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I Wonder Traded 1000 Pokemon for 24 hours (Pokemon Scarlet and Violet)

  • Published on Jan 17, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • In this video I Wonder Traded 1000 Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet animated. This was so much fun to record and is very good and funny. You should watch it.
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    This video is inspired by/relates to CandyEvie s 1000 Wonder Trades , and other challenges
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  • 8bitdino
    8bitdino  2 months ago +245

    and let me know what you want to see next !!

    • Colton Giltzow
      Colton Giltzow Month ago

      she said Pokémon around 1️⃣0️⃣2️⃣ times took so long

    • PsyBlob
      PsyBlob Month ago

      Did any of the psyduck have a nickname

    • Zaida
      Zaida 2 months ago +1

      You can get a titan mark by going to the original titan area and if you see a Pokémon standing in place not moving press A then catch it if you kill it it won't come back.

    • Ecreepers
      Ecreepers 2 months ago +1

      You deserve like a thousand shiny YT: CandyEvie magnemites for your pain

  • Mr. Idiot
    Mr. Idiot 2 months ago +286

    This level of content is honestly insane for how little subscribers you have, you really do deserve more. Keep up the good work, and may the algorithm be with you!

    • Oigi
      Oigi 2 months ago +2

      Totally agree!

    • 8bitdino
      8bitdino  2 months ago +9


  • réfrigérateur8000
    réfrigérateur8000 2 months ago +129

    Hi ! French here. Fidough's french name is actually pâtachiot (= "puppy dough"). The Fidough you encounter at 8:05 is nicknamed Balaiàchiote, shortened version of "Balai à chiottes", which is the slang for Toilet brush. You're welcome ! And really cool video, the stats were so satisfying to go through !

    • chaos
      chaos Month ago +3

      @SilverDirt Draws I do this, named one nuisance after it ate like 40 pokeballs. Toilet brush is such a funny one though lol.

    • SilverDirt Draws
      SilverDirt Draws Month ago +12

      @C. “Chica” Skas I give pokemon who gave me trouble being caught, bad names as a badge of shame

    • C. “Chica” Skas
      C. “Chica” Skas Month ago +8

      Omg toilet brush... why would they name that dog that name omg

    • 8bitdino
      8bitdino  2 months ago +7

      THANK YOU !!

  • Rayvee Writes
    Rayvee Writes 2 months ago +146

    I've heard of people trading out playthrough teams/pokemon they've gotten attached to before resetting their games just so the pokemon still exist and are out there somewhere.
    It's both very sweet and very tragic, and will likely happen a lot less once Home compatibility rolls out for SV.

    • Sam Melnick
      Sam Melnick Month ago

      I'd thought of doing this, too! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one, and now I WANT to do it even more once HOME is released

    • Kenneth Mclachlan
      Kenneth Mclachlan Month ago +6

      @8bitdino SAME WITH THAT LOKIX

    • Steven Wertyuiooo
      Steven Wertyuiooo Month ago +14

      So dovakiinaw saw her best friend vanishing from existence but got a new friend once in the other side of the wonder trade. What a journey that pokemon had.

    • 8bitdino
      8bitdino  2 months ago +30

      STOP THATS SO BITTERSWEET. dovakiinaw lives on !!

  • JanusHoW
    JanusHoW 2 months ago +39

    Yes, you can trade eggs. I did it with someone who was helping me finish my Paldea dex by breeding some Scarlet exclusives. Usually I am hesitant to accept eggs, but we agreed in advance, so it was all good.
    Also, a fun way to Surprise Trade is to take the same Surprise Trade Pokemon you get and trade it until you get something you think is worth keeping. I got a Johto Wooper from this. I'm not touching it until HOME gets released, though.

