stock. I think they pulled all the good GPUs out of them to scalp, and threw those Aliexpress spec Nvidia cards in them so that they could be sold.

  • Ziphon
    Ziphon 8 months ago +237

    Steve, I'm a technician at the Minnesota MicroCenter; I can't tell you how many of this specific model of iBuyPower desktops have come across my desk the past month.

    • Ro Lux
      Ro Lux 10 days ago

      @Mario and what are you going to do when they have no interest at all in playin with computers but rather go outside? Is this a gamers worst nightmare?😂

    • Mario
      Mario 27 days ago +4

      @GoofyAhh my guess it's mainly parents and grandparents who don't know anything about computers or technology buying this stuff for their children/grandchildren. Man if I ever have kids I'm so looking forward to building them sickest gaming rig ever.

    • Roger Dodger
      Roger Dodger Month ago

      @The13thRonin Who buys them? Americans who the Kissinger'd Democrat party want to be economically & socially just like the few remaining working people in Madagascar.

    • The13thRonin
      The13thRonin Month ago +2


    • Young Skinnny
      Young Skinnny 4 months ago +1

      yo i go there all the time

  • Trevor Allen
    Trevor Allen 2 days ago

    By light gaming I think they meant flash and browser games 😂

  • Michael McDoesntExist
    Michael McDoesntExist 4 months ago +13

    I love warranty void stickers. In my experience it just means they put their logo on someone else's product and the sticker hides the evidence.
    It was literally the case with my replacement laptop battery.

  • Mr_Geno
    Mr_Geno 11 months ago +46

    Found this channel and glad I did. I'm not fully confident in buying parts and putting them together so I may prefer to go Pre-built for my first desktop gaming PC, but watching these vids gives me so much knowledge I don't think I could have found on my own. Salute goes out to you @Gamers Nexus.

    • Thomas Feser
      Thomas Feser 6 months ago +6

      There are good prebuilt pcs out there ..
      You just have to inform yourself about them talk with customers

    • stevelakes
      stevelakes 7 months ago +2

      Unless you've already bought a pre built one then dont. I built my first PC 4yrs ago. At the time I knew absolutely nothing about them but I wanted a PC for gaming & was going to go pre build until I saw a Clip-Share clip about building your own & quickly realised the benefits far outweighed my perceived (but wrong) thoughts about the hassle involved.
      I found all the info I needed online. Clip-Share channels such as this where a god send. I'm not technically minded at all but it really wasnt that difficult. I spent 4 months saving cash & researching & when all the parts arrived I had it built in an afternoon. I was totally amazed that the first time I pressed the button it actually switched on & worked 😂😂
      I'm just about to start building my second one, the final part I needed arrived the other day (The GPU, an RTX 3070ti).
      Its not only (imo) cheaper & all the individual parts are what you wanted but its a great sense of satisfaction, everytime you switch it on you can think 'I actually built that' (The novelty has worn off a bit for me now though 🤣) So just go for it mate.
      Try not to get too into it though as it can get VERY expensive. I've recently fallen down the custom mechanical keyboard building rabbit hole. I didn't even know it was 'a thing' but I built my first one a couple of months ago & im already planning my next one, once you start you'll never be able to afford to eat well again 🤣🤣 Good luck.

  • Kroeckinator
    Kroeckinator 9 months ago +9

    I bought an iBUYPOWER PC when I was first getting into the PC gaming scene, I spent way too much money but it seemed like a good deal at the time. Come to find out a few months later that the CPU they included in my PC was basically incredibly outdated and was bottlenecking the shit out of my GPU.

  • Phil Zeo
    Phil Zeo 10 months ago +23

    Ima be honest, chief. This video was consistently hilarious and had me laughing the majority of the time.
    Thanks for bringing some humor to horrific tech that usually just has me shedding a single tear and shaking my head.

    • Phil Zeo
      Phil Zeo 9 months ago +2

      @micheal On the internet, no one has to know I'm a tenor

    • micheal
      micheal 9 months ago +3

      i agree, bass clef

  • Flying Bassett
    Flying Bassett 10 months ago +6

    I love the reviews and breakdowns of crappy prebuilts. It makes it much easier for us neophytes to avoid marketing hype when we build our own. I know that I know almost nothing, but I do like to avoid obvious junk.

  • EF
    EF 3 days ago

    Old vid, but I think that the 3600g would run faster than that paperweight gpu

  • MrMcGreed
    MrMcGreed Year ago +332

    I love it when Steve gets angry/frustrated enough to "break out the alcohol" and come up with novel combination of words to describe it: "An impressive abomination"; "The crypt-keeper of GPUs"; "Continue watching the train as it piles up, off the tracks"; "The punch-list"; "pre-chewed cables"; "it sucks an order of magnitude more now"; "faster than even a sloths eye can see"; "incompetent regardless of how it performs" :D

    • Chubbysumo
      Chubbysumo Year ago +24

      Came for the Trainwreck, stayed for the literary masterpiece.

  • FD FD
    FD FD 4 months ago +3

    The 730 thing just shows how shady low-end cards are. They sell them in two versions with significant performance differences with little to no warning on which variant you'll get. Others have two entirely different types of vram and different amounts with little to no warning either. Besides being overpriced POSes, it's also really sketchy to buy one even from an otherwise reputable vendor.

  • Nick Burak
    Nick Burak 11 months ago +5

    Just gotta say that, since I'm looking for a good SI PC, I would appreciate more videos about what's good than what's bad. I suppose showcasing bad stuff helps to indicate what SI's we should take a pass on, but it seems that they are all a bit corrupt in some way. Which SI is the best in terms of honesty and value?

  • The Adversary
    The Adversary 9 months ago +5

    The extended cord on the cooler being wrapped all the way around for absolutely no reason was both the most humorous and most egregious thing I've seen in one of the pre-built PCs

    • Bob N-S
      Bob N-S 8 months ago

      I kinda like a tight fit on cpu plugs that one is overdoing it though.

