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Homemade Hoverbike

  • Published on Apr 27, 2016 veröffentlicht
  • What a creation, it's a unhinged flying bike/human blender but unbelievably it gets off the ground and actually FLIES.
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    what a plumber can do in a shed eh? Considering the amount of time i've spent on this and the fact this is my first EVER attempt at making anything that leaves the ground this is well and truly a job well done, it's easy to overlook the true scale of what takes to make something like this work at all.
    Thanks to Ford for the sponsorship and the Unlearn campaign which has turned my mad idea into a reality and shown that trying new things can lead to amazing results. You can see more unlearning here unlearn.ford.co.uk/
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Comments • 31 392

  • Luke Yin
    Luke Yin 2 years ago +5997

    “Mom, the neighbor’s flying again”

  • Electric_Bagpipes
    Electric_Bagpipes Year ago +2422

    Just here to remind you this video is nearly half a decade old and we still aren’t flying around on these death traps yet.

    • Morgan not Freeman
      Morgan not Freeman 5 days ago

      thats because its been half a decade. a whole decade is needed

    • adam grigsby
      adam grigsby 5 days ago +1

      theres always gotta be this guy in the comments..

    • Ash Green
      Ash Green 2 months ago +1

      They have one at the auto show for over $700,000 now

    • Morgan not Freeman
      Morgan not Freeman 2 months ago

      elon musk to the rescue

    • M Salazar
      M Salazar 3 months ago

      Yeah, maybe if you covered those sharp blades, added a seat, brakes, …. Who know’s?

  • Escola de Trânsito com Você

    Impressionante, Colin!

    • Yeettoinfinity
      Yeettoinfinity 9 months ago +3

      @Latifa Errguibi with that grammar it must be terrible

    • Brandon Stith
      Brandon Stith 11 months ago

      @Latifa Errguibi TELL US

    • [Cyber YGO]
      [Cyber YGO] Year ago +1

      @Latifa Errguibi tell me😮😮😮😮😮

    • Latifa Errguibi
      Latifa Errguibi Year ago

      I have a good idea to make it more better

  • Matthew Hugg
    Matthew Hugg Year ago +496

    I wish he’d come back to this invention someday and try to innovate it more

    • K1lostream
      K1lostream Year ago +17

      Sponsor him to do it, like Ford did, and he'll probably have a go! 😉

  • Federico
    Federico 9 months ago +72

    One of the most amazing things I have ever seen
    Also it is a miracle he still has all his limbs intact after testing that flying razor blades deathtrap

  • arnob aurin
    arnob aurin 2 years ago +2005

    This man is so confident of his inventions that he never wears helmet

    • Kiros
      Kiros 14 days ago

      Lmaooo a helmet not gonna do shit when your falling from the sky getting chopped up by propellers on the way down, lets keep it real

    • jesus alba
      jesus alba 8 months ago

      yeah i noticed and i met this guy in real life!

    • Case 2_0
      Case 2_0 9 months ago

      If you’re gonna go out, might as well make it interesting

    • William Bogue
      William Bogue 9 months ago

      Helmet won’t help much anyway on that leg-chopper.

    • oneofthesixbillion
      oneofthesixbillion 10 months ago

      The biggest source of head injuries is the bathroom.

    DOCWHOK9 Year ago +44

    Time to re-visit this one Colin.
    A 4 blade, more stable version with drone circuitry!

    • Steve Burstall
      Steve Burstall 2 months ago +1

      I t would be cheaper than the one they showed at the Detroit Auto Show for $800,000.

    • fathead adolf barry
      fathead adolf barry 5 months ago

      he could easy do better , were in no rush to have more things falling out the sky randomly , some tech is going to have inherent issues , progression is slow by design.

  • Tim Pea
    Tim Pea 2 months ago +11

    The most amazing thing about Colin is that he still appears to have all his fingers and limbs.

  • 2bdamned
    2bdamned 3 months ago +3

    Harnessing aeronautics… we need more people like him

  • notahotshot
    notahotshot 6 months ago +5

    I am so glad you survived this one and continued on to make so many other amazing projects.

  • Kirk Salvatore
    Kirk Salvatore Year ago +87

    "We can't mount any more weight on it" for stability.
    Proceeds to mount a firework launcher on it almost immediately afterwards 😂

  • Bill Cockerham
    Bill Cockerham 7 months ago

    Would love to see a revisit of this, with four motors in each corner, and see what type stabilization/thrust system you could come up with.