    • Local Britsh lad
      Local Britsh lad Month ago

      @Mun Choong Tee it originates with someone hacking there switch then pinicing with some to give them the breed able ones, then that chain continues,
      For non breed able ones, some people hack them into encounters and they catch it there

    • Mun Choong Tee
      Mun Choong Tee Month ago

      @Local Britsh lad oh u means these one not yet published, such as some legendary pokemon?
      Yea, these pokemon cannot be trade, otherwise, will be detected. I am wonder how some Clip-Sharer was able to get some of these pokemon since these no way to get them

    • Local Britsh lad
      Local Britsh lad Month ago

      @Mun Choong Tee that's for pokemon that are home exclusive, wooper isnt

    • Mun Choong Tee
      Mun Choong Tee Month ago

      it can breed and trade,
      let Johto Wooper wear Everstone, then Ditto wear Destiny Knot
      Then u can breed ur own 6v Johto Wooper
      I got 1 6v shiny Johto Wooper by 7 hours egg breeding

    • Local Britsh lad
      Local Britsh lad Month ago

      @Noah Rojas plus you wouldnt be able trade it if it was not available in game even in an egg

  • Kalem
    Kalem  2 months ago +62

    I’m also on the spectrum, honestly I really enjoyed the video and I don’t know a ton about scarlet&Violet but this probably will keep me playing it. I’m a bit addicted to the trading part and I enjoyed watching the numbers and other stuff, great job with the audio and how you put everything together! It was done so nicely and it sounds like you really enjoy what your doing which makes it 1000% even better to watch. 🙏🏻 hope your having a great day

    • 8bitdino
      8bitdino  2 months ago +2

      thank you so much !! im so glad you liked the video

  • Mocha Ficus
    Mocha Ficus 2 months ago +29

    Great video! And great editing! Data entry, stats, and spreadsheets are so fun :)

    • 8bitdino
      8bitdino  2 months ago +2

      thank you so much !!

  • GD ArcticWolf622
    GD ArcticWolf622 Month ago +6

    I love that you put Greninja in the “Pokémon I didn’t want to receive in trade from other regions” Pokémon… just before the Greninja raid.
    Love this video, looking forward to your Pokétuber career!

  • Katie Calling
    Katie Calling Month ago +6

    This was a great watch! It must have taken a ton of work and I'd assumed you were an established poketuber with the level of polish on the video O:
    I'm an avid breeder and wondertrader myself but would never be able to commit to all these stats, let alone sending out over a thousand pokemon to get them! What a fun insight into the surprise trade experience~

    • 8bitdino
      8bitdino  Month ago

      thank you so much !! your comment means a lot

  • José García
    José García 2 months ago +14

    It's not just that I loved the concept of the video, but doing it must be such a challenging and exhausting task to get the Pokémon, hatch them and trade them. You got a new suscriber for the effort!!

    • 8bitdino
      8bitdino  2 months ago +1

      thank you so much !!

  • Bea Bx
    Bea Bx Month ago +1

    As a German i have to say i laughed pretty hard how you pronounced Manguspektor and Karpador.😂 Really enjoyed it :)

  • Fliteful Wants Subs
    Fliteful Wants Subs Month ago +3

    When you said Eevee has 9 evolutions you made me think I missed a new eeveelution release lol. I really wanted to make a video of this too, but it seems like I’m way too late if you’re reusing Candy Evie’s idea, haha. I admire the dedication for 1000 pokemon! I started to get driven insane at around 40

  • dcbooster
    dcbooster Month ago +1

    Glad to find another shiny Umbreon enjoyer! I have to get one in every game now, Umbreon has been my favorite since Gen 2

  • Christian Broad
    Christian Broad Month ago

    your content is AMAAAAAZING omg I enjoyed this so much. can’t wait to see what else you do and for your channel to grow even more, you deserve it so much!

  • OrangeOcto
    OrangeOcto 2 months ago +11

    This video helped me realized that Charmander is just a common trade Pokémon and I’m not unlucky for the dozens I’ve gotten lol
    great video!

  • Killer Queen
    Killer Queen 2 months ago +4

    I’m a VERY surprised by the amount of dedication to do this

  • João Penha
    João Penha Month ago

    With how well the video was put together i thought you were a big poketuber at first, really enjoyed it, hope you grow even more!

  • MN10
    MN10 Month ago

    Great job on this video. The dedication is real !

  • Ravenn
    Ravenn Month ago

    Such talent! This video was so well made, thank you and keep up with the wonderful work

  • Sotiris Ntaras
    Sotiris Ntaras 2 months ago +3

    This video is amazing, the level of dedication this must have taken.. I can’t even..