  • beszt95
    beszt95 7 months ago +14

    I laughed my ass of when I walked in Microcenter about a year ago and saw GT710s being sold for $60. My dad bought a GT710 for his office PC years ago when they were pretty new, and I think the price sticker on the box was $35 lmao. Anyway this is what I'm reminded of seeing that ancient GPU in this brand new PC lol

    • Cain DB
      Cain DB 4 months ago +2

      Just like 2 years ago I've visited local PC Store to see what they might have, and THE ONLY GPU THEY HAD WAS THIS PIECE OF SHIT, fucking GT 730, out of pure curiosity I asked how much they want for it, the guy probably thinking I'm an idiot said with a smile on his face "400zł" (that's over 100$), I couldn't help but laugh out loud, his smile quickly dissapeared probably realising that I know what a piece of shit it is and that this price is beyond ridicoulus, I then asked after I calmed down from laughing: "wait so let me get this straight, you want 400zł for a over 10 years old piece of junk that can barely function as a office computer part" he replied sluggishly " well... Yes, the GPU prices skyrocketed recently..." I laughed again and told him that yes, GPU prices skyrocketed but USABLE ones, the ones that can actually be used for anything besides working in text programs, if anything, the price for that junk should be even lower because of that, I leaved and never came back there ever again
      PL: jakieś 2 lata temu odwiedziłem miejscowy sklep komputerowy zobaczyć co tam mają, i JEDYNĄ KARTĄ GRAFICZNĄ JAKĄ MIĘLI BYŁ TEN JEBANY KAWAŁEK STOLCA, pierdolony GT 730, z czystej ciekawości zapytałem się gościa ile za nią chcą, ten mi z uśmieszkiem na twarzy myśląc że jestem idiotą odpowiada "400zł" nie mogłem się powstrzymać i wybuchem śmiechem, mina mu szybko zrzedła chyba ogarniając że wiem co to za gówno i że cena jest z kosmosu, potem jak się już wyśmiałem to zapytałem "dobra chwila czy ja dobrze zrozumiałem że chcecie 400zł za kawałek złomu który ledwo nadaje się do pracy biurowej?" Odpowiada mi niemrawo "no... Tak, ceny kart graficznych ostatnio mocno podskoczyły..." Ja znowu w śmiech i mówię gościowi że tak podskoczyły ale takie które się do czegokolwiek nadają, te które można użyć do czegoś więcej niż pracy przy programach tekstowych, jeśli już to jej cena powinna być z tego powodu jeszcze niższa niż była, wyszedłem i już nigdy tam nie wróciłem

    • beszt95
      beszt95 5 months ago

      @Sulphurous Its crazy lol. I'm lucky I decided to buy a 750 Ti as a spare part and for older systems in mid 2019, got it for only 40 bucks on ebay. The price may be coming back down now but I know those were selling for over 100 not long ago

    • Sulphurous
      Sulphurous 7 months ago

      God damn GT 730's being sold new now for almost $100 or so in Poland here and in other parts of Europe. I can buy a 290X or 780 Ti for that much second hand. Or could at least 2 years ago.

  • Rexzarrax
    Rexzarrax Year ago +506

    Wins the "worse than Dell" award

    • Matthew B
      Matthew B 26 days ago

      @Arnox As opposed to this being a system where you wouldn’t want to salvage anything from it.

    • Icarus
      Icarus Year ago +1

      "Dude, you got a 'worse than Dell'"

    • Adrian Fitzpatrick
      Adrian Fitzpatrick Year ago

      @Zach Conant thotbots 😁😁🤓❤️

    • Y0G0FU
      Y0G0FU Year ago

      @Arnox Dell at least allows you to play games...

    • Zach Conant
      Zach Conant Year ago +21

      @Anon Anon Clip-Share so busy removing dislikes they can’t even bother getting rid of thotbots.

  • Devin
    Devin 7 months ago +3

    The perfectly timed, continual cuts to the panel popping off the double faced adhesive had me laughing hysterically.

  • Michael Higdon
    Michael Higdon 9 months ago +4

    Say what you will, but the comedic timing of that glass side panel is spot on! Actually impressed they were able to build something with such great character!

  • Ryan
    Ryan Year ago +2

    It seems to be getting hilariously worse, roughly two weeks until Christmas and Amazon now has this monstrosity listed for $915.38! Gotta love holiday inflation. At least they seem to have the RAM size listed correctly now...

  • AdmLancel
    AdmLancel 11 months ago +19

    "Let's get the alcohol out! I mean that kind, too." I'll remember this one. Definitely worth pulling out if you get that thing. I paid less for an i9-12900K and the processor is the only thing remotely salvageable here. The rest should have been recycled for raw materials years ago.

  • Ralphfish4
    Ralphfish4 Year ago +359

    "We are a professional team, studying in computer memory and storage devices industry for more than 10 years."
    That's definitely a combined 10 years.

      RVNGI CViRNS Year ago +8

      Between 5 different 2 year olds

    • Mateus MT
      Mateus MT Year ago +4

      The RAM has better die/ranks than my Corsair 8GB 2400MHz CL16.... lmao.

    • Alexander Walker
      Alexander Walker Year ago +9

      It was a typo. They accidently put a zero after the one.

    • mxn1948
      mxn1948 Year ago +1

      im mean, there wasn't anything actually wrong that that ram, it could run 3000 at cl15.

    • hubertnnn
      hubertnnn Year ago +24

      Hmm, RAM manufacturer is in the market for 10 years, and the GPU in that PC is 10 years old.

  • Mat Broomfield
    Mat Broomfield 9 months ago +8

    You can thank the corporate friendly US anti-consumer lack of protection for shit like this. It's an absolute disgrace.

  • John, the Revelator
    John, the Revelator 9 months ago

    I've built my first PC back in 2007. Since then, I've built quite a few other for myself, friends, and family. Before doing a build, I always check if there isn't anything out there that is prebuilt and fits that person's needs for a reasonable price. iBUYPOWER disapoints every time. Their PCs have a mix and match of under/overdimensioned components. The motherboard is usually REALLY cheap and borderline old, i.e., little to no possibilities of upgrades in the future. Often I end up putting together a PC by purchasing parts on sale/with rebates and putting it together myself for about 40-50% less than anything prebuilt they have. My last PC I built in 2017 and just for the experience I decided I would spend exactly the same amount of money as if I was buying one of their hardware from NewEgg. That PC is still rocking 5 years later, with a decent GPU, twice the HDD, twice the SSD, 4x the RAM, and OC'd intel processor. It's hard to make a case for those pre-built things sold en mass online.