  • Julie Bryan
    Julie Bryan 5 months ago

    He are such a great guy and I imagine you are inspiring young and old the wonderful pleasure, hard work, and the pay offs of being an Inventor. You are making inventors cool again and just think how many people you have created by just being you. Great job Colin !!!!!!!!

  • jeff cantley
    jeff cantley Year ago +1

    Absolutely terrifying and exciting at the same time. Hats off to you!

  • H1PP1E
    H1PP1E 2 years ago +1126

    candice: oh, phineas will stop making inventions when he's older
    phineas when he's older:

    • California doesn’t exist.
      California doesn’t exist. Month ago

      @A Man Online then where’s Phineas? Maybe styropyro?

    • A Man Online
      A Man Online 8 months ago

      Colin is British
      Therefore he's actually a grown up version of Ferb.

    • Phineas
      Phineas 2 years ago

      @Kashi Ram Gautam Wait I must call Ferb I know what we're doing today

    • Kashi Ram Gautam
      Kashi Ram Gautam 2 years ago

      @Phineas what are you building today

    • Tiger Doug
      Tiger Doug 2 years ago

      Lol 😂

  • Just your friendly neighborhood ender dragon

    damn imagine if a professional team of engineers worked on this we would have flying bikes

    • Name Name
      Name Name 8 months ago

      We do now, theres a company selling a jet powered hoverbike for extortionate ammounts (obviously) it kinda looks like a jetski.

    • emart88
      emart88 9 months ago

      There is some sort of hover bike in Dubai.

    • Drafezard
      Drafezard 10 months ago +1

      If anything they'd possibly be less successful as being professionals they'd probably have to abide by a bunch of health and safety protocols and all kinds of autocratic red tape and such.

  • NIKOsOldtimerGarage
    NIKOsOldtimerGarage 29 days ago

    Respect for so much courage and inventiveness 🏆

  • Dreamwarrior64
    Dreamwarrior64 Year ago +1

    That's amazing my friend. I actually came up with something similar but just using a regular bicycle frame. I had the whole invention all written out with everything laid out according to a very detailed plan. But Davison Integration never got back to me on it, so it remains just another unfulfulled dream. I actually like yours better tho, and it seems more practical then what I was trying to do. Best of luck to you my friend.

  • Peas &tanks
    Peas &tanks Year ago

    This is still one of the most impressive thing you’ve made Colin. What if it could steer?!?! If you ever wanted a big payday from Clip-Share again man this would be it make the hover bike better

  • professional sleeper
    professional sleeper 2 years ago +2817

    "Can a man with NO engineering qualifications..." wait *_WHAT?!?!_*

    • Yaxye Abdiqani
      Yaxye Abdiqani 5 months ago

      @Alfalasi211 cfgfŕfŕvvvvq

    • emart88
      emart88 9 months ago

      @Revenant1436 he'd basically be the British Grant imahara.

    • Drankpiss
      Drankpiss Year ago

      @Derek Smith if you actually watched the video, it clearly stated that it was a string test for one single clip. The rest was a freelance riding.

    • Llama Man
      Llama Man Year ago


    • R Youds
      R Youds 2 years ago

      @TimeWalker then u make them

  • Luke Linville
    Luke Linville 6 months ago

    This one needs a revisit! We believe in you Colin!

  • Bullerulle
    Bullerulle Year ago

    Great channel!
    This thing looks extremely dangerous :D

  • Adam Pierzchała
    Adam Pierzchała Year ago +3

    I would straight up hire this man to build this for me but with like hella gadgets.

  • Comet
    Comet 2 years ago +18

    the man is out here in a suit and tie riding a hover bike, and making an amazing YT video

  • DaveHax
    DaveHax 6 years ago +6528

    That's one mad invention, well done! But will it fly over water?

    • Kenzie CHANDRA
      Kenzie CHANDRA 3 months ago

      @Rohith Manikonda he using propeller for hovering so it's not using ground effects

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    • Shea Dreamz
      Shea Dreamz 7 months ago

      Don’t know much about flight but I do know if you had a tiny bottle of nitrous oxide those motors will spin much faster. 😉

    • Nastasi Darius
      Nastasi Darius 7 months ago

      i wont test that

    • SKY GAZE
      SKY GAZE 8 months ago

      I like you both

  • Preston Couch
    Preston Couch Year ago +2

    This man is a legend. He just said "Im gonna make a hoverbike." then did it. LEGEND.