  • kobayashimaruu
    kobayashimaruu Month ago

    this was a fun little video hehe, I admire your dedication with all that breeding and hatching!! I hope that the random folks I give shinies to get this excited about it lmao. any time I get a dupe, I give it away! I like to just turn my brain off and explore/grind, so I encounter a lot of shiny dudes lol. think I've caught around 30+ different shinies (not including dupes) at this point from random spawning and outbreaks pretty equally, only a few are from herba sandwiches. hopefully some day you'll maybe get one of mine if you're still playing. :D

  • Michaela Huss
    Michaela Huss 2 months ago +3

    Props to you for your dedication! I thoroughly enjoyed the STATS!!! ❤
    Hope you feel better soon, and have a good day with all your new poképals!

  • SmashDriven
    SmashDriven 2 months ago +9

    Respect for admitting that the idea was inspired by CandyEvie. Most people probably wouldn’t have given proper credit. Video was great.

    • 8bitdino
      8bitdino  2 months ago +3

      thank you so much !! i always try to credit the op/person i was inspired by >.

  • taterustoterum
    taterustoterum Month ago

    I'm honestly now debating on doing this challenge. Congrats on your chaotic success!

  • Yuri Rosário
    Yuri Rosário Month ago

    The fact you had to trade 1008 Eeevees to achieve this goal is pretty interesting considering that's the number of pokémon currently on the national pokédex (not counting regional variants as different species), wich means that you had a Eevee for each single species of pokémon. It might be a coincidence, but a funny one

  • Ruudesu!
    Ruudesu! Month ago

    after watching this whole video i went to like it and was shocked to see how little subscribers you have!?!?! your content is edited so well and i thought you would’ve been fairly well known. us tism buddies must stick together… i wish you luck!! just gained a new subscriber

    • 8bitdino
      8bitdino  9 days ago

      thank you so much !! i am honored

  • Aritz Martínez Rodríguez

    I didn't realize how little subscribers you have, the video quality is great! keep up the good work and that will change quickly!
    Watching this I thought that "how many wonder trades to complete the Pokédex" will be a pretty cool video. it could be pretty painful to get the legendaries, but I don't think that has been done before.

    • Aritz Martínez Rodríguez
      Aritz Martínez Rodríguez 2 months ago

      @8bitdino it's yours if you want to take it, I'll be waiting for the video! xD

    • 8bitdino
      8bitdino  2 months ago +2

      oooooh thats a really good idea !!

  • suyahh
    suyahh Month ago

    I enjoyed every bit of this video, great job, keep up the great work!

  • chaos
    chaos Month ago

    I love these type of videos, this was super super cool to watch.
    About the shiny buizel, I only know one other person in my friend group who has received a shiny in surprise trade, and I've had one once as well, so seeing that in over 1000 trades you only got one really put it in perspective.
    Mine was a dunsparce, who shockingly evolved into a 3 segment dudunsparce. So...I guess I hit a 1/1008,then hit 1/100. The game to make up for this unbelievable luck has refused to show me a SINGLE natural shiny in my entire 80 hr playtime where everyone else I know has found multiple. Worst part is I don't even like dunsparce lol. ;;

  • Laurence Carpenter
    Laurence Carpenter 2 months ago +1

    i wanna do this so bad. this looked both excruciating and really fun... great content, i subscribed! i think this video hit a lot of people's home page, because i hadn't seen your content before this. you deserve this influx of viewers, your production is really solid!

    • 8bitdino
      8bitdino  2 months ago


  • Blake
    Blake Month ago

    This was so incredibly wholesome, thanks for such a good video.

  • Hades on Holiday
    Hades on Holiday 2 months ago +4

    Awesome video. Love the dedication, and all the statistics 😊

  • Lia Lebkuchen
    Lia Lebkuchen Month ago

    I did not know I needed this video until I saw it :D LOVE your animations and the way you made this video. It's superawesome!

  • Zockid
    Zockid 2 months ago +1

    Proud to be one of your first 1000 subscribers.
    If you keep up this fantastic content, you're gonna go BIG!
    I wish you the best of luck

    • 8bitdino
      8bitdino  2 months ago +1


  • T Y
    T Y 2 months ago

    Very good job on the video, entertaining throughout. I can tell you are gonna make it as long as you are consistent and keep at it! You just need enough people to like and comment on it for the youtube algorithm. subbed and liked, rooting for you!