  • Jose Marin
    Jose Marin 8 months ago +25

    “Just to make sure you heard me correctly…that’s G, not T.”
    Wow lol!! My brain literally did not register the severity on the memory (among other things) until you pointed it out.
    There are some things we just assume about on this day and age, and clearly this pc is not one of them.

  • Tidakriger
    Tidakriger 5 months ago

    I bought an iBuyPower a couple years ago. My first PC, I was excited. The specs looked great, and I was ready to start gaming and playing the same games my friends were playing (I was coming from a 2013 Toshiba laptop that could barely run Minecraft). What I got was a faulty SSD that made the whole system a lot worse than it needed to be, and it eventually just blew out when I ran a stress test. I had done some tinkering with it before figuring out the issue. Started out with replacing the CPU, contacted customer support and waited two hours to get to a person. When I finally got the CPU two weeks later.. WRONG PART! They sent a double fan CPU when mine was a single, I don't even think this computer could physically have a double fan CPU inside of it. It was just an overall disaster, and I fully believe that iBuyPower is either an incompetent company, or an outright fraud

  • Ni An 🇺🇦
    Ni An 🇺🇦 Year ago +460

    This was hilarious. And tragic, because you just know that unsuspecting parents and grandparents will buy this for kids. Thanks for the video.

    • Kusariyaro
      Kusariyaro 10 months ago

      @mackan072 You are comparing fitting a GPU into the only slot designed to take it to a shit-made-up language of the Law.
      And yes, even Law and Medicine can be researched so you understand the basics and meaning.
      Building a PC takes a bit of research but it is easy.

    • mackan072
      mackan072 10 months ago +4

      ​@Kusariyaro So I take it you do all of your repairs, service and inspections of everything yourself?
      I mean, why would you need a mechanic, when you've got the infinite knowledge of Google, right? Electricians? Pfft, a pure scam. And don't even get me started on lawyers, everything is available right there, in the book. Only an illiterate person would ever need a lawyer, right? Why go to see a doctor, when you could just as well google it, watch the procedure on youtube, and fix your knee joint yourself, or perhaps have a spouse adjust it, if you're too squeamish to do it yourself :)
      Only an idiot would hire an engineer, in a world where calculators are so easily accessible, and so on, and so forth.

    • Kusariyaro
      Kusariyaro 10 months ago

      Kids today have endless content to learn. Yet they just want instant-products cus they are dumb and cannot use infinite power of combined knowledge/

    • Ping
      Ping Year ago +6

      That is the exact sad reality of this. They’ll be ripping off countless non knowledge consumers with a seriously sub par product delivering nothing but misery to the poor recipient.

    • Dan Mortenson
      Dan Mortenson Year ago

      Um, well, anything to cut down on the porn volume coming through the wifi, I guess...

  • blahbaconblah
    blahbaconblah 10 months ago +1

    11 years ago I bought my first pc from iBuypower with a GT460 in it. Seeing that card in the video gave me flashbacks, although this one seem much more modern. Back then I lived very close to the iBuypower HQ and decided to go pick my pc up in person rather than have it shipped. Two weeks later the cpu water cooler leaked and ruined the gpu. After fighting with them over replacing parts, they agreed to replace the cpu cooler and the gpu damaged by the leak. I went in and one employee came over and swapped out the cooler right in front of me with a Ryobe 12v drill. Dude just straight up went at it. He didn't even replace the thermal compound. I at the time had no idea what I was watching. I literally was still playing games on my xbox 360 at the time and just didn't realize what I was witnessing. Ever since I gained enough experience with pcs to understand how terrible they are as a builder I have made a point to mention this. I have seen the inside of their "Wearhouse" and its more sweatshop than boutique pc builder.

  • tHaH4x0r
    tHaH4x0r 11 months ago +6

    21:20 Doesn't have to be 'stripped down'. Often in the electronics industry, a single board can be used for a multitude of different products. By making the initial board a bit more complex and flexible, you can use the same design for many more products thus pushing the overall cost down. Not indicative of bad quality, or a lower end model.
    Actually the missing connector looks like a VGA connector, and I bet that the other missing components around it are associated with that hardware.

    • tHaH4x0r
      tHaH4x0r 2 months ago

      @Muhammed Alitoya Bold of you to assume that he has '100x more experience'. He has no experience designing electronics, and it clearly shows from what he mentions. Hence why I try to inform them of what probably is going on, and that leaving off components of a board does not mean its low quality or stripped down.
      Last time I checked I had a degree in electrical engineering and more than 15 years experience with electronics, and not just assembling but also designing electronics. So I do think I am qualified to talk about this, and probably do have more experience than he has.
      But good job showing your ignorance and starting an unsupported ad hominem, instead of addressing my argument and/or remark and explaining why it is wrong with facts and substance. Sure shows you are in the right position to call me 'ego tripping'.

    • Muhammed Alitoya
      Muhammed Alitoya 2 months ago

      Are you seriously lecturing guys who have literally hundreads of times more experience than you? Talk about ego tripping

  • James Young
    James Young 11 months ago +1

    I'm so glad that I never went pre-built in college. Thank you for the entertainment. I damn near pissed my pants with the review. I'm glad I subscribed! And I bought a toolkit to replace/supplement the Curtis one I bought in 1992 along with parts to build my first computer.

  • Lee Han Bin
    Lee Han Bin 9 months ago +5

    The thing with Amazon listings is that they often change the listed product while still using the same page from older listings. That's why often you will see reviews and mentions of other products under the reviews section for the product you are looking at, which is very messed up :p

  • Seb _YT
    Seb _YT Year ago +379

    Imagine all the poor families who decide to give their children some joy (and have no idea about gaming and PCs) and buy them a gaming system, go to IBP and buy this scam... That's the most outrageous thing...