  • HenriFaust
    HenriFaust Year ago

    Now you need to put some simple LIDAR sensors on it and control the throttle electronically so that it will maintain a stable altitude and stabilize the attitude if it pitches one way too much. You should be able to do this with off-the-shelf drone parts. Also, you might want to add skids on the front to prevent a prop strike. All in all, a great proof of concept.

  • David Stowe
    David Stowe 4 months ago

    I've had a design swirling in my brain for several years now. I truly hope that I will have the resources to bring it into the world one day.

  • rybolfc
    rybolfc Year ago

    You & photonicinduction should defiantly work together on a project! Just imagine the madness you two can create!

  • Sennastro
    Sennastro Year ago +4

    Como ele consegue construir essas invenções tão incríveis e isso faz ele ser o melhor cientista do mundo

  • Will
    Will 8 months ago

    I’m super curious, what happened to this? And the other large creations? I remember he mentioned it once but that was a while ago. Does he store it in a warehouse? Disassemble and reuse the components?

  • Roope Peltola
    Roope Peltola 7 months ago

    This is actually really impressive. Airplane is an easy design but that is something else. You didn't just fly, you designed a new type of aircraft smd then flew it. Nice!

  • Tom Bixby
    Tom Bixby Year ago

    I know this is an older project, wondering if you have had any ideas and plan to revisit it again in the future? I was wondering if you were to add a quad drone mounted to a vertical pole in the center, could you use off the shelf drone controls to make it auto stabilize. The drone would be like a controlling stabile point in space connected by a long lever to keep the bike stabilized. I think there would be a market for something like this that could be remotely piloted to act as a portable all terrain lifting point.

  • gaming2006
    gaming2006 2 years ago +2293

    This is the guy that they don’t let on planes, so he makes his own

  • Garry Coates
    Garry Coates Year ago +13

    I watch this atleast yearly in memory of one of the most outrageous feats committed and that colin is still a biped.

  • Ry-7hym
    Ry-7hym 11 months ago

    this is probably the most (?) dangerous thing he's ever built

  • Bob S
    Bob S 4 months ago

    Colin, you are an inspiration Sir!

  • Matthew Rossilini

    Those parajet props had me nervous the whole time. Crazy dangerous

  • vinqux
    vinqux 2 years ago +1593

    Imagine being his neighbours

    • [] ・cherrymxnt・ []
      [] ・cherrymxnt・ [] Year ago +1


    • Miha Novak
      Miha Novak 2 years ago

      @Dominika Sklyz Lol cringe

    • Dominika Sklyz
      Dominika Sklyz 2 years ago

      @Miha Novak r/woooosh

    • gmoney
      gmoney 2 years ago +1

      If i was his neighbor i would worry about his chopped up body parts landing in my yard..This look extremely dangerous....I would ask?Was it worth it??if i was as smart as this guy i would create something useful and productive for self benefit and to get that money...

    • vinqux
      vinqux 2 years ago

      Johni Staines NOO YOUR THE REMAINS OF MY RELATIVE…how dare you🥺

  • Name Redacted
    Name Redacted Year ago

    I always wanted to make a self balancing unicycle using blades like this, picture a STAP from starwars but with a wheel and rotors to both balance and propel it. Shit would be lit, but I live in suburbia so can't make it lol

  • Alaskan Wolf
    Alaskan Wolf Year ago +1

    You should modify it into a drone-style hoverdrone. Add 2 more engines and props and that will give you directional ability.

  • Matt D
    Matt D Year ago +4

    That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! I want one lol

  • TheBlackDiamond\\MTBD
    TheBlackDiamond\\MTBD 2 months ago

    I feel like metal mesh would do wonders for this design

  • MMC 007
    MMC 007 Year ago

    I think you can solve the problem of the stability of the device with a gyroscope that forces the engines to go louder or slower depending on the situation

  • Just Mark
    Just Mark Year ago +1

    That is awesome! 2 more fans and motors (one on each side), would give you a bit more lift and stability. Varying the speed of each independently would give you staring too.