  • Nils Ostrowski
    Nils Ostrowski Month ago

    Thank you very much for the amazing video. I had the same idea, but never got to it, because...exams ._ .
    Also...would it be possible to get your data for some further digging? I'm pretty sure, the pokedex isn't evenly spread across regions, so it would be fun to see, which regions over- or underperformed when it comes to expected percentages of trades. So, if you have an Excel-datasheet or something similar and would be willing to share it, I would be really thankfull.
    Last note: Yes, german Pokémon names are amazing, just look up the name of Lickitung or Geodude (You would have to put Geodude's name into google translate though, so I'll just tell you it's name is Kleinstein, which literally translates to Small Rock ^^)

  • Matias Benitez
    Matias Benitez Month ago

    This vid is so fun. Tons of hrs dedicated to every aspect of it. I really enjoyed you highliting aparently meaningless details that I also look at. Great jobz!

  • Dr3aM
    Dr3aM 2 months ago +1

    I watch a lot of Poketubers and this one surprised me. You did a really great job and you're really funny! Subscribing to see more content and watch you grow! :D

    • 8bitdino
      8bitdino  2 months ago


  • Meraknight
    Meraknight Month ago +1

    Seeing that someone documented a bunch of surprise trades like this, I'm sad none of my level 100 Scatterbugs that I gave PP Ups to and named "Scatterbulge" didn't make it into this video.

  • Caitycat
    Caitycat Month ago

    found this video thru recommended when I was having a down night :) love your video and this was so much fun!!! I've seen ppl do trade stuff but never actually look into the stats! amazing video 🙏🏻💕

  • Moon
    Moon 2 months ago +9

    Great video!!! Get some rest though, you deserve it

  • LazuliSoul
    LazuliSoul Month ago

    this was one of my favorite pokemon videos to watch in a long time and i constantly consume pokemon content on here. ☺❤ congrats on the views!

  • Ben Rogers
    Ben Rogers Month ago +1

    this is very well done congrats on tresssure the shiny buizel keep up the good content

  • sabrina marie
    sabrina marie Month ago +1

    Another reason someone might have traded the shiny is that it's one they've caught before. I somehow found TWO shiny oinkologne randomly in the wild and surprise traded the second.

  • Jacker Blacker
    Jacker Blacker Month ago

    I was recommended this video and I’m an instant fan. Can’t wait for more!

  • Sage Willow
    Sage Willow Month ago

    You're absolutely adorable and I just know you're going places! Keep going, you're doing amazingly well!

  • MackSelf
    MackSelf 2 months ago

    fantastic video!! very funny and fun to watch i look forward to seeing the content you make in the future :)

  • Leto85
    Leto85 Month ago

    Now, this is what I call content.
    You could make a livingdex out of this: all Pokémon with unique OTs.

    • 8bitdino
      8bitdino  Month ago +1

      thats such a good idea

  • TBG
    TBG Month ago

    Oop, another subscriber!
    Wonder trades take a horrendous amount of time, keep it up!

  • Mr. Game & Watch
    Mr. Game & Watch Month ago +2

    The shiny Buizel must’ve been a fever dream. Imagine if it were real 🤔

  • AxelAura
    AxelAura Month ago +2

    I love when one gets a Pokemon from surprise trade and it becomes their BFF. Mine is a Fomantis I got back in UltraMoon with the name BRESAOLÀ. I had no idea what that was, but someone told me it was a cured meat. So I called her Ham. She's in HOME, waiting to come to Scarlet. She's a level 88 Laurantis now.

  • Anonymous Candle
    Anonymous Candle Month ago

    So THATS why I came across so many Eevee's on Wondertrade over Xmas. I sent them all back out, sorry 😅
    Though the 1000 pokemon wondertrade challenge sounds a lot of fun though!

  • Vyxel
    Vyxel Month ago

    I trade most of my shiny pokemon I catch in the wild. I think the only one I kept out of all of them so far is Noivern who I caught as a Noibat. Wild enough, it was also found with 2 perfect IVs and Modest nature. I called him Noiveratu

  • Michaela Mohr
    Michaela Mohr Month ago +1

    Damn that's COMMITMENT!! Love it! I once traded away a shiny hoppip (I found two) holding a shiny stone. I hope that made someone's day!