    • Eliasroflchopper
      Eliasroflchopper Month ago

      @TheSpylight it's because most parents are retarded and have no fucking clue about modern technology. Just last Christmas, my mom decided to buy my sister a *"new"* laptop, but instead of asking someone who knows shit, she just looked at used garbage on ebay, as she always does. So she bought my sister a laptop for 500€, worth about 150€ at best. And when I pointed that out that she wasted more than 300€ on literal e-waste, I was an asshole. Also as always.
      The best part is that her ONLY criteria, when looking for the laptop, was literally, and I quote, "but it's full HD!". I'm not shitting you, I was so pissed when I saw what my sister got for Christmas.

    • solroskarnor
      solroskarnor Month ago

      It happend to me many years ago. A loval shoppade pushed the cpu to the absolute limit, and my mother bought me it. Undescribable pain seeing them work hard so i could get a computer and then it was bad and expensive
      I was so heartbroken and since then i cant stand companies in General.

    • TheSpylight
      TheSpylight 4 months ago

      @MultiSneakerLover "facepalm"
      LoL you're right. Don't know why I wrote this so awkwardly.

    • MultiSneakerLover
      MultiSneakerLover 4 months ago +1

      @TheSpylight u do realize ur uncles son is ur cousin right lmao

    • Professor Yana's Forsaken Outpost
      Professor Yana's Forsaken Outpost 9 months ago

      @Chance Moore Yanno, this makes me wonder if maybe the middleman bought a bunch of PCs from IBP, swapped out the actually-good-730 for the worthless trash, and then went on to sell the modified systems to unsuspecting marks.

  • Slam
    Slam 5 months ago +3

    Amazing that pre-built PC makers are still putting GT 730's and other extraordinarily outdated and low-end GPU's into these fancy "gamer" systems as if they realized already that most people buying these would be parents getting a Minecraft machine for their kids

    • t3hgir
      t3hgir 5 months ago

      Minecraft machine XDDD

  • grumblekin
    grumblekin 9 months ago +60

    I bought an iBuypower PC about 10 years ago and it wasn’t a bad system.
    Sad to see they slipped so much

    • Jonathan Mcniel
      Jonathan Mcniel 3 months ago

      I bought one almost a year ago. It works great.

    • Henry Fleischer
      Henry Fleischer 5 months ago

      I bought one 2 years ago, and aside from the graphics card dying 2 years in, it was good. I did pick each part individually though.

    • schiz0phren1c
      schiz0phren1c 8 months ago +1

      It was probably this same model Grumblekin!...they just slapped a few new stickers on the remaining models, blew the dust off and VOILA! lol!
      Sorry Midan!, didn't spot you'd beaten me to the comment by 4 days until now!

    • Midan
      Midan 8 months ago +13

      It was probably the same model LOL

    • Joseph Christ
      Joseph Christ 9 months ago +14

      I've bought two of them and had good experiences with each (the last one about 7 years ago) but I never bought their complete pre-build. Rather I chose component by component and just had them put it together. I'm wondering if that gets better results.

  • BaTTaN ouch OuCH
    BaTTaN ouch OuCH 9 months ago +3

    Love that you guys stay on top of products like these. With that said I have owned two Ibuypower systems in the past and both have lived up to the specs and been great systems.

  • Cdr. Amora Shepard
    Cdr. Amora Shepard 11 months ago

    Exactly the quality I expect from a brand that adds their own SN to 3rd party computers, only runs the warranty off that, and hides it under the secondary drive in the laptops they sell. The one I'm remembering was some MSI laptop with an Nvidia non-GTX 950m.

  • Leo N
    Leo N Year ago +536

    Just goes to show, never buy a computer listed on April Fool's Day.

    • CaseyJohto94
      CaseyJohto94 Year ago

      No wonder it's a scam!

    • Doru Min
      Doru Min Year ago +2

      @ModernOddity but what if it's love?

    • ModernOddity
      ModernOddity Year ago +6

      @maxfmfdm Don't engage bots, just report them. lol

    • maxfmfdm
      maxfmfdm Year ago +3

      @Felaayunia Yunia WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHITSTORM?????

  • M Khan
    M Khan 11 months ago

    Hello Gamers Nexus thank you for the video, always a pleasure to watch you rip a new one to bad / lazy companies :D, while watching this at 21:12 you pointed to several missing caps 4 beside cpu bed and another one above it, 2 questions sprung to mind, 1, could capacitors be added back to the board? 2, would it make a diffrence? if you have time (I know you are all always busy) but if you did find time i would love to see a video of this, a before and after adding the missing pieces to the board and any diffrence it would make.

  • Trevor Allen
    Trevor Allen 2 days ago

    I gotta be honest I can't speak on the prebuilt ready to ship but the first PC I bought was from iBuyPower. I was super happy but I did do a custom build and researched and personally selected every part everyone one . I spent around ,2000 k and got the best price for performance I could get at the time . I also payed extra for professional cable install/management and a few other things. It took longer than I would have liked to get here but other than that I was super happy with it even to this day .

    • Trevor Allen
      Trevor Allen 2 days ago

      I build my own now . But moral of the story of your going to buy a prebuilt research all the parts. Some will be good bang for Buck but alot of prebuilds will lure you in with a decent CPU GPU then skimp on everything else cheap ram mother board horrible SSD case all that. If you know enough about PCs to pick one that has balanced quality go for it otherwise hand select all your parts . Really you should DIY but if you have the money and are intimidated at least hand pick all the parts.

  • AftermathXJ220
    AftermathXJ220 11 months ago

    I've bought a CyberPower Ryzen 3300X prebuilt beginning of 2021. It literally came with the same motherboard. The only thing I feel I got screwed on was the memory/RAM which was advertised to be at 3000 MHz, but had Geil stick rated at 2666 MHz that I managed to OC to 2800 MHz, but who knows how long that stick would stay stable at that speed.

  • Wm Gilliland
    Wm Gilliland 9 months ago

    You should benchmark the hdmi port on the back of the motherboard. Just to see if it would do better than the old nvidia card.