    • God's left cheek
      God's left cheek 11 months ago

      It's meant to be a hover bike, not a giant drone.

  • Voxaul
    Voxaul Year ago

    That's friggin mental! I love it!

  • CTOACN _
    CTOACN _ Year ago +1

    colin: literally makes a fucking hoverbike
    also colin: “i dont think ive done too bad have i?”

  • Satvik Keshtwal
    Satvik Keshtwal 2 years ago +138

    Energy efficiency: -100
    Comfort: -100
    Safety: -100
    Cost efficiency: -100
    Coolness: 10000000000000000000000000000

  • The PERO Gamer
    The PERO Gamer Year ago

    You are my inspiration from my childhood ❤️

  • Fried Turkey
    Fried Turkey Year ago +23

    0:58 Am I the only one who freaked out because of how close his foot got to the prop?

    • Snakedoktor
      Snakedoktor Year ago +1

      I'm trying to figure out what the partial mesh covering over the props are for. I realize he's a reckless guy, and I enjoy his videos, but this is just flat out stupid. There's nothing to protect him from severing an arm or leg, not to mention a head. Risking one's life for YT fame just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. At least not to me.

    • Ed Manning
      Ed Manning Year ago +1

      Yup 2:09

    • barrybounces
      barrybounces Year ago +2

      It was how close his hands were to the prop that got me. One slip forwards (say as a result of a jolty landing...) and :.-(

  • Matthew Talbot-Paine

    Add 2 props on either side to make it more stable and more powerful then you should be able to control direction by changing the power to each one and get a small microcontroller to do all the calculations of how balanced and how far off the ground it is so that you can make the controls just forward, left, right, backwards and rotate.

  • Kaushik Patel
    Kaushik Patel Year ago

    Great videos Colin, I admire your ambition and bravery! Is that a Margaret Howell shirt you wear in all your videos?

  • Dalipoko
    Dalipoko 3 years ago +3801

    It's a miracle this dudes imagination hasn't killed him..

    • Erwin Pommel
      Erwin Pommel 8 months ago

      It won't be his imagination that kills him. It'll be a spinning razor sharp blade. On fire. And it will be AWESOME!

    • Drankpiss
      Drankpiss Year ago

      @T B he is a grown adult with a family, including a wife and a kid. If he didn’t take any precautions he would have been brutally injured in many of his inventions. He is smart enough to know the capabilities of himself as well as the devices he makes.

    • Hi Now
      Hi Now 2 years ago

      With great genius comes great danger.

    • Shawn Xu
      Shawn Xu 2 years ago

      Agreed. But he still survived so far🤣

    • Suyash 122
      Suyash 122 2 years ago

      Please watch

  • neill gatley
    neill gatley 7 months ago

    This has basic throttle controls. It needs some electronics to take to the next level, gyroscopes and software control. Motor speed vectoring. With a few more of fords millions the sky's the limit! Loving your work Colin

  • Clifton Massey
    Clifton Massey 4 months ago +1

    I think it would be super cool if you revisit flying transportation!

  • Dj Hemp2o
    Dj Hemp2o 2 years ago +2

    I love how beautifully dangerous this is

  • Rowe Productions
    Rowe Productions Year ago +1

    One day, I hope Colin remakes this 🤞🏻

  • BUTT505y
    BUTT505y 2 years ago +244

    engineers: It's actually really difficult to make a vehicle that can truly fly
    Colinfurze: Hold my beer

    • ninjafruitchilled
      ninjafruitchilled 5 days ago

      @oatmeal man Actually I think most of the trouble is making it so people don't die when they ride it. "Merely" flying is easy if you don't fear death.

    • oatmeal man
      oatmeal man 2 months ago

      @hexagon8899 yeah, you have to show work for everything and if you don't then they don't trust you, even if it's something simple like 6/2.