  • ShinyHazza
    ShinyHazza 2 months ago +1

    How do you not have more subs? Your animation is perfect and your content is funny :)

  • Haudelion
    Haudelion 2 months ago

    This was so entertaining keep it up! Will continue to watch!

    • 8bitdino
      8bitdino  2 months ago

      THANK YOU !! almost done w the next video as we speak

  • Trent Walker
    Trent Walker 2 months ago

    Surprisingly my first ribbon/mark I got while playing Violet was the partner ribbon on my (now) Scizor instead of my starter Mushu the skeledirge

  • bankruptbatman
    bankruptbatman 2 months ago

    It cakes me roughly 1:15:00 to off 60 pokemon in shield. I'd mentally drained after about the third box. Good on you, fellow trainer.

    • bankruptbatman
      bankruptbatman 2 months ago

      I suprise trade mainly trade evolutions and fan favorite pokemon as a hobby. I've beat the game and can't afford the scarlet so I try to help others enjoy the game. I have some I've traded out that are more rare than the others I've traded because I named them. 64 haunters named "My Dad", and 120 machoke named "Fister Clean". If you've received one, I hope you're enjoying them. I worked hard for them. I tried to make sure they had good attacks. My trainer names are Jay Connor, Vasha, and Korra.

  • PokeChloe
    PokeChloe 2 months ago +6

    i was hatching just 2 full odds Eevee eggs for dex completion while watching this video and got a shiny Eevee first egg. gonna evolve it into an umbreon. it seems i may have stole your shiny eevee luck

    • 8bitdino
      8bitdino  2 months ago +4

      im glad the shiny luck went to a good cause, congrats on the two shinys !!!

  • AceTumACW
    AceTumACW Month ago

    with the mesuda method you have a 1/600 and something chance of shiny. however with the whole pokedex filled so you get the shiny charm its 1/512. you can also use sandwiches so you get alot more eggs faster. i wanted shiny frokie. did the mesuda and with the sandwich i got 57 eggs after 30 mins.

  • Chris S
    Chris S 2 months ago +4

    Thank you for your dedication! Professor Oak should give you a scientist badge!

    • 8bitdino
      8bitdino  2 months ago +3

      awh, why thank you !

  • Disgruntled Pelican

    I try to only trade scarlet exclusively. I did trade some Charmanders and that rabbit, but i got so many of them I decided to trade mostly scarlet ones. Like roaring moon, skrelp, the two headed dinosaur, oranguru, the blue wooper, drifloon. Etc. I got a bunch of violet exclusives in return and did complete a lot of my pokedex because of the trades. I almost only trade after 10pm PST so most I received are from japan. I save the ones i receive in different boxes, except the rarer ones that i level up.
    I sent out some of the fuzzy looking meowths. My hame name is Angelly, if you received any from me.

  • SquishyOfCinder
    SquishyOfCinder Month ago

    I really hope you get successful and remember Lechonk always being there for you.

  • Logan Boyd
    Logan Boyd Month ago

    I would have went for 1008 from the start tbh considering the new nat dex number so id say it works out

  • Sarahchu
    Sarahchu Month ago

    All this work with only 1k subscribers?! I have respect for you! You gained a new subscriber. I was entertained so much

  • Jackc
    Jackc 2 months ago

    This was a really fun video to watch. You got my sub for sure.

  • JakeArtist13
    JakeArtist13 2 months ago +8

    1008 is actually the exact amount of Pokemon that are out now

    • 8bitdino
      8bitdino  2 months ago +6

      i realised that after i made the video, SO COOL !!

  • yoyojoost
    yoyojoost Month ago

    The virgo line was too good I watched it 4 times 😂

  • Gretchen Goebel
    Gretchen Goebel 2 months ago +1

    This reminds me of a story my sister told me today where she was breeding for female eevees to have an all female eeveelution team since most of her pokemon were male. And for the longest time she accidentally used six male eevees to try and breed to the point where her fiancee asked if she was trying to get them to have an orgy

  • 3r0de
    3r0de 2 months ago +2

    This is really well made!