  • Blue Spectre
    Blue Spectre Year ago +339

    i didnt know a pc tear down could be pure comedy till today, i was laughing so hard lol, the "twang" of the sticky metal popping up on the glass panel over and over had me dying

    • Abdelhak Khalil
      Abdelhak Khalil Year ago +1

      @Carlos Gómez_C Well, Chinese do build quality products if you are willing to pay for it. I mean, where all the iPhones and MACs are built? The bucket ends with the US buyers who are ordering low-end products from China.

    • D'Ander McSullivan
      D'Ander McSullivan Year ago +2

      @Heaveline Helios that was perfect comedic timing lmfao

    • klaxxxon
      klaxxxon Year ago +5

      The metal tab had better comedic timing with its final twang than most comedians. *blink* *blink* twang!

    • FlimerMithrandir
      FlimerMithrandir Year ago +1

      You for sure should watch the other Teardowns then. You will have one or two more Laughs for sure.

    • Heaveline Helios
      Heaveline Helios Year ago +4

      Especially the last one bring so delayed xD

  • Vetreas
    Vetreas Year ago

    The "it's hard to conceptualize nothingness" before the HDD "reveal" made me burst out laughing but... I'd actually have a harder time conceptualizing a 1GB HDD in today's world. Would those even interface with modern devices? The smallest HDD I ever had was 4GB on a very old PC I used to only be able to use to run Half Life, RA2 and flash games but had no sound. I don't have it anymore and I don't think I would even be able to connect it to a modern PC without an adaptor or two.

  • Justin Amyot
    Justin Amyot Year ago +1

    One of my friends got into PC gaming and we bought this model a while ago. It was only $499. You are right on the ram being different. He lucked out and got a ballistic x stick with a 3200 xmp (also not enabled by default). The plan was buy a cheap prebuilt, because he needed everything to for the pc keyboard, mouse, windows key, etc. and pop in...well whatever "gaming" graphics card he could find, he ended up getting a gtx1660 (peak graphics card shortage). He got the system off tiger direct, and everything was listed correctly...no 1gb hard drive and 8gb advertised memory. He gave me the "gtx730" and now i know why it screws up my system even as a second display...it is now sitting in a drawer. All in he spent about $700-$750 and it has no problem running red dead 2 at over 60fps, 1080p at default settings.

  • Keith
    Keith 5 days ago

    Me watching this on my Dell XPS M1710 With Geforce GO 7950 GTX "that's a good card he's got there!"......

  • Mr. Dan
    Mr. Dan 7 months ago +1

    Protip if you want to (re)adhere stuff to glass, use a glue called E6000. It's basically what they use to attach cell phone screens. If you're really pro, lightly clamp it for a few hours.

  • Shukterhouse Jive
    Shukterhouse Jive Year ago +831

    C'mon Steve, that graphics card delivers perfectly fine performance for the 1 centimeter display listed on the product page!

    • K J
      K J 9 months ago +1

      I didn’t even notice the 1cm display size. Wtf?!

    • Glenn Janot
      Glenn Janot 11 months ago

      @Scoobius Maximus That hard drive was probably state of the art size when that system was built :D

    • Twix
      Twix 11 months ago

      Amazon PC's are all scams

    • BeardsNTools
      BeardsNTools Year ago +2

      @Scoobius Maximus lol if it had 1gb drive that could be worth more than the bottom of barrel, I assume 1Tb drive that's actually in there, unless it's a ssd. I doubt it.

    • ben
      ben Year ago +1

      @slightlyevolved Marvel was supposed to use it for Ant Man and somehow it ended up on amazon. I mean its LITERALLY only usable for ppl who have shrink rays

  • The Real LOL: Life Of Legacy

    I bought an ibuypower before I started building my own PCs and I had to return SIX to Best Buy. They had motherboards installed without risers, had broken gpus, had missing parts, had windows installed wrong and their customer service was so Scummy. They wanted me to ship them back to the company and wait over a month just for them to reinstall Windows instead of just giving me one of their $10 Windows codes that they load into the machines thanks to bulk purchasing as a distributor. I wound up stripping a 2080 Super out of one and using it to build my own PC by the end of it. Ibuypower was reported to the BBB and I wish they would be shut down, everything their customer service told me seemed like they knew they were building screwed up shit and they didn't care at all.
    Lastly, they used a Rebranded ASROCK board, there were issues with it and I called ASROCK and they said they wish they didn't do business with iBuyyPower because they rebrand, strip down the regular ASROCK boards and ruin the bios and then never support them with updates and ASRock bios updates don't work because we'll clearly iBuyPower strups down the MOBA to save money....the ASROCK CS rep told me they get nothing but complaints and they are sick of iBuyPower making them look like shit.
    They also swap out parts from their listings ALL the time.

  • michael
    michael 6 months ago +2

    This one had me laughing all the way through it and I can't even express how happy it made me lmao

  • Walker
    Walker 3 months ago +7

    My father got me a system like this a couple of years ago before I really know too much about hardware. Believe it or not it was even worse than the system in this video, coming with a GT 730, and running a AMD FX 6300. I was so confused on how my brand new “gaming” pc was running csgo and tf2 at sub 60fps right out the box and running worse than my laptop at the time. Me trying to figure out why it was so bad really was the thing to get me into hardware as I had to scrap money and build my own system. Thank you msi gt 730, I still have you to this day

    • David Vargas
      David Vargas 29 days ago +1

      @Walker OMG thank you so much for the info yes I was in high school when I got the PC. I was thinking of upgrading the graphic card to a GTX 1660 Ti 6GB. But now I have more reassurance that nothing bad will happen if I replace the GPU. TYSM your comment helped me alot.

    • Walker
      Walker 29 days ago +1

      @David Vargas so the Ryzen 5 3600 is actually pretty solid and good for a upgrade path as AM4 is a very well supported CPU socket type, if it were up to me , I would definitely upgrade the GPU to something like a GTX 1060, 1660, or a 1650 Super if you are looking for something a lil cheaper. Also if it were up to me I would throw in a extra 8GB of ram and like a 1TB HDD if you are having issues w storage. I’m assuming you’re on a budget but you at least have the Ryzen 5 3600 which is a solid CPU and can serve as a solid foundation for a decent 1080P 60FPS build if you’re on a budget
      Here’s a chart if you need some extra clarity
      CPU : Ryzen 5 3600 (keep, it’s good)
      GPU : GT 730 > GTX 1060,1660,1650
      RAM : 8GB > 16GB
      SSD : Just keep, you only need for like the OS and other start up things, you can buy a 1 TB Hard drive for cheap and get it running real easy.
      These are my recommendations as it’s what I did when I first upgraded. Keep in mind this was like a couple years ago and I have different specs now but assuming you are still in high school like I was it’s a more than sufficient build for 1080P 60FPS gaming, lmk if you need anything else I live for this shit.