    • hexagon8899
      hexagon8899 2 months ago

      @oatmeal man so like when teachers ask you to “show your working out”

    • Susan Smith
      Susan Smith 2 months ago

      No it’s hold my tea mate

    • MQ-R3APZ
      MQ-R3APZ 3 months ago +2

      Colin on his way to build more things than all are space students as a high school dropout

  • ZetaVec
    ZetaVec Year ago

    He should revisit this thing I would love to see what it could do now

  • Scooty
    Scooty Year ago

    Just found this channel, but even if this was 5 years, someone could totally put 2 higher ass powered fans and make it work

  • ordered More
    ordered More Year ago

    Imagine looking out your window and seeing this guy in his backyard. I'd move to the neighborhood just to be a witness

  • Mr. Night
    Mr. Night Month ago

    Something he mentions very infrequently, and in this video, he has NO engineering degree. Everything he builds is self taught. That shows just how insanely smart he is!

  • John Wick killed my dog.
    John Wick killed my dog. 4 years ago +4340

    *We need part two of this project, built lighter materials which allows for addition of a steering system.* Like so that Colin can hear us.

    • Llama Man
      Llama Man Year ago


    • PlainJupiter724
      PlainJupiter724 2 years ago +1

      What we need is more lift to make it easier to fly

    • sharukh ingle
      sharukh ingle 2 years ago +1

      You need more power

    • Glitch In The Matrix
      Glitch In The Matrix 2 years ago

      John Wick killed my dog. Just design it the same way as a drone but much larger

    • Arcanum
      Arcanum 2 years ago

      atomsmasher101, wait can he actually not hear anymore?

  • 1Person
    1Person Year ago

    People are still too slow to make flying cars, at least you guys have actually stepped a foot forward. May this work I want one!

  • OM6
    OM6 2 years ago +262

    Oh no humanity has reached gta reality, an oppressor mk 2 is the last thing we need

  • potato=power
    potato=power Year ago

    I want to know, are the props counterrotating, or are they both going one way?

  • J S
    J S Year ago

    That is actually an awesome bit of kit.

  • Mr. Repeat
    Mr. Repeat 2 years ago +566

    People in 1986 : we will have hover bikes in the future
    People in 2016: hover bikes

    • Mysticz
      Mysticz Year ago

      @Albert W hi Albert I’m.

    • Chakravarthy Ganesan
      Chakravarthy Ganesan Year ago

      @Mark Neagov Hands? You mean wash their asses. See how they fight for some toilet papers in the US. It's so funny, now they are learning to use bidets.

    • LazerShockX
      LazerShockX Year ago +1

      Hoverbike go brrrrrrrrr

    • Tomorrow Vi
      Tomorrow Vi 2 years ago

      Mollers 8 rotor (not as much fun as this one) clip-share.net/video/3MwxVAZuFOs/video.html

    • Tomorrow Vi
      Tomorrow Vi 2 years ago

      To be fair , back in the 1980s there were hobby magazines with designs of how to build your own hovercraft with lawn mower engines and lightweight plywood cowling. Moller was also demoing his flying car (noisy loud and tethered)
      Two or three mower engines and you get this albeit nowhere near as a well built or powerful usually.
      Though now with drone stabilization technology used with four blades it should be vastly easier to get a stable controllable ride.

  • Threeze NiNja
    Threeze NiNja Year ago +1

    The spin looks like the same issue helicopters had. Adding a tail rotor may help.

  • Alberto Partida
    Alberto Partida Year ago

    Imagine being on your way to work and you see this guy just next to you

  • TeD van Loon
    TeD van Loon Year ago

    for those who want to know: H30f 1,30m R-ES-05-3 that is what he used. and he most likely also used default paramotors. so see you in the sky