  • Chelsea
    Chelsea 2 months ago +8

    Amazing video keep up the amazing work dino but don't push yourself over your limit ❤

    • 8bitdino
      8bitdino  2 months ago

      thank you !! and dw i will keep myself well

  • Life With the Moaks

    I might have hit the Like button the second after you said you sneezed blood, but please don’t let that deter you from the fact that I was already considering Subscribing because of your humor. This video is awesome! ❤❤❤

  • TripDering
    TripDering 2 months ago +2

    That Pikachu you got had the Classic Ribbon which meant it's an event Pokémon - most likely the Mystery Gift flying Pikachu.

  • iamanerd06
    iamanerd06 2 months ago

    Absolutely amazing video CandyEvie would be proud 👏

  • CardboardDustox
    CardboardDustox 2 months ago +5

    Dude what this is so good!? You’re so underrated, I’m sure you’ll blow up soon!

  • Sternmel999
    Sternmel999 Month ago

    nice video, I really liked it! So cool that you got one of CandyEvees's magnemites :D

  • PaigeLTS05
    PaigeLTS05 Month ago

    I wonder if the people wonder trading Pokémon with the champion/effort/friendship ribbons may have been trading them away because they were resetting the game and wanted thier faves to live on elsewhere? Probably not what happened, but thinking about it that way helps.

    • 8bitdino
      8bitdino  Month ago

      aww thats so bittersweet

  • ErynCerise
    ErynCerise Month ago

    5:13 Oh my gosh. I have no way of knowing for sure, but there is a non-zero chance that you got this Charmeleon from me. The ball, level range, and even the OT I *think* I might recognize.
    Whether it is from me or not, let me explain. I use Surprise Trade a fair bit, and I know how common starters are to receive on there. I don’t need any more of those myself, but I also don’t want to throw away what could be a high-value Pokémon to someone else. So, whenever I get a starter on Surprise Trade, I will often go fight a Chansey or something real quick to evolve it before I send it back out.
    I figure that if I’m sick of seeing Level 1 starters on Surprise Trade, at least some other people probably are too. So it should at least be somewhat novel for someone to get an evolved starter rather than the base form yet again. I stop at the middle evolution partly for time’s sake, and partly because I feel like the middle evos don’t get enough love.
    But anyway, yeah. I got a bunch of Charmander in trades over the holidays (several of which were in Luxury Balls), so I ended up evolving a bunch of them and sending them out all at once. If this batch trading happened to overlap with one of your Surprise Trade hours, it’s entirely possible that’s how you ended up with it.
    Anyway, I am still watching the video, just wanted to write this comment before I forget. Very much enjoying so far!! I’ll leave a more general comment in a bit once I’m done.

    • 8bitdino
      8bitdino  Month ago +1

      AAAH THANK YOU SO MUCH !! im so glad you enjoyed !!

    • ErynCerise
      ErynCerise Month ago

      Coming back to this to say well done on putting this all together! As a fellow autistic person with a hyperfocus on Pokemon, stats make my brain sing. 💖 I love that you went the extra mile of being consistent with the times of day you did your trades, just for those extra perfect stats. Probably not worth doing things like that on the regular because a good sleep schedule is valuable, but for a one-off project, the dedication is impressive.

  • MaryPuppet
    MaryPuppet Month ago

    I loved CandyEvie trade video and now I love this video too 😂 top tier content 👌

  • konumbra
    konumbra Month ago

    these stats were so interesting great video!! oh also have u seen absolblogspokemon's wondertrade videos? he filled the dex with just wondertrades I think youd love the stats

  • Lara not lazy :)
    Lara not lazy :) 2 months ago +4

    I really like watching suprise trade video's :D i still call em wonder trades tho

    • 8bitdino
      8bitdino  2 months ago +1


  • Rempest
    Rempest Month ago

    This video was really high quality for someone so small like you, you deserve much much more subscribers, i even say this content is as good as JaidenAnimations. Now pray that the youtube algorithm does you good

    • 8bitdino
      8bitdino  Month ago

      wow, that is a huge compliment, thank you !! she is one of my biggest inspirations :D

  • BlueBixBot
    BlueBixBot 2 months ago +1

    Love the video! So good especially with the amount of subs you have

  • lilith
    lilith 2 months ago +1

    I love your content :) keep it up love

  • Phantowl
    Phantowl 2 months ago +2

    This is amazing, suprised you have only about 400 subs your content deserves way more
    Edit: woah she gained like 400 subs in a single day

  • Tsumzu
    Tsumzu Month ago

    I was reccomended your channel from the home page, im so glad I did! Love this video ♡

  • Joanna
    Joanna 2 months ago

    My nd brain is very happy with these data.
    This was very fun. I'm thinking of doing something similar while looking for authentic Sinistea. More fun to catch a ton and see what I get in return.

  • Javin Velarde
    Javin Velarde 2 months ago

    love the artstyle, you just gained a new sub!

  • Noah Sciongay
    Noah Sciongay Month ago

    I’m dying of laughter watching this video good job u just earned a subscribe!!

  • aprl
    aprl Month ago

    this video is awesome!!! as someone also on the spectrum who lovessss numbers and spreadsheet U MADE MY DAYYYYY my dream is now to trade a Pokemon with u

  • MsVilecat
    MsVilecat 2 months ago +7

    For anyone willing to do this at any scale, here are a few tips that can make this less excrutiating and may hopefully help you:
    - A pokemon with the ability Flame Body will cut the hatching time (amount of steps) in half.
    - Egg Power doesn't only increase the chance of getting eggs from picnicking, but also reduces the amount of steps/time required before an egg hatches.
    - If your Switch allows you to do so, iirc, there is no limit to how many eggs may end up in the basket so you can simply leave your console on and go do whatever you need to do.
    - Both the picnicking and hatching periods are perfect for binge watching any show or YT series as these steps require barely any attention overall.
    I hope this helps!
    BTW, for those who weren't aware, there is more or less of a tradition for those who've been loving to wondertrade since its introduction:
    For specific holidays, many players like breeding a whole bunch of a pokemon that relates to said holiday. For example, Pumpkaboo was a popular pick for Halloween.

    • MsVilecat
      MsVilecat Month ago

      I stand corrected. Ty for the clarification.

    • To The Ark Rattery
      To The Ark Rattery Month ago +2

      There is a limit of ten eggs for the basket

  • The Book Hero
    The Book Hero Month ago

    I work for Dave and Busters (technically Main Event, but it’s the same company), and I can definitely say that the fishing game is not easy so I’m impressed 🤣

  • exister
    exister Month ago

    1008 trades is fitting given that there are now 1008 unique species of pokemon
    Also I can't help but wonder if you received a sprigatito from me since I wonder traded a bunch of them 🤔 Probably not but it's a nice thought

  • Jonathan Moreno del Río

    Maybe someone already said it but many spanish speaking players prefer to play in english. The translation to spanish in pokemon games tends to be... peculiar, mainly because the translation is from spain and the majority of spanish speakers is in latin america.

  • Lorraine V
    Lorraine V 2 months ago

    Wow I applaud your thoroughness 🎉 how can I not sub!

  • Jake Speer
    Jake Speer 2 months ago

    I’m sure you get the message, KEEP MAKING VIDEOS!

  • Jellwoah
    Jellwoah 2 months ago

    Breeding AND Hatching 1,000 Eggs?? You have a lot more determination than me XD

  • Ashmander 3
    Ashmander 3 2 months ago +4

    Hopefully you get a Eevee pez Despenser eventually good luck. And great video

    • Twinkle the Fox
      Twinkle the Fox Month ago

      Wait, is it a highly wanted item? Because I went to a clothing store and it had a Pikachu and Eevee in a pack. I haven't opened it yet but seeing the pez candy bothers me because it's actually pretty good depending on the flavor

    • 8bitdino
      8bitdino  2 months ago +1

      it is now my life goal to get one

  • iVegasTTV
    iVegasTTV Month ago

    Hellooo! I did a random wonder trade one day after months of not playing , first trade of the day I got a shiny Pokémon level 100 holding a master ball .. so I now have an extra master ball now haha

  • Twinkle the Fox
    Twinkle the Fox Month ago

    I never saw an Eevee in the wild but I have seen it's evolution alot.