    • David Vargas
      David Vargas 29 days ago

      Hey Walker I have a question regarding on your pc. Did you upgrade and replace the GPU and CPU or did you throw it away the pc entirely. Cause I have the same situation on having the same specs as u and I don't know much about building my own PC. If you did upgrade, do you mind sharing what you did to make the pc better. Like specifically what you bought that replaced your old GPU, CPU, RAM, and SSD card. I bought the same PC in the video as my first ever pc and soon to realize that it sucked. I bought it pre-build cause I had no idea how to assemble a pc only for it to be bad and not even run games that I want to play. Hell I could barely play Gta V in low settings and it was mostly pixelated. I have a GeForce GT 730 for the GPU and a AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-core Processeras the CPU, a ADATA SU650 SSD 240GB which can barely store anything, and 8 GB of ram. I have no idea what is compatible with the PC and I don't want to buy something that can't be run on the Pc I have. Any tips would be very appreciated cause I don't want to throw away this pc because it does function and I don't wanna waste more money to buy a new Pc just for it to be the same situation as I have right now. Unless throwing it and buy a better pc is preferable?

  • Mango
    Mango 8 months ago

    That's so strange. I got a pc from them like 5 years ago and it's been wonderful. This is just crazy.

  • Animize
    Animize Year ago +354

    "Ibuypower is trying to improve" - a few minutes later.... "welcome to the worst PC we have tested so far!"

    • Animize
      Animize Year ago

      @Joseph Not really an excuse to create those landfill-system anyway....

    • Joseph
      Joseph Year ago +1

      Ibuypower does make good systems. Just not their low end prebuilds. Anything less than 1000 bucks is going to be garbage no matter what you do unless you are building it yourself out of salvaged components.

    • Purple
      Purple Year ago +1

      This was stock that was sitting a third party sellers basement, so they still could be trying to improve.

    • Mr. Lince
      Mr. Lince Year ago

      @Tissue Oflies 😂

    • Tissue Oflies
      Tissue Oflies Year ago +3

      @Mr. Lince The problem is that it isn't burning

  • schlafanzyk
    schlafanzyk 10 months ago +2

    The funniest part is that they are underrepresented the specs - and they still managed to make it suck LMAO

  • Robert Martin
    Robert Martin Year ago +2

    The video editor that kept putting in the metal strip popping off the glass deserves a raise.

  • Just In
    Just In Year ago

    Wow. So basically they gave it a display adapter that doubles a space heater/ active system thermal throttling device.

  • ElectricSky
    ElectricSky 15 days ago

    Highly entertaining video. Makes me feel so smug I build my own PCs. Sad thing is someone like my father in law would probably buy this rig and not notice it's choked by a ghost GPU. Marketing fines should be administered

  • Ross
    Ross Year ago +669

    I rarely comment on Gamers Nexus's videos, but I am so impressed with you and your teams commitment and determination. To test a machine that actually scored 3 FPS on a video game had to have been such a frustrating task. I salute you and you're team.

    • Ross
      Ross 5 months ago

      @Ketamine Poptarts lol

    • Ketamine Poptarts
      Ketamine Poptarts 5 months ago +1

      holy shit 3 fps? my shitty dell laptop gets better framerates than that

    • yes yes
      yes yes 9 months ago +2

      @XZ III sure but imagine what steve had to do to even get a 10 year old card to run anything. And the fine print he had to read to make sure he was actually being scammed.

    • XZ III
      XZ III 9 months ago

      @yes yes even though i have and had and do it for others as well so... you're wrong. But it's not like you know me personally to know that. & yeah it does get frustrating but problems do occur you try to best to work with them and/or around them

    • yes yes
      yes yes 9 months ago +1

      @XZ III if you dont think its frustrating you've never built a pc or had to fix one

  • AzweeeL
    AzweeeL 3 months ago

    I recently started to follow this channel and I love everything I've seen so far.
    Great timing comedy Steve, you make me laugh more than your video should!

  • Phreakwar PC Custom Builds

    OMG Steve, you should have saved this one for April 1st. I had to pause the video as soon as you got to the benchmarks so I could laugh so hard my eyes started tearing up. At $700, iButpower could have made a very very nice APU setup with the exact same board and a 3400g, 5700g even better these days.

  • Kupier Cerberus
    Kupier Cerberus Month ago

    Can’t believe they legitimately sold this when there are prebuilts on Amazon with 750ti installed that work and cost up to $300 less

  • santiago 1254
    santiago 1254 2 months ago

    They have always told me to stay away from Ibuypower at all costs and after I checked the specs and looking at the motherboard they have I knew why

  • Clemond Griffin
    Clemond Griffin Year ago +376

    I love his cascading disappointment the further we get into these pre-built videos. The builds are seriously trainwrecks.

    • Jose Vela
      Jose Vela Year ago

      @TheBlueBunnyKen There's a place for pre-builts. I was going to build a new PC for my game room, but with GPUs going WAY above MSRP. I just bought a prebuilt. A prebuilt that cost the same as an RTX 3070.. with an RTX 3070 in it.

    • TheBlueBunnyKen
      TheBlueBunnyKen Year ago +2

      Glad I decided to build my own PC, everyone told me to avoid pre-builds. They always overpriced, I am currently collecting PC parts to build my first PC

    • Captain_Morgan
      Captain_Morgan Year ago +1

      @Samuel Hayes That was the selling point.

    • Samuel Hayes
      Samuel Hayes Year ago +1

      I'm honestly surprised the CPU was right.

  • ChozoSR388
    ChozoSR388 Year ago

    Yeah, I remember buying a PC back in 2011, from hp, and the GPU 'upgrade' from just onboard graphics (I was new to the scene, what did I know? lol) was a GeForce GT 520 1GB, which after I got the PC, I found out was a $70 graphics card, brand new on Amazon at the time.

  • Ian Frost
    Ian Frost 8 months ago +1

    Back when the 1080 line first came out I got a pre-built off iBUYPOWER, I went ahead and threw in the extra money for their "professional wiring" all the cables were run through the side wall where the MB is mounted causing you to have to lay the PC on it's side and having to lay down on the case to slide the cover on because all the cables would bulge out the case cover

  • Fraser Manley
    Fraser Manley 10 months ago +1

    I remember having a 1.2 gigabyte Bigfoot 5'1/4 inch HDD way before most of the viewers were born. Good drive, felt like a legend after years of floppy disk management.

  • ChrisE46
    ChrisE46 7 months ago

    What boggles my mind is the amount of skepticism coming from potential buyers when an enthusiast offers to build a pc 100x better at the same price and the person thinks they are getting a decent deal just buying a prebuilt like this one.

  • Darko Leskovšek
    Darko Leskovšek Year ago +229

    The fact that ibuypower was okay with putting their name ob a system like this and charge actual money for it is mindblowing.

    • David Gill
      David Gill Year ago +1

      @Bad Player How the fuq they so successful exactly? Just all budget into advertising I guess.

    • Bad Player
      Bad Player Year ago +1

      @David Gill I'm pretty sure that was their A-team. Or at least just about everyone in the CS:GO community did. I'm certain those sponsorships cost them more future customers than they gained.

    • David Gill
      David Gill Year ago +2

      @Bad Player That’s friggin amazing lol. You would think they would put their a-team on it and make sure for something like that regardless of the garbage they sell to customers. How can they be so inept that a public sponsored event with a huge lead time was still too tall an order? If I ran that place I would personally be looking over my peoples shoulders to make sure this was done right.

    • Bad Player
      Bad Player Year ago +4

      Oh dude, you should have seen what happened back when they were still sponsoring professional CS:GO events. They'd be the title sponsor for these offline LANs, provide all the hardware, and matches would be delayed for HOURS due to simultaneous or consecutive hardware failures. They legit were furnishing PC's that couldn't handle the arduous task of playing CS:GO for events they paid thousands of dollars to attend.
      The best they had to offer was straight up garbage.

    • Joseph
      Joseph Year ago

      ibuypower will put whatever you want into your computer. They will even let you get an i9 12gen with absolute garbage everything else. Their budget friendly options for some of the components will literally say "major manufacturer" component rated at X specifications. You have to go through as you are picking components to make sure you are getting good stuff.

  • Pog Tuber
    Pog Tuber 11 months ago +3

    You know what's really sad about this is that someone out there has bought this system, which after taxes and shipping is over $700, hoping their child or grandchild can experience some new games (which they should be able to do at $700), and that child goes to load up Rocket league and gets 20 frames per fucking second. They might also be completely oblivious that their shiny new monitor looks like shit because the HDMI port can't output more than 1080p.
    This is just a really sad ripoff attempt by a company. And brazen, too.

    • Staniel B
      Staniel B 5 months ago +1

      That's honestly the thing that pisses me off the most. Those kids are going to be very upset, and it's going to break the parent's or grandparent's heart.
      Or the economically disadvantaged people out there who really want to get into gaming, and this is the disaster they end up with, and they might literally have to scrape up money for another paycheck just to afford shipping it back.
      This shit is sheisty and morally bankrupt.

  • cryangallegos
    cryangallegos 8 months ago

    Crazy. I bought an iBuyPower a few years ago 2nd hand for a price that was just too good to pass up (came with a brand new 32" Samsung tv and Razer Kraken headset all for $500) with 16GB, i7-7700, and GTX 960 (3GB version). The case is actually decent and uses real glass. Only thing I changed immediately was the mobo, as the default mobile was weeeeird- it had THREE PCI slots...for a 2016/17 model pc 🤣🤣🤣
    I've since upgraded the memory and GPU, and will likely swap in a 7700k. It's pretty solid now

  • Ryan Senensky
    Ryan Senensky Year ago

    I literally have that GPU at my parent's house, I bought an iBuyPower back in high school (~2008) just because I needed a functioning computer that would run after a power surge fried my computer. Somehow my old GPU survived the power surge (and died soon after) so I just had a whatever something or other stuffed in the pre-built.

  • Kinipshun
    Kinipshun 5 months ago

    as a novelty, i'd actually really like to have a modern 1GB HDD. I'm mad that it wasn't included

  • Nathan
    Nathan Year ago +386

    Ive actually been using the fermi version of the GT 730, its god awful and belongs on a beach as sand, not in a pc.
    Should have gone with the 750TI which is actually Maxwell 1.0

    • G33RsofDeath
      G33RsofDeath Year ago

      @Pasi123 it is not the card. That's the problem

    • Pasi123
      Pasi123 Year ago

      I'm still quite happy with my laptop, ThinkPad T440p, which has an i7-4800MQ and GT 730M (GK208 Kepler 2.0). It's not the fastest card but it can still run games like Genshin Impact, GTA V, Minecraft etc. But I usually have to drop the resolution from 1080p to 900p or 720p, for example GTA V runs at 720p 60fps or 1080p 30fps with the same settings
      And if it can't run something then I can just use Parsec to remotely play from one of my desktop PCs

    • G33RsofDeath
      G33RsofDeath Year ago

      @Nathan Gamble yeah... You can't read...

    • dhgodzilla1
      dhgodzilla1 Year ago

      @Forthereg M That is not Normal, you probly just needed to Re Paste the Card, maybe add a couple Plastic Washers to the Screws with Sprigs on them to put more pressure on the Cooler.

    • Josue31627
      Josue31627 Year ago

      The GDDR5 version of the GT 730 is actually a solid entry-level GPU.
      They are overpriced at the moment though.

  • Zack W
    Zack W Year ago

    Hey, 2011 was a great year in gaming. You should try to think of this system more like a commemorative token and not be so negative about getting scammed on a 'new' PC 🤣

  • Developer Tips
    Developer Tips 17 days ago

    In fairness, I've had neoforza in my PC for 3 years and it was pretty good. It was 3000 MHz but i was able to clock it to 3200 so it was rly good.

  • Foogod
    Foogod 9 months ago +4

    FYI, I'm pretty sure that the reason things like that RAM sticker say "warranty void if removed" is simply because that sticker contains the batch/serial information which they need to scan in order to process the warranty claim properly in their systems when it's returned. It's purely a procedural/documentation thing, not a damage/tampering issue.

    • Aven
      Aven 3 months ago

      @Foogod My bad, I did misunderstand. Thank you for the calm and thoughtful response :)

    • Foogod
      Foogod 3 months ago

      @Aven Yes, which is why _they didn't put it anywhere that necessitates removal for repairs._ I'm not sure whether you maybe actually didn't watch the video (specifically, 20:35, for reference), but the whole point was that the "warranty void if removed" sticker on the RAM was obviously not serving as a tamper-detection sticker here, so the question was why would the warranty be void if it was removed in that case?
      I was pointing out that there are other reasons _in addition to_ tamper detection why a manufacturer might conceivably need/want a sticker to remain in place for warranty purposes, too.

    • Aven
      Aven 3 months ago

      Ever notice how those stickers are put in places where you HAVE to remove it if you want to service the part? The stickers are there to prove to the manufacturer that any defects or damage they find internally wasn't from the end user. If it was just a batch number thing, there's no reason to put it somewhere that necessitates removal for repairs.

  • Bo J.
    Bo J. 9 months ago

    I got a prebuilt from Amazon from CYBERPOWERPC and it ended up pretty damn great. I checked everything and it was all legit and what they said it was. I've since upgraded it quite a bit and it's taken it all super well. Only thing I don't like is that the case has really shitty airflow, no mesh and there are three fans in the front of the pc but just tiny little air slots for cooler air to actually enter the case. Eventually I'll replace it but it's been great for me, grateful for that.

  • makwikus
    makwikus Year ago +256

    If anything, that glass panel's frame should be commended for its impeccable comedic timing.

    • CharlieMason
      CharlieMason Year ago +6

      I know, the whole thing with the flipping corner was perfectly timed like it was specifically written for a high-quality comedy movie.

  • YaBoiiUnclePhil
    YaBoiiUnclePhil 7 months ago

    I actually bought one of these about a year ago not knowing much about PCs, I have replaced nearly every single part in an attempt to get this thing to run well. A new PSU, new CPU, new Cooler, new Ram, SSD, and 2 brand new GPUs later the system is now mid.

  • canonip3000
    canonip3000 Year ago

    It would actually be hilarious if there would actually be a 1GB IDE hard drive in it :D
    And probably a PCIe IDE controller

  • Cedar and Sound Studios
    Cedar and Sound Studios 11 months ago +1

    This is why I've been using ADK Pro Audio for PC builds since 2012, I'm on my 3rd PC since then and holy shit they're reliable with everything.

  • Gxaps
    Gxaps 5 months ago

    I'm concerned that having this combination of CPU and GPU will create a slight bottleneck.

  • Hyper #8
    Hyper #8 Year ago +154

    Omfg i feel bad for all the kids who get these bad builds for Christmas and can't even play a game 😪 keep doing these reviews because these pre builders need a kick in the face.

    • Blue Sonic Streak
      Blue Sonic Streak Year ago +5

      Yeah, the snarky reviews are funny until you realize some poor kid is probably getting this exciting "it lights up!" new "gaming" PC for Christmas and then is crushed with disappointment when it can't even launch a modern game.

    • GreenAppelPie
      GreenAppelPie Year ago +5

      I went with this brand last year based on Linus’ tech tips last year, it’s still doing great. But when a company does shit like this, they get a boycott from me.

    • Batara Siagian
      Batara Siagian Year ago +4

      Strongly agree.

  • Paul Taylor
    Paul Taylor 10 months ago

    Wow, that was brutal for an ineptly sourced bad system. A firnd's son built a computer that was far better than that as his first attempt and he did not claim to be a system builder. However, he at least ran parts by me and others who build and put together something that could play most modern games a good frame rates but had to settle for an older GPU thanks to supply chain issues. He reused his father's RTX 2070.

  • Kyle Stewart
    Kyle Stewart 9 days ago

    It’s amazing that this thing cost $700.
    I bet for only 2X the price, you could get 200X the performance.

  • Matt Perry
    Matt Perry 11 months ago

    Wow, if they had put a modern AMD APU in there instead of the current CPU and abysmal GPU, the system might have been at least passable!

  • Blizmak
    Blizmak 9 months ago

    I spent a year learning remodeling from an old contractor. I worked for free to learn. His motto when buying material was, "cheapest sh!t you can find".

  • Plushie Patches
    Plushie Patches Year ago +41

    Seeing its reviews on Amazon where people say they bught these for their kids just to be met with complete disappointment is just infuriating.

  • Jason Felosi
    Jason Felosi 9 months ago

    Seems like this is becoming more of the norm than the exception for any pre-built.

  • Frank Logrim
    Frank Logrim Year ago

    I burst out laughing when you said its time to move on to benchmarking. I really hope nobody ordered this scam dumpster of computer! 🤬

  • Tes Tickles
    Tes Tickles 11 months ago

    I was in the middle of collecting parts when the video card shit started.
    had everything but the card and tower.
    I ended up with an ibuy tower, went midgrade, ended up with a 1650gt.
    i picked the tower I liked from the options and didn't care about the guts because I had everything to replace what I assumed was going to be junk anyways.
    It's an OK way to get the hard-to-get parts if you're just going to replace most of it anyways. not to be confused with being worth the cost for a pile of e waste.

  • arturia arthus
    arturia arthus Month ago

    yeah, i feel sorry for that poor 3600 ..
    my heart goes out to all the processors out there, that are getting abused like this.
    a sad day in the history of mankind, indeed ..

  • J M
    J M Year ago +99

    "If it gets destroyed in shipping, UPS is doing everyone a favor anyway". LMAO 🤣