  • Douglas Neufeld
    Douglas Neufeld 8 months ago

    I have a physics question about this, obviously it doesnt go that far off the ground, but if you had a vehicle similar to this one that could get say a maximum of 1 foot off the ground, if you were driving it along a cliff would you be able to hover over the edge of the cliff and stay at the same elevation thus being many feet off the ground? Would you need a lot of forward velocity or something to maintain your elevation once you went off the cliff or would you be able to slowly float towards the edge? Would it fall quickly down to 1 ft from the bottom of the cliff, or would it slowly glide down? I guess my question can be asked more clearly as this; how much of downward upward lift is gained from the air being pushed down against the ground, also is a significant amount of the lift gained from the air hitting the ground and then bouncing back upwards and pushing the vehicle from beneath, or is it just the presence of the ground for the air to push against that generates the lift regardless of blowback? Obviously many vehicles get so high up you would assume its just the air pressure and resistance of moving the propellers thru the air alone that allows them to stay in the air, or gain more lift once already in the air, and that once over a certain hight the presence of the ground far below the vehicle isnt relevant at all and would no longer be a significant factor in how they generate the force that allows them to hover, like with helicopters I would assume this to be the case, but I suppose I dont actually know, I guess it could be the forward momentum replaces the force from pushing air against the ground. Would a helicopter work in a impossible imaginary space that had air as dense as on the surface of earth, and gravity but no ground. Say you had a floating platform tethered to one location in this hypothetical space and you could launch your helicopter off it, once you left the platform would the helicopter be able to fly like normal or would it fall if you kept it still. What if you had no platform and were just falling infinitely in the seat of your helicopter thru this space, and you turned the helicopter on, would you be able to stop falling or even start rising back up in altitude? What if you couldnt fly forward and the only movement you were allowed was directly up or down movement? Sorry for the long rambling question, just curious how thrust actually works after seeing this video. I know a helicopter spins when it doesnt have the tail propeller, but is that also needed for thrust or could you achieve it without a tail prop on your helicopter?
    Thanks so much and best regards. :)

  • Reyeston
    Reyeston 2 years ago +579

    Flying this thing while wearing a tie near the fans. Thats Metal.

    • Onkar Basera
      Onkar Basera 2 years ago

      I think he intentionally wore the Tie 😃

    • Zachary Harris
      Zachary Harris 2 years ago

      No thats lame ass pop punk lol. I.e. not real punk. This guy always has awful pop punk on his vids haha. The tie was a pop punk thing in late 90s.

    • Arnab Bhattacharya
      Arnab Bhattacharya 2 years ago

      @Ana A 👍😂

    • Heather Quintana
      Heather Quintana 2 years ago +2

      The fans are metal

    • Abhishek Maurya
      Abhishek Maurya 2 years ago +2

      You mean mental

  • Seth Stilwell
    Seth Stilwell Year ago

    Imagine it with 4 motors, and some basic drone brains to control the pitch/yaw.

  • The goggle bros.
    The goggle bros. 11 months ago

    Ah yes I love looking out my window and seeing a British mad man riding a homemade hover bike

  • Uncle Morty's Nerd Shed

    If you put two engines on the rear, you would gain the stability AND the lift to add more controls.

  • Sigma13
    Sigma13 7 months ago

    I wanna see him drive this thing over water, like a lake, just to see how cool it is.

  • Saul Godman
    Saul Godman 2 years ago +538

    Mythbusters: *Tries to make a hover bike for weeks*
    Colinfurze: Tough luck.

    • Echodec
      Echodec 2 years ago

      @Kaylakaze who needs legs when you have a hover bike

    • Ssovereign
      Ssovereign 2 years ago

      Mythbusters just disprove what the Elite told them to

    • missing_Cornocopia
      missing_Cornocopia 2 years ago

      Imagine if this guy had billions plus a mission to actually focus on a real one

    • CODrocker90
      CODrocker90 2 years ago

      @Heru Vision do... Do you have any evidence or basis for this argument or are you simply being the typical ignorant and unintelligible internet hater?

    • Linosek279
      Linosek279 2 years ago +1

      Heru Johnson
      I’m sorry, does your PFP say evangelist, when one of the first things I see on your channel is a video called “SHE LOSES HER VIRGINITY”?
      Edit: Oops, I mean “SHE LOOSES HER VIRGINITY!”

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    #DRW 8 months ago

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  • Sachin prajapati
    Sachin prajapati Year ago

    Amazing bro finally you have done, may I know that which type of engine you use in making this hovercraft

  • Dan L.
    Dan L. 11 months ago

    a kill switch that would shut off both engines in the event you fell off like a treadmill has or a waverunner, could provide a level of protection

  • KatsEatSushi
    KatsEatSushi Year ago

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    An Rc electric turbine jet in the back for forward motion would be perfect

  • raptxor
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    Imagine being his neighbor, hear a loud noise come from outside and you look out your window and see him in his backyard with that thing.

    • DimiArts
      DimiArts 2 years ago +2

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    • Bavishan Sritharan
      Bavishan Sritharan 2 years ago +3

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      Cool though, guess that's what happens when your dad is Dr. Who 😎😂

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    Emerson Lakon Year ago

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    Also him: Time to add underglow and a Rocket Launcher.